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The Traveling Son of a Great Dreemurr - jjb0420

Hi, my name is Asriel Dreemurr, I died helping my sister, was brought back as a flower, was SAVEd by another, then sent to another world..........wait what?!

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Chapter Three- Dreemurrshy, Look Before You Sleep, and Bridle Gossip

“............Ugh.....Where.......am I?........” I think, wondering where I am.

Asriel..........I know your in here.......you need to wake up.....” I hear a voice say.

W-Who..........Who’s there!?.........” I panickingly say, a black cloaked skeleton floating towards me.

Hmm........you don’t remember a friend?.............Well, I wouldn’t expect less, you used a lot of power. I am a friend of your parents. My name is W.D. Gaster,” he says approaching me as I back up. “No need to be afraid little one, don’t you know how to greet an old friend? If you really don’t remember me...... Slowly come towards me......and shake my hand,” he requests, extending a bony hand with a hole in it.

“O-O-Okay?” I say, slowly and fearfully coming towards him, and shaking his hand.

It worries me that you don’t remember a friend of you, and your parents. I wonder if you don’t remember anyone else........do you know a Frisk?” he asks, me shaking my head. “Toriel, Maria, Asgore, Undyne, Alphys, Stellar Nova, Twilight, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rainbow, Pinkie, Rarity, Mettaton, Sonic, Sans, Papyrus, Shadow, Tails, Sora......Chara?” he asks, I shake my head to all of them except....Stellar Nova....Frisk........Sora.....and Sans?

Hmm, the energy you used must’ve blocked most of your memories........perhaps seeing them will jog your memory,” he say before snapping, and he disappears before I black out.

I stir to several voices speaking.

I keep telling you Toriel, he had almost no memory of us, he even feared me. The exhaustion from that much power must’ve blocked off most of his memories,” I hear the skeleton named Gaster say, before I hear a motherly, female voice and a deep one as I stir even further.

so the kid has no memories save some of our names. This will complicate things, especially when the other’s find out[,/b]” the deep voice says.

I still can’t believe my own son can’t remember his family.............is there anyway at all we could jog his memories?” the woman says, apparently my mom, as my eyes slowly open to a bright light.

You might have a chance of reminding him of things, telling him things that have happened. Besides, the boy is waking up as we speak, just take it slow,” Gaster says as I turn to the voices, seeing him, two tall goat-like creatures, and another skeleton wearing a jacket, sweatpants, and slippers as well as a scarf.

“W-Where am I......who are you people?” I ask, the woman gasping, and walking towards me with them.

You were right wingdings, he really doesn’t remember us. I’m sans, as in comic sans, gaster’s eldest son,” the skeleton apparently named Sans says, extending a bony hand. I shake it, and a whoopie cushion goes off.

hehe, ‘whoopie cushion in the hand’ trick. Works everytime,” he says laughing, me lightly chuckling in pain, grabbing my chest.

“A-Are you okay?” the woman says trying to grab me, I back up in fear. “I-I-I....I’m sorry. I’m Toriel, your mom, your name is Asriel,” she says, backing up in shock, as the last one comes up.

And I am Asgore, your father........you really don’t remember us, your parents?” he asks, me shaking my head.

Sigh, go get Frisk and Twilight, if Frisk can’t jog his memories, Twilight can at least give him our description of events,” Gaster says, Sans snapping his bony fingers, vanishing in blue flames, me jumping back.

“H-How did he do that!?” I fearfully ask.

My son is incredible with magic, it makes up for his being unable to take a hit. He’s mostly skilled in teleportation, wormholes, summoning weapons, levitation, and manipulating gravity,” Gaster explains as said skeleton brings a purple horse with a horn, and a small creature with black hair and closed eyes, wearing a purple and blue sweater, pants, and a red heart-shaped locket.

“So, Asriel Dreemurr really did lose most of his memories,” the horse says sourly.

We told you Twilight, our heavy hitters were taking out the Heartless, Nobodies, Unversed, and the tear when those three attacked you girls. You don’t need to keep blaming him, especially when he doesn’t remember it!” the girl quietly shouts, facing me, “Azzy, are you okay? It’s me, your sister and best friend, Frisk,” she says, trying to hug me as I try to back up, but she catches me.

“Y-You seem nice, I wish I could remember you.....Frisk,” I say, deciding to just accept the hug.

The pony is named Twilight Sparkle, she could give you our memories of us, until yours returns. Is it okay if she got close enough to do the memory spell?” she asks, I slowly nod in fear. “Okay. Now Twilight, don’t put your anger into it, it’ll turn into guilt!”.

Sigh, okay, I’ll try to let go until his memories return and he explains,” she says, slowly approaching me with her horn surrounded with a purple hue, and touches my heart with it, many different memories flashing before my eyes, when I collapse in pain as I see two humans and a mouse looking for someone, a human with a watch, and another asking for a pony named Nyx, before I pass out from memories being unlocked.

“Ugh, what happened, I just remember seeing Xemnas being covered by dark creatures......” I say in the Void, before hearing a familiar voice.

I see the memory spell of Twilight’s awakened your dormant memories. They got locked up after you.........did something incredible. Don’t worry, my sons recorded it after bringing phones from Earth,” Gaster says, teleporting next to me.

“Oh thank goodness, Gaster. When am I gonna wake up?” I ask, shaking his hand.

Once I leave, you’ll black out like always and wake up. But I want to discuss your visions and powers. Here, have a seat!” he says, snapping his fingers and teleporting two chairs into the black void, and we sit down.

Now, what did you see this time, I recognized your pain from when Pinkie let me through back in Carousel Boutique, you know, when you had the visions of Stellar Nova and Sora,” he asks, explaining his knowledge from my confusion.

“W-Well, I saw the human with the black Omnitrix.........the other two humans and the mouse, looking for Sora.............and the human who knows Pinkie Physics, asking for Nyx. Do they ring any bells?”

He nods in recognition. “Yes, they are who are coming next to Equestria, along with others you don’t know. You see, the Traveler is bonded to the fabric of the Omniverse through his sources of power.......in your case the seven Human SOULs, the Chaos Emeralds, and the X-Blade. Your basically the........the water and farmer, that nourishes and protects the Nexus, the.........Hub, that this Equestria became after mine and the Author’s work on the timeline, that links multiple multiverses together as one. You made a brave, and kind move in deciding to protect this world and get it’s happy ending, along with the others. Now, since the Traveler is linked to the fabric like a stitch in a quilt, he can sense when the fabric is damaged, repair it like a needle.......and know when a new piece is going to be added.

“So these people i’m seeing are.......new heroes that are being pulled into this nexus?”

He nods. “That is correct. But it seems your powers can combine with the sources. This creates powerful attacks, and allows you to commit miracles, such as summoning Kingdom Hearts to another Multiverse. If Sora, Shadow and I could teach you to control the artifacts, you could use them against threats..........and you were right. Other threats will come in. Nut only if there’s another tear. And you’ll keep them closed, right?

“I promise, these ponies don’t deserve our enemies,” I respond as I get up.

He closes his eyes and nods. “Good. Now it’s time we wake up, i’m in a state of lucid dreaming so I can talk to you, and looks like the watch activated in your sleep!” he says before snapping and me blacking out before I can ask him what he means.

I wake up in my bed, everyone watching me in angst, when Gaster and Sans come in the room.

He’s awake. Just remember to turn on the translator. It appears that the spell activated the watch,” During my confusion, Mom twists the Omnitrix symbol on my ear.

“What do you mean.......?” Right then I spot whiskers, a long, thin tail in the corner of my eye, and paw-like appendages for hands and feet.

“S-Someone get me a mirror please!” I try to get up, falling over in the process as Chara brings in a mirror. I see a blue, cat like creature, wearing a gold necklace with gold ribbons, and red bands on both my paws.

“I-I don’t recognize this person,” I say as I slowly get out of bed, and lose my balance after landing on the floor. “But......I feel really depressed........” I say frowning on the floor, Frisk hugging me.

Looks like the King of Sorrow got unlocked, he’s a sample from Klonoa’s Multiverse. I locked it when I delivered the Omnitrix because of his DNA letting his depression through.............” he looks at the watch, turning it and causing it to beep. “Darn it, the memory spell did an outside Life-Form Lock, he’s stuck in there until he gets mad, and the King of Sorrow almost never gets mad!” Gaster explains, Toriel gasping.

are there any other emotions that could counteract the life-form-lock protocol? Anger can’t be the only one,” Sans says, folding his arms as I look down in sadness.

Hmm..............large amounts of anything would do. However, anger, happiness, and pure sadness, like the loss of someone you love, would do best. Perhaps Happiness. Frisk, what’s the next episode, Dragonshy happened while he slept,” Gaster asks, looking to the human hugging my small body.

Next would be Look Before You Sleep. And it fits, Rainbow told me the Pegasi skipped a day due to the meeting,” she says, as we hear a thunderclap in the distance.

“Y-You called it sis, I read a little on weather patterns. They have to do a doozy to make up for it,” I confirm as I try to get to my feet, using the bed and Frisk as support.

Rarity, Applejack, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, come in quick!” we hear Twilight shout.

Let’s get downstairs, the kids probably will want to see the two fillies,” Sans says, walking out the door.

Mom and my sisters help me leave the room, to see the four ponies soaking wet, and Applejack spots me.

“Ah see that the little sugarcube fahnally woke up. But why is he a blue cat, and depressed?” she says, the others looking to me.

twi’s memory spell unlocked another sample from klonoa’s multiverse. Dad locked it off when he gave the watch because the DNA seeps depression through,” Sans explains, going down the stairs.

“Then why can’t the dear simply change back, Frisk explained how bad depression is for Monsters,” Rarity asks.

Because Twilight’s anger caused an outside Life-Form Lock, and he can’t get out of it without a strong emotion. We’re planning to use this episode to get some kind of happiness out of him,” Gaster explains to the fillies confusion.

“Episode, what episode?” the white one with cotton candy like mane says with a sweet voice, as Twilight comes in with towels.

“The Pegasi really outdid themselves this time girls, luckily...........Asriel, let me put a magical lightning rod on the house. Spike’s in Canterlot with Royal duties, so we’re all alone in here.......we can have a slumber party, i’ve always wanted one of those!!!!” Twilight squeals.

“H-Hey Twilight,” I greet her from the railing on the stairs, the pony looking at me in distaste.

“So, you finally woke up, and with your memories back no doubt. Are you ready to tell me why you left me to Xemnas!?” she yells, me looking down in guilt.

Stop it Twilight, your the reason he’s stuck as the King of Sorrow!” Frisk screams when she gets close.

“W-What?” the pony asks, skeptically.

the anger you had for the kid.......which you said you would keep down I might add, put him in life-form lock, and wingdings had this guy locked due to his depression and mindset, easily feeling guilt for anything!” Sans yells, as I look down in sadness, Frisk and Chara hugging me. “and we told you multiple times that we were dealing with the tear in reality, it was about to let the world of nothingness..........the biggest nobody ever, into equestria! Sigh, i’m goin to grillby’s, the princesses gave him a starting loan and he’s already set up in a wing of sugarcube corner. call me if ya need me kid,” he says, before snapping his fingers, and disappearing in a column of fire.

