• Published 14th Dec 2016
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The Traveling Son of a Great Dreemurr - jjb0420

Hi, my name is Asriel Dreemurr, I died helping my sister, was brought back as a flower, was SAVEd by another, then sent to another world..........wait what?!

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Prologue- A Dreemurr Appearing in Equestria

It was Friday morning, Celestia’s day had just begun. The sun was rising, many different kinds of ponies were just starting to wake up, as well as the animals. Near a lush forest called the Everfree, was a small cottage lush with plant and animal life. Already, the pony inhabiting the cottage was feeding the animals for the day. Her name, was Fluttershy.

here you go little guys, and you too Angel,” she said with a timid voice, almost at a whisper. The rabbit in question, Angel, was tapping their foot in waiting. But Fluttershy knew what they wanted. “Don’t think I forgot you, Mr. Picky-Pants, I have what you want,” she said, pushing a complex salad dish towards him with her muzzle. “Now, I’m going to get my herbs from the forest, then go out and do errands. So you all behave, and Angel’s in charge until I get back, okay?” she asked.

They all spoke in their own animal languages. But she understood them all, they had all said ‘Okay!’. “Okay, I’ll see you all later, bye!” she said, leaving the house. She had just closed the door, when she heard a loud thud from in the nearby trees.

She shrieked, and hid behind her mailbox, scared that it was something bad. “who’s there!?” she said. When no response came, she slowly came out from her hiding place, curious what it was.

I should go check it out, what if a bird clipped its wing, or a fox hit its head?” she said with fear. She slowly flew towards where she heard the noise, the shy pegasus scared for whatever it was. As she got close to the spot, she something, it was small, with white fur, lying face down on a crushed patch of yellow flowers. She slowed down at first, due to never seeing something like it before, then sped up then she realized it was unconscious.

She picked it up and faced it upright against a tree. That’s when she saw it completely. it was a small goat-like creature, with large ears, padded paws and feet, with four digits each, as well as a small tail. what was weird was it had a green and yellow striped sweater, and pants on. “What kind of creature is this? Not one I’ve seen before, not to mention it looks like its bipedal,” she said.

I should get some first aid supplies and.........” she said, right when the creature gasps, and she tries to wake him up.

I was waiting for the moment, the moment she would RESET. Frisk, the sister that I never had, the sister who SAVEd me, rather than got me killed. It was the 5th run, and I was ready to RESET this time, But I never expected what happened to happen. I felt like I was going to fall through the ground, then passed out.

I was floating in this weird void with nothing but SOULs, or Symbols Of Undying Love, floating around me. What was the most weird was that a single Monster SOUL got close to me, and went into me! I went in to an array of questions, like ‘how did that happen, my SOUL was destroyed when I died, me still existing was an accident on the part of Alphys!’ until eventually, I saw this white light appear above me, and i passed out for the second time.

Half an hour later, the sounds around me sneak into my consciousness, and I made a small gasp for air.

And that’s when I heard the small, quiet, yet kind voice near me.

Hello?.......................Hello, could you............wake up, I’m worried that your hurt, and I want to help...........Please, wake up.......” she said.

Urrgh, my head............., what happened to me...............Where am I............?’ I thought curiously.

Could you please wake up,..............i’m really worried..........your hurt........please.......wake.......up.........” she said, as I slowly stirred until I was fully conscious.

I slowly opened my eyes, and got a full blast of sunlight straight to my eyes. that brought another question to the surface.

where am I, the Underground only has access to sunlight at the mountain hole, and the Judgement Hall.” I thought, before being interrupted by.......whoever the voice belonged to.

Oh thank goodness your alive, are you okay, what are you, Who are you, where did you did you get those clothes, where...........” she says, rapidly asking questions.

“Please, give me a second, I was unconscious for......who knows how long and..........” I say, before my eyes adjust and see everything.

I’m in a lush forest, with so many different colors. I look down and see an all too familiar flower. Its the same breed of flowers that I brought from Chara’s village, and reborn as. I almost flinch from seeing them again all too soon. I look at the trees again, and realize their not the same kind as the ones in Snowdin. There are other flowers as well, pink ones that look like roses, blue ones that look like daisies, even some mushrooms. But what really catches my eye, is what I see as what the kind, shy voice that I heard from earlier.

In front of me is a tan, horse-like creature, with pink hair going over one of her bright blue eyes. On her flank, I see a small picture of three, pink butterflies, and in between where the flank meets the neck, was a pair of tan, feathered wings. ‘so this is who I heard, a pegasus. But what is she, some new type of Monster?’ I think, before she speaks to me.

Wait, you can speak, as well as in my language? This is great, but could you answer my question please? I mean, if that’s not a problem of course.” she says, quite quickly.

“H-H-Howdy! I would answer, but I’m as curious as you are, you see, I’m.............not from here..............wherever here is, so how about we introduce ourselves, then we answer each other’s questions?” I say quickly, while trying to get up into a comfortable position.

Oh, o-okay, my name is Fluttershy..............” she says, getting quieter, and looking down due to her shyness.

“Fluttershy?” I ask. “Hehe, that’s a nice name!”

You could hear me?” she asks, blushing.

I nod, smiling.

How did you end up unconscious? I just found you face down in the crushed flowers,” she asks politely.

“I’ll answer that too. But I have to ask, do you have any friends I should meet, and explain to as well?” I ask, getting up and wiping off my clothes.

Y-your right, the rest of the girls should know about this, a-and I’m late for my errands anyway.” she says excitedly, and nervously.

“Girls, what do you mean, and what errands?” I ask curiously.

The girls are my friends, they should know about you if you want to know more about me, and I was already on my way to do some errands today, right before I heard a loud thud, and found you here,” she says smiling.

“O-oh, I didn’t know you had things to do, I hope you don’t have to cancel anything,” I say sadly with a frown.

I-i-i-its alright, you didn’t know. Besides, I’m doing this for, or with the girls anyway, so they’ll understand. although, we should get going, don’t want to worry anypony,” she says worriedly. “Especially since Pinkie will want to throw you a ‘Welcome to Ponyville’ party and have you meet everypony,” she says quietly.

“I’m sorry, but who’s Pinkie, why do you use ‘anypony’ and ‘everypony’, and what’s Ponyville?” I say curiously, making air quotes with my paws.

Oh goodness, you can hear that well? Pinkie Pie is one of my friends, and she loves throwing parties, especially for newcomers to Ponyville,” she says worriedly. “And Ponyville is where I live, its a small town with other ponies like me. Although, how did you not know about Ponyville, and ‘anypony’ and ‘everypony’?” she says curiously.

At least I know what she is now,’ I think to myself.

“I’ll try to answer that as well, but we should wait until we’re with your friends. That way, I can think about what to say, a-and can explain all at once,” I say nervously.

Okay, b-but you don’t have to worry about explaining until everyponies together,” she says.

“O-o-okay, let’s meet everyb-b-body,” I say nervously and shyly. I pause for a second. ‘D-d-did I just stutter?!’ i think worriedly. “W-w-why am I so shy all of a sudden, I’m not so shy and nervous around people normally,’ I say with fear.

Its okay, I’m shy all the time...........It’s why I was so quiet when I said my name, and why I was embarrassed to explain why,” she says with a smile. She comes up to me and gives me a hug.

“Y-your really nice, thanks Fluttershy,” I say nervously, but with a smile. “Let’s g-g-get going, we’ve been...........wherever this is for a long time,” I say coming out of the hug.

The Everfree forest, and your right, let’s get going, don’t want to disappoint the girls,” she says nervously.

“Thanks for the answer, and lets go,” I say thankfully.

We walk out of the forest together towards the town. Or in my case I follow Fluttershy slowly, but carefully out of the trees.

I started to feel weak all of a sudden after we passed the trees. And with no trees to support myself, I eventually collapsed on the ground near the town.

She hears me collapse and turns around, then gasps.

Oh my goodness, are you okay!?” she says while galloping towards me.

“I-i-i’m all right. I don’t know why, but I j-j-just feel weak all of a sudden!” I say, fear in my voice, stuttering again. “S-sorry about yelling. maybe i feel weak because i’m hungry?” I say with a nervous chuckle.

W-w-well, Pinkie is who my first errand is with anyway, so maybe we could get something to eat there. She lives with the Cakes, and their wonderful bakers,” She says nervously.

“T-t-that could work. if you could help me up, could you help me walk until we get there?” I say shyly.

O-o-okay, that could work. Okay here we go..................” she says while slowly helping me up to my padded feet.

My feet are so sensitive right now. especially around the pads. why is everything so strong right now?’ I thought to myself.

We’re eventually able to get myself to my feet, and slowly get going. as we’re going into the town, I start to see more ponies. One is brown with blue eyes, chocolate colored mane, and another one of those pictures on their flanks. This one is different though, it is of an hourglass.

What are those strange pictures on their flanks anyway. I’m gonna have to ask Fluttershy what they are next time I see one,’ I think with curiosity.

As time goes on, some of the ponies start to notice me. Some quietly murmur things to each other. for example, ‘What is Fluttershy doing with that strange creature?’ or ‘what is that thing, and why is it on its hind legs?’. Unfortunately, none of them are hidden by my strong ears. I tried my best not to cry due to the more hurtful ones. But that isn’t the only thing some of them did, some of them either run to their homes, or try to get Fluttershy away from me. I started to cheer up when I saw some of them.........just living out their daily lives. like one grey pegasus. Once I get a good look, I see that her eyes are cross-eyed, her mane is blonde, and she has another one of those pictures on her flanks, these of some bubbles.

Fluttershy saw me look at the grey pony when some of my tears landed on her. “That’s Derpy Hooves. She works as the local mailmare, and.............o-o-oh, are you okay?” she says when she sees me crying. “Don’t worry, we’re close to Sugarcube Corner. But could you tell me whats wrong?” she continues, her eyes watering up.

“i-i-its alright, don’t cry for me. i’ll explain once we get to..............what was it, Sugarcube Corner?” I explain, wiping my eyes with my sleeve.

She nods, and we keep going. That’s when I see the giant gingerbread house-like building, with every sweet imaginable. we slowly stepped into the large bakery, and i get a large whiff of the baked goods. That, combined with seeing the different kinds of cakes on display, makes me drool on the floor by accident.

“Im s-s-sorry......darn stutter again..........but the baked goods smell so good,” I apologize shyly, slightly blushing through my fur.

It’s okay. Your right, the cakes smell great today. Speaking of Cakes.......” She says before turning towards the kitchen door. “Mr. Cake, Mrs. Cake, could you come out to the parlor? I have an order to get, and a friend who’s hungry.” she says, as loud as her shy voice can muster. She sets me down in one of the nearby booths, right before a yellow stallion, and a bright blue mare come out of the kitchen.

“Oh, it’s you Fluttershy. I thought you were gonna be here earlie.............” the yellow stallion says, before seeing me. I assume the stallion who said that is Mr. Cake, and the bright blue mare who came out after him is Mrs. Cake. “Fluttershy, what are you doing here with that goat-like monster!?” Mrs. Cake shouts. Shout or whisper, I would have heard everything she said, and man, it hurts.

What are you doing here with that M-M-Monster!?, s-s-she really said that?’ I think sadly. That’s when I drop on my knees and start sobbing. “What did I do to deserve this hate............” I say as I as I start sobbing.

The Cakes, and Fluttershy look towards me, and start to feel so bad for me.

P--Please, d-don’t cry. It’s okay, the Cakes didn’t mean it.......right Cup, Carrot?” she says, her eyes starting to water, before turning to the Cakes.

