• Published 20th Aug 2016
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Welcome To Ponyville High - xxGamer101xx

Princess Celestia sends her chosen pupil, Twiligt Sparkle to learn the magic and wonder of friendship at high school

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Chapter 1

A girl with purple hair with a pink streak stood nervously in front of the tall brick building. She was wearing a white blouse with a dark purple sweater vest and a black skirt. The sweater vest had a design that looked like a purple star on it. This young woman was no ordinary student, for it was Twilight Sparkle, chosen pupil of the long lived Princess Celestia. A magical prodigy she was, educated by the Princess herself since she was a little girl. Now as the years went by, her mentor thought it was time for Twilight to find and make friends of her own. To help her grow and hopefully find the magic of friendship.

As Twilight finally found the courage to open the door of the school building, she was greeted by the sounds of loud music and singing. As the sounds got closer and closer to her, she was able to identify where the sounds were coming from. The singing was coming from an upbeat and cheery girl with wild pink curly hair. She wore a pink striped shirt and blue jeans with two balloons stitched to it, one blue the other yellow. The music was coming from a party horn the gleeful girl was carrying and her loud booming voice sang:

”Welcome Welcome!
A fine welcome to you
Welcome Welcome!
How do you do?
I say to you today
Welcome Welcome!
To Ponyville Today”

“Oh wow,” Twilight awkwardly laughed noticing how all out the girl had put into everything, “You really did go all out, didn’t you?”

The girl gave her a goofy grin and started to laugh for a bit. “Of course I did!” She reached into her pockets and threw some confetti in Twilight's direction and smirked a bit. “My name is Pinkie Pie!”

Twilight smiled and started to laugh a bit as well. “I'm Twilight. I just transferred here.”

Pinkie nodded her head quickly and threw some more confetti. ”I know, Principal Mayor told me to get you and show you around the school.”

Twilight offered her a smile in return, “She did? Well that's thoughtful of her.”

“You don't need to worry much, I'll show all around the school.” Pinkie said as she blew on her party horn. ”Here, let me help you with your schedule.”

Twilight nodded and handed Pinkie a piece of paper that was in the folder that she was holding. Pinkie took the paper, examined it, and started to smiling bigger and bigger. “We both have first period together, that's so awesome!” She gave Twilight back the piece of paper and waved at her. “Come on, it's this way!”

Twilight gave a sigh of relief and followed Pinkie as she happily skipped around, saying hello to every student that they passed. One of the students, a girl with light blue wavy hair gave them a dirty look as the passed.

“Don't worry about Trixie. She's like that with everyone,” Pinkie whispered. Twilight nodded in response and continued to follow along. “And everyone is the same way with Trixie too.”

"Why is that?" whispered Twilight.

"Trixie has a habit of kind of being a show off. Oh and there's the all speaking in 3rd person thing too. It kinda gets annoying after a while." Pinkie whispered as she still was waving and smiling to everyone that they passed by.

“Pinkie,” a voice called. Pinkie turned and smiled at a girl with straight black hair wearing a white blouse and a black skirt. She gave Pinkie a piece of paper. “Band tryouts are today after school. You should join.”

“Oh cool! Thanks, Octi!” Pinkie said as she took the paper. "Can I play my party horn at band?"

Octavia only sighed at Pinkie's remark and turned to Twilight. Octavia smiled and gave Twilight the same piece of paper. She looked at it questioningly, then to the girl. “You should join too. The band could always use more members.”

“She's new here. This is Octavia! Octi, this is Twilight!” Pinkie giggled, shaking their hands together.

“It's nice to meet you,” Twilight nervously smiled.

“And you as well. Just be careful with her, Pinkie,” Octavia chuckled as made her way down the hall.

The school bell rang and all the students in the hallways hurried and tried their best to get to their classes as soon as possible. Twilight grew more nervous, as she realized she was going to be late on her first day.
The bell rang and all the students hurried to their seats, getting their books and notebooks ready. The teacher, Miss Starlight, stood from her seat and did a visual scan of all the students that were present. One seat was empty, as usual.