“N-Now that he’s finished, he’s right Twilight, I didn’t mean to leave you like that, Equestria would’ve been pulled apart if that Nobody got in.........You...you wanna have that slumber party, it would be a great way to bond and make friends with everyone......that is, if you want to.....” I say, looking down at my legs as I swing my feet back and forth.

Sigh, there is no possible way to stay mad at something so depressed.....especially something I caused......I’ll have that slumber party with the girls and your parents in the tree-house, you seven can have a sleepover in this......we’ll be cooking out here of course, I still like your technology,” she says as she faces the fillies. “Would you two girls like to have a small slumber party with them?”

“Ah would like that, I want to get to know em,” Apple Bloom says with a country accent, like her sister.

“Yeah, I want to get to know the Monsters, i’ve seen Temmie’s around town, I would love to hug one!” Sweetie Belle exclaims, hopping up and down.

“Then it’s settled, we’ll leave you kids in here. Let’s get inside, they need some time to themselves,” Mom says as the girls nod, and leave the room empty save us.

“You just might get your wish Sweetie Belle, one of them lives with us........she can join us if you want,” I say before realizing about someone. “Wait. There’s one more person I want you girls to meet. She’s really sweet, and liked you girls on her world.........I’ll go see if she’s awake,” I say as I slowly walk up the stairs to Stellar and her moms room. I open the door, revealing the two reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

“H-Hey, Stellar. I wanted to see if you and your mom wanted to join us kids for a sleepover,” I say, the two looking up from the book, gasping, and hugging my small, furry body.

“I was so worried about you Azzy!” Stellar says, looking at me. “Although, why are you a cat?”

“The memory spell Twilight attempted unlocked this, while her anger at me......locked me it. W.D. Gaster locked him out of the watch cause of his depression,” I explain as I look down, my tail waving around. “Gaster thinks happiness will release me, so i’m participating in the slumber party to try to get me out of this.......depressed state. You and your mom can join us if you want, this worlds Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle are joining us..........you don’t have to if you don’t want to. I was just curious since I know Luna has a inner child side...............i’ll leave you two to your book, I don’t want to spoil your fun with my sadness......” I say about to leave, when Luna grabs my hand/paw.

“We would love to join you kids in some childish fun, the night was so busy in our world and I never got to just.........sit down and have some fun with my daughter and her friends,” she says, facing Stellar Nova.

“Mom’s right, we would love to have fun with everyone.........plus, I care about you, and seeing you depressed and sad like this.............hurts me,” she says, hugging me.

“Th-Thanks, let’s go down, they’re in the living room,” I say as I open the door and we walk down to the living room.

The two ponies had sat down on the couch and were drinking some milk, when they see us, and jump back in fright.

“W-Why is Luna with Night.......” Sweetie Belle stutters as I cover her muzzle. Stellar hides behind Luna.

“Please don’t say her name, it scares her so much,” she says in their confusion, and looks at me. “You didn’t tell them who she looks like?”

“I assumed their sisters told them, since I never did at the meeting,” I explain, turning to them and trying to smile a bit. “This is my sister, Stellar Nova, and her mother. They’re from another version of Equestria that’s ahead of ours.”

“Why does she look lahk the Mare in tha Moon?” Apple Bloom asks.

“In our world the mare survived as a wraith, and tried to bring herself back to life using leftover magic in her armor, but failed as it brought little Michael’s......” Luna says as she brings her daughter out with her magic. “.....SOUL from the void when he died during surgery, and brought him to our world as a filly version of the mare.”

“She’s really kind, but doesn’t like that kind of judging, it hurts her a lot,” I say holding her hoof. “How about you introduce yourself officially to them, they’re good friends with Nyx.”

“O-Okay,” she says with fear, slowly walking towards the two. “H-Hi, i’m S-Stellar N-N-Nova, it’s nice to m-meet you two again here,” she says in their confusion.

“You knew us on your world?” asks Sweetie Belle, Stellar nodding and smiling with her tears.

“Yep, we were good friends, it was you two, Scootaloo, and Dinky Hooves, we went to school together, and you helped me with Diamond Tiara,” she says hugging the two.

“Like I said, she’s really sweet, and you were good friends........speaking of friends, where’s Frisk and Chara?” I say looking around.

“They went in tha kitchen, they said they wanted ta try and make some cookies,” Apple Bloom explains, pointing a hoof at the other room.

“This could be interesting, I came up with another cool Just Add Magic recipe, I call it the Pony Apple Pie,” I say was I walk to the kitchen with them, trying my hardest to smile, but only pulling off a smirk.

“Okay, we need half a cup of milk, two eggs, and two sticks of butter,” we hear Chara say as we walk in.

We barely have enough milk, since Azzy’s been drinking tea with ‘meowlk’ every night, and we have more than enough butter, due to mom stockpiling it for her pies,” Frisk says as they see us. “So we have everyone?

“Yep, I even left a small memo by the bedroom for Temmie,” I confirm as I envision the pie, creating it in a flash of white light on the counter. “Behold, the Pony Apple Pie. One bite of this treat, and you turn into a pony version of yourself for a month,” I say with a small smile on my face.

“That’s impressive Asriel. But, which magic spice did you use?” Frisk asks the two fillies confusion, which I notice.

“She’s wondering if I used Cedronian spices. The recipe’s get their magic from rare, magical spices included in them. And no Frisk, I used a blend of Cedronian, Lapsus and Torian Sugar, turns out the Torian spices cancel out the price aspect, and Lapsus ones let me use the watch.”

“Imagine if we gave this to mom and dad, they would freak out from the sudden change!” Chara shouts.

“Thing is we have to eat some as well to cover our tracks. It should be interesting though. And while I remember it, J.A.R.V.I.S, scan for uncatalogued DNA,” I say as the watch beeps.

Two counts of uncatalogued DNA detected sir. Stellar Nova’s and Temmie’s, scanning now,” he says when a beam of yellow light hits the filly, and the Temmie walking down the stairs.

“Tem saw Azzy’s memo, and wantd to see Sweete Bell!” the little temmie shouts, said pony galloping over and hugging him.

“He’s so cuuuuuuuute!!!!!!!!” she squeals, me smiling more from her happiness, as Sora, Sonic and Shadow walks down the steps too.

“Hey girls, whatcha doin?” he asks, picking up the two.

“The Pegasi made a thunderstorm due to skipping a light rain during the meeting last week, so everyone’s having a slumber party. Speaking of which, wanna join in?” Chara explains before asking.

“Sure, Riku and I had sleepovers all the time when we were kids.......is that apple pie?!” he responds before seeing the pie and cutting a piece, “man, back home I worked at Sweet Apple Acres, and man they did a good pie!” he exclaims as he takes a bite, me snickering and smiling a bit in my slump, “who is that, and why is he snickering?”.

The memory spell Twilight used combined with her anger at him unlocked the King of Sorrow, and put him into Life-Form Lock. Gaster locked the king out due to his depression and sadness, which Azzy’s suffering from right now,” Frisk explains.

“And I’m snickering cause that was my Pony Apple Pie, it turns the consumer into a pony that fits them for a month after three days, and you just ate a bite,” I say smiling in his shock.

“I’m both surprised and impressed, considering my clothes change me to blend in at different worlds. I became a Pegasus on my Equestria,” he responds.

“Let’s each quickly have a bite, then deliver a piece to mom, dad and the others, they’re in for a big surprise in three days!” Chara shouts as she cuts pieces for everyone else, as we all have a bite of Sora’s.

She places the piece of pie near the door with a note explaining, and rings the doorbell before running upstairs and doing the same to the others.

“Man, you do a good pie Azzy, I haven’t had such a good apple dish since I stayed at the Apple’s for the night,” Stellar says.

“Hehehe, I also added a personal touch for ponies who eat it, it causes either aging to adults for fillies, or changing into random creatures for adults,” I explain, surprising said ponies, me smiling.

“Your clever Asriel, I wonder who i’ll look like as an adult!” Sweetie Belle says as the oven timer goes off.

“We’ll find out in three days. Besides, the cookies are done,” I announce, grabbing an oven mitt and pulling the tray out. “Looks like six of these need more time.....h-how about you guys get them......i’m okay with waiting for the rest,” I say looking down as they each grab one.

“I’ll give half of mine to you Azzy, mom’s sharing one with Frisk anyway!” Stellar says, breaking it with her magic, and handing me a piece.

“Th-Thanks. Now Frisk, did anything happen at the girls’ slumber party before I put the house around the tree?” I ask as I nibble the cookie.

Yeah but it might not happen because of the house, but they might fight a bit though, Applejack’s and Rarity’s personalities Do Not Mix,” she answers, eating hers as we hear the latter mare yell.

OH IT. IS ON!!!” she shouts.

Looks like they’re having the pillow war. Hey, let’s go and grab some pillows before Twilight calls it off!” Frisk exclaims, running towards the stairs.

“Good idea Frisk!” I tell super-speeding towards my room, then to the tree house, waiting for everyone else.

They eventually catch up with their own pillows, and I check through the window and see that Twilight’s helping Rarity and Mom set up defenses, while Dad, Nyx, Applejack.....and Sans, attack them, the two Monsters using magic to send multiple pillows at once at the fort.

“I doubt it’s ending soon, Twilight’s making a fort with Rarity, Gaster and Mom!” I exclaim.

“Let’s head in before they’re taken out,” says Chara.

“Just be careful. Sans, Nyx and Dad teamed up and are using their magic!” I explain loudly, grabbing the doorknob.

“Okay, you, Chara and Frisk go in first, they have speed and you can put up shields..........Rarity told me about the Barrier you put on the door,” Sweetie Belle explains, holding Temmie as well as the pillow.

“Stellar comes with us, she can dodge in her smoke form,” I say as I turn the knob.

We run in and surprise both groups, Frisk, Chara and Stellar wasting their ammo, while Luna, Sora and I go on the offensive, once the shock wears off Mom keeps working on the fort while the two unicorns attack, and Sans starts shooting them out of Gaster Blasters. The two fillies were lifesavers, they went full spy and hit them while they were busy with us, getting knocked down quick.

okay kids, okay, we surrender. man you showed no MERCY!” Sans exclaims putting his hands up, calling off the blasters.

“After several secret pillow fights with Chara, we know how to play this like an actual battle,” I explain, smirking.

“Ahl admit, ya kids are pretty good,” Applejack compliments.

“Yeah Asriel that was pretty good, how did Frisk and Chara never get hit, and how were you three protected?”, asks Twilight.

“Frisk and Chara are naturally agile, and they had to be fast to dodge the fast monster attacks. And for the latter, Sweetie Belle gave the idea of me using my shields,” I explain.

It was a lot of fun..........GURGLE!....hehe, but is anyone else hungry?” Frisk explains as her stomach growls.

“Ya, nothin lahk fun ta get ya hungry,” Apple Bloom says patting her stomach.

