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Welcome To Ponyville High - xxGamer101xx

Princess Celestia sends her chosen pupil, Twiligt Sparkle to learn the magic and wonder of friendship at high school

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Chapter 3

Twilight blinked as she stared directly at the teacher's desk. There was no sign of the teacher anywhere. She sighed as she slumped back in her seat and looked around to see what other students were doing. Most were talking to their peers, but she noticed that Rainbow was reading a green book beside her. She looked closer to see the cover of the book. “Daring Do and the Crystal Cave.”

The cover had the famous titular character Daring Do swinging on a vine with a rare articat in her free hand. Rainbow looked greatly involved in it, from Twilight’s perspective. One hand holding the book, and the other allowing her chin to rest on it as she eagerly turned page after page. One could say that Rainbow Dash was on the edge of her seat while reading about the adventurous spelunker.

“I didn't know you liked the Daring Do books,” Twilight remarked with a smile.

Rainbow quickly closed her book and threw it on the floor. Ignoring the blush on her face, she crossed her arms and slumped back in her seat. She rested her head back quickly and said, “I'm not a fan of that egghead stuff.”

“Really?” Twilight giggled, raising a brow. “Because it looked like you were really into that book,” she teased with a mischievous grin.

“Whatever,” Rainbow muttered, turning her head in the other direction.

Twilight laughed and gave Rainbow a smile. “Well, I have all the Daring Do books,” she casually stated, eyeing her with eagerness.

“Really?” Rainbow immediately asked, shooting up in her seat and closer to Twilight. "Do you really have all of them?"

Twilight nodded and her smile grew even bigger. “I even have the “Adventures of Young Daring Do” series, too.”

Rainbow’s smile faltered as she realized she was indulging the bookworm. She sighed and moved back in her seat. “You know, I only really like the fantasy element of the books,” she explained.

Twilight chuckled at Rainbow's response and only smiled. “I didn’t ask why you liked the books, Rainbow.”

Rainbow shrugged and slumped back into her seat. “Whatever.”

Twilight only sighed and went back to staring at the empty wooden desk in front of her. She wondered where in Equestria the teacher could be? Her thoughts were soon interrupted by the school bell ringing, and the students exited the room. Twilight soon followed and made her way towards the cafeteria, but she was soon stopped as she had bumped into a girl with pale blue wavy hair.

“I am so sorry!” Twilight exclaimed as she knelt down to grab the girl's fallen belongings. She noticed that one of them was a purple warlock hat with faint designs of purple, blue, and yellow stars on it. Twilight then offered a hand to the girl on the floor and offered her a nervous smile. “Sorry about that, I need to pay attention more.”

The blue haired girl said nothing as she stood up and snatched her belongings from Twilight's hands. “How dare you bump into Trixie like that,” Trixie huffed as she gave her a deadly glare.

Oh no. So, this is the Trixie that Pinkie was telling me about.

Twilight shook off those thoughts and forced a smile for her. “I'm sorry, Trixie. I didn’t mean to bump into you like that,” she said as sincerely as she could muster.

Trixie simply huffed and put her hand on her hip. “Trixie will not waste her time with your rambling.”

“Um... okay then,” Twilight awkwardly murmured as she was slowly got on her way, walking past Trixie. “If you say so.”

Trixie simply glared back and harrumphed before continuing on her way. As Trixie walked by Twilight, she gave her slight push and glared as she walked away from her. Twilight stood frozen as she tried to process what had just happened. Her thoughts were interrupted by the loud buzz of the school bell. Twilight sighed and made her way quickly towards the cafeteria.
Twilight sighed as she sat at the lunch table. She looked and saw that Rainbow was still reading the Daring Do book she started in Math. Pinkie Pie was still munching on her candy, Fluttershy slowly picked at her lunch, and Applejack was getting her English homework done before her next period class. Rarity was the last to arrive at the lunch table, and when she did she noticed that something seemed a bit off with Twilight.

“Twilight,” said Rarity as she got her lunch on the table. “What’s troubling you, dear?”

“Nothing much. Just bumped into Trixie by accident before I got to the lunchroom,” she explained before taking a sip of her milk carton.

“Oh?” questioned Rarity as she raised an eyebrow to Twilight's response. “How did that go?”

“I tried apologizing to her, but she acted all offended and didn’t even say anything.”

“Oh, I wouldn't worry too much about that,” Rarity assured her.

