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Welcome To Ponyville High - xxGamer101xx

Princess Celestia sends her chosen pupil, Twiligt Sparkle to learn the magic and wonder of friendship at high school

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Chapter 13

As the school bell rang, students rushed to get to their classes. Rainbow Dash, however, had just arrived. She had overslept and was now rushing to her locker, hoping she wasn’t going to be late to her class. Those hopes were crushed when she saw Zephyr Breeze leaning against her locker and smiling at her.

“Hey, Rainbow,” he greeted with his usual smile.

She only sighed as she shoved him aside and opened her locker. “Can’t talk. Gotta get to class,” Rainbow quickly said, ignoring his gaze as she pulled books out of her locker.

“Well, I was just gonna ask if you’ve heard the rumors.”

“What rumors?” she asked, cocking her head in his direction.

“Rumor has it there’s a haunted castle deep in the Everfree Forest.” he sang as he winked at her again.


“In that castle they say that it's haunted by some creature.”

“Your point is?”

Zephyr’s eyes widened in shock as Rainbow seem unfazed by his words. He moved himself closer and said in a hushed tone, “They say it’s Nightmare Moon.”

Rainbow took a moment to see if he was serious, and could only laugh in response. “Nightmare Moon? She hasn’t been around in a thousand years.”

“It’s real! Honest,” said Zephyr as his face was now replaced with a look of shock. “They’re saying she’s back.”

“Okay,” Rainbow sighed as she rolled her eyes. “If it is real, then why are you telling me this?”

Zephyr gave her his best roguish grin. “I thought if I told you, you’d want to prove those rumors wrong.”

“Oh yeah?” she chuckled in disbelief. “And how would I do that?”

“Going to the Everfree Forest. After school, of course,” Zephyr told her, his smile growing. “And I wanted to ask if you do go, can I go?”

Rainbow laughed as she closed her locker. “Okay, so if I do end up going to the Everfree Forest, what makes you think I’ll take you?”

“I know where the castle is,” Zephyr proudly stated as he smirked. "So I figured you know. I can show you where it is."

"How do you know where it is?"

"I hear people talk."

“I can figure out where it is,” she replied as she crossed her arms. “The forest isn’t that big.”

Zephyr gave a nervous laugh as he put a hand behind his head. “W-Well you shouldn’t go in the forest alone.”

“I can manage on my own.”

He didn't say anything and just sighed. His eyes shot open, and a devilish smirk made itself present. “I mean if you told any of your friends, would they go to the Everfree Forest with you?”

Rainbow looked at him sternly, then sighed. “I guess you’ve got a point.”

“So, I can go to the Everfree Forest with you?”

“Fine,” Rainbow groaned as she stopped leaning against the lockers. “You can come.”

Zephyr smiled. “Awesome.”

Rainbow glared at the boy. “If you’re a scaredy cat like your sister, I’m bailing.”

“Oh please, Rainbow. I know you’re worried about me and all, but nothing can scare Zephyr Breeze.”

With a roll of her eyes she muttered, “Just when I think he’s normal he pulls stuff like this.”

“Nothing can stop this Breeze from coming through,” smirked Zephyr as he winked at Rainbow again.

“Whatever. See you after school,” she said.

Zephyr blinked and stared at Rainbow. “Wait… you actually said yes.”

Rainbow shrugged. “Yeah and?”

He started to laugh and gave her another smirk. “So I take it you finally realize you’re madly in love with me? After all these years of fighting it?”

Rainbow only groaned as she turned her back on him. “Not in a million years, Zeph. Keep on dreaming.”

“Well, we’re still down for after school right?”

“Yeah. See ya after school.”
Rainbow stood in awe as she looked to the ancient building. The castle looked worn and destroyed, but still it stood. The two black pillars of the castle still stood, but the main structure was collapsed in on itself. As she and Zephyr stared, Rainbow could hear the faintest of voices calling out.

Rainbow Dash….I have something to show you…..

“Wha?” she softly murmured.

“Did you say something?” asked Zephyr.

She shook her head slowly. “No.”

Rainbow looked back at the castle, the voice seeming to be calling out to her again. As she was about to cross the bridge, she was stopped by a hand on her shoulder. She stopped and looked at Zephyr, who seemed frightened.

“What are you doing?” he questioned, warily glancing to the ancient structure.

“Heading to the castle,” she casually stated. Seeing his pale expression made her smile. “What? Too chicken to go in?”

Zephyr took a deep breath and soon moved to the bridge. He smirked and gave her a nervous laugh. “I told you. Nothing can stop this Breeze.”

