• Published 16th Nov 2016
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Where Are You Christmas? - grl6p

In the midst of the Anon-a-Miss drama, Sunset Shimmer is so upset she considers suicide. But when she hears a song on the radio, it inspires her to get back in the holiday spirit. Based off the Faith Hill song of the same name.

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A Visit from Twilight Sparkle/Sunset Hears the Song/Confidence Restored

A few hours later, Vinyl Scratch was getting ready for 95.6's annual Christmas Eve broadcast.

Neon Lights came up to Vinyl, "Good news! The boss green-lighted the song so we're free to help Sunset."


Back at Sunset's home, she took a sip of her hot chocolate Free Spirit had given her and looked out at the snowy sky from her bedroom window and sighed.

"Merry Christmas to me."

Downstairs, Free Spirit and Open Mind were eating their dinner and wrapping presents for the next morning when the heard a knock at the door.

"Open Mind, could you get the door?"

"Sure honey."

Open Mind opened the door to find Twilight Sparkle and Spike.

"Hi, are you Sunset Shimmer's parents?"

"Yes we are." said Free Spirit, "I'm Free Spirit, and this is my husband Open Mind. You must be our daughter's pen pal."

"Yes I am. My name is Twilight Sparkle and this is my dog Spike."

"Hi." Spike said as he waved his paw.

"Is Sunset home?"

"She's in her room, I'll call her down," Free Spirit answered, "Sunset come down! Your pen pal came to visit you!"

Hearing this, Sunset reluctantly left her room and trudged down the stairs.


Twilight said, "Hi Sunset. Merry Christmas."

Sunset bluntly replied, "Let me guess: You got my message about Anon-a-Miss so you came all the way from Equestria to rally everyone up to make me feel better. But it won't work! I've been hurt too many times! I'm just done."

Twilight put her hand around Sunset, "I don't want to hurt you Sunset. I want to help you. We all do. Applejack really wants you to come to Sweet Apple Acres for her Christmas party."

"I don't know. What if they're just out to beat me up again for Anon-a-Miss?" said Sunset.

Spike reassured her, "Don't worry, Twilight made sure they'll never hurt you again."

Sunset looked at Free Spirit and Open Mind.

Free Spirit told her daughter, "Go on Sunny, you'll be fine."

Sunset just sighed, "Okay but I'll only go just to see what happens. If this is a prank, I'm going home."

Open Mind asked, "Can we give you girls a ride to Sweet Apple Acres for the party?"


As the car was driving, Twilight noticed Sunset looking out the window at all of the snow falling.

Twilight put her hand on her to comfort her.

Free Spirit turned on the radio and said, "How about a little holiday music to cheer you up?"

"Sure, I've always wanted to hear human Christmas music." Twilight said.

“Twilight you’re so funny.” Open Mind chuckled as he turned on the car radio.

"Whatever." Sunset said in a deadpan tone.

Meanwhile at the radio station,

"We are live in 3, 2, 1!"

Vinyl Scratch announced, "Hello Christmas lovers, welcome to 95.6 XL's annual Christmas Eve radio show."

"This program goes to a very special girl named Sunset Shimmer." said Neon, "A junior at Canterlot High School who recently tried to take her own life."

"Over the past few weeks, there has been an online bully called Anon-a-Miss who was bullying and humiliating my classmates online. Sunset Shimmer was blamed for everything because she was a reformed bully. Sunset tried to prove her innocence, but she failed. Less than a week ago, a group of students at the school beat up Sunset hoping to teach her a lesson."

In the car, hearing this, Sunset groaned, "Great, now the entire city knows about my misfortunes." She face palmed.

"No it's not, keep listening," said Spike.

"This is what drove Sunset Shimmer over the edge and caused her to attempt suicide and lose the Christmas spirit." Neon added.

Vinyl continued, "It turns out Anon-a-Miss was actually a group of freshmen named Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo. These girls did this out of jealousy and fear of losing their sisters. The girls have been punished by their school principal and the law for their actions."

Neon said, "This first song on our holiday playlist is dedicated to Sunset Shimmer."

"Sunset, if you're anywhere listening to this song, this goes out to you and anyone who's looking for the Christmas spirit." said Vinyl.

She pressed the on button on the stereo and the song began playing.

Sunset began to smile when she heard the opening riffs.

Twilight said, "Do you see Sunset, Vinyl Scratch said that people do care for you. Anon-a-Miss wasn't your fault at all. We just want you to get back in the Christmas spirit."

Sunset Shimmer didn't answer her, she was just looking out the window.

All of a sudden, in the spirit of the song, Sunset Shimmer began flashing through all her good memories before Anon-a-Miss got out of hand:

One moment was at Pinkie Pie's Christmas decoration party:

Applejack said to Sunset as the girls were putting together the Pie's Christmas tree, "Sunset, you're our best friend and we love celebrating Christmas with you."

Pinkie Pie ran around her living room excitedly spraying fake snow, "This holiday is going to be awesome! We are going to have so much fun over Christmas break! We'll have hot cocoa, snowball fights-"

Sunset stopped Pinkie from going crazy with the fake snow spray, "Pinkie Pie, that all sounds like fun, but I'm really happy just being around you guys. You're making this the best Christmas ever."

"Aww Sunset!"

All of the girls hugged Sunset.

Other moments showed the Rainbooms performing at Flash Sentry’s Halloween party and everyone hounding Sunset for autographs after the performance, and many fun slumber parties with her friends.

Sunset looked to the sky and saw the twinkling Christmas star in the sky.

She turned to Twilight with her new epiphany.

"Twilight! I just discovered what Christmas means to me! It's all about being with people that really care for you. I know that now I have people that care for me. I can't wait to see my friends."

Twilight hugged Sunset and said, "I'm so happy for you Sunset. I'm sure they'll love to see you too."

Author's Note:

Awww, did you like the song? I know Sunset did.

Anyway, I'm almost finished.