“How about Sans picks up some Grillby’s, you ponies can have the side menu he added, for the other costumers...........if you guys want him, I mean,” I offer looking down, everyone nodding in agreement. Suddenly when we hear Undyne shouting from upstairs at someone before we hear an explosion.

“What the!?” I shout.

Her and Papy were helpin Alphys upgrade Mettaton. The Keyblade overloaded his system, and she said they would be down after dinner!” Sans says, eye ablaze. As we run out, we see her on the railing, fighting what looks like Mettaton.


“Okay..............now is a best time as any to try this. It’s time to go......Ultimate!!!” I scream as I turn the dial on the watch, then smack it. The symbol gains spikes, and I start to glow and levitate.

You don’t mean..........?” Frisk asks as I grow to a teenage age, turn green, the red bands on my arms turning to gold, and the gold ring on my neck growing golden, scarf-like tentacles. As I land on the ground, my eyes permanently close halfway, turn solid red, and my mouth turns into a permanent frown, while my ears grow to Klonoa’s length.

Ultimate King of Sorrow,” I say as the three get up, and Mettaton NEO flies down.

Stand down Asriel Dreemurr, Chara Dreemurr will be destroyed. Interfere, and you will pay the price,” he warns me, pointing his cannon at her.

No one will die tonight, Mettaton NEO.............Frenzy!!!!!” I say before summoning a purple wisp, transforming into a animalistic purple wolf, and charging the robot.

He can summon wisps!?!” Shadow shouts, speeding off towards us when i’m blasted into the ground outside.

Let’s see how good your armor is against this.......Drill!!!!!” I say before summoning a yellow one, turning into a yellow drill with golden lines behind it, impacting his core.

Power Core at 90% integrity and dropping,” their body announces.

And Wisps aren’t the only trick I’ve got. Fus Ro Dah!!!!!!!” I scream, a wave of force blasting him into the house.

You would seriously protect someone who has been given advice, yet has chosen Genocide of Monsters!?!?!” Mettaton yells, firing a NEO Blast at me.

She has made the Unbreakable Vow, SPD.......Emergency!!!!” I shout as I pull out a morpher from Hammerspace, and change into a Blue and black Ranger.

Two can play at that game, Thundaga!!!!!” he shouts, striking me down with lightning and causing me to de-morph.

Harmony Form!!!!” I scream, surrounded in an orb of rainbow light before exploding, seven Keyblades, three floating around me, two in my hands, and two acting like wings, all but one floating symbolizing the Mane Six.

Harmony.........Light!!!!!!!!!!” I scream, sending a literal rainbow at the robot, shutting down his entire system, while disintegrating his arms as well.

“So not only are you a speedster, you can summon wisps at will, your a Power Ranger, and you’re also a Dragonborn!?!” Chara asks.

“And since when could you access Harmony Form!?” shouts Sora.

It seems that I can gain any power, I can even sense some kind of magic,” I explain as I bring up my hands, a purple orb and a fire ball in both hands.

i played some skyrim before the RESETs. the shout was unrelenting force, the purple spell raises the dead, and the fire shoots a beam of the stuff, like a flamethrower,” Sans explains. The necromancy makes the ponies nervous as Alphys approaches Mettaton, and starts carrying him upstairs with help from Papyrus.

Why did you decide to use that function?” Frisk asks.

One, I figured he had some kind of power behind the sadness. Two..........” I explain, before changing back into Asriel. “I believed the supercharged sadness and anger could deactivate the lock. By the way, I’m gonna send the other girls my surprise, they deserve it,” I say before snapping my fingers, teleporting a slice of the pie to each of them.

we should get to bed. everyone’s gonna be grumpy, plus asgore and i can make sure the two ponies don’t fight,” Sans says, and we all nod in agreement.

I decide to try and get a good nights sleep, so I use Klonoa and go to bed before the three ponies could ask questions.

You are still thinking this is all it takes!?.................After we’ve shattered countless lives.................and toyed with the ones we once loved!?!” Flowey shouts, changing again.

Watch it Flowey, I know what this is from now, and it’s not even the same!!!” I scream, the flower pushing me with a Shout as he finishes off.

These feelings are still fake, a poor copy of what died all those centuries ago!!!!!” he screams, this time being different though, blasting me with a circle of Keyblade’s.

“Meeeeeeeeooooooowwwww!!!!!!!!!!” I scream, waking up in bed as the changes get worse.

I walk downstairs on all fours, doing my usual regime of tea, when Frisk and Chara walk down.

He woke you up again?” Frisk asks as I hop up onto the counter.

“Yep meow, the only thying different was he threw meow back with a shout, and used Kenyblade’s meow, they spinned in a circle and fired a beam of lyight meow,” I explain as I groom myself with my tongue, the two looking curious.

“Hmm, that was what you did to all those Heartless and Unversed that were on top of Xemnas, all our Keyblade’s were summoned by you, as well as all seven wisps, and fired that exact beam,” Chara says, surprising me.

“Thyat explains why Gyaster said I’m capable of powerful attacks meow, he even told meow I summoned Kingdom Hearts!” I say putting my paws in the air, losing my balance and falling on the floor, squirming. “Can you help meow up?” I ask.

“Here.....” Chara says, lifting me up to my paws.

“Thanks, meow,” I praise, tapping the Omnitrix with a paw and changing back. “You know, I haven’t really thought about what’s in here, I’ve just used what I’ve discovered. Rayquaza I found while I was helping the Pegasi with the weather, and Lucario I found while helping the Cakes do deliveries. Man he is fast,” I explain, looking at the watch as Maria and Sora come down.

“Hmm........J.A.R.V.I.S, what forms do I currently have access to?”

Omniverse wise you have 76 samples available sir. The original Omnitrix aliens available are 57,” the A.I. Says.

“163 forms Azzy, and those are just the ones that are unlocked!” Chara shouts.

“I also remember some have reality warping powers already, like Alien X through Stellar Nova, and Arceus through Sans. I wonder........Omnitrix, Hoopa Dreams!” I shout, and in a flash of green light, I turn into a small floating, djinn like creature with horns, and three rings, one on each horn, and one around my waist, and the symbol on one of my floating arms.

Why are you trying out Hoopa?” Frisk asks with me grinning at her.

“Forgive Asriel’s speech Frisk-chan, Hoopa’s way of speaking is strange,” I explain, all of them in confusion. “To answer your question, Asriel chose Hoopa because of his powerful and unique abilities. You see my Hoopa rings?” I ask while holding them, they nod. “They allow Asriel to retrieve and control anything, even other beings from the Omniverse!”

“Hey, could you bring our stuff from our worlds?” Maria asks.

“No problem Maria-chan, just leave it to Asriel. Follow Asriel upstairs!” I say as I fly up to the girls’ room, waiting until they get in.

“Check this out, Al-Le Hoopa Ring!!!” I shout as a ring expands, opening a portal as I grab in, slowly bringing her stuff through.

This is incredible, and these are just objects, I remember Sans saying that Hoopa can summon and control Legendary and Mythical Pokémon!” Frisk shouts as Mom comes to the doorway.

“Ah, I see you children are already awake. Twilight wants us to come with her as she shops around town,” she says, walking down.

“Hey Frisk-chan, what’s the next episode?” I ask, closing the ring and it floats back onto my head.

Next one is Bridle Gossip, can’t wait to meet.......you know what, I’ll keep this one secret so everyone reacts accordingly.” she says, walking out in our confusion.

“Asriel is confused, but he will just go with it,” I say before tapping the watch and changing back.

We walk downstairs and eat breakfast then leave, turns out the two ponies and their sisters left after the rain cleared up.

“Wow it’s a gorgeous day!” Twilight says with Spike on her back.

“Looks like Rainbow remembered the schedule this time and cleared the clouds!” Spike shouts.

“Though where is everypony, they’re usually busy with different jobs during the morning,” Chara says before we hear a PSST! from a surprisingly boarded up Sugarcube Corner, and see Pinkie.

“Hey Twilight, Spike, Royal Monsters, and others, come in quick before she gets you!” she shouts, we confusingly walk in when she boards up the door.

“Yep, definitely like the incident, but I’ll keep quiet like Frisk,” Sora says, as we see everyone and Grillby inside.

what is everyone doing in here, hidin?” Sans asks.

“We’re hidin from Her!” Applejack shouts pointing to a cracked window, and we see a figure in a hood and cloak.

“Who is she?” I ask, when Apple Bloom pops out of a stack of boxes.

“Did ya see her, did ya see.......Zecora?”

“Apple Bloom! Ah told ya ta never say that name,” Applejack shouts.

the kid can say it. word of advice from another world, ‘fear of a name, only increases fear of the thing itself’,” Sans warns, walking toward the window with us, and we see her take off the hood, revealing a striped head with stripes, a Mohawk, and gold rings around her neck and ears, everyone gasping but us and Grillby.

“Would you girls cut it out!?” Chara shouts, getting annoyed.

“Just look at those stripes, so garish!” Rarity exclaims.

“She’s just a zebra. Even we know what she is thanks to Frisk,” I say, everyone but us looking at me.

“A what!?!?”

“A zebra, they’re another breed of horse found in savannas. Those stripes are completely natural Rarity, so she’s not from here. Where does she live?” I explain, sitting down near Apple Bloom.

“That’s just tha thing Asriel, she lives in the Everfree Forest!” Applejack shouts, Spike crashing into crates, causing a thunder noise.

“Not helping Spike. Now, what’s so bad about the Everfree?” I ask, the ponies looking at me in shock.

“Tha Everfree just ain’t natural, the plants grow......” she says, Fluttershy and Rainbow talking after her.

Animals take care of themselves............

“And the clouds move........”

“All on their own!!!!!” they say in unison, me not being shocked.

“Wow, Its the end of the world! Bleh! Our worlds have natural weather just like that. In our eyes, your way is artificial, and animals aren’t sentient on our world. We hunt, adopt, or watch them in zoos,” Chara says sarcastically, the ponies gaping at her.

“Well she’s still evil, I even came up with a song about her!” Pinkie shouts.

“Oh boy, another one....” I sigh, as we hear ominous music all of a sudden.

She’s an evil enchantress
She does evil dances
And if you look deep in her eyes
She’ll put you in trances
Then what will she do?
She’ll mix up an evil brew
Then she’ll gobble you up
In a big tasty stew
Soooo... Watch out!” she sings in one breath, breathing heavily after.

“You girls are judging her book by its cover. I mean, what does she actually do when she comes to town!?” I ask loudly.

“Come on, she doesn’t even try talk to anyone, she just comes here once a month, walks through the marketplace, and digs through the dirt!” Rainbow shouts.

“But that doesn’t mean she’s evil!” Twilight shouts, starting to argue with them.

“Hey Frisk, Apple Bloom, Sora, Sans,” I whisper, the three walking towards me. “While they’re busy, let’s go and talk to her. I would like to actually see her face to face, and get to know her,” I say, they nod and Sans quietly teleports us out.

We walk slowly towards the forest, Apple Bloom on top of Sans, when we eventually catch up to the zebra.

“Hey Zecora, could you stop for a second?” I ask, the zebra stopping abruptly in shock, and turns around.

