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Welcome To Ponyville High - xxGamer101xx

Princess Celestia sends her chosen pupil, Twiligt Sparkle to learn the magic and wonder of friendship at high school

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Chapter 4

Twilight knocked on the door of the dull brown farmhouse. Her nerves were going all over the place as she heard footsteps slowly approaching the door. Her first high school party. She had no idea what to expect, or how she should act. Should she have brought something? Her anticipation then skyrocketed as she heard footsteps coming from inside. While she waited to be let inside, she ran a hand through her hair trying to calm herself down.

Octavia had opened the door and gave Twilight a surprised look. “Oh. I didn’t know Pinkie invited you,” she said, gesturing for her to enter.

Twilight nodded as she into the house and noticed how plain everything was. She looked and saw that the house was devoid of any decorations. The only pictures that hung on the walls were family pictures. She looked and saw a picture of three young girls standing together. There was a girl with black straight hair wearing a gray dress, holding a cello next to her as she smiled. She noticed that the two other girls were wearing the same color dress and both had the same straight hair. One was pink with dull blue eyes and the other was gray with piercing purple eyes.

“That was Tavi's first concert!” Twilight jumped and spun around. Pinkie smiled and went next to Twilight to look at the pictures that hung at the walls. She pointed to a picture with two stern adults and three sitting girls. Behind them was a plain gray farmhouse and a bunch of rocks. “This was back when we lived on the rock farm.”

“You used to live on a rock farm?” Twilight asked in disbelief.

“Yeah,” Pinkie replied. Twilight noticed her smile started to fade. “Ma moved Tavi and I away so we are able to go to better schools. My younger sister, Maud still lives with Pa on the farm, but we get to go visit them a lot.”

“That's nice,” Twilight said, looking at more of Pinkie's childhood pictures. “I used to live in Canterlot.”

Moments passed and Pinkie reverted back to herself. With her ever present smile, she tugged on Twilight's sleeve and pulled her deeper into the house. Down the stairs and into the basement held more people and loud music. Twilight saw that people were dancing along to the loud music playing. Pinkie pulled her to the corner of the basement and sat on one of the bean bag chairs that were in a circle. Twilight looked around and saw the others as she sat on one of the bean bag chairs as well.

“Guys, I'm back!” Pinkie shouted as she sunk down into her bean bag.

“What took ya so long?” asked a blond haired boy in a familiar southern accent. He wore a yellow flannel beneath a brown vest.

“Relax there, Braeburn,” laughed Soarin as he took a bite of apple pie on his plate.

“Okay, now that we have everyone here we can start to play,” chimed Pinkie as she set a bottle in front of her on the floor.

“Ready to play what?” asked Twilight in confusion, staring at the bottle that laid on the floor.

“Wow, you really are an egghead,” Rainbow laughed as she slumped into a bean bag chair. “We're playing spin the bottle.”

Twilight blushed a bright shade of red as Rainbow uttered those words. She had read multiple books about “Spin the Bottle.” It usually was a typical scene at a teenage party in one of those typical cheesy romance novels. She couldn’t believe herself when she found herself in that scene in a teenage party.

“What’s wrong?” asked Rainbow as she stopped her laughing to look towards Twilight. She groaned as she slumped lower into her seat. “You really don’t know anything about this, do you?”

Twilight gave a sheepish smile as the blush on her face got darker and more visible. As she slumped back into her seat, she felt her face getting hotter and hotter. She remembered asking her babysitter, Cadence, what spin the bottle was. She just remembered Cadence laughing and ruffling her hair and saying something about how adorable she was. Cadence never once did answer her question.

“Rainbow.” called out Braeburn as she shot a glare at her. “Ya shouldn’t make fun of the girl for not knowing that.”

Rainbow sighed as she rose from her seat. She offered Twilight a smile and muttered, “I’m sorry for teasing you.”

“It's real easy to play,” Pinkie told her as she offered her a warm smile. She slid the bottle across from her. “Here, Fluttershy, show her.”

Rainbow laughed and looked towards her blushing friend. “Yeah Fluttershy, show her how to play,” she snickered loudly.

