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The Traveling Son of a Great Dreemurr - jjb0420

Hi, my name is Asriel Dreemurr, I died helping my sister, was brought back as a flower, was SAVEd by another, then sent to another world..........wait what?!

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Chapter Four- Dreemurr of the Century

I wake up to hear singing from a new friend, in the middle of the night.

(A for Asriel, L for Lightmare)
My Little Pony, My Little Pony,
What is friendship all about?
My Little Pony, My Little Pony
Friendship is magic!
(My Little Pony)
I used to wonder what friendship could be.
(My Little Pony)
Until you all shared its magic with me.”, she sings, I walk out and see it’s from downstairs, I walk down and see her singing on the table.

When I was young I was too busy to make any friends.
Such silliness did not seem worth the effort it expends.
But my little ponies, you opened up my eyes
And now the truth is crystal clear, as splendid summer skies.
And it’s such a wonderful surrrrprise...........”, she sings, but suddenly gets down in the dumps, stopping.

She deserves this, I could feel her memories inside me, and her past...........’, I think, walking up into the room.

“Ah ah ah aaaaahhh!(A)(My Little Pony)
I used to wonder what friendship could be.”, I sing, the pony looking up in surprise at me.

(My Little Pony)
Until you all shared its magic with me.
When danger makes me wanna hide, you’ll Rainbow Dash to my side,
Kindness is never in short supply, once smitten twice Fluttershy.
For honesty no pony can deny, you are the Applejack of my eye,
A heart that shines so beautiful, a Rarity to come by
And you all make fun and laughter as easy as Pinkie Pie!”, I stop, giving her the chance to realize, and she runs up to me and joins in.

(L)(My Little Pony)
I used to wonder what friendship could be.
(A)(My Little Pony)
Until you all shared its magic with me.
(L)Big Adventure.
Tons of Fun!
(A)A Beautiful Heart.
Faithful and Strong!
(L)Sharing Kindness, (A)it’s an easy feat.
(Both)And Magic makes it all complete!!!!”, she sings with me as I hug her, everyone walking down.

(L)Our friendship’s magic and it’s growing all the time.
(A)A new adventure waits for us each day is yours and mine.
(L)We’ll make it special every time!
(A)We’ll make it special every time!
(L)(My Little Pony)
(L)What a wonderful wonder friendship brings
(A)(My Little Pony)
(A)Do you know you’re all my very best
(L)(Friends!) Friends, you’re my very best
(A)(Friends!) Friends, you’re my very best
(Both)(Friends!) Friends, you’re my very best
(Both)(Friends!) Friiiiiiiiiieeeeeeennnndssss!!!!!!!!!”, we finish as we see everyone watching us.

“That..........was beautiful!”, Mom exclaims, clapping with everyone.

I’ll admit, that was really good, and actually worth waking up to.”, Sans congratulates us as he puts a hand on my shoulders, “Sigh, Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Obsidian...........Dad............if only you were all here to see this, me finally happy and healthy, you could’ve kept going, but...........you did it anyway.”, he whispers looking down in memories, we hear him and become curious as we see a few blue tears.

“Sans, do you have anything today?”, I ask, the skeleton looking up at me.

No kid, why?”, he asks.

“Lightmare and I want to get to know you better, especially since we heard that, and we would like to discuss it.”, I explain, whispering the last bit.

Hmm..............heh, okay kid I’ll bite. But Frisk, the demon, and Stellar Nova come too, they’ll ask questions if we don’t.”, he accepts, walking over to the kitchen as Twilight walks in.

“You really do have a wonderful voice Lightmare.”, she praises.

“Hehe, thanks!”, she says, blushing.

We all eat breakfast as Chara, Stellar Nova and her mom, and Frisk get up.

YAWN!! So, how much damage did I do?”, Chara asks.

“Surprisingly not much, since Undyne and I creamed you with that song of mine. Best you did was damage to some Lunar Guards that helped us out, but I eventually got you down with my magic and flight speed.”, Lightmare explains as they sit down.

My sisters just lucky Discord gave Asriel that drive, or he would’ve forced to use more desperate measures.”, Frisk explains, The Pegasus tilting her head in confusion.

“Who’s Discord?”.

Discord is the God of Chaos and Disharmony, a Draconequess who can literally break reality. So far, his only weaknesses are other 4th and 5th dimensional beings of immense power, and the Elements of Harmony.”, Gaster explains as he eats.

“Well even then, she wouldn’t have attacked if Spell Nexus and Blueblood just believed in Celestia’s judgement.”, says Lightmare.

Kid, in every multiverse she’s either a kind and benelovent ruler with a prankster side, a ruler who is judgemental of new things, but eventually warms up and trusts them, or is a secret tyrant who blames Displaced for incidents like Nightmare Moons’ creation in order to cover her tracks in more political fronts. Personally, I hope this world is the first, rather than a delayed version of the latter.”, Sans explains, even the ponies being shocked.

“I can’t believe that, I hope it’s the first one too, Monsters most likely won’t be able to handle another war like that.”, I fearfully hope, super-speeding off to my room in sadness.

“J-J.A.R.V.I.S, are there any furry samples, I feel like I just..........need some release from that, I need to let out an animal side.”, I ask, the watch on my left hoof beeping as I magically lock the door, right when Lightmare knocks.

There are several sets from different multiverses sir. Would you prefer something from fandom, or TwoKinds sir?”, he asks.

“Could you let me in Asriel, I just want to talk.”, Lightmare asks outside, but I don’t listen to her and create a teleportation window.

“We’ll try the regular animal, but let the animal instincts just overtake and control me and my thoughts, and do a voice coded Life-Form Lock until the day is out, I............want the feelings and instincts to drive me, to give me the thrill of an animal, to be free of complex thoughts in control of my body, to only see things like them, and only watch as I live like them unless needed, to live like a predator, to live free of restrictions, of remorse, only for the hunt, to live..............like a fox!!!”, I shout as the watch pops up and Lightmare breaks down the door thanks to help from Mom and Undyne along with Frisk, Maria, Sans, Dad, and Stellar Nova behind them.

“Asriel no!”, Lightmare shouts, trying to stop me, but it was too late, when she got close, I slam down on the watch and disappear in a flash of white light, leaving behind my green sweater.

(Lightmare’s POV)
“A-As-Asriel, where are you?”, I ask fearfully, when we all hear a squeak from the sweater as it sinks, showing something inside.

“I recognize that kind of squeak, I make that when I get scared.”, Maria explains, slowly walking up to the bed.

“Please don’t tell me.......”, I ask as I creep up, and a white fox head pops out from inside, blank blue eyes, as if nothing’s watching.

“Uh........”, I say, the small fox struggling to get out, eventually popping out of the jacket.

“Azzy, are you there?”, Stellar asks, the fox looks at her for one second before moving into the blankets.

Groan. J.A.R.V.I.S, what did the kid request?”, Sans asks, the fox popping out at the deep voice.

He merely needed some venting, so I grabbed some fox DNA from Maria’s Mobian component’s, then he had me put him into Life-Form Lock sir. Don’t bother trying Gaster, he keyed it to his voiceprint, he’s like this until tomorrow.”, the A.I. explains.

“So he’s stuck like this........this is your fault Sans, your the one who got him down in the dumps!”, I shout, flaring my wings and Asriel whimpering, covering his ears.

Hey, your the one who brought up Celestia! You’re the one who Rage Shifted into a Changeling/Nightmare Moon hybrid. You, Traveler, are the reason I died!!!!”, he screams, before realizing what he said.

“What........how do you know about that bug thing, and.........what do you mean, i’m the reason you died, your alive, speaking to me right now. Also, what’s the Traveler?”, I ask, confused along with everyone else.

You all promised me you wouldn’t mention that tidbit from last night’s events.”, says Gaster, the pony walking up to Sans, “I am however curious by what you mean by that...........unless you lied again, and that theory is true.”.

Sigh, go grab the fox and we’ll head out, i’ll tell you all when we get back.”, Sans explains, snapping his fingers when we hear him scream, “Okay, you are explaining right now what you kids put in that pie!”.

That was us Sans, the pie was another recipe!”, Frisk shouts, as Gaster gains a surprised look.

So, we’re about to meet new people today.”, he says as he walks out of the room.

“Could you children care to tell me what you meant by that?”, Toriel asks.

After Lightmare brought up Celestia, Sans told us the three usual categories Celestia usually is in the Multiverse............looks like the third hurt Azzy enough to do this.”, Frisk explains, looking over at him, biting at a pillow, “Okay Azzy, no need for that. If your hungry, Let’s go downstairs.”, she says to the small fox, picking it up in her arms. He squirms at first, but then he just accepts her embrace and tucks into her sweater pocket.

“Heh, guess he even likes you as an animal.”, Toriel guesses as we walk out and downstairs, finding some blue bugs chewing on furniture, Gaster trying to get rid of them.

Please don’t tell me...........”, Frisk asks, before seeing a large swarm outside, “It’s Swarm of the Century, and these are Parasprite’s!”, she shouts, running to the closet.

“What are Parasprite’s dear?”, Toriel asks as she pulls a broom out.

“They’re a breed of insects that eat everything, and self-replicate constantly, ahh ah aha ah ahhhh!”, I shout before vocalizing and blasting them out the open door with a blast of wind.

Where’s Pinkie, she knows the exact instruments that lure these things!”, Frisk shouts, waving a broom around when they eat it too, “Twilight must’ve done her spell while we were in the room, normally they just eat food!!”.