“What are you folk? Is this some kind of joke?” she asks, surprisingly rhyming.

“It’s no joke Zecora, we just want to talk. We live in Ponyville, and we saw. Everyone is afraid of you,” Sora explains, the mare looking down.

“It is true, you are some of few. I check in town to see if everything is okay, but everypony just...........runs away,” she explains in rhymes, moving a hoof around.

“We Monsters know what it’s like to be judged by our appearances. Sometimes you need to take a look, inside the book, am I right?” I say, her and Sans laughing at the rhyme.

“You are a kind and smart soul, for someone who is just a foal.”

like asriel here said, us monsters know what it’s like to be judged by appearances and actions alone, rather than personalities. We came here as friends, to get to know you a bit more zecora. i’m sans, as in comic sans,” he introduces himself, offering a hand that she shakes. Surprisingly, no whoopie cushion.

“It is nice to meet you Sans, though do you know of a man who speaks in hands?” she says, surprising Sans and I.

how do you know about wingdings?” he asks.

“He came one day to my hut, he was completely stuck in a rut. He said he had seen his youngest son, with a glowing eye as orange as the sun. The son put down a child, having fun like he was in the wild. Gaster came to me, asking for the son to be free. I gave him a cure for grief and madness, so he could cure him and his son of sadness,” she explains, Sans showing recognition.

the disbelief papyrus AU, I ended up getting killed due to chara/frisk instead, and his eye activated from the hatred and grief. cut down the kid as an equal. gave him that, rather than a bad time,” he explains.

“He wanted to free him instead. By the way, who is the filly on your head?” Zecora asks, Frisk tapping her to her surprise.

That’s Apple Bloom. And I’m Frisk, it’s nice to meet you in person!” she says.

“It is nice to meet you as well. Aren’t you the child that fell?” the zebra asks, shocking us. “I was not spying on you, information was the price of the brew. In return for stopping the monstrosity, Gaster had to sate, my curiosity. He told me about your quest, and I told mine in the west. I told him my strife, how I was feared by ponies for life,” she explains, looking down again, but I raise her head.

“Don’t worry Zecora, we’ll find a way to convince them of your kindness.......” I promise before we’re all pulled by rope into the blue flowers behind us, the Mane Six already there.

“You stay away from our friends Zecora!” Rarity shouts, the zebra looking at us in shock.

“Beware you pony folk, those flowers are no joke!”

“Ya keep your jumbo-jumbo to yourself you hear!?” Applejack shouts, but Zecora just keeps saying it, backing away further in, when I burn the rope and look at them, angry.

“You girls are reacting to her like that for no reason, just like you did to us Monsters. All we were doing was getting to know her, talking,” I say angrily.

“We just saved you four from being cursed!” Rainbow yells.

“You girls don’t even know her! Besides, curses don’t properly exist in this world, I’ve checked with Gaster..............look, tomorrow we’re coming back and you’re coming with us, we’re gonna find where she lives in here, and we’ll talk to her. Now, I want to get home and read up on what this stuff is, last thing I want is a rash or something else!” I yell, and we walk out, splitting off, and we go home and into bed.

I wake up normally, but surprised that I didn’t have a nightmare.

“That was weird......wait, why is my voice so familiar?” I say, my voice sweet, but you can detect a hidden agenda. I try to move, but to no avail.

“Hey Undyne, can you come in here, I can’t move at all,” I shout to the door, Undyne opens it a few seconds later and when she sees me, she summons her spear and Keyblade’s.

May I ask why you still exist, Flowey!?” she shouts, pointing the blades at me.

“F-Flowey?!” I panickly bring my hands up, and see leaves. “C-Could you hold a mirror please!?”

She suspiciously pulls a mirror out of my drawers, and holds it up to me. I back my head up in shock, seeing Flowey in a small flower pot.

“H-How, how am I Flowey!?” I yell as I get angry, then I notice it. “My negative emotions have gotten much stronger. Can you bring me downstairs to the dining room?” I ask. Undyne nods and picks up my pot, and brings me downstairs.

I found Asriel in his bed. He looks like Flowey!” she shouts, as she walks into the dining room, Twilight bursting out, her horn with blue spots and rather than solid, it was flopping around.

“I find that horn so weird, on so many levels. Could you place me down and get everyone else Undyne?” I ask, she nods and runs upstairs, I look to Twilight and see that she’s looking at me hungrily. “Don’t even think about it Twilight, this flower has thorns.”

“Hey, I just woke up to this horn, of course i’ll be hungry from stress, no need to be hostile,” she says as she backs up.

“I know, i’m sorry. Its just.....i’ve been having nightmares of Flowey all week, and to actually become him all of a sudden, I can barely feel positive emotions right now,” I explain, Undyne coming down.

Looks like you two aren’t the only ones who changed!” she says when we see a cat in a purple and blue sweater, a wolf in a winter jacket, a lion cub with a crown necklace on, and a human woman with horns, goat ears and a robe.

(Picture the cat Frisk as this, but no Sans.)

“What happened!?” I shout, everyone shocked i’m Flowey.

so we have to be different species, and he just becomes flowey!? BARK!!!, i don’t find that as fair game,” Sans says, barking at me.

“Watch it Smiley Trashbag, I still have the SOULs!” I yell, covering my mouth with my leaves in everyone’s shock.

W-Why did you call Syans that meow, only Flowey ever called him thyat meow,” Frisk asks, covering her mouth with a paw.

“I don’t know Frisk! It just came out in my anger, I don’t even know where that came from!” I say before noticing the meows. “Did you just talk like a cat?”

I-It just came out meow!” She covers her mouth again. “So this is what its like for mew meow?

“Yeah, you have no control of your vocabulary as another species,” I explain, turning to Mom. “are you okay?”

“This is certainly a strange experience son, but are you okay, you never use that insult on Sans,” she asks, walking awkwardly and slowly picking up my pot.

“My positive feelings are really weak right now, so its hard to supress negative stuff like that kind of insult,” I explain, looking to Sora. “So this is what you meant by you know what its like.”

“Yep. By the way, do you guys have any meat, i’m getting a strong craving for it at the moment,” he asks as he approaches us, we back up in response. “Don’t worry, i’m not gonna eat you, that would only happen if i’m really starving.”

there’s some beef in the fridge, i’m gonna have some as well, wolves really have a strong craving for the stuff,” Sans says, the two running on all fours into the kitchen.

“That being said, where’s Chara and the others, if we got changed by whatever this is, they did too,” I ask before a cat with a green and yellow sweater blindly stumbles down the stairs with Undyne following them, Frisk helping them up, revealing their eyes are pure white.


“Frisk is that mew, I can’t see anything meow!” she says before covering her mouth with paw, “D-Did I just meow!?”

“Yep Chara,” I say, the blind cat looking up and walking towards us slowly, moving her paws around until she hugs Mom’s robed legs.

“Asriel is that mew, why do you sound lyike Flowey meow?” she asks.

He changed too, he became Flowey.........sis,” Frisk says, when her tail starts moving on its own, her mouth growing fangs, and it growing outwards into a maw, as well as growing whiskers, shocking Mom and I.

“Why did you pause.......sis?” Chara asks, the same thing happening to them, but we see her ear twitch as well, and she yawns to reveal all her teeth turned into fangs, then grooming the fur on her paw with her tongue.

Meow meow meow meow meow, Meow,” Frisk says, covering her maw, and tearing up when she feels it and the whiskers.

“Okay, don’t speak for a second.......Mom, do you see the Omnitrix on me?” I ask.

“Yes, I see it around your stem dear,” she says, me looking down and seeing it wrapped around the green stem.

“Okay.....J.A.R.V.I.S., translate nearby animals,” I say, the watch beeping.

Translating Frisk and Chara Dreemurr sir,” the A.I. Says in response.

Thyanks Azzy.....I still don’t lyike that verbal tic meow,” Frisk says, unconsciously grooming her ears with a paw.

“Could mew tell me what happened meow?”, Chara asks.

“You two suppressing your verbal instincts must’ve furthered the transformation. Both your tails are moving of their own accord, your mouths morphed into maws, your teeth grew into fangs, and I saw your ear twitch once,” I say, the small cat feeling her face and tail in shock, feeling the noticeable bump, the stands of fur around the upper lip, and tail moving around.

Same thing happened with my appetite, I went ham...........haaaaaam, on the beef......darn it,” we hear Sans say, the two predators coming out the kitchen, both having raw beef on their backs, as Alphys, Dad, the three ponies, and the four Mobians come downstairs.

So Alphys and Sans were right, you really were the genocidal flower,” Dad says, seeing his wife holding me. “Is that you Tori?

“Yes, it’s me dear. You really are a heavy sleeper to sleep through my panic attack........speaking of panicking because of the changes, where’s the rest of.........what you call them Asriel, the ‘Mane Six’?” she asks. I nod as the everyone save Applejack, as well as Apple Bloom bursts through the doors. I see that Rarity’s hair has grown out to the size of party streamers, Pinkie’s tongue has swollen up with blue spots like Twilight’s, and Rainbow had one of her wing placed upside down, and on her stomach.

“Where’s Applejack, and what’s wrong with Fluttershy?” I ask, the four ponies initially surprised that I could talk, then remembering what happened.

“Applejack got shrunk and is near Frisk, and we don’t know what’s wrong with her dear, she hasn’t talked to us once. Fluttershy dear, could you tell us please?” Rarity asks, the shy mare looking away.

“It’s okay Fluttershy, you can tell your friends about your problems,” I say, the pony looking down.

I don’t wanna talk about it,” she says with a deep voice, shocking everyone.

“Oh my goodness, you sound just like Sans. Well, Chara, Frisk, and Sans can’t suppress their instincts or it’ll get worse, they didn’t have whiskers and a maw this morning,” I explain as the party pony jumps into the air.

“Zeppha Cupphphd Uppph!” She shouts, her swollen tongue causing her to spit on us.

“Hey say it don’t spray it Pinkie!” I shout, the ponies looking at me in shock. “Sorry, my positive emotions are really weak right now, so it’s hard to suppress stuff like that. Anyway, what did she just say?”

“She said.....OW!, your ‘supposed’ friend Zecora......OOOWW!, cursed us!” Rainbow shouts, trying to fly like she always does and bumping into the walls.

“I told you girls there’s no curses in this world. Besides, if it was a curse from Zecora, wouldn’t Apple Bloom be affected somehow too?!”, I yell, pointing at the fine filly with a leaf.

“Then what else could’ve caused it dear?” Rarity asks.

“Hmmm.........Aha, everyone but Apple Bloom ended up in those blue flowers, Zecora even warned us that ‘they were no joke!’ It even makes sense, Apple Bloom was on Sans’ head at the time, and you girls pulled us all in!” I shout, the ponies looking skeptical.

“How in Equestria could simple flowers curse us?!” Rainbow Dash shouts, I look at her sarcastically.

“Your talking to a talking flower who can control reality itself and can change into different creatures, and who is a Monster among others from another world, I don’t know, how could they!?” I yell, the cats and Mom looking at me in shock. “sorry sorry, it just frustrates me you girls still are judging books by their covers,” I say as Spike and Twilight run in.

