• Published 16th Nov 2016
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Where Are You Christmas? - grl6p

In the midst of the Anon-a-Miss drama, Sunset Shimmer is so upset she considers suicide. But when she hears a song on the radio, it inspires her to get back in the holiday spirit. Based off the Faith Hill song of the same name.

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Sunset's Heroic B.S.O.D./Vinyl Scratch to the Rescue

On the morning of Christmas Eve, Sunset Shimmer was let go from the hospital so she could spend Christmas at home.

She went home with her foster parents and shut herself in her room.

Free Spirit said to Sunset through the door, "Sweetie, if there's anything you want, let us know."

Sunset sighed, "Thanks mom, but I just want to be alone right now."

"Maybe listening to music on the radio will cheer you up." Open Mind suggested.

Sunset replied, "I'm really not in the mood for Christmas music. I just want this holiday to be over."

Open Mind said, "We understand if you’re not feeling well right now. Feel free to relax for a few hours and maybe listen to some music. In the meantime, your mother and I will be downstairs watching Christmas specials on EBC Family's Christmas Month and doing some last minute present wrapping and baking, you can join us anytime you want to."


Free Spirit walked away from the door. "Okay sweetie. When the Christmas cookies are out of the oven, I'll bring some up to you so you won't starve."

"Ok mom."

After Free Spirit left, Sunset sighed, "I guess I'll be spending the holidays in my room while everyone else is busy being with their own families."

After one hour of sitting around on her bed reading whatever book that was lying around and looking at her phone and laptop, Sunset became bored.

"Maybe some music on the radio will make time go by quicker."

She grabbed the radio Open Mind gave her and turned the knob to a radio station playing Christmas music.

Sunset grabbed another one of her books off of the shelf: it was a scrapbook she had made with pictures of her back when she lived in Canterlot and recent pictures she had taken with her former friends.

Sunset said internally, "I hate Christmas, everyone I know hates me and won't be around me. I though Christmas was about being together with people you love. But I was wrong. I guess I don't know what Christmas is all about."


At the local radio station, Vinyl just happened to be outside cleaning snow off of the front door when she heard Sunset's scream.

After a moment of confusion Vinyl said, "Sure Sunset, I can teach you what Christmas is all about. In fact, I'll do it with a song."

The young DJ quicky ran inside to the recording booth and looked through her song suggestions to find a meaningful holiday song, but all she could find were 'I Want a Taco for Christmas' from Sonata Dusk's solo album,

Vinyl cringed at the thought of another Sonata Dusk song, "Jesus, I don't even want to imagine this one." She put it back and flipped through the song list.

'All I Want for Christmas is Ewe' by Neighria Marey,

"Too commercial." Vinyl thought.

and even the infamous 'Christmas Boots' by Neighsong.

Her eyes widened "Who the hell suggested we play this crap? I need to consult someone."

She then called, "Yo Neon can you help me out here?"

Vinyl's coworker Neon Lights came up her, "What is it, V?"

"There's this girl at my school, Sunset Shimmer. She was really excited to celebrate Christmas with her new friends, but some online bullying scandal caused her to nearly take her own life." said Vinyl as she continued to search through the tracks, "Now she doesn't want to celebrate the holidays anymore."

Neon gasped, "That's horrible, how can we help?"

"Sunset randomly called out asking if anyone knew the true meaning of Christmas and I managed to hear it. I want to help out by playing a meaningful holiday song to boost her spirits, but most of these songs are about materialism or are just down-right annoying!" Vinyl said as she handed the song list to Neon.

"You make a good point." Neon said as he eyed the list.

"You have any holy Christmas songs like the ones they play in church?"

Neon looked at the song list and said, "Unfortunately, the Christmas hymns aren't being played right now due to a track error at station B,"

"Is there anything on this list to play for Sunset?"

Neon looked again and stopped, "There is one song on this list that may be able to help her out."

He went over to the computer and typed something in, "Check this out."

Vinyl looked over his shoulder, "'Where are You Christmas?' by Faith Hill. Wasn't this song for that crappy live-action adaption of the Grunch?"


Vinyl said, "Are you sure this will help her?"

"It's worth a shot." said Neon, "We'll play this for her at our annual Christmas Eve broadcast tonight and, just maybe, it will lift her spirits."

Author's Note:

EBC Christmas Month is a parody of ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas. (R.I.P. ABC Family 2001-2016). Also coming up is the song that inspired me to write the story.

All I Want for Christmas is Ewe & Neighria Marey = All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey

The dreaded ‘Christmas Boots’ & Neighsong = ‘Christmas Shoes’ by Newsong 🤢🤮

The Grunch & Why the Grunch Pillaged Christmas= The Grinch and How the Grinch Stole Christmas