“What?” stammered the blushing teen as she looked at Pinkie. Twilight was shocked, too. She had no idea that Fluttershy was there the entire time. "Who want me to do what?"

"Come on Fluttershy." whined Pinkie as she looked towards Fluttershy. "Please?"

Fluttershy sighed and muttered something so quiet nobody could hear and spun the bottle in front of her. The bottle spun for several seconds until it landed to the person sitting next to Pinkie. A blush rose on Fluttershy's cheeks as she slumped back into her seat, trying to hide herself in her hair. Twilight looked over and saw that the bottle had landed on Applejack's big brother, Big Macintosh.

Rainbow laughed and elbowed Fluttershy, “It's a good thing Applejack got stuck babysitting Apple Bloom and her friends tonight, right?” she jokingly whispered as she laughed harder.

Moments passed and Fluttershy rose from her seat and tilted her head towards Big Macintosh's direction. Big Mac did the same and the two locked lips for a split second. Fluttershy quickly went back to her seat and rose her knees, hiding her blushing face. Big Mac's head was still tilted, and a blush was forming on his face as well.

“That's how you play, Twilight,” Pinkie giggled uncontrollably. “It's your turn, now!”

“Wait, what?!” stammered Twilight as she felt her face get hot. It was too late, Pinkie had already spun the bottle widely for her.

Twilight watched it as it spun wildly. It spun and spun for several moments until it stopped at Braeburn. Braeburn smiled with bravado when the bottle stopped on him, while Twilight could only blush.

Celestia’s lessons never prepared me for something like this!

Twilight gulped as she remembered what Fluttershy did before. She leaned her head head towards Braeburn, and he did the same. When the two locked their lips, she was unsure what to do next, and decided to pull back as she blushed even more. Braeburb's head was still titled as he opened his eyes and gave Twilight a look of confusion. To make matters worse, Twilight suddenly felt something hit her head, then got doused in something. Her hair and shirt felt damp and all the others sitting near her gasped and rose to their feat. Braeburn held Twilight’s arm as he rose her to her feet.

“Oh! I’m so sorry,” said a blonde girl wearing a gray sweater with light blue bubbles on it. She looked around and saw the mess that she caused and quietly muttered to herself, “I just don't know what went wrong.”

“Oh my gosh, Twilight, are you okay?” Pinkie asked as she rushed to her side.

Twilight shook her off and gave Pinkie a nervous smile in response and laughed nervously. “It could be worse? Right?”

Pinkie offered a smile back and guided Twilight up the stairs. They reached the main floor before going upstairs near the door. As they went up the stairs, Twilight noted that at least the second floor had more decorations than the first. They went through the third door on the right that was colored white and with chalk, several balloons drawn on it. As they entered the room, Twilight saw the many shades of pink her bedroom was.

If it were possible, the bedroom of Pinkie Pie was filled with every possible shade of the color pink. Her room was also surprisingly clean, as the room was filled with balloons and pieces of candy scattered all over the place. Also on the floor laid several pieces of confetti. Pinkie went over to her window and went through the drawers of her dresser. As she waited, she could hear through the walls of her bedroom loud, classical music can be heard.

“Found it!” Pinkie called as she went back towards Twilight. She handed her a light pink sweater with a design of three mutli-colored balloons on it. “Sorry about your shirt,” Pinkie softly mumbled, handing Twilight a towel for her hair. “And your hair.”

Twilight smiled as she took the towel from Pinkie and wrapped it around her hair. “It's fine, Pinkie,” she said. The music that was playing in the room next to her grew louder and louder. “I didn’t know the party was upstairs, too.”

“That isn't the party, you silly billy,” giggled Pinkie, closing the drawers of her dressers, “That's Tavi's music.”

“She's playing that?” Twilight questioned as she listened closer. She could faintly hear the faint elegant sounds of a cello.

“Yep!” Pinkie proudly said, nodding her head. “Back on the rock farm when were younger, Pa didn’t like how Tavi spent all her time playing her cello. So she played the only CD she had, the Royal Orchestra playing the Lunar Cycle Waltz. So she could hide the fact that she was practicing her cello from Pa.”

“Well, if she's just practicing why does she need the CD playing?”