“I couldn’t find a single book that could explain this!” Twilight shouts, Spike looking at her frustrated.

“I told you I found one........” the dragon says, the unicorn scoffing in response.

“I told you, supernaturals define curses, witchcraft, and other bologna, I don’t believe in that stuff!” she shouts, Spike looking towards me.

“I found one book titled ‘Supernaturals’, but she just dismissed it and I can’t find it in her pile!” he says, me fuming again.

GROAN!, you idiot Twilight, we need all the info we can get. And you just dismissed it by the cover again!” I yell, the unicorn and cats gaping at me, while Undyne looks at me angrily. “I know I sound like Flowey, but you Mane Six are really getting on my nerves, literally and figuratively judging books by their covers!” I finish when we hear a squeaky voice near Frisk.

Hey, yer not tha one who’s the size of a gosh darn mouse!” Applejack yells, we look down at Frisk and see her near her hind paw.

“Well at least i’m something i’ve been before, you are pretty much a mouse, considering how squeaky you are!” I yell, hopping out of the pot and rooting into the ground. “besides, you still have your emotions, I barely have any positive feelings left!!!!!!!!!!” I yell as I grow sharp vines, which I try to wrap around her, but Frisk cuts them up with her claws.

MMMMMEEEEOOW!!, stop fighting mew two right now, Applejack, mew don’t wanna tick him off, considering he still has his SOULs meow, and Azzy, stop before mew do something mew regret meow!!!!!!!!HHHIIISSSS!!!!!” she screams, hissing to our shock.


“I.....your right Frisk, Undyne, i’m sorry. It’s just......it’s so frustrating that you girls are still judging people by their covers, even after us Monsters showed up. Sigh, look, let’s get going to the Everfree Forest, if anyone has an answer to those flowers it’s Zecora. Wingdings!” I apologize before shouting, the skeleton teleporting down.

I see that you friends were afflicted by those flowers, you want me to lead you to Zecora’s I assume?” He asks.

“That is correct Gaster, although how do you know about her?” Twilight asks, moving her head around, causing her horn to flop around.

“First don’t move your head too much that’s disgusting. Two, he came to her asking for help with Disbelief Papyrus, she gave him a remedy for their grief and hatred,” I explain, being sickened by the floppy horn.

Little Asriel is correct. I had found out about an AU through Maria, where my eldest son died to Chara, and Papyrus’ Determination/Justice eye activated from the grief and hatred. Through that eye, he saw everything Chara hid, the destruction of Monsters, her possession of Frisk, even her plans. He decided that she didn’t deserve to be given a Bad Time, as he thought someone like her, who had taken so much, didn’t deserve to be given anything. Instead, he thought someone like her deserved an Equal, someone who wanted to protect what they cared about with every ounce of the same Determination, she used to commit Genocide, and rather than make her have a Bad Time, he decided to have Lots. Of. FUN!” Gaster explains, the both the ponies and us Monsters shocked, before he regains his composure.

But enough of that. If you want me to lead you, my friends, to Zecora’s hut then I will, I would like to catch her up on events in Ponyville, and thank her for the brew. Let us embark,” he announces, uprooting me and putting me back into the pot in Mom’s hands, and we all leave.

“Oh this is just rich. We have Twilight Flopple, Apple Teeny, Flutterguy, Frisky Cat, Chara Cat, Rainbow Crash, Flowey the Flower, Wolfy Bones, Sora Lioncub, Hairity, Spittie Pie..........now i’m stuck, how do I come up with something for ‘Toriel’?” the drake says, giving everyone but Mom nicknames.

Since it’s already hyappened I cyan say that originally, mew had trouble with Twilight’s nyame meow,” Frisk says, Maria carrying her while Shadow carries Chara.

“Hmm, how about Toriel the Human Mom, in my universe the fans sometimes called her Goat Mom,” Maria offers, still wearing a nightcap, Spike chuckling at it.

“Hehehe, nice one Maria. Speaking of your worlds, Stelly. Did we get along well?” he asks.

“A bit. You had doubts at the beginning about my gender when I said I was a boy, but we bonded well. You even helped me with words when I was reading the.......Tale of the Two Sisters,” she explains, Twilight looking at her curiously.

“You read the story?”

“When we first arrived at.......your home, you had Spike and I stay in the library, while you explained about me to your friends. I ended up finding the story,” Stellar explains.

“I still find it interesting that your and Sora’s Equestria’s are ahead by years, while ours just began,” I say as we get arrive at the forest.

Last chance for teleportation into the place,” Gaster says, turning to us.

“I don’t want to spook Zecora. So when we arrive, it’ll just be you, Sans, Frisk, Maria, Apple Bloom, Stellar Nova and I who go in,” I say, the skeleton nodding and we walk in, “hey, I recognize this spot, it’s where I first arrived in Equestria,” I say, recognizing the small field of golden flowers.

That’s interesting, considering us warriors arrived in an abandoned castle!” Undyne explains.

“W-We were brought there too, it’s known as the Castle of the Two Sisters, it was owned by the two princesses........until the incident, that is,” Alphys explains, Gaster acknowledging our accounts.

Yes......I asked the Author about the portals after we talked two days ago, and he said even he didn’t know where they come from, they just exist,” he says, picking up a few flowers as we keep walking, everyone surprised.

“You can still talk to the Author?”

I still have a small connection to the Void and my followers, but it’s only enough to send...........how should I put it, text messages to the Author and them........letters, for the ponies who don’t understand, digital letters that can be sent between long distances, like............like Spikes fire breathing,” he explains, me laughing.

“Frisk compared that with E-mails on the first day!” I say, Maria, Stellar Nova, Sans and I breaking out in laughter.

I’m still glad mew are here to experience this with meow, Azzy,” Frisk says, smiling and showing fangs.

“It’s nice to be with you too Frisk,” I say when we arrive at a tree with a door. “now then, Stelly, could you hold my pot please?” I ask, she nods and her horn is covered by a purple hue, as my pot is levitated by her horn.

“Okay, let’s talk to our new zebra friend,” I announce, Gaster opening the door, and we walk in to see multiple shelves with bottles, jars with different herbs and objects, tribal masks on the walls, a fire with a cauldron bubbling on top, a green brew on it, and a a lion furcoat hanging above a doorway to another room.

(Picture this, but with the furcoat in front of the bed.)

Just as I remember it,” Gaster says when we hear Zecora singing something that causes Stellar Nova, Maria, and Gaster to back up in shock.

It was once long ago, a human had fell down,
A prince, so curious, helped them up from the ground.
‘My name is Asriel, I will be here for you,
We can live together with Mom and Dad, it’s true.’
He took them to his home, they were a family,
But then one day, there was terrible tragedy.
The human became ill, they said ‘Stay determined,’
But they had passed away, and grief had taken them.

Taking their soul in me, I knew to bring them home,
Crossing the barrier, I remembered our tomes.
The humans were upset, thought I committed sin,
And even though I had power that’s deep within.
I never did fight back, though I was feeling weak,
I struggled to walk home, my future hurt and bleak.
When I saw Mom and Dad, both were very afraid,
I felt myself scatter, my dust blowing away.

Suddenly I woke up, taking a flower form,
The Royal Scientist had ‘helped’ in this reform.
Flowey held no feelings, no emotions lingered,
Playing with the timelines, nothing held a trigger...............

One day, a human.
Fell down here, so alone.
I told them, ‘kill or be killed.’
They were so little skilled.
They marched on, unafraid.
Knowing of the friends they made.
Until I had enough,
I faced them, being tough.
Taking the human souls,
Now they had nowhere to go.
I fought them in true form when,
They had said my name then.
I couldn’t fight anymore,
I gave in, a child once more.

I started crying again, like I had done before,
Made an apology for all I’ve done therefore.
They weren’t the human who was my dearest friend,
Their name was Frisk, but I somehow knew in the end.
And with the human souls, and remaining power,
I broke the barrier, monsters free forever.
I kept saying sorry for all that I had done,
I just didn’t want to be forever alone.

They had forgiven me, and gave me a hug, too,
Told them to watch over our mom and dad, please do.
Now they all have got their very happy ending,
And though I have no soul, I felt I earned my wings.
Though a flower again, I know that deep inside,
Nothing can ever break the love that is worldwide.
They never gained LV, and I’m happy for them,
They knew to do what’s right all the way to the end.

I still have memories of my life once before,
Of when I met Chara, and all happy things more.

My name is Asriel, I will be there for you,
You came and heard my call, I really thank you to.
Keep everyone happy, and living out their lives,
I know there will be no more strife........” Zecora sings as before she walks out from the furcoat, surprised we’re here.

“H-How did you know that song!?” Maria asks, Sans, Frisk, and I confused.

“What do you mean Stellar, why are you, Gaster and Maria so panicked by that?” I ask, the three facing us.

“That song was made by the fans of Undertale, for you!” she shouts, me being shocked by this as Zecora walks towards my hovering pot.

“Gaster told me of a talking flower, though why are you here at this hour, is it because you, needed a specific brew?” she guesses, we nod.

“It seems you know about those blue flowers after all. Could you tell us about them?” I ask.

“They are like poison oak. But instead of a rash, they like to play a joke!” she explains, laughing.

“Haha, its obviously funny.........yes yes I know that was mean, I can barely feel anything at this point!” I shout.

“Watch it Flowey the Flower, or do you want to have Sans make this your final hour?” she asks, Sans and I shocked by this, and me shivering due to it.

“Point taken, i’m sorry. Girls, Sora, you can come in now!” I shout, the six ponies and my family coming in.

“Spphe spphle my sppphng!!!!!!!” Pinkie shouts after seeing everything in the room when we hear a cute, squeaky voice from her bed.

“Who is that Zecora-chan?” it says.

Oh no..........the Author just told me who that is, prepare for overloads of cute,” Gaster says as a the curtain opens up but no one’s there.

“Wh-Who are these strangers Zecora-chan?” we hear it say again, we look down and see a small bunny with a red hood, and a flower on its right ear.

“My friends and ponies, this is My Melody,” Zecora introduces them.

Not only do we experience Poison Joke, we also have another Displaced?” Gaster asks. The bunny tilts its head, and lowers an ear in confusion.

“E-Excuse me, who are you, and what are ‘Displaced’?” she asks.

Displaced are people from other worlds brought to others, My little Melody,” Gaster explains as he walks over to the bunny, and she backs up. “No need to be afraid of my friends and I little one, we’re Displaced as well. My name is W.D. Gaster,” he says, offering a bony hand to shake.

“M-My Melody, or My Melo, Gaster-chan,” she says nervously, shaking a finger with her small, mitten-like hands.

“I’m Asriel Dreemurr, these two cats are my adopted sisters, Chara and Frisk Dreemurr,” I say, hopping out the pot. “forgive my appearance, the.....what was it, ‘Poison Joke’ changed me into this,”I explain, shaking a paw with my leaf.

“I’m Maria the fox, the small, black alicorn is Stellar Nova,” Maria introduces her and the pony.