“Y-Ya, we’re sorry, we didn’t mean to hurt you, its just.........” says Carrot.

“Y-Y-Your right......That’s what I am,” I say, still sobbing on the floor.

W-What do you mean?” says Fluttershy, full on crying now.

“Y-Y-You told m-me your n-name, but I-I-I nev-v-ver told you mine,” I say, stuttering more than ever.

Wha?.......” says Fluttershy, now slightly curious.

“M-My name is A-A--Asriel D-D-D-D-Dreemurr, the P-P-P-Prince of M-M-Monsters!” I finally introduce myself, looking up to them, full on crying.

They all gasp, they hadn’t expected this. They hadn’t at all.

P-P-Prince of Monsters, he’s really a Monster?!’ thinks Fluttershy.

W-W-Why didn’t you ever tell me? I would’ve understood,” she says to me, before anyone else does.

“I-I-I was afraid you would hate me, The M-M-Monsters are always villains in s-stories,” I say, trying to wipe up my tears.

Just because you’re a monster, doesn’t mean I would hate you. It just means your......unique. Besides, your one of the nicest people I’ve ever met,” she says with pure kindness.

“Th-Th-Thanks, Fluttershy, your so kind. Sigh, just wish everyone had that same type of kindness in their SOULs,” I say, finally, yet slowly starting to calm down.

“SOUL, what do you mean?”, says Cup Cake, the first words from one of the Cakes since I told them my name and title.

“I’d be happy to explain things with a cup of tea, maybe some food. I needed Fluttershy’s help staying upright, and walking while we were coming over here,” I say politely, struggling to try and get back into the seat.

“I’d be happy to serve a Prince. And it’s on the house, as an apology. Cup and I shouldn’t have judged you so quickly, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, right?” says Carrot, apologetically.

“R-R-Right, Fluttershy, could you.........?” I say, trying to calm down, but need help back up.

R-R-Right, here we go.......” she says. She helps me get up, and back into the seat. As I’m about to make friendly conversation, Mrs. Cake asks me a strange question.

“By the way, have you had a ‘Welcome to Ponyville’ party yet, I would love to do the cake,” she asks me.

“N-No, but.............” I say right before being scared badly.

WHAT, HOW HAVE I NOT GIVEN YOU A PARTY?!!?!?!” says a voice from out of nowhere. All of a sudden, a pink blur shows up next to me.

AAAHHH MMOOOOOOOOMMMMYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!” I scream, the loud voice scares me so badly, I jump out of my seat, and dive under the table.

Mommy, how.......how old is he, are there more of him!?’ thinks Fluttershy, also wondering who his parents were.

A-Asriel?” she asks, looking under the table.

“Y-yes, Fl-Fl-Fluttershy?” I ask, crying a little bit, with my eyes closed.

H-How old are you anyway?” she asks curiously.

“I-I-I am....was, 10 and a quarter before........” I say before I get scared by the pink blur again.

“So this is where you went, you little goat! why are you under here, how are you bipedal, how can you talk, I’m Pinkie Pie, whats............” Pinkie says, before being stopped by Fluttershy.

P-Pinkie please stop, your scaring Asriel!” says Fluttershy before looking to me. “A-Are you okay, Asriel!?” she says worriedly.

I quickly nod, so afraid of Pinkie.

C-Could you open your eyes, so Pinkie could see?” she says, before I nod again and open my eyes slowly.

“What do you mean Fluttershy, i’m just........”, she says, before she looks at me, and sees me crying. Then her poofy pink mane deflates a bit. “I-I-I.......I didn’t mean to make you cry, I was j-j-just curious about why you haven’t had one of my parties. Everypony should have a Pinkie Party when they come to Ponyville,” she says sadly, starting to cry herself.

“I-I-It’s okay, y-y-you did-d-dn’t mean to scare me, please don’t cry,” I say shakily, slowly moving towards her. “I was just scared by how loud, and sudden it was,” I say, wiping my, and her tears with my sleeves.

“Y-You mean it, I was just curious about you, and you not having a Pinkie Party. And what did you mean by ‘mommy’?” she asks, a bit shakily herself.

“I would explain, but I want to explain to all of Fluttershy’s friends,” I say as I slowly, but weakly, crawl out from under the table. “H-H-How about you come with us as we finish Fluttershy’s errands, I can explain all at once, then I can have one of you special ‘Pinkie Parties’, and meet everypony. Okay?”, I say, making air quotes with my paws.

That’s when her hair re-inflates. “Okie Dokie Lokie! Now we can have fun together,” she says happily.

This is nice, how about you two officially introduce yourselves, then he can have his tea and food, then we can get going,” says Fluttershy out of nowhere.

“Great idea Fluttershy. That way, we can start fresh!” I say excitedly. “Wow, i’m feeling much more happy and hyper all of a sudden,” I say with some nervousness.

Hmm, when you met me, and bonded with me, you became very shy and nervous. now you feel........basically Pinkie Pie?!” Fluttershy asks worriedly.

“Whatever it is, we can see what it is later. I’m Pinkie Pie, Ponyville’s Certified Party Planner Pony!” Pinkie says with a smile, with her hoof stretched out for a paw-hoof shake, right when the Cakes come out.

“I’m Asriel Dreemurr, Prince of all Monsters, and really nice goat kid!” I say happily, with a grin growing on my face. I grab her hoof with my left paw and shake it, right when Mr. Cake arrives with our tea, and Fluttershy’s order.

“I see that you two are bonding well! Although, what was that loud scream from Asriel for?” he says curiously.

Pinkie accidentally scared Asriel by doing a Pinkie scream, after hearing his answer to Mrs. Cake’s question,” Fluttershy says, grabbing a cup of tea.

“I hid under the table, but Pinkie and I made up. Now we’re going to try to become besties!” I say excitedly.

“It’s good that you two have made up, now I can try this new recipe I heard though the grape vine,” says Mrs. Cake, who just came out with the food. “It’s a chocolate cake, with a special butterscotch and cinnamon icing!” she says excitedly.

“Wait, did you just say butterscotch and cinnamon?” I ask excitedly.

“Y-Yes, why, are you allergic?” she says worriedly, and curiously.

“No way, it’s my favorite flavor of Pie, if that’s a type of icing on chocolate cake, that would be heaven!” I say happily. I fling my hands in the air, and something strange happens.

All of a sudden, the teacups and pastries start to float after a flash of white light, and move towards me.

W-W-what, what just happened!?” says Fluttershy, trying to pull down the teacups.

“I-I-It’s like gravity decided to turn off, and move towards me,” I say worriedly.

“M-Maybe we should get going, we can have the tea later, and have the pastries while we go to the other girls,” says Pinkie rapidly.

Good idea Pinkie, maybe Twilight can give an answer. If not, she can send a letter to Princess Celestia.”, Fluttershy whispers to Pinkie Pie.

“Who’s Twilight, and Princess Celestia?”, I ask curiously.

“WHOA, you heard that!?”, Pinkie asks me, surprised I heard something so low.

I nod. “It’s how I heard Fluttershy’s name when we first met. It’s also why I was crying earlier Fluttershy,” I answer before turning to Fluttershy. “While we were walking over here, I heard some other ponies say.......some really mean things,” I say to her, before looking down.

I-I’m sorry you had to go through that Asriel,” she apologizes. “To answer your question, Twilight Sparkle is another one of my friends. She’s a really talented unicorn, who loves books. As for Princess Celestia, she’s one of our two rulers. She raises the sun, while her sister, Princess Luna, raises the moon. Although............how did you not know about the princesses?” she answers and asks.

First Pegasi, then unicorns, now ponies that can control celestial bodies. What’s next, dragons?’ I think to myself.

“Ya, now that you mention it, how do you not know who the princesses are, and what are SOULs? You mentioned those earlier,” asks Mrs. Cake suspiciously.

“Pl-Please, I want to answer all these at once, especially since some of it is a bit sad, so could you wait until all the girls are together? We can even discuss it here, that way your que-questions are answered as well,” I ask fearfully.

Hmm, okay, but you still owe us all an explanation,” she says kindly. “Now then, Rarity’s next, I have to deliver some spider silk to her for her work. Let’s get going!” she says confidently.

“Your right, let’s get going, no need to keep your friends waiting any longer,” I say before turning to leave.

“Thanks for coming!” says Carrot Cake.

“Sorry again for judging you, Asriel!” says Cup Cake.

We just got to the door when I decide to be polite, I’ll hold open the doors for the two girls, when something strange happens again.

There’s another bright flash of white light that nearly blinds us, and we see the door disintegrated into a cloud of minty smoke.

I-I-It’s happened again!” says Fluttershy, before stepping out onto the road.

“First a bunch of teacups defy gravity to come to you, now a door suddenly disintegrates after you touch it. Are you sure your not hiding anything?” says Pinkie, before joining Fluttershy in the street.

I slowly walk towards them, while examining what used to be a door. “I really don’t understand it either, even the hinges are gone. It’s like the door was split into its base molecules!”, I say worriedly before joining the two.

“Azzy, please don’t break the 4th wall until we’re at Rarity’s, I doubt even I could repair that,” says Pinkie being Pinkie Pie by breaking the 4th wall.

“Okay, I’ll have some questions for you later, like how on earth do you know about the 4th wall!?” I ask, before Fluttershy gets in between us.

Pinkie, Asriel, I might not know what’s going on between you two, but we should get to Rarity’s, I could at least pick up from Pinkie that something’s going to happen.” she says turning to me.

“Your right Fluttershy, I can pick that up as well. And we shouldn’t be fighting either, we’re besties now. Shall we get going Pinkie?” I say before looking at the Party Pony in question.

“Okie Dokie Lokie!” she says, and we start walking again.

We pass more ponies, as well as some fillies at what I think is the school. I see more of those strange pictures as well, and ask Fluttershy about them.

Oh okay, yet another question for later. Anyway, their called Cutie Marks. They represent a ponies special talent, and it appears after they discover said talent. Like mine for example, it symbolizes how I can understand animals, and how I love to take care of them. Look, there it is!” she explains before pointing with her hoof towards a building.

And when I look in the direction she’s pointing I see it. A large, multicolored, circular building with a small carousel on the top.

“There’s the Carousel Boutique, lets go see if Rarity’s inside!” exclaims a certain pink pony.

“A boutique, what does Rarity do, exactly?” I ask politely.

O-oh, Rarity is a clothes designer, from dresses to casual wear. You see, her special talent is to use her magic to find buried gemstones, which she incorporates into her fashion lines. She’s very generous though,” Fluttershy explains, before we hear a loud voice from inside.

W-W-Who are you and what are you doing in that Minotaur dress!?!?” a high class voice shouts, right before we hear another more calm, yet afraid girls voice.

I-I-I’m sorry miss unicorn, I was just looking around and I saw this one. It looked so beautiful, I just wanted to see how it looked on me, I didn’t know it belonged to anyone!!!!!!” the girl said.

That voice..... it sounds familiar......... could it be?’ I think, wondering if its who I think it is.

Those baby blue sapphires are really fragile, as well as the threads holding it together. Its going to break now!” the classy voice, who know doubt belongs to Rarity, says before we hear a loud tearing sound, and gems shattering on the floor. “Now look what you’ve done, it’ll take me weeks to get the fabric and find the proper gems again. Even longer to find another buyer after this one denies me!!!!!!!!” she yells.

“Okay, I’m going in. I’m not going to lose another sister to an angry unicorn,” I say before the other two look at me.