Well we’ll have to keep them busy until she gets all the instruments, the princess is coming here today!”, Sans shouts, when we turn we see a white pony in a blue jacket, black eye-sockets ablaze with blue and black eyes.

“You still owe us an explanation!”, I shout, kicking a sphere outside, then running out.

That vocal magic of yours is really unique. Still wish it wasn’t only Siren’s who can use it!”, he yells, blasting them with a pair of Gaster Blasters.

“I might just use it if things get out of hand!”, I shout, right when I see a couple fillies being surrounded by the things.

“That’s it!!!!!”, I shout, before scraping the ground with my hooves and creating green fire, changing into a bug pony. “Let’sss ssee how tough thessse thingsss are againssssst three of me, Welcoming them To The Show!!!!!!!”.

I light my horn with a green hue and duplicate myself threefold, then change back before starting to vocalize.

Ahh, ah-ah, ahh
Ah, ah-ah, ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah
Ah, ah-ah, ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah
Ahh, ah-ah, ah, ah-ah
Ah-ha, ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah
(Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah!!!!!!)”, we vocalize, turning to the swarm and the others.

Welcome to the show......(Ah-ah-ah-ah, ah)”, I start to sing, Frisk, Sans, and Gaster recognizing it,

We’re here to let you know........(Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah)”, I sing as we see a storm forming in the air.

Our time is now..........(Ah-ah-ah-ah, ah!!!!!)
Your time is running out............(Ah, ah, ah)”, all three of us sing, the storm getting worse.

Ah-ha, ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah
Ah-ha, ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah
Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah!!!!!!!!!!”, I vocalize with my copies, the storm starting to shoot lightning at the swarm.

Feel the wave of sound
As it crashes down
You can’t turn away
We’ll make you wanna sta-a-a-ay!!!!!!!”. I start with a flash of light, all three of us being surrounded by domes as the storm turns into a tornado.

We will be adored
Tell us that you want us
We won’t be ignored
It’s time for our reward
Now you need us
Come and heed us
Nothing can stop us now!!!!!!!”, we finish as all of them get blown into the Everfree.

The fillies walk up to us in their surprise.

“Wow.........who are you?”, Apple Bloom asks.

“A friend of Asriel’s. My name is Lightmare, nice to meet you fillies.”, I answer, tipping my black stetson.

“Wait a darn minute......that’s ma dads old stetson!”, she shout as she yanks it off my head, “how do ya have it, when its been locked in their room all these years!?”.

“I don’t know how your parents died, but........”, I explain, grabbing it from the Apple and putting it on, “i’m like Asriel, from another world. You and Applejack told me that.............your father would’ve liked it to be worn by a friend, and protector of friends and family...............who deserved it.”, I explain, holding it in front of me, “in my world, this and your mothers necklace was all they found on them when your family found their dead bodies, killed by wolves in the cold winter.”, I explain, the filly tearing up when a pink one with a tiara walks up.

“Yeah right, you and your monster friends are liars, daddy told me about last night. you probably just stole that stetson!”, she exclaims, Sans and Gaster walking up in everyone’s shock.

Diamond Tiara, I would choose my next words Very carefully if I was you.”, Gaster warns the filly.

“Gaster is right. In fact, I purchase fabric from your father every so often, so be careful of your assumptions.”, Toriel says.

Besides, after I saw the hat I checked with the Apple family, they told me it’s still in their room.”, Sans explains, the filly frowning as Apple Bloom hugs me, “not to mention I have a theory about their deaths, just need to see.”.

And as for last night, Blueblood and Spell Nexus thought Asriel was Discord, and attacked him. Chara here thought he was dead, so she wanted revenge.”, Frisk explains, right when we hear an explosion from the market, seeing a large amount of Parasprite’s flying away.

“Twilight was over by the market!”, I shout, flying over as everyone runs towards the explosion.

We’re entering the market square when we see Rainbow get flung past us, when we look over to where she was we see two jacketed men, three multi-colored women with gem-like weapons, a sunburned man, a hooded man with a gem scythe, what looks like Nyx, and a blue alicorn with an Omnitrix and two lightsabers.

(this is the hooded one with the scythe)

Well well well, DJ is finally here.”, Gaster says, the red one shooting her gauntlets at us.

“DUCK!!!!!!”, I shout, everyone ducking right when the gauntlets hit us, me being mad and walking towards them.

It is returning through the dark.
Doctor, you have met your mark!
Your song is ending, so don’t cry.......
when you hear him knock four times!!!!”, I sing, the cloaked men surprised I know this song, right when a symbol surrounds me with fire, changing me into the bug.

You’re going to regenerate,
Some new man saunters away!
No time for games, tonight we fight!
For the fate of all mankind!!!
I COULD DO SO MUCH MORE!!!”, I shout before being surrounded in a green and orange ball of energy, unknowingly emerging as the Changeling/Nightmare Moon hybrid.

The Time Lords Returning,
the Earth will be Burning!!!!!
The last white point star
is a trap for the Master.
The Doctor is Dying.
The Doctor is Dying.
The Doctor is Dying.
The Doctor is Dying!!!!!!!”, I sing before screaming, firing a magic bolt at them, right when the hooded man pulls out a black shield, and the two cloaked men pull out futuristic devices, completely deflecting the bolt, when one man surprisingly starts to sing.

I don’t want to GO!!!!!!!
I don’t want to GO!!!!!!!”.

I get angrier at this.

Wilfred will be by your side,
You will always save his life!!!!!
Hold on now, not long to wait,
Till they bring back Gallifrey.
I WILL SING YOU TO YOUR SLEEP!!!!!!”, I sing more, a one way forcefield forming in front of us when the white woman fires a bolt from her spear.

The Time Lords Returning,
the Earth will be Burning!!!!!
The last white point star
is a trap for the Master.
The Doctor is Dying.
The Doctor is Dying.
The Doctor is Dying.
The Doctor is Dying!!!!!!!”, I say when the small purple one rolls up into a ball.

I don’t want to GO!!
I don’t want to GO!!!!!!!”, the man shouts, the soundwaves increasing the energy building up around the ball, right when she hits the forcefield, exploding it into glass.

ENOUGH!!!!!”, Sans shouts, grabbing everyone in telekinesis, when he notices his pocket is glowing. He looks down and laughs, “I guess Mom can finally sense her old friends........and her son again.”, He guesses to our confusion, when he pulls a pink gem from his left pocket, and places it into his left eye-socket, “Heh.......Hello Mom, it’s been.......what, 35,000 years since I could feel your love.............and saw our family.”.

He puts everyone down and walks over to the second group.

Hello Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Obsidian.........Greg, it’s been a long time.”, He says as he looks to the 5, everyone confused that he knows their names.

“How can a walking corpse know who we are, and where did you get Steven’s gem?!”, Garnet asks.

Well Garnet......”, Sans explains, levitating a nearby ukelele to him, “Perhaps this will clear things up.”, he says, when he starts to test out a tune that surprises both the five of them, and Frisk, Gaster, Chara, and Stellar Nova.

Forgive my voice when I sing this, never was the same after the incident............all those years ago.”, he explains before full out playing, actually smiling.

If you’re evil, and you’re on the rise,
you can count on the four of us taking you down.
‘Cause we’re good and evil never beats us,
We’ll win the fight and then go out for pizzas!
We, are the Crystal Gems,
We’ll always save the day!
And if you think we can’t,
We’ll always find a way!
That’s why the people of, this, world, believe in,
Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl...........”, he sings, before leaving a gap for realization.

“And......And Steven!”, Amethyst says, everyone but us ponies gasping, when Pearl walks up.

If you could only know, what we really are.
When we arrived on Earth, from out beyond your star.
We were amazed to find, your beauty and your worth.
And we will protect your kind,
And we will protect your Earth,
And we will protect your Earth,
And we will protect you!!!!!”, she sings, all three of them and Greg walking to them.

(P for Pearl, G for Garnet, A for Amethyst, and S for Sans)

(G)I will fight for the place where I’m free!
To live together and exist as me!(summoning her gauntlets)
(P)I will fight in the name of Rose Quartz!
And everything that she believed in!(summoning her spear)
(A)I will fight for the world I was made in!
The Earth is everything I’ve ever known!(summoning her whip)
(S)I will fight to be everything that everybody wants me to be when I’m grown!”, they sing, everyone still shocked when Sans summons a pink shield.

The odds are against us, this won’t be easy,
but we’re not going to do it alone!”, they finish, facing each other, then starting to cry.

“St-Steven!?”, the man named Greg asks.

Hello Dad........for you it was probably days, but for me its been millenium’s........and it still is great to see you after all this time.....”, Sans says, his right eye tearing up.

“That......that really is you, isn’t it Steven?”, Garnet asks, tears trailing from her visor.

Yes, it’s me Garnet. It’s......Great to see you all again.”, he says to our confusion as he cries, when they all rush and give him a hug.

“Could someone please tell us ponies what in Equestria’s going on here!?”, Rainbow asks as she recovers from the blow, the six walking towards us.

“We are as confused as you ponies, even when we were introduced to them.”, the brown jacketed man says with a British accent, offering a hand, “We’re friends of Obsidian’s, i’m the Doctor, and this is Jack Harkness.”.

Yet another favorite show of Undyne and mines come to life!!!!!”, Frisk squeals, galloping to them, “I’m Frisk Dreemurr, It’s a pleasure to meet the Doctor in person!”.

“Great, another fangirl!”, the blue pony shouts as he walks to them, “I’m DJ, and this is Nyx. Now, may I ask why your Twilight has a Nyx too?”.