I’m Undyne, and this my girlfriend, Alphys!” Undyne exclaims, pulling the small Dino in for a hug.

“I’m Toriel Dreemurr, the skeletal wolf is Sans, and the lion cub is Sora,” Mom introduces herself.

The big goat is Asgore, toriel’s husband. the two hedgehogs and fox are sonic, shadow, and miles ‘tails’ prower,” Sans introduces.

“And the seven ponies with us are Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, and Apple Bloom, or in the case of the previous six, the Mane Six, or the Elements of Harmony,” Stellar finishes off.

“My Melody is happy to meet you all, especially after.......this morning,” she says, her ear flopping down in sadness.

“Forgive My Melody’s sadness, I found her in quite some madness. I was gathering wood for my fire, and found her caught in Hunter’s Wire. Some hunters thought she was a regular bunny, so they caught her with some honey...............they were make her into a Griffons meal, like some lowly seal!” Zecora yells, everyone shocked.

“I can’t believe someone was going to cook such a kind, cute little bunny!” Maria shouts, hugging the fuzzy creature.

And for what Pinkie said earlier, she didn’t ‘steal your song’, their tribal masks from the savannas where she’s from, she told me about them while I was here,” Gaster explains to the party pony. “But that doesn’t explain how you knew Asriel’s Story.

“I learned it as a prayer, from somepony with hair, similar to a nightmare, her name was Lightmare,” Zecora explains, Gaster looking curious.

Hmm, the Author once told me about a mare named ‘Lightmare’, a form, identity, or incarnation of the Traveler who was once the right hand of the Mare in the Moon, but was purified by the Mane Six, and was a changeling who could use vocal magic as a pegasus. It’s interesting that she taught you this when she had no knowledge of the Traveler or other worlds until after..........a certain persons defeat,” he explains, looking at me for one second with curiosity.

“So what if you know this ‘Lightmare’, can you cure us or not!?” Rainbow shouts, me shooting a few pellets at her wing in annoyance.

“I can make this brew curing the poison joke’s effect on you. I am surprised however, that your library hasn’t had the book in forever,” she says, pulling out a black book with a leaf.

“’Supernaturals’? But those usually describe curses, witchcraft, and that sort of thing,” Twilight says as Zecora shows the book. “’Supernaturals, Natural Remedies and Cure-All’s that are Certainly Super.’”

“Next time, figuratively and literally, you should..........take a second look, and not judge the cover of a book, am I right Zecora and Sans?” I offer, the two laughing again.

your getting good at the rhymes kid, and your right. people have been judging the unknown in every world. we were judged by humans, stellar nova was judged by the ponies of equestria, my melody was judged by hunters, zecora was judged by ponyville. it’s time it stopped for good,” He says as Zecora looks away from the shelves.

“And a good thing too, i’m missing an herb for the brew. Perhaps if the King of Monsters vouched for me, I could finally be free!” she exclaims.

I would be happy to vouch for the zebra who’s helping my family. Although My Melo, would you and Zecora like to live with us?” he asks, the two shocked. “the Displaced are as family as our Human children are. So you two, who have been judged by your looks, we would be happy to have with us,

“And you don’t have to worry about your belongings and yourselves taking up too much room. I enchanted it to expand as more people arrive,” I explain.

“Hmm, you can throw My Melody a bone, but I’ve always preferred to live on my own,” she says.

“How about this then, after I get fingers back, I open a stone gateway between your hut and the house. That way, if you need help, or the forest becomes too much for you, you can come to us whenever you want,” I offer.

“That is wise, I accept your compromise,” she says, grabbing her cloak and bags, filling them with ingredients.

“And My Melo would love to live with you all!” the little bunny shouts, hugging Frisk. “Your sweater is so soft Frisk-chan!”

We eventually got out and walked to Ponyville, and most ponies responded as expected, boarding up their doors, but the two spa ponies decided to give us a chance considering Mom and Rarity visit them every so often, and set up the necessary herbal bath.

“Okay, one, two, three!!!” I yell, last one to hop in, and I submerge, emerging as myself.

“I’m still glad the clothes didn’t do the blending in aspect, back home I got changed into a mare!” Sora exclaims, Sans and Undyne losing it.

man, that kind of heavy duty prankage is hilarious, and unexpected. I mean seriously, gender swap, that’s hilarious!!” Sans shouts between laughs.

Sans is right, I never would’ve expected that!!!!” Undyne yells, Sora glaring at the two.

We walk home and chill out when I hear silent hoofsteps at the door. I teleport to Undyne, Alphys, and Mettatons room, and bring them downstairs. Then I grab Sans, Sora, Frisk, and Shadow when 10 ponies blow down the door, seeing Spell Nexus, Blueblood, Trixie, Gilda, and six Lunar Guards.

“There’s no escape Discord, use your Chaos Magic and the house goes up in flames!!!” Spell Nexus screams before firing a combined blast with Trixie, hitting Mom straight in the arm.

“One, the princesses told you I’m not this ‘Discord’, and two, you just made a big mistake!!!!!!!!!!!” I shout, putting up a Barrier as the three Unicorns fire another shot.

“You are guilty of mind controlling royalty into accepting you.........beasts, and bringing dangerous creatures to Equestria!!!!” Blueblood screams.

“You really think...................” I say, before Spell Nexus and Blueblood hit Frisk straight in the chest and legs, causing her to collapse as Mom tries to heal her.

“Sans, Undyne, Mettaton, Shadow, Sora...........LETS SHOW WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU HURT FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I scream as my eyes go pure black, everyone wielding their weapons of choice and Keyblade’s.

We all rush the 10 ponies as more guards rush inside, Sans and Gaster blocking the flow, and Sora turns into a red Drive Form, dual wielding Keyblade’s. Spell Nexus pulls out two pairs of black and white orbs.

“Let’s see what good your Chaos Magic is against these!!!!!” he shouts as the throws them on the floor. We all think it was just nothing when black and white mist and smoke forms, condensing into a white Zoom, a black Sans, A white Undyne, and a black Sora, black ones with yellow eyes while the white copies have black eyes.

spell nexus you idiot, those are orbs of yin and yang!!!!!!!!!!” Sans shouts, blasting multiple guards and the white Zoom with Megalomania Keyblade’s.

“And what do you know of them, they only exist here!” Spell Nexus shouts, blasting me with a black and purple bolt.

what..........is this magic, I can feel it’s darkness!!!!!!” I shout before being consumed by a dark storm, Gaster grabbing the unicorn in anger.

You have made a big mistake Spell Nexus, that was Chaos Magic, and the Omnitrix has a sample of the God of Chaos himself!!!!!!!!” Gaster shouts when Princesses barge in.

“What is the meaning of this Gaster, the ‘Traveler’ made a pact to protect us, not hurt us!!!!!!” Celestia shouts as Blueblood and Trixie blast her, and the storm surrounding me starts shooting purple lightning, causing gravity and time to mess up wherever it hits.

“Nephew, what is the meaning of this!?!” Luna shouts.

these numbskulls got it into their thick heads that the kid was discord, and we had you two under mind control!!!!!” Sans shouts, rushing to the storm as it starts condensing into a sphere, blasting anything with the same lightning bolts.

Then Spell Nexus here........” Gaster points at the unicorn. “shot Chaos Magic at the young Dreemurr, and looks like it deactivated the DNA Safeguards!!!!” He shouts as they’re all knocked back by a black shockwave. “The chaotic thoughts and magic from your fool of a magical adviser.......they must’ve unlocked my personal sample of Discord himself!!!!!” he shouts when the Chaos Storm explodes, releasing a certain draconequus.

Ah, it is so good to be out of that watch, my Chaos acted like Ectonurite DNA, my mind was literally stuck in there!” I say with a British accent, stretching and snapping my talons, teleporting us, as well as the Mane Six to the Keyblade Graveyard.

“W-Where are we, and who’s that!?” Twilight shouts.

That would be little Asriel......at least, he was, until Spell Nexus shot Chaos Magic at the boy!!!!!!!!!” Gaster shouts.

Wingdings is correct, and that not only deactivated the DNA Safeguards, but also unlocked..............me, Discord, God of pure Chaos, and all around Disharmony.........you must be Celestia’s precious Mane Six, pleasure to meet you a season early!” I shout, shaking all their hooves at the same time with disembodied paws and talons, and they pull them away. “not ponies for hoof and paw/claw shakes then, do you want to know what I mean, or should I just get the ball rolling?.........Strike, Boo ya!” I ask, summoning a miniature bowling alley and getting a strike, then doing a victory dab.

At least the boy and the Author try to keep the laws of physics intact, you just break the rules SNAP, like that!” Gaster says, snapping his bones to make a point.

Indeed, and I owe the Author one now, for having Spell Nexus blast the ‘God of Hyperdeath’. Man Toby Fox didn’t do a good job with that name, then again, the Author came up with this before bed!” I say, breaking the 4th Wall and summoning a bed.

You six don’t even properly have to deal with him until Season 2, and he still doesn’t just break the 4th Wall like this!!!!” Gaster shouts, blasting me with his yellow hand, but I just turn it and the bolt into chickens.

And I just wanted to give you gifts for finally getting out of said wall WingDings. I mean, not everyone gets trapped in that thing and gets out thanks to an Ursa Minor!” I say, showing images of the skeleton getting pushed into the Core.

“And how do you know this, you were still locked when it happened. And how are you even free, your supposed to be in stone!” Rainbow shouts in the air.

Just because Gaster put me under lock and key doesn’t mean I couldn’t talk with the other samples. They have some form of self-awareness in there thanks to Alien X, and Klonoa and Hoopa just had to tell everyone. They were ecstatic that the Author created a Multiverse where W.D. Gaster himself wasn’t just a villain, a cameo, or something where the protagonists had to do a collection side quest to bring him back!” I explain, fireworks going off.

And as for why i’m not in stone, this version of me created a.........second body before being encased in stone, and it is the one Gaster killed and collected DNA from. I’m as identical to my original as my Chaos is to Disharmony. And the best part, having access to that accursed watch had at least some benefits, like gaining the magic and omnipotence of other 4th, and 5th dimensional gods, like the Dream Demon himself, Bill Cipher!” I explain, summoning a palm sized replica of Gravity Falls and committing Weirdmageddon, even shocking Sans enough to activate his magic eye.

Although, not having a physical form inside the Omnitrix made rolling my eyes to Luna SN a challenge,” I say, picking up my eyes and rolling them into holes in the ground, forming myself in the grounds place.

Speaking of SN, where’s her and Nyx, I always had a soft spot for the two Nightmare Incarnates,” I ask, the two slowly walking out of the crowd behind their mothers.

Pleasure to meet the two of you in this Multiverse, Stellar Nova, a human boy named Michael who had a brain tumor and died because a surgeon sneezed.......really, sneezing in a job that requires precision! And I love how your Pinkie Pie broke the 4th wall and mentioned Nyx, that pony can cause some magic of her own, thanks to Pinkie Physics,” I say, looking at the other filly. “And little Nyx Sparkle, the child that could’ve avoided some grief, if her mother hadn’t kept her a secret from everyone save Rarity Belle. I mean, Stellar’s Twilight went up and open.......” I say, opening a door from nowhere in her shock. “And told her Mane Six and princesses, then they told Equestria about Stellar Nova,” I explain, Nyx tearing up and Twilight fuming.

