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The Traveling Son of a Great Dreemurr - jjb0420

Hi, my name is Asriel Dreemurr, I died helping my sister, was brought back as a flower, was SAVEd by another, then sent to another world..........wait what?!

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Chapter Two- Griffon the Brush Off, and Dreemurr Boast Busters

Sans, Sora, Frisk and I were walking around town, when we notice that Rainbow is hiding in a cloud, while Pinkie Pie is looking around.

"[*1]Meow, meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow?", I ask, forgetting about my vocal chords.

"What did you say Asriel?", she asks.

"[*2]Meow? Meow meow!", I respond, turning on the necklace.

"Sorry, I forgot about that.......that being said, what are you doing, hiding from Pinkie?", I ask, looking down in embarrassment.

"She's been bugging me all week, I just want to be left alone! Wait, here she comes, I gotta run!", she exclaims, flying away.

"Hiding from Pinkie, being bugged all week.......That's the beginning of the next episode, Griffon the Brush Off!", Frisk exclaims.

"Yep, and I know who's coming. You see, my universe had the world of Equestria, it was just very isolated until I arrived.......Anyway, I live there right now, and what just happened, happened two years ago for me.", Sora explains, everyone being surprised.

"Frisk told me a thing or two yesterday while we were out, so I know the small gist of it. Let's get going, I would love to be in those pranks!", I exclaim, running off, with them behind me.

We eventually catch up to the pair, Pinkie asking for Rainbow's help a couple times.

"Groan, fine, what do I need to do?", the blue Pegasus asks.

"Meow.....I mean, we want to help out, we know what it is!", I exclaim, meowing before remembering my speech impairment.

"How do you four know what it is? Your not even from around here!", she exclaims.

"Hey, we've known how you two work for a while, and this is the 5th episode of the series!", I exclaim, tapping the ground with my tail in frustration.

We walk with the pair to the town square, and Rainbow helps Pinkie move a storm cloud into position, Spike walks out with a bunch of scrolls after we've hidden, then Rainbow Dash kicks the cloud, causing a thunderclap, and startling the drake into getting hiccups.

"Hahahaha, It's still funny, even after watching it happen on the show!", Frisk exclaims, Spike trying to pick up the scrolls, and lighting them up.

"And I know Celestia's reaction thanks to my power's! Meow meow meow!", I scream, collapsing on the ground in stitches.

"I'll admit, your worlds physics, and our powers can combine for some pretty good pranks!", Sans exclaims, when Rainbow gets Pinkie with the same trick.

"I didn't know you were a prankster Pinkie Pie!".

"Are you kidding? Hic!, pranks are always in good fun, Hic!, and Pinkie always like to haaaave Hic! FUN! Hic!", she exclaims in between hiccups.

"Meow! Who doesn't like having fun, and pranks are always in good fun, as long as their not hurtful!", I exclaim, covering my mouth from the meow.

"Looks like those meows of yours are becoming instinctive.", Sans guesses, me being shocked from that.

"Meow?!", I say, noticing the meow again, "Whoa, your right, those meows just came out on their own, I wasn't even trying to say anything!", I exclaim.

"You guys wanna hang out, Ponyville has this one pretty good gag shop, and your powers would just make even more!", Rainbow asks.

"Meow! You bet, I've been creating some new gags using my imagination, combined with my powers!", I exclaim, my tail waving in happiness.

"And my magic can make for some good getaways, disappearing items, and floating objects!", Sans explains.

"And I came up with some pretty good pranks back home, I even used them on my version of you guys!", Sora exclaims, the two being surprised at this.

"Your world had a version of Equestria?", Rainbow asks.

"The Kingdom Hearts universe is composed of many worlds, apparently yours was one. It was just..........very isolated, not having any Heartless problems until the Keyblade attracted them over.", Frisk explains.

"Meow! Let's do this guys, we have a lot of people to prank!", I exclaim, everyone nodding before running off to get their individual goods.

We meet up with our goods, me with a 'bigger on the inside' suitcase, Pinkie and Rainbow with baskets of classics, and Sans with his whoopie cushions, wienies, puns, and joke-book/quantum physics book. Interestingly enough, Frisk and Sora brought nothing.

"I know you Frisk, helping Sans out with his gags. But what about you Sora, bringing verbal comedy to the table? Meow?", I ask, covering my mouth with an ear.

"It's okay, I suppressed it too when I went to the Pride Lands. Anyway, I didn't bring that, I was able to this again this morning!", he exclaims, before summoning a Keyblade, shocking everyone.

"That's right, I can use my magic through the Keyblade, including a certain.......balloon spell, that we can surprise someone at Pinkie's party with!".

"Meow! Well, I brought some gags I either improvised, created, or brought over from other universes. Meow meow!", I exclaim, covering my mouth again, then opening the case in disappointment.

"Mreeow. Anyway, I read up on your world some too, so I created these joke Zap Apples, they change any apples around them into Zap apples, but levitate them after one bite, so you can't ever reach them." I explain, gesturing to the rainbow colored apples.

"There's also self replicating rubber chickens, banana peels, holograms so people think they've done something, and for the baked good lovers, magical foods from the Just Add Magic universe, and these are just a few I grabbed from my closet!", I exclaim, everyone being impressed.

"What kind of baked goods did you bring over kid?.............I read the books while I helped Tori out at the library, okay?", Sans asks and explains when we look at him in interest.

"Meow! I'm glad you asked Sans. The ones I brought in here are a slice of Shut-em-up Shortcake, a small sample of Off-The-Trail Trail Mix, and some other.........homemade options, and like I said, I made and brought these over using my powers, so I can just make more!", I exclaim, my tail wagging in excitement.

"Can you give us an example of a homemade option on say...........Fluttershy later?", asks Frisk.

"Meow meow meow! I was thinking the same thing Frisk, And I have just the thing for the 'animal lover'!", I shout, pulling out a rice ball, seasoned with Cedronian Cinnamon, "Meow meow! I call it the Rabbit Rice Ball. after she eats this, tomorrow morning she'll turn into a bunny for 24 hours!", I exclaim, everyone surprised and impressed at my skill.

"That's an impressive trick kid, and you're right, she loves animals, plus I remember Stellar telling me that the Omnitrix works as a Universal Translator, so we can speak to her and explain tomorrow morning!", Sans explains, turning to the ponies, "And what classics are you two bringing to this prankfest?".

"We bought sneezing powder, invisible ink, washable paint, pepper lemon drops, relighting birthday candles, a dribble cup, and a squirting turtle!", Rainbow announces.

"Save the lemon drops, candles, and dribble cup for the party tomorrow, Sora and Frisk told me what happens at the party, and let's just say.................the guest of honor deserves them. Also, use the turtle on Toriel, she hates water, and it's personal, she almost burned the wienies for mine!", he exclaims, "Now, we know our targets. Rarity, Twilight, Applejack, Toriel, Shadow, and Fluttershy. Let's go and give them a good prank!", he shouts, everyone running off towards the first prank victim.

We first get Rarity over at her boutique, putting sneezing powder in a bouquet of flowers, sending her into a sneezing fit. Next, we hit Twilight by switching her ink bottle with the invisible ink, causing her to mess up an experiment. We prank Applejack by painting the entire orchard with mine and Rainbow's speed, then soak mom while she's feeding ducks. We finish off before Fluttershy with Shadow by giving him the balloon spell, sending him up into the air.

We set up the Rabbit Rice Ball before she makes her rounds with the woodland bunnies.

"'Dear Fluttershy, I wanted to make a peace offering after my little accident with nearly killing Applejack. So, I made this delicious carrot rice ball with cinnamon with Spike's help, and I hope you like it. Love, Asriel/Klonoa.'. Well, I shouldn't waste such a kind peace offering as this.", she says, before eating the whole thing with three bites, "Klonoa was right, this is delicious! the soft rice balances the crunchy carrot, and the cinnamon makes it sweet!", she exclaims, walking home with her bag.

"Meow meow meow! This'll be perfect, she'll even be able to understand her animal friends!", I exclaim, jumping up in excitement.

"I'd say this was a successful day of pranks guys, let's try to do this before the party, I still have the wienie performance with Frisk!", Sans exclaims, high-fiving Rainbow, Pinkie and I.

"We'll see you guys tomorrow!", Pinkie exclaims before leaving with the pegasus.

"Let's get home and into bed, we have a long day. meow meow meow!", I exclaim, covering my mouth.

"And we'll tell Tori while you get to bed, I know what Cedronian spice does, who knows what'll happen tomorrow after that rice ball works!", Sans exclaims, opening a 'shortcut' to the living room.

Once we brush our teeth and get our pajamas, we bring Maria and the others in on the plan, then get to bed, not ready for what's about to happen, as two portals open, one each in a different world.

I wake up feeling strange, as I get dressed for the day.

"Morning kids, Tori left me in charge while she's helping set up the party with Pinkie. Yo Klonoa, did the Cedronian spice kick in yet?", Sans asks from the door.

I try to ask 'what do you mean?', but I say instead "Meow meow meow meow?".

"You turned off your necklace, remember?", Stellar says, brushing her mane.

I try to turn it on, but I can't seem to touch the switch and button. When I bring my hand to my face to see why, I see that they've changed into paws!

"(*3)Meow meow meow? Meow meow meow meow!? Meow....ria!" I exclaim panicking, managing to barely say my sisters name.

"What is it Klonoa.......why are your hands paws!?" She asks, then seeing my hands.

"(*4)Meow meow meow, meow! Sigh, meow.", I say, before realizing the barrier, then gesturing to the necklace.

"Oh you want me to turn it on for you?", she asks, I nod crying, "okay I'll turn it on.", she says, then going behind my quivering body, then turning on the necklace.

"(*5)Meow.....meow meow? Meow meow meow meow meow? Meow, meow meow meow!", I exclaim before pointing to Stellar Nova, then pointing at the Omnitrix symbol on my ear.

"You want her to do something to the Omnitrix?", Maria asks, I nod, crying on all fours.

"I think I know what he wants.", Stellar says, walking towards me, then using her magic to twist the watch.

"Translating user.", it announces.

"Oh thank goodness meow.......darn it, I got that part still.", I say, sobbing, "I was so scared meow, I thought I'd never talk again until JARVIS fixed the glitch, meow!", I scream, crying while Maria hugs me.

"It's okay, it's okay. You don't have to be scared, you have family to help you.", she says, rubbing my back.

"Th-Thanks, meow.", I stutter, looking at my hands, "why did my hands change to paws meow, and are there any other changes meow?".

"Besides the complete language barrier and paws, your feet changed as well. Also, looks like you grew a second pair of feline ears on your head, and your tail became thinner.", Maria, me being shocked.

"Wh-What, meow? How did.........The Cedronian Cinnamon, meow!", I exclaim, standing up before losing my balance, "Whoa, one get meow a mirror nyow. Two, go get Sans, looks like he knyew what I forgot, meow.".

"I'll go get Sans and the others.", Frisk responds, running out the door.

I envision my clothes off, putting on my hat and a red collar, everyone becoming curious and nervous. "Sigh, look meow, if I have to deal with this nyaightmare, i'm at least going cat, meow.", I say, covering my mouth with a paw, "this meowing is annyoying, meow.".