“Wait, sister, you have a sister? YAY! Another new person for the ‘Welcome to Ponyville’ party!!!!” Pinkie says happily.

Y-You never said you had a sister, and how did you lose the first one? Anyway, I doubt Rarity would kill who ever they are, and even then, the doors locked,” Fluttershy says worriedly.

“But that doesn’t mean I can’t get in. Remember what happened to the Cakes’ door? I might be able to do it with this one,” I say nervously.

You mean where you disintegrated it? You don’t even know if you can control it, it could destroy the whole building!” she warns me.

I-I-I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was so important, I didn’t mean to damage it either............” the girl says, right before we hear a sparking sound.

I DON’T CARE, YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS! YOU SHOULDN’T EVEN BE IN HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Rarity screams.

“I don’t care, I’m going in!!!!!” I yell before running for the door.

Asriel no, don’t do it!!!!!!” Fluttershy yells behind me. But I somehow don’t hear her.

I grab the doorknob, picture the door being disintegrated, and with a bright flash of rainbow light, the door becomes a cloud of black smoke.

And there she is, standing next to a mannequin for cover, Brown hair, both eyes shut, with a blue and purple striped sweater, Frisk Dreemurr, my sister. Right in front of her is a fuming white unicorn, with an elaborate purple mane, along with a cutie mark of three bright blue diamonds. And she is ready to kill my sis.

“NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!” I scream, right when Rarity charges at Frisk, ready to kill.

I run right in, waving my hands foward and creating a barrier. “LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!!!!!!” I shout. Everyone is surprised by the magic, including the unicorn. I take her shock as a chance, so I spin-kick her into a wall, knocking her out.

That’s when I hear her sweet voice.

A-A-Asriel?” she says behind me.

I turn around.

“Fr-Frisk?, is that really you?” I ask.

w-well who else could it be?” she asks jokingly.

I rush up to her, and give her a big hug.

“I-I missed you so much. I thought i’d never see you again!” I say, starting to cry.

Now now, no need to start the waterworks, Azzy. We have ponies watching!” she says jokingly, pulling me out of the hug.

“R-right. Heh, I was always a crybaby, wasn’t I?” I say jokingly. She gives me her signature smile as I wipe my eyes with a sleeve, and I turn around to the other three ponies as Rarity wakes up.

“Heh, this is an interesting turn of events. I make new friends, and finally join my sister as family,” I say, gaining some curious looks from the others.

A-Asriel, you really know who this....... whatever she is, is?” says Fluttershy curiously.

“Yes Fluttershy, I know who she is,” I say confidently, before turning to Frisk. “This is Frisk Dreemurr, my human sister,” I say before hearing gasps from Pinkie and Fluttershy.

“You mean what Lyra has been saying is true!?” says Pinkie, earning a curious look from me.

“Lyra, who’s Lyra?”, I say before hearing a clearing of the throats from Fluttershy.

They don’t know who she is, Pinkie.” she says, before turning to look at Frisk and I. “Forgive Pinkie, Lyra Heartstrings is another unicorn who lives in town, She has this fascination with humans. She calls the study Anthropology.”, she says, earning a surprised look from Frisk and I.

That’s strange, Anthropology is a real thing. It’s basically the study of humans as a whole, correct?”, says Frisk, before earning a surprised look From Pinkie.

“Your right, that’s what she tells me every time she picks up cupcakes from me. How did you know!?” says a surprised Pinkie.

“Like I said to Fluttershy, we’re...........not from around here, and Anthropology is a legitimate study from where Frisk is from..............” I say, before being pushed to the ground by an angry Rarity, who had finally gotten up.

Listen you........you monster, your weird creature of a sister destroyed one of my best works, and needs to pay! Now get out of the way before I..................” she yells at me, before being knocked away by Fluttershy.

“A M-m-monster, that’s the second pony to call me t-t-that. I-is that a-a-all I am to you ponies, a t-terrible m-m-monster?” I say before full on sobbing again.

Rarity calm down, can’t you see that your making a 10 year old boy cry!?” she says before gesturing to me, sobbing on the floor.

What do you mean, making him cry? He’s a monster, they don’t cry, they......” Rarity says, before looking towards me. That’s when her mad, and tough demeanor breaks. “W-what, how.......” she says, before Fluttershy forcibly moves her head to herself.

You see, he’s just a unique, 10 year old boy, who has a very kind heart. You know what happened when Mrs. Cake said the same thing!?” she says angrily, now flying. Rarity shakes her head. “He broke down onto the floor, crying his heart out. Because that’s what he is, a kind kid who wouldn’t even tell me who he is until then, because it’s true, he’s the Prince of Monsters!” she says, earning a gasp from Rarity.

“T-T-The Prince of Monsters? Why would he be ashamed........” she says, before being interrupted by Frisk, of all people.

Because were we come from, Humans and Monsters went to war a long time ago. The Humans started it, It was all one-sided, the Monsters retaliating just to try to survive. They were sealed underground after they lost, and they faded into the villains in children’s bedtime stories!” she yells angrily, before all the ponies gasp.

W-W-What, they were sealed u-u-underground after a one-sided war!?” says Fluttershy, eyes starting to trickle.

“But........but you...........” Rarity says, slowly realizing her mistake.

If you had listened to me before trying to kill me, you would’ve heard that I didn’t know that dress belonged to anyone. I thought it looked beautiful, and i’m sorry its ruined, but could you please apologize to Azzy, he’s............had a bad past, and those hurtful insults break him so badly,” says Frisk, gesturing to me. I’ve already raised my head, eyes open.

The pony in question slowly moves towards me, I’ve lowered my head again, and she tries to raise my head with her muzzle.

“I-I-I’m really sorry Mr.......” she says apologetically.

“A-A-Asriel, A-A-Asriel D-D-D-Dreemurr,” I say shakily.

“Asriel, i’m so, so sorry I insulted you like that. I was just so mad..........all that hard work for the dress, ruined,” she says, conjuring a small chair with her horn, a light blue hue around it.

“When I make a outfit, I put everything into it, just to make it look the best. It wouldn’t be very generous of me not to do my best work. So when.......Frisk, accidentally ruined it, I felt all that hard work go down the drain. I simply couldn’t stand it,” she says, tearing up herself as well, before bringing over a tissue box.

“So when you came to Frisk’s rescue with that..........barrier of yours, all that pain and hatred just........got aimed at you.”, she says, me starting to feel sympathetic for the fashionista.

“I-I-It’s okay Rarity, y-you didn’t know,” I say shakily, slowly starting to calm down and get up, before realizing. “You know, energy can’t ever be destroyed. Only changed to matter, or contained somehow,” I say, earning a confused look from everyone except Frisk.

W-What do you mean..........your planning something, aren’t you?” asks Fluttershy curiously.

“I sure am, Fluttershy, and Frisk knows what I mean by energy,” I say confidently. They all look at her, and she nods in response. I look over at Rarity. “I might be able to give you a gift, and don’t worry about repaying me Rarity, everyone deserves generosity once in a while,” I say, before I realize something. “Heh, it’s happening again, wonder why,” I say before Frisk moves towards me.

What do you mean by ‘happening again’?”, she says curiously, making air quotes with her fingers.

“That can wait for a second sis, I want to try this out, it would be a waste of so much hard work if I didn’t,” I say, before moving towards a mannequin.

“Rarity, could you describe how the dress looked?” I ask, turning towards said pony.

“W-Well, it was a red and blue gown, going down to the floor. It was also decorated by a ring of rare, baby blue sapphires,” she says curiously.

“Thanks, I just hope this works!” I say excitedly, earning a curious look from the ponies. I turn back to the mannequin, concentrate on the image of the dress, and will it to exist.

Thats when it started. A powerful gush of wind blows through the hole where the door once was. Outside, a single black cloud appears out of thin air, and sends down a single, powerful lightning bolt right down into the boutique, striking me, and attracting the attention of a certain rainbow maned Pegasus mare to the building.

Inside, the six Human SOULs appear around me, making everyone witnessing gasp in shock. Then all of a sudden, my Monster SOUL leaves my body and appears above me, still with its Determination outline there.

So those are the SOULs he mentioned at the Cakes! Although, why are they all different colors, and why is the grey one upside down, with a red outline?’ thinks Fluttershy, before gasping with the others when the grey one turns fully red, flips to the shape of the others, and goes back inside me along with all the others!

That’s when I start to change. Not instantaneously like when I fought Frisk. It was slow and detailed, first I start to grow horns, and the whites of my eyes turn jet black, and black face markings appear. Then my teeth grow into long, sharp fangs, my paws turn into claws, and I grow to the age of an adult. Finally my clothes change to a black robe with white sleeves, a large collar and shoulder pads, a Heart Locket, then the Delta Rune appears on the front.

Then all of a sudden, a bright flash of black, white, and rainbow colored light blasts through the whole boutique, blinding everyone for a second and knocking me out, leaving the gown repaired on the mannequin.

Asriel!” screams both Fluttershy and Frisk before rushing to me.

I’m in the sea of blackness again. I must’ve passed out after doing that, but I just had to. It wouldn’t have been generous of me just let that work be wasted.

Great, I was right, I’m feeling basically Rarity, like I did Pinkie and Fluttershy.’ I think, before hearing a certain 4th wall breaking pony.

Finally the Author decides to use me. And yes, I know, he had been thinking about it, but things happened. Oh hi Asriel, sorry you got knocked out, Fluttershy and Frisk will wake you up soon, so don’t worry, you’ll be okay!” says Pinkie, before there’s another flash of light, and I hear them.

O-Oh thank goodness your alright, I was so worried after everything happened!” says the shy Pegasus.

Fluttershy’s right, we were all worried after you passed out Azzy, especially us two!” says Frisk before giving me a big hug.

Thanks girls..........although, why am I suddenly taller than you?” I ask after noticing it, finding my deeper voice strange, before earning a gasp from everyone.

A-Asriel, what do you remember from before you passed out?” asks Frisk worriedly.

I......I remember trying to make the gown again, which I see worked over there. And I remember passing out, but that’s it. Why do you ask?” I answer earning more gasps from everyone.

“He needs to look in a mirror, STAT!” screams Pinkie, me still remembering her breaking the 4th wall.

She pulls a full-body mirror over to the center of the room, and I see myself.

Wha......how?.....” I quizzically wonder, as I walk over to my reflection slowly. I had grown to an adult age, the whites of my eyes had turned jet black, I had black face lines marking around my eyes, I grew horns, my paws had turned into claws, my teeth had grown into long, sharp fangs, and my clothes completely changed. I flinched when I recognized what outfit it is.

W--W-W-What happened to me, w-w-w-what happened before I p-p-passed out!?” I ask shakily.

W-W-Well, first there was a large blast of wind, that flew inside through where the door was........” Frisk explains first, pointing at where I disintegrated the door.

“Then a single, powerful lightning bolt struck you through the roof, creating that hole right there........” says Rarity, pointing her hoof at the hole in the ceiling.

But what was really weird, is right then after, the six Human SOULs appeared, and yours left your body..........” says Frisk, before I interrupt her.

W-What, the SOULs appeared right here!?” I say worriedly.

Y-Yes, but here’s whats was weird, your Monster SOUL, for some reason, turned into a Red Human one!!!!!!”, she worriedly tells me.

W-What, my SOUL turned into a human one, the one representing Determination of all things!?” I say in a panic. “W-What happened after t-that!?” I ask worriedly.

“W-Well all the SOULs went into your body, the six latter you seemed to absorb........” says Rarity before being interrupted by Frisk.

