• Published 16th Nov 2016
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Where Are You Christmas? - grl6p

In the midst of the Anon-a-Miss drama, Sunset Shimmer is so upset she considers suicide. But when she hears a song on the radio, it inspires her to get back in the holiday spirit. Based off the Faith Hill song of the same name.

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Sunset Wakes Up/Talking to her Foster Parents

At the Canterlot Heights hospital, Sunset Shimmer was lying in a hospital bed lightly breathing while nurses and doctors were observing Sunset and Free Spirit and Open Mind were watching with worry.

Dr. Stabler looked to Free Spirit and Open Mind, "Sir, ma'am. Along with the cuts on her arms, we also gathered some bruises because of some unknown injury."

Free Spirit started to cry, "Is there anything we can do?"

Nurse Coldheart said, "I don't know. She ended up hitting a few arteries and lost at least a pint of blood so we had to give her a transfusion before we stitched her up.”

Dr. Stable added, “There's a good chance your daughter will survive and recover. But she will likely need psychological help to recover from her emotional wounds."

“Don’t worry, I’m a middle school guidance counselor so I’ll be sure to help her.” Free Spirit said.

Nurse Sweetheart looked at Sunset, "Looks like she's waking up right now."

Sunset Shimmer slowly opened her eyes and sat up, much to Dr. Stable and the other nurse's joy.

Free Spirit and Open Mind ran closer to their foster daughter's side.

Sunset asked, "Am I dead?"

Free Spirit replied, "No Sunset, you're going to be okay." She hugged her foster daughter.

Open Mind said, "Sunny, if something was wrong and you were feeling this way, you could've to talked to us or an adult about what was going on. We would've helped you."

“Well, if you want to hear the whole story,” Sunset sighed,
"It was getting close to Christmas and I missed my old family and friends, so my new friends invited me to these slumber parties to cheer me up." said Sunset, "We learned each other's secrets, took funny pictures and videos, and had lots of holiday fun. It was all fun and games until someone named Anon-a-Miss started posting these online. All of my friends thought it was me and turned against me. Pretty soon, the whole school started blaming me for being Anon-a-Miss and I decided to end it all."

Both adults hugged their daughter, "Aw sweetie."

Nurse Coldheart was shocked, "I can't believe something like this would happen to her."

Sunset said, "I just wish I knew the real Anon-a-Miss."

"Have you tried talking to your friends about it?" asked Free Spirit.

Sunset replied, "I tried but they won't believe me. I don't think they're my friends anymore. They didn't even defend me when a group of angry students beat me up about Anon-a-Miss."

Free Spirit gasped, "That's horrible! Especially so close to Christmas."

Sunset said, "I don't have the Christmas spirt anymore. No one at school does anymore. I've always thought Christmas was about being together with your friends and family. But everyone now is concerned with getting rid of me and getting out of school for two weeks. We're more torn apart than we were at the Battle of the Bands!"

Free Spirit put her hand on Sunset's arm, "That also wasn't your fault. Those Dazzlings probably just wanted attention and they took it out on everyone."

"If only I had told Principal Celestia sooner, she would have stopped this."

Open Mind got an idea, "Tell you what. I'll call your principal about talking to those people who beat you up. Do you know who did it?"

Sunset Shimmer said, "Well I remember Trixie was one of the bullies and the school has security cameras so maybe Celestia could look at the footage and find out who did it."

“I just hope your pen pal can visit and help you too, I heard she's really good at solving friendship problems." Free Spirit suggested.

“Let's hope so."

Meanwhile at Pinkie Pie's house, the girls were sitting in Pinkie Pie's living room and crying over Sunset while listening to the Crusader's confession.

Apple Bloom cried, "We want Sunset back! We didn't think it would hurt her!"

Sweetie Belle was shaking and in tears,"It's all our faults. We'll never forgive ourselves for it."

Applejack looked away from them when Applebloom tried to reach out for her, "I'm very disappointed in you three. Your little online profile pushed Sunset over the edge. Now she's taken her own life. Maybe that will teach you not to cyberbully anymore."

Pinkie Pie's older sister, Maud came up to the group and said, "I just got a call from Sunset's foster parents that their she’s okay. However, Sunset said she doesn't want visitors and prefers to be alone. But you're welcome to text her."

Maud left.

Scootaloo said, "We need to make it up to her somehow."

Applebloom suggested, "Maybe inviting her to the Christmas party at Sweet Apple Acres will cheer her up."

Applejack took out her phone and began to text Sunset.

Sunset's phone vibrated. She opened it and found a text from Applejack.

"Great a text. If they really cared, they'd show up." Sunset muttered as she opened the full message.

Howdy Sunset,
Listen, we're sorry for the way we've been treating you. We were just embarrassed because our personal information got online. You were right, you would never do that kind of stuff. You're our best friend in the whole world and we want to make it up to you. On Christmas Eve, we want you to come to Sweet Apple Acres for a Christmas party. A bunch of our classmates will be there. Are you in?

Sunset thought: My so called "friends" turned on me and know they're inviting me to a Christmas party?! They didn't even bother to ask me if I was okay! I'm not going!

She texted back:

No I don't want to hang out with you ever again. You'll just make a fool out of me some other way. And besides, I'm done with Christmas. I thought it was supposed to be about being together with your family and friends. But know I know what it's really about, greed and hatred. Fuck you and merry Christmas

She sent the text and put her phone down.

Meanwhile, Applejack looked at the rejection text and sighed.

"This is gonna be harder than I thought."

Author's Note:

Sunset Shimmer is okay! But how will things work out?