That’s the Multiverse for you, some characters can exist in multiple worlds, while some can only exist in one. W.D. Gaster.”, he says, offering a hoof.

“Pleasure.”, he says, shaking it then turning to me, “And who might you be?”.

“I am Lightmare, protector of Equestria.”, I say before tilting my stetson in introduction.

“Nice to meet you.......wait a minute, I recognize that stetson, it’s the hat of Applejack’s father!”, he shouts, the pony and her sister looking at us.

“You know who he is? In our worlds he’s dead.”, I ask.

“Lightmare, your worlds must be where the fan theories are true, because in mine their still alive, just traveling abroad!!!!!”, he shouts, the two sister galloping over.

“Our parents are still alive in yall’s world!?”, Applejack shouts.

“Forget the two’s parents, you all have some explaining. How is the Void open to safe passage, travel between parallel worlds is impossible!”, the Doctor shouts, pulling out a pair of red and blue glasses from his jacket and putting them on, “strange, you all say you’re from different universes, yet your clear of Void stuff, it’s the...........Neutrino’s, the background radiation of the Void, everyone picks them up when you hop between worlds.”.

“We were all sucked here through strange portals, not even the Author, and Wingdings here know what they are.”, Chara explains, turning to her.

“Well they might not have them, but you do. How did you get here........wherever here is per say?”, he asks.

“Asriel brought her here from our world after restoring her SOUL, through Sans’ ‘Shortcuts’. I’m Toriel, Frisk and Chara’s adopted mother.”, she says, offering a paw.

“The Doctor, a Time Lord from Gallifrey.”, he says, shaking her paw with a hand, “Well Toriel, your daughter must’ve picked them up since it wasn’t these portals that brought her here, it was the skeletons ‘Shortcuts’. Now, who is this Asriel you mentioned, Frisk told me about him when she talked to me about my presence in your world............Still find it interesting my endeavors are on the telly, and world known.”.

“He’s mine and Asgore’s son. We’ll explain everything when we finish up at the house, you can’t properly speak to him at the moment.”, she explains when we see Frisk chasing a white fox around, “And there goes Asriel. Hey Sans, can you catch Asriel, he got out of Frisk’s pocket!”.

No prob Tori!”, he shouts, the gem in his eye illuminating and picking up the fox.

“May I ask why you said that fox is your son?”, the Doctor asks.

The child owns an Omnitrix. Sans here got him scared enough that he wanted that animal mind as a release from stress and sadness.”, Gaster explains as the Time Lord pulls out a device and approaches the floating fox.

“I always wondered if a Sonic Screwdriver could hack into an Omnitrix, never had the chance though.”, he explains, touching the top to the symbol on Asriel’s chest, and turns it on, flashing and blue, “Come on, Come on.............OOOOwWWW!”, he shouts jumping back from a electric shock, “that is some major firewall and Deadlock seals, it even hacked into the Sonic and short circuited the thing!”.

“Well Gaster did code that thing with a J.A.R.V.I.S A.I, so it makes sense that thing would have major software, it even packs the evolutionary feature!”, I explain as I walk up to him, “have you tried substituting the binary code with Gallifreyan mainframe codes, or changed the codes to self-consuming ones?”.

“I did, and it still wouldn’t work..........wow, your brilliant, and I don’t say that often.”, he says before noticing my idea.

“Hehe, thanks, I was a student under Celestia before........an incident, so I know advanced calculus. Too bad electronics aren’t very advanced.”, I say, before backing up in surprise to this knowledge, “H-How.....how is this possible, I wouldn’t know this kind of heavy duty time period knowledge as just a student.”.

Looks like interaction with the current Traveler unlocked that little knowledge collection ability of yours.”, Gaster explains.


“Sorry about that, I’m Pearl. This is Garnet, Amethyst, Obsidian, and Greg Universe, Steven’s father.”, Pearl explains, gesturing to each person in turn, “we’re.......”.

Don’t worry Pearl, I know about Homeworld and the Diamonds.”, Sans dismisses her caution.

“Right. Anyway, we’re called Gems, sentient geo life-forms from another planet that are created on others. Rose Quartz and I led a rebellion against Homeworld when they tried to colonize an early Earth........which would’ve lead to the eventual extinction of life. We don’t age you see, so after we got them off Earth we lived through history, eventually taking home in Beach City, when.......Rose, fell in love with Greg and had Steven, having to give up her physical form and gem to bring him into the world...........we lived together happily, protected Beach City from Gem threats, bubbled Corrupted Gems, Steven even made friends with a girl named Connie. We met Obsidian after Homeworld Gems came back, we even got help from a lion that had some connection to Rose.............everything was perfect until his 12th birthday.........”, she explains before tearing up again.

Apparently the kid had gotten cancer during Rose’s pregnancy due to the compounds rose quartz’s are made of. The kid.........man, even for a Cluster Gem its hard to talk about, even when I avoided it.”, Obsidian explains, snapping his fingers and conjuring a chair, “Steven had to go through multiple chemotherapy sessions, and even then the chances of him living were very low. The three gems here couldn’t accept something so tragic and living after it, so they shattered their gems and things kept going on..............that is, until a few days ago, when I came with Greg to see the kid, and found he had disappeared overnight!”.

In which I somehow got brought to Papy’s and Wingdings’ world, and you know the rest of my side. Although, how are you four still alive then, if you shattered yourselves?”, Sans asks.

“Obsidian completely repaired our gems.........then we started looking for you, and eventually we got sucked into a portal.”, Amethyst explains, eating an apple from the stand, “man you ponies do good produce!”.

“I’ll never understand how you like food Amethyst, I find the sensation weird.”, Pearl says, shivering.

“It makes more sense now, but what did you Sans mean by four of you, there’s three of you gems that got shattered.”, Toriel notices.

Gems’ bodies are made of hard light, so we’re capable of fusing into one being, created from the sum of our gems, powers, weapons, and personalities. Garnet over here is a fusion of Ruby and Sapphire, two Homeworld defects that love each other so much that they want to stay fused forever.”, Obsidian explains.

“Stronger than you, best Steven Universe fight song ever. I saw they even made some Undertale parodies!”, Stellar Nova shouts happily.

“And who is this little filly?”, the Doctor asks right when we hear a bunch of instruments.

That can wait Doctor, looks like Pinkie has started playing!”, Frisk exclaims, galloping towards the music.

“And might I ask who Pinkie is dear Toriel?”, he asks as we walk that way.

“Best way to describe her is to see her.........Pinkie is certainly unique.”, she explains.

“You got that right, only Pixel and I were able to learn Pinkie Physics from her, and only cause we’re already pretty goofy.”, DJ explains to our shock.

“Oh ho ho, you just made a big mistake, I know how quick she is, so I challenge you to a race!”, I exclaim, flaring my wings.

“Oh it is on Lightmare, meep meep!”, he exclaims before zooming off, and I take flight.

“Let’s see what good your 4th wall breaking is against this!!!!”, I shout before zooming into a dive, when I see a purple blur around my hooves. I eventually speed up to a level beyond Rainbow Dash and break the barrier, causing a purple and black shroud to cover the sky in my incredible speed.

“D.........J!!!!!!!!”, I shout, the pony looking up and stopping in shock at my flight speed.

“What the buck!?”, he screams right when I crash into him.

“Next time, don’t mess with a pegasus, we can have some major flight speed.......Ugh, and that was just a Sonic Darkboom, that wasn’t even my top speed.”, I explain before holding my head, “doesn’t make for good maneuverability though.”.

“At least you haven’t had to outrun a Twilight in heat, her being heartbroken from a misunderstanding convinced me to commit suicide!”, he shouts as we see the pink pony, multiple instruments on her as she leads the swarm away like a parade.

Leave it to Pinkie Pie to either blow your mind, throw the best party ever, or break the 4th wall.”, Sans says as everyone catches up.

Well at least we can keep ourselves contained, Pinkie just breaks it out of nowhere.”, we hear a deep British voice say, we turn and see a Draconequus, floating in the air to our shock.

“Discord!?”, Toriel shouts, the god looking at us.

So your version of me was right, Undertale meets My Little Pony.”, he says, everyone save DJ becoming confused.

“Discord my chaotic friend, is that you we’re talking to?!”, he shouts, the draconequus looking at him.

So this is where you went, Twilight and your sister Pixel have been biting my head off..............still can’t believe Pixel Berry believed Bill’s lies about our Celestia, she’s the good category!”, he shouts, floating down in our confusion and shock, “Forgive my manners, I’m his version of Discord. We’re all from season 4, and DJ and I are good friends..........still glad, finally more people who are as chaotic as me!”.

Our version of you is still in stone. The Discord you know is a sentient sample from the Traveler’s Omnitrix.”, Gaster explains to Discord’s disappointment.

Well where is the kid, your letting me Displace my friend’s family here. Twilight enchanted my tooth as a telepathic communicator and she’s been biting my head off!”, he says before snapping his talons, the fox appearing in front of him, “you told Asriel about the Celestia Categories, didn’t you Sans.......sorry, Steven?”.

Lightmare here is the reason why I brought those up..........Sigh, Omnitrix, Displace Pixel Berry, the Mane Six, Scootaloo, Celestia, Luna, and Malice of Equestria 46’/, and Connie, Peridot, and Lapis Lazuli of Beach City 25I’:!”, He shouts, the watch beeping before we see multiple portals open up near the Everfree, when we see the eleven ponies and a several humanoids, unconscious on the ground.

“Twilight!/Connie!”, DJ and Sans shout, everyone running to the ponies over there, the Doctor pushing the two out of the way.