“She doesn't like anyone hearing her music when she's writing a song.”

“Oh. Then how come she’s not with the others?”

“I don't know. Whenever Ma’s out of town, Tavi locks herself in her room and practices her music nonstop,” Pinkie explained as she walked towards Twilight. “She wants to play with the Royal Orchestra in Canterlot one day.”

Twilight blinked. “Really?”

Pinkie nodded softly. “Yeah. And that's why she's been a bit cold recently. Since the band got to go to the Canterlot Games, she's been freaking out ever since.”

Twilight could see why Octavia would be, what with a chance to perform coming up. “She wants to make sure she does her best, I’m guessing.”

“Yeah, and most of time talent scouts go to the Canterlot Games for the track team. Tavi hopes that they have talent scouts for the band,” Pinkie told her.

Twilight blinked as she withdrew the towel from her now dry hair. “Wow. That's an impressive dream she has.”

Pinkie nodded in agreement. “Yep. So she practices her cello all the time to get better.”

A knock resounded against the door, and Pinkie happily skipped over and opened it. The figure behind the door was Braeburn. He tipped his hat towards Pinkie and gave her a smile.

“Ah don't mean to interrupt ya ladies.” He smiled and Twilight noticed that Pinkie's smile grew even wider. “Ah just wanted to make sure y’all were okay.”

Pinkie only smiled in response. “She’s all better now. Thanks for coming!”

Barburn smiled too and tipped his hat towards her. “Ah do try to be a gentlemen there, Pinkie.”

Pinkie laughed and playfully punched his arm. “Oh Braeburn, you’re so kind.”

“Ah try.”

Pinkie smiled and skipped out of her bedroom door. She then turned and smiled towards Twilight and waved at her. “Come on, Twi! The party just started!”

Twilight nodded at Pinkie and soon followed her towards her basement where she was re-introduced to loud music and laughter. She looked around and saw Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Rarity all talking to each other and laughing.

“Oh, Pinkie, there you are, darling,” smiled Rarity as she saw the three of them coming down the stairs. “I was just wondering where the hostess for the party went.”

“Well! I'm here now!” Pinkie laughed as she jumped from the last few stairs. She smirked towards Rarity. “The hostess with the mostes.”

Rarity only smiled and drew her friend into a hug. “Sorry I'm late.”

Pinkie smiled too but soon broke from the hug and frowned at her friend. “Why are you so late?”

Rarity only gave a laugh in response and flipped her curly violet hair as she broke away from the hug, “Fashionably late darling, there is a difference.”

“Okey Dokey Lokey,” Pinkie giggled as she happily skipped along to her other friends.

“Come on, guys, Vinyl just got here!” Rainbow excitedly announced as she went towards the crowd of people forming in the back. “This party is about to get 20% cooler.”

Pinkie laughed and moments passed and her laugh grew louder and harder. She snorted in between her fits of laughter. “You always say that about everything, Dashie.”

Rainbow smirked in response. “Doesn't make it any less true.”

Pinkie laughed again much harder. “Whatever you say there, Dashie.”

The loud popping noise could be heard drew Pinkie from her laughter. Pinkie’s laughter died as she sharply turned her head and gave an annoyed look to her left. The look was given to a boy with pale wavy blue hair wearing a long blue sleeve shirt and dark blue jeans. He only grinned as Pinkie glared at him. He grabbed a balloon right next to him and popped it with a safety pin. Twilight looked at the smirking figure and wondered if he was the “weirdo” that Applejack was warning her about on her first day of school.

“Stop popping my balloons!” Pinkie shouted as she glared towards the laughing teenager.

“Calm down there, Pie,” he smiled as he grabbed more balloons to pop. As he grabbed another balloon, he made sure to pop it in front of herself and afterwards gave her a goofy grin and started to laugh. “They’re just balloons, you need to calm down.”

“Pokey Pierce!” Pinkie yelled, storming towards him and soon the two started to argue.

Rarity gave a light chuckle and did her best to hide her grin. She soon remarked with a light chuckle, “And she wonders why people in school think she has a crush on him.”

“Is that more of your gossip there, Rarity?” asked Twilight, watching Rarity trying to hold in a laugh.

