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Welcome To Ponyville High - xxGamer101xx

Princess Celestia sends her chosen pupil, Twiligt Sparkle to learn the magic and wonder of friendship at high school

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Chapter 2

As the bell rang, students began to spill out of the classrooms and into the hallway. Twilight was one of the last to exit the classroom and saw Pinkie in the hallway. She smiled and waved at the cheery girl and Pinkie skipped towards her.

“Hey, Twilight! How's your first day going?”

“Interesting.” Twilight said as she made way to find her locker. Her schedule said it was locker number 42. As her and Pinkie approached her locker she looked across and noticed the guy she saw in her math class. Blue spiky hair and a blue hoodie talking to a girl with a girl with shoulder length, orange hair wearing the same blue hoodie as him. She looked next to her locker and saw Octavia putting some books into it.

“That's Soarin and Spitfire. Captain and co-captain of the track team,” Octavia said as she closed her locker. Twilight gave her a quick glance as she tried her locker combination. “I heard the track team got into the Canterlot Games this year.” Octavia sighed. “So did the band too.”

Twilight blinked as she got her locker open. “How do you know all of this?”

Octavia shrugged and smiled. “Pinkie isn't the only Pie that knows everything about everyone.”

“Last period, Soarin asked me for a pencil and Rainbow gave me the most strangest look ever,” Twilight explained as she put her books into her locker.

“Not surprising. I heard from Rarity that she has a crush on him,” Octavia mused to the side.

“How do you know Rarity?” Pinkie asked as she grabbed the mirror out of Twilight's locker and started to make funny faces.

Octavia sighed and took the mirror from her hands and gave it back to Twilight. She gave her sister a scolding expression. “Unlike someone here, Rarity actually goes to band practice.”

“But Tavi, it's sooooo boring,” Pinkie whined, slumping against the locker. ”It almost makes me want to stay back home and go rock farming.”

“Um....excuse me....can I get to my locker?” The three looked to a shy girl with long pink hair covering one of her soft green eyes. She wore an oversize yellow sweater with butterfly designs on it. She recognized one of the faces and smiled softly. ”Oh, hi, Pinkie.”

“Hi, Fluttershy!” Pinkie beamed, giving her a tight hug. Pinkie quickly broke away from the hug and grabbed Octavia and Twilight's arm. “See you at lunch!”
“Welcome to the cafeteria!” Pinkie shouted happily as her and Twilight entered the room filled with table. “If you want to know more about everyone, then we should go see Rarity. She knows all the gossip around the school.”

“I'm not one for gossip,” Twilight said. Pinkie followed her onto the lunch line. “Would you believe me if I said this was my first school experience?”

Pinkie nodded with a giggle. “Yeah, I would. You don't have anything to worry! Just trust good ol' aunt Pinkie!”

Twilight blinked as she grabbed her lunch. “Pinkie, we're the same age!”

Pinkie laughed again. “I know that silly! I was just playing. Come on. Follow me, I know the perfect place to sit!”

Twilight smiled and followed Pinkie, her curls of hair bouncing as she skipped across the lunch table. She looked and saw all different groups in the lunchroom. All the students were divided in their own little groups. Maybe all the books about high school she read recently had some truth to them. The pair had made their way to the middle table and saw that the meek Fluttershy was there, and another person was there as well. A girl with curly violet hair wearing a white dress with a diamond design on it.

“Fluttershy, dear,” the violet haired girl said in a proper tone. “It's unladylike to play with your food.”

“Yeah, that's what toys are for!” Pinkie laughed as she plopped down beside them. “Hi, Rarity!”

“Hello, Pinkie,” Rarity said as she began eating her salad. She looked next to her. “Oh, you're the new girl I've been hearing so much about.”

“You already know about me?” asked Twilight nervously as she sat down on the lunch table.

Rarity giggled. “I know everything about everyone, dear.”

“Speaking of which! Give Twilight a crash course on all the people in the lunchroom,” Pinkie said as she grabbed candy from her hair.

“The table right next to us is where the freshmen sit,” explained Rarity as she spoke to Twilight in a hushed whisper.

Twilight looked across from her and saw three girls a little younger then her laughing. One with curly purple and pink hair wearing a pink dress, the other with red hair with a pink hair bow wearing a yellow shirt blue jeans and a similar belt to Applejack and Big Mac, and the last with unruly purple hair wearing an orange shirt with purple running shorts. The curly haired one stopped her laughing and started to wave at Rarity. She smiled and waved back to the younger girl.

“Ah don't see what's wrong with the freshman there, Rarity,” Applejack said as she set down her lunch onto the table. “Two years ago, we were just like our sisters.”

Rarity had nodded in response. “I suppose you're right.”

“Right about what?” asked Rainbow Dash as she threw her lunch tray on the table and quickly sat down. She sighed when she saw Twilight. “Oh great, the egghead is here too.”

