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The Traveling Son of a Great Dreemurr - jjb0420

Hi, my name is Asriel Dreemurr, I died helping my sister, was brought back as a flower, was SAVEd by another, then sent to another world..........wait what?!

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Chapter Six- Call of the Cutie, and Fall Dreemurr Friends Part 2

The Mane Six were sitting in the living room, waiting for the others to arrive.

"Sigh. I'm starting to doubt they're arriving anytime soon.", Rainbow says when all their ears perk up to the sound of the TARDIS engine.

We are all getting ready to exit when we hear the ship land, and someone knocks on the door.

"Anyone in there!?", we all hear Rainbow shout, and we all nod.

"We'll be out in a second girls, just getting everyone ready.", Mom explains.

I look around and look at them, "Could you please keep what I told you all secret? The Author and I are trying to keep the timeline away from that path.", I ask telepathically.

"Don't worry dear. We'll keep this secret.", mom says, everyone nodding as we all exit, and we stumble for a second after a flash of light, discovering we've changed back into ponies.

"Sorry, forgot about that man. Turns out the pie spell is neutralized after passing through the breach, staying deactivated until we all came back.", the Author explains, stepping out along with the two Digimon and Sunset Shimmer.

"Wait, Twilight?", the orange human asks, the Author shaking his head.

"Different Twilight Sunset, although yours is around here somewhere.", he explains as we all get up, "now then. Twilight, how long were we gone?".

"About 5 to 6 hours sir.", she answers to my shock.

"Hmm. Time must go quicker in the Arrowverse, we were gone for about four to five days. Then again, the GOAP multiverse was shorter than ours, so I might have to make a theory.", he says, opening his book, "last chapter was Call of the Cutie, or at least part of it, so we have a filly/pup to cheer up now...............oh no.".

"What is it man?", I ask.

"I gotta hide from Haru, last thing I need is an angry cat on my trail!", he says before pulling out what looks like a black pocket watch, "Omnitrix, Soundwave.".

We all see a black light around him when a purple robot emerges.

"Laserbeak, eject. Scan nearby for Haru Yoshioka. Send Subwave message on sight, do not engage.", he says with a deep, electronic voice before a drone detaches from him and flies off.

"What is that, I don't have that.", I ask.

"This is the Cybertronian Decepticon, Soundwave. Strategist, electronics expert, covert information gathering, mimicking of any voice pattern, surveillance drone, space bridge capabilities, personal cloaking field. Perfect for covert or surveillance missions.", he explains before looking up, "message detected. Subject arriving in two point five seconds. Cloaking field activated.".

He disappears when a bipedal, tan cat with hair and clothes comes in.

"Hi everyone. Good to see you're all back.", she says, me realizing it.

"Is that really you Haru?", I ask.

"It's me Asriel. Now, where is the Author?", she asks.

"you just missed em. apparently they didn't want to deal with your anger.", Sans explains.

"I'm more frustrated than mad. I just want him to change me back.", she explains when the Author reappears next to me.

"Very well.", he says, holding out a orange bell candy, "take this, you'll return to human form in five minutes afterwards.".

Haru takes it and puts it in her mouth as he changes back when the Gems and Mettaton walk downstairs. They spot people, then run down and hug them as I walk around.

'We're finally back.............so why doesn't it feel the same?', I think, the Author walking up to me.

"Follow me. You too Lightmare and Shadow, I know you're up there. Also you Frisk and Chara.", he says, the Pegasus and black hedgehog popping out and hopping down near the door.

We follow the Author outside as he leaves a note on the door, and opens a portal. We follow him in to find ourselves at a mountain trail.

"Now, follow me, and stay on the trail.", he explains.

"But Author, where are we going?", asks Frisk.

"You'll find out soon enough. Celestia doesn't know about this, so we're going to get your mind off things. I believe a little dejá vu will do us some good, and we can use it in an emergency.", he explains as we follow him.

We eventually reach the top, and arrive at a hole.

"Is this what I think it is?", Chara and Frisk ask in shock.

"When I had Wingdings and Chara here separate the Underground from Equestria............the magic rebounded on the land. At that exact moment, the entire Underground................", he explains as he creates a staircase down, and we walk down to find a bed of flowers, "copied down to the dot, and the lingering SOULs.............latched themselves to the only stable, plane they could find. The mountain itself.".

"You mean...............the entire Underground, is down here, abandoned?", Lightmare asks in shock, him nodding slowly as we find ourselves in the Ruins.

"There's a reason the Everfree Forest is alive. There's a reason Asriel's powers work so well in this Multiverse. There's a reason the Elements have their connection to the bearers. The original Human SOULs, live, inside this mountain, bringing life and magical energy to this part of the land.", he explains in our shock as we arrive at Moms house.

"It explains why the Everfree lives on different physics.", I hear Flowey say in my shock, the Author looking at me.

"Look Flowey. If you have any good advice, speak up. If not, keep your mind blank.", he says.

