• Published 16th Nov 2016
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Where Are You Christmas? - grl6p

In the midst of the Anon-a-Miss drama, Sunset Shimmer is so upset she considers suicide. But when she hears a song on the radio, it inspires her to get back in the holiday spirit. Based off the Faith Hill song of the same name.

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Arriving at Canterlot High/The Confrontation

After saying goodbye to her pony friends and grabbing some weapons (just in case), Twilight and Spike went through the mirror and arrived in the human world.

Applejack saw Twilight and Spike go through the portal in the statue and called to them, "Thank God you're here! Sunset's in the hospital because she was falsely accused of being Anon-a-Miss."

"I know, she told me everything."

Fluttershy whimpered, "And when we offered to make it it up to her, she told us she had no interest in the holidays anymore."

Pinkie Pie, still with deflated hair, said, "I'll even read what she said to us 'No I don't want to hang out with you ever again. You'll just make a fool out of me some other way. And besides, I'm done with Christmas. I thought it was supposed to be about being together with your family and friends. But know I know what it's really about, greed and hatred. Fuck you and merry Christmas'. See what we mean?"

Twilight gasped, "Can you tell me what happened on her last day of school?"

Rainbow Dash pointed to the door, "If you really want to know, ask the students who attacked her. Principal Celestia's scolding them right now."

Twilight, Spike, and the other girls ran inside.

Inside the building, the group found Sunset's attackers in the main hallway with Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna.

Luna scolded, "You should be ashamed of yourselves! You beat up one of our own students and now she doesn't want to go to school anymore let alone celebrate Christmas."

Twilight interrupted, "Vice Principal Luna, can you please explain to me what happened?"

Principal Celestia said, "We'd be more than willing to Twilight. About a week ago, the Rainbooms tried to get Sunset into the holiday spirit by inviting her to slumber parties at their houses. But some online bully hacked into Sunset Shimmer's phone and spilled embarrassing rumors about the girls online. Pretty soon, Anon-a-Miss started to post cruel and embarrassing things about everyone in the whole school. Everyone blamed Sunset Shimmer because she was at all of those parties. These people confronted her in the hallways of school, yelling at her and throwing rocks at her. Just a few days ago, a group of angry students from her APUSH class found her in the hallways trying to run away and beat her up. After that incident, Sunset Shimmer went home early and tried to commit suicide and was sent to the hospital. We haven't seen her since."

Twilight turned to Sunset's bullies.


Trixie complained, "She's a secret stealer!"

A rocker named Mystery Mint agreed, "Yeah! She deserves everything! She's been tormenting us for years!"

Twilight reprimanded them, "That's no excuse for what you did! You nearly killed her! How you you feel if someone bullied you and drove you to be in Sunset’s position? You wouldn’t want that would you?”

“No.” said Silver Spoon, starting to feel remorse for her actions, "We're sorry."

"No you're not," Twilight said as she grabbed the Christmas Cookie Decorating Launcher "but you will be!"

She started to attack everyone.

Pinkie Pie's hair poofed up and she smiled, "Yum! Cookies! I have to film this!" She quickly took out her phone.

Rainbow Dash said, "Just don't put it online."

Five minutes later, all of the kids who beat up Sunset were decorated like a cookie.


"My hair!"

"I'm breaking out! I think I'm allergic to vanilla frosting!"

When the frosting had settled, Principal Celestia said directly to the students, "For hurting Sunset Shimmer, you are all suspended for one month starting from when we return from Christmas break and will be reported to the police for assault and battery,”

“and being decorated as cookies by Twilight will be your first punishment." added Luna, trying to stifle her laughter.

“We’re sorry Vice Principal Luna.” Cherry Crash said.

Mystery Mint sighed, "We'll find a way to apologize to Sunset we promise."

"Good. Now, who is the real Anon-a-Miss?!" Twilight asked.

Apple Bloom came forward, "My friends and I were Anon-a-Miss. We just wanted our sister's attention."

Everyone gasped.

Applejack said, "Girls, you could have just talked to us about it instead of causing that mess."

"We were so upset we never thought of our actions." said Sweetie Belle.

Scootaloo said, "We're so sorry. We never meant to hurt anyone."

"We forgive you but starting the day after Christmas, you girls will be held in Canterlot Heights Juvenile Detention Center for two months for your crimes and when you are released, you are banned from the freshman class trip to River Springs Water Park in May and the annual end of the year Camp Everfree trip and you will serve detention for the rest of the school year.” Principal Celestia reprimanded, “And after school, you will go directly to Sunset Shimmer and apologize to her."

“We will discuss your other consequences with your parents and grandmother later.” added Luna.

“We'll accept whatever you give us.” said Sweetie Belle, “We won't forgive ourselves for what we did to Sunset."

"We all understand.” said Twilight, “But don't just tell just us, tell Sunset."

Applejack inquisited, "But how will we get her to come to us? She won't answer her phone."

Twilight said, "I have an idea."

Meanwhile, Pinkie Pie was licking a cookified Trixie, much to everyone’s amusement. "Mmmm, yummy! Buttercream icing and rainbow sprinkles!"


Author's Note:

Tartarus hath no fury like a princess scorned.