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The Traveling Son of a Great Dreemurr - jjb0420

Hi, my name is Asriel Dreemurr, I died helping my sister, was brought back as a flower, was SAVEd by another, then sent to another world..........wait what?!

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Chapter Five- Call of the Cutie, and Fall Dreemurr Friends Part 1

We walk into town, a few of the ponies recognizing us when a green one jumps me.

"So Pinkie was right, there are humans here!", she shouts.

"Let me guess, you're Lyra.", I guess, the unicorn nodding.

"Sure am, now you are answering some questions!", she shouts.

"Slow down, i'm not human, i'm a Boss Monster.", I explain, pulling off the hood, "if you wanted to ask Frisk and DJ some questions, you can come with us!".

"Oh.........okay. Sorry for jumping you, I'll just wait till I see them.", she says, everyone continuing to walk towards the large house.

We eventually reach it as I approach the stairs, and knock on the door.

"Who's there?", I hear the muffled voice of Mom ask.

"It's me Mom, we're home!", I answer, opening the door slowly, finding a pony with half-moon glasses and the Delta Rune robe.

(picture this for Toriel and Asgore)

"Sigh, the pie finally kicked in for you all while we were gone, didn't it?".

"Asriel, is that really you!?", she exclaims, hugging me.

"It's.........ASRIEL, as it gets mom!", I joke, hugging her as the others come in too, "so what happened with you all, last we saw you, we were getting DJ's friends out, as well as Sans'.".

"Oh we were so worried Asriel. DJ and the others just saw you go into that black portal, and we didn't see you for days!", she answers, us being shocked.

"Days, for us it was about four or five hours!", I answer.

"Yes.........where did you all go anyway, we've been looking for you ever since DJ and the others got everyone awake.", she asks, coming out of the hug and walking towards the kitchen, "and what's with that black cloak?".

"That portal took us to another Equestria. We helped out, and we saw something from home, a villain from another Undertale universe.", I explain as we sit down, "and as for this cloak, its from Sora's universe, they're used by Organization XIII to travel between worlds and locations.".

"Oh, that makes some sense. Well, what Equestria did it take you to?", she asks as she brings tea and sits down.

"It took us to a fanfic AU, where the universes of Equestria and Danny Phantom intersect. Apparently it's an altered story, and ahead of our world, since their Crystal Empire had just returned.", Gaster explains as he pours himself a cup.

"We'll probably see them again, I gave them Stone-gate rings to the house. Still, It is so great to see you're okay Mom...........lets just say I saw something...........unpleasant, when we were getting the Crystal Heart, a relic that protects the empire from threats.", I explain, taking off the cloak and shifting back into a pony, "speaking of family, where's Dad and the others?".

"Your father is in Canterlot, attending meetings with the princesses. As for siblings, they're at school. While you were gone, I got them and you signed up for Cheerilee's school.", Mom explains, sipping her tea, "It is still so great to see you Asriel, and i'm sure the girls will be ecstatic!".

"Sigh, it's great to be home, I missed you all a lot!", I exclaim, as Twilight and Spike come in, shocked that we're here.

"Miss Toriel, who is this I might ask?", she says.

"You must be the other Twilight, DJ's wife.", I guess, leaving the seat and walking up to her, "I'm Asriel, Toriel's son.".

"So your the Asriel DJ told Scootaloo and I about. Might I ask where you went?", she asks.

"We were pulled into another AU, where Equestria and Danny Phantom's world intersects, and travel between the two is possible. It's apparently another one ahead of ours, since the Crystal Empire just arrived.", Sans explains, drinking some ketchup, "I'm Sans, or Steven, depends on who you ask.".

"I see that they've finally returned.", a voice says, I turn and see a man in a black cloak like mine near the kitchen, "just kidding, I always intend for you guys to come back!".

"And who you might you be?", I ask, the man smiling.

"You wouldn't know me officially, this is merely a manifestation of my form, typing out this as we speak.", he says, pulling out a book.

"Wait a minute, I recognize your voice.", Gaster says, standing up.

"Oh you would, W.D. Gaster, considering you helped me create this AU.", the man says.

"Wait a minute..........surely you can't be......", Sans says.

"For now you can call me what you've always called me, the Author.", he says, everyone being shocked, "Don't make a big fuss, in my world I'm simply a kid that likes both your worlds.".

"I find it interesting a god is a child. But why are you here, after the past few weeks?", Toriel asks.

"Yet you have a son that can control your reality with a mere thought, or snap of his cute paws. As for why I'm here, I wanted to discuss some things with your family, and hopefully help you out.", he answers.

"Why come here now, why not when the tear existed!?", I shout.

"I wanted to play things out. Besides, I have been helping, the X-Blade you own is a fan creation, and normally the Ceremony of Inheritance only passes it on after you die. I tweaked the rules since this world is my creation. Sigh, I just hope the fans don't hate on me for bringing myself in, rather than Pokémon, or slowing down on the Displacing.", he explains, putting a hand on his head.

"You're the reason the portals exist, you told Gaster you didn't know their origin!", I shout, putting my hooves up in frustration.

"I can bring beings to other Equestria's yes, but I don't know their exact origin. I created this world for the same reason Regrettale exists, to give you monsters a perfect happy ending, including you and Chara.", the Author explains, sitting down, "I was seeking Equestria because the Traveler exists in all worlds, but Lightmare is one of the strongest incarnations. There's a reason she only appears in one Equestria, I created her.".

"Yes, speaking which, where's Lightmare, and DJ?", I ask, turning to mom.

"They're upstairs dear, turns out DJ has engineering skills, and Lightmare's newfound knowledge of programming really helps out with his inventions, along with Peridot's knowledge of technology.", Mom answers.

"Yeah in his fanfic Malice showed him Earth's flaws, and it's downfall. So, when a subtype of genie that takes you to another world as your third wish gave him the chance to leave, he took it. His first two wishes were to make those lightsabers of his real, and to settle his families debts.", the Author explains as we walk towards DJ's room.

"Then why does he have engineering skills?", I ask.

"Those lightsabers give him force abilities, alchemical powers, and engineering skills.", he explains as we reach a door near my room.

I walk up and knock on the door, "hey Lightmare, are you in there?".

We hear a gasp as a pegasus bursts out of the room, hugging me, "oh Asriel, it's so nice to see you!".

"It's great to see you too!", I respond as we walk into the room, seeing it as bigger on the inside.

"DJ tried making a TARDIS again, didn't he!?", the Author shouts.

"Wait, he knows about the TARDIS?", the Doctor asks, examining the room.

"His AU has a Doctor too, many people theorized a pony was you and BAM, the universes Displaced you into Equestria to compensate. He's good friends with his Doctor Whooves/Time Turner, so he tried to make one without TimeLord science, causing his shed, and apparently this room, to be bigger on the inside!", the Author shouts as the blue alicorn pops out from inside a pile with glasses and a fez on.

"Do I hear the Doctor with you Lightmare, and who is that man?", DJ asks.

"You've heard of me, i'm the Author.", he says, offering a hand to pull him out, "do you have any idea how risky making a TARDIS is without the proper info!? They're grown, not made in a toolshed.".

"He is right, the Time Lords created dozens of them like plants, then exposed them to the Eye of Harmony after being fully grown.", the Doctor explains.

"I wanted to try again, different universe different rules!", DJ explains, "Besides, it's not like it didn't have its use, Asriel did not think of space when it came to me.".

"Hey don't bring me into this, I didn't know you were a builder.", I shout, the pony turning to me.

"So this is how the Doctor is back, you all are............speaking of which, hey Peridot, Sans is back!", he shouts over to another pile, a green humanoid popping out.

"Is he really here, I have a word or two about why 'Steven' stopped talking to Lapis and I.", she says, walking up and seeing the skeleton pony.

"Heh, 'sup Peri?", he asks, "it's been, what, 35,000 years?".

"Since she clearly doesn't recognize the resemblance, i'll do some rewriting.", the Author says, pulling out the book and a pen, "and by a miracle of magic thanks to the Author himself, the Pony Apple Pie spell on Sans breaks!".

He writes this down and in a flash of light, Sans is back to normal, "thanks kid. now peri, what questions did you have to ask me?".

"Well............for starters, why did you just upright abandon us after your birthday!?", she shouts, folding her arms.

"We didn't mean to Peri..............it was just so sudden and quick. turns out, the elements in mom's gem made me get cancer.............the others never told you because dad was caring for me as i got chemo done, obsidian left in his anger, and the others shattered their gems. if i hadn't been taken to the underground...........i wouldn't be here, talking to you.", Sans explains, kneeling near her, "i searched for a way to go back for years, i really did. but the weeds resets got me depressed enough............that i gave up on everything. if tori and papyrus weren't there to keep me going, i would've thrown in the towel.".

Peridot looks down and sighs, "if Lapis and the others are willing to give you another chance as family...........i'll try too.", she says, holding out a hand, "it's good to see you again Steven.".

"nice to see you too peridot.", he says in response, giving a hand, surprisingly lacking a whoopie cushion, and shakes hers.

"Now that the formalities are out of the way, how did the Author do that?", DJ asks.

"I created this fanfic, still am. So, I can 'edit' the story by simply writing in this book. Look, i'm typing it in the real world as we speak!", he says, opening it and showing that this whole conversation is still being written, everyone being surprised, "And no, i'm not going to pull a Discord and wreck everything. He lacks the imagination to create, and cause order, rather than destroy and cause chaos.".