"If you say so." she muttered as she took a bite from her sandwich.

Laughter could be heard as something flew across the cafeteria. Twilight flinched as something hit her cheek. She pressed her finger where she’d been hit, and felt it was mashed potatoes. Looking around for the source, she jerked when another glob landed in her hair. She looked over and saw Trixie smiling at her, all while holding a spoon with mashed potatoes running down its length.

Rainbow looked up from her book and grinned as she grabbed her lunch tray. She looked towards Trixie and shouted for all the lunchroom to hear. “Food fight!” Rainbow flung all the food from the tray towards Trixie's general direction.

“Rainbow!” Twilight reprimanded, but it was too late. The tray flew towards Trixie, and she was hit by all the food that was in it. Twilight groaned and ran her hands over her face. “I came here to make friends not enemies.” she whispered.

“This is war!” shouted Trixie as she grabbed more food to throw at Rainbow. Soon more and more students joined in with throwing food in all sorts of directions inside the cafeteria. "I will show you to think twice about daring to bump into the The Great and Powerful Trixie."

Fluttershy gasped as she quickly hid under the lunch table to hide from the chaos. Rarity had done the same and complained about not wanting to get her hair messed up anytime soon. Applejack simply sighed and went underneath the table as well, trying to make sure that her work for the next period can get finish as quickly as possible. Pinkie stood up and smiled as she threw food and some confetti in random directions across the lunchroom. However, Twilight sat in confusion as she was starting to process the chain of events that were happening.

“Twilight,” Pinkie called out as she threw someone's pizza across from her and some more candy that was in her hair. “Why are you just sitting there? Come on! We need more hands on deck for this food fight!”

"You heard what Trixie said. This is war!" shouted Rainbow.

“What?” Twilight mumbled. She stood up from the table and looked at the chaos that what was now the cafeteria. She ducked under some food and moved behind the table for cover. “I've never been in a food fight! What do I do?”

“Its a food fight!” Rainbow laughed. Like Pinkie, minus some confetti, she was throwing food everywhere she could, “Just grab some food and start throwing!”

“The name is pretty self-explanatory,” chimed Pinkie as she smiled and handed Twilight a pizza slice.

Rainbow laughed and loudly proclaimed as she was getting more food to throw towards people. “You’ll never take me alive!”

Just before Twilight could take the slice from Pinkie's hands, they were interrupted by a booming voice that could be heard from through the hallways and soon the cafeteria. All students looked and saw the voice belonged to a woman with graying hair tied up in a bun. That woman was Principal Mayor, bearing a disapproving and stern look to all the students in the cafeteria. Everyone dropped any food and tried to hide their guilty and fearful expressions.

“What is the meaning of all this nonsense?” asked Principal Mayor, giving a quick glance of the mess the cafeteria had become.

“It was Rainbow Dash!” Trixie called out, pointing a finger towards Rainbow. “She started the food fight!”

“What?!” Rainbow shouted, glaring down Trixie and clenching her fists. She then pointed towards her direction as well. “Trixie was the one that started throwing food!”

Principal Mayor only sighed and gave both teenagers a stern look. She pushed up her glasses and cleared her throat. “I don't care who started it. Both of you, in my office now.” She pointed the two girls in the direction of the exit, then gave a harsh look to the rest of the students. “As for the rest of you, I expect each and every one of you to report back to the cafeteria after school,” she announced.

“Yes, Principal Mayor,” the crowd of students unanimously replied.
As the ending class period bell rang, students began leaving the room and paid no mind to what the nervous English teacher Carrot Top was talking about that. Twilight’s thoughts were soon racing as she exited the classroom and made her way to the cafeteria. Her worries were soon brought to a halt as she heard a voice whining and growing louder with every step. She looked and saw that the voice came Rarity’s younger sister, Sweetie Belle.

“I can't believe that we have to help clean the cafeteria. I wasn’t even part of the food fight,” she moaned out loud. Beside her, Apple Bloom and another girl nodded in agreement.

“Ah can't believe it either,” Apple Bloom grumbled. “Ah can't believe we gotta help clean up the juniors’ mess.”

“You guys are being softies,” remarked a girl with a boyish cut of purple hair. “That food fight was awesome, and I can't believe that Rainbow Dash started it!” She gave her two friends a goofy grin and waved her hands in the air. “I even get a chance to hang out with her after school today!”