"If mom was here, she would find it both adorable, and worrying that it's happening again.", Stellar guesses as Frisk and the others come in.

"Look's I was right about the Cedronian spice, your looking meowvolous", Sans says, as we hear drums in the background.

"If I wasn't scared right meow, I would laugh at that pun, meeeeeow!", I say, a meow forcing it's way out my throat, "Th-That one forced it's nyay out, meow!".

"One, what does Sans mean by 'Cedronian spice', and two, it's forcing you to do it now!?", Maria exclaims.

"The magic in those versions of every-day recipes are caused by rare, magical, and natural ingredients. Each of them belong in it's own family, behaving differently depending on which families are used in a recipe. Here's the rub, when you use Cedronian spices, whatever the result is will come with a price!", Sans explains, everyone being shocked by this information.

"Don't worry, normally it only lasts until your recipe is done with the consumer, or you commit a noble act, from a heart......or SOUL, that is true.", He explains.

"Wait, if he had to pay the price, then that means..........", Stellar realizes.

"We gotta go, Nyow!", I shout, and Maria picks me up.

"Sorry, I just think it'll be quicker!", She explains as everyone takes off running, worried about the shy pegasus.

We run over to Fluttershy's when we see Pinkie in a flying contraption, trying to talk to Rainbow and an unknown griffon.

"Sans, teleport meow onto a cloud, I think I knyow who that griffon is, meow!", I shout from Maria's arms.

"I'll teleport us both kid, I wanna see if Gilda needs a Bad Time!", He exclaims, snapping his bone fingers and teleporting Maria, himself and I up onto a cloud.

"So Dash, do you know any new tricks, or are you 100% old school?", Gilda asks the pegasus.

"Are you kidding me? This'll take a while, sit back G!", Rainbow exclaims, flying off when Pinkie flies closer, and Gilda grabs her hoof!

"Don't you know how to take get lost for an answer? Dash doesn't need to hang with a dweeb like you now that I'm around. You're dorkin' up the skies, Stinkie Pie, so make like a bee and BUZZ OFF!", she exclaims, breaking Pinkie's machine, then acting like nothing happened to Rainbow's face!

"AAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!", Pinkie shouts.

"Omnitrix glitch repaired sir.".

"THAT"S IT!!!!!!!", I scream, tapping the Omnitrix and changing back into the goat kid, then shifting into the Angel of Death and flying down and catching her.

"If she doesn't quit it later at the party, you, Shadow, Frisk and I are giving her a Bad Time, she almost killed my favorite Party Pony!!!!!!!!!', Sans shouts after teleporting Maria and himself back down.

"And Rainbow doesn't even know she's hanging out with such a jerk!", I exclaim.

"Azzy, you're finally back to normal!", Frisk screams happily.

"Yep sis, JARVIS announced the glitch was fixed right when Pinkie was falling!", I exclaim, before the watch turns purple.

"Systems being overridden by Cedronian spice sir, change back and pay the price or you'll be locked out.", JARVIS explains.

"Sigh, i'll be back Frisk, just be patient for one more day. Omnitrix......Klonoa Dreemurr!", I scream, Changing back into the small cat.

"Why is little Asriel an even smaller kitty cat?", Pinkie asks.

"The magic he used in the rice ball was Cedronian Cinnamon, and Cedronian spices......the results always come with a price. And the kid here........", Sans explains, before realizing something along with Maria.

"We forgot about Fluttershy, we gotta run now!", she screams, picking me up and using her rocket boots to speed off.

We eventually reach Fluttershy's little cottage, and we knock on the door.

"Fluttershy are you okay? Angel if your in there we know what happened!", Maria shouts as she turns the dial on the watch, when the small white rabbit opens the door.

"Translating all nearby animals.", the watch announces, the rabbits squeaks becoming words.

"Thank you for the translation. Now, why are you carrying a cat Maria, how do you know what happened, and what did you do to Fluttershy!?", she says, surprising us that she's kinder than her actions show, and that she's female.

"It's meow Angel, Asriel. You can call meow Klonoa, meow!", I explain, covering my mouth with a paw and surprising the bunny.

"Your the human/goat that caught me when I took the tickets!?", she asks, me nodding, "how are you a cat, and what does this have to do with Flutter's?", she asks, moving out of the way.

"We'll explain when we sit down, now where's Fluttershy, meow?", I ask as Maria puts me down.

"She's up in her room, she's been scared out of her ears because of it. Wait.........you were behind the rice ball, weren't you!?", she said asks angrily as we walk inside.

"Klonoa merely meant it as a small prank and a way for you to bond more. Besides, the rice ball only lasts for twenty-four hours after this morning.", Maria explains behind us.

"Yeah how does that work, you brought something over from another world or something?", she asks when we reach the stairs.

"Yes, how do you knyow, meow?".

"Flutter's mentioned a thing or two during breakfast yesterday, and I had some woodland bunnies watch and learn about you after the 'speedster' incident with the tickets.", she explains as we reach Fluttershy's bedroom, "now, she's still in a lot of shock, so take it slow, and make sure that device of yours keeps translating us two.", she says, hopping up and turning the doorknob.

(Picture this, but during the day)

"I set it so it translated all nearby animals in the cottage, including Klonoa.", Maria explains.

"Wh-Who is it Angel?", we hear a small, high voice come from the bed.

"It's Maria and Klonoa Flutter's, turns out they know what happened.", Angel explains as we see a yellow bunny with pink hair fall off the bed, Angel running up to her to help her up.

"A-Are you okay, meow?", I ask, the bunny looking over to us with blue eyes crying.

"Y-Yes......Klonoa, is that you?", she asks.

"Yes it's meow......Sigh, at least I can talk thanks to the translator, meow. Anyway, I'm so sorry meow, I was trying to do a kind gesture, and a prank at the same time. So, I.........created that rice ball, meeeeow!", I apologize before my body forces a meow, "M-My body did it again!".

"Your body forced you to do it again!?", Maria asks, looking down at our small bodies on the floor.

"I-I don't know why, meow!", I shout crying, before Fluttershy taps my left ear.

"E-Excuse me......Klonoa, right?", she asks, me nodding with tears, "W-What did you mean by the rice ball, if you don't mind me asking.".

"I-I made that rice ball using ingredients from anyaother world meow, the cinnyamon was a rare, magical spice that made the food work, mreeeow!", I explain, sobbing while sitting down on my hind legs, crying into my paws.

"If the rice ball actually caused it, then why did you change too, Fluttershy and the other bunnies told me you were anthropomorphic!", Angel asks, shouting over from by Maria.

"Stupid meow! I forgot the rules with some of the magic spices, belongnying to different families, particularly Cedronyian spices meow!", I shout.

"Cedronian spices, what are so special about those?", Fluttershy asks, hugging my small, sobbing body.

"Sans told me before we went to bed last night. You see, while the different families react differently in the recipes, the Cedronian spices are more dangerous. You see, there's a rhyme for it in the recipe book on it's world, 'be warned, when dealing with Cedronian spice, whatever result will come with a price.'. Since Klonoa was the one to put in the Cedronian Cinnamon...........", she says before being interrupted.

"The kid is paying the price by experiencing what Fluttershy is, becoming an animal.", we hear, we look to the bed, and see Sans and Temmie on the foot of the bed, scaring everyone.

"When did you get here Sans?!", asks Maria.

"I teleported over here after telling Tori and Twilight about the jerk Gilda, and to tell you guys that the Six Goofballs are on for the party.", he says.

"And Tem wanted ta see al the littl animals!", the little dog/cat exclaims picking up Fluttershy and hugging her.

"One, who is this little cutie, two, who is Gilda, three, does this mean your stuck as a cat Klonoa?", Fluttershy asks from inside the temmie's paws.

"One, your right, I'm stuck until you chyange back, or I make a noble act meow. Two, that's Temmie, a derpy, and meowable little Monster that just wants to be friends, meow!", I answer, hopping onto the bed.

"And Gilda is a jerk griffon that nearly killed Pinkie, when she just wanted to hang out with her and Rainbow!", Sans exclaims, eye ablaze.

"She even had the nerve to say Rainbow doesn't need to hang out with 'dweebs' like her while she's around, then acted like nothing was wrong in front of Rainbow Dash!", Maria screams, Fluttershy being shocked.

"Pinkie and I tried to convince Toriel and Twilight of her actions, but they thought we were just jealous. So, we agreed if she lost her temper to our pranks, and she still acted that way, we would give her a Bad Time!", Sans exclaims.

"We'll see if she deserves it meow, let's get gyoing though, I need to grab my gags from the house anyway.", I say, putting Fluttershy and Angel on my back.

We walk outside when Maria accidentally bumps into a certain griffon.

"Hey, watch where your going!".

"Angel, twist the dial on my ear twice to the left before I say meowthing I'll regret meow.", I whisper, the bunnies nodding before twisting the watch, turning off the translator.

"I'm sorry......Gilda, correct? I was merely bringing my........pets back........", Maria tries to apologize, before the griffon pushes my sister towards Sans.

"I don't need an apology, especially from some freaks like you two. What are you even supposed to be, early trick or treater's!?", Gilda shouts.

"Mreow meow meow!", I scream, before being grabbed by the bunny pair by the ears.

"Rainbow Dash has clearly not told you about us yet, we're friends of hers!", Maria shouts before being punched in the face!

"ROAAAAR!, your not only freaks, but liars as well! There's no way someone as cool as Dash would be friends with freaks like you!!!", she screams before flying away.

The bunnies turn the dial again and I get furious, my anger overpowering the Cedronian Cinnamon, and breaking the spell.

"No one calls meow and my family freaks, when she crosses the last line at the party, nothing will hold meow back from giving her the worst bad time ever!!!!", I scream, walking up and punching a wall.

"I'll use the Chaos Emeralds!", I scream, throwing another punch, "I'll use the Chaos Buster!", I throw another punch, "And when she begs for MERCY.......... I'll dunk her!!!!!!", I scream throwing one final punch, and breaking the wall.

"Klonoa please stop!!!", Fluttershy screams, hugging my ear, long enough to touch the ground, "I care for you and your family so much, please don't do something you'll regret!!!!".

I look down at her quivering body, seeing how scared she is. 'What am I doing, I'm judging someone by their actions unknown by their friends.', I think, calming down and changing back to Klonoa.

"I-I.......I'm sorry, she just......made me so mad, punching my sister, saying we're freaks, then roaring and yelling no one would be friends with us? It just made me so angry!", I exclaim.

"The griffon will be exposed at the party. Besides, I'm curious how your anger was able to overpower the Cedronian spice, while keeping the spell on Flutter's.", Sans points out.

"He's right, your back to normal Klonoa!", Maria exclaims, running up and hugging me.

"It nice to be back, and I'm sure that Frisk will be glad to have her little brother back early!", I exclaim, tapping the Omnitrix and changing back into the goat kid everyone loves.

"It's nice to see you again kid, it's been a while, though is it real?", Sans says, setting me up for something good.