Then you started to change into the God of Hyperdeath. It wasn’t instantaneous like when you fought me, It’s was slow and detailed starting from the horns, ending with your clothes.” she says, before noticing her mistake, and turning to Rarity. “Sorry for interrupting you Rares, I was just so shocked I had to say it.........” she tries to apologize, before getting a hoof from Rarity.

“Perish the thought, dear Frisk, you didn’t mean anything by it, nice nickname by the way. Would you care to finish Fluttershy?” she says looking at the shy pony.

O-Okay. Right after, t-there was a bright flash of black, white, and rainbow colored light that blinded us all for a second. Then the gown just appeared out of thin air on the mannequin, and you know the rest,” she says, me showing fear.

H-H-How did the SOULs get here, I-I-I just wanted to make sure Rarity’s had work didn’t g-g-go to waste!” I scream, before being surprised by a hug from Frisk, which surprisingly only comes up to my waist.

That was so very kind and generous of you Azzy! You just had me so worried though, your SOUL becoming human, and the Determination color of all things..........I was so scared!” she says, before coming out of it, and looking up to me.

Although, I have two questions for you. One, how do you have a SOUL, yours got shattered when...... the incident happened,” she asks, earning a gasp from everyone present, no one noticing a rainbow maned mare sneaking in behind a stack of mannequins.

Two, what did you mean earlier by ‘happening again’, you never answered that,” she asks, before Fluttershy walks up to her.

I can answer the second one Frisk. You see, since I found Asriel in the Everfree, everytime he’s met and bonded with one of us girls, he’s felt........basically like us,” she says, earning a curious look from my sister.

He’s felt......basically like you? What do you mean?” she asks.

When he bonded with me, he became incredibly shy and nervous, like I am around new people. when he made up and bonded with Pinkie Pie...........” Fluttershy says, pointing to the hyper pony, who’s currently jumping up and down in a circle. “He became.......Hyper, excited, happy, wanting to be best friends with her.......basically Pinkie in a nutshell...........” she explains, earning worried looks from Frisk.

..........And after Azzy bonded with Rarity over the gown, he told me how he felt that he couldn’t let such generosity, and hard work go to waste!” says Frisk, realizing the pattern. I look at her, worriedly.

What are you thinking, Frisk?” I say, before my sis turns to me.

I remember reading three different books about monsters after I fell into the Underground, one in Mom’s living room, trying to find out more about her, one in Snowdin, and one in Alphys’ lab,” She says earning more gasps, no one noticing the rainbow maned pony hiding behind a curtain, getting ready to pounce onto me.

Monsters are created from the hopes, dreams, and wishes of other species. Like Vegetoid for example, he would be created by someone who’s starving. and Toriel told me she was made for kids from an orphanage, as a caring, passionate, wonderful mom,” she explains, earning even more gasps from everypony, especially from Fluttershy.

aaaaaaaawwwww, that’s so nice!” she says sweetly.

Anyway, Monsters are also so much more susceptible to emotions. For example, IF said Vegetoid got really depressed, old, or hopeless, they would become what is known as ‘fallen down’, where they........simply lose the Determination to live on, and in a month, their SOUL would shatter, and their bodies would turn to dust,” Frisk says, before everyone screams.

“W-W-What!? You never said that Monsters turn to dust when they die!” screams Fluttershy, surprising everyone in the room, never having been heard shouting like that.

I-I-I would’ve told you when everyone was together! B-B-Besides, M-M-Monster bodies and SOULs are much more f-f-fragile, t-t-their bodies are made of magic, and their SOULs normally can’t exist outside their bodies...........w-w-with a few exceptions,” I explain, having haven’t said a word since Frisk’s explanation began.

A-Anyway, you ponies’ emotions and personalities must be so strong, that when Azzy bonded with you, he became the feelings and your personalities as if they were his own, outside your bodies...........” Frisk explains, before I get tackled by a rainbow maned pegasus, and hear the worst words of my life.

So what, you Monsters steal our personalities, and use them as our own!? Also, what was that black cloud and lightning bolt all about, even I could feel its energy!” she yells threateningly.

W-W-What...........” I stutter before being interrupted, eyes starting to water.

Were you trying to get enough energy to kill my friends, huh? Well, guess what you heartless monster, no one attacks my friends on my watch!!!!!!!!” she yells, not noticing that i’m starting to cry.

I.....I...I....” I barely get in.

And what do you and that weird creature mean by ‘Underground’, and ‘Alphys’? are you a spy for other heartless monsters like you, trying to take over..............” she says before being pushed away by Rarity’s magic, and a confetti cannon out of nowhere by Pinkie, me full on sobbing.

“What in Equestria is wrong with you Rainbow Dash?! Can’t you see that your making him cry!?!?!?!?!?!?!” yells Rarity, fuming again.

Are you crazy Rarity, Heartless monsters like him don’t cry, they make people cry and...........”, she says, before seeing me sobbing on the floor. she gapes at a ‘monster’ crying on the floor.

W-W-Why do P-P-Ponies a-a-a-always as-s-sume i-i-i-m heartl-l-less? Y-Y-You p-p-ponies real-l-l-ly think i-i-i’m som-m-me terrib-b-ble M-M-M-Monst-t-ter, d-d-don’t you?”I shakily stutter on the floor, before Frisk and Fluttershy run over to me, surrounding me in a hug.

N-N-No Asriel, we would n-n-never think that about you.”, says Fluttershy, starting to cry herself.

Rainbow doesn’t even know who you are!” Says Frisk before turning to said pony. “Why on Earth did you just jump my brother without all the facts!?!?!” she yells, the ponies noticing the word quietly. I haven’t heard her be this loud since she shouted my name to SAVE me.

“What are you talking about, he tried to attack...........” the unknown mare says before being interrupted by Rarity.

“He did no such thing, Rainbow! He was attempting to repair the Minotaur gown that Frisk here.........” she explains, gesturing to Frisk with her hoof. “.....Accidentally destroyed, when she tried it on! That’s when the lightning bolt struck him, after there was a large gust of wind. Then the six SOULs appeared and.........” she says before being interrupted by the mare, me looking up at them crying.

“Wait, ‘SOULs’? What are SOULs?” she asks before Frisk clears her throat.

I can show you, Human SOULs are more than powerful enough to persist before and after death, without shattering,” she explains. She makes a red heart, her SOUL, materialize in front of herself. “This is a Human SOUL,” she explains, putting it in her left palm. “It’s an acronym for Symbol Of Undying Love,” she moves towards the two mares, with it in hand. “It basically represents the very culmination of your being,” A confused look from the rainbow maned pegasus. “Sigh, in layman’s terms, it means its basically who you are. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to feel any emotions at all..........I mean. You’d still have the memories of the other times you felt them, but you wouldn’t be able to feel anything new. No compassion, happiness, guilt, or sadness for your loved ones,” she finishes, everypony showing shock.

“Okay, so six of these.......SOULs, appeared around him after the lightning bolt struck him?” the mare says, everyone focusing on her again.

“Yep, then his Monster SOUL appeared above him, turned into the same type Frisk has, then he absorbed them all!” says Rarity, a gape coming from the mare.

“The Monster’s SOUL turned into a Human one, and he absorbed the other six?” she says, before Fluttershy comes out of the hug, and walks over to the three.

Yes Rainbow Dash, and his name is Asriel. Then he......became, what you just attacked!” she shouts as loud as her shy voice can muster, when the pony named Rainbow Dash, shows a curious look.

“What do you mean, he ‘became’ that!?” she yells over.

She means that after the SOULs were absorbed, he transformed into that adult form, you see him as!!!!!!” Frisk yells, Rainbow Dash starting to look worried.

“What do mean......Frisk, was it?” she asks, before hearing a clearing of the throat from Fluttershy.

“Frisk means before he became this adult form, he was a ten year old boy, with no horns, cute little paws, and normal eyes!” she yells, Rainbow gaping. “That’s right, you just made a unique, kind, 10 year old boy break down on the floor crying!” she yells again, quite loudly.

“H-How was I supposed to know he was a 10 year old, he.......!” Rainbow shouts before being interrupted by Frisk.

You never even bothered to ask Rainbow! You just assumed the worst, pounced on him, and broke his already damaged heart! He and his parents have had a very bad past, and it’s time you all heard it!” she says, a curious look from all the ponies growing on their muzzles.

“F-Frisk, I w-w-wanted to wait to explain t-t-to everyo-o-one at o-o-once,” I explain, speaking for the first time since it happened, grabbing a tissue from earlier to wipe away the tears.

They, especially Rainbow, deserve to know Azzy. Besides, this way they can help up explain a bit later,” she says with a small smile. “Pinkie, could you get some chairs for everyone, so we can all sit down? I’m hungry too, does anyone have any food?” she asks.

“Okie Dokie Lokie Frisk!” Pinkie says, before speeding away, and bringing two large couches out of nowhere.

And I have some pastries sis, the Cakes gave us them free of charge after........lets just say its what happened with Rarity. But on a smaller scale,” I explain, starting to calm down again.

I’m sorry that happened to you three times Azzy. Where is said food, though?” she asks curiously.

Now that you mention it, where.........?” I ask. I pull the cupcakes from out of nowhere behind me. “Wait........I have a Hammerspace!?” I wonder loudly.

“What’s a Hammerspace?” all the ponies ask curiously.

Its a small pocket dimension, or box, that you can place and take an infinite amount of any item, at anytime you want.” Frisk explains before looking at me. “Although Asriel, since when could you do stuff like that?” she asks me, before being tapped by Fluttershy on the shoulder with her wing.

For some reason since the Cakes, he can do things that defy the laws of physics. For example, he first made some teacups defy gravity to come towards him, then he made the door disintegrate into smoke. Its how he destroyed the locked door to get to you,” she explains, a curious look on Frisk’s face.

That’s strange, even Human SOULs have their limits. How could he get that much power..........”, she whispers to Fluttershy, before being interrupted by me.

What do you mean Frisk? Human SOULs are much stronger than Monster ones,” I ask curiously. A look of surprise appears on Frisk, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash.

Azzy, you heard all that!?!?” Frisk raises her voice.

I nod, a surprised look on the three.

Hmm. still, the story might help explaining the power. I’ll explain how we became family as well, and how he got this kind of power. Although, even that has its limits,” she explains as they all sit down.

Something feels missing about these cupcakes...........I know! I wonder if this’ll work,”, I wonder. Everyone looks before I snap my fingers, sparks jumping off. Right after I snap, there’s a bright flash of light. After it fades there’s five cups of tea, along with a teapot capable of infinitely pouring tea, along with a small cup of refilling milk for myself. Right after everyone’s eyes adjust, everyone but Frisk jumps right out of their seats from surprise.

“W-What, how did you do that?” asks Rarity and Rainbow Dash.

Simple version, I conjured the cups and teapot using the snapping of my fingers as a conduit rather than a horn. Complicated version, I turned the Oxygen atoms in the air into energy, then turned that energy back to matter, but in a different form. The teapot stays warm no matter what, and both that and my milk never runs out,” I explain with impressed faces on everyone faces.

One more thing I want to try,” I say, snapping my fingers one more time, and with a bright flash of rainbow colored light I fade gradually back into a kid.

“That’s really cool.......Asriel, was it?” says Rainbow. I nod in response as everyone sits back down.

“That’s really cool Asriel, not as cool as me of course, but cool none the less,” she says confidently.

It really is Azzy, you so have to try to bring technology from our world over with that........it’ll need a generator and fuel, but none the less that would be awesome,” Frisk says excitedly.

