• Published 11th Feb 2017
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Five Nights at Nightmare's 2: Tirek's Reign - Luna Bruce

It has been two years since the events of Five Nights At Nightmare's, but this time, the main villains aren't alone.

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Chapter Eight: Returning For Night 3

William Afton smiled before Rachel spoke through tears. "Why?" William arched an eyebrow in confusion. "Why, wha-" He was interrupted by Rachel."Why did you kill them? Ashlyn and Kaleb..."

William Afton smiled unsettlingly while walking into the room and replying. "You wouldn't understand." He walked to the other side of the bed. Before she could look, Rachel, then, felt something sharp and cold seep into the back of her head as her vision became blurry. She then, lost consciousness.

Rachel woke up in her office, the back of her head feeling numb. The phone, then, began to ring. After the second ring, Rachel answered it.

"Hello? Oh, hi! I hope you liked my sandwiches!" The voice from the phone said, seeming happy. "Now, tonight's gonna be extra difficult, so keep an eye out, okay?"

Rachel picked up and turned on the left tablet on the desk and saw that it was showing the map of the first floor. She press Cam 1 and the screen displayed the restaurant's entrance.

"Just in case you forgot, on the stage, the three animatronics are Flim, Flam, and Tirek...the name of this place." The voice from the phone continued, sounding displeased.

The camera displayed the start of the hallway to the rest of the building on the far right of the screen. Right next to the this hallway, however, was the room with a sign that said "Parts and Service!" in neat, computer-printed letters.

On the wall, between both doors were three posters.

The one on the far left was the top half, starting from the bottom of the neck, of a cartoony Unicorn with a yellow coat. It's mane was red with white streaks. The Unicorn looked male and was wearing a yellow straw-like hat with a blue stripe. He also seemed to wear a small, black bow tie. He seemed to have green eyes. The name "Flim" written under the character in red printed letters. Flim seemed to be holding an acoustic guitar with his left fore hoof.

Just a few inches to the right was the poster in the middle. This poster's character looked just like the animatronic in the middle on stage. The only difference was that it looked more like it would belong in the show ether then real life. It looked male. It held a gray, metal microphone in his right "claw". The poster displayed the upper part of the character's body, and the name "Tirek" was written in dark red letters under the character.

The poster on the far right looked just like the poster of Flim, but this character had a red mustache and held a ukulele in his left fore hoof instead of a guitar. The name, instead of "Flim", was replaced with "Flam" in the same, red, text.

To Be Continued...

Author's Note:

I'm sorry it took so long to publish a new chapter of FNAN 2. I guess stuff got in the way.:twilightsheepish:

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It's fine. Eager how this will Continue

Good story Luna.:rainbowkiss:

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