"It's.....'Asriel' as it gets Sans!", I exclaim, hearing drums, and everyone laughing.

"As much as I love that pun kid, we have to get our gags from the house. Plus, Frisk is over there helping Sonic with his prank war.", Sans points out.

"Your right, let's go.", I say, speeding off towards the house, before I hit Gilda and Rainbow.

"Oh......Sorry girls, I didn't see there.", I apologize, looking at Gilda with distaste.

"Asriel, your back kid?", Rainbow asks after seeing me.

"Yep, the glitch was fixed this morning. Now, are you Gilda, the griffon who.......had a disagreement with my sister earlier?", I ask looking towards the griffon, surprised I know this, when the Omnitrix beeps.

"Uncatalogued DNA detected sir.", J.A.R.V.I.S announces, before shooting out a yellow beam towards the griffon.

"Whoa, what is that watch of yours doing....Whoever you are?", she asks as it finishes.

"Don't worry your claws, it just scanned your DNA, adding it to my transformations. Now, could you answer my question? My sister is an anthropomorphic fox.", I ask again, the griffon shocked.

"H-How do you know about that?!", she yells.

"I was the cat with the pair of bunnies, lets just say there was some magic involved, and it messed up a form of mine!", I answer, the griffon angry.

"And who are you, to have such a sister!?", she yells.

"I am Asriel Dreemurr, a friend of Rainbow Dash's, the Traveler, and the Prince of Monsters!", I exclaim, the griffon jumping backwards.

"Hmm, and how did you end up from there, to here? I was just over there.".

"I'm a speedster, some of my forms are faster of course. One is so fast, it looks like he's teleporting.", I explain, the griffon looking impressed, then skeptical.

"I doubt it, aren't monsters the lying villains in stories!?", she accuses me, Rainbow and I looking offended.

"Remember these words very carefully next time you test my anger, don't judge a book by it's cover. Now, my family and Fluttershy and her pet were heading towards our house, so i'll see you two at the party, you're the guest of honor after all Gilda.", I say, walking away, "and to prove you wrong, Omnitrix, Savitar!", I scream, before there's a wave of blue and black light, and I emerge as the crystalline humanoid speedster, shocking them both.

"W-W-Who are you!?", Gilda screams.

"In this form.........I am Savitar, the God of Speed!!!!!!!!!!!!", I scream with an echoing, deep, and demonic voice, before grabbing Rainbow, and running off towards home.

We reach the house and I change back after putting Rainbow down.

"Why did you grab me kid, we were talking still!", she screams as we walk towards the door.

"Because, I wanted to talk about some pranks for the parties guest of honor.........they're not all for her of course, I would just like your help with grabbing the stuff from the house.", I explain, opening the door.

"Hmm.....very well, a few pranks around the party will liven things up a bit. Also, did that Rabbit Rice Ball of your's work on Fluttershy?".

"Yep, in fact, that was why I was said cat, the magic in the rice ball was from a magic spice called Cedronian Cinnamon, and Cedronian spices always make the baker pay a price. Luckily, the watch translated for the both of us, and an anger trip overpowered the cinnamon.", I explain, opening the bedroom door, to end up getting wet again.

"Darn it Frisk, Sonic told you that the water trick already backfired!!!!", I scream as I shake it off.

"That voice.....Azzy, is that you!?", Frisk shouts, coming out of a closet with Stellar Nova and Sonic.

"Howdy Frisk, Asriel Dreemurr is back!", I exclaim, running up and giving her a hug.

"It's great to finally meet Asriel Dreemurr in person, I love you in the game!", Stellar shouts, joining the hug.

"Maria was right, you do look like your parents.", Sonic says coming out of the closet.

"But how are you back, the Cedronian Cinnamon had locked you into that cat form!", Frisk exclaims.

"Yeah......I got angry after a small.......disagreement, that Gilda had with Maria, and my LV rising from my anger overpowered the magic, completely canceling out the spell.".

"The kid even shifted into Lux Klonoa without outside aid, he was that mad.", We hear Sans say, we turn around and see he said it from the door, along with the bunny pair.

"Translating Animals sir.".

"I still wish you hadn't tricked Flutter's with that.....'Rabbit Rice Ball', I woke up to her shrieking from the size difference and the larger ears!", Angel shouts, surprising everyone who wasn't a witness that she's female.

"Still, that price it pulled gave me an idea for another recipe, but this time i'm not using Cedronian spices unless I absolutely need to for it to work.".

"And I can guess it thanks to helpful hints from Wingdings kid, it should be an interesting day.", Sans says, sitting down on my bed.

"Now Sans, do you still have the prank items you reserved for the party?".

"Yep kid, and I reconfigured the candles so they don't stop until you say 'Happy Birthday to Asriel'.", Sans points out.

"Perfect, go get them and help Mom set them up. Frisk, are you gonna point out the punch?", I ask.

"Yep Azzy, and i'll offer the pepper lemon drops.", my big sis says.

"Good. Now, Sonic, could you get a joy-buzzer, it was the one item we didn't get at the joke shop.".

"Sure thing Asriel, anything for a good prank.", he responds, before running outside.

"Stellar, I know a good aging trick, could you do me a favor and let me......use it on you?", I ask.

"W-W-Want it for the 'Bad Time' later?", she asks, Rainbow becoming curious.

"Yep, and this'll make for a good early Halloween scare, we can also use it for the real thing!", I say, high pawing the little filly.

"As long as I don't have to threaten anything big, i'll do it, for my brother!".

"Thanks sis, this is gonna be the greatest. And the best part, I was able to pull the Cloak of Invisibility out of the Harry Potter universe, and enlarge it. This way, you can speak all of a sudden, then pull off the cloak using your magic!", I exclaim.

"Perfect! This is gonna be fun!", she says, hugging me.

"Okay here we go.", I say, snapping my fingers, and with a flash of purple and black light, she's enveloped in a ball of red darkness, and she emerges and collapses at the age of the Mare in the Moon, armor and all, and scaring Rainbow.

"Uh.......Stelly, are you.....Okay?", I ask.

"Ugh.........I....I'm okay, brother Asriel. Hmm......", She says, opening her blue, feline eyes and mouth, and getting up, "This'll take.......some getting used to. How long does the spell last, brother?", she asks, towering over Rainbow and I.

"I-I set the spell to last until tomorrow morning, plenty of time to get everyone at the party........I-I-I even added the armor as a touch.......I-I...i-i'm sorry, if I won't look at you, i'm six, remember, this age and form is really scary.", I stutter, before she raises my head with her horn.

"Please don't be scared of me.......Azzy, it's still me inside, even if I......look the part now.", she says, tearing up a bit.

"O-O-Okay. Just one more thing, I added a small gravitational spell to the armor. When you want to, you can say 'The night shall come!', and it'll cause an eclipse until tomorrow morning, when it's daytime.".

"Okay Azzy, i'll see you in a bit.", she says, levitating the cloak onto her, and she leaves the house.

"You did way too good of a job, and choosing Stellar Nova of all people, the one pony in this Equestria who looks exactly like her, was a stroke of scary genius.", Rainbow says.

"I was trying to make it as realistic as possible. Besides, J.A.R.V.I.S, would she count as uncatalogued DNA?", I explain, before asking the A.I.

"She would sir, though I would have to reconfigure the energy filters so your LV doesn't combine with the dark magic, and create......Him.", he says.

"Very well, and don't remind me of Flowey......EVER.", I say with force, turning to Rainbow, "Let's get to the Cake's.".

"Yeah. Hey, race ya!", she shouts, opening her wings.

"Okay, but i'm gonna make sure we're doing our A-Game.", I say before snapping, summoning the Chaos Emeralds.

"Take these, and picture them empowering you, it'll give you the super form I shared with you. Omnitrix, Savitar!", I explain before changing into the God of Speed.

"Okay, Chaos Emeralds, Empower me!", She shouts before a flash of rainbow light, becoming the Flame of Harmony.

"Rainbow Flash! Okay, One.........".


"THREEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!", we shout at the same time, zooming off towards the bakery, me making it first, and changing back.

"How were you so fast, nothing could survive that kind of speed!", she shouts, releasing the Emeralds back to me.

"In his universe, Savitar was the first human ever granted speed. Eventually, he somehow supercharged his speed to an impossible level, becoming the god of motion, the fastest speedster there is!", I exclaim as we enter the building.

"Well what about Zoom, he was pretty fast last week.", she asks.

"Zoom is a close second with the Flash, and the Rival. You see, he's from an alternate timeline in their universe, where as a child his father killed his mother right in front of him. When he grew up to adulthood he was incarcerated in a mental asylum for over 23 counts of murder, until the cause of his powers.........a particle accelerator explosion, gave him his speed. But.....he wanted more, so he created a artificial drug called Velocity, the last version being Velocity-9. It either increases a speedsters speed, or gives a normal human temporary speed. But here's the kicker.", I explain as we sit down, Rainbow shocked at the story, "It's incredibly dangerous, giving people cellular degeneration, slowly killing them.".

"Why was his lightning blue, I remember yours being yellow, and Savitar's was white.", she asks.

"A speedsters lightning depends on the person. Yellow is a pure, natural connection to the Speed Force...........Its a inter-dimensional force that gives all speedsters their speed, and what allows their other powers, such as time travel. Anyway, red lightning is an artificial connection, the speed caused by Tachyon's......these particles capable of going faster than light itself, and blue is caused by Velocity, the drug changing a natural speedsters lightning.".

"Wow, Equestria's got it very lucky, the only threat so far was Nightmare Moon.", she says, contemplating how lucky her world is.

"Yep, and we've sworn to keep it that way.", I say as mom passes by seeing me.

"A-Asriel, your back to normal!", she shouts pulling me into a hug.

"It's so nice to see you in the flesh and fur!", I say, embracing the hug.

"Sans told me after he brought the candles that.........some spice called Cedronian Cinnamon got overpowered by your anger, but I thought he was pulling a joke!", she says, looking at me.

"Well did he tell how I made a homemade Just Add Magic recipe?", I ask, she nods, "well, I used Cedronian Cinnamon as the catalyst, causing me to pay a price by turning into a full cat, but my anger about someone overpowered the stuff, breaking the spell!".

"What is this said recipe?", she asks.

"I'll show you!", I exclaim, snapping my fingers and making a rice ball appear, "I call it the Rabbit Rice Ball, the consumer turns into a bunny for 24 hours the morning after it's consumption!".

"I'll admit, I read the books at the library after Sans showed me the series, so it warms my heart that my son is baking!", she exclaims.

"This is a clone of the original one that I baked of course, I made multiple copies that don't go bad, in case I need them.", I explain, willing the rice ball to disappear, "And the price it forced on me gave me an idea for another one, i'll have to tell you when we get home, the guests are here.", I say, catching a glimpse of ponies entering.

"Welcome, welcome, Welcome!", Pinkie screams as Gilda and Rainbow enter, the griffon not ready for any of the pranks.

"I assume all the pranks are ready?" I ask Frisk and Sans.

"Yep, and I found a way to link my shortcuts to the Underground! Problem is the SOULs are gone over there, and the Barrier's still up. Somehow, someone performed a TRUE RESET while we were gone!", Sans whispers, shocking Frisk and I.