“Then why are you just standing there?” she chuckled, giving her own smirk.

“Because it's cold in the forest,” replied Zephyr, laughing nervously.

“What are you, a scaredy cat like your sister?”

Zephyr Breeze glared at the giggling Rainbow Dash. “I’m not afraid of anything!” he exclaimed, but she only laughed louder.

“Prove it.”

He looked at the castle and swallowed hard as he slowly started across the bridge. As he shakily continued, Rainbow followed with an amused grin on her face. Zephyr glanced back at her, bravado clashing with his fear of the rickety planks.

“Told you nothing can stop this Breeze from moving.” She shook her head and punched him in the arm.

“Guess I was wrong about you, Zeph.” Rainbow gestured up to the castle and smirked. “Now then, let’s go exploring.”

“W-w-what?” stammered Zephyr as he rubbed his arm. “You want to do what?”

“Explore the castle,” Rainbow chuckled. She then smiled at Zephyr. “You said Nightmare Moon is there. Might as well see if the rumors are true.”

“You can’t be serious, Rainbow!”

Rainbow nodded sternly, wearing her victorious smirk on her sleeve. “You bet I am.”

“But what if the rumors were real and we really do see Nightmare Moon?”

Rainbow laughed and smiled at him. “Well, then that makes it about 20% cooler, doesn’t it?”

Zephyr chuckled in disbelief and gave her a nervous smile. “Okay, yeah, cool. Lead the way there, Rainbow.”
As the two approached the door, Rainbow’s pace slowed. The voice from before called out again, a bit louder and more clear.

No, Rainbow….don’t enter there…..not yet…...not without the others.

“What?” she muttered. “Who is that?”

“You okay there, Rainbow?” asked Zephyr as he looked at her with a concerned look.

Rainbow only shrugged. "Its nothing. I thought I heard somone say something."

"Oh." spoke Zephyr softly. "Okay."

She shook her head and started wandering over to the castle. The front entrance had been blocked by the collapse of the archway, so she moved around to the side wall for another way in. Soon enough she saw a window just above them. Zephyr followed her eyes and saw it as well. He then bent down and locked his fingers together.

“Here,” he said. Rainbow looked at him in confusion. “I can boost you up and you can look through the window.”

Rainbow nodded and and put a foot on his hands. Zephyr lifted her up towards the window, and she tried her best to look through the muddled glass. She was looking into the throne room of the castle, but something was amiss. In one of the two thrones sat a tall figure, obscured by the dark.

Rainbow's eyes widened in shock at what she saw. "I see someone sitting on one of the thrones."

“What do you see?’” asked Zephyr.

The clouds above parted, giving her light in the pitch black room. She saw a woman wearing a long dark purple dress, her hair waving about in an intangible breeze. Surrounding the woman’s body was a subtle and dark aura of blue. The woman was sitting back in the seat of the throne. She could hear her speaking, and she leaned closer to make out what was being said.

“After 1,000 years, she’ll finally pay for what she’s done,” the woman laughed, almost maniacally. "I will show Celestia is truly the most powerful one."

“Do you see anything? Rainbow?” asked Zephyr impatiently.

“They’ll know the horrors of the night when their precious sun never rises.”

“It’s… it’s her...” mumbled Rainbow as she trying to listen to what more the woman was saying.

"My sister shall pay for what she has done to me."

“Her? Who are you talking about?” Zephyr asked again raising the volume of his voice as he was getting more and more impairment.

”They’ll know who is the true ruler of Equestria. And they shall see what happens to those who cross the Nightmare!”

“I can’t believe what I’m actually seeing.”

“What are you seeing?!”

Rainbow looked down and glared at Zephyr, then silently sneered, “Zephyr, put a sock in it!”

She turned back, but shouted in surprise when her eyes made contact with two purple cat-eyes. Rainbow lost her balance, and Zephyr did his best to catch her. They landed in a messy pile, but she scrambled to her feet.

“Ugh. You okay, Rainbow?”

“Yeah,” she grunted, rubbing her head.

“What did you see?”

Her head perked up, and she grabbed his arm before bolting to the bridge. “I saw her!”

“Saw who?” he asked, struggling to keep up with her.

“Nightmare Moon!” remarked Rainbow in disbelief.

“Hold on,” replied Zephyr as he pulled his arm away and slowed down. “You actually saw Nightmare Moon?”

“Yes!” Rainbow shouted, annoyance creeping in. “She looks just like all the pictures from when I was little! But I thought it was all just some stupid fairytale, o-or just a dumb legend!”

