• Published 11th Feb 2017
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Five Nights at Nightmare's 2: Tirek's Reign - Luna Bruce

It has been two years since the events of Five Nights At Nightmare's, but this time, the main villains aren't alone.

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Chapter Four: Bringing a Friend

Rachel was walking towards Tirek's Villain Party Place. The large building was made out of brown bricks aside from the sign that showed the name of the place. It was a two story restaurant.

Rachel was starting to pace back and forth in the front of the building, waiting for her friend. She had asked a friend from school to meet her at the restaurant. She couldn't do this alone. She had to do this with someone. Someone she trusted.

She then saw a blue car drive into the otherwise empty parking lot. She immediately recognized the vehicle as her friend: Jonathan's, the one she asked to meet her there. The car drove up to the front of the building and parked. Jonathan unlocked his car door and unbuckled his seat belt and got out of his car and closed the car door.

They were the same age so they both had their license, but Rachel didn't have a car. She couldn't afford one. That was one of two reasons she took the job in the first place. It also paid $200.

Jonathan had black hair that was cut to his head. He was wearing a red t-shirt and a blue sweater. He walked around his car and walked up to Rachel.

"Why did you ask me to meet you here?" Jonathan asked Rachel. She then remembered that she didn't explain to him why.

"Oh..um..have I told you about my new job?" Rachel asked.

"yes. You told me that yesterday." Jonathan replied. "Oh right..um..I just thought you could help me with my shift?" Rachel said, hesitantly.

It wasn't too far from the truth. She didn't want to talk about last night. It was too traumatic.

"Okay. I guess I can help you." Jonathan replied. "great, my shift starts in a few minutes. Let's go." Rachel motioned towards the front double doors as she mentioned her shift.

Jonathan started to walk towards the building alongside Rachel. "Girls first." Jonathan said to Rachel while holding the right front door open. Rachel then proceeded to walk into the building. Jonathan soon followed behind her.

The entrance was a long hallway. The floor was made out of white tiles and the walls were painted red. The walls were littered with posters of different characters of the newer location. All of them said: "Welcome to the NEW Tirek's!"

"Strange that the posters say "Tirek's" instead of the old location." Rachel murmured, solemnly.

"What was the old location called?" Jonathan asked, curiously. He wouldn't have known about it. That was before he moved to the province.

"Nightmare Moon's Villain Party Place." Rachel answered, glancing around her as if saying the name of the old location would cause her to be fired on the spot.

"Hm...just like this location but with Nightmare Moon?" Rachel nodded. They had reached the end of the hallway.

In front of both of them was a white locked wooden door. Right next to the door was another hallway with the same colored walls and floor tiles.

"So..I know you don't like me mentioning them, but.....what happened to your brother and sister, Rachel?"

To Be Continued...:trollestia:

Author's Note:

Rachel and Jonathan are the same age and have their licence. If you do your research, you can figure out something.......:trollestia: