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Welcome To Ponyville High - xxGamer101xx

Princess Celestia sends her chosen pupil, Twiligt Sparkle to learn the magic and wonder of friendship at high school

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Chapter 14

As the cold wind howled in the forest, Fluttershy shivered and pulled her arms close to her body. She looked to Twilight for some sort of comment on why they were out there. Twilight looked around and saw the questioning looks of her friends.

“So as Rainbow was saying,” Twilight said as she tried explaining, “we have to go into the Everfree Forest.”

“You want us to do what?!” exclaimed Fluttershy as she moved her arms close to her chest. She felt her heartbeat go faster and faster. “W-We can’t go in the th-there! There are monsters!”

“Come on, Fluttershy.” Rainbow said, pushing her forward to keep up. “Those are all just stories. It’s just a creepy forest.”

“It doesn’t matter!” said Fluttershy in hushed tone as she dug in her heals in protest. “Why would you want to go in the forest during night?!”

“Well, we don’t have time to wait until morning,” she replied with a roll of her eyes. “Besides, I got something to show you.”

“W-w-what is it?” stammered the meek girl.

Rainbow grinned as she shrugged. “I mean, you have to come if you wanna see it.”

“C’mon, we wanna know! Pleeeeease?” asked Pinkie as she tugged on Rainbow’s shirt.

“And what were you doing with my brother?” Fluttershy questioned, her voice jumping in volume. She put a hand over her mouth and awkwardly cleared her throat. “Um… n-not that it matters.”

“It could,” added Rarity as she raised an eyebrow at Rainbow. “Why were you in the forest with Zephyr Breeze?”

"It doesn't matter why I went with Zephyr." glared Rainbow. "All it matters that I have something super cool and awesome that I need to show you girls."

“When you put in that way, it does sound rather odd,” remarked Twilight as she quietly mumbled to herself.

“So um… Rainbow…” said Fluttershy softly. “Why were you in the forest with my brother?”

“‘Cause Zephyr said there was something cool in the Everfree,” she answered with a shrug. She then shot a look at Fluttershy. "Why does it matter?"

“Well, why did you agree to go with him?” Rarity asked, leaning closer with a smirk Rainbow had seen countless times. "Last time I checked, you couldn't stand the boy. Why the sudden change of heart?"

"B-because...." Rainbow muttered as rosy blush appeared on Rainbow’s face as she glared at her friends in response. She sighed as she tried her best to gather her thoughts. She cleared her throat and began to speak more clearly, “That doesn’t matter. What we saw in there was the most awesome thing ever.”

“Well what did ya see?” asked Applejack.

Rainbow went to reply, but quickly shut her mouth and thought over her words. She laughed awkwardly to herself, then stopped as she gave her friends a hesitant smile. “Okay, you gotta promise me that after I tell you this, you’ll believe me.”

“Of course we’ll believe you, Rainbow,” Rarity assured her.

“Come on, Dashie,” Pinkie impatiently groaned. “Just spill the beans already!”

Rainbow nodded and took a deep breath. “We went to this castle in the forest. It’s pretty far from the entrance. There’s a bridge that takes you there.”

“I know that castle!” exclaimed Pinkie as her eyes widened in response, “Isn’t that the castle where Luna and Celestia lived?”

"That castle is real?" asked Applejack. "Ah thought it was some sort of old legend."

"No," nodded Rainbow. "Its real. Yesterday, I went there and saw everything."

“You’re talking about the Castle of the Two Sisters,” Twilight slowly said. “You went there?” Rainbow nodded proudly.

“Wasn’t it also the castle where the Princess’ fought each other, too?” the farmgirl questioned. "Ya know, where Celestia banished her sister to the moon for all of eternity?"

“It was when Princess Luna turned into Nightmare Moon,” Twilight informed her. "When Luna let all that hate and jealousy transform herself into a monster."

Rarity cleared her throat to get their attention. “How is this relevant to what you saw, Rainbow?”

“Well,” was all she could say before staying silent. She couldn’t think of anything that might compare to what she’d seen. Moments passed and she finally replied, “Zeph and I saw something in there.”

“In the castle?” asked Applejack. Her friend nodded once again. “Well are ya gonna tell us what it was?”

With another calming breath, Rainbow found the words she needed. “We saw… Nightmare Moon.”

“What?” shouted their group, minus Twilight. Rarity recovered first and gave a halfhearted laugh. “Rainbow,

“It's not a legend. I saw Nightmare Moon with my own two eyes!” responded Rainbow, glaring at her friends. “I could hear her talking to herself!”

“Relax, Rainbow. It’s just pretty far-fetched. Ah believe ya,” Applejack said as she tipped her hat, “What did Nightmare Moon say?”