We don't hear anymore of the flower as we walk through Snowdin, and enter Waterfall. The Author enters the Piano Puzzle and plays the song and enters, taking the orange orb as we go to Alphys' lab.

"What is that anyway, the Annoying Dog always took it.", Frisk asks as we arrive near where you can see the Core.

"I'll explain later. Hopefully things go well.", the Author answers as we reach Alphys' lab, and we all sit down.

"Why do you keep things secret, like this, and your true form?", I ask.

"Sometimes things need to be secret, to be safe. I didn't tell you about my true form out of fear, rejection. But enough about me, let's check up on our friends.", he answers.

The Author walks up, turns on the computer and pulls up a video screen, similar to a camera on a phone showing Alphys and Gaster, talking in the living room.

"Hey Wingdings, Beware of the Man who Speaks in Hands!", he shouts, the two looking around when Gaster shows recognition.

"And Beware of the Kid who Speaks in Screens. Where are you, Apple Bloom arrived a few minutes ago, looking for Asriel.", he asks.

"All I'll say is that we're somewhere you know. I sensed a breach and brought Asriel to fix it, as well as to give them some fresh air from that future.".

"Just stay safe.", Gaster warns. We all nod when we hear screams from outside, coming from Mom, Dad and Twilight.

"Oh no................Gaster we won't be back in time, use the machine I showed you, it's the only way to save her.", the Author says in a panic to our confusion, "the blue button will keep it from removing free will, but keep them inside the room until we get back, it'll still destroy her SOUL!".

The two scientists nod before running out, and the Author runs towards the True Lab, us following through when we reach the capital and wound up at the Judgement Hall, when we see a large portal.

"Well this is the breach. Man I really hope I don't get trouble from their creators for this, gotta find a way to contact them.", he says to our confusion as we step in.

I end up in a blue and white void, surrounded by stars.

"Howdy?", I ask, my voice echoing when I see a shape in the distance, "is anyone there?".

I hear a voice I can't describe, "we can hear you. Who might you be?".

"H-Howdy!", I shout when I see the shape move to form six people.

"Wait, 'Howdy'? Only one person ever says howdy in media as their greeting always, and isn't old fashioned.", a deeper voice says.

"I-I don't know what you mean. Who are you?" I ask when I hear someone behind me. I turn to see the Author and Shadow.

"Hmm. People that know you, space-like surroundings...............looks like we got here in one piece.", he says as the shapes get close enough for me to make out two wolf-like creatures, and several ponies, "I need to collect this, Lightning Bliss did a better job than she thought.".

"Who are you, and how do you know about Ms Bliss?", one of the wolves says in my shock.

"Forgive my manners Dr. Wolf. I am known in this form as the Author. My companion is Asriel, Asriel Dreemurr...............or at least a version of him.", the Author introduces us as he collects an amount of the ground and air into a bottle, "I see your wife is with you.".

"Asriel Dreemurr? But he's just a game character.", a red and black pony says.

"Let's just say....................the Multiverse is involved. Anyway, what are you all doing in here?".

"We heard a commotion inside Bliss' room, and her door turned black and white.", another stallion explains.

"Thunder Blight................I should've guessed her magic would open a breach. Well reviewers, we'll help anyway we can, but three of our friends came in with us.", the Author explains.

"Once we figure out what's going on, we can help you find your friends.", the wolf offers.

"Afterwards I'll leave you all a door for our world, I believe I have a theory about what's going on.", the Author concludes as he walks up to them, "I know a few of you, but I need your names.".

"Well I'm ToonKritic. The tan pony with glasses is Voice of Reason, the pony who created the Rift, the orange mare is Keyframe, and the blue stallion is Thespio. The hippogryph is Silver Quill and the two wolves with us are DRWolf and Mrs. Wolf.", the red and black pony introduces himself and the others.

"Right right, right. Voice of Reason, and AnY accidentally created the Rift during a collaboration, and its expanded ever sense.".

I look at them shyly.

"Right. Must be Riolu and Lightmare peeking through. It's okay Asriel. You know, Mrs. Wolf is shy too, she rarely speaks.", the Author offers as I see some of the stars changing color.

The Author spots this too, "we need to hurry, who knows what this'll do to Lightmare. Not to mention we need to save Lightning Bliss.".

Everyone nods and walks towards the source when I spot the Author putting on black shackles that I see Shadow recognize.

"What are those?", I ask as we near the grey and black area.

"Something i've been working on, I call them the Gator Packs. Let's just say if things get hectic, i'll release these.", he explains when we all feel the ground shake.

Everyone looks around to see a small pony, tied up in one of the last patches of color. We all run to her and grab her, trying to get the ropes off.

"Come on, she'll be here any second.", the Author says, cutting them off when we all notice her pale eyes, "next time, don't use that kind of magic, very risky. Now then AAAAAHHHH!", he says looking around before getting blasted back by a beam of black and white rings.

We all turn to see a black and white alicorn wearing sunglasses, hovering in the air.