"Well at least I know how to have fun!", Discord shouts as he teleports into the room, "Hmm, wonder what would happen if I gave the readers your editing password!".

He tries to tear through the 4th wall, but he suddenly slaps himself in the face "Hey, no fair!".

"Like you ever play fair. You might control this plane, but I control the story. I could ERASE you if you weren't one of the good Discords.", the Author says, closing the book, "You stay away from my plane, and I won't mess with you. Deal?".

"GROAN! Fine, deal. Now DJ, how's things going over here, Cadence and I had to explain everything to your old home.".

"Oh don't worry about that Discord, once I transfer Cadence and her husband over along with their fanfic kid, i'll close off the walls, setting things right in that world by RESETting it.", the Author explains.

"oh thank goodness. now, let's see if lapis and the other's want grillby's, they haven't tasted food until they taste that!", Sans says as we all leave the room.

"Speaking of Papyrus, where is he?", Gaster asks, noticing the gap and looking at the Author, "still wish you would remember to include some of us Author, pinkie was right about you forgetting us.".

"I mostly focus on the characters, and the story itself.............if I forget you for a few lines, i'm sorry..............man the readers are gonna rage in the comments after I post this!", he says, face-palming as we end up near a crystalline door, "before you ask it's one of those things about magic and reality you can't explain.".

We open the door to see a life-like model of a small house, "and Gem magic at that, how did they bring Steven's house over!?".

"We simply used gem technology to reconfigure the houses room magic, how else did you expect Alphys' room to look like her anime den?", Pearl says, we turn and see them at the kitchen, "might I ask who you are?".

"I am the Author, I'm with Obsidian and Steven.", he explains, gesturing to the two as they walk to us.

"Nice to see you're back you two, Your dad has been worried sick along with Toriel.", Garnet explains, a hand on her hip.

"Speaking of the others, where's the human girl and Lapis?", Peridot asks.

"They're talking about their experiences with Steven in the living room, you just missed them.", Amethyst explains.

"whelp, how about you join us for grillby's, monster food is edible to all species, as it's magic like our gems.", Sans offers, but looks down, "look.............sigh, i'm glad that i can see and hug you guys again but.............things in my life have changed. i've learned that sometimes i'll have to fight to protect those i love, i can only take one hit without dying for good, and i still have some depression issues due to flowey's and frisk's millions of RESETs...........listen, the point is, i want to be a family but................can you guys at least accept i'm a different steven universe now? no need to rush, you can just start by calling me by my new name, sans.".

"Sigh, look, your right, things are different since we last saw you. But no matter how much you change, you'll still be the son of Rose Quartz, part of the family, part of the Crystal Gems!", Garnet says, walking up and putting a hand on his shoulder, "if you want us to respect your wishes and past, fine. But at least try to accept we'll always try to be there for you, like we did on earth...........Sans, we love you. Both of us do, along with the others.", she says as she takes of her visor, showing her three, different colored eyes.

"that is all i ask for garnet. lets go get connie and lapis, we'll explain monster food on the way to grillby's.", he says as we all walk out of the room.

We walk down the hall and the stairs and see mom, washing some dishes with difficulty, "mom, have you tried using your unicorn magic, it works pretty much the same as ours does.".

"I'll try sweetie, thanks. Where are you and the Gems going?", she asks.

"We're gonna grab Connie and Lapis and try some food.........Sans, suggested.", Garnet explains.

"I'll come with you all then. I can do the dishes when we get back, and I have to pick up the girls, Apple Bloom, and Sweetie Belle from school anyway.", she says, leaving a plate in the dishwasher as we walk into the living room.

"Lapis..............you and the human Connie have someone you know to talk to.", Peridot announces, the two looking at us.

"Who are you all?", Connie asks.

"You don't know us, but you know the skeleton in the blue jacket.", the Author states, the two looking at him.

"hello lapis, connie............it's been a long, long time.", Sans says, pulling out the gem from his pocket and putting it in his left eye-socket.

"Steven.........is that really you?", Lapis asks, getting up from the couch.

"it's me lapis..........but please, call me what i'm known by, sans.", he says, slowly walking up to the two, "connie, do you..........have anything to say?".

Connie just looks at him in shock, "How do I know your really Steven, you could've just taken his gem.".

"heh. knew i would need more proof for the ones who are closest to me. whelp, here goes. i tried to keep you safe from homeworld by stopping being friends with you. a-and the first time your mom learned about your sword training and your glasses was when cluster gems attacked us at the hospital she works at..................you helped me get over bismuth, jasper and eyeball, when it caused us to defuse during training....................in the original timeline, you were still kind to me, even when i used my aging abilities too long and i de-aged.........................we were good friends, you even helped me with lapis, i yelled at your mom, i sung songs with you while we played violin and ukekele, we shared jam, i summoned my shield during your training because of you!", he shouts, starting to cry blue tears.