“Wait, your both from another world!?!?!” all the ponies yell, surprised due to this random fact.

We did mention multiple times that we’re not from around here, and we’ve said facts that would hint to it, we just hadn’t mentioned it yet...........and no Rainbow, were not spies, we don’t even know how we got here,” she says, as Rainbow begins to get up to pounce again.

Story Time everypony, Azzy and Frisk!” Pinkie shouts with her mouth full of a cupcake. Frisk looks at me questioningly.

“Its their version of some words, since people here are all ponies,” I say, noticing my voice is high again, a nod coming from Frisk.

“There’s other races as well, just not in Equestria. There’s Minotaur’s, griffons, buffalo, dragons..........” says Rarity, before Frisk and I interrupt her.

“Wait, Dragonsare a thing here!?!?!?” we yell in unison.

“Y-Y-Yes, why, you don’t have dragons in your world?” says Rainbow, us looking at her.

Girls. Griffins, Minotaur’s, and dragons are completely mythical on our world, they never existed. I mean, there are some monsters like dragons, but nothing else,” Frisk explains, everypony looking perplexed.

But we’ve been getting off-topic.........It’s time you knew about the Underground, and it’s history,” she as she pours herself a cup of tea.

I-I-I thought that you were going to tell us Asriel’s story,” Fluttershy says curiously.

“It would be best to start from the beginning, especially since some details need to be known before it,” I explain, before Frisk and I start, I grab my milk and a cupcake.

You have to understand. Only Human SOULs are strong enough, to exist after death. Monster ones are dependent on their bodies, disintegrating instantly after death. The only exception to this is Boss Monsters like our parents........their SOULs are strong enough to exist after death..........albeit only for a few seconds before shattering.

“But there was one difference that was the scariest. Us Monsters could absorb a Human’s SOUL, gaining incredible power in the process. When the Humans thousands of years ago discovered this, they were fearful that we would try to take over. They went to war.”

The Monsters retaliated only because they knew it was a one-sided war out of fear of the unknown. So, they fought back, to try to survive the onslaught of stronger Humans. Humans were stronger due to actually wanting to hurt them, and LOVE,” she explains, all the ponies becoming confused by what she meant.

“Love? What do you mean by love?” asks Rarity.

Not ‘love’, LOVE. It’s another acronym. It stands for Level Of ViolencE. A way of measuring your capacity to hurt,” Frisk explains. The ponies, especially Pinkie, become scared by this fact. “LOVE, or LV, goes up by collecting EXP. EXP is an acronym as well. It stands for Execution Points. A way of quantifying the pain you’ve inflicted on others, such as killing,” she says, everypony gasping.

Its g-g-gained by k-k-k-killing!?” screams Fluttershy.

Not just killing, hurting others. The more you hurt, the easier it becomes to distance yourself. The more you distance yourself, the less you will hurt. The more easily it becomes to hurt others,” Frisk explains. Even Rainbow starts to cry, barely failing to cover it up.

“Eventually the Humans won, and their wizards created the Barrier, almost completely sealing us underground, with my Dad, King Asgore, in charge of the entire population,” I explain, with curious looks on the ponies again.

“Okay one, what’s the Barrier, and two, what do mean ‘almost’?” asks Rainbow.

The Barrier was a magical wall at the top of a large slope, blocking anyone from leaving the Underground,” explains Frisk, the ponies looking surprised. “There are some exceptions of course. First, if someone has the power of a monster and human, or a Human and a Monster work together, they can pass through unharmed. Also, if the equivalent of seven Human SOULs are united, the Barrier can be destroyed permanently,” she finishes explaining.

“And by ‘almost’, we meant at the top of Mt. Ebbot, one of the tallest mountains in the world, there was a hole going straight down into a small garden in the Ruins, basically creating a one-way entrance,” I explain.

W-What happened to you? Earlier Frisk said your SOUL was shattered!” loudly asks Fluttershy.

Sigh, I hoped you would forget. Its time I told someone else besides Frisk for once,” I say, a curious look on the ponies muzzles.

“It was 3 decades ago. Frisk hadn’t been born yet, when the first Human had fallen down into what would be the Ruins. Her name was Chara, and I found her after she called for help, injured by her fall,” I explain.

“Chara.......really didn’t care much for humanity. She saw them as everything that was wrong with the world, and as a sickness that needed to be cleansed,” I admit, all the ponies in shock. “I brought her home. Overtime things went downhill. One time, we accidentally put buttercups instead of cups of butter into a pie. We got dad sick, and she just laughed at it!”

Azzy please, calm down before you.......” Frisk tries to explain, before I put a paw up.

“No Frisk, they need to know my pain and sadness from my view of the events!” I explain as I start to get mad again.

“After that incident she hatched a dangerous plan......we would poison her with buttercups like we accidentally did with Dad. And when she died, I would take her SOUL and cross the Barrier, and get six more. She wanted me to kill, just to break the Barrier down!!!” I scream, all the ponies gaping at me.

Let me finish Asriel. You told me your side of things, and you need to calm down.

I grudgingly nod in response, and take a sip of my milk. She turns to the ponies, and takes a bite and sip of cupcake and tea.

You see..........when Azzy absorbed Chara’s SOUL, the control over their body, was split between them. She was the one who picked up their body from her bed, and brought it along with them across. You see, her dying wish was to see the yellow flowers from their village. The Monsters could do nothing about it, but they never knew about the plan. Only Chara, and Azzy knew,” she explains.

“How does this end with Asriel’s SOUL ending up shattering, and how did he survive?” Rainbow asks as a hoof goes over the ponies muzzle.

I’m getting there Rainbow. You see, when they got to the village, they placed their body on the ground. The villagers saw him. they thought that Asriel had killed her. They attacked him with everything they had, and Chara was completely ready to slaughter them then and there. However, Azzy here stopped her. All that power, and he did nothing. Took her body back to the Underground,” she explains, worried looks on their faces. “Before I keep going................you have to understand. Dad never actually did anything, until I came along. Other Monsters did it at his orders. And even then, you can’t blame him. He was mad, and...............” she tries to explain.

She’s interrupted by Pinkie, who’s crying. “Just say it Frisk, we deserve to know!”

Sigh.............when they he got back, his parents were right there, just......waiting for him to return. He placed her on the ground, before turning to dust before their very eyes................Both SOULs shattered in the process. Both children had died in one night. Humans had once again taken everything from them. Toriel.......Mom, was so heartbroken. Asgore.........Dad, became so angry that he, out of hate for the humans that killed his children, declared that any human that came down had to die. Eventually, a legend formed around Mt. Ebbot. Whoever went up it never returned,” she finally finishes, all of them gaping in alarm at this.

Two decades later, Alphys, the Royal Scientist at the time, started experimentation on the five SOULs from humans that had already came down, and discovered a power that the Red SOUL basically is made of............Determination. Basically, it’s the will to live on, to cheat death, and overcome the odds. The person with the highest amount in the Underground is able to SAVE, RESET, and LOAD.............basically, SAVE to a certain point in time, completely RESET to the beginning, or LOAD back to before death. Even being able to literally refuse death..............all of which I could solely do,” she admits for the first time, gasps coming from the ponies.

Yes, girls. Although I wasn’t the one with this power,” Frisk explains, confused and curious faces on the ponies again. “Alphys eventually tried to test if Determination could allow a Monster SOUL to survive after death, trying to unleash that raw power. So, she had Asgore ask families for family members who had recently fallen down, and she gradually injected them with raw DT, or Determination. They eventually woke up, acting as if nothing had happened......just talking to each other. Alphys was going to let them go to their families, but....................” she keeps explaining, before Pinkie interrupts.

“This is interesting and all, but shouldn’t the other two girls hear this as well, otherwise they’re going to ask questions if we mention anything. We should wait to finish until we’re all together, and with the Cakes,” she says, everyone looking at her after talking for the first time in quite a while.............

“You keep forgetting to use me Author, that’s why!” she shouts into the air, before fall I off the couch, curling up in pain, many memories that aren’t mine penetrating my mind, also answering how she’s breaking the 4th wall.

Azzy, whats happening!?” Frisk screams in worry, my claws turning back into paws, before them and my feet lose their extra digits, becoming small three digit paws with pads.

This surprises everyone, then my mouth painfully grows out into a muzzle, keeping the long, sharp fangs. I can’t see this, but I feel the pain inside the memories. A small filly with black fur, a horn and wings, a flowing blue mane, and blue, snake like slits for eyes, saying something to Rarity. Another Human that can transform into other creatures. A mouse and three humans summoning swords that look like different keys. Then another human mentioning something about ‘Pinkie Physics’, before I pass out from the pain of a watch bonding to my left arm.

“ASRIEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” everyone screams before rushing to me shrinking to the size of a filly, picking me up and running to a farm in the distance.

Urrgh, what..........is this.............what............happened..........’ I think in the black void, before hearing a voice in the abyss.

It’s time you became the Traveler, Asriel Dreemurr. You need to protect your new home, as others are sent there to Ponyville. They will need a guide...........or a family, to help them adjust to Ungula. along with the Monsters and the 7th Human........especially a certain filly..............help them adjust. Use the abilities of these other heroes you’ve seen, and protect your new home!

I’m about to ask.......whoever they are what they mean, when I wake up. My eyes being blinded for a second by the sun shining right in my face, noticing that i’m in a small bedroom in a bed, with a small closet in front of it, and a window and lamp-stand on my left. Frisk and the others, along with a orange colored mare wearing a stetson, come in a few seconds later, see me awake, and run up and give me a big hug, somehow surrounding me.

Thank goodness your alright Azzy, we were so worried! Although, how much do you remember?” I hear Frisk say, everyone coming out of the hug, strangely above me.

“W-What happened, Pinkie said something, breaking the fourth wall, then.............” I worriedly say, noticing my voice being really high and squeaky, before being interrupted by Pinkie.

“WHAT, you know about the Author, and the 4th wall? I thought only I did!” she screams, the others tilting their heads in confusion.

“The 4th wall is a term on our world, basically breaking it is like................a story character talking to the reader,” I explain to everypony else.

“S-S-Still, what happened, and why are you guys all much taller than me?” I ask everyone gasping.

“H-H-How do ya not know what happened, it happened to ya’ll!!!!!” the yellow mare says in a country accent.

“All I saw was these weird visions before I passed out, along with a lot of pain. What happened!?” I ask loudly.

“One, what do ya mean ba ‘visions’? Two, ya need to see yaself in a mirror,” the yellow pony says. I’m about to answer before i’m interrupted by Frisk.

That question can be answered after he sees himself, Applejack,” she says turning to me.

D-D-Do you need..........A-A-Any help?” she says stuttering.

“W-W-Why, whats wrong?”, I respond stuttering.

“Ya’ll are gonna have to see fer yerself. And Frisk, ya can help the little guy if he needs it.” the mare named Applejack says, me getting confused by ‘little’.

I slowly try to get out of the bed, and notice how weak my arms feel. I eventually crawl over to the edge closest to Frisk, before dropping down, and losing my balance. she runs over after I fall over.

A-A-Are you okay!?” she says, me worried.

I grab the side of the bed and pull myself up, and notice my paws. They were missing the ring finger, and the paw thumb, and had pads on the palms. Also there was a small, advanced, green and white watch on my left arm, nestled in the white fur.

“W-W-What happened!?” I start to raise my voice, before I start to lose my balance again. However, Frisk catches me in her arms, towering less than the ponies over me.