"Urrrrrgh! I can feel that darkness. Don't let yourself get hit by that stuff, it's quite corruptive.", the Author warns us as I put up a shield.

"And who are you to know about my power?", the black alicorn asks.

"You wouldn't know me even if I told you, Thunder Blight.", he responds as he summons a sword when we start to hear laughter.

"Hehehehehehe, but I do know you Author.", I hear a familiar voice say in the distance.

"Groan, of course Béte Noire's here, she takes whatever chance she can get.", he says as he points towards the voice and, to my annoyance, she comes out.

"But how did she get here?", I ask as I dodge a beam from the alicorn.

"That can wait for later.", he responds, turning to the alicorn, "stop this now, do you have any idea how much chaos can damage space-time!?".

"Why would I listen to you? I don't have time for you two, Lightning Bliss is already fading away, she's weak!", she shouts when we all notice that the colored spot around Lightning Bliss is getting smaller.

"No one is truly weak, Thunder Blight. All it takes is the right push.", I say as I shift into the God of Hyperdeath, turning to Lightning Bliss, "hold on Ms. Bliss, stay Determined!".

I run at the floating alicorn, dodging waves of energy and trying to hit her, but I keep hitting a strange aura around her, when I get hit in the chest. I get knocked back towards the two wolves and Voice, the Author rushing towards me.

"Hold on kid. We can check on that when we get back.", he says, looking at it then turning to the two as Béte Noire preps a spear, "I'm not going to let that slide you two. Why do this Thunder Blight, why not help your counterpart instead of ERASING them!?".

"Why should I help her? She had all that Alicorn magic within her but was too afraid to use it. Lightning Bliss, the Alicorn who had no magical control. I can't believe they all accepted that terrible lie, and let her use that spell!", the Alicorn says when my vision starts to blur.

"Hold on man, I don't want to go down with you!", Flowey shouts in my head as the wolves hand me to Silver Quill.

"If that's the way you will think, then I won't give up. Not without a fight!", the Author states, going into a fighting stance then looking at Shadow, "I saw that you recognized the rings. Let's take these two out, together!".

The black hedgehog nods and runs to him, "Lets finish this, once and for all.".

"It's futile. Sombra told me what the door showed you before you killed him. The world will betray you. Why fight at all? Why fight for those who will persecute you later!?", Betty shouts when I hazily spot the two reaching for the rings on their wrists.

"If the world chooses to become my enemy................", the Author says before they both twist the right one, the ring phasing through their wrists before reaching for the other.

"I will fight like I always have!", Shadow yells as they both take the second one off and prep to run.

The Author suddenly starts to shake rapidly when black metal and purple flames burst out, condensing into that black storm before I faint................

'Where..................am I.................how did I...........end up here?', I think as I slowly stir and hear footsteps.

"Thunder Blights chaos magic took its toll on your body.", I hear Gaster explain. I turn to see him near a screen in the black void, "the unicorn analysts healed you of physical wounds.............but the corruption reached the Determination SOUL. The Author would've helped you but...........".

He grabs a remote and turns on the TV, showing Shadow and the black storm fighting the two while I lay unconscious, everyone meeting up and helping me.

The Author kept tearing through the black magic on the ground, shielding Shadow as the hedgehog threw Chaos Spears at Betty and Kumu. Not only that, but he kept shifting and condensing into other forms. Several swords, that beast-like creature, a black hole, he even became that dark Lucario, throwing Aura spheres at the two.

"Lets finish this.", the Author says telepathically before sending energy at Lightning Bliss, the Alicorn slowly getting up.

She sends a rainbow beam at her counterpart as one of their beams are shooting, "rainbows make you smile!", Bliss says as her beam eventually overpowers theirs. Blights cutie mark separates as she dissipates, joining with Bliss'.

"Chaos..................BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", Shadow shouts before sending out red energy, blasting Betty and Kumu into a hole in the Void.

Gaster turns it off, "no casualties, albeit you and ToonKritic getting hit. Any questions Asriel?".

I ponder, but feel angry, "what were those rings they had on? I saw them take them off before I passed out.".

"Those are Inhibitor Rings. They dampen the amount of power, that the user releases overtime. The Author had Tails and I create them. They lessened his powers to almost your level, but they allow him to become Obscure Core at anytime, rather than when mortally wounded.".

I start to hear small whispers, "what's..............happening to me?", I say shakily.

"Apparently the SOULs he gave you were the ones from our world. That seventh, is Charas original, he turned yours into it that day in the boutique................that chaos....................it must've destabilized her and your combined LV. Your experiencing everything she did, her LV, eventually you might see her and Flowey's memories if pushed too far.", he explains in my shock, and strange anger.

"I-I don't understand...........I can hear whispers........I feel angry........what'll happen to me if this isn't fixed?!", I yell.

"This is a first..........his best guess was LV 20 changes, Determination, nothing too serious if we're careful.".

"No.......i-its worse than that!", I shakily yell, "promise me that you won't tell anyone about this, only the Author, Gatomon and Cisco know this!".


