• Published 16th Nov 2016
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Where Are You Christmas? - grl6p

In the midst of the Anon-a-Miss drama, Sunset Shimmer is so upset she considers suicide. But when she hears a song on the radio, it inspires her to get back in the holiday spirit. Based off the Faith Hill song of the same name.

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Sunset Shimmer Attempts Suicide

Author's Note:

In this story, I gave Sunset foster parents because I just can't see her living on her own. Also, have the tissues ready, this will break your heart.

Sunset quickly ran into her home which was only a few blocks away from school. Slamming the door, she slid down the door and sobbed before going around the empty, Christmas decoration-clad living room to see if anyone was there.

"They're not home. That's a good sign."

Her human foster parents Free Spirit and Open Mind were gone because Free Spirit was the guidance counselor at Equus Junior High and Open Mind worked as a college professor teaching Abnormal Psychology at Canterlot Heights University, so no one would be home to stop her from what she was about to do.

Sunset set all of her school stuff onto the floor and sat down.

She held up at a nearby picture of her and her friends defeating the Dazzlings in the Battle of the Bands.

Sunset started crying as she remembered her friends telling her off and abandoning her before Anon-a-Miss got out of control.

”We trusted you Sunset!” Rainbow Dash yelled, “We thought you were our friend!”

“How could you do this after all we’ve been through together?”

“You secret stealer!”

Sunset tried to reason with them, “Guys, it wasn’t me I swear! Please listen to me!”

“No! You’re not the person we thought you were! You’re not our friend!” Fluttershy cried as she pushed Sunset off of her.

“It’s over Sunset. We’re no longer putting up your shit.” Applejack said and the Mane 5 walked away leaving Sunset to cry. “I’m sorry but you did this to us. Tell whatever secrets you want, but we don’t have to listen.”

"Our friendship, IT WAS ALL A LIE!"

She threw the picture against the wall and the frame shattered.

Sunset sighed, "I'm done."

She decided to go upstairs to her room.

The walls were filled with all of Sunset Shimmer's accomplishments since she arrived in the human world: meeting Free Spirit and Open Mind for the first time, a few awkward middle school photos, her middle school graduation candid, her CHS school dance victories, the very first time she hung out with the Mane 5, the Rainboom's victory against the Dazzlings in Battle of the Bands, and many sleepovers.

Sunset Shimmer tore down every picture from the wall and started crying on the bed.

"They'll all be better off without me. No one will miss me, not my parents, not my “friends”, and not anyone at school.”

Sunset noticed her journal to Princess Twilight standing near her nightstand.

"I bet Twilight won't miss me, she's too busy with her new royal duties."

She opened the notebook to a blank page, grabbed a pen, and started to write:

Dear Canterlot High,
I am so sorry I ever came to your school. I just wanted to fit in and be accepted, so I started bullying you to vent out my frustrations. I'm sorry for trying to enslave all of you at the fall formal and any trouble I've caused around school. I tried to make up for it, but you wouldn't apologize. Even though you eventually forgave me, Anon-a-Miss came and ruined everything. Everyone at school turned on me, even my best friends won't talk to me. Maybe now things will be easier at school with one less person to ruin your lives. I never meant to hurt anyone and I would never cyberbully. I guess this is goodbye. To Snips and Snails, I'm sorry for forcing you to help me sabotage Twilight's chances of winning Fall Formal Princess. To Flash Sentry, you were a great boyfriend, and I hope you and Twilight will be very happy together. To Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash, you guys were the best friends I've ever had. I know you guys probably don't care if I die because you claimed I stole all your secrets and put them online, but I am not Anon-a-Miss and I never will be. And finally, to Princess Twilight and Spike, thank you for introducing me to my best friends and teaching me all about the magic of friendship. I hate to do this so close to Christmas, but what choice do I have?
Merry Christmas and goodbye,
Sunset Shimmer

Sunset Shimmer put an old bookmark on the page of the suicide note in her journal and left the room.

As she went to the pantry in her bathroom, she looked out the window to see all of her neighbors celebrating the holidays together, causing Sunset to choke out sobs as her foster parents were busy at their respective jobs and she had no one left.

Sunset grabbed a razor blade from a shelf and went back to her room.