“Out of the way DJ, Sans, I need a scan.”, the Doctor explains, walking up and flashing them with the Sonic Screwdriver, popping it up, “complete cerebral shutdown, their basically in a lucid coma, its like...............!”.

like their minds have been shut down for an invasion.”, Sans says, pulling a journal marked with a gold, six fingered hand out of his pocket, “good thing the kid enchanted the library to add books when new Multiverses are introduced.......Discord, could you set up?”.

Consider it done, I want to talk with the meat Dorito!”, he shouts, snapping his paw, creating lit candles and pictures of the ponies, crossed out with red marker.

Lightmare, you need to recite this with me, hold my hand and chant this with me.”, he explains before turning the journal to a certain page. I nod and give a hoof to hold, and the words appear in my head.

Triangulum, entangulum. Meteforis dominus ventium. Meteforis venetisarium!!!!!!!!”, we shout as we curl up in pain, the others try to run to us when they’re stopped by Discord and Gaster.

They’re alright, your about to see what they’re doing!”, Gaster yells as we fall on our knees and the wind picks up, right when our eyes glow completely blue.

Egassem sdrawkcab. Egassem sdrawkcab. Egassem sdrawkcab! Egassem sdrawkcab! Egassem sdrawkcab!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, we shout in unison as the sky and world turns black and white, time literally stopping except for us, Discord, Pinkie, and the Doctor.

We’re standing there when we see a triangle form in the sky from yellow fire, as an eye appears and we hear demonic laughter, then we see a yellow triangle with one slitted eye, limbs, and wearing a top hat and bow-tie form.

(Laughs), well well well well well well well well well well. Oh ho ho, Equestria, it has been a long time since i’ve been summoned here, and it is good to be back!! Names Bill Cipher! What are you supposed to be, a child’s toy and a halloween decoration? (hehe!), I’m just kidding, I know who you two are. Steven Quartz Universe/Comic Sans, and Lightmare/Mirror Image/the Traveler, I tip my hat to you two!”, he says as his triangle lights up with his words, right when he tips his hat and changes gravity, before putting it upright again.

We know about you Bill, your the reason Pixel Berry hates Celestia, and why our Discord has access to Weirdmageddon!”, Sans shouts, the triangle scoffing.

All I did was tell her Celestia was the reason she was brought to Equestria in the first place, she’s human, just like DJ.”, he explains, summoning a glowing cane, “And as for your Discord, I can’t believe he has access to my abilities, he was chaotic enough.”.

One can never have too much chaos................Well well well Bill, It’s been a while...........old pal.”, Discord says, smiling, the triangle looking at him.

Discord is that you, you old draconequus you!?”, he asks, floating to him.

Oh it’s me Bill, but looks like you broke your promise of not interfering with the Mane Six.”, Discord says, pointing towards the unconscious ponies.

Now now Dissy, I know when to keep my distance, your one of the only things that can erase me, so I know to keep my end of our deals.”, Bill explains, hovering over to the ponies in question, “I assume you already scanned them Doctor?”.

“I did......wait a minute, how do you know who I am, I don’t always have the same face.”, the man says to my confusion.

Oh, I know lots of things.........LOTS OF THINGS! We all have our secrets of course, I mean, you never told Clara Oswald about Amelia Pond and Rory Williams, but everyone has their own opinions and secrets, it’s just up to them to reveal them..........unless your me of course, who knows everything!”, the demon says as his triangle shows images, floating down to the ponies, “Heh, never thought the Foretold would get into DJ’s version of Equestria, their magical energy is the only reason their still alive.”.

You know about the Foretold?”, Sans asks.

Master of the Mind, Remember? Your just lucky the portals kept that old mummy out, they would’ve started going after Monsters and Mobians.”, Bill explains, putting his hands behind his back, “i’ll enter their mind and let you guys in to wake them up, but you need to do me a favor in return.”.

GROAN! What do you want Bill, Discord to make you a body, a puppet!?!?”, Sans asks, frustrated.

Since you want my help, and you’ll probably want my abilities to protect this Equestria, I simply want two things in return..............a physical form, and some land to liberate.”, he inquires when we hear a certain skeleton speak.

If you hold your end of the deal, we’ll let you ‘liberate’ our old Universe of Undertale.........”, Gaster offers, giving a hand, “And tomorrow Asriel Dreemurr can combine his powers with Discord’s to give you physical form.........as long as you swear to protect the Equestria Multiverse. You’ll get our old apple, in return for protecting these, Deal?”.

Deal!”, the Dream Demon shouts, lighting his hand with blue fire and shaking the scientist’s hand, “Well, time to open up Pixel Berry’s mind and link em up, this should be fun! Remember, Reality is an illusion, the Universe is a hologram, buy gold, BYE!!!!!!”, he shouts, floating up and disappearing, everyone waking up and everyone rushing to us.

“Are you okay dear?!”, Toriel asks, helping me up.

“I’m fine, we struck a deal, now just to wait.........”, I explain, lying down.

“What do you mean, ‘struck a deal’, and what was that?”, Twilight asks.

That was an old summoning chant to summon Bill Cipher. If anyone can let us into their minds, he can.”, Sans explains to everyone’s shock.

But Discord said he’s the reason Pixel hates Celestia!”, Frisk screams.

“She believes Celestia brought her there for some unknown reason, so she ended up apparently making several demon deals, including with changelings.”, DJ explains as a blue portal opens up on a tree, “That would be our queue. Sans, Frisk, Discord, Obsidian, Gaster, Sora, Lightmare, the Doctor and I will go in, everyone be ready to help them out!”.

We run into the portal to reveal a black and white Judgement Hall, A grey pony fighting Bill with a Keyblade.

Would someone help me out, that darn Keyblade is stronger than I thought!”, he shouts, the grey pony hitting the top hat off his head, flipping gravity.

Discord, Lightmare, Sora, DJ, catch the others, everyone else try to grab onto something!”, Sans shouts, levitating himself as we fly and grab everyone.

WHAT ARE YOU..........WAIT A MINUTE, YOUR FROM UNDERTALE, YOUR SANS AND FRISK!!!!!!!!”, the grey pony shouts, shooting fire at us, but I vocalize and block it with a shield, “WHAT ARE DOING, HELPING THIS DEMON!?!?!?!”.

“That demon is Bill Cipher, the Foretold knocked you all out into a coma, and we’re trying to help!!!!”, I shout, the pony confused by me, “and if you look, DJ and Nyx are with us!”, I yell as I point a hoof at the two ponies, the grey pony looking at them in shock.


“Calm down Malice, we brought you all here to this Equestria, so be grateful that she won’t be anymore.”, DJ explains as Bill puts his hat back on, fixing gravity.

It seems that your guys’ presence stabilized the minds and placed there........consciousnesses if you will, into a Mindscape version of the Underground.”, Bill explains, floating down with everyone, “I wouldn’t be surprised if we see echoes of you Monsters, your SOULs leave quite the imprints.”.

Could someone explain to me what the hell is going on!?”, Malice shouts, when we hear a squeak from Frisk’s pocket.

“Looks like Asriel doesn’t like your hard swearing.”, I guess to Malice’s confusion.

Please don’t swear in the company of us children!”, we hear a high pitched voice say, right when the fox pops out, his eyes not as blank as before, “does anyone have any meat?”.

Asriel, is that you talking to us?”, Frisk asks, the little fox nodding.

It’s me Frisk. I told J.A.R.V.I.S to keep the mind-lock going unless I want to, and I want to help!”, the little fox squeaks, hopping out.

(Asriel’s POV)

Could somepony just tell me what’s going on? DJ, who are they, why is there a talking fox and triangle, and where are we?!”, Malice shouts.

I look up at the grey pony and frown.

A complete explanation can wait, for now you’ll get this. The Foretold somehow got in to your Equestria and knocked you all out before the portals brought you guys over, so we enlisted Bill to let us into your minds..............now, if I was Celestia, where would I be?”, I explain before thinking, laying down.

She can wait, right now the first person should be Twilight.”, Malice says.

We’ll probably find the bookworm in the Librarby.”, Sans guesses, lighting his gem and opening a portal to a black and white Snowdin.

We all walk in and I jump in shock.

Can someone pick me up, the snow is freezing!”, I squeak.

Here Asriel.”, Obsidian says, picking me up.

Thanks............hey, how do you know my name?”, I ask, the Gem sighing.

Lightmare isn’t the only person from another universe kid..................you see, i’m not like the other gems, I was created as an experiment, an early prototype of the Cluster.”, he explains, Lightmare, the Doctor and I confused by this.

“What’s the Cluster?”, Lightmare asks as we walk towards the town.

When Homeworld decided Earth was no longer a suitable colony, they decided to use it as an experiment for something else, a Gem geo-weapon...........they buried the shards of shattered Gems from the Rebellion, forcing them to fuse!”, he yells, stopping and showing his back, revealing gem shards forming a black diamond shape, everyone shocked.

I’m just one of the many early prototypes............and there’s no helping them, they’re too broken. The beings inside the shards are so shattered, they don’t remember who they are, or have any idea of what’s happening around them. They just............seek out other gems, looking for the missing pieces of themselves, trying to make themselves whole. That includes getting aggressive towards other............complete Gems.”, he says, sitting down near Grillby’s.

And here’s the big rub, the prototypes were normally just made of two or three shards, I was made of 6 different Obsidian shards..........the Cluster is made of millions of them, buried deep in the Earth’s crust. If that creation had taken form, and Steven here hadn’t helped it bubble itself...........well, it’s called a Geo-Weapon for a reason, it’s capable of destroying worlds.”, he explains.