“My sister told me that Rainbow didn’t start it. Trixie did,” Sweetie said. “Besides, Scootaloo, I don't think cleaning up a bunch of food counts as hanging out.”

“Sweetie Belle’s right,” Apple Bloom added.“Mah sis said the same thing.”

“The chick that Snips 'n Snails won't shut-up about?” said Scootaloo in a disgusted tone.

“Eeyup,” replied Apple Bloom.

The three girls laughed and made their way towards the cafeteria entrance. Twilight was not so far behind them and made her way through as well. She saw that the students had made their best effort to clean the cafeteria as fast as possible. Less time they had to spend cleaning would equal less time that they had to sacrifice out of their day. Twilight entered the cafeteria and gave her best effort to get done with the cleaning as soon as possible as well.

“I hate cleaning,” Rarity whined. Her curly hair was now tied up into a ponytail as she mopped the floor.. “Why did Rainbow have to encourage Trixie's awful behavior?”

“Like Ah said the last hundred times, Rarity. Ah don't know,” Applejack groaned, mopping alongside her. “You complainin’ ain’t gonna get this place clean.”

“Girls,” Fluttershy said softly as she and Pinkie scrubbed the tables. “If you two argue then nothing will get done.” Her efforts were in vain, her soft voice couldn't be heard over the arguing that soon took place.

“You know for once, I agree with Rarity,” Rainbow commented as she threw a garbage bag on the floor and stretched her arms. “Cleaning does suck.”

Soon more arguing too place and no cleaning was getting done. As Twilight approached them she noticed that they wasted more time arguing then cleaning the mess. Applejack was annoyed with how lazy Rainbow was and Rarity was annoyed by how much Applejack criticized her moping. Fluttershy stood in the middle of Rarity and Applejack's argument with a frightened look on her face and not even daring to say a single word. Pinkie Pie shouted nonsense simply because she was with them and wanted to feel involved.

“Girls!” The five stopped their arguing, and Pinkie’s rambling, to look at Twilight. Now with their attention, Twilight cleared her throat and swallowed the lump in her throat.“If we stand here and argue then we’ll get nothing done. We'll have to stay here longer than we would have if you all focused.”

Applejack sighed and adjusted her mop. “She's right. We're wasting time by standing here and arguing.”

Pinkie quickly rose from sitting on the ground with a bright smile. “If you guys want, I know something that will help pass the time.”

Fluttershy offered the cheerful girl a smile and softly said, “What is it, Pinkie?”

Pinkie's smile grew bigger and wider, “A song my sisters and I use to sing when working on the Rock Farm!”

“Please. Anything but that,” muttered Rarity as she too resumed with her moping.

That didn’t stop Pinkie from getting back to scrubbing the lunch table clean and started to hum a catchy rhythm. Moments passed and soon Fluttershy and Applejack were humming her rhythm. As soon as more humming started, Pinkie stood atop on the lunch table she got done cleaning and started to sing:

Come along my friends
As we sing along to this happy little working song
Merry little voices clear and strong
Come along and roll your sleeves, so we can pitch in
As we all sing along
To this happy little working song

After a while of singing and cleaning, Twilight examined the cafeteria. She had to admit, Pinkie’s song did help to pass the time. The cafeteria was back to its former glory and no longer a food ravaged battlefield. The other students smiled now that they're job was done, and they all ran to the exit, cheering for their regained freedom. She followed them on the way out, but stopped as she felt someone tug on her sleeve.

“Twilight, are you doing anything this weekend?” Pinkie asked as the rest of her friends were about to leave. “Like, anything tomorrow?”

“Not that I know off,” Twilight slowly responded, her question confusing her. “Why do you ask?”

“Oh cool!” shouted Pinkie as she dragged Twilight and Rarity in a group hug and gave them both a smile. “Twilight gets to go the party!”

Rarity gave the excitable girl a light chuckle and a warm smile as she slowly removed herself from the group hug. “Yes, Pinkie. She can come to the party.”

Twilight smiled and gave the two girls a smile, but it faded as she thought to herself. “I'll have to ask my parents, though.”

“Yay!” Pinkie cheered, skipping back towards the exit. “I live over by Sugarcube Corner. You can't miss it! See you tomorrow!”

The two glanced to one another and giggled before going their separate ways. As Twilight made it to the bus stop, she trailed back into her thoughts. A smile grew on her lips, and as she boarded the bus only one thought came to mind.

Maybe this mission won’t be so impossible after all.

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