P-P-Please be careful Azzy. Pinkie, could you get another mirror!?” she says facing the Party Pony, me in her arms.

“Okie Dokie Lokie, even I understand how bad he needs it!” she screams before running off in a poof of smoke, coming back with another full body mirror out of nowhere.

Now Azzy, here we go......” Frisk says, slowly helping me walk as we go over to the mirror, and I see myself when we get in front of it.

“W-W-What....how.....?” I ask starting to panic. Both my paws and feet had changed losing the extra digits, as well as adding more pads, looking at my feet by lifting them up. My mouth had grown and stretched into a muzzle, but I still feel the sharp fangs. I noticed my ears had grown as well, and I had de-aged greatly.

“H-How? Judging by my voice, my ears, and my height, I’m 7 and a half years old again, no fair! I wonder if.......” I whine before envisioning my age, becoming the God of Hyperdeath.

“I was aiming for 10 years old, how did this happen!?” I yell in my deep adult voice, before I turn back a few seconds after I speak.

“And I can’t even hold it very long either unless I’m fighting, I’m stuck as a 7 year old unless I start aging again, which I doubt greatly!!!!!!!!!!” I whine again, starting to look down before Frisk hugs me.

Don’t worry about it. On the bright side, your closer to my age now. I’m 8 and a quarter,” she says, surprising everybody in the bedroom.

“Well Frisk, yer pretty mature for a youngin, you whipper-snapper!” says Applejack proudly. “Although, Asriel here still has ta answer ma question, then we’ll explain how heh got here, in ma fine household,” she says looking at me in curiosity.

“W-Well, the first I’ll save for last, since that involved a pony for some reason, and I’ll also tell what happened when I passed out,” I say trying with failure to climb up on the bed, Frisk helping me up and I sit down.

“F-F-First off after the pony, was a strange Human man, who had a watch similar to this one. But more bulky, and black, who could.......transform into these strange creatures using it,” I explain, showing them the watch on my arm, when they gasp.

W-What kinds of creatures could he transform into?” asks Fluttershy.

“Well......all I saw was........a blue bug that could breath freezing ice and pass through objects, and a black humanoid that could control reality. After that was.........three humans, all able to summon these......strange swords that looked like different kinds of keys,” I keep explaining, a look of recognition on Frisk’s face.

“The last one was another human man whispering something to Pinkie, asking her to teach him................I think it was called ‘Pinkie Physics’?” I say, a look of surprise on Pinkie.

“No one but me has known about my personal brand of physics, it’s how I do what I do so well!” she shouts, everyone looking surprised.

“After I passed out, I was in a black void. I had been in it before, but I’ll explain that later. I heard this mans voice, saying something weird...........he said it was my destiny to become something called the ‘Traveler’, and protect.......I think he meant this world when he said Ungula, and act as a guide and family to people who are coming to Ponyville.............” I try to finish, stopping when Frisk places her hand on my small shoulder.

D-Did this man say, or hint to who’s coming?” she asks, the ponies first being surprised I know the planets name, then becoming curious from my sisters question.

“He mentioned the other Monsters.......” Frisk gasping due to this. “And I think the people who were in the visions will come as well, since he hinted to the pony from the first vision,” I say, curious looks from the ponies.

“Ya, when ya began ya mentioned that there pony, could ya say who it was?” asks Applejack.

“Lets see....... it was a small filly, with black fur, a Cutie mark of a purple blot with a crescent moon inside......what I found weird was her mane, eyes, and.....the fact she had a horn and wings. She was talking to Rarity,” I explain, the ponies gasping.

Th-That’s an Alicorn, the only ones are the princesses. They basically represent earth, Pegasus, and unicorn ponies combined as one,” Fluttershy worriedly explains.

“Could you pray tell about her eyes and mane, dear?” asks Rarity.

“Th-Th-The mane was blue, and free-flowing...........like a mane of stars. While the eyes were blue, but slits, like a snakes,” I finish explaining, all the ponies gasping at the same time.

NIGHTMARE MOON!?” they all shout in unison, Frisk and I being confused.

“Who is Nightmare Moon?” we ask curiously.

“Nightmare Moon is a villain from Equestria’s past, we have stories as well,” Rainbow explains angrily.

A thousand years ago, Princess Luna became jealous that we slept through her night, rather than enjoyed and played in it, and one day she refused to lower the moon to make way for the sun,” Fluttershy says worriedly.

“Celestia tried ta reason with her, but the darkness from her jealousy turned her into Nightmare Moon. So she was forced ta use the Elements of Harmony........the most powerful magical artifacts we have..........ta seal her into the moon. But even that only lasted till a few weeks ago,” Applejack further explains.

“On the 1000th year of her defeat........the celebration we call the Summer Sun Celebration.............she escaped thanks to a celestial alignment, but Celestia and Twilight saw the signs and Celestia sent her to Ponyville to make friends. You see, theirs six elements in total. Honesty, Generosity, Laughter, Kindness, Loyalty, and Magic, each symbolizing an aspect of true friendship. I’m Generosity, always giving, Fluttershy is Kindness, always caring and nice. Rainbow is Loyalty, always loyal to friends in need. Applejack is Honesty, always telling the truth,” Rarity keeps explaining.

Pinkie is Laughter, always trying to make ponies smile and laugh. And lastly, Twilight is the final one, Magic, being skilled in magic itself, rather than just a specific type,” Fluttershy finishes Rarity.

“Twilight never really cared about friends, just her studies as Celestia’s student. But we showed how important friends are, and that we’re hers!” Pinkie rapidly shouts.

“The Element of Magic had been hidden, but the ‘spark’ of twi realizin we’re her friends, created the Element in time to stop Nightmare Moon from creating eternal night................heat death of Ungula..........and saved Princess Luna from herself,” Applejack finishes.

“So you can see why we’re worried you saw a filly version of the Mare in the Moon!” Rainbow Dash yells, hovering in the air.

Only time will tell who she is, it might just be a............” Frisk says as we pick her up, before we hear a voice from downstairs.

Hello, is anyone here, girls, I have two guests you have to see!” says the voice, the ponies recognizing it.

“That’s Twilight, but who’s.......” says Rarity before we hear two other voices, one of them Frisk and I recognize.

There’s no need to hurry, miss Twilight,” a more formal voice says that I know and love.

Yeah, they might not even be here right now,” says the other, more casual one.

“F-F-Frisk, could that be.........?” I ask.

Only one way to find out Azzy!” Frisk answers immediately, before putting me on her back. Before the girls could stop us, we rush out the door downstairs.

Were heading into the kitchen when we see the three. One was a purple unicorn with a black mane with a stripe of purple, and a Cutie Mark of a purple star. To her left is a girl, anthropomorphic fox with blond hair, wearing a blue and white dress, along with a blue band in her hair, and wearing blue and white boots and gloves.

To her right is the Boss Monster we know and love, in her formal robe bearing the Delta Rune, it was Toriel, our mom.

“M-M-Mom!?” we say in unison, them all turning to us as the girls come down the stairs, and Mom sees us.

“F-Frisk.......A-A-Asriel!?”, she shouts crying, as she runs towards us, giving us a big hug.

A-Asriel, Frisk. Y-You know this woman?” Fluttershy asks, Mom looking over to them, coming out of the hug.

“Know me? I’m their mother for goodness sake!” She says crying, everyone gasping.

“Fluttershy, girls, you know who these three are? What are they, and do you two know who this girl is?” Twilight asks quizzically.

“Frisk can you put me down, so I can see?” I ask, my sis, Nodding in response, puts me down, and I see her and have another vision, one of her and another black and red one talking, the vision giving me the knowledge.

I turn to face her, and slowly try to walk over to her. I lose my balance a few times, but Frisk helped me up when I did.

“Y-Your name is.........Maria, correct?” I ask, surprising her and everyone in the room.

“H-How do you know my name!?” she asks nervously.

“I......I had a vision. You were talking with a black and red hedgehog named Shadow...........then the knowledge of you was..........just there, in my head,” I explain, surprising them even more.

“Th-Th-That’s right, his name is Shadow. My name is Maria, Maria Robotnik...............I was reading a book in my bedroom, when I came here through a portal all of a sudden. Then I met Twilight and..........your mom, at the Golden Oaks Library,” all of us, Frisk, Mom and I included, surprised at this knowledge.

“A-A portal appeared under me, as I was waiting for you to RESET, Frisk!” I explain, turning to my sister.

And I was about to do it in my bedroom, when a portal appeared over the carpet, sucking me in!” She explains, the ponies becoming even more curious.

“And I was heading back to my room after getting some water, when another portal opened up in mine and your father’s bedroom, we were both sucked into it!” Mom screams, everyone gasping before Twilight interrupts the realization.

“Could you four explain whats going on here!? Who are you, what are you, what are you doing here...........are you here to take over and kill the princess you monsters, well guess.......” she says, aiming her horn at my mom, before being blasted with lightning by me, another key sword in my hand.

“We never once threatened you, or your precious princess. We were taken here against our will from our worlds, and from friends and family. I will protect anyone who is sent here to Ungula as well as you ponies of Equestria, but if you attack my family, nothing will............” I announce before Frisk gets in between us.

Azzy please, calm down. We just want to stay in Ponyville, but if you kill Celestia’s student.............” she explains.

“Frisk I.........” I try to counter before seeing the blade in my hand.

“H-H-How did I summon this.........X-Blade?” I say, the name surprisingly popping into my head.

I don’t know Asriel, but please, calm down before you do something drastic..........the last thing I want is to lose you again!” she says, closed eyes starting to water.

I calm down before changing back to my 7 year old self. I start to cry on the floor, as the X-Blade disappears as a orb of light.

“I’m sorr-y-y........Im so sor-r-r-ry!” I scream with tears, and thats when Twilight realizes her mistake, comparing them to heartless beasts.

“I just........didn’t want to lose my mo...........” I say as Twilight runs over, giving me a hug.

“I should have never.......NEVER, judged you all by your covers. I just compared you four to heartless beasts, like Nightmare Moon!” she screams, ashamed.

“Th-Thanks..........I wonder........” I say before stretching out my right paw, and picture one of those blades appearing. A different kind appears in my hand.

“That’s different. Although, the X-blade was when I was mad, so maybe it changes when I get mad, and this..........Keyblade........whoa!” I say, realizing what’s been happening.

Frisk notices as well. “Everytime you see someone, or use something from another world, you gain the base knowledge around said person or object!” she announces, everyone surprised as well.

“Could someone please explain what’s going on here, and what they are?!” Twilight impatiently screams.

We were going to head over to Sugarcube Corner and explain once we got everyone together, since the Cakes want answers as well,” Fluttershy explains to the fuming unicorn.

Sigh, fine, but we’re heading over to the library to get Spike and Nyx, then you all owe an explanation to everypony, including Celestia!” she screams.

“Okay, but your gonna have to help explain your world to us, and anyone else who comes along. Deal?” I explain, holding out my paw to shake.

“Deal!” she says giving a hoof to shake.

Let’s get going, we brought Azzy to Sweet Apple Acres two hours ago, he woke up after half of that,” Frisk explains, going out the door, everyone moving to leave.

I decide to walk along with Maria once I notice she’s alone.

“S-So, what do you think of Ungula so far........Equestria at least?” I ask, peaking her interest.

“It’s very lovely, so many colors, so much life.............I’m so glad I can enjoy this kind of beauty..............close up!” she responds, me becoming curious.

“How did that work, There was the knowledge of something called the ARK, and a disease called N.I.D.S, but nothing else,” I explain, Maria looking towards me, and picking me up onto her back.