"That's impossible, only someone with a high amount of DT can RESET!", I whisper.

"And even then, there were only three people with that kind of Determination. Me, Flowey and..........GASP!", Frisk says, before we realize who could've done it.

"Okay, we keep this between us until our Judgement, we don't need to get Tori and the others worried, or angry.", Sans says, we nod and face the guest of honor, who had already fallen for the joy-buzzer and the pepper lemon drops.

"Quick G, the punch!", Rainbow shouts, the griffon trying to drink some until she sees the hole in the dribble cup.

"Heh, dribble cup, always a classic gag at parties!", Sans exclaims, laughing with Toriel, Frisk and I.

"You got to admit G, that was pretty good!", Rainbow exclaims, chuckling.

"Yeah, hilarious.", she says with undetected sarcasm while looking at Pinkie.

'You're kidding me, she thinks that Pinkie planned those pranks, when the only one she did was the buzzer!', I think angrily.

"Yo Gilda, you should go open some presents!", I say, trying to see her reaction.

"Sure thing Asriel, sorry I got on your bad side earlier!", she says opening a few presents, canned snakes popping out of the last one.

"Fake snakes, somepony got me with those last month!", Applejack exclaims, using a table as support from the laughter.

"Yeah, I think I have a good guess on who did.", Gilda says, looking at Pinkie again, making me angrier.

"Looks like your having some bad luck Gilda, maybe you should be the one to blow out the candles on the cake, you being the guest of honor and all.........I'm Frisk by the way, Asriel's sister.", my sis says, offering a hand to shake.

"Pleasure to meet the sister of a pretty cool monster.", she says, shaking the hand with a talon, "And your right Frisk, I should be the one to blow them out.".

She walks up to the large cake and tries multiple times to blow out the candles, but has no success since they keep relighting.

"That's really strange Gilda, I swore that mom put regular candles in. Here, let me try.", I say, walking up to the candles, "Happy Birthday to Asriel!", I say, blowing out the candles permanently, shocking everyone.

"Land sakes! how does that work!?", Applejack shouts.

"I don't know, but I have a pretty good guess at who did them.", Gilda says, looking to Pinkie AGAIN.

"How about you play a small game of Pin the Tail on the Pony?", Mom asks, gesturing to the pony poster on the wall, with a bag of pinnable pony tails as Maria enters with the bunny pair, a two-tailed anthropomorphic fox, a certain lab coat wearing lizard, and two big people behind them.

"I call the purple one!", Applejack shouts.

"Shouldn't the guest of honor get the purple one? It's the only unique one to use after all.", Gilda asks, grabbing the purple tail.

"Okie Dokie Lokie! Now, we'll tie this blindfold around your eyes.....", Pinkie explains, putting on a piece of cloth around the griffon's eyes, "I'll spin you a bit until you're dizzy, then you walk forward and try to pin the tail where you think it belongs!", she finishes as she's spinning Gilda.

"Do you really think after all the pranks, I would trust you!? I'm gonna walk this way thank you very much!" She says going backwards towards the door, and slipping on a banana before we could stop her, putting the tail on her beak.

"Yo Gilda, doesn't the tail belong on the poster, rather than your beak!?", Sans exclaims, everyone laughing, causing Gilda to lose her temper!

"RRROOOAAAARRRR!!!!!!! This is your idea of a good time? I've never met a lamer bunch of dweebs in all my life. And Pinkie Pie, you! You are queen lame-o with your weak little party pranks. Did you really think you could make me lose my cool? Well, Dash, Asriel and I have ten times as much cool as the rest of you put together. Come on Dash and Azzy, we're bailing on this pathetic scene.", she yells as Pinkie starts crying, me losing my temper as Rainbow gets mad, "Come on Rainbow Dash and Asriel. I said, we're leaving!", she yells.

"You know, I hoped you would stop being a jerk, change, and enjoy the party and pranks, but you just crossed the line of no return when you blamed Pinkie for our pranks! Omnitrix.......Dreaming Lucario!", I scream, and in Gilda's shock, I changed in a blast of blue light into a tall, blue, lupine animal with spikes on the paws, and chest, along with dreadlocks-like appendages coming from the back of my head, and the Omnitrix symbol on my arm.

"Excuse my method of communication, this species doesn't speak English with a few exceptions.", I say telepathically, not opening my snout at all, surprising them, "Now, does the fact that us Monsters, and Rainbow made the pranks make us the royal lame-o's!?", I yell into her thoughts, pointing a paw at her.

"You two are joshing me!", she responds.

"I'll admit, they weren't all for you specifically, they were to add some laughs to the party, and test your patience and funny bone if you do get caught. In fact, it was just dumb luck that you set them all off, but what happens? You blame Pinkie, go lion, and make one of my best friends cry!!!!", I scream, knocking a chair over.

"Y-You jerk, I apologized to you, I thought you were cool!!!!", she roars, running towards me when I grab the talon, and Sora pushes her away.

"One, I told you not to judge books by their covers, Sora and I are more powerful than you could ever be. And two, you nearly killed Pinkie when you destroyed her contraption!!" I announce, shocking everyone, including Rainbow and the griffon in front of me, "That's right, Sans, Frisk and I saw your little stunt in the clouds, and man you messed up! All she wanted was to make friends with you, she showed kindness, and you threw it back into her face! If I wasn't there to catch her, we wouldn't be throwing a party, we would be mourning at a funeral!!!!!!!", I scream while barking, everyone being even more shocked.

"He's....he's right! all I wanted to do was hang out with you girls, and you threw my kindness right back in my face! and I agreed with Sans, I threw this party to improve your attitude, turn your frown upside down, not make a fool of you!", Pinkie yells, crying still.

"And you did a pretty good job anyway of making a fool of yourself! You know, this isn't how I thought my old friends would treat my new friends! If being cool is all you care about, then go find some new cool friends, someplace else. And you wanna know something? Out of all the pranks.....Azzy used, my choice was the dribble cup.", Rainbow says, calling her out, and calling me Azzy for the first time.

"Rrgh. Yeah? Well you-you-you are such a-a flip-flop: cool one minute and lame the next. When you decide not to be lame anymore, gimme a call.......", Gilda says about to leave, when she hits a magical wall, pulsating black, white, and purple. When she turns around, she jumps back when she sees my irises and pupils have turned pure red.

"That was it. That there, was your last chance of redemption, of walking away alive and safe, but you just didn't learn a thing, and you ruined it!!!!!!!!!", I scream, tapping the symbol on my arm, it gaining spikes, then changing into a taller, much more powerful version of myself, with red paws and longer, red dreadlock-like receptors, black markings on my snout, a white, pure fur cape from my body, and more spikes.

"Mega Lucario!!!!!!!", I scream with a deep, lupine, animalistic, and feral voice, shocking everyone that I talked through my snout, "I hoped that you would learn your lesson, that we could be friends! But what do you do!? You insult us further, and try to turn it against us, that we're disgracing ourselves! Well guess what Gilda, it's time you faced Judgement, BARK!!!!!!!", I yell, then bark and face Sans, "Sans, Frisk, Sora, Shadow, Rainbow, it's time!!!!!!!".

"You bring in the screens Shadow, You prepare the hall for our arrival Frisk, I'll open the shortcuts!", Sans shouts, snapping his fingers as Shadow brings in the necessary technology, opening three portals to the Judgement Hall!

"Y-You have access to the Underground!?" Mom screams, before I cover her mouth with a paw.

"It's not the same Underground you once knew Mom, someone RESET the timeline, restoring the Barrier, and I ended up taking the SOULs when I got here. For now, we're merely using it for Judgement, and attempting to bring everyone else here!", I say, before growling when I sense Gilda trying to knock me out. I grab her talon holding the chair, blast her into a booth, and use my powers to warp steel coil around her body.

"H-How did you know I was coming!?!", she asks.

I pull the long, black and red receptors into view, "These appendages aren't just for show, they work as receptors, allowing Lucario's and Riolu's to sense Aura, it's the........life force in all living things. They can act as a.......second sight, an early warning system, a.......speaker, which is why I could speak telepathically. They can even control it, and use it for attacks, or to heal, better the body, making it stronger, more agile, faster, even making it capable of letting you sense what can't be seen, or sensing someone's true intentions, even being able to read thoughts, if it's strong enough. ", I explain with my back to her.

"Now, if I let you walk freely, are you going to behave, or am I gonna have to keep you wrapped up like a turkey?!", I ask, facing her angrily.

"Asriel, please calm down, I...... I know about your little trick with Stellar Nova, and you're going to be scaring her, and the rest of the Mane Six. I mean, look around!", she yells, and I look and see everypony is afraid......afraid of me.

"Sigh, alright, I'll calm down, I'll even let out everypony but the Mane Six, they aren't involved in this, I'm sorry." I apologize, sending an Aura Sphere towards the Barrier, unlocking it to them and teleporting the rest of us Displaced, as well as Nyx, here to the bakery.

"There, I lowered the list to just us Displaced, Gilda, the Mane Six, and Nyx. Everyone else can leave, I'll break the Barrier completely once we're done.", I explain, everyone else leaving the bakery, as Shadow finishes installing the tech.

"I finished installing the screens here, and cameras back in the Underground. Now, why did you need the cameras In the entire area, rather than just the Judgement Hall?".

"Someone RESET the timeline while Frisk and I were gone, and there's only one other person with enough Determination that is needed to do that!", I explain, Shadow and Maria showing recognition.

"So the cameras are to make sure we don't have any trouble with Her, while we're judging Gilda. But what happens if she finds out we're in there, I know for a fact she holds a grudge against your family for the buttercup incident, and Sans for giving her such a hard time in that accursed run!", he yells.

"If or when she finds out we're in there, you, Sora, Rainbow and I make sure we either seal off the room for future use, get the rest of the population to here, or LOCK that dimension permanently by combining my powers, the Chaos Emeralds' unlimited energy, and the two Keyblade's!", I answer, Mom looking towards me in worry.

"Who are you talking about Azzy?".

"Only one person aside from Frisk and I had the Determination needed to perform a RESET Mom, my late sister!".

"You mean Char.........?", she asks before I cover her mouth with a paw.

"Don't say her name Mom, Frisk's Determination stirred her from Hell, but using her name is what brought her back! Use her name and she'll know that we're still alive, BARK!!!!!!!!!" I explain before barking, then covering my snout.

"Sigh, let's just get this finished before she finds out and tries to kill us!" I yell, running towards Gilda and grabbing her, then taking her into the 'shortcut', into the Judgement Hall.

"W-Where did you take me?!", she asks as I put her down and warp the coils off.

"Welcome to the Underground, specifically the Judgement Hall. You see Gilda, us Monsters are from another universe, where the humans declared a one sided war on Monsterkind, and sealed us down here with the same wall I blocked the bakery with!!!!!"I yell, barking in her shock, when Sans, Shadow, and Sora step through the portal.

"Everyone is in position kid. If the Mane Six see even a glimpse of Her, we're going to operation Our Own Route.", the skeleton explains after walking up to me.