"Seriously?" his voice cracked as Zephyr began to panic. "Aw man. Those rumors really where true."

Rainbow nodded in agreement. "Yeah they really are true. Your aren't going to believe what I heard too."

He seemed to be just as perplexed. “What happened?”

“She was talking about revenge or something.” explained Rainbow she then added, "She kept on talking about showing Equestria the true power that the night can cause."

“Revenge on who? Princess Celestia?”

“I guess… she’s the one who put her away, right?” Rainbow weakly asked. She couldn’t wrap her head around seeing the evil from countless tales she’d dismissed. "I just can't believe what I just saw."

“That’s some crazy stuff there, Rainbow.” sighed Zephyr. "What else was she talking about?"

"Talking about how she wanted to make Equestria pay for her banishment. She wanted to get rid of the sun and have only night."

"Wait....she wants to get rid of the sun."

"Yeah. She wants to make Celestia pay for what she did to her."

"You sure you heard all that, Rainbow?"

"Yeah Zeph. I'm sure."She nodded as she began to pace around before stopping suddenly. “You believe me, right?”

His eyes wandered away for a moment. “Well…”

“Zephyr!” she shouted.

“It sounds crazy, Dash!” he said in defense. “After 1,000 years she just shows up at her old home?” Before Rainbow could let loose on him, he held a hand up. “But… I know you wouldn’t joke about something like this… so… I guess I believe you.”

She breathed a sigh of relief. “Thanks. Come on, we gotta tell someone.”

“Yeah, I know,” Zephyr said hesitantly. “But who’s gonna believe Nightmare Moon just magically appeared back in Equestria?”

Rainbow’s eyes lit up when she thought about his question. “I know just the bookworm.”


“You’ll see.”
Zephyr kept silent as Rainbow assaulted the door with knocking, since they’d arrived just seconds ago. She waited several moments, but nobody answered the door, so she knocked even more frantically. Impatience had gotten the better as she was beginning to tap her foot. Just before she could knock on the door again, she stopped when the door opened to Twilight.

“Hey,” greeted Rainbow as she gave Twilight a smile. “Are you busy?”

“He-” Twilight began, but was cut off as Rainbow rushed into her house. Zephyr awkwardly followed suit. She closed the door slowly and followed them into her living room.

“Listen, Twilight, I got something big to tell you,” Rainbow anxiously said.

Twilight only looked on in confusion. “Uhh… why do you have to tell me?”

“Just remember, you have to believe me when I tell you this.”

Twilight had only giggled at Rainbow’s comment. “I’m not one to talk about asking people to believe me when I tell them crazy things.”

“Okay, cool. Just listen.”

“Um… okay.”

Rainbow sat beside her on the couch while Zephyr chose to stand. “Twilight, after school Zephyr and I went into the Everfree Forest.”

“We went to see the Castle of the Two Sisters,” Zephyr added, giving small glances to Rainbow.

“You mean the old castle in the Everfree Forest?” questioned Twilight in shock.

“Okay, so you know about the old castle.” Rainbow dismissively said. “But that isn’t the important part.”

“What is?”

Doubt crept up in her mind, but Rainbow shot out of her seat and exclaimed, “Nightmare Moon!”

Twilight’s eyes had widened. “Wha… what?”

“She said that she was going to ‘make her pay’ and ‘they’ll see the night’ or something,” said Rainbow. “She might be talking about revenge on Celestia!”

The studious girl took a second to gather her thoughts before she stood up from the couch. “Zephyr, can you do me a favor and get your sister for me?”

“Why do you need my sis?” Zephyr questioned suspiciously.

“Just get her for me,” said Twilight.

Zephyr peered over to Rainbow, who nodded resolutely. “Okay. I’ll be right back.”

“Rainbow and I will get the others. It's time that the rest of us try reading the book.”

Zephyr nodded and ran out the door and started back towards his house while Twilight and Rainbow went the other way. As they exited the house, Rainbow looked up to see the moon. She noticed the night sky was absent of any stars, and as she looked at the moon she realized the imprint of a face was gone.

“So… she’s really back isn’t she,” Rainbow murmured in disbelief.

“It looks like it,” Twilight quietly said, as she too was looking up at the sky. “What happened to the stars?”

“I don’t know. Maybe it has something to do with Nightmare Moon.”

“Yeah,” replied Twilight. “It probably does.”

“Come on,” said Rainbow as she waved at Twilight. “We gotta get the others.”

“Right,” she replied. “After we’re together, we’re heading for that castle.”

“Why?” asked Rainbow.

“There’s something in that castle that we need.”

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