“It-It’s true, I.......had that disease. It stands for Neuro-Immune Deficiency Syndrome, and it’s a incurable.........at least at the time, and fatal disease that shuts down the immune system,” she explains, me showing a confused look on my new muzzle.

“Then...........how are you, you know..........” I ask. “You don’t need to answer if you don’t..........” I try to apologize, before she shuts my muzzle with her hand.

“It’s okay, someone else should know..............You see, my grandfather Gerald Robotnik got government funding to try to attempt and create immortality. In an attempt to find a cure for me, he took the funding under the project name of Project Shadow. So, he and I lived on the space colony called the ARK, our world’s first space station!” She explains, with a impressed look on my face.

“He got some headway with lizards. They had most of the qualities the military and government wanted, but they needed a life-support to live. So, Grandpa made a last ditch effort as my condition........was getting desperate..............he contacted aliens,” she admits, everyone looking at her now as we walk.

“They were called the Black Arms, and came to Earth every 50 years or so on a space rock called the Black Comet, and he made a deal with their leader, Black Doom...............Black Doom would supply the necessary genetic material.....his DNA.......for the project, and in return the result...........Shadow, would collect these gems of power called Chaos Emeralds the next time the Black Comet came to Earth,” she explains, everyone gasping in alarm.

“Don’t worry, Grandpa regretted it, and did two things to prevent Black Doom from doing anything bad. One, he modified the ARK into the Eclipse Cannon, capable of destroying the comet with one shot. Two, he changed Shadow to be a savior, rather than a destroyer. Unfortunately...........something went wrong,” she reassures them, as the ponies start to get angry.

“What happened, I remember Shadow taking one of those emeralds, but that’s it.”

“The government that funded it got worried that Shadow was a threat after the literal demon deal, so they came up and either arrested, or killed everyone in the station. Shadow tried to get me to safety, but I got shot, before sending him in a pod down to Earth................That was 50 years ago.” Everyone is shocked, even Frisk.

“I’ll explain what happened, and how I survived once we settle down in Ponyville. Besides, we’re here!” she says pointing at a large tree, with a door on the front.

We walk in and see a small purple and green dragon, and a black, purple maned filly mare with blue dragon slits for eyes, soaking wet, as the dragon tries to dry her off.

“Oh my goodness, what happened? Spike, did Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon throw her into the river again!?” Twilight asks Spike and Nyx. The others become surprised that she was thrown in a river, While I realize who she looks like by her eyes, her horn and wings. I summon my Keyblade.

“Yes mama, they said I needed to wash my evil away..............with me with it!” the innocent filly screams, starting to cry.

I show shock that Frisk silently notices. ‘I-I......I almost did what everypony does to me, judge their book by its cover. This pony might have some connection to the Mare in the Moon, but she has a kind SOUL,’ I tearfully think, dismissing the magical sword.

“Maria, could you put me down, please?” I ask, the hedgehog nodding in understanding, before putting me down on the floor.

I walk over to the crying filly, and hug her.....surprisingly big......body. “Please, don’t cry, I know what it’s like. To be judged how you look, and the actions of others,” I say, as the filly looks up to me.

“Y-You really mean it mister.........Whoever you are?” she says with her sweet voice, me wiping her tears with my long sleeves.

“Asriel. And yes Nyx, what I see when I see you......is a kind, caring, wonderful little filly. Don’t ever let bullies bring you down, and let your friends help you see the light,” I confidently assure her, the Alicorn filly calm and dry now.

“Th-Thank you Asriel, that was very nice of you, I should have never judged you guys,” Twilight thanks me.

“She’s right, that was very kind of you Azzy!” both Maria and Frisk congratulate me, surprisingly at the same time.

“That was very fine of yea Sugarcube, thanks fer sayin that!” Applejack says confidently.

“Th-Thanks everyone. I just saw her crying, and since it’s the same for me, I couldn’t let the same happen to her, not even a friend............are those books I see?” I say seeing the shelves full of them.

That’s the last three Elements of Harmony you just became, you showed honesty and loyalty to Nyx, now you have Magic’s love of books!” Frisk realizes, everyone seeing at as well.

“Elements, what are those?” both Mom and Maria ask.

“One, that can wait until after we explain our worlds to them. Two, your right Frisk, I think it has to do with the.........Mane Six wow!” I say before realizing what just happened.

“D-D-Did you just break the 4th wall Azzy!?” both Pinkie and Frisk ask, before everyone hears a voice from nowhere.

Yep. And it let me reach out through it. Unfortunately, it’s only allowing me to talk in your plane for a bit. W.D. Gaster was right Asriel, you need to become the Traveler if Ponyville.........and Equestria are to be protected. I’ve just activated your Omnitrix.....the watch on your arm,” the watch beeps. “it’s a unique model of my own design that allows the owner to become any person from any world for a short time. You will discover new forms already stored, and scan new ones as you go through your life...................enjoy your family. I will place a account and title under your families name, living near Twilight Sparkle, Nyx, and Spike as new people join the family.................including Maria, and the filly. Farewell Dreemurr’s, and as you once said Asriel, ‘Don’t kill, and Don’t be killed, alright? It’s the best you can ask for’!!!!!!!!!!”, the Author explains, before there’s a large gust of wind, and the presence disappears as a scroll appears in blue flames.

Twilight grabs it with her magic. “It’s a deed under your name. Apparently you have 100,000,000 bits in the Ponyville Bank...............and Maria classifies as family!”

“I-I-I’m officially part of your family now!? B-But I don’t want to be a burden.........” Maria panickingly says, before getting the paw from Mom.

“You would be no such thing Maria, we would be happy to have you..........and whoever this mystery filly is, as family!” she says, running up to give her a hug.

“Th-Thank you.......... but you will also have help from the Sparkles, and wherever your husband is, we’ll find him,” Maria lovingly says.

as much as I would love to give my new sister a hug, us and..........the Mane Six, hehehe, along with their friends should get going,” Frisk says.

“Your right Frisk. I’ll get my notebook and quill, then we’ll send a message to the Princess, then we’ll head to the Cakes!” Twilight says before speeding upstairs.

“What did she mean by sending a letter to Celestia, Spike?” I say turning over to the small drake.

“My fire was imbued with magic when I was born. So, I can send letters to and from Celestia using my fire, turning it into magic smoke!” he says, impressed with himself.

Hahahaha, basically this world’s version of E-mail, am I right Maria!?” Frisk comments, both girls breaking down in laughter.

“Yet another question I don’t need answered thanks to Alphys, and another for me to possible answer to the ponies,” I admit. Twilight comes down with a roll of parchment, and a book and quill. She tells Spike the message, then he writes it down and breathes fire, then a cloud of smoke goes out the window.

“Time to go everyone, including you and Nyx, Spike. If we go now Celestia will be there a little after us!” she says, us starting to walk out the door, with the sun starting to set.

We eventually get there, the Cakes already closing for the night, before they see us and let us all in.

“Thank you for keeping your promise Asriel. Although, what happened to you, when you came earlier this morning you were about Cups and Fluttershy’s height!” says Mr. Cake worriedly.

“I’ll include that in my side of the story, but you should be more worried about the food, the princess is coming to hear this too,” I explain, a look of shock grows onto both of the Cake’s faces, and they gallop into the kitchen as we sit down.

“Ya the........Cakes are right, last time I saw you before..........the incident, you were 10 years old. You better have an okay explanation for this Asriel,” Mom says worriedly.

“I’m not sure why it happened, but Frisk and the others were with me when it happened so we..........so that’s what Celestia looks like,” I explain before a tall white Alicorn with a flowing rainbow mane, a crown, and a sun Cutie mark comes in through the door.

“So, you four are the creatures Twilight explained in her letter. Who and what are you, exactly?” she asks kind voice.

“My son and I are Monsters, Boss Monsters to be exact. My daughters are Human, and Mobian respectively,” Mom explains, gesturing to each of us in turn. “Toriel Dreemurr, Queen of Monsters as a whole,” she holds out her paw to shake a hoof.

“Princess Celestia, co-ruler of Equestria along with my younger sister, Luna,” the Alicorn princess introduces herself, giving a hoof to shake. “Still, it worries me that you and your son are considered Monsters, and that you gave yourself the title of Queen. Here it’s usually given to greedy dictators, hungry for power!” she pressures threateningly. Me getting up and summoning the Keyblade before Frisk and Mom stop me.

“Our worlds are clearly different then, my title was given to me by the Underground after I married my husband, King Asgore Dreemurr...........who is not presently here, as we got separated in the portal to your world,” mom explains calmly before sitting down.

“Hmm..........very well. However, both you and the.......Mobian have to explain your worlds to my little ponies and I, before we explain ours,” she explains. Frisk and I clear our throats.

“We wouldn’t have it any other way, Celestia. However, Frisk and I will explain our world, since only we know the full story. Would you care to sit down with us?” I ask politely.

“Very well.......Asriel, I believe it was?” she asks, sitting down. I nod before we all hear a loud beeping from the Omnitrix.

Omnitrix fully activated, and detecting five counts of uncatalogued DNA sir,” it says with a electronic, British voice.

No way, the AI for the watch is J.A.R.V.I.S!

That is correct, Frisk Dreemurr, the Author programmed my AI file in as a guide and security system to help Asriel Dreemurr with the Omnitrix voice commands and functions. Shall we scan the ponies and the Mobian’s DNA for future use?” it explains, before asking politely.

“V-Very well?” I curiously ask before four rays of yellow light shoot at Applejack, Rainbow, Twilight, the princess, and Maria, and stop after a few seconds.

Scan and Download complete sir. For use later in the future, either simply press the top and scroll to the wanted species, or simply request the desired type.” It explains, the ponies in question in alarm.

“Thank you J.A.R.V.I.S, that’ll be all. Now it’s time to explain things fully, since we told a bit to everyone except Twilight and Applejack before Sweet Apple Acres,” I explain turning to the ponies.

And we explain everything all over again, answering Twilight’s and Celestia’s questions about SOULs until we got to where we left off.

You see, Monsters don’t have enough physical matter to handle all that Determination, so they started to.................melt, and merge together to handle it. We call these Monsters Amalgamates,” Frisk explains, everyone gaping, including Mom.

“She was so ashamed she tried to hide them in the True Lab, but not before doing one last thing with DT. She attempted to create a vessel that was neither Human, nor Monster, that could contain both types until they were needed.................she injected one of the first flowers that grew, that were sprinkled with my dust. Eventually, but after she gave it back to Dad........................I came back as a flower.”

Mom gasps. “Y-You mean.......?”

Yes Mom, he was Flowey..............you see, without a SOUL, he couldn’t get any kind of emotional response from you, or Dad So, eventually, after discovering he could RESET..............he renamed himself, and took up that ‘kill or be killed’ mantra.

“How do you come into this?” asks Twilight.

This is where I come into it. You see, I..............grew up in a bad family. Dad was always on business trips, and mom was a bad alcoholic.......so when I heard the legend of Mt. Ebbot...........I went to find something better.

“Th-That’s when she came down, and met everyone. Mom and I first, then Sans, the Skeleton comedian who loves puns, and his brother Papyrus, kind, insecure, trying to capture a Human to make friends with the Royal Guard. Eventually, Frisk made good friends with the Skeleton bros, and was somehow able to befriend Undyne, the captain of said guard,” I explain, the ponies curious that the skeletons are named after fonts.

I simply showed her that not all Humans are bad. I also built up Alphys’ confidence, until she told the families about the Amalgamates, and how dorky she is to Undyne. Their a thing,” she explains, everyone slowly becoming happy that the Monsters were getting a happy ending.