Sunset closed her bedroom door, changed into her finest outfit, neatened up her room for the final time, and finally she threw her journal out the window and into the snowy bush.

"Well, here goes nothing."

She grabbed the razor and started to draw a bloody line up her first wrist.

Sunset braced through the pain, "It hurts so much, but it's the only way out."

Then she moved onto her next arm and did the same thing. When she had finished, she laid down on her neatened bed, got into a corpse position, and closed her eyes, seemingly ending the pain she had faced over the past couple months.

What she didn't know was that Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo had convinced their teacher, Miss Cherilee to let them leave school early to go and cheer up Sunset. After baking goodies with Granny Smith at Sweet Apple Acres, the Cutie Mark Crusaders came over with a tin of freshly baked apple fritters and sugar cookies.

Sweetie Belle asked, "Are you sure we should tell her the truth?"

Apple Bloom said, "It's the only way to make Sunset feel better and once we're done, we tell the whole school and it will all blow over."

"Uh, guys?"

Scootaloo pointed to Sunset's journal, which had landed in a snowy bush.

The three girls immediately opened the journal and read the letter to themselves.

Scootaloo gasped, "Sunset's gonna kill herself!"

The three girls ran into the house and upstairs to Sunset Shimmer’s bedroom and found her peacefully lying on her blood-stained bed with wrists bleeding.

Scootaloo ran to check her pulse to see if she was still there, and only counted a faint heartbeat.

The heartbroken Crusader uttered a small, “No.” as tears welled in her eyes.

Sweetie Belle cried, "We have to tell Rarity!"

Apple Bloom took out her cellphone, "Ah'll call 911!”

And what Sunset also didn’t know was that shortly after the CMC left, the rest of the CHS student body had been let out early due to a broken radiator and Mane 5 were at Sugarcube Corner reeling from the events of Anon-a-Miss.

Applejack groaned, "I swear, if I get called 'Piggly-Wiggly' one more time, I'm gonna run Anon-a-Miss over with my tractor."

Pinkie Pie asked, "Do you really think Sunset would cause all of that trouble?"

Rainbow Dash replied, "She was at all of our parties and took all of those pictures.”

“She kept trying to tell us she didn’t do it,” Fluttershy added, “But none of us listened to her.”

“I agree were a bit hard on her,” Rarity said took a sip of her peppermint mocha latte. Her mood then changed as she suddenly slammed the mug on the table, spilling a bit of the contents, "But if she did do all of that stuff, she can just-"

Rarity's phone started playing "Becoming Popular (The Girl Everybody Should Know)".

Rarity got her phone out of her purse, "Apparently, Sweetie Belle's calling me."

She picked up the phone and answered it.

"Hello, Sweetie Belle? Calm down, explain everything. Sunset? She's at her house? She WHAT?! She's dead?! You want us to come over right now?! Don't worry, we'll be right there!"

Fluttershy asked, "What's wrong?"

Rarity cried, "Sunset tried to take her own life, Sweetie Belle wants us to come to her house right now!"

Pinkie Pie hopped up from her seat, "Well let's go! To the Friendship Mobile!"

Rainbow Dash said, "We don't have one."

"Oh. To the city bus!"

By the time the Humane 5 arrived at Sunset's house, the paramedics were loading Sunset into the ambulance.

Fluttershy burst into tears, "We're too late."

Applejack removed her hat, "She's gone. And it's all our fault."

Pinkie Pie's hair deflated and she began to sob.

Soon, everyone joined in for a hug.

A car pulled into Sunset's driveway and Sunset's foster parents, Free Spirit and Open Mind got out of the car.

“We got a call from work about Sunset and we knew we had to come home early and see her at the hospital." said Free Spirit, Sunset’s foster mother.

Applejack suggested, "We should come with you."

Open Mind, Sunset’s foster father, shook his head, "I'm sorry but as her guardians, we have to be there first because too many visitors at once could overwhelm her. But if Sunny wants any visitors, we’ll be sure to let you girls know."

“Okay Sunset’s dad.” sniffled Pinkie Pie.

Everyone watched as two got into the ambulance with Sunset and the paramedics and it left the driveway to go to the hospital.

Applejack became angry, "This is all Anon-a-Miss's fault! If she were here, I'd give her a piece of my mind for killing my friend!"

Applebloom sniffled, "Applejack, we need to talk."