“No way!” shouted a loud booming voice across the cafeteria. The girls looked and saw a tall senior with shaggy blue hair wearing red letterman jacket and a white t-shirt. He flashed a toothy grin and made his way to where the girls were sitting. He rested his hands on Twilight's head and smiled to the other girls. “I had no idea that you were the new girl, Twiley!”

Twilight's face got red and she rose from her seat and looked at the senior dead in the eye. “Shining, I told you to stop calling me that.”

Shining Armor only smiled and ruffled her hair. “No matter what, your still my little sister.”

“Shining, stop!” Twilight whined as she was trying her best to straighten her hair back to normal. “We aren't little kids anymore.”

Shining laughed at his sister's whines. He stole one of her french fries and walked away from their table. “Whatever you say, Twiley. I'll see you around!”

After the exchange she had shared with her brother, Twilight cleared her throat and sat back down to finish eating her lunch. She looked up to see that the girls all had confused looks upon their faces. Her face grew red in embarrassment and muttered, “Thanks for embarrassing me on my first day.”

Rarity was the first to break the silence. She cleared her throat and raised an eyebrow towards Twilight. “Twilight. You never told us that your brother was the captain of the football team.”

“Yeah,” remarked Rainbow in between gulps of her energy drink. “I guess that makes you 20% less of an egghead.”

The school bell rang and all the students got their things and threw away their trash. Twilight did the same and quickly glanced at her school schedule.

Health 101 in 620. Where is that?

“Um, excuse me,” Twilight said, grabbing the attention of the girls. “Does anybody know where room 620 is?”

“I can show you,” Rainbow said, being the first to speak. She threw away her garbage and made her way towards the exit, gesturing for Twilight to follow. “Come on and follow me, it's through the 300 wing.”
As Twilight followed Rainbow through the school hallway, she noticed that they were nowhere close to to the 300 wing. In fact they were outside by the track. Rainbow threw her bag by a tree that gave a perfect view of the track and offered Twilight a seat next to her. Twilight only sighed and sat across from where Rainbow was sitting on the grass.

“I don't think this the 300 wing, Rainbow,” Twilight said as she grabbed her schedule and gave it a second look.

Rainbow only laughed. “Oh yeah, the 300 wing got burnt down 10 years ago by a former student. She swore she saw a talking horse and set a fire in the Chemistry lab to get rid of it.”

“What about my health class?”

Rainbow ignored Twilight and added to the story she was telling. “That student became the Biology teacher and she still swears that the talking horse still haunts the school.”

“I will get in so much trouble!” remarked Twilight as she was quickly running a hand through her hair tiring to clam herself down.

“Relax it's the first day of health, what could you really miss?”
“Okay class, I don't want to be here and I know you don't want to be here,” groaned a red haired woman who was rubbing the temples of her head. “I'm the new health teacher, Berry Punch, for any of you want to know. So listen up” She threw a basket to one of the desks of the classroom. “Don't have sex or you'll get fat, and stay off drugs or your teeth will fall out.”

There were some bewildered expressions and stifled laughs and snickering. “Grab a condom.” said Berry Punch as she was throwing handfuls of the plastic towards every student.

Berry Punch groaned as the laughter in the classroom grew even louder. She went over to her desk and grabbed the bottle that was on there. She grabbed it, took a huge swig from it and quickly left the classroom.
“Hey, Twilight,” Rainbow said, her eyes dead set on the students running on the track. “Can you do me a favor?”

“What is it?”

She sighed lowly and kept her eyes away from her for a moment. “Can you be my… my tutor?” Rainbow asked. She turned to look at Twilight. “I need one for Math… mostly.”

Twilight gave Rainbow a surprised look. “Why do you want me to be your tutor?”

Rainbow shrugged. “Well, you seem smart. And if I want to fly with the Wonderbolts, I need to have good grades.”

Twilight blinked. “You want to join the royal air force?”

“That’s been my dream ever since I was little.” responded Rainbow as she gazed up to the sky, “Flying alongside the Wonderbolts would be the most awesome thing ever.”

Twilight smiled. “When I was little, I saw the Wonderbolts perform with my brother and father.”

The comment drove Rainbow from her daydreaming as she quickly rose up from laying on the grass and looked at Twilight with a surprised look. “No way, you actually saw them perform?”

Twilight nodded. “I sure did. Rainbow, why do you need a tutor so bad?”

Rainbow nodded. “This year the track and cross country team are going to the Canterlot Games. The winner of those gets to fly with any member of the Wonderbolts.”


“If I can boost up my math grade, then I can go with the track team to see the Wonderbolts.”

Twilight smiled and nodded softly. “I'll be the best tutor anyone can be.”

Rainbow stood up from the grass and offered a hand to Twilight. “Come on, I'll help you get to your next class.”