“If the.......Cluster Gems, have no self-awareness and attack other Gems, then how are you able to think, and assume a human form? Also, how could you summon his shield?”, the Doctor asks.

He’s the result of Homeworld finding out about me.”, Sans says out of nowhere, we look at him, “I’m........was, half Human, so I had physical matter rather than a hard-light body.”.

After they were captured by Peridot and Jasper, Peridot collected some of his half human blood. And when she went to the Kindergarten where our Gem pods were...........she injected me with it.”, Obsidian explains, standing up, “the Human physicality of his DNA acted as a..........a crutch, it stabilized my gem shards..............but it also erased their broken minds, leaving me as a blank slate.............”.

But he didn’t forget what he was fighting for. Just like Amethyst, he’s fighting for the world that is all he’s ever known. And Just like Garnet, he fights for the world where he can be free, the world where he can have a family. To answer your question Doctor, that blank slate part left him as a copier, he copies the weapons and powers of other gems, even Garnet’s ability to see possible futures.”, Sans finishes, walking up to the Librarby and opening the door, only to be blasted be a unicorn bolt, knocking him to the ground.

Well, looks like Twi isn’t expecting a TON of people to come in. A Skele-TON!”, the pun-master exclaims, Frisk and I laughing when we hear her.

“Wh-Who are you, what are you!?!”, the pony shouts, trying to blast him again when Obsidian dashes in front of the blast. To our shock, he blocks it with a black version of Sans’ shield.

Do you ever wonder...........if even the worst person can change.............that anyone can be a good person, if they just try?”, Obsidian asks as the pony blasts them again, the two dodging.

Hehehehehehe.”, he chuckles, everyone except the ponies realizing whats going on.

all right. Well, here’s a better question.”, Sans asks, walking up with his head down, before raising it, everyone shocked that he has no pupils, “Do you wanna have a bad time!?”.

cause if you shoot another bolt..............you are REALLY not going to like what happens next.”, Obsidian says, the two dodging as she blasts them with a black and purple bolt.

Welp. sorry, old lady...............this is why i never make promises.”, Sans says, everyone realizing what he’s saying.

it’s a beautiful day outside. birds are singing, flowers are blooming...........on days like these, kids like you...............S h o u l d b e b u r n i n g i n h e l l!”.
(End Flashback)

it’s a beautiful day outside. birds are singing, flowers are blooming...........on days like these, kids like you...........”, they say in unison.

Sans Obsidian please don’t fight them!”, Frisk shouts to everyone’s shock.

Frisk is right. Twilight, we’re with DJ and Malice!”, I shout, the alicorn looking over at us, seeing the three ponies.

GASP! There you two are!”, she shouts, galloping up and hugging.

Now that we have you, we have two Gems to rescue, Princess Twilight Sparkle.”, Sans says, the mare just nodding in defeat as Bill Cipher appears.

Your in luck Wingdings, I found the Gems and Connie in Blooky’s house!”, he shouts.

well i’m not taking the normal route, too long. thing is..............”, Sans says before falling onto his skeletal knees, “wingdings, i need some help here.”.

“What’s wrong with him?”, Twilight asks as the other skeleton runs to him.

Sans can only take one hit, and you blasted him!”, Frisk shouts, Twilight looking shocked as Gaster runs towards them.

the.......kid is right.........the more you want to hurt Monsters...........the easier it us to make............us stop living!”, he shouts, collapsing on the ground, “i never even...........saw Connie again.”.

No.............No.................No No No No No!”, I shout, tapping the watch and changing back, “No one will die today, especially you, not after you just met your family after 35 millenium!”.

I dash towards them and kneel, distorting into the God of Hyperdeath, “Obsidian, Lightmare, i’m gonna need your help with this!”, I shout, the two being confused.

“What do you mean?”, she asks, right when Sans’ left hand turns to dust.

Gaster told us you were a previous incarnation of the Traveler, and I can guess Obsidian is too, so help me!”, I shout, both showing shock, then running to me.

Obsidian, if you know gem healing magic, use it. Lightmare, you vocalize!”, I shout, putting my hands on the wounds, paws glowing as the Lightmare vocalizes, and as Obsidian places a hand on the pink Gem, hand glowing.
(the video should be at 1:00)

don’t bother.........i gave up a long time ago.........”, he says, right leg fading into dust, “ask Frisk, any.........action i do.............is just taken away..........”.

“What do you mean?”, asks the Doctor, walking up and kneeling.

My......My Determination. In our world, Human SOULs are made of it, the will to live on, to continue............”, Frisk explains, crying.

The person with the highest Determination could turn back time, or LOAD, to a point they SAVEd to, only Frisk could do it, until we came here...............”, Gaster explains, kneeling near his ‘son’.

imagine if you had to kill a person............who had just committed Genocide of an entire species..........and killed everyone that you love....................what would you do if you actually succeeded..............only for them to come back seconds later.................and you remembered their death?!”, Sans shouts, sobbing, then gasping as the Doctor places a hand on their shoulder.

“I’m called a Time Lord for a reason. My species invented a space capsule called the TARDIS, and it was capable of traveling anywhere........even through time itself. They mostly just watched, never interfering with other beings squabbles, until there was the Time War, us versus the Daleks.........and I had to end it. I’m known by many names, The Oncoming Storm, The Predator, The Time Lord Victorious, The Warrior, The Hero, The Man who keeps Running, The Man who stops the Monsters...............and in the face of danger, in the past or future................i’m nothing.”, he says, sitting down in the snow, “Imagine..........I don’t know, you were in Pompeii, or on the day of someone’s death..............and you knew it was coming. And you try to save them but in doing so you make it happen. Anything I do............just makes it happen. Pompeii, I ended up causing the eruption. 2059, the Bowie Base One on Mars, the glacier they got their water from contained a viral species called the Flood.”.

(restart music if it stops)

“One drop. That’s all it took to infect a human being and change them into a water-creating zombie. Captain Adelaide Brooke, the commander of the base was originally supposed to detonate a nuclear device in the central dome and save Earth.........inspiring her descendants to take humanity to the stars..............but I saved them.”, he explains, pulling out a key, “her plus two other people, I brought to Earth..........but she saw what I couldn’t, that I went too far. Her death was a fixed point in time, a........moment that MUST happen, everything else is in flux, anything can change with the lightest push, but those small moments, like some peoples deaths, they HAVE to stand, no matter what..................after she argued with me, we went our separate ways, and she committed suicide in her living room...................I forced her to keep the timeline intact, albeit with the other two survivors telling her story, and her daughter being inspired by her sacrifice and bravery, and her duty in saving planet Earth instead.............I caused her death to happen...........I always cause it to happen.”.

i’ve had to watch Papy get killed many times thanks to Chara................after Flowey’s many RESETs, and genocides.............i just gave up on trying to get back to the Crystal Gems..............then mom’s gem dies, and we were given Frisk...........only to come here, and have to fight for a whole world..............i could never do so much, i’m just one kid, who was forced to become the older sibling.”, Sans says, limbs starting to regenerate.

“After I stopped the war, by burning both races and their planets............I had no one, I was the only one who lived..................I was alone. I swore to never let another do the same, never carrying a gun, never fighting, or killing unless they didn’t let me have even that, I was completely alone, filled with rage and guilt from it.....................until I met Rose. I always have companions, people i’ve saved............and man it was great. flying through time and space, seeing so much, saving people, only to go back to the TARDIS, opening it’s doors with just the SNAP! snap of my fingers.”, he says, snapping for emphasis, “bigger on the inside, Sonic Screwdriver that could do many things, wondrous companions.............The Doctor and the TARDIS..................NEXT STOP, EVERYWHERE!”, he finishes before falling back in pain, “Huh, I guess my body let me keep going until I met you all, including the Traveler AAAAGGGGHH!.”.

W-What’s going on!?”, I ask fearfully.

“Before Jack and I came here I saved Wilfred Scott, just like you said Lightmare, by taking several hundred rads of radiation so he would get released from its control station UUUUGH!!!..............I...........I don’t want to go!”, he explains before feeling more pain, Sans completely healed.

Regeneration............its the Time Lords’ way of cheating death, but its like dying, their body and personality completely changes, and they can only do it 12 times!”, Frisk shouts.

That’s when he stands up, and projects yellow and orange energy from his hands and head, shaking the whole ground from the force.

Wait for it!”, Gaster shouts as the energy slowly starts to die down.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!”, the Doctor screams before he fades into a brown pony, with an hourglass cutie mark.

I..........I recognize you, your one of the first ponies I saw when I came here!”, I shout, the pony looking at me as I change back.

“So i’m a pony this time around, that is interesting.........and still not ginger!”, he exclaims, pulling his mane down to see the color, “although, what do you mean you saw a pony who looked exactly like me!?”.

“When Fluttershy and I were walking into Ponyville when I first came here, I saw a pony who looked just like you do, brown, black mane, hourglass cutie mark, you name it!”, I explain as a black portal opens up, sucking air in.

the regeneration energy, combined with the paradox must’ve destabilized the Mindscape!”, Sans shouts, people starting to get sucked in.

“Frisk, Obsidian, Sans, grab onto something. Lightmare, Discord, you help me get them inside buildings!”, I shout to everyone, starting to levitate towards the others when some trees start to hit Sans, Obsidian, Gaster, the Doctor and I.

“Just........a bit longer..........aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, I shout before we get flung into the black emptiness.

We wake up to a crystal room, surrounded by doors.

Of all the Nexus branches that thing could’ve taken us to, it takes us to this!?”, Gaster shouts before Obsidian covers his mouth.