"Promise me!".

"Okay, okay!................I promise. Just........try to calm down, anger triggers LV. If pushed, you could kill me with one blow, no remorse!".

"Sorry............it wasn't just Determination that brought me back in that vision, that........future. My hatred.............it actually somehow combined with the Determination and created HATE!".

"What!?", he runs to me, "If you're capable of creating HATE like the Glitchtale Chara..................this is bad.".

"What, what is it!?".

"Glitchtale SOUL Traits carry Glitchtale rules child, including the SOUL Fusion theory. If pushed too far, your mind and Determination from Alphys' experiments, combined with her SOUL.................who knows what could happen.".

"How..........how did this happen? Where am I!?", I shout as the whispers get louder.

"After the fight, you, ToonKritic and Ms. Bliss were taken back home. Your in your room, along with me, them and your parents............as well as Ms. Belle.", he explains as I show confusion.


"You'll find out soon enough child. Now it's time you woke up.", he says before snapping his fingers, vanishing as I black out again.

"Run this by me again..................our son has devil like LV, and is hearing whispers and is getting angry quickly?", I hear dad ask.

"All the Author and the Doctor over here would give me until I went in, is that blast of chaotic energy somehow activated both Charas and his dormant LV......................his Determination SOUL, the core of his body is her original. So, the chaos also destabilized the balance, he's losing that guilt and calmness that the others give him. If pushed, he could kill anyone with one hit, no remorse..............just as Chara did to my son in that accursed run.", I hear Gaster explain as I slowly stir.

"Is there anything we can do?", mom asks.

"Chaos extraction is theoretical, dangerous if performed wrong. This isn't simply removing it from the body, it's taking the source, along with corrupted essence out of the victims SOUL.", the Author explains as I open my eyes.

"It's like cancer for humans, we would have to remove everything infected, greatly damaging it. And there's the possibility of it relapsing as well. Like he said, this is theoretical, best thing we can do is wait.", the Doctor explains, straightening what looks like a bowtie.

"For now, no dark gates or shadow stepping, speed and shortcuts only. Any dark or chaotic energy will accelerate the condition. Now then, I know your awake man, I need to explain what happened while you were out.", The Author says as my eyes adjust, and I see everyone looking at me.

Mom and Dad run up and hug me, "oh thank goodness Asriel. We were so worried!".

"What........what happened while I was out?".

"Let's see........I created a door to the Rift Café, the two wolves are talking with everyone, explaining their dimension.................oh shoot!", the Author explains before remembering something, "Gaster where's Sweetie Belle!?".

"In Twilights tree, why?", the skeleton explains when the Author speeds off, me teleporting in curiosity.

I quietly follow him to a bed with Sweetie Belle in it, and see him conjure up a blue SOUL!

I run in, "what are you doing!?".

He turns around, "if I don't do this before she wakes up, she'll end up like you did as Flowey.".

"What are you talking about trash bag!?", Flowey shouts in my head.

"Unless you have something nice to say for once, shut up, I'm already hearing things!", I shout.

"Stop it you two.", the Author says firmly, sending the blue SOUL into Sweetie Belle, "I'm doing this because a few hours ago, a certain skeleton went justice on two ponies trying to kill Grillby, and Sweetie Belle was caught in the crossfire!".

He face palms in frustration, "if I hadn't made Wingdings, Alphys and the Doctor use a roboticizer, she wouldn't be here.".

I look at the filly in shock, "who..........who was the skeleton that did this? I thought that Sans, Papyrus and Gaster were the only ones.".

He inhales nervously, "yeah..............my work on the timeline left things quite the mess. Sans is Ness, Steven, and Gaster and Hermann's son all at the same time, Papyrus could go Disbelief if pushed too far, and Gasters both in the void and not. The skeleton that attacked was Harlow, from AFAC and Man who Speaks in Hands, Harlow Garamond Gaster.".

The whispers start to get worse, "can we get started with our day please? For starters I have questions.".

He smiles lightly, "I'll answer them once we get your family in one place. Until then, I want to give a gift to Mrs. Wolf and her husband. Note to self, study the vial with Gaster, need to find out its properties.".

I think about asking him what he means, but I just decide not to.

"You know what.......tell mom that I'm heading out, I want to see things for myself.", I say, the man nodding.

"Just make sure to be at Sugarcube Corner in two hours, Diamond Tiara is having a 'cute-seanera', and it's there that something important happens.".

I nod, then exit the house.

"So, why do you actually trust him?", Flowey asks as we walk around Ponyville.

"You mean the Author? Well.......................all he's done is helped us out, he's answered questions we needed answered.", I answer.

"So did Eobard Thawne, and Hunter Zolomon.".

I stop, look around, then hide when I see no one, "what are you talking about!?".

"A lot of that vibed knowledge he gave you went to me after I resurfaced. Eobard played Barry for a fool as Wells to get him fast enough to open a wormhole to his time, helped him get faster. Hunter, just like Eobard, stole Jay Garrick's identity and used his true identity as a way to get Barry faster, so he could use Barry's pure Speed Force to cure himself due to the Velocity drugs.", Flowey explains as my anger resurfaces.