Twilight smiled and took her hand. “Thank you Rainbow Dash.”
Room 444. AP Biology. A serious class for serious students. Such a shame that its teacher was anything but. The infamous Professor Lyra Heartstrings, known throughout the school for her insane ramblings about how talking horses would soon take over the school. Ms. Heartstrings had green mint hair with a white streak through it. She wore a green dress, the same as her hair. At the hem of the dress was a golden harp on it. It just so happened that Dr. Heartstrings was also the band director of the school. Now she two groups of students to pass along her insane ramblings.

When Twilight entered into the classroom, she was shocked to see how it was directed. The walls of the classroom covered his newspaper clippings of “talking horse” sighting. The occasional typical teacher posters were also found on the wall. In front of the classroom was the teacher’s desk and on top of it was large statue of a skeleton of horse.

“I see our new student has arrived safe and sound,” joked Ms. Heartstrings as Twilight entered the class. She stretched her arms out and announced, “Welcome to the laboratory!”

“Um... thanks, I guess?” uttered Twilight, still perplexed by the teacher's odd behavior. She did a quick scan of the room and noticed that the desks were longer and larger than the ones she saw in other classrooms. She also noticed that the desks could seat two students. Twilight looked around and saw that Rarity was in her class as well, and she was sitting alone.

As Twilight made her way towards Rarity, Ms. Heartstrings' loud voice could be heard. “And so the new student is self aware enough to find herself moving towards an empty desk. Now, that self awareness shall keep her genes strong and flowing through Equestria.”

Twilight blinked in confusion. “What?”

Ms. Heartstrings sighed and put her hand on her chin. “It appears as though she isn't that aware of her problems. Could be a problem when looking for food.”

“I am so confused,” Twilight whispered as she buried her head in her hands. “This teacher has to be the strangest one.”

“Students, flip to page 35. It's time we learn about Survival of the Fittest in case the horses rebel!” warned Ms. Heartstrings as she grabbed the teacher copy of the book. “First they will talk, then they will rule!”
The rest of the school day went in a blur. As Twilight was getting used to the setup of the school, she realized it was easy to navigate through. As the last period bell went off, all students went out of their classes and exited the school as fast as they could. As Twilight was at her locker, she saw one of the three freshmen from earlier approaching her.

“AJ,” called out the red headed one as she went towards Applejack. “Ah'm all ready to go.”

“Give me a second there, Apple Bloom,” Applejack replied. She pulled out a cowboy hat from her locker and placed it on her head. “Why aren't ya with yer friends today?”

Apple Bloom pulled on the straps of her backpack. “Sweetie Belle’s busy with choir tryouts and Scootaloo wanted to see the track team practice. Plus, Bon Bon wasn't in school today, so no art club meeting.”

“Ah see,” Applejack murmured as she closed her locker. She looked and saw Twilight and smiled. “Hey there, Twil. Need a ride?”

Twilight shook her head politely. “Thank you for the offer, but I’ll take the bus.”

Apple Bloom smiled and handed Twilight a flyer. “Ah heard there was a new girl. If ya want, you could join the art club.”

“Apple Bloom,” Applejack remarked, giving her sister a stern look. “Don't be bothering people with those papers, ya here?”

“Ah wasn't bothering a soul,” the younger Apple remarked as she started to play with her hair bow. “The art club just needs more members.”

“Well, don't be doing that from now on,” said Applejack as she made her way towards the school exit. The little redhead soon followed. “See ya tomorrow there, Twilight, “ Applejack called out as she exited the building.
As Twilight was going up the steps of her house, she saw her mother had put down her book and made her way down to see her. Twilight smiled at the older woman with with purple hair with white streaks through it. She smiled and pulled her daughter into a tight hug.

“Soooo, how was your first day of school?” her mother giddily asked as she and Twilight were walking up towards the porch of the house.

“Interesting,” Twilight answered, stepping in through the front door.

"Make any friends?" her mother asked as she entered the door behind Twilight.

Twilight had stopped for a moment and gathered her thoughts about what had happened in the past day. She turned towards her mother and smiled, "I think so."

Her mother smiled and Twilight quickly went up the stairs and made a left to her room. As she open her bedroom door, she was greeted by a purple fur dog begging for attention. Twilight smiled as she kneeled down to pet him. “I missed you too, Spike.”

She went up to her desk and grabbed a paper and quill from inside and began writing her letter to Princess Celestia.

Dear Princess Celestia,

I had a very good day at school today I met five other girls and I seemed to be hitting off with them. One of them even gave me a tour of the entire school. I was even offered to be a tutor to one of them as well. All of them made sure I wasn't getting lost too. I look forward to my future days of school and I hope to fulfill the quest you challenged me with.

Your Faithful Student,
Twilight Sparkle

Twilight rolled the letter up and tied it up with a ribbon. She smiled again and bent down towards the playful dog, who was spinning in circles behind her. “Spike, I need you to send this to the Princess.” The dog barked happily and sneezed a bright green flame that caused the letter to disappear.

“Twilight, honey, can you help your father and brother with the groceries?” her mother called.

“Coming,” chimed in Twilight. She hurried down the stairs with Spike in tow.

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