"Good. Now.......Gilda the Griffon, you've been found guilty of near murder, and assault by the Traveler, the Keyblade Hero, the Neutral Judge, and the Ultimate Life Form!", I shout, looking towards the Griffon as I close my red, lupine eyes, scared for her life.

"You will be judged for your every action since coming to Ponyville. You will be judged for your Level Of Violence, your capacity to hurt!", Sans yells.

"You came go Ponyville to visit an old friend, but didn't once consider that she might've made new ones, ones that wouldn't meet your specifications!", Shadow yells, prepping to take off his Inhibitor Rings.

"And when one interfered, you nearly got her killed twice!", Sora exclaims, summoning the Keyblade, "thrice in fact, my universe had a world of Equestria!".

"And when you got caught by your old friend.......you played off like it was an insult!!!!!!", I scream, noticing for one second a sixth spiritual presence, "GASP! Boys, She's in here. Let's finish with the phrase and catch Her by surprise, then initiate the plan!", I telepathically explain, them nodding in response, then looking at Gilda.

"You have been found guilty by the Displaced Heroes of the Multiverse, and shall now pay the ultimate price! It's a beautiful day outside..........", I say, looking towards the column where I felt Her.

"Birds are singin, flowers are blooming........", Shadow says, taking off one ring.

"On days like these, friends like you........!", Sans says, pointing to the Griffon before we're interrupted.

"'Should be burning in hell!'. Isn't that how that infamous phrase of yours goes, comedian!?", She says walking out, wearing her green and yellow sweater, and grey pants wielding a dusty knife.

"Chara Dreemurr, the demon that comes when you say their name, and reason the Genocide Run even existed!", Sans shouts, summoning three Gaster Blasters, eye blazing with blue flames.

"So, you are the infamous Chara all the Monsters talk about, betraying their trust after being revived!", Sora yells, pointing the Keyblade at her.

"I betrayed THEM!? The so called Traveler here is the reason I died for nothing, he betrayed me when we were so close to setting free Monsters.........!", she yells back, before I send an Aura Sphere exploding in her face.

"At the cost of sending us into another war that would've ended us permanently! Besides, Sans told us about that timeline with Luna, you betrayed us in an happy ending you caused, by RESETTING the timeline into a loop!!!!", I scream, warping all the Monsters here.

"So. That's which universe you were sent to! Well, I was told by W.D. Gaster that the timeline with Equestria came into existence by accident, so I helped him get another happy ending, but then he took my SOUL again! Him, and you five are gonna pay, then Equestria will pay for giving me false hope!", she screams, stabbing her knife into the air, sending a laser blast towards me.

"Chaos......Control!" I scream, holding an emerald above me, and teleporting away from the blast, "And how would that fix anything, I could've given your SOUL back if you just accepted the idea would've only ended with our extinction anyway!!!", I yell, throwing another Aura Sphere, "Besides, our deaths weren't for nothing, Dad ended up declaring war because of it, collecting six SOULs until Frisk showed up! Plus how did Equestria give us false hope, they're actually giving us a good chance!!!!!".

"And how long will that last, they still have to deal with everyone else, Discord, Chrysalis and her Changelings, Sombra, Sunset Shimmer, Tirek, the Sirens, Starlight Glimmer! And you're still lying, you wouldn't have given me a SOUL, you don't trust me, you think I'll kill your precious sister!", she screams, slashing through the air, then sending energy waves towards me, teleporting again.

"And that's where your wrong, dear sister. You make the Unbreakable Vow, promising to never harm, kill, or help or make another kill again, and I'll give you your SOUL of Determination back. Deal!?", I yell, holding out a paw.

She's legitimately surprised by this gesture, "You would seriously risk your family, just so I stop this!?!".

"You were once my sister as well, I even followed you into your plan, until you tried killing the villagers with our power. Sans, you have the wand I gave you?", I ask, looking over to the skeleton in the crowd.

"Yep, you two just need to make the hand/paw bond. Also, you need to drop the knife, Chara, so you don't back-stab us, and we're not forced to ERASE you again!", he yells as we join together, and pulls out the Elder Wand.

"Groan, fine, I'll drop the knife!", she exclaims, throwing it behind her, as Sans casts the fiery ropes around our hand/paw.

"Chara Dreemurr, do you swear that you will not kill, or harm another being while in Equestria or other worlds, Equine, Monster, Mobian, or anything else that is forced there?", he asks, pointing the wand at our conjoined limbs.

"I do!", she yells, a fiery rope bursting out the wand, and the fire of the first ones burning hotter.

"Do you swear you won't help, force, or possess another SOUL to do the same, on said worlds, with said species or otherwise!?", he yells.

"I do!", she shouts, the ropes burning through the fur and sweater now, and the wand adding another rope.

"And.......do you swear.......to help the Displaced Heroes of the Multiverse.........using your demon-like LV and dark magic, to protect those who can't protect themselves..........with emotions in your reborn Symbol Of Undying Love, symbolizing pure Determination?!?!?!?!", he yells one final time, the ropes burning our skin.

"I.........I do! For my family!!!", she screams, the fiery ropes burning like lava, when they fade, and I remake her SOUL, and send it flying into her body, and she collapses.

All the Monsters enter the bakery through the shortcuts, with Chara in my paws, shocking the Mane Six.

"Ah thought y'all were gonna kill the demon child!", Applejack screams.

"I never said once...........", I say, before placing her into a booth, and tapping the Omnitrix, changing into a small lupine animal, with two receptors on each side of my head, with smaller, cuter paws and feet, with a gold collar-like fur ring around my neck, and two pearl-like orbs on my palms.

"That we were going to kill Chara. We merely struck a deal, involving a Unbreakable Vow, and me recreating her SOUL, with the things she was missing!", I announce with a cute, high, and squeaky voice, sitting down and showing the pads on my paws.

"Would you mind telling my sister and I, why you have the entire Monster population, what an Unbreakable Vow is, and why you have the supposed demon child in Sugarcube Corner?!", we hear a voice say, and we all look over to the door and see it came from Celestia.

"Riolu! We can explain princesses, but you have some explaining too Luna, you two supposedly knew my family and I in that other timeline!", I shout over, them shocked that I know that fact.

"Sans told us that he erased that from thou's mind!", Luna shouts, shocking the Mane Six.

"Riolu! You didn't expect for him to be part of our little group, he's the Neutral Judge!", I shout, growling, "and anyway, I told you I would protect Monsterkind, and that constitutes getting them their happy ending, of becoming free!".

"Well those aside, what is a Unbreakable Vow?", Celestia asks.

"I'm glad you asked princess, since it was part of our deal with Chara, Riolu!", I say, covering my snout, "anyway, the Unbreakable Vow is from another world of magic, it's a cursed promise that you can't break, without suffering instant death.".

"And what did you have IN the Vow?", Luna asks suspiciously.

"Riolu! It's simple really, she can't harm or kill anyone in any of the worlds, can't help, force, or possess another to do the same, and must help the Displaced Heroes of the Multiverse protect those who can't protect themselves, using her demon-like LV, and her dark magic, along with my end of the deal.", I explain, "in return for making the Vow, I recreated her SOUL of Determination.........albeit with the emotions and guilt she was missing.", I finish, as I hear said sister waking up.

"Ugh.......what happened?", she asks.

"You passed out from the pain of the Fire bonds, so I brought you over, Riolu.", I explain, offering a paw to help her up.

"Th-Thanks.......Asriel.", she says, grabbing my small paw and I pull her up, "by the way, since when could you become different Pokemon?".

"Ever since the Author gave me an Omnitrix, containing samples from the Multiverse.", I answer back, tapping the symbol on my arm, and changing back to the kid she knows, until I hear a voice.

"A-Asriel, is that you son?!" the voice says, and I turn around to see it's my father, Asgore Dreemurr.

"D-Dad!", I shout, running up and hugging him, crying.

"Azzy, no need for the waterworks, we're both seeing him again after a long time.", Chara says from the booth.

"Heh, I was always a crybaby, wasn't I Chara?", I ask, before Frisk taps me.

"You've been doing better Azzy, at least we can be a complete family!", she says, joining the hug.

"So, you are the King of Monsters your wife mentioned. I am Princess Celestia, and this is my co-ruler and sister, Princess Luna.", Celestia introduces,chalking over and offering a hoof.

"Asgore Dreemurr.", Dad says, shaking her hoof.

"He got teleported here along with Tails, Alphys, and Mettaton as we were coming here for the party!", Maria shouts from the stairs.

"Wait, Tails is here!?", Sonic shouts, looking towards the kitchen, and sees the two-tailed fox.

"Tails!", he shouts, the fox looking towards him and backing up in surprise.

"Sonic, this is where you, Maria and Shadow went!?", he asks.

"Yep, and looks like you're with us!", I shout, walking over to him, "Asriel Dreemurr, I've recently taken the title of the Traveler, and I'm the Prince of Monster-kind.", I introduce myself, holding out a paw.

"Yeah Your father told us about you guys on the way here. I'm Miles Prower, but I go by Tails!", he says, shaking my paw with a gloved hand.

"As interesting as this is, shouldn't we get going to the house, it's getting dark, and it's probably ginormous after so many people arriving at once!", Mom shouts from the door.

"Your right Mom, plus...........YAWN!...........I'm tired from all the energy I used sustaining Mega Lucario, and a Heartless Wall/Barrier on the door.", I say yawning, before walking towards the door, looks of shocks on all their faces, "by the way Celestia, you might want to announce our presence, we don't need an angry mob attacking us tomorrow!", I shout before running home, Gilda sneaking away in fear.

When I get there I see that it's lengthened backwards, and got taller within a short amount of time. The others eventually catch up after the initial shock, and become shocked once more from the size of the house.

"You weren't kidding about the house getting bigger Azzy!", shouts Maria.

"Yep. By the way Stellar Nova, sorry I never used you, we were only gonna fight Chara if Operation Our Own Route didn't work, and I lost my patience with Gilda before we could scare some ponies.", I apologize into nothingness when we hear her.

"It's okay brother, we can attempt this another day!", she shouts before we see her pulling off the cloak, her being right next to Papyrus, and everyone save Rainbow and I jumping back in fright.

"Don't worry, it's just Stelly! I aged her into an adult temporarily as a prank, we wanted to scare everypony at the party, and have her strong magic if we had to fight Chara!", I explain.

"Asriel is right, it is me mother, I am Stellar Nova.", she explains, slowly walking up to Luna and Toriel, "and Luna, I consider you as a mother too, on my world you were, in fact, my mother!", she says, hugging them both in their shock.

"It is true, on her Equestria, Her Luna was considered her mom.", I respond, before realizing something and entering the house in deep thought.

'Hmm.......speaking of her Equestria, it fascinates me that she's the only one who's came, Sonic, Tails and Shadow all came from theirs, and all the Monsters have come here! So where are the others from her world?'.

I brush my fangs, then change into Klonoa due to comfort, then get dressed for bed when Chara comes in the bathroom.

"H-Hey Asriel. That......That is you, right?", she asks.

"Yeah it's me Chara. this person is called Klonoa, Klonoa Dreemurr, meow.", I say before covering my mouth, her laughing.