As much as it is amusing to see Nyx’s reaction to this, last thing I need is Twilight Sparkle to Rage Shift before Pinkie Keen,” I finish up quickly, snapping my paw and summoning several chairs. “Have a seat, best prank you’ll get is a whoopie cushion for the tenth person.

While we’re on the subject.........insanity aside, what is ‘Rage Shifting’?” Shadow asks.

I’m glad you asked Shadow the Hedgehog. Ahem, Rage Shifting is an innate ability Unicorns and Alicorns have that gives them a large boost of both kinds of magical energy. If I could put it in terms you Mobians and Monsters would understand, it would be like........Undyne naturally generating Determination, and you taking off your Inhibitor Rings,” I explain as I sit down in their shock, summoning a table.

in your terms, what would that kind of power be like?” Sans asks as Chara gets a whoopie cushion. “hehe, nice touch, thought you were kidding.

Finally, someone that has a funny bone. Pranks aside, If someone like Twilight did it, she would be on level with Nightmare Moon, or a love fueled Chrysalis. If someone like Celestia did however...............it would be like you with Frisk, even I or the beef Dorito himself would have a Bad Time,” I finish, shivers going up my long body. “Wingdings, your gonna have to do me a solid and tell my host after our exchange about DJ and Pixel Berry, man that wouldn’t be a pretty sight if they got Sunbutt over here angry.

Consider them warned. Now, what are these supposed ‘gifts’?” He asks, everyone sitting down finally.

I have several gifts, 4 each for you and my host,” I explain, poofing four stacks of cards into existence, two black and two white respectively. “I assume you and Sora know what the white ones are,” I ask in their shock, and everyone’s confusion.

“H-How do you know about those cards!?” Sora asks.

God of Chaos, remember, surely Gaster and the kid told you about the Nexus,” I ask, everyone looking confused. “Groan, here we go.......this version of Equestria is the result of thousands of universes worth of time and energy. The Author himself and Wingdings over here..........” I explain, gesturing to the angry skeleton. “Created this as a hub, a branch that connects all the trees as one. I can talk to most of the me’s that aren’t in stone, and yours told me about his card trick.

“Could someone please tell me what your talking about, their just dumb playing cards!” Rainbow shouts, about to grab one when she’s knocked back by a force-field.

That’s where your wrong, I call them Weapon Cards. here’s an example. Sora, could you?” I ask, getting up.

“It would be my pleasure,” he says, summoning his Keyblade and I snap my talons, summoning another set of floating white cards in front of me.

His multiverse, as you all know, had thousands of worlds, one of them was the isolated world of Equestria. His version of myself created these cards, each symbol of which you monsters might recognize as roman numerals,” I say, pulling one with the symbol XII out and summoning yellow knives. “Each one symbolizes a member of the original Organization XIII, and capable of summoning their choice of weapon along with the powers that they owned, Larxene’s knives for example.......” I keep explaining before throwing two at the ground, four bolts of yellow lightning striking each of them. “grant electrokinesis, or control of lightning and electricity. Shame I couldn’t copy Roxas since Sora is, ya know, him,” I finish, everyone impressed, yet skeptical.

“You used white ones when we fought, but what are the black ones?” Sora asks.

I noticed my host couldn’t use magic from this world, or weapons from Undertale, so I created these new types of cards, Capable of.......” I explain, grabbing one from the table, causing it to transform into Asgore’s red trident. “Changing into weapons owned by the monsters, Including Genocide, Gaster’s hands, and SOUL type switching capabilities. Also......” I say, blasting Spell Nexus with the same purple and black bolt. “They allow control of the different types of magic in this world. King Fluffybuns’ Trident controls Dark and Chaotic Magic, the Toy Knife controls Draconic Magic, the Real Knife controls a rare brand of Demonic Magic, Undyne’s Spear controls Unicorn Magic, and Gaster’s hands control Alicorn, Witchcraft, Angelic, Earth, and Pegasus magic respectively.

“Ha, so there is Witchcraft!” Rainbow shouts. I turn her into a Neko girl with a Gaster Hand card.

“WHY DYID MEW DO THAT MEOW!?” she shouts before covering her mouth, finding whiskers.

Don’t worry, after our little exchange is done i’ll change you back. Now, the second item is this,” I explain, snapping my paw and conjuring up two pairs of hourglasses inside gold rings, hooked to a gold chain.

Time Turner’s?” Gaster asks.

That is correct Wingdings, but this is a special one of my own creation. The Sands of Time within the hourglass have been combined with the Dust of Chaotic Dust-storms, so they not only can turn back time to wherever you want, they can also speed it up, slow it down, go forwards in time, and stop time itself!!!” I shout, everyone being shocked by this new info, “Don’t worry, even the sands have limits, the function to stop time only last for half and hour, and if used too much it can overheat, so only use them as a last resort.”.

and the last two discord? J.A.R.V.I.S. Is probably working to activate the safeguards as we speak,” Sans says as I teleport us and the gifts back to the house, the time being the middle of the night.

Quite right, here’s the next to last one, before my hurra ends,” I say, snapping both paw and talon, creating two bags. “I enchanted these beauties with an Undetectable Extension Charm, and they are filled to the brim with its contents,” I explain, Gaster slowly grabbing one and dropping it in shock after seeing its contents.

Yin-Yang Summon Orbs!?” he shouts, everyone but Sans looking curious.

“What are Yin-Yang Summon Orbs?” asks Twilight.

I’m glad you asked Twilight Sparkle. They’re a rare, hard to make fusion of those orbs Spell Nexus used during the fight. If fused correctly, which I have, they summon........not lifeless copies, but literally summon anyone and anything from the Omniverse, even other gods!!” I exclaim, everyone in shock.

Now for my last gifts, my hosts will be different, you Gaster, get this,” I explain, presenting a black hilt from Hammerspace to the man.

“Is this what I think it is?” asks Chara.

You are correct Chara,” I say as the man presses the button, causing a black plasma blade to extend from it.

W-What is it Gaster?” asks Fluttershy.

A darksaber. It's a one of a kind weapon of the Sith, from before the fall of the Old Republic. Last person I know of to hold this saber, was Darth Maul,” says Gaster, slowly moving the blade around.

I copied it after Sabine got her hands on the dark blade, then elegantly transferred the inner workings to the modern hilt, and supplied it with Dwarf Star as a power source/self destruct,” I explain as I summon a blue and black flash drive. “Give my host this as my.......uurrgh, final gift, its unlock commands for several samples inside the Omnitrix, including me,” I explain, handing it to Toriel. “Be careful of who he uses, the gods will somewhat overpower his command, and the OC’s.............Uuuurgh!, will give him amnesia. So, remember to change him back, and his memories should return,” I explain, glitching out. “Goodbye Dreemurrs, make sure Spell Nexus pays for waking me up, and can’t wait to meet you officially!!!” I scream one final time before changing back in a flash of purple and black light, and Rainbow changes back.

“Ugh, what happened, and why are the princesses here?” I ask, then see the items levitating near Gaster. “And what are those?”

“I would also like to know why you were attacking ponies again, when you said you were going to protect us,” asks Celestia.

we told you. your nephew and adviser thought the kid was discord, and we had you princesses under mind control,” explains Sans.

“They even said we did it so you would accept us, the nerve!” Mom says, steaming.

So please, don’t blame the boy. We only retaliated because your adviser critically injured Frisk!” Gaster shouts, pointing at the unicorn in the corner.

“Hmm, looks like thou’s actions were justified then,” Luna acknowledges, turning to her nephew. “We told thou that our sister and I have made countless mind wards to prevent this!”

“H-How can you trust these.....these Monsters!? they even know knowledge of the future, and as you just saw, our suspicions were correct, the supposed ‘boy’ is Discord!” he exclaims, blasting me square in the chest.

“Azzy!” yells Chara, grabbing me. “come on, stay with me!” she exclaims, shaking me.

“Funny.......Geno Papyrus was right..........” I say, before fading into an unconscious unicorn, and Mom starts healing me.

“The more you want to hurt someone......the easier it is to make them stop, living!!!!” Chara shouts, grabbing Gaster. “give me the Real Knife, now!”

B-But......” he stutters, Chara shaking him.

“Just do it!!!!!!” she shouts, the skeleton visibly afraid, and giving her the card, it igniting in a black flame and changing into a red hunting knife.

“Lets see what good your magic is against A DEMON!!!!!!!!!!!” she shouts, her eyes turning into black sockets and turning into a pony, running at the two unicorns.

(Picture this with the knife and black eye sockets)

They both make a run for it as I slowly stir back to consciousness.

“What....happened?” I ask with a squeaky voice.

those fools still thought you were discord, and hit you square in the chest. now, they’re getting a bad time from chara,” Sans grabs what looks like a flash drive from Gaster. “if anyone can stop her, it’s a god, or one of the incarnations of the traveler. this’ll unlock them,” he hands me the small drive, and I find that I have hooves.

L-L-Looks like your pie has kicked in Azzy,” I hear a squeaky voice say, and I turn to see a tan pony with brown hair, and a sweater, eyes still shut.

One more thing, you should take these cards, you’ll need them,” Gaster says with a feminine voice, handing me a white card with the roman numeral XIII on it and a black one with a Gaster hand on the back, when I see he’s changed too.

“Th-Thanks,” I say before hooking the flash drive into the Omnitrix, several holograms flashing.

Multiple DNA samples unlocked sir,” the A.I. Responds.

“Hmm........I got it!” I say, slowly moving the dial with a hoof until it shows a white hologram of a pegasus, and I slam down on it, changing into a white pegasus with black and purple hair, a Cutie mark of a star being born, and a black stetson.

“Whoa, that was a doozy of teleportation...........who are you all, and what did you do to me!?” I shout with a voice, like a combination of Sweetie Belle and Rainbow, assuming a defensive stance.

Calm down. It’s me Lightmare, W.D. Gaster,” the purple pony says, offering a hoof.

“Ah, so ya finally got out. Twilight told me about you after she Rage Shifted a year ago,” I explain, giving a hoof to shake.

great, another world that’s ahead of ours. i’m sans, as in comic sans,” the blue jacketed skeleton next to him says.

“What do you mean by ‘another world’?” I ask, tilting my head and flopping my right ear.

“That can wait till later. Asr......I mean Lightmare, you have to help us, i’m Toriel,” says the robed goat woman, kneeling close to me. “Our adopted daughter Chara needs to be stopped, but not killed, before she kills two unicorns. She wants revenge, she thinks the two killed our son, Asriel.”

“Who’s Asriel?” I ask.

Long story short, he’s a Boss Monster like Toriel who’s taken the title of the Traveler. He summoned you, using this,” Gaster explains, projecting an image of a watch. “It’s called an Omnitrix, normally it only allows transformation into alien lifeforms, but I created one that allows the user to become people from the Omniverse.