"please...............i wanted to get back to you all this time.......................but even i have limits. in the face of the RESETs, any choice i made was pointless............then mom's gem dies, and i lost hope......................do you know what it's like, to remember peoples deaths.................but you can't stop your own?", he asks, falling to his knees.

Then the Author and I see it, the twinkle in her eyes, of her acceptance, "you.............you really are Steven, aren't you?".

He looks up in shock, "Connie............The sun is bright, our shirts are clean, we're sitting up above the sea. Come on and share this jam with me..............", he sings, Connie recognizing the song, albeit being deeper.

"Peach or plum or strawberry, any kind is fine, you see. Come on and share this jam with me!", she sings, giving Sans a hand up, "I'll do my best to give this jam the sweetness it deserves!".

"And I'll keep it fresh, I'm jamming on these tasty preserves!", Sans sings, then they join hands.

"Ingredients in harmony, we mix together perfectly, come on and share this jam with me!", they finish, then start laughing.

"hehehehe, it's been a long time, since i sung that with you.", he says, putting his hands in his pockets.

"Hehehe! Well..........let's try to make up for that..........Sans, as friends. Toriel told us about your pact with Asriel and the others, and the gems want to help.........I do too.", she explains, holding his hand, "do you promise to let me help you out?".

He sighs to this, "after many RESETs, i've developed a hatred of making promises that are hard to keep...................but i hate breaking the ones i DO make even more. i...........i promise, we'll need all the help we can get...............and i.............i missed you. i want to catch up.", he says, slowly hugging her.

"I want to catch up too Sans.", she responds, hugging him back, then the Author faces Peridot.

"I almost forgot before bed.............long story short, time runs differently. Anyway, I have a gift I want to give to you.", he says before pulling out a box, "It's bigger on the inside, look.".

He hands it to her and she opens it, looking inside then backing her head up in shock, "h-how did you get these, the Crystal Gems threw almost all of it into the ocean!".

"I'm the Author, I basically have a stronger version of Asriel's reality warping power. Go on, take it and put it on!", he shouts, the gem smiling and running upstairs.

"What did you give her?!", Garnet asks threateningly, the Author putting his hands up in defense.

"Cool your jets Garnet, I merely gave her back something you took away!", he explains as we hear metal footsteps, "man she's quick, I only typed out this line in two minutes!".

We all look up the stairs and see Peridot, with longer limbs, detached fingers, and a visor.

"Oh Peridot is back, baby!", she shouts, jumping down to the floor, "the human writer gave me my Limb Enhancers back!".

"I also included all your old data from Earth, and data on current Displaced multiverses, to catch you up to speed.", the Author explains as she forms a touch-screen with her fingers.

"This is incredible. I owe you one Author.", she thanks him as she disengages the screen.

"Sans, weren't you planning to go to Grillby's?", Toriel asks.

"your right tori. you would really like it connie, grillby makes some pretty good food.", Sans offers.

"Huh, sure...........i'm up for trying new food.", she says, holding his hand, "I really want to catch up with you.......Sans, I just need time to adjust. I mean, it's not like everyday you're taken to another universe!".

"Lets get going, Frisk and the others are getting out soon.", Mom says as we nod and leave the house.

"So.......Sans, can you explain this 'monster food', what makes it different to human food?", Pearl asks as we head towards Sugarcube Corner.

"human and monster bodies are pretty different to each other, it's like how moms gem rejected me. humans have stronger SOULs, so their bodies can sustain a lot of physical matter. likewise, monster bodies only have a little bit of physical matter to contain our comparatively weaker SOULs. so, while monster bodies are mostly magic with a little physical matter, human bodies are mostly physical matter and a little magic. our food is similar, it's mostly made of magic that turns into pure life energy almost as soon as you take bite out of it, healing you and being delicious, it just lacks nutrients needed by humans. If say skeletons like papyrus and i ate human food, it would probably just fall out, but pony and monster food works fine.", he explains, "it tastes good, and it works with your gems. not to mention it wont bother you pearl since you don't physically 'digest' it.".

"That explains why Frisk can eat so fast mid-battle. Once..........other people are brought here, you monsters might have to answer some questions.", the Author says, "and no I won't give you spoilers, want the readers to be surprised too.".

"Yes speaking of which, what do you mean you type this out, and who are the readers?", Peridot asks.

"In my world I created this in the form of a fan-fiction, like how Undertale is a game, and Equestria is a cartoon. I'm the Author, so I type out each chapter, for other readers to read............and no, it doesn't mean your fake. That's the beauty of imagination, it can take a life all on it's own...............you just have to have the courage to put it out there. Besides, there might even be a universe where mine is a sitcom, or a story too.", he explains as we arrive at the place, sitting right in front of the school.

