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This story is a sequel to Five Nights at Nightmare's

One day, in 2019, Hasbro Studios decided to reopen Nightmare Moon's Villain Party Place, but this time, the main villains aren't alone.

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Fourth wall...thats Pinkie P:pinkiehappy:ie!

So Ratchel has survived. I can't tell you how much relieved i am.

What I find kinda funny in a weird way is that the fic's main character and I have the same name and I'm also really into FNAF.

Good fic so far.

7940509 Thanks! :pinkiehappy: Since the main character is Rachel, is your name Rachel then? :pinkiegasp:

Before I read, what is the Gore tag for ?
and how bad does it get ?

7940563 In future chapters there will be gore but not in the current chapters.

7940765 I don't know yet but I don't think it'll be very bad. :rainbowderp:

I can imagine that she got traumatised from her past Job

7949870 poor ratchel. Hope she can get over it one day

I'm guessing she's going to eventually figure out what happened to their spirits after they were killed

They're the same age........

:pinkiegasp: *gasp*

I SHIP IT!!!!!

7971072 Jonchal? Rachel + Jonathan? :raritywink: Ship name? :rainbowderp:

Two heads are better then one. Plus they would make a good couple

The flashbacks! I fell sorry for rachel. But i like how the Phone girl cares for them

I'm guessing Johnathan is there to take over when Rachel is having a vision or something? If so he's in for some trauma XD

7981007 Guess that prototype hasn't passes his test. Failed.

7981079 But, woudn't it be interesting if soneone would really open a resturant with the ponies of MLP as amatronics? (minus the bite and dark murder)

7981099 Yes but that would probably get copyright problems. Speaking of something like tha, reminds of a dream i once had.

Dreamed that the US military made UAVs and UCAVs that looked exactly like Pegasus ponys from MLP, mostly Rainbow Dash and the Wonderbolts. They had state of the art weapons and Al.
There was also a drone that looked like Derpy, used for transporting crates and other things. That drone however had a programming error, causing her to crash very often. When that happened, she always said in a robotic voice "My bad." That error got never fixed but it amused the troops.

7981110 It could be made by Hasbro to avoid copywrite. :pinkiecrazy:

... one question. One question that apparently nobody else has asked as of yet.

Why would you do this?

7981137 Yes, that could work. About my dream, our brains sometimes come up with the stranges things, don't you agree? Or what do you think of such a dream?

7981149 I think dreams have something to do with our souls. :rainbowderp:

7981146 No, I meant writing stories without an editor's help, because an editor you clearly need. Get two of them and a pre-reader, because your pacing is out of whack, and your sentence structure is okay, but lackluster in terms of showing 'stead of telling.

Oh, and before I forget... FNAF crossovers are looked down upon in these woods, if only because they're a fading trend of fadfics that hardly anyone seems to be able to execute well.

As for murdering children? Pfff, you're speaking to a grimdark author who's done worse in her stories.

7981153 Could be, but drones that look like Pegasus ponies from MLP, that would be cool to see

7981158 It's just that I like FNAF and MLP and I thought of this idea a while back before Sister Location came out and I don't know anyone who could really help me. I also like writing on my own.:fluttershysad: It's okay if you don't like my story. :fluttershyouch:

7981178 Listen, I didn't mean to disparage you, I only meant to ask why.

But there are editor groups out there, and there's always someone who could be willing to help you. You just need to know where to look and voila.

7981185 I think it's because that I like showing off my writing ability and I'm stubborn.:twilightsmile: I'm a lot like AppleJack from Apple Buck Season.:ajsleepy:

7981180 I plan to use that in a story i'm working on. Nice? Also I had once a terrible dream about the CMC and Dinky (My favorite background foal) but I better spare you with that

7981197 I used to be that way before I mellowed out. Change is possible, and in this case, I'm giving you an opportunity to go for that which is better.

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