Pinkamena’s tardiness is starting to affect her grades.

Pinkie and Twilight rushed into the classroom as fast as they could. Pinkie had given Miss Starlight a nervous smile. “Sorry, I lost track of time...again. I got busy showing the new girl around the school.”

The teacher had sighed and gave Pinkie a stern look, “Miss Pie, you always have an excuse for these things. Perhaps I should give you a watch. Maybe that will help you get to class on time.”

Pinkie lowered her head sadly, and Twilight noticed that the curls in her hair seemed to go flat a little and the cheerful aura seemed to get a bit dull, “I’m sorry Miss Starlight, it won’t happen again I swear.”

“Since you have an actual reason for being late this time, this shall be your last warning. Don't be late again,” Miss Starlight told her. The stern glare moved towards Twilight. “As for you Miss Sparkle, I suggest you not to make this a habit of yours.”

Twilight sighed and went to the first available seat she could find. As she went closer to the seat, a girl with blond hair wearing an orange flannel with blue jeans and a belt with three red apples on it slammed her books onto the desk.

“So, you're the new girl. Let me give you some advice. Don't sit next to Pokey Pierce there, sugarcube.” she said in a strong southern accent, “He's a weirdo.”

“O-Oh, okay.” Twilight said softly as she nodded to what the girl said, “Thanks, I guess.”

“Don't mention it. Here, sit next to me,” she said as she gave Twilight a warm smile.

Twilight nodded and sat next to her and noticed that the girl sitting in front of her was asleep. The girl's hair had the colors of a rainbow, and she was wearing a cyan blue hoodie. The blonde girl chuckled as she threw a pencil at the sleeping girl, but got no reaction. She simply shrugged and moved her head towards Twilight.

“Don't mind Rainbow Dash there, she's always asleep. Oh, by the way, mah name's Applejack.” She threw a balled up piece of paper at Rainbow Dash.

Twilight smiled, "That's a nice name. My name is Twilight."

Rainbow woke up from that and raised her head to see an angry Miss Starlight standing next to her desk. She gave the teacher a sluggish nod and stretched. “Hey there, Miss S,” she yawned.

The teacher frowned and simply sighed, “Miss Dash, it's so nice of you to finally joined us. Please do tell me, when was the kingdom of Equestria founded?” Rainbow stayed quiet for a while and said nothing, but Twilight rose her hand to get the teacher's attention. Miss Starlight sighed again and went back to her desk, “Yes, Miss Sparkle?”

“The kingdom of Equestria was founded by Princess Luna and Princess Celestia's parents, King Solstice and Queen Eclipse in the year 20,000 B.C.”

“And what does B.C. stand for?” asked Miss Starlight to Rainbow. More silence, and Twilight's hand rose again. “Yes, Miss Sparkle?”

“Before Celestia, before Discord tricked the king and queen. Before Princess Luna was banished to the moon.”

Miss Starlight smiled as she began to write on the whiteboard. “Look at that class and she doesn't even have a book. I suggest you start taking some notes. Now turn to page 300, we are about to learn about the Age of Discord.”

Rainbow grabbed her book and slumped back into her seat muttering, “Egghead.”

"I'm not an egghead," remarked Twilight as she glared at Rainbow Dash, "I am well read."
After the school bell rang, all the kids in Equestrian History hurried as fast as the could to get out of the classroom. Twilight was one of the last and her eyes started to wander around the other students and around the school itself. She gazed back on her school schedule and made a mental note to not be late to her next class this time. She was soon brought back into reality as she suddenly fell to ground, confused on what had just had happened. She was on the floor her books now all over the place.

“Mac, ya gotta be more careful,” Applejack reprimanded softly, a hand offering itself to Twilight.

She looked up and saw that the hand belonged to a tall, freckle faced guy who wore a red button up shirt with the sleeves pulled up. He wore blue jeans and a belt with a big green apple on it. Twilight took his hand and started to feel a bit embarrassed. “I'm so sorry about that.”

“It's fine,” Applejack said as he picked up Twilight's books and handed them to her, "Just Big Mac here doesn't know his own strength over here."