“One, from here on out we stay disguised, don’t need to confuse ponies.”, I explain, changing into the God of Hyperdeath, then creating a black cloak that deepens my voice to adult levels and shrouds my face in smoke, as well as allows shadow-gate creation, “Two, where are we Gaster?”.

It took us to a fanfic AU, it connects the two dimensions of Danny Phantom and Equestria!”, he shouts as we all put up hoods, right when a door opens, showing the Mane Six, Spike, a pink alicorn, a white unicorn stallion with black crystals in his horn, and a human male.

“Who in Equestria are you, how did you get past security!?”, the unicorn shouts, charging the Doctor before Obsidian puts up a shield.

Please, we mean you no harm. I am.....the Traveler, or Asriel.”, I slowly explain, walking up to the three, “I’m sure.........Time Turner and Doctor W.D Gaster know who you all are.”.

Asriel Dreemurr is correct, we know who you are. Our other present company is Sans, and Obsidian.”, explains, gesturing to the two, the ponies slowly starting to back down, “I see that Danny Fenton is presently with us.........sorry, ‘Danny Manson’. Really, you could’ve just used your real surname.”.

The ponies look at the human, “your surname is Fenton, you told everyone it was Manson!”, Twilight shouts.

Please Please, don’t fight...........somehow, I know his story.”, I explain, backing up when the humans information appears in my head, my response confusing them.

Forgive him, the Traveler has innate knowledge of the multiverse, it just stays locked up until it’s needed...............and as why he said that in confusion, he’s just taken the title.”, Gaster explains, pulling down his hood, “forgive my appearance. That being said, this is the Crystal Empire, correct?”.

“Yes, it has recently returned............along with something else.”, the unicorn explains.

Sombra, that fool of a unicorn. whelp shining armor, we’ll help anyway we can, but we have to find a way back.”, Sans explains as we all enter the room.

So, whats the situation?”, I ask, sitting down in a chair.

“The Crystal Empire was originally taken over by an evil unicorn king named Sombra, but my aunts, the princesses, stopped him........but not before he cast a spell on himself and the empire, sealing it away for all this time, even from almost everyone’s memories. If its filled with love and light, those things are reflected across all of Equestria. But if hate and fear take hold..................well, lets just say those black crystals aren’t natural, they’re filled with dark magic.”, the alicorn explains, yawning.

“My wife, Cadance here, has been using her magic to spread love and light, it seems to be what protects the empire. But she hasn’t slept in days, barely eats. I want to help, but my shield spell is useless against him. Even if it had an effect, that villain outside cut off my magic using his crystals. If her magic fails........well, I think you know whats outside, waiting for that.”, Shining Armor explains, putting a hoof on his horn.

Let me see your horn.”, I ask, slowly getting up and approaching him, “I’ve seen Celestia’s light thanks to that power of mine. If I can replicate that light and love..........”.

I pull off a glove and place a paw on the horn, and my eyes light up, my hand slowly burning the crystals away.

“What kind of creature are you, only Celestia can do that!”, Twilight shouts as the unicorn starts to show discomfort, “BBBFF, are you okay?”.

I can sense something within the crystals, something...............spiritual.”, I explain as the final crystals burn away, “Question, did Danny Fenton tell you what Sombra is?”.

“Yes, I explained what he is..............wait a minute, how do you know that?”, the human asks, looking suspicious when the unicorn I’m helping bucks me, sending me into a corner.

what the!?”, Sans exclaims when we see the unicorns eyes are solid red, “spiritual possession. whelp, looks like someone needs a bad time!”.

He summons bones and pins the unicorn down in a bone-cage, “those crystals must act like a wireless receiver, allowing that unicorn ghost outside to control him.”.

Danny Fenton..........I need your help.”, I sigh, walking up as I put my glove back on in their shock, “we know who you are..............it’s time your name is cleared on your world, and is recognized on this one.”.

“You........you know about that!?”, he shouts, backing up.

“Like he said, he knows your story.”, the Doctor explains as he scans the unicorn as he thrashes around, “total control, the crystals are using his horn as a conduit, bending his own magic to control him from the inside-out.”.

You help us with this, and i’ll clear your name, explain what really caused the accident, and bring her back...........that’s right.”, I say, them all being shocked, “my magic can resurrect the SOULs of loved ones from the dead. Intact, safe, even including what they were missing if say, someone doesn’t have guilt.”.

“How do I know I can trust you? Besides, Equestria thinks all of them are evil!”, he shouts.

Sigh, I can’t make you trust me...........the choice is yours. Regardless, i’m not going to let an egotistical unicorn ghost control ponies, so I’m going outside!”, I shout, speeding off towards the exit.

Sans, you and Time Turner stay here, Obsidian and I will give him support............Danny Fenton, son of Maddie and Jack Fenton, friend of Tucker Foley, brother of Jazz Fenton, the choice of helping us is yours but..............eventually they’ll find out, so might as well make sure it’s on your terms, and that you’re doing the right thing.”, Gaster says before teleporting out in a portal of glitches.

We eventually get outside when we see crystalline ponies with solid red eyes attacking the guards, who are starting to fall from their wounds.

They must’ve been exposed to his magic during his rule. Gaster, you turn their SOULs green. Obsidian, try to use your powers to give us cover!”, I shout before running in to help keep the crystal ponies off.

Gaster summons his floating hands and traps them by turning their SOULs green and purple, while Obsidian summons a green staff and bends the crystal ground to his will, creating makeshift barricades and tents.

“Who are you three!?”, a guard shouts as he knocks a pony back.

You may call us the Displaced Heroes. Those of you who can still stand help the others into the tents, Obsidian knows healing magic.”, I explain before running out towards the outside of the city.

I see eventually reach the barrier as everyone catches up to me, “Don’t interfere, i’ve promised to protect those who have pure SOULs.”.

“And what IS a ‘SOUL’?!”, Rainbow shouts as she flies towards me.

It’s an acronym for Symbol Of Undying Love.”, I explain as I show all seven of mine, “in layman’s terms, its basically all that you are, your memories, your sins, your emotions, your magic...............without it you wouldn’t feel anything.”.

Why do you have seven?”, asks Fluttershy.

Monsters have a unique ability that we wouldn’t use, not unless we had no choice...........we can absorb the SOULs of recently departed creatures, increasing our magic and strength exponentially.”, I explain as I grab my locket, “We all have regrets Mane Six. My father’s is his choices out of anger...........THAT, is where I got seven, six are human origin.”.

I walk up to the seven, pulling off my hood, them all being shocked by what they see, “Equestria almost always has it easy..............that doesn’t mean we do.”, I say as I fall to my knees.

Fluttershy walks up to me, “you have friends to help you, don’t worry.”.

Sigh, your right. Danny, everyone else is keeping this contained, will you help me?”, I ask as I slowly get up and walk up to him.

Sigh............fine, i’ll help. But only because I want to protect the........what did you call them, the ‘Mane Six’?”, he asks, I nod.

Thank you. Now, this cloak of mine allows me to create portals, so we’ll use them to jump him,” I explain before putting my hood up and snapping, creating a black oval in the air.

We all walk into it, seeing a black and white tunnel before arriving at a location in the frozen tundra.

Man, BBBUURRRR, even with the cloak and fur it’s cold!” I exclaim as everyone recovers. “Now, where would he be.........

I look around and see the shield, a shadowy mass attacking it along with a pink blob.

There we go, attacking the dome,” I say before snapping my fingers, opening another door. “Twilight, you stay with us. Everyone else............save them using their history!

I summon two blades as the five ponies gallop into the portal, and we all run over to the shadow.

King Sombra of the Crystal Empire!!!!!” I shout, the two masses looking towards me, “what is a king without his castle!?”.

And who are you to challenge me?” he asks with a snarl.

I’m the Traveler, Asriel Dreemurr!!” I shout, the ghost somehow showing recognition and chuckling.

Aaaaaaahhhhh, if it isn’t the prince my partner told me about.” he says as he floats down. “Béte Noire told me a lot about you, how you had a unique SOUL in her world.

Béte Noire................no, that’s impossible!” we hear Gaster shout. We see him teleport near us as the pink blob opens up to show a girl, in a pink and blue sweater.

“Never thought I would see a version of you here. I see your Gaster recognizes Kumu and I!” she shouts as she picks up the blob.

Gaster, who is this, and how does she know who we are!?” I shout when the girl throws a pink knife.

“Let me tell you a story..........The two siblings, both powerful wizards responsible for creating the barrier, had agreed on all during their shared ruling of the kingdom. However, their opinions on monsterkind differed. The soul of Determination wanted to destroy the barrier, while Bravery thought it was a good measure to keep the peace. Confident, Bravery challenged her brother. If he could prove to be more powerful then she, he could destroy the barrier. Bravery’s power was greater, but as the battle continued, she felt an incredible strength within her sibling. His Determination had no limits, leading him to victory. Bravery felt humiliated..........as a consequence of this she lost her trait, and with it...........her magic. She exiled herself, searching for a trait greater then Determination. And alas, she found it. To change the essence of your SOUL............A dangerous and forbidden spell. However, she cared not for the laws of magic. She returned to once more challenge her brother. During their final confirmation, #$%#’s power overcame Determination. This time, instead of growing stronger............Determination lost more and more power as the battle progressed. The kingdom fell into ruin from the destruction of the battle. She came out victorious............but her soul could never adapt to the sudden change. Knowing her time was running short, She sacrificed her own soul to create the most powerful and destructive being imaginable. A creature who’s sole purpose is to ensure that humans and monsters would never live in peace......................” the snake grabs me. “The pink trait. A ‘Béte Noire’, the SOUL of FEAR!!!!!!!!!!