"whelp, grillby set up shop with the cakes, so lets just go in and asriel can send a message to the kid.", Sans explains, the two walking in with us, but not before I create a letter near Frisk telling us where we are.

We enter to see several monsters and ponies arguing as I face-paw, "Yo Grillby, what's going on!?".

"The ponies found out about the buttercup incident, and what we did in our anger.", the fire spirit explains.

"mrs. cake, may I ask why you and your husband haven't tried to.........'defuse', the situation?", Sans asks.

"We wanted an explanation along with everyone else.", she explains, me looking down in guilt.

"Sigh, even now the past comes back to bite us.", I say before hopping up on a table, "hey everypony, listen up!".

They all look at me in curiosity, "thank you. Now, have you even thought my dad and the other monsters, have ever felt guilt for the incident?".

We see one red stallion come out of the crowd and speak, "Well, we didn't exactly think of that, but why would he feel guilt?".

"Well Big Macintosh, dad made that decision out of anger at my death, so once he cooled down and realized it, he saw he had made a big mistake. He wanted to back out, but he ended up giving the Underground false hope, so he kept going..............even after my mom left him.", I explain, mom and I looking down.

"That makes sense..............wait a minute, how do ya know ma name?", he asks.

"Your world is a show, remember, your sister Applejack mentioned you, and Frisk described you to me two weeks ago..............Mom, may I ask, how long were we gone exactly?", I ask.

"About a week dear.", she answers.

"Okay. So now that i've explained, can you all please calm down!?", I shout. They all eventually tilt their heads in shame and continue about their business.

"Thank you for defusing that. Now, how may I help you?", Grillby asks as we walk towards his wing.

"we need a table for 11 people.", Sans explains.

"Oho, this is interesting. The princesses just sent me another loan, so I expanded to tables that can seat up to 15 people. Your in luck today Sans!", the fire spirit shouts as he leads us to a long table, "if anyone else comes, just give me a holler and i'll bring more chairs. Now, what would you like to order?".

"guys, what sounds good to you?", Sans asks the Gems as they look at a menu.

"Hmm..............the chicken and fries sounds interesting. I'll try that.", Pearl chooses.

"good choice. just be careful, grillby adds secret spices to the batter mix.", Sans explains.

"I'll just have some fries.", Amethyst announces.

"I'll just have a burger and fries.", Garnet chooses.

"I'll have the tuna sandwich, I have a soft spot for fish.", Lapis chooses, giving the menu.

"I'll try what the Pearl is having.", Peridot chooses as Grillby writes it all down.

"the kid and i will just have our usual order of burg' and fries, extra ketchup.", Sans says.

"I'll try a burger with Sans.", Connie says.

"I'll have the chicken too, with some fries.", Obsidian chooses.

"I'll just have a burger and fries.", Lightmare says.

"Toriel and I will just have our old usual's Grillby, if you know what I mean.", Gaster chooses, the fire spirit nodding.

"And I'll just have some fries, i'm not that hungry.", the Author chooses as Grillby finishes.

"Done. Four orders of burgers and fries, a tuna sandwich, two plain fries, the royal's usual, and two orders of grilled chicken with fries. I'll be right back with your orders, and don't drink all the ketchup at once Sans, i'll bring more out!", Grillby warns as he walks towards the kitchen.

"So, how have things been going around here, besides Frisk, Chara and Stelly going to the school?", I ask as the Author pulls the book out.

"Not much dear, but you did miss one episode involving Rarity. She made the other girls and us casual wear for the gala in a few months, but all the girls put in their opinions, causing them to mess up badly. Luckily, Rarity fixed them all up with some help from Pixel Berry.", Mom explains.

"Speaking of her, I have a few words to speak to her about, considering she actually believed Bill.", the Author says as his book flashes for one second, "let me check that.", this is what he read.

"Displaced detected from Hayao Miyazaki 12/C, authorization code required for entry.".

"Sigh, so she's coming. Very well, authorization code 06202002/Gikkingen.", he says, the book snapping shut.

"what was that?", Sans asks.

"Just the world barriers requiring clearance for the story, I set them up after the Kingdom Hearts incident.", he explains as Grillby comes back with everyone's food except for Lapis'.

"Here we go. Forgive me if the tuna sandwich and isn't out yet, Shyren snuck back and is arguing with me. Also, someone snuck Lightmare's burger from the grill. The sandwich and burger will be out shortly.", he explains before walking away.

Pearl is the first to eat, albeit slowly, but she actually enjoys it along with Peridot, "It's nice to have food that doesn't have to digest.".