“She also was able to convince Mettaton, a ghost named Happstablook who possesses a robotic body built by Alphys...........that fame isn’t everything, and that his cousin Nabstablook needed him the most. Eventually................she heard my story as she went through New Home. It’s Dad’s unoriginally named capital, she was told by the monsters she befriended. She eventually met with Sans in the Judgement Hall, the one other place in the Underground with sunlight,” I say with happiness and sadness in my voice.

Sans judged me as pacifistic.................

’course, that doesn’t mean she’s completely innocent, or naive. just that she kept a certain tenderness in her heart. no matter the hardships she faced...........she strived to do the right thing. she refused to hurt anyone. even when she ran away......................you did it with a smile! isn’t that right, frisk?” They all turn and see a bipedal skeleton in a blue winter jacket, sweatpants, and slippers as he walks into the bakery.

Sans you bag of bones, I missed you so much! How did you get here though? Everyone else got sent in a portal, even Azzy came back!” Frisk asks, giving the pun-master a hug.

asriel. so, alphys was right in saying he’s alive....................and not as a talking garden decoration, i see. it’s good to see ya kids, tori............and I see you have new friends as well. mobian, I assume?” Sans guesses, facing the hedgehog, a surprised look on her face.

“Y-Yes, that’s true, i’m a Mobian Hedgehog. But how did you know, broke the 4th wall?”

i like to keep tabs on the friends of my friends. i arrived in equestria a few hours ago, when goat boy here was still out cold after that cute-shrink change of his........but you and the ponies have stories of your own to tell, so could you finish frisk?” he asks.

Right, right. After Sans did his judgement, I met with dad, and followed him to the Barrier. He was about to attack me...............when Mom here and the others stopped him..........

“I.........Flowey told Papyrus to bring everyone there, and trapped them in his vines. He was about to kill Frisk with the six SOULs, when all of the monsters she befriended helped her out............and that’s when the trouble started. You see, all of the Monster SOULs in the Underground combined amount to one Human SOUL....................” I tearfully explain, Frisk hugging me.

Basically, the power of seven Human SOULs is equivalent a god. And that’s what Flowey became..............a God of Hyperdeath. Azzy here thought I was Chara, and attacked me, trying to keep me there with him. He did get me a few times, but like I said, enough Determination and you can literally refuse death itself. Eventually he used that godlike power to erase almost the entire ground I was standing on, but I survived........................thing is, that was only a fraction of the power, he was capable of making me unable to do anything...........except one thing,” she looks down to me.

“She used her Determination to SAVE, not the timeline, but the SOULs within me. She...............one by one, restored everyone’s memories, and SAVEd them.............then she SAVEd me. As an apology, I gave everyone their happy ending by releasing them, but not before destroying the Barrier................and giving them her name.”

He knew he would turn back into Flowey without a SOUL, so he stayed behind. But.........I couldn’t just..............leave him there, with no emotions to BE left with, after everything that happened................so I performed the first True RESET. RESETting everything back to when I fell down, even Azzy’s memories.................this happened 5 times. Until we were sent here.

“I-I-I..........I had no idea, I should have never judged you two so quick this afternoon.” Rainbow apologizes finally.

“And I thought Shadow and my story was sad, you willingly gave up everything so everyone could have a happy ending!” Maria screams.

And she starts to explain her world, including some background stuff for the present.

“When I died, the government took my body for an experiment. They regretted how they reacted, so they used Shadow’s DNA...........which they got by freezing him after I sent him down............to cure me. Two things happened after that. One, the DNA from Shadow turned me into a Mobian, so they froze me as well. Two, Grandfather never knew that I survived............he went mad with grief due to thinking I died. He ended up doing two things before he was executed........First, he changed Shadow’s memories so he thought I wanted revenge, when I just wanted him to give people a chance to be happy...........two, he changed the mechanics on the ARK, so when all seven Chaos Emeralds were placed inside, they would destabilize the core, and send the colony on a crash course to Earth. Luckily, Shadow got his real memories back, and saved everyone..........almost losing his life in the process..............Two months later, the others found him in stasis, with amnesia. He eventually saved the Earth when the Black Arms made another pass by, and was gonna put his past behind him..............until a few weeks ago. You see, when Sonic realized how depressed Shadow was becoming, he explored the base we were sealed in one last time, and released me. You guys kinda know the rest, I was reading one night after having a small party after I recovered, and I was sucked here,” she finishes. Everypony is gaping at the fact that we’ve all had sad lives.

“So, what happened when you four got sucked here, and what did your mother mean by ten years old? You look like the age of a young filly,” asks Celestia.

“It all started when I woke up in this black void, after falling through the portal. I was surrounded by SOULs, I think they were the SOULs of deceased Monsters, cause after a little while, one of them entered me.........It must’ve been my SOUL after it was shattered. I woke up to Fluttershy............” I keep explaining, from the moment I bonded with Fluttershy, to Pinkie breaking the 4th wall in the boutique.

“After she yelled at the Author, my vision completely shut off except for the visions of.........other people, that are coming to Ponyville,” I explain.

“What do you mean by ‘visions’, and the princess is right, what did your mother mean?” Twilight interrogates me.

First he saw a young filly that looks like Nightmare Moon, right down to the Cutie Mark..............I looked at some books while you were unconscious!” Frisk explains as I look at her in curiosity.

Next he sees another human with the Original Omnitrix............The watch belongs to a show on our world, along with you ponies!” she says frustrated, before realizing her mistake and covering her mouth.

“What. Did. You. Just. Say!?” Celestia threateningly says, standing up with her wings out threateningly. I stand up as well and summon a blade.

Y-Y-Your world is a sh-sh-show in m-m-m-mine.........pl-pl-please don’t hurt me! I never admitted it because of this. its the same for Maria’s, her’s is a video game series!!!!”, Frisk screams, starting to cry, Maria hugging her until she hears that.

“O-Our world’s are media and games in yours!? she fearfully asks, screaming.

“Girls please! Frisk started watching your show, and playing your game series, because of exactly this! None of the other Human kids wanted to be friends with her.......the child of Monsters.........they would always call her a freak behind my back at my school, so when she found your world’s...........she found something she desperately needed. True friendship, and someone she could sympathize pasts with...........besides, look at her, does that look like a spy?” Mom explains, yelling.

“She saw my story..........and sympathized? You saw it and sympathized?” the girl hedgehog asks. Frisk nods, crying into her sweater, and Maria goes back into the hug.

A-A-After that, he s-s-saw.........I know who they are, th-their a game as w-w-w-well........It was Sora, Riku, and Kairi bearing their Keyblade’s,” she explains, everyone being surprised.

“Last person was another human whispering to Pinkie here..........asking her to teach him ‘Pinkie Physics’. That’s when I passed out........” I finish explaining.

Turning into this...................he’s 6 years old right now,” Frisk finally admits, everyone including Maria and mom surprised.

“H-He’s 6 years old again?” Mom asks. “Before he died, he was 10 and a quarter!”

And he was, until now. At least he’s closer to my age now, i’m eight and a quarter,” Frisk admits.

“I’ll admit, it’s certainly interesting that i’m gonna have such young siblings. Right now i’m almost 11!” Maria admits, before there’s another beep from the Omnitrix.

Sir, I’ve detected three strains of DNA combined into the one of the Mobian, Maria. Shall we attempt to split the three, or simply leave it as it is?” the A.I. asks.

“How about both, splitting the strand, and keeping the original,” I request.

In order to do that sir, I would require to use said DNA individually as transformations. 10 minutes each, minimum, are needed between each one,” J.A.R.V.I.S. explains.

“Hmmm............very well. Which one would be the easiest to split off first?” I ask, everyone curious now.

The Mobian Maria’s DNA contains Human, Mobian, and Black Arms, Human being the easiest, Black Arms being the hardest sir. I require a code-name for future use,” the A.I. explains.

“Hmm.......I got it. Omnitrix, Human Dreamer,” I say, before there’s a flash of green light, and I become a human with a green sweater, and black sweatpants with an Omnitrix symbol on the left sleeve.

“Uh.......Asriel, I think you should see yourself in a mirror,” Maria nervously says, bringing out another body mirror with Pinkie.

“What do you..........” I say, before seeing a grey, tall female in a green sweater, and black sweatpants, with grey hair, and the long ears are still there.

“What the......J.A.R.V.I.S., what happened?!” I ask, panicking.

I’m sorry sir, the Human DNA was female, so the Omnitrix, belonging to a male owner, caused it to glitch. You’ll be a female for about a few weeks, maybe longer, until I can fix the glitch. Even then, any other transformations with this sample will cause the change in gender,”, he explains, everyone’s faces in alarm.

“So your saying i’ll have a sister for a brother for.............who knows how long!?” Maria and Frisk as worriedly.

That is correct, Maria and Frisk Dreemurr,” he says, before shutting off to begin work.

Sigh, on the bright side, I get to know what its like to be a girl, and you two get another sister for a while,” I say before giving them a hug.

“As interesting as this is, we should all get some sleep. The ponies have heard our side of things, we can slowly learn there’s as we do things as a family again!” Mom realizes.

tori’s right, we’ve all explained things about us. we all need sleep, not to mention that watch of dad’s and the author’s needs time to repair that glitch.............w.d. gaster was the royal scientist before alphys, as well as mine and papy’s dad. He built the CORE, but he fell into it, getting sent into the 4th wall,” Sans explains, frustrated when we start to pressure him.

We all leave the bakery, but not before thanking the Cakes, and arranging with Celestia for us and anyone else who comes to be able to stay in Ponyville. We say our goodbyes at Twilight’s before going inside, Maria and I hitting our heads on the doorway.

“So, who’s sleeping where, I’m perfectly fine with sleeping with my siblings,” Maria says, rubbing her aching head while looking at Twilight.

“You three will be sleeping with Spike and Nyx in her room, Toriel and Sans will sleep in the guest bed in mine. The bathroom is the second door on the stairs, Nyx’s room is the first. Good night everyone!” she explains, everyone greeting her good night as they go upstairs.

“At least in this human body I can do this again,” I say before snapping my fingers, and with a flash of white light, we all appear wearing pajamas, Maria in a blue nightgown, Frisk in a shirt and pants with the same colors as her sweater as well as bunny slippers, and me in a yellow button shirt and pants with pink flowers, with a pair of Temmie slippers on my furry feet.

“That’s really cool Asriel, and good guess at my favorite pajamas!”

She’s right Asriel, now we don’t have to worry about pajamas..............the yellow with pink flowers is a little strange for you though, are you okay?

“Hmm. Now that you mention it, I guess my feminine side is starting to come out...........let’s get ready for bed though. I’m tired, and I want to ask some questions to Twilight about Nyx before we go help Applejack tomorrow,” I explain, them getting worried, as I snap some toothbrushes and toothpaste into existence.

I’m still worried, but I’m tired too. Let’s brush our teeth and then get to bed.

“I’m so.....SO glad that I get to have more family!” says Maria, pulling us two into a hug.

Let’s go...........sisters, we have a wonderful life to look forward to!” Frisk screams, then we start running upstairs to the bathroom.

We brush our teeth......with some difficulties from me due to the sharp fangs........but I eventually finish and we get to bed in our sleeping bags.

“Good night girls and Spike!” I greet them all.

“Good Night Asriel!” they all greet back, turning off the lights as we go to sleep, all wondering what the future holds, as another portal gets ready to open in another reality.

Author's Note:

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