"Be quiet. You don't know the Author, he wouldn't betray us!".

"Do you want to know how many versions of the Traveler that man created? You, the Pegasus and the rock aren't unique.".

I look awestruck, "what?".

"He created ten individual versions of who you've become idiot, all linked someway to their main timelines!".

"Shut up, don't call me an idiot, idiot!".

"The Architect, the 35th Doctor who lost so much, so many companions that he abandoned his name. Riolu, a human turned Pokémon who could break the rules of evolution and Pokémon. Daniel, a digimon tamer who could digivolve, digifuse, and become them. Vulpes, an animagus wizard who could do miracles. Kyuubi, a nine tailed mobian fox who is even more skilled with chaos energy than Shadow. Xero Ren, a Jedi who used the dark side against itself, learning many dark secrets and wielding a unique darksaber. And last, Néko, a Khajiit kitten who was a master in all skills, including the Voice.".

I look shocked as I slop down, "why............why didn't he tell me about them?".

"Who knows.................I mean, he didn't tell you about Obscure Core, or about the Xenomorph sample in your watches.".

I look blankly out onto the street and see people walking past, "is there a way to talk to the Omnitrix samples?".

"Not a bad idea kid. Discord did say most of them were semi-sentient in there, I could send your mind into it and follow you.".

"Do it. I need......some questions answered by him and Lightmares sample.", I ask when I black out.

I find myself in a black void, surrounded by different species.

"Finally he wakes up. I'll admit, I was worried it messed up.", Flowey says.

"As much as you can get worried you weed, you still only have just a SOUL orb, nothing else.", Discord points out, revealing a small orb in the flowers stem, then looking at me, "Pleasure meeting you before my two-parter kid, can't wait.".

I shakily shake his paw when I spot Lightmare and Rayquaza, "what I don't get is how she can exist in here, and out there at the same time.".

"Beings like us can have consciousness, even in a few strands of DNA. For her it's like just cloning her, but I'm all thats left of my copy, I'm trapped.", Discord explains.

I sigh as I start hearing the whispers, everyone noticing, "before I meet you out there, I need to know.", I explain, standing up and walking up to the draconequus, "sigh, why did you cause all that chaos?".

"Sigh, I'm kind of like you Monsters. I don't know where I came from, only that there's at least one or two more draconequus' out there. I tried making friends, but all ponies saw was a mismatched freak. I tried using my magic to help, but they didn't understand it, so they feared me, ran away..............after one last attempt, I just thought 'if all everyponies going to see is a mismatched being who causes chaos, then that's all I'll do, cause chaos'....................that is, until the other me's met Fluttershy, but you get enough spoilers from the Author and your sister.", he answers in everyones shock when he shows shock, then spontaneous anger as his irises glow red, "He did not................".

I look at him in confusion, "what do you mean?".

He looks at me, straight in the eyes, "what I am about to ask you is not out of greed, or evil. It's out of caring for a certain pony. One of the other me's just found out Fluttershy's past, and he can't get his revenge..........but I can.".

He walks up to me, "Once our business in here is concluded, I would like for you to release me.".

I look at him in confusion, "why?".

"All I will say is that she grew up in a bad household. Now then.......................", he explains before summoning a table and chairs, "what is it that you wish to talk about?".

"Well...............", I say before thinking, "how does this Traveler thing work? Flowey found out how many there were. Could you tell me about them?".

"Good question kid. Let's see.........Riolu was once Human. But he was changed into a cute black Riolu by Team Plasma, he was an experiment to create powerful Pokémon. Not only can he speak human speech and use Aura Sphere, but he can 'Warp Evolve' into Mega Lucario, and man he's strong. He's somehow capable of using any move. Also, if pushed too far, he can do the impossible.".

"What?", I ask.

"No spoilers, not at least from me. The Architect...............after so many losses, so many people dying in his name, he decided to abandon the name that carried that blood. In doing so, he broke the promise. So, he decided to adopt a new name, one that wasn't gushing with sin. Rather than the man who heals, who makes people better....................he's become the man who builds, constructs by protecting the foundations of mankind.................he even abandoned the Sonic, constructing a non-lethal version of the Laser Screwdriver that the Master used.".

I look around as the whispers get worse, "What about Xero Ren?".

The draconequus nods, "He's quite unique. Rather than fight, and keep his Force energy away from the dark side, he embraces it, uses it against itself. In doing so, he's capable of miracles, such as manipulating the midi-chlorians to create..........life. And, to create new ones, keeping a person from dying.".

He sips some tea, "not only does he use the Sith lightsaber forms, he created a unique, one of a kind darksaber that can be one handed, dual wielded, or combined into a saberstaff.".

Eventually the whispers quiet down save in my mind, and I start piecing out words.