Everyone starts eating, and Sans starts drinking some ketchup to the Gems' shock, "its a thing i started liking, okay?", Sans says before draining the grease from the burger then taking a bite.

We're almost finished when we see a teenage girl come inside in confusion and fear, "Excuse me. Can anyone speak to me?".

(picture this, minus the sport tool)

Grillby spots her and walks up to her, the girl being frightened by him, "don't worry, I can control my flames. I'm basically a candle, not an inferno.".

He gets a bit closer and places a hand on the booth, "anyway, i'm Grillby, this is my self-titled restaurant and family business.", he introduces himself, and I see that the Author recognizes her, "What is your name little girl?".

The Author gets up and puts up his hood, walking up to her, then I get up, "you know her?", I whisper.

"Haru Yoshioka.", he says, the girl jumping and looking at us, "pleasure to meet you.".

We walk up to her as she looks quizzically at us, "H-How do you know my name?".

"I assume you know of the multiverse theory?", He asks as the girl nods, "it's true, and your in another. My name I keep secret, you can call me the Author.", he introduces himself.

"H-Howdy! My name is Asriel, Asriel Dreemurr.", I introduce myself to her, offering a hand to shake.

"If it's no problem, may I ask..............what you and the talking fire are?", she asks.

"Grillby and I are Monsters................and yes I know, the monsters are the villains in stories, but we're pretty nice.", I explain, walking to the table, holding her hand in her shock.

"Well, what are those horses I saw when I came here?", she asks as we sit down.

"they're called ponies. the different colored humans next to you are called gems, literally sentient gems from another world.", Sans explains, the girl looking at him in confusion, "sorry. names sans, as in comic sans.".

"Could you explain what i'm doing here?", she asks.

"We'll explain everything in full when we get to the house. I know your story Haru, the girl who got trapped in the world of cats.", the Author says to her shock.

"H-How do you know about that!?", she asks.

"That's the thing about the Omniverse, all of your worlds are media in mine. Haru, your world is a popular Japanese movie.", he explains.

"whelp, i'll pay for the meal, doesn't tori have to pick up the girls?", Sans asks, mom looking shocked in realization.

"Your right, and they'll probably want to see you all.", she says, everyone nods and Sans puts some bits on the table, and we leave.

We walk towards the school, and as we do that I wander over to Haru, "So...........heh, how are you taking this?", I ask.

"Somewhat okay. I mean, it's not everyday you're pulled into another universe by a blue portal. But...........at least it's nice, this place so far has alot of life.", she answers.

"Your right, and we want to keep it that way.", Obsidian says as we reach the school as everyone's leaving.

We see Chara, Frisk, and what looks like Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Nightmare Moon, leaving when they spot us. They rush towards us before we have time to react, and tackle us in hugs.

(picture this for the three, but Scootaloo is later)

"I missed you so much Azzy!!", Frisk shouts, hugging me really tight along with Chara.

"I missed you girls too.............wait, are those tear marks under your eyes?", I ask, seeing patted down fur near her eyes.

"Looks like they are Asriel..............oh no.", the Author says, backing up, "I hoped to have some good time in the story before this!".

"Who's that Azzy?", Chara asks.

"Sorry, we haven't properly introduced. I'm a manifestation of the Author.", he says in their shock, "but enough about me. Could you tell us why you were crying?".

"Those bullies pulled on a few heartstrings.", we hear Nightmare Moon say.

"So I was right, that pie kicked in for you all while we were gone.", I guess.

"Stelly's right..............Diamond Tiara saw that we didn't have cutie marks.........SNIFF!, and when I tried to explain, they said my mom shouldn't deserve me!", Frisk screams as she cries again, me fuming from this.

"Even I feel mad, considering I did too good of a job on her personality!", the Author shouts as we hear barks, and see that it came from the two fillies, who had became dogs, "How..............".

"Bark Bark!", Apple Bloom says before covering her muzzle, "bark.".

"I can fix that.", the Author says before pulling out the book.

"You're making another 'edit'?", I ask, the others being confused.

"Yep, Using the same Asker magic that once gave Chiller a voice, the Author bestows the gift of speech on the Cutie Mark Crusaders!", he says as he writes in the book, then we see TV static shoot towards the fillies throats. I try to stop it but Gaster grabs me.

"It's okay.............he seems to know about that world.", he explains to my confusion when the static disappears and Apple Bloom slowly opens her dog muzzle with no sound coming out.

"You're literally re-learning a different type of organ, just take your time.", the Author explains, walking up and putting a hand on her.

It takes a few tries, but she eventually gets out, "Thank..............you..........", with a squeaky voice to her surprise, like she had inhaled helium.

"Looks like the Asker magic didn't get the pitch just right, you both will have that squeaky voice until the pie wears off.", he reassures her, the dog nodding, "now Toriel, your son and us should have a word with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, that was just wrong.".