The snake knocks me a few feet away before the girls eyes glow pink, and I see her as a demonic Chara.

Nice try, ‘Béte Noire’, but that won’t work on me!” I shout before running up and trying to slash her with my Chaos Sabers, but she blocks them with another knife.

Never try the same trick twice Betty, our Chara has their SOUL BACK!!!”, Gaster screams, blasting the two with his red hands.

Danny, we could use some help..........especially since you have expertise with ghosts!”, I shout, blasting Kumu with a Chaos Buster.

Sigh, your right, its time Equestria knew what I am.”, he says, taking off his jacket and kneeling, and closing his eyes, “it’s been a long time since I did this................GOING GHOST!!!!!!!!!!!!”.

We see him get surrounded by a white ring, then it splits into two and slowly changes him, eventually turning into a black and silver jumpsuit with a symbol on the chest, and his black hair becoming greyish silver. He opens his eyes to reveal they changed from blue to a glowing green.

He flies up and looks at Sombra, “if you think I’ll show any MERCY for your crimes, your surely mistaken.”.

And who are you to challenge me, a ghost!?”, Sombra shouts, trying to blast Danny, but it only goes through him.

“I am Danny Phantom, protector of Amity Park, and my friends!”, he shouts before inhaling, and we hear a large wail, as he sends green sound waves at the unicorn, knocking him back into the shield.

“Your........your a ghost!?!”, Twilight shouts, backing up.

He’s half-ghost, not all ghosts are evil.”, Gaster explains.

“My parents were ghost-catchers, and they created a portal to the Ghost Zone, a..............a mirror image, of my world, inhabited by all ghosts.”, Danny explains as he fires green beams at Kumu.

The portal wasn’t on when they plugged in the power. So when he went in and accidentally turned it on...........well, you can see what happened.”, Gaster finishes, summoning all his hands, “Still can’t believe Bravery hated us monsters enough to create an abomination!”.

“Oh you would know all about abominations Gaster, considering your assistant made the Amalgamates!”, she says, her eyes flashing again.

Gaster whatever it is, it’s not real!”, I shout, the man nodding before seeing Kumu.

It........it can’t be..........he can’t be in your world!!!!!”, he shouts, blasting the pink creature before it dodges, “he can’t be dead in your universe!!!”.

Gaster tell us, who’s dead!?!”, I ask, Twilight and Danny giving me cover, “who’s dead in their world!?!”.

They...........they killed Sans, and are consuming his SOUL, draining it’s life-force like a parasite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, he screams, collapsing in terror.

They didn’t...............they wouldn’t dare!!!!!!!!!!!”, I think angrily facing them, “You made a big mistake Bette Noire, now even I won’t show you MERCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”.

I throw off my cloak, and in my anger my eyes turn pure black, and the face markings appear, black flames surrounding me.

(hehehehehe!)This is Asriel.
Bound forever.
And it’s better if you relinquish any essence of hope in you, so why run away “friend”?
What part of futile do you not understand!?

You’ll lose more for every time that you die,
Memories just fill the void in our empty lives.
Don’t go, don’t look within.
Please stay, just let me win!!!!!”, I sing before dashing forward and cutting her, the two being shocked that I was so quick.

Go ahead and have faith in your delusions
Your story’s drawing close to a conclusion
It really hurts to hear their screams getting louder
But I’ve known i’ll be nothing but a flower
And you can never end what we are together
We are cursed to stay like this forever.
If you break us apart, we’ll (just) shatter to pieces.
Nothing you can do, so go on RESET!

I am made
P-a-a-a-i-in!!!!!!!!!!”, I keep singing, lightning and rainbow fire igniting all around the three villains as I sing.

I know, you’ve them all behind
In this journey, your time was never wasted
It’s hard to say that this was fated
(It’s hard to think that hope has faded)
Look at what we’ve really created.”, I slash Akumu without batting an eye, all the LV Flowey had from his Genocide runs pouring into me.

This is who we are.
But this isn’t what we need.
(And this is what we need)
And if you think you can stop me,
Then my “friend” your eyes deceive
For I am a monster,
One that’ll never be slain!
So I won’t spare you any mercy
So you can’t ever hurt me again!!!!!!

Go ahead, try and save them since your faithful
Can’t you see the path before you is fatal?!
I know you think I must be something worth sparing
Cause you’re weakness is that you’re too “caring”!!!”, I scream, knocking them all into the dome with a powerful beam.

And I am even more than the two of them,
Everything they care about has been broken.
I am their worries,
I am their hatred,
I am the end of nations!

Full of patience!
(An abomination!)
(Getting anxious!)
(Protector of creation!!!!!!)”, I scream, each word summoning a Keyblade and they eventually spin, firing a beam at the three.

I am made
P-a-a-a-i-in o-o-o-o-of
And it’s stronger than your.
L-o-o-o-o-ve L-o-o-o-o-ve
And we’re stronger than you.
No one else to blame
P-a-a-a-i-in (runs through our veins)
And it’s stronger than you.
P-a-a-a -i-in (Please stay!!!!!!!!!)”, I shout as the beam stops, showing the three, unconscious on the ground as I float down.

you can’t stop what, needs to happen
Don’t try to imagine
A world, that’s kind, we’re weak, not blind
So don’t just ignore the pain
You don’t hold the power
To decide who dies, and who lives, and who fights
Our hope, and love, our stars, and dreams
They’re all we really need!!!!!!!!!!!!”, I finish, snapping my fingers in everyone’s shock, cages forming around them.

It’s a beautiful day inside the empire, birds are singing, flowers are blooming.............on days like these, parasites like you..........”, I say as the three wake up and I prep my hand to snap, “SHOULD BE ROTTING IN HELL!!!!!!!!!”.

I snap my fingers, teleporting the cages into the Frozen North, all except for the alternate Sans’ SOUL.

The deed is done..................this Sans didn’t deserve this, no one does.”, I explain as I change back from exhaustion, grabbing the SOUL in my magic.

“Your........Your a child?”, Twilight asks, I nod.

“A child who has had to deal with a lot of pain..........pain I want to keep my Equestria away from.”, I explain as I grab my cloak and put it on, my form changing to fit it and Danny changing back, “I believe that you have a sister in law in the empire to help, and I have friends to talk to.”.

I walk into the dome along with everyone else as everypony runs towards us.

“There you four are, Gaster just booked it after pinning the crystal ponies.”, Rainbow explains.

So how is the crystal fair going?”, I ask, as we walk towards the castle.

“Ya speaking of which, we mahght have a problem.”, Applejack says, explaining what one of the ponies said.

“I didn’t know it was an actual relic! The book never said anything about the ponies powering a Crystal Heart!”, Twilight shouts.

If you had read the entire book, you would’ve noticed there was a page torn out. As soon as Pinkie handed it to me I saw that, that is why I ‘booked’ it, hehehe.”, Gaster explains, everyone noticing the pun.

Sans would’ve loved that pun if he was here. Books aside, we have to find that heart fast.........UUUUURRGGGHH!.......keeping Betty and Sombra in the Frozen North is taking a toll on my magic.”, I explain, kneeling in pain.

Fluttershy and Gaster rush to me, but I put up a gloved paw, “i’m alright, but we should hurry, we don’t need them getting out.”.

We run inside and notice that Shining Armor is out of his bone-cage, being tended to by the Doctor.

“There you all are. Turns out the crystals are weak to a certain sonic frequency............thing is, it damaged his horn in the process. No way he’s doing magic for a while.”, the Doctor explains when we hear a pony fainting.

“Cadence!”, Shining Armor shouts, galloping up towards them and helping her up, right when I fall on the floor in pain.

Obsidian........Gaster, Danny............Sans, prepare to dunk, they’re loose!!”’ I shout when we hear a roar from outside, “Get Cadence up quick and keep her awake, last thing we need is it going down again. You Mane Six, keep the crystal ponies’ attention on the fair. Twilight, you, Spike, the Doctor and I are looking for that heart!”.

I get up as the others run outside, “Now, where would Sombra most likely have hidden the heart during his rule?”.

“Probably in the castle itself. None of the crystal ponies would’ve bothered looking there, they would’ve been too scared to even try!”, Twilight suggests.

Okay, we’ll look in the throne room itself first, if I was Sombra I would’ve wanted quick access to its defenses.”, I explain before walking towards the main room.

We search every corner of the room but find nothing, “Come on, what could’ve he done to hide it!?”, I ask, frustrated, taking off my hood.

Twilight ponders this before looking down at the floor, and I suddenly see something in my mind, like a flashback, seeing Celestia talk to Twilight as she blasts a crystal with light magic, causing a rainbow.

If the empire is filled with love and light, those things are reflected across all of Equestria. But if hate and fear take hold...........!”, she says before concentrating, then her eyes turn green with purple smoke going off, and the tip of her horn spews out a purple and green flame.

Once it’s done I fall onto the ground in exhaustion, “what was that, I saw you pondering, then I had a vision of you talking to Celestia.”.

“My best guess is your power works both ways, it can see past events of other people from their perspectives.”, the Doctor guesses as Twilight walk up to the throne.

“I know why we’re having no luck, because this isn’t Sombra’s castle!”.

“But isn’t this where he ruled when he was in power?”, asks Spike.

“Yep, but it didn’t look like this.”, she says.

“You don’t mean.........”, I ask before she concentrates very hard, and purple smoke starts to flow from her closed eyes, and she blasts the throne with that purple and green magic, causing a black shadow to fall over the carpet, revealing a stairway.