"Traitor....................you deserve to die..................you're friends will look.............stressed with my...........knife lodged in their chests................in the way...............free XP......................the worlds don't deserve MERCY!".

"Be quiet!", I scream, them all looking at me as my voice echoes.

Discord stands up as Lightmare, a Riolu and a cloaked man approach me and Flowey, "How long has this been going on kid?".

"Since a while ago...........it's getting worse..........it's definitely Chara.", I explain.

"At this rate physical changes will start if something accelerates it.", the cloaked man says with a british accent.

"Wait............are you the Architect?", I ask.

"Smart guess Dreemurr. Tell myself that he needs to get a companion. He.................we, start to grow cold, unattached when we're alone.", he says.

I tilt my head, "you mean like after your war?".

He looks at me straight in the face, "he told you about the Time War?", he asks when the ground starts shaking.

"Something's waking you up kid.", Discord says before snapping, "that should enchant the watch to release me once you leave.".

"What do you?........", I say before I black out.

"Kid, wake up!", I hear Sans shout as I cover my ears.

"Please, quiet down!", I yell.

"We were looking all over for you man, it's almost time.".

"Look, I don't see the big deal.".

"Kid.......this is the day the Cutie Mark Crusaders is founded. And considering how hectic things are going, we need to improve our image.", he explains before looking above us, "care to tell me why Discord is free?".

"The kid released me. Now then, I'll be talking to Loki and DJ's me, I'll see you later young Dreemurr!", he says before snapping, vanishing into thin air.

"Sigh........let's get going.", I respond, getting up.

We walk to Sugarcube Corner and enter to a small party of fillies, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon walking around.

"Look, you guys can enjoy this................I just want to be left alone. It's getting worse.", I explain, the skeleton nodding.

"Just go under the table, I'll explain to Twi why you're missing.".

"Thanks.", I say, walking over and crawling under the table to find Sweetie Belle.

"Hi Sweetie Belle.".

She looks over at me in surprise, "oh. Hi Asriel, didn't see you there. How's it going?".

"Not good.............I'm hiding so I don't blow up at Diamond Tiara. You?".

"I'm just staying out of the way. I mean, she just invited me to show off her new cutie mark, I'd rather keep away from insults.", she explains, "why are afraid of getting angry?".

"Sigh. There's something wrong with my SOUL. I keep hearing these whispers and getting angry. If she makes me mad, I might end up..........killing her. I'm afraid because................I might not feel anything. I might actually like it.", I explain, looking down in regret.

She crawls to me and hugs me, "I'm not afraid of you. You're so kind. You care and love your friends and family, even those who have done something wrong. I'm glad to know you as a friend.".

"Heh......thanks Sweetie.", I tell her. I look outside and spot an orange Pegasus with purple hair, "hey Scootaloo.".

The filly looks over at me, "oh hey Asriel. Whatcha doing under there?".

"Keeping away from Diamond Tiara, want to keep my cool along with a friend. Wanna join us under here?".

She skeptically walks under, "Scootaloo, this is Sweetie Belle. Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo.", I introduce the two fillies.

".......Uhh, hey.", Scootaloo greets, noticing the unicorn filly's bare flanks,"wait, you don't have a cutie mark either?".

"'Either'? You too?", Sweetie Belle looks at Scootaloo's flanks, no cutie mark, "I thought I was the only one.".

"Me too!" Scootaloo exclaims, her wings fluttering in excitement.

"There's one other filly I want you two to meet.", I say when we all hear ripping. We look outside to see everyone looking at Apple Bloom, who ripped what looks like a cape covering her back hooves.

"Oh no.", Apple Bloom says in shock.

"Wow, that is an amazing cutie mark.", Silver Spoon says sarcastically.

"Nice try.......".

"Blank flank!", the two bullies say in unison.

"You got a problem with blank flanks?!", Scootaloo says under the table as we come out, all the fillies gasping, "I said, you got a problem with blank flanks?!".

"The problem is, I mean, she's like, totally not special.", Silver Spoon says.

"No, it means she's full of potential. All children are, even me.", I say, everyone noticing me as I lean on the table.

"It means she could be great at anything. The possibilities are, 'like, endless.", Scootaloo says in a mocking tone.

"She could be a great scientist, or an amazing artist, or a famous writer. She could even be mayor of Ponyville someday.", Sweetie Belle points out.

"And she's not stuck being stuck-up like you two.", Scootaloo finishes as everyone chuckles.

"Hey, this is my party, why are you two on her side?", Diamond Tiara asks accusingly.

"Because..........", Scootaloo says before showing them all their flanks.

"Gasp! You don't have your cutie marks either?! I thought I was the only one!", Apple Bloom shouts.

"We thought we were the only two, until Asriel introduced us to each other.", Scootaloo explains.

"How can you trust them!?".

"Because unlike you, Diamond Tiara, everyone sees past our appearance, and sees how kind, and brave, and compassionate we can be.", Sans explains, drinking a bottle of ketchup, "I for one believe 'Blank Flanks' are the lucky fillies.".