Rainbow, knowing someone believed her, relaxed a bit. “She… she said she would finally have her revenge.”

“Who would she want revenge on?” Pinkie questioned aloud. The other five stared at her for a moment with deadpans, and soon she remembered. “Ohhhhhhhhhh, poop.

“But Princess Celestia can handle her, can’t she?” Rarity questioned, her usual mannerisms fading at the question. "She's the princess of the Sun, surely she should be able to win a battle like that."

None of them could give a resolute answer. Twilight was the first to respond to Rarity's question, “Without the power of the Elements, she can’t seal her away. And they don’t even work anymore,” she said as she pointed the book. She then began to read the text, "It says that after the fight between the two sisters, the Elements of Harmony turned into stone and Princess Celestia stored them deep in the castle for a thousand years."

“So… what happens now?” Fluttershy asked. “I mean… if the princess can’t beat her then… what do we do?”

Rarity hugged her and sighed. “We’re out here because it’s up to us to stop her. Right, Twilight?"

Twilight suddenly said, turning the heads of her friends. “A lot of strange things have been happening to us, and now with Nightmare, we have to stick together. I might know a way to stop her, but I need you all to help me.” She tugged at her skirt and waited for a response. “I know this sounds crazy,” she began, less determined than before, “But I want to find some answers… and the only way I think I’ll get them is if we face this. You don’t have to come… this all sounds crazy… but I could really use a few friends right about now.”

A gasp escaped her as Applejack slung an arm around her and smiled. Rarity and Fluttershy nodded to one another before giving Twilight their most comforting smiles. Pinkie pulled them all into a hug as she squealed.

“Of course, Twilight!” the ecstatic teen laughed. “We’re not gonna leave you out here alone!”

“What kind of friends would we be?” Rarity added, stepping away from a puddle of mud. “We could never leave you in this filthy place.”

“We’re here fer ya no matter what,” Applejack told her, knocking on her head. “Don’t forget that, now.”

Rainbow’s smile faded as she realized the moon was higher in the sky. “Why are we just standing here? Come on, we’ve got a castle to see!” She dashed off into the forest, laughing as she left their sight.

Applejack ran after her, shouting, “We can’t get there if we can’t see ya!”

Pinkie laughed too as she skipped into the forest. “Wait up for us, girls.” she giggled as she happily skipped along.

Fluttershy and Rarity laughed too as they too went after their friends. Twilight stayed behind the girls as she opened the book she was holding.

“It said in the throne room… we have to find the Elements.” Twilight then closed her book and ran up to the other girls.

I just hope this works.

“Don’t worry, Twilight Sparkle,” Luna’s voice said. “I am sure they will know who they are when the time comes.”

“Good,” Twilight whispered as she started running into the forest. "I'm starting to worry."

“You have nothing to fear Twilight. I am quite sure your friends are ready to face what is to come.”

“If you say so, Princess,” sighed Twilight.

“Believe in them. You’re all capable of what’s to come.”

“Twilight, dear,” Rarity called as she gave Twilight a confused look. “Did you say something?”

She shook her head softly and smiled. “Nothing at all.”
The girls stared at the castle with their dropped jaws, frozen in both fear and awe. Rainbow ignored their looks as she crossed the bridge before whistling to them. She gave them a smug grin as she waved to them.

“Come on, girls,” Rainbow shouted as she turned her back to them. “Nightmare Moon isn’t gonna be there forever!”

As the other girls went across the bridge, Fluttershy didn’t dare move a muscle. She looked at the bridge with a petrified look on her face as she watched her friend’s cross. Rainbow glanced back and saw Fluttershy standing back while the others walked to the other side.

“Fluttershy,” she called, snapping her out of her trance. “Are you coming?”

The teen gulped softly and cautiously stretched her foot out to touch one of the planks. The moment it creaked, she jumped back. “I-It… the bridge doesn’t look s-safe!” she called back in a soft voice. “I think I’ll just… stay here!”

Applejack made her way back across to comfort her. “Come on, Fluttershy,” said Applejack as she gave her friend a warm smile. “Ya got nothing to worry about, sugarcube.”

"You girls have fun at that super scary castle." she mumbled as she pulled her arms close to her chest. "I'll be here if you need me."

"Nonsense Fluttershy. We ain't leaving ya behind. Ya have nothing to fear, just believe me Fluttershy."

“A-Are you sure?”

“Positive,” Applejack declared, not an ounce of hesitation. "Would Ah lie to ya?"

"No of course Applejack. You wouldn't." she muttered as she sighed loudly. She looked back over to her friends, and they all waited with smiles. “Okay,” she sighed. As she put a foot onto the bridge, the board creaked again. “A-Actually… I think....um...its best that....I stay here."