“What was that?”, Spike asks.

“That was a little trick Celestia taught me.”, Twilight responds as we walk down, Spike staying behind.

“That was dark magic Twilight. Now I remember where I saw it before, Spell Nexus blasted me with that exact bolt!”, I shout.

“Who’s Spell Nexus?”.

“In our world, he’s one of Celestia’s adviser’s. He and Blueblood tried to arrest me cause they got it into their heads that I was Discord, and I had the Celestial Twins under mind control. Spell Nexus ended up blasting me with that exact magical energy, causing........a tool of mine, to malfunction.”, I explain as we reach the bottom, “Next time, think before you use it. That stuff usually corrupts the user, with Celestia and myself as an exception.”.

We see a stone door. I walk up to try to open it, but it just moves, “Frustration, good thing I don’t easily lose my temper.”.

“Let me try.”, Twilight asks, walking up to open it, only for it to move again. She tries multiple times, but eventually gets frustrated enough to use magic on the door, causing it to open.

“Now remember, this is Sombra we’re talking about, so who knows what magic he put on this.” I say before walking in, only to end up in a castle.

This has to be an illusion, I was just with Twilight and the others.”, I say before I see a flash of golden light, and see an alicorn Twilight and Celestia appear.

“You’ll pay for trying to assassinate Celestia Asriel. I thought we were friends! Whelp, looks like you guys were monsters after all, Celestia was right to kill you all!”, Twilight shouts in my shock, trying to blast me as I dodge.

This is impossible....................This can’t be how it ends for us! I might as well play along until i’m brought out.”, I think before summoning a Chaos Buster, “You should’ve gotten all the information from the book Twilight!”.

I fire the buster in rapid shots, but they keep dodging through their alicorn flight. I try to strike them down with lightning when I feel a sharp pain in my back. I turn to see Luna had snuck up behind me and stabbed me in the back with a silver knife.

This..........This can’t be how it ends.............how monsters finally meet their end..................betrayed by those we considered friends.....................Twilight!...................I can feel it.................My body...................It feels like it’s splitting apart. Like any instant, i’ll scatter into a million pieces..............Twilight?.................But...............Deep, DEEP in my SOUL. There’s this burning feeling I can’t describe!”, I shout, grabbing my chest as I start to crack and shatter, and standing up, “a burning feeling that won’t let me die!”.

Wind picks up around me as I reach out, “Why did you betray us Celestia?...................were we a threat to your rule, or were we simply another threat in the long run, the long lie?!”, I shout in their shock, “we never told you about the Genocide run, did we?.............well, when Chara tried to kill Monster Kid............Undyne took the blow...........”.

“What are you babbling about!?......”, she shouts before Twilight puts up a hoof, recognizing the story.

Her SOUL was going to shatter like all the others before her................but she felt it, the one thing that makes her unique to other monsters, the only one besides Boss Monsters to have it.....................Determination!”, I shout, my pieces starting to reform, “If you get past me, and get the Elements of Harmony from behind your throne............it won’t just stop with us, will it?..............Twilight!................you’ll destroy anything that isn’t Equestrian................changelings, Mobians, humans, Pokemon................you’ll destroy them all won’t you!?!?!”.

My body starts to reform completely as I walk towards them, “Everyone’s HOPES, everyone’s DREAMS, vanquished in an instant...........But I WON’T let you do that. Right now, everyone in the world................I can feel their hearts beating as one.And we all have ONE goal. To defeat YOU!!!!!!!!!....................Alicorn, no whatever you are now, with all that LV.................For the sake of the WHOLE world...................I, ASRIEL DREEMURR, WILL STRIKE YOU DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!”.

The dust around me condenses into pure Determination as my SOULs appear, absorbing it in a flash of light. Out of that light, I appear as the Angel of Death, but different, my wings, eyes and SOUL filled with black HATE.

Luna tries to blast me, but I dodge it and grab her in a heartbeat, “YOUR GONNA HAVE TO TRY A LITTLE HARDER THAN THAT!”, I shout before throwing her into the other two..............................”TWILIGHT!!!!!!”.

I’m shocked awake by Spike’s scream along with everyone else as he rushes down the stairs.

“I know you told me to stay up there, but you were down here for such a long time, and you weren’t answering, and I got worried so I came down here, and you were just staring at that wall and.......”, he says , right when all the emotions hit me at once, causing me to fall on the ground sobbing, “is.............is Asriel okay, it’s just a wall.”.

I take off the cloak, changing back as I keep crying, “you look in there and tell me ‘it’s just a wall’!”, I scream, my face in my paws.

He walks up as Twilight inspects the door, “What were you looking at? I mean.......it’s just a wall.”, he says when the crystal on the top shows dark magic, his eyes becoming green and red, “...........Ponyville?! What, how did I get........No! I don’t wanna go! Please Twilight, don’t make me!”.

Twilight shuts the door as he starts crying, snapping him out of the trance, “more of Sombra’s dark magic, a door leading to your worst fear!”.

“I.......I doubt for me it was my worst fear................it felt so real!”, I shout, shakily getting up as I keep crying.

“And what was it?”, Twilight asks.

“You........wouldn’t understand.”, I respond as I grab my cloak.

“We were home. You told me you didn’t need me anymore. You were sending me away.....”, Spike says, folding his claws before Twilight hugs him.

“A fear that will never come to pass. I’m never gonna send you away.”, she reassures him before lighting her horn up with rainbow light, hitting the crystal, “and i’m not gonna fail my test!”.

She opens the door, and we walk in to a white room with a large spiral staircase going up.

“What’s in there?”, Spike asks as I face-paw.

“Stairs, lots of them.”, I answer, “I don’t know why Twilight stopped you before, but you should come with us.”.

He smiles and hops onto Twilight’s back as we go up the stairs.

“What is taking so long.................what if this is another one of Sombra’s tricks? I mean, he created a door that leads to your worst fear, it would be easy to make an endless staircase!”, I shout, exhausted as I look sit down and look up.

Twilight looks up then tilts her head, “Spike, hold onto me tight!”, she shouts before lighting her horn, flipping everyone onto smooth slops under the stairs, “I studied a anti-gravity spell for the test, but I never thought I’d need it for this, looks like I was prepared!”.

We slide down until we reach the top, revealing a spot at the tip of the castle, and we see a crystalline heart, floating in the middle.

We hear rumbling and see that Sombra somehow got in, and Twilight rushes in, only for everyone save Spike and I to get trapped in crystals!

“Spike, don’t move towards them.”, I explain, holding out a paw and levitating the heart towards us, “Twilight what were you thinking, you knew he would’ve set up more traps!”.

“I know, how could I have been so foolish? I was just so eager to get it! Then when I saw what was going on outside, I......”, she says before the ground starts to crack, “Spike, Asriel, you have to get the Crystal Heart down there, I doubt we have any time for us to get out!”.

“But if you don’t, you’ll fail Celestia’s test!”, the drake shouts.

“There’s no time Spike.”, I say, putting my cloak on with my magic, “If we don’t do it now, we might just lose this one..........and I’m not gonna let some tyrannical king make innocent ponies into slaves!”.

I grab the drake and dive down, “Hey Sombra, Betty, look what we’ve got!”.

They all look up and see it, the two villains looking furious, “Thats mine you overgrown goat!”.

We teleport right when they’re about to strike. I place Spike down near the center, then hold the heart out, causing it to be pulled into the center, hovering and spinning.

Crystal ponies of the Crystal Empire, I am the Traveler, and I have returned the Crystal Heart. Give it all your love and light, so Sombra doesn’t too!”, I shout, facing them all as the kneel on the crystal roads.

Their bodies start to glow, then all their energy pours into the roads, converging on the heart as it spins, sending out a dome of light energy that blasts the two villains away.

We’re all in the throne room, sat down and drinking tea after the whole fiasco.

“So, how will you five get back to your world?”, Twilight asks.

“I’ll probably use those portals we traveled through earlier. But before we leave..........I want to give you two things.”, I explain before snapping my fingers, conjuring two stone rings, and a book, “those rings will create two separate stone gates when placed on the ground. Just power them with your magic, and they should open up to our house in our world, one for you, one for the royal twins..............that book is our story, for you and Celestia for when you eight get back to Canterlot.”.

We stand up and I put on the cloak, snapping and opening up a gateway, “goodbye...........and Danny, everyone.”, I say, their company turning to me, “thank you, for all your help.......please, come sometime, and tell Celestia about your past. When we come here again, I’ll uphold our end of the deal, you deserve to see Sam again.”.

I put up the hood and we walk into the portal, walking through the darkness until we end up in the Everfree Forest.

“Let’s go to the house, we all have friends and family we owe explanations.”, I suggest, everyone nodding as we walk towards town.

That vision I saw when I looked into the fear door.............could it actually happen one day?................I’ll have to tell Twilight and the skeletons about it............”, I think sadly.

To Be Continued...............................

Author's Note:

Thank you fellow readers for being patient. Sorry this took so long, I've started school again and I usually finish at around 3:00 to 4:00, so I don't get a lot of time to work on it.

Obsidian is another OC of mine, the image is someone else's though, all credit goes to them, its pretty good.

This other fanfic AU belongs to Guilt of a Phantom, all credit goes to the author, I merely used it's universe and characters, rather than it's premise.

Before you hate, I don't COMPLETELY believe in the Sans Is Steven creepypasta, it just makes for an interesting story so I'm using it.

Thanks for reading, and

'Stay Pony My Friends'

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