"That would be a nice idea, thank you.", mom says as we see the two fillies walking out.

The three of us walk towards the two fillies, "hey Diamond Tiara, may we have a word with you?", I ask the filly looking towards us.

"Well if it isn't the Monster that buys fabric from my dad. May I ask who the man and the blank flank with you are?", she asks rudely.

"You know of me Tiara.", I respond, shifting to the God of Hyperdeath for a few seconds then changing back, "Author, what's a 'blank flank'?".

"It's a terrible insult for fillies that don't have their cutie marks yet.", he shouts, mom gasping, "I personally find it like human segregation, just judging people by their looks!".

"Is that so Author?", mom asks, the man nodding before his book lights up again.

"I'll be right back, looks like we'll have more visitors sooner than I thought.", he explains before walking towards the others.

"Now that that question is out of the way, why would you insult Frisk like that, mom loves her like her own!", I shout.

"Come on, fillies without cutie marks don't have any special talents!", she shouts.

"That's where you're wrong, I assume your dad told you about her Determination!?", I ask, before shaking my head, "you know what, Frisk once slipped why your like this, so I won't bother.".

"You know what Asriel, your right. Besides, we have a heartbroken family member to cheer up. Let's go get some Nice Cream and talk about this.".

"Good idea, let's go!", i say smiling as we start to walk back.

"Hmmmph, I don't know why the princesses are even letting them stay, they're probably appealing to their 'good' natures, then will get rid of them later.", Diamond Tiara whispers behind us.

But unknown to her, my strong ears pick this all up.

".........get rid of them later.", the words echo in my mind as I start to fume, the Author noticing this in the book.

"She did not just say that!", I shout as I Rage Shift into the God of Hyperdeath in a bolt of rainbow lightning, "as long as I breath and walk, I will never let that happen!!!!".

"Asriel no!", the Author shouts as I summon the X-Blade in my paws and run towards the shocked filly.

"I didn't want to use this, but you leave me no choice!", the Author shouts before pulling out a wand, and shouts something right before I strike the filly.

"Deletrius!!!!", he shouts, sending a purple bolt and striking the X-Blade, causing me to drop it. I try to pick it back up, but it starts to float and send out raw light and darkness, before shattering into seven pieces!

"What have you!?........", I shout before being hit by a red bolt, being knocked to the ground as the fillies run home.

"Asriel, please..............take a breath and calm down.", the man asks, walking up and kneeling near me, "don't cause that path to come true..........".

I start to tear up, "you mean?........", I ask, the man slowly nodding.

"That is the path we're going to go down. It's what happens if the Crystal Empire returns, and you Monsters haven't left the right mark.".

I start to full on cry, 'the vision I saw............it was true..............we're betrayed and killed in cold blood..............by the princess!", I think as I break down.

"Please...........change things, don't do this!", I shout, mom running towards the others.

"I'm like the Doctor.................I can only help and observe....................anything I could do, would just make it happen.", he explains as I keep crying.

"Why.................why must we be hated?", I ask, being shocked as the man hugs me.

"Not everyone hates you............I promised myself to keep my world to a minimum, but you need the encouragement right now.", he says as he starts stroking my fur, and the others run up, "Undertale changed a lot of things..............it was the first of its kind, literally known as a game where you don't have to fight anyone.....................that's the thing these days, a lot of people think all games are bad, just because their first introduction is people growing up as murderous, because they played violent games as they grew up............................you changed that. Everyone was inspired by the pacifism, people made 'pacifist' worlds in other games, someone even broke one trying to keep it going!".

He sighs, "that's why people made those fanfic's about you, because you made the ultimate sacrifice................one that you can't join, because of your missing SOUL. Regrettale, About a Dreamer, Inseparable, Our Own Route, Endertale, Glitchtale, Ask Frisk And Company...........................Dreemurr Reborn................they're a lot of people out there who believe in you guys. YOU just gotta believe in you, ya know?....................Heh, I hope that made sense.".

"Undertale is one of the most well known games of all time. I know your pain, and I'll be with your family all the way.", DJ says.

"he's right kid, we'll be there every step of the way.", Sans states as I slowly get up.

"I just wanna go home now...............I need to calm down with family.", I say as I keep crying, and Haru starts to cough.

"Here Haru, guess your not used to the air being so clean.", the Author guesses, giving her a blue cough-drop in the shape of a bell, which she takes.

We start to walk towards home, "Asriel, why did you suddenly try to attack her?", mom asks.

"I don't want to talk about it.", I respond as the Author's book beeps red.

"Please don't tell me............", he says as he opens it up, "Oh no................Lightmare, quickly go get Undyne. everyone else, be ready for anything.", he says as Lightmare speeds off.