“More like the entire school’s gossip, Twilight,” smiled Rarity as she chuckled. “If it helps, I think they would be an adorable couple.”

As time passed, Rainbow was right about one thing. The party did get cooler. The right percentage of cool the party got was still up for debate. As the music got louder, and Vinyl took over, more and more people started to dance along to it. The more time passed, the more fun everyone had. The music grew louder and more and more people started to dance along to it.

“Wow, Pinkie!” screamed Rainbow as she was dancing along to the blasting music, “You really do know how to throw the best parties!”

Pinkie smiled and jumped as she was dancing to the loud music as well. “Thanks, Dashie! Parties are always the best when you have your friends with you!”

Twilight smiled as Pinkie referred to her as one of her friends. “Yeah, It's almost like throwing these kinds of parties is your special talent,” Twilight shouted over to her.

Pinkie smiled even brighter as she danced more along to the music. “Thanks, Twilight!”
As time went on, the party died down and the music got silent. People were saying their goodbyes and leaving the party. Pinkie was at the front door giving everyone who went to the party a hug goodbye and thanks for attending her party.

Vinyl laughed as she broke away from Pinkie's hug. “You know, Pinkie, you're the cool Pie in the family.”

Pinkie laughed too and waved goodbye to Vinyl. “I try.”

“Hahah, well see ya, Pie.” Vinyl Scratch laughed as she walked towards her white motorbike.

Twilight was behind her and smiled at the cheerful girl. “Pinkie, that was an amazing party!”

“Thanks, Twilight! See you at school tomorrow.” Pinkie smiled as she hugged her for one last goodbye.

Twilight nodded and hugged Pinkie goodbye, too. She soon broke from the hug and gave her a warm smile. “Yeah, Pinkie. See you at school tomorrow.”
As Twilight entered the front door, she was greeted by her brother in the living room. He rose from the couch as she walked in and smiled at his sister.

“How did your first party go?” teased Shining as he looked at the clock beside him. He grabbed the clock and examined the time. “Aren’t you a little early to come back from a party?”

Twilight ignored her brother’s comments and only remarked. “It was… interesting, to say the least.”

“I’ll say.” Shining responded, pointing to her shirt. “What happened there?”

Twilight looked where her brother was pointing and only groaned as she realized she was still wearing her punch soaked shirt. She ignored her brother’s teasing and went up the stairs shouting. “Goodnight, Shining.”

She went up the stairs and to her room, opening the door and smiling as she saw Spike sleeping on her bed. She quickly changed into her pajamas and slipped into bed. She yawned and closed her eyes getting ready to go to sleep.

“Twilight,” a voiced laughed in her head as Twilight tossed and turned trying her best to be comfortable. “Sweet Twilight, if you only knew the chaos that happened.”

The laughter grew louder, and the voice rang louder and louder in her head. “Maybe one of these days I can show you the fun I had when I tricked you and your Princess. I had a lot of fun when I got you out of Equestria.”

Her eyes shot wide open, and she sprang up from her bed. She frantically looked around her bedroom and gave a sigh of relief as she saw everything was still the same. She then covered her ears as her alarm clock blasted beside her bed. She got out of her bed and shut off her alarm clock.

Twilight stretched her arms as she yawned. She went towards her dresser and grabbed her clothes to get ready for the school day to come. Twilight rushed down the stairs still running a brush through her hair as she reached the dinning room. She looked and saw her brother and father still eating their breakfast as her mother sat at the dinning room table taking a sip of tea from her cup.

"Morning Sleeping Beauty," her brother teased as he gulped a spoonful of cereal.

Twilight said nothing in response as she grabbed a seat at the dinning table and poured her own cereal in the bow that sat in front of her. As she was about to eat her breakfast, her father lowered the newspaper that he was reading and made eye contact with his daughter.

"Made any friends, sweetie?"

"I think so." answered Twilight as she got done pouring the milk in her cereal.

Her mother's eyes lit up as she smiled. "That's good to hear."

Twilight nodded to her mother in response as she glanced at the stove. When she read the time she rose from her seat, grabbed her bag, and ran out of the front door muttering, "Oh no, I'm going to be late."

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