“Thank you,” Twilight quietly said as she took her books from him. “I'm Twilight, by the way.”

“This here’s Big Macintosh, but most call ‘im Big Mac,” Applejack said as she slung an arm around his broad shoulders. “Mah big brother.”

“Eeyup,” Big Mac nodded.

“He don't talk much, by the way,” Applejack informed her with a laugh.

As Twilight was just about reply to Big Mac, the school bell rang once again and she grew even more nervous.

I really need to stop being this late, especially on the first day of school too!

“Nice meeting you!” She shouted as she ran down the hall.

Applejack ran a hand through her hair and simply remark, "That there be one odd girl."

"Eeyup." responded Big Mac as he gave his sister a nod in agreement.
“Sorry I'm late,” said Twilight as she bursted into the room. The students gave her empty stares as she noticed that the teacher's desk was empty. “Oh... never mind then.”

“He usually doesn't get here on time, so you'll be fine,” remarked a girl with blue hair and headphones resting around her neck. She smiled at Twilight and handed her a slip of paper. “Name's Vinyl Scratch. I'm president the DJ Club. You should join if you're a fan of music. And if you know how to have an awesome time!”

“Like you now what music is,” a familiar voice sneered. Twilight looked and saw the voice belonged to Octavia. “Honesty I'm surprised you're in this class. Last I thought, Calculus was for focused people.”

Vinyl just slumped back into her seat and put her headphones back on. “Math is just music for the brain,” she quipped back.

“Right on!” said a man appearing from under the plain wooden teacher's desk, “Now that's one way to look at it!” The cheerful man had brown hair and wore a white button shirt with a bowtie. He smiled when he looked at Twilight. “I see we got us a new student.”

“Oh great, two periods with the egghead?” Rainbow groaned as she entered the classroom.

“Well, I see you and Rainbow Dash know each other,” laughed the brown haired man, “I am your teacher, Time Turner. But, you can call me Doctor.”

“Doctor what?” Twilight asked in confusion, “Doctor Who?”

Time Turner have a light and hearty chuckle. “Something like that.”

Vinyl smirked and laughed, glancing back to Octavia. “Yeah, only for focused people. You're funny, Tavi,” she said with a smirk.

“Okay class, let's get back on topic shall we?” said the teacher as he put on his brown jacket, “Miss Sparkle, why don't you sit in front of Miss Pie?”

Twilight looked around and saw there was no Pinkie. The only empty seat was in front of Octavia. Twilight looked at Octavia with a puzzled look, she was related to Pinkie? How? She would have never thought she was Pinkie's sister. Twilight thought nothing of it and grabbed her seat next to Octavia.

“Great, now the egghead is sitting next to me too,” Rainbow grumbled as she opened her notebook.

Twilight sighed and opened her notebook as well. She turned to Ranbow and simply said, "I am not an egghead. I just so happen to be well read."

Rainbow just shrugged and slumped down in her seat and remarked, "Sounds like something an egghead would say."

This mission Princess Celestia put me on is going to be the most impossible thing ever.

“Hey,” a voice said. Twilight turned to see where it came from. The guy had spiky blue hair and wore a blue hoodie with a lighting bolt on it. “Do you have a pencil I can borrow?” he whispered.

“Yes.” Twilight gave the pencil to her classmate with a friendly smile. “My name is Twilight, by the way.”

He returned the gesture as he took the pencil from her. “That's a nice name. I’m Soarin.”

Rainbow eyes narrowed on Twilight as she glared at her during the conversation Twilight and Soarin exchanged. Twilight felt her eyes stabbing her like daggers so she turned her head at Rainbow and mouthed, “What?”

Rainbow just glared and darted her head towards Soarin and back at the teacher, “Nothing, egghead.”

Twilight sighed and stared heavily on her notebook. "I'm well read, not an egghead there is a diffrence." she muttered against her breath.

This school year is going to be the most interesting school year of my life.

She scribbled down notes as the teacher explained to the class what functions were and how to solve them. During the entire school period, Twilight felt Rainbow's deadly glare on her during the entire time.

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