"What is it?", Peridot asks.

"That, my friend, was an early warning for unauthorized entries..................that can only mean one thing.", he explains, pulling out another book, "let's just say, be ready to fight!".

Right as he says that we see an explosion in the distance, "if I'm right, and they've teamed up.................no one is safe.", the Author says, everyone running towards the explosion.

When we reach it a pony Undyne and Lightmare catch up, right when we're hit in the face by a familiar pink blob.

(Picture for Undyne)

"It can't be..............how did you survive that!?", I shout as we see Betty and her pet, along with..............Chara!?

"It's not her Asriel, it's the version of her from Ask Frisk And Company!", the Author shouts as Betty flashes him, "don't even try Béte Noire, I don't have any fears here!", he shouts before blasting her with lightning from his free hand.

"You have access to magic?", Lightmare asks.

"That was a three way combination of magic, Force lightning, and electrokinesis. Asriel's not the only one with a large arsenal!", he shouts before blasting Akumu away with fire, "we need to get the ponies away, and get word out to everyone!".

"But how, everyone needs to stay onboard!", DJ shouts before hitting...........a Heartless, "not to mention things are getting worse!".

"I have an idea, but you need to give me cover.", the Author explains as he blasts a Heartless over to DJ, and pulling out his book and pen, "I didn't want to do this but..................Through the power of the 4th wall, the Author grants power to others from his home dimension, to help protect the universe by choosing select readers to become a new status..............the Editors!!!!".

In a flash of light a portal opens up to reveal a blue Pegasus with a yellow mane.

"Ha, like one more is gonna make a difference against us!", the Chara shouts as Béte Noire throws Akumu at her, the pony kicking it right back.

"Never judge a book Chara, I have a few tricks up my wings. TWILIGHT REND!", she shouts, pounding the ground and sending black spikes at the duo as they quickly jump out of the way.

"Meet Blue Scout, or as I know her in my world, Imp Midna.", the Author explains as the pony smiles, "First to become an Editor, I gave her some sweet tricks in bringing her here!".

"Oh you mean like this jjb.........sorry, Author? TWILIGHT SHIFT!!!", she shouts before being surrounded in darkness, and emerging as a black, imp-like creature with golden hair and green markings.

"Heh.............not bad. Too bad your choice of allies aren't the same as mine!", the Chara shouts before stabbing the ground, and the Author's book starts beeping red again.

"You can't.................", he shouts before opening it in shock, "you didn't!!!!!!.".

Right as he says 'didn't', two red portals open up behind them, and we see a black sans, and a hooded figure jump onto the ground.

"ah, looks like you held our end of the deal you two!", the Sans shouts.

"Error Sans................the Sans that became an error, and became the fourth warden of the Omniverse.", The Author says to our confusion.

"ya right, like delta sans, dream sans, and the artist count.", the Sans says, summoning glitchy Gaster Blasters, and trying to blast me, but I teleport as Celestia and Luna fly down, "well if it isn't sunbutt and her sister.".

"Where's dad?", I ask suspiciously.

"Your father has decided to take the long route, since we don't know what teleportation like ours does to you.", Celestia explains.

"Well.........", I say before I see a flash of an image of Dad, getting stabbed by Lunar Guards, "............I will talk with you, LATER!".

I summon the X-Blade and dash towards the Sans, the skeleton teleporting as I start flying towards him.

"I've faced against you once before twerp, what will be the difference this time!?", he shouts before trying to blast me as I teleport mid-air above him.

"You faced me with just one SOUL. I have SEVEN!!!!!!!", I shout as I blast him into the ground, oblivious to a portal slowly opening up near the forest.

The Author is reading this inside his book as it starts to suck matter in, "kid we're about to have bigger problems if you don't get them out, their presence is destabilizing the wall!", he shouts before snapping and putting the Chara and Béte Noire to sleep, inside cages made of dwarf star alloy.

"This Sans is tougher than he looks man!", I shout as we blast each other, out beams meeting, "you send those two into the Void, I'll try to take care of this!".

I summon a large number of Keyblade's as the Author sends the cages, and start to cause them to spin rapidly in a circle, blasting the Skelton dead point in the face with a rainbow beam.

I'm about to snap him into the void as I start getting pulled in, Blue Scout finishing the job before Sans, the Author, her and Gaster get sucked in too.

"You lied Celestia, when we return you will explain and pay for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!", I shout as we get sucked into the portal in everyone's shock.

To Be Continued...........in Another World.

Author's Note:

Thanks for waiting for this, and sorry it's shorter than normal, it just took so long and I wanted little Azzy to see his family again.

Now I'm not quitting just yet, our heroes are going to be taken somewhere different, to another Story!

After they are brought back I'll start this up again. Until then,

"Stay Pony My Friends

, bye!