“Well questions of mine or not, i’ll protect Equestria, and everypony no matter what, who are the two unicorns being attacked?” I ask, flaring my wings.

H-Hi, i’m Frisk, Asriel’s other adopted sister. Anyway, there’s a black one named Spell Nexus, and a white royal, Celestia’s nephew, Blueblood. But...........Gaster should come with you, Chara took one of those black cards, they form magical weapons from our world and her knife gives demonic magic. That, combined with her insanely high LV, she’s pretty much a demon,” the other pony explains, putting a hoof on my wing. I put a hoof on her back.

“My Mane Six and I have dealt with a Hydra already. Compared to a beast that keeps coming back to life, a demon will be easy, especially with my special brand of magic. Speaking of which, fish, I came up with a new song, and it looks like your a true warrior like me!” I shout, the fish in armor looking at me.

Warrior? Lightmare, they don’t call me Undyne the Undying for nothing! I will do anything to protect my friends. EVERYTHING TO PROTECT EVERYONES HOPES AND DREAMS!!!!!” she shouts, a blue spear forming in her hand, and black armor appearing around her.

“Yeah, let’s do this!!” I shout, flying out in a flash towards the demon pony. I eventually finding her in an alley as she’s about to stab the two unicorns. “Let’s get this song going. This is to all the royal guards out there, and warriors of Equestria. Yo Chara!” I shout, the demon pony looking towards us with her black eye-sockets. “Get ready, your about to have a Battle Against a True Hero!!!!!” I shout. I start to sing in a mystical voice as we all hear music, everyone in Equestria hearing us, and the kid starts to attack Undyne and I.

(Lightmare sings this together with Undyne, (U) for Undyne’s lines, (L) for Lightmare’s)

(L)Every hero has to make a serious choice.
(L)Fight with honor, make your rivals fear your voice .

(L)Die in battle to perpetuate your name.
(L/U)Or run from danger just to live another day!!!!!

(L)Real heroes never fear the pain or death.
(U)Every soldier fight until their final breath!
(U)Dedicating all their life’s to just one cause,
(L)Serve the kingdom and apply the rules and laws.

(U)Years of training giving all your blood and sweat.
(L)Getting to the point where nothing means a threat!
(U)Every battle will be just another day,
(L)Every villains, just another one to slay.

(U)Raising their spears to the sky,
(L)Loyal soldier keep, marching on!!!

(L)Shouting in one, clear voice,
(U)Every single dream, they have!!!!!!!

(U)Honor the ones, who are gone!
(L)Fighting for the same, noble cause!

(L)Away from home, in the wild!
(U)Trying to survive, alone!

(L)Just because we fight It doesn’t mean,
(U)We don’t have our fragile hearts.
(U)If we could we would go back in time,
(L)So we could prevent all those wars!

(L)The real heroes stand until the end
(U)But the biggest fight is inside
(U)Feelings clashing while you pretend
(L)That the bloodstains one day will dry

(U)Then you hear those voices in your head
(U)Telling you it will be alright
(L)But your heart keeps telling you again
(L)Real heroes don’t have to fight!!!

All this we proudly sing. Everyone in Equestria hearing and seeing us we dodge blow after blow, attacking with precise control strikes, flying swipes, and musical blasts. I help Undyne out as she uses her spears, until I finally grab the sharp knife from the kid, and knock the demon pony out.

“Wh-Who are you, and why didn’t you just kill the demon!?” Exclaims the black unicorn, apparently named Spell Nexus. I turn to the stallion after giving Undyne the knife, it turns back into a card in her hands.

“I’m Lightmare, protector of Equestria. And she only wanted revenge on you, because she thought you killed. Her. BROTHER!” I shout, the two backing up as I flare my wings.

“Her brother is Discord............!” Blueblood shouts.

HE ISN’T, DISCORD! If you would let us explain, that watch of his lets him turn into other creatures. Your partner is the reason he was Discord in the first place!” Frisk yells as the rest of the group walks up to us.

“And we already discussed that we’ve dealt with mind control before! My sister and I put anti-mind control wards on our crowns. Also, why wouldn’t we accept them!? They have sworn to protect Equestria, only ever attacking us in retaliation,” Celestia explains.

“Looks like i’m not the only one to be judged by past actions, or other pon.....I mean people,” I say as I walk to the two, “You two really thought the princesses wouldn’t accept them unless they used mind control!?”

yep. they just assumed the kid was discord, and he had the two under mind control,” says Sans. I start to fume, green flames starting to light around me.

“Th-That’s impossible, only unicorns can Rage Shift!” shouts Spell Nexus.

“That’s where your wrong. There is one other species that can. And that, is a changeling!” I scream. Green flames surround me, revealing myself as a changeling with green eyes in everyone’s shock. “Me. I was forced to be Nightmare Moon’s servant until I was purified by the Mane Six. But, my Changeling DNA allows me to perform magic, including Rage Shifts!” I scream one final time before purple mist surrounds me.

(Skip to 0:47, the story only includes the transformation)

I become surrounded by black mist, that condenses into a single orange sphere of dark energy. Then it turns pure black, and I’m released as a tall alicorn with a long, broken horn, buglike hybrid wings, a flowing star mane and tail with holes. I open my eyes, revealing snake-like slits, and my mouth opens into a cackle with sharp fangs.

So, this world allows my dark magic, and my changeling nature to merge into one! Perfect. Absolutely PERFECT!!” I shout as I look at the two unicorns. “You made a grave misjudgment when you decided to kill first and ask questions later. Now it’s time you payed, HIIIIIISSSS!!!!!!!!!” I exclaim, hissing. I’m about to kill the two unicorns when I’m hugged by something small. I look down, and see a small filly that looks exactly like Nightmare Moon, wrapped around my hoof.

“Pl-Please, don’t do this......please, don’t get Asriel taken away!” she screams, crying.

What?.......” I ask skeptically, when she looks up to me, eyes full of tears.

“Asriel was the first out of a whole world, who just............took a closer look, rather than just judged me by......Her actions. Everyone immediately judges me from my looks. I never expected to come to Equestria, I lost a mommy and daddy that day. And...............I’ll never see them again, not without possibly letting her out of me..............I gained friends in the Cutie Mark Crusaders and the Mane Six, but they still judged me in the beginning.”, she explains, looking over to Blueblood, “then a fake of you nearly killed me, if my new mom hadn’t saved me..............I wouldn’t be here.”, she sobs into my hoof, everyone shocked by this information, “then I was brought here, and the first face I saw was Asriel, the kid who had a bad past too, and gave me a chance, even introduced me to Nyx...............I care about my friends and family, I could never stand if somepony was taken away!” she shouts.

What..........what am I doing?' I think. I slowly put my other hoof around the filly. “I.........I’m sorry. I guess........I reached a limit and.........they deserve a chance, especially a second one.

I slowly use my hoof to make the filly let go, then dispel all the dark magic from my body. I allow myself to change back into a changeling, before shape-shifting into my preferred form, facing the two princesses.

“I understand if you no longer trust me. I just showed you an enemy from your past, and one probably yet to come. However, I would like to explain myself. Then, if you see fit, live with the Dreemurr family. I.............would like to make some friends. I was once your faithful student, just like Twilight. I...............believe, we would bond nicely,” I explain, bowing to the two in everyone’s shock, and confusion.

“Hmmm.......very well. Let us walk over to their house, then we’ll reach our verdict,” says Celestia, turning to walk away, and we all head off.

“So, correct me if I get this wrong. You were..........a student under me, in your world. Until you discovered the stars that released my sister. And in doing so, you accidentally caused the convergence?” she asks. Everypony has sat down in the living room.

“That is correct. After that she............came down into my room. She corrupted me with her dark magic...........that is, until you and the six............ showed me what it’s like. Friendship.........you see, before that I was.............pretty much like Twilight. Thinking I was too busy to make friends, and it that such silliness did not seem worth the effort it expends. Until.............. I met you little ponies. You opened up my eyes,” I smile to the Twilight as she shows recognition. “We didn’t discover until the tickets to the Gala arrived, that................some of that magic from the Mare in the Moon remained, tethered to my heart. It’s...........symbiotic in nature. my SOUL kept it alive, and in return it unlocked my siren-like magic and shared her image with me as a Rage Shift...........it still hurts me that I nearly killed Pinkie and Twilight that day..........” I explain in guilt, and their shock.

“We all make mistakes. Asriel nearly killed Pinkie too. When she tried to bribe him, when he was just holding onto the tickets,” Spike explains, holding a hoof in his claws.

“Here’s what I don’t understand. I can never stay in control of that form for very long. Unless it’s Chrysalis.............she, takes over,” I explain, everyone gaping.

perhaps it’s the DNA safeguards. they make sure the user isn’t isn’t corrupted by outside influence,” Sans guesses, drinking a bottle of ketchup.

“But this still doesn’t explain how thou is a changeling,” says Luna.

“I’m simply a rogue............princess, if you like. Who broke off from the hive. Celestia knows, but the others didn’t............strange. After they purified me, I got amnesia. Celestia told me about my studentship with her, but that’s about it. I never even told them about my magic and my changeling form,” I explain, everyone both shocked and curious.

Hmm.........perhaps it’s Asriel’s seven Human SOULs. They are the equivalent of a god after all, they must be able to sustain your lost memories. You’ll probably lose them when your sent back,” Gaster guesses, getting up and taking off my stetson.

“Hey, Applejack gave me that! Its her father’s, they got it off his body when he, and their mom were killed by wolves!!!!” I shout. He flips it and shows an green hourglass symbol inside.

Don’t worry. I’m simply......doing some editing,” he explains. He twists the dial until it beeps.

Displacing Mirror Image, A.K.A Lightmare, creator,” the watch says in a accent I don’t recognize. A portal opens up on the floor to everyone’s confusion, bringing.........my body!

It seems your consciousness was.............downloaded, into the form mid-transformation. Don’t worry, once I change Asriel back, you’ll wake up. However, you all have to promise me you won’t tell the boy about this feature. No one should have that power. I’m only making an exception because I know who she is,” he says. Everyone promises, him nodding in his acceptance. “Good. Now, no one tells Lightmare about her changeling nature until a certain wedding, so we keep it that way until that day. Lightmare, you’ll have your amnesia again, so be ready,” he says. He taps the watch, changing back in a flash of light.

“Whoa, what happened?” I ask. I spot a small pegasus on the ground, who starts to wake up. “And who’s that?”

She hears me and slowly gets up, facing me.

“Oh, you must be Asriel. I’m Lightmare, and I believe we’ll be the best of friends!” she exclaims, smiling. She hugs me in my surprise.

“Heh......I guess life is finally starting,” I sigh, hugging the pony.

(To be continued...............)

Author's Note:

All credit goes to the owners of the different franchises, I.E, Saban Brands, SEGA, Hasbro, Bethesda, and the others.

Bill Cipher is from Gravity Falls, and Lightmare is an OC of mine. I hope once I get some more chapters out I can start her backstory, involving her Equestria and her involvement with all these villain's.

Thanks for reading, and

"Stay Pony My Friends."