"That is adorable Azzy, mom finds that cute too, right?", she says in between laughs.

"Y-Yeah, Klonoa has some feline instincts, meeeoow!", I say, covering my mouth in pain, "Th-That hurt so much, it forced meow to do it!", I shout, crying into an ear, when Mom and Frisk run inside.

"Are you okay Asriel, I heard a meow!", she asks, seeing the two of us, "Did you do something to insult him Chara, I know that physiological harm wasn't in the Vow!", she yells about to grab her, when I stop her.

"S-Stop it you two, meow! We were talking when my body painfully forced me to meow!", I yell crying.

"It forced you to do it again Azzy?", Frisk asks.

"I find that Klonoa meakes it easier for me to sleep, cats are quite blissful meow, not having many nyaightmares. Chara cameow in right when I changed and engaged the Life-Form Lock meow.", I explain, My tail waving as I groom myself.

"Nyow then, I'm taking one of the nyew bedrooms meow, I'll put a few claw marks and the Delta Rune on the door as a marker meow, good night!", I exclaim as I leave the room, unconsciously getting on all fours, and getting into bed, as two new portals open up.

"You think this is all it takes, 'Traveler'!?.........When we've shattered countless lives........And toyed with the ones we once loved!?", I hear Flowey say, before seeing Photoshop Flowey, TV face and all, then the God of Hyperdeath.

"W.D. Gaster is the reason we were in that loop, we would've gotten a permanent happy ending if he hadn't done that!", I scream before he transforms into the Angel of Death with a shock-wave.

"Gaster isn't even here to take that blame! These feelings of yours belonged to someone who died thousands of years ago, someone who died holding back their megalomaniac sister!!!", he shouts one last time, before blasting me with a Gaster beam.

"AAH!", I scream, waking up in my bed, and start to rub my eye, my hands and feet turning into paws.

(Picture this, but with paws instead of hands)

"Why have you come back Flowey, in my dreams of all things?", I ask, getting up and going downstairs on all fours.

I'm making a cup of tea with milk using my powers as I walk cat-like to the table, when I hear someone come around the corner, revealing Chara and Frisk awake.

"Asriel? What are you doing up so early?" Frisk asks, sitting down.

"Sigh, I can't lie to mew, I had another nyaightmare, meow." I say, hopping up onto a seat, sitting down catlike on my hind paws.

"One, why are you on all fours like a cat? Two, what was the nightmare about?", Chara asks, grabbing some milk out of the fridge.

"It's my instincts, they've been getting worse and worse since I try to suppress them at nyaight, meow. These days I'll always end up waking in the night, drink some tea with meowlk out of a cup like a cat, then curl up on the couch, meow........and it looks like my hyands and feet changed into paws after I woke up, meow.", I say, looking at my paws as I start grooming myself, worrying them.

"And to answer your question meow, I keep dreaming of Flowey as he transforms into all my SOUL forms, then he tries to keep convincing meow that my SOUL........isn't mine, and nyat these feelings are from meow before I died, before killing me nyike He always does in a Nyaeutral run, with Gaster Beams, meow.", I explain before we hear hoof-steps, and see Stellar Nova wearing a nightcap, and Maria wearing her gown, coming down the steps.

"You know brother.........sorry sister, that scenario sounds familiar......I know, that's Dreemurr Reborn!", Stellar shouts before teleporting a notebook onto the table, titled 'Undertale Alternate Universes'.

"Excuse me, what's 'Dreemurr Reborn'?", Frisk asks, walking over to the pony.

"When Undertale came out and started being completed, people felt remorse for Asriel, thinking he was dealt a bad fate, and deserved the happy ending he made for everyone. So, they made all these different fan fictions where he somehow survived. Regrettale, where Frisk gave him half her SOUL. Inseparable, where her SOUL was powerful enough to keep him stable, as long as they stayed close. About A Dreamer, where Gerson helped out by giving his Monster SOUL so they could both survive, by both becoming hybrids. Our Own Route, where in a incredible timeline you two and Sans tried to make it as much in your favor as possible, making the Pacifist Run permanent, SAVEing Chara, even getting a Genocide Frisk's SOUL, separating you from Flowey, and that's just a few!", Maria explains, pointing each one out in the notebook.

"But one of the most famous ones was Dreemurr Reborn. In this one, you Frisk......couldn't accept it, especially the sad, blank look on Azzy's face when you SAVEd him, so you RESET everything, including his memories, and tried to find the one thing missing. After each run, you got to know him better and better, until you saw him as the brother you always wanted. After over 500 RESETs, you made the ultimate sacrifice, and the saddest one........", she says flipping the pages until she reaches it, and stops talking when she starts crying.

"You.......You......", Maria stutters.

"What.......what did Frisk do meow?", I ask.

"She.....She sacrificed herself........she gave her SOUL, even when you refused it.......she died, so you could live on!", Maria says, her voice breaking in our shock.

"The.....The fans who made it saw it as.......the only way that wasn't miraculous, or non-canon. Frisk could still talk to you, and could every so often take control to talk to people, but it's implied that she eventually.......", Stellar says crying, as the spell wears off, changing her back into the filly version of the pony she looks like, when we hear bones.

"But you eventually faded away, your parents started aging, and the timeline went on......until W.D. Gaster RESET the timeline, sending it into the Genocide Timeline we all know.", we hear Sans say, we turn and see he teleported in and leaned against the wall.

"It-It happened?", asks Stellar.

"Th-The only one that I knyew happened once, was Our Own Route, W.D. Gaster forgot meow in the RESET process. In fact, it's what I named the plan to save Chara after, since that's one of the few timelines where she actually stopped, meow!", I shout, my paws in my face.

"That, Dreemurr Reborn, and Inseparable were the only ones that happened. First was the one with Equestria, then the ones of Our Own Route, then Inseparable, then Dreemurr Reborn and all it's attempts, then the Genocide Run, then the one everyone knows. All the others ended up as alternate timelines, timelines that went alongside ours until we were sent here!", he explains, pounding the table before getting ketchup from the fridge.

"No wonder Core Frisk came to be, you really do remember all timelines and RESETs!", Maria yells.

"It's the reason why I said that I gave hope on the surface during the Geno Run. You see, before Woona's incident, Papy and I originated in another timeline, W.D. Gaster was a scientist, and we were sent back in time to stop a demon, at the cost of being stuck during the war in a new timeline. The humans mistook Papy, Wingdings and I for Monsters, and trapped us with you guys...........30 years later the buttercup incident came to be.", he explains, chugging the bottle of ketchup.

"I remember watching a theory about that, you were pulled from one game series, into a completely new one. I know who you are, but I'll keep it hidden, Pinkie told me about the Author and other stuff, and I want to know her response.", Stellar says.

"And as for Core Frisk, she's from before Our Own Route, she didn't know that I could remember her RESETs, and kept constantly doing Neutral and True Pacifist routes until I broke, and pushed her into the Core........like I did with Dad.", he explains, shocking everyone from the Underground.

"The shock from being stuck here drove him mad, he had a father too, he went with us to save him! Sigh, he eventually scared me into pushing him into the Core with my magic, I didn't have NEARLY the amount of control I do now.", he finishes before facing Frisk, "anyway, what's the next episode kid, best hint I got was that Twilight was testing spells on the dragon boy, Spike last night, ring any bells?", he asks, Frisk putting her face in her arms.

"Sigh, Trixie Lulamoon, it's gonna be Boast Busters, with her and an Ursa Minor.", she says, Stellar and I knowing who she is, me through my powers, Stellar through her Twilight.

"I'm goinyang to go change back meow, Celestia's introducing us to everypony officially, and they should see goat boy rather than a meowing.........talking anthropomorphic cat on all fours!", I yell before I jump off crying, and run up stairs on my paws when I bump into mom, dad, Undyne, and a Temmie in the couples arms.

"Asriel, why were you on all fours.......and why are your hands and feet paws!?", Mom asks, seeing my paws.

"He's been having nightmares of another timeline, so he's been using Klonoa to try and get a good nights sleep, at the cost of suppressing the instincts at night!", Frisk explains, me still crying.

"I thought Sonic told you not to do that Asriel.", Mom says, coming down and raising my crying face with a paw.

"You worry so much about meow, I didny't want to worry mew more, so I suppressed it so I wouldn't wake mew up meow!", I exclaim, tapping the watch and changing back.

"Sigh, I do worry about you, all mothers do. It just hurts me to see my children keeping secrets, and letting things happen to themselves so I don't worry. I'll try to keep an open mind, if you would just tell me about these things, I want to help you go through things like this, okay?", she asks.

"Okay mom, I'll try.", I say, hugging her when we hear a knock on the door.

"Omnitrix, Dreaming Lucario.", I say, changing back into the lupine Pokémon, and closing my eyes.

"Who's at the door kid?", Sans asks.

"That's strange, it's Princess Luna. The strange thing is why didn't she just go inside, I gave the princesses a set of keys. Also, she looks like as if the house doesn't belong here!", I exclaim.

"Hmm.... that is strange. Well, only one way to find out about it!", Frisk announces before running up and opening the door, Luna backing up in alarm.

"W-Who are you, what are you!?", she asks, everyone shocked.

"Princess Luna, would you care to step inside, I have a few questions.", I ask, the princess looking around in shock.

"Who is there!?".

"Come in, and I'll explain.", I explain.

"O-Okay, Mr...?", she asks, as she walks in.

"Asriel, Asriel Dreemurr.", I say, when she sees everyone.

"W-What manner of creature are you all!? I just came here looking for Twilight Sparkle!", she says, things starting to piece together.

"Hmm......you know about Twilight Sparkle, but not about us. You know she could be found here, but not about the house. Tell me princess, who does Twilight Sparkle look like?", I say, before asking and approaching her.

"She's........purple, with black and purple hair, a star Cutie Mark, and is an Alicorn, like me.", she says, shocking everyone.

"'Ahead by a long shot' my tail, I know who she is! I'm gonna go get our resident pony!", I yell in everyone's minds, speeding off towards the bathrooms.

"Could you please explain who you are, where I am, and what you all are!?", she screams.

"Chara and I, Frisk, are humans, Toriel, Asgore, Temmie, Sans and Undyne are called Monsters, Tails, Sonic, Shadow, and Maria are Mobians, and Asriel is a Monster too, but can become different species, he was a Pokémon.", Frisk explains as I speed back.

"As for where you are, your in Equestria, just.......different. Also, do you know one Stellar Nova?", I ask, Luna looking up the stairs, as I change back.

"Y-Yes, she's my daughter!", she shouts, shocking everyone.

"I knew it, your from her world! Well, here she is.", I say, moving out of the way, to reveal the little filly.

"Who is there Asriel.......M-Mommy, is that you!?", she asks, then shouts after seeing her.

"Yes it's me Stellar!", Luna shouts, Galloping up and hugging the filly.

"What are you all doing up so early!?", we hear Twilight shout, coming out of the tree in the center of the house.

"Stellar's version of Luna showed up a few minutes ago, looking for you.", Sans explains, pointing to the two, "thing is she didn't know about us, or the Multiverse!".