"Lucky? How can they be lucky?".

"Just like Human and monster children, they have yet to find their path, their story. They still get to experience the thrill of discovering who they are, and what they're meant to be.", Sans explains.

"And they got all the time in the world to figure it out, not just an afternoon.", Applejack explains, all the ponies starting to chatter.

"Groan!", Diamond Tiara says before looking down, "those freaks are eventually gonna get what's coming to them.".

I hear this and start to growl, Sans noticing.

"Calm down kid.", he walks over to the Doctor, "you, Applejack and Twi make sure he doesn't blow, I'll go get Tori and Asgore, as well as anyone who's home.".

The Timelord nods as my teeth sharpen into fangs, Sans teleporting away.

"Calm down. Do you want things to go badly?", Flowey asks in my head as the whispers intensify again, to the point I can piece out more words.

"You traitor.............once I'm free, I'll kill them all....................if you really think these ponies are worth it, then your as naive as I was with you Monsters.................they're weak, defenseless...........free XP.........in the way....................ITS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!!!!!!!".

I'm almost at the limit, my eyes becoming black...........

"I can't wait for the day that they are gotten rid of. The princess is totally playing them for fools.", she says clueless to my anger as I break.

I pull out a black card, forming my dads trident when I'm forced out of the bakery by the Author.

"You're not going to do this man.".

"I'm not just gonna let some jerk talk about us like that!!!!!!!!!!", I scream as I knock him away, running towards the bakery.

"Oh no you don't!", he screams as he dashes at me, pinning me before I reach the door.

"Stop this! Just let me WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", I scream as I attempt to blast him away.

"I'm not going to let you kill a child Asriel!", he screams as he holds on.

"It seems you misunderstood. SINCE WHEN WERE YOU THE ONE IN CONTROL?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!", I scream as black matter starts forming, grabbing onto him.

I spot Undyne, Obsidian, Sans, Frisk, Chara, Shadow, Sora, Mom and Dad run towards us as more Hate forms.

"What do we have here?", I ask creepily as I look at them all, "a comedian, a weak fish, a rock, a hedgehog, two goats who failed, a pretender, a weakling, a human wielding a key......................................AND A MEGALOMANIAC.".

I pull out another card that bursts into flames, melting and condensing with the Hate into a knife.

"Megalomaniac, Real Knife, phrase that is said at the end of a genocide run..................well well well, looks like I was right.", the Author says, everyone looking at him.

"What do ya mean?".

"He means comedian, that the core SOUL of my traitorous brother is my original.", I explain.

"Chara Dreemurr. The demon who comes when you say it's name. The reason the Genocide Route even exists. The kid who still thinks they're above the consequences.....................that their plan wasn't flawed.", the Author explains.

"I don't care, about that stupid plan anymore. You all didn't care for me. You Feared me. And you both easily replaced us with Frisk, didn't you!?", I yell, looking at my parents, "None of the worlds deserve a 'happy ending'. Heh. Like something could exist. This isn't some game, not like Frisk and the soulless husk of my traitor of a brother used the timeline as. Aren't I right Frisk?".

"What are they talking about Kid?", Undyne asks.

"They're talking about Core Frisk, and the countless routes from the stories I used for the timeline.", the Author explains as I slowly clap.

"Bravo 'Author'. Sure Core Frisk didn't do any Genocide runs, but they did break Smiley Trashbag to his limit, resulting in the pacifist creating a 'safe haven' for empty AUs thanks to my copies. Inseperable had me controlling millions of humans at once, all connected thanks to LV. I even had the president under my power! Our Own Route had me killing Wingdings' followers, and creating hollow, emotionless copies of you all. I even had, and have that power that Frisk so recklessly revealed, having enough Determination can allow refusal of Death itself. And let's not forget Dreemurr Reborn, all those SOULs from Genocide Runs under my power.", I explain as I conjure up a picture of Asriel hugging me and throw it at them, "Did you ever wonder why that was the only way for him to come back?! Frisk had already sold their SOUL to me Thousands of times, they couldn't get that 'happy ending', not with me corrupting it!!!!!".

I start laughing before I feel pain, and pass out, the Hate dissipating. I fall down revealing Loki and both Discords knocking me out with a bat.

"Good thing we came, the kids gonna feel that when he wakes up.", Loki remarks.

"Doubt that Loki. If anything, he'll feel the guilt and sins from this.", DJ Discord speculates.

"I think your right other me. He was already afraid of hurting Diamond Tiara, and he almost just killed his entire family.................let's get him back home.", our Discord says before snapping, teleporting everyone back to the house.

'What..........happened?', I think as I slowly stir.

"There we go, he's waking up.", I hear the Author say as I open my eyes to everyone on the sofa.

"What happened?".

"You're lucky the three Discords were there.......speaking of which, how did you know he went beserk, felt his LV?", the Author asks the three Draconequus'.

"Loki detected the LV spike, I detected the Hate, and DJ Discord felt his magic.", our Discord explains before looking at me, "unless you can learn to keep your cool around those insults, you'll putting this entire world at risk.".