Rainbow sighed as she made her way back across the bridge. She didn't say anything as she grabbed the shy girl’s hand and guided her across the bridge. Fluttershy dug her heals into the ground in protest, but Rainbow didn’t stop dragging her and muttering to herself. Fluttershy had closed her eyes and was muttering to herself now. Once they reached the other side of the bridge, Rainbow turned to her passenger and smiled.

“There. Wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“I guess so,” mumbled Fluttershy, opening her eyes. “Um… thanks for helping me across the bridge, Rainbow.”

“No problem,” she chuckled. “It just like when we were in Cloudsdale Elementary.” She could see the tip of the castle already, and she turned back to Fluttershy. “So are you ready to go into the castle now?”

Fluttershy’s eyes darted to the castle and back to Rainbow. She gave a deep breath and a nervous smile. “Yeah….I guess I am.”
They’d finally made it to the castle. This time, Rainbow led them over the rubble of the entrance. They found themselves in an enormous hall, leading down to a set of turns into the castle’s various wings. Twilight followed the dusty and marred red carpet deeper into the building. They could see ancient paintings and sculptures, and even a few armor decorations standing in the halls. Almost like the guards in Canterlot. Wind blew into the structure through holes and damaged parts of stone. The battle that had taken place so long ago made itself prevalent.

Soon enough, they entered another large chamber. Across was a set of thrones, one with a sun above and the other with a crescent moon. Between them and the throne was a table with an intricate device. On the arms of said device held six stones with various designs. Each of the girls made their way towards the table suddenly, as if they were being called to it. As they were about to grab the stones, a voice began to shoot through their minds. They gripped their heads in pain and shouted out at the sudden mental assault.. The shouting soon stopped, but what replaced it chilled them. It was soft laughter, as if amused. They looked up and saw a woman dressed in a regal purple and black dress.

“This is what my sister sends to welcome me home?” the woman laughed. “I suppose these are the so called Elements of Harmony?”

"Oh shoot." mumbled Pinkie as she looked down on the ground. "I didn't know that we were suppose to throw her a welcome back party."

The woman had laughed again. "This is what my sister thinks can defeat me?" She then stopped her laughing and rose from her seat, "Whatever trap my sister sends my way, I will get rid of."

Twilight’s eyes widened and her breath caught in her throat. She couldn’t believe it… Nightmare Moon was back. The Elements didn’t work, and the corrupt princess knew that they needed them to face her.

“Okay, Rainbow,” Applejack whispered in fear. “Ya proved yer point. Ah think it's best we leave now.”

“Leave?” mocked Nightmare Moon as she gave the girls a warm smile. “It’s rude for guests to leave after they arrive.”

“Well, I’m sure we could all live with it,” Rarity hurriedly said, helping a quivering Fluttershy to her feet.

"Nonsene." laughed Nightmare Moon. With a wave of her arms the girls now stood frozen in fear. "Please, make yourself at home." The woman began to laugh again, "I hope you find yourself comfortable, because you are going to stay here forever."

"I doubt that." shouted Rainbow as she glared at the figure. "We only went here to get something and leave."

Nightmare Moon laughed. “So I’m assuming my sister sent you to retrieve these,” she said as she gestured to the ancient stones. "It wouldn't do you much to take these stones. It appears that they lost their power."

“Why would we be sent by your sister?” asked Rainbow as she glared at the woman. She then declared, “I’m not scared of you.”

“Well aren’t you a brave one.” she teased, “Well, let’s see how brave you are in the face of your fears.”

“What do you mean?”

“It won’t matter to you,” shouted Nightmare Moon as her eyes began to glow. “I won’t be stopped by a group of jesters. Your fears will keep you here while I visit my lovely sister.”

“F-F-Fears?” quivered Fluttershy.

As Nightmare Moon’s eyes began to glow, the girls soon fell down to the ground. Each girl had tired their hardest to keep their eyes from closing. One by one, their eyes closed and they went off into a deep slumber.

“Without the Elements, nobody can stop me. Not the guard… or Celestia,” laughed Nightmare Moon. “Equestria will bathe in my moonlight. Forever!”

"I'm sorry Princess Luna. Please, I hope that you can forgive me." muttered Twilight as her eyes grew heavier and heavier. "I've failed you. I failed you both and I'm sorry." Twilight's eyes then closed as she was now the last to fall asleep.

"I hope that Canterlot hasn't changed much since my last visit." laughed Nightmare Moon as she smiled at the girls that were asleep in front of her. "I owe my swear darling of a sister, Celestia a visit. A one thousand year late visit."

”This is the final test. Break free from the nightmares. You all can. You must.”

Each one of the girls began to toss and turn as a voice began to laugh in their heads. The dreamy illusion faded, and they could finally hear the voice clearly.

“Chaos goes a long way to shrouding the truth,” it laughed softly. “

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