"Did I hear Twilight Sparkle, and what this 'Multiverse' you speak of?", Luna asks looking up from the hug.

"In layman's terms, it's all the different universes as a whole. You'll hear everything later, our version of you and your sister are announcing us officially to Equestria, and you and your daughter are joining us!", I exclaim, speeding upstairs and brushing my fangs in her shock.

"My son is right, we should get going.", mom says, walking towards the door.

We all walk out and explain our stories to Luna until we get to the town square, everyone arriving in their own ways, when we see the princesses talking to Mayor Mare.

We all walk over to the pair, and the princesses see Luna, flying up in shock.

"What is the meaning of this, is thou trying to replace us!?", Luna yells, everyone including our Luna laughing.

"Did I really talk like that three years ago!?", she asks, the first Luna looking at her in surprise, and anger.

"What does thou mean by that, it is tradition to use the Royal We!", she shouts.

"I stopped two years ago after Nightmare Night, looks like your sister hasn't brought you up to speed!", she says, walking up to the pair, "I'm not an impostor, the best I could get from the family of Monsters was that your their version of me, I'm Stellar Nova's mother!", She exclaims, the two looking in shock at me.

"You are explaining before everyone is gathered, we need this information in order to make sense.", Celestia says, and we nod before going inside and explaining.

"So let us get this straight, thou is us from an alternate version of Equestria, that's far more ahead of ours?", Luna asks.

"Yes that is true, for now just call me Luna SN, short for Stellar Nova, my daughter.", ours says, turning to me, "and thank you for being there for my daughter, she's had.........you called it a 'Bad Time', from someone impersonating my nephew.".

"It was no problem, everyone here has been judged by their covers at least once, and Nyx knows what it's like to have bad experiences with people too, she's been thrown into the river TWICE!", I exclaim when Grillby and Mr. Cake come in.

"The crowd is getting restless. Sans enlarged the cloak like you asked and we all hid under it, but some ponies have gotten curious and panicked when they saw us, they even almost used a rain-cloud on Vulcan and I!", the fire spirit exclaims.

"They told Cup and I they were with you and we got them away, but that won't last much longer, now would be the best time to announce everyone and explain everything!", Carrot says as they leave.

"Grillby's right, we should get started, before your ponies assume the worst.", dad says, gesturing to the stairs, "princesses, after you!".

"Very well Asgore. Luna SN, you follow us on my left, keep Stellar Nova hidden behind you until we announce her. Toriel and Asgore, you follow from behind, then come up and show yourselves once we explain Monsters.", Celestia says, looking at me.

"I know, Sans and I will put up Heartless Walls and Shield Charms in front of you so we don't have any Pegasus and Unicorn incidents. Maria, you go tell Shadow and Rainbow to make sure said Pegasi and unicorns don't try anything from behind the shield, or break them down.", I say snapping my paws, her nodding and running out while I change into someone new, a flying serpent Pokémon, with the symbol on the tip of my tail.

"Rayquaza!!!!!", I shout, then using my powers to temporarily duplicate myself into four copies, changing back, staying the serpent, and changing into Lux Klonoa and the God of Hyperdeath at the same time.

"Lux and Rayquaza will guard the entrances to the back, and my SOUL form will help out the Monsters. Let's do this.", I explain, as the three princesses nod, and go up the stairs to a small fight.

"My little ponies, stop this fighting!", she yells, everyone looking to her, "now, these people are the reason I brought you all together. You see, a few days ago my student Twilight Sparkle......", she says gesturing to the crowd of ponies, "sent me a letter about the female hedgehog.....their species called Mobian, and the queen of the others, them called Monsters, named Toriel Dreemurr. If you and your husband could come up please......", she says behind her, the two coming up, shocking everyone.

"Why would you willingly be near these freaks, Monsters don't have emotion!", one Royal shouts through a screen in the middle on the wall, when we hear Rayquaza roar, and my SOUL form floating towards the screen.

"And that is where your wrong, Royal of Canterlot, we Monsters have SOULs.", I say through him, showing them all my seven Human SOULS, "all species have SOULs, or Symbols Of Undying Love, within them, it represents our emotions and who someone is. I have seven because of our past, and one unique trait all Monsters have, but would never do.......you see, thousands of years ago, Humans........", I say as I gesture to my sisters in the booth, ".....and Monsters lived in harmony, we were friends.....until they discovered that trait. We Monsters could absorb a Human SOUL, and gain incredible power, but would never kill someone for it........the humans feared this power, and went to war with us, monsters only retaliating to survive............!", I say before giving it to Sans.

"You see, Monsters have incredible magic, but our bodies are connected to our SOULs and emotions, and are much more fragile, especially if we don't want to hurt someone, and they want to hurt you more, as well as if they have LOVE.", he says, pacing slowly across the stage, "'What is LOVE?', your all thinking. Its an acronym.......it stands for Level Of ViolencE! LOVE, or LV, is naturally at 1, but it increases by killing or hurting other species, and gaining EXP. That too, is an acronym...............it stands for EXecution Points.", he keeps explaining, even the Mobians shocked at the way he's explaining, "the more you hurt others and gain LV, the easier it becomes to distance yourself, the more you distance yourself, the less you will hurt, or feel guilt from your sins. The less you will hurt, the easier you can bring yourself to hurt others, eventually feeling no guilt or remorse for your sins, not even if they're crawling up your back!", he finishes, everyone jumping back in shock.

"Eventually the Humans won with us nearly extinct, and their wizards sealed us with the Barrier, underground.", I say, the Royal's curious again.

"What is the Barrier, and this story sounds way too familiar to the reports after Queen Faust's death 1,200 years ago!", I see Spell Nexus shout from the left.

"That is because the reports were half right, they were here 4,200 years ago, after Faust died to N.I.D.S.........that's right Maria, Equestria had it too, until we found a difficult spell after mother's death, capable of treating and curing it.", Celestia says, looking at Spell Nexus, "I changed the records after W.D. Gaster and Chara Dreemurr split our world from the Underground, sending them into their loop with Frisk Dreemurr.".

"Before that Chara fell 20,000 years before the events, but lacked something important in SOULs.......Remorse, compassion, forgiveness, and guilt. she was found by Asriel Dreemurr, the son of Toriel and Asgore Dreemurr, and joined their family........until they accidentally put buttercup flowers into a pie for their dad, and got him sick!", Sans exclaims, the royal's confused by this.

"Now the skeleton is just spouting nonsense. Buttercups aren't poisonous, they're actually quite delicious!", we hear a white unicorn say to the right say.

"For you Prince Blueblood yes, they would. However, for Humans and Monsters alike, buttercups can be a potentially lethal poison, only Chara developing an immunity after dying to 5, and Dad getting terribly ill after four baked into the pie!", Frisk shouts, making a mistake in saying Blueblood's name, which the royal's notice.

"How do you human, know my name when you were never involved in the incident!?", he shouts.

"That would be because after she got us free, after several different runs, she got bullied at her school, and found your world as a TV show back home!", Sans shouts, everypony except the princesses gasping.

"but that part won't matter until after the story. Now, after the pie, Chara came up with a dangerous plan.........", I keep explaining, answering questions the ponies in the audience had about the plan, until we got to Determination.

"And what is 'Determination', exactly Asriel Dreemurr?", Spell Nexus asks, as i levitate to the stand where my sisters were.

"In layman's terms, it's the will to live on, cheat death, and complete a goal, no matter what happens. You see, there seven types of SOULs. Integrity, Perseverance, Kindness, Justice, Patience, Bravery, and Determination itself, both Chara and Frisk have the SOUL of Determination, but the others can be made of it too, just not purely of it like their's. You see, the person who has the highest amount can do six things........", I say, giving it to Sans again.

"They can literally refuse death before their SOUL shatters, they can SAVE people, or a place and time to a certain point in which they can LOAD to, RESET to the very beginning, or before death, or ERASE an entire timeline, but only if they have LV 20.........All of which only Frisk, Chara, and Flowey could do.", he says, the ponies gasping again.

"And who is this 'Flowey'!?", Spell Nexus asks.

"We're getting there. Alphys was assigned by my father to........", I say, explaining things including Core Frisk, Our Own Route, Inseparable, Dreemurr Reborn, the Genocide Route, and timeline in which we got here, then the last few days.

"So, you made a vow punishable by death with Chara before giving her SOUL back, albeit with the emotions she was missing?", Blueblood asks.

"Yes Blueblood, my powers can literally bend time and space themselves, recreating her SOUL, as well as creating a Barrier combined with a Heartless Wall was easy..........albeit leaving me exhausted.", i say, Spell Nexus curious again.

"Your powers as the Traveler sound very familiar to Discord's Chaos Magic. I mean, doing anything with a snap of his paws, it sounds like Discord's way of using his reality bending magic! Also, what is a 'Heartless Wall'!?".

"We have an expert on the Heartless with us, the first of his universe to show up. May I present to the ponies, Monsters, and Royal's of Equestria Sora, a human hero of his universe, and a Keyblade wielder like me!", I exclaim, Sora walking up to the stage.

"Thank you Asriel. Now, in my universe, the Heartless were creatures of darkness, created when ones heart, or as the monsters would know it as, SOUL, falls to darkness, or is corrupted by a Heartless. Normally a Heartless is invincible and animalistic, the Heartless created depending on how strong the heart is, but if one willingly submits to the darkness, they can keep their form from before they became one. Also, a Heartless can be controlled by someone with a strong, but dark heart, but you can't show weakness or they'll turn on you SNAP!, like that.", he says, snapping his fingers to make a point, "also, they fear the Keyblade since it can destroy them and release the captive heart, so they always went after me.........", he says before we hear Rayquaza roar outside.

"Royal's and Earth ponies, we are going to temporarily postpone this until we see whats going on outside. Pegasi, Monsters that know magic, and Unicorns, follow the Princesses, Sora and I and see what it is!", I yell, everyone mentioned running towards where we heard the roar, seeing it's night-time.

We eventually reach where we heard him roar and see him and Lux battling giant, black and white creatures with their attacks.

"Dragon Pulse!!!!!!!!", Rayquaza screams, firing a purple and white dragon shaped energy blast at the black ones.

"Chaos...............Saber Spear, meow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", Lux Klonoa screams, firing white energy swords at the white ones, before being knocked over by a tentacle.

"Darksides..........", Sora says summoning the Ultima Weapon, with me.

"And Twilight Thorns, but how did they get here!?!?!?!?", I scream, summoning the X-Blade, and flying towards Rayquaza.

"Some boasting blue Unicorn was bragging about saving a town from an Ursa Major, when said town was nowhere near the Everfree Forest, its home!!!!!!!!", He screams, firing a non-Pokemon based move, Giga Cannon, at a Twilight Thorn.

"Trixie Lulamoon, and let me guess, Snips and Snails lured an Ursa Minor for her to defeat!?", Frisk asks, healing Lux with her SOUL Magic.

"Yep meow, then the Ursya ended up breaking the 4th wall with it's claws, letting these Heartless and Nobodies through meow! Chaos.......Stars meow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", Lux screams, raining down star-shaped rainbow energy at a Darkside.