"I don't even know what you're all talking about!", I yell as everyone backs up.

I take a breath, "what happened after he grabbed me?".

"It was weird. Ya started creating this black goop and threw him away.", Applejack explains.

"Then you went Chara on us man. You went full blown Chara, wielding the Real Knife and everything.", the Author explains as I look shocked.

"So......you were right?!", I ask, the man nodding.

"Look.....we've been talking while you were asleep. We think until you get that anger under control, you should stay out of action. Aggression and hate triggers it.", the Doctor explains as I look confused.

"You mean.......".

"You're benched kid. Until you can keep the demon down you're staying out of any fights. The Author can close Breaches as much as he can open em, so we're good.", Sans explains as I look shocked.

"Let's give him some time to rest.", Mom suggests. Everyone nods and leaves the room.

I lay my head back and think, 'I can't believe I nearly killed them all...........at least, my body nearly did. And I'm not allowed in any action until I can control it.".

I look at my necklace, 'But how am I going to learn without action, and without hurting anyone in the process?".

I look around the room when I spot a certain blue box and come up with an idea.

'Thats it! I'll learn how away from everybody, and help my friends in the process! I'll wait till everyone's asleep, and sneak off with it. Since a few weeks there was a few hours here, I'll be back before anyone notices I'm gone.', I think happily.

It's nighttime, and everyone's asleep. I slowly climb out of bed and walk to my dresser, grabbing a few clothes and putting them in a backpack, then walk out. I walk down to the kitchen, grab a small box, then walk to the TARDIS when the front door opens to Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sunset along with the two Digimon.

"What are ya doing Asriel?", Apple Bloom whispers.

"Sigh,Im leaving Ungula. You know how I got mad?", I whisper back, everyone nodding, "I want to make sure I don't hurt anyone. So, I'm leaving until I can control it.".

"If you're leaving, at least let us come with you.", Scootaloo asks, "and before you say anything, we want to see what it's like! Gatomon and the Doctor explained about the other worlds, and we want to see them!".

"And maybe get our cutie marks!", Apple Bloom quietly screams.

I sigh, "How many besides you want to come?".

"Just Sally, Temmie and Alphys.", Gatomon explains.

"As well as me.", I hear someone whisper behind us. I turn to see the Doctor, "you barely know how to fly it, and I want to talk to everyone.".

"Sigh, okay. Let's get going before everyone wakes up.", I answer, everyone nodding.

We walk over to the TARDIS and open its doors entering to a flash of light, changing into normal forms.

I close the door, "it's always nice to have paws again. Might actually ask a certain person to cancel the spell.".

"I'll admit, I always enjoy the bowtie. Bowties are cool.", the Doctor says as he adjusts it.

I turn to the three fillies to find them as humans, each wearing different clothes.

"Now then..........it's been a while old girl. Let's see if we got the same tricks.", the Doctor says before looking at the fillies, "anything, any, passing remarks? I've heard them all.".

They look around, and their pupils widen.

"It's............", Sweetie Belle says.

"Bigger on tha inside........", Apple Bloom remarks.

"Than it is on the outside!", Scootaloo shouts.

They all look at the Doctor, "what is this?".

He shows them around, helping them stand on two feet, "it's called the TARDIS. It can travel anywhere in time and space. And it's mine.".

I look around, never quite seeing it's majesty with everyone inside at once when I remember something, "wait, Doctor.".

He looks at me, "when I was in the watch, a future version of you said you need to find a companion.".

He looks curious.

"What number was he?", he asks.

"If.....if I remember correctly, he was 35.".

He looks blank until he shows energy, "that's nice. I have a future. You can never be too sure when it comes to time travel.", he says as he walks to the console, "so...............all of time and space; everywhere and anywhere; every star that ever was. Everything that ever happened, or ever will.................where do you want to start?".

"I think you know which Universe, Doctor.", I remark.

"I know exactly which one, Asriel Dreemurr. Now then.........", he says before pulling a lever, "next stop, Everywhere!".

The engines start up, waking everyone outside, but it disappears as they reach it, but Jack Harkness grabs on.

Mom looks at Discord, "Discord, Loki, please make sure he's safe.".

The two draconequus' nod before vanishing.


The Console starts sparking, everyone save the Doctor jumping back.

"What's happening!?", I scream.

"She's trying to shake something off...............Jack must've grabbed on again! We're already in the void but she's............", he says before a black mass bursts out and enters my face, knocking me out.

"Asriel!", he shouts before facing the console unit, "come on girl, just take us there, he'll fall off after.".

The machine slowly stabilizes but still shakes as the black mass covers my body, changing my clothes and face.

To be continued................

Author's Note:

Hey everyone. Sorry this chapter took so long for just almost 8,000 words, but I've had major writers block, and my family went to an island for spring break so I didn't get a lot of time to work on this.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this, and keep an eye on my other story. If you got the hints, you'll know where they're heading.

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