"My presence combined with the X-Blade must've been strong enough to bring the tree containing Sora's world closer to ours. W.D. Gaster would've sealed the hole before any Organization XIII members got through the void, as well as Maleficent!", I shout, slicing through a Darkside, "there's too many of them for just us to destroy, plus I need to find Trixie! There's only one option, I need to do the Ceremony of Inheritance!".

"Are you nuts, too many at one time will leave you weakened, and the X-Blade is needed to fix any damage to the wall the claws might've done!", Sora yells, changing into a black and white form with two Keyblades, destroying multiple Twilight Thorns, "and even then, there's not enough time to give people the Ceremony with these constantly attacking!".

"There's no time to fight about this. The X-Blade is physical, I can give it to the original Asriel after I do this, and we need help!", I yell, floating down to the Monsters, "Mom, Sans, Frisk, Papyrus, Undyne, Alphys, Mettaton, Dad, Chara, would you accept the Ceremony of Inheritance, gaining Keyblade's of your own?", I ask, everyone gasping.

"Kid, if it can make it easier to protect Ponyville as our group, i'm game. But if it ends up being solely magic oriented...........your gonna have a Bad Time.", Sans says with black sockets, sending shivers up Chara's, Frisk's, and my spine.


"We're in Azzy, you've helped us all the way, now its time we helped you. Am I right Frisk?", Chara asks, looking over to her.

"Chara's right, you need all the help you can get with these, there might even be more!", Frisk shouts.

"I will do anything to protect Monster's, my family, and the ponies of Equestria. if you can help me do just that, i'm in", Dad says.

"I don't completely agree with the weapons, but I don't want anyone getting hurt either, so i'll do it!", Mom shouts.

"SIGN ALPHYS AND I UP, WE WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO DEFEND OUR FRIENDS!", Undyne shouts, hugging the little dinosaur otaku.

"I-I will help in anyway I can, plus I owe you one for the Determination experiment, so I-I'll help out as best I can!", she shouts, my putting up my paws as Rayquaza deflects a blast from a Twilight Thorn with Dragon Pulse.

"Okay okay. if you're all game, grab a part of my Keyblade, and picture something that best symbolizes you!", I yell, them nodding as I summon my standard Keyblade, and they grab it, then a large blast of rainbow light illuminating the night, surrounding Ponyville in a white dome. Unknown to us, it also closes off Trixie's escape.

When the brightness settles, everyone is holding Keyblade's, Undyne and Mettaton holding two each, Sans levitating three, and Frisk surrounded by fifteen floating Keyblades, two of which being mine, and I fall to my knees near Lux.

(Picture these Keyblades, and Megalomania from the next picture for Sans)

(Picture each one for the others, the two Undyne and Mettaton ones dual wielded by the respective person, Alphys sharing Metal Crusher with Mettaton, Chara using Delta Dreamer with her sister, and all thirteen for Frisk, plus the ones Asriel owns from the prologue)

"I'm okay. Now, since the Nobodies are stronger and smarter than Heartless, Sans, Undyne, Mettaton, Frisk, Chara and Sora will get the Twilight Thorns with Rayquaza slowing them down. Lux will join Mom, Dad, Papyrus, Alphys, and my original when he arrives, takes the X-Blade, and we finish healing her. Now go go go!", I yell as i'm slowly healing her leg, the others running off towards their targets.

Undyne and Mettaton were pretty good, their individual Keyblade's let them shift between their attack forms, and their modes from the Genocide Run, while boosting the speed and strength to LV 10 levels. Alphys and Mom had some difficulties with using weapons at first, but they actually worked well with their individual strengths, Mom's increasing her fire magic to inferno levels, and Alphys' allowed her to create different machines out of nothing to fight with her and increase her strength, I remember glimpsing a Mecha suit from an anime, an A.I. automated light turret, and a small army of Mini-tons.

Turns out Papyrus had innate magic similar to his brothers, and the Keyblade ignited it, allowing him to use similar attacks along with his blade, him using it like a rapier. Dad's flames increased to wildfire levels, and supercharged his trident, while making his armor stronger. Chara's dark magic surrounded her and her Keyblade like flames she could bend to her will, and she even used the blade like her knife, sending energy waves and igniting the ground by stabbing it. Sans' Guardian's Judgement and Grim Retribution sliced multiple Darkside's and Twilight Thorns at once, while Megalomania duplicated and acted like supercharged Gaster Blasters, all floating around him as he teleported between Heartless and Nobody targets.

My original eventually got outside and to me, panting.

"My clones really are strong, if they can stay stabilized after multiple Ceremonies of Inheritance!", I shout.

"The X-Blade is lending me Kingdom Hearts' light and power somehow, keeping me stable. Once I finish and give it to you, i'll fade back into you.", I say as I finish healing Lux's leg.

"Your not leaving so soon. Bond with me, and share your strength, i'll give him the X-Blade!", Rayquaza shouts, firing off another non-Pokemon move, Giga Impact.

"Okay, lets make this quick though, Sora's taking a beating!", I shout, seeing Sora pinned down by Twilight Thorns, and..........are those Unversed!?

"How did Unversed get here, and how do I know what they are!?", I shout before hearing a deep, familiar voice.

"The Traveler has innate knowledge of the Multiverse, but it stays locked inside your SOULs until it's needed.", the voice explains, we turn around and see that it's W.D. Gaster himself, carrying a Keyblade of his own.

"Gaster.......but how are you here, you're stuck in the 4th wall!", I shout as the God of Hyperdeath form is absorbed by Rayquaza.

"The rupture from the Ursa Minor damaged it enough to allow me to slip through........funny, my eldest son has tried for centuries to get me out, and a baby succeeds, simply with brute force!", he shouts, summoning multiple different colored hands, and slicing through several Floods with his Keyblade in each hand, shooting energy blasts out of yellow, simply slicing with red, and pulling them down with blue, while blocking with green, and trapping them in place with purple.

"Looks like Frisk isn't the only one capable of controlling SOUL modes, Mega Evolution!", Rayquaza shouts, throwing the X-Blade to me, then Mega Evolving into a thinner, longer serpent, with jaw-like pincers coming out of both sides of the head, and two long, glowing lines of light and energy trailing from the pincers.

"Let's do this, meow!!!", Lux shouts, running off towards mom and dad, fighting back to back to hold of the massive wave of Floods.

"Where are they coming from, Vanitas was the reason they even existed!", I yell, using my super-speed to clean up massive amounts of them.

"They can either be created by someone with intense hate, or with your powers. Someone must be using the gap in reality to create these, we need to find where there all converging, where are the Mane Six!?!?!?!", Gaster shouts, teleporting to running through by using his hands as an attack shield, when we hear an immense roar.

"No........only one creature makes a roar like that...........The World of Nothingness!!!!!!", I scream, running towards where the roar came from, Gaster and Sans following behind, when we see a giant white mechanical dragon, coming of a large, literal tear in the world, with Sora and Frisk trying to hold it back.

Frisk was incredible, considering being pacifistic in nature, several different SOUL modes being used by her Keyblades, corresponding with the Monster that uses them, while they act as wings to keep her aloft, and fighting with Delta Dreamer, and Seven SOULs in each hand.

"How is The World of Nothingness still functioning, and what are these blue, water-like creatures!?!?!", Sora shouts, slicing through them all in his black and white form, getting knocked down.

"I find it fascinating that you don't know what these are, considering you've dealt with them before in the Keyblade Graveyard, and the Mirage Arena!!!", Gaster shouts, teleporting in and helping him up.

"I dealed with Unversed, yes, but not these things, their just flooding in!", Sora shouts, Blasting them all away with light energy.

"Good guess, they're the Unversed equivalent of Shadows and Dusks, Floods!", I scream, pointing the X-Blade at the tear, and LOCKing it up, cutting the World of Nothingness by the neck.

"There goes the dragon and the tear, but who's behind this?", Frisk asks, spinning them all up in a Keyblade twister, and poofing them all.

"It had to be someone with a grudge against Ponyville, only hate can create these, tear or no tear.", Sans says, facing Gaster, "It's nice to see you again WingDings.".

"Same to you son, last time I was free in a timeline was Inseparable, and I still regret RESETting that timeline, but the Author and I were looking for this exact timeline, one where all three children were in Equestria, not just Asriel.", Gaster explains when we hear Twilight scream.

We run over to where it's from, and see Gilda, Trixie, and someone in a black robe and hood getting ready to pounce along with a ton of Heartless, Nobodies, and Unversed onto everyone.

"NO, OMNITRIX, REABSORB COPIES!", I scream, Rayquaza and Lux being reabsorbed into me, as I run in and clash against the three with my Keyblade, and change into the God of Hyperdeath.

"So, who are you to attack me, you don't know me at all.", the hooded man says, summoning a red beam of energy.

"I know you all too well. only one person can summon Nothingness beams, Xemnas!", I shout, the man backing up in shock, lifting up his hood.

"How would Asriel Dreemurr know who I am, you're not from Kingdom Hearts, or My Little Pony!", he shouts, everyone looking confused when the combined armies pounce on him.

"NO!!!!!!!!!", I scream, unconsciously summoning all the Keyblades, including Gaster's, Sora's and the X-Blade, and small different colored creatures, "LASER, DRILL, SPIKES, ROCKET, CUBE, HOVER, FRENZY!, a voice says,"FINAL COLOR KEYBLADE BLASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", I scream as the many Keyblade's form a fast, spinning circle with the X-Blade in the center, firing a large, rainbow beam towards the crowd, destroying them all within seconds.

"How do you have so much strength............and why aren't you Flowey!?......", he says, before I point the X-Blade at him, then I lower it, point it up in the sky, the dome gone down, and shoot a beam of pure light into the night sky. after a shock-wave of light and wind blows all the clouds away, everyone gasps in shock that I unconsciously summoned Kingdom Hearts itself, visible to the whole world.

"Xemnas of Organization XIII, Displaced of Earth, you have been brought to an alternate Equestria, that has been created as a link between all the trees of the Multiverse.", I say with an deep, astral voice, shocking everyone, pointing the blade at the Nobody, "You unknowingly attacked the Mane Six, and the Royal Dreemurr family with Trixie Lulamoon, and Gilda the Griffon.", I keep going, the Nobody in shock, "If you make an Unbreakable Vow with the Displaced Heroes of the Multiverse, you may use Kingdom Hearts......the true Kingdom Hearts, to gain a heart. However, if you deny the Vow, W.D. Gaster and Shadow the Hedgehog will destroy your form, sending your consciousness into the Void forevermore!!!!!!!!!", I finish before I pass out, Trixie and Gilda making a run for it................

To Be Continued..........

Author's Note:

Thank you for the wait. I tried to get this and the last chapter before Christmas Day, but I'm in the States right now, so I'm spending time with family as well. Anyway, here's the Cat Klonoa translations.

*1-'Rainbow, what are you doing hiding from Pinkie Pie?'
*2-'What? Oh right!'
*3-'I have paws? Why do I have paws!? Ma....ria!'
*4-'I don't know, Maria! Sigh, right.'
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