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Welcome To Ponyville High - xxGamer101xx

Princess Celestia sends her chosen pupil, Twiligt Sparkle to learn the magic and wonder of friendship at high school

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Chapter 6

“1,000 years ago, Equestria was ruled by two sisters. The eldest one, Princess Celestia, was in charge of raising and setting the sun, and all of Equestria loved her. The younger one, Princess Luna, was in charge of raising and setting the moon. All of Equestria loved the two sisters with all their heart. Princess Luna, however, felt differently. Soon; darkness, hatred, and jealousy swelled in her heart, and transformed her into a horrible beast known as Nightmare Moon. Armed with the Elements of Harmony, Princess Celestia was able to defeat her sister, but it came at a price. With no way to convert her sister back to normal, she banished her to the moon. For eternity.”

Ms. Starlight stopped her reading as she made her way towards the chalkboard and began to write on it. The classroom had stopped its usual chatter and were sitting in silence, each student trying to process what they’d heard. She cleared her throat and began the class discussion.

"Now class. Care to share your thoughts on what we just read?"

The silence that once filled the classroom was now filled with loud chatter. Chatter soon began to fill the classroom as the all began to speak what was on their mind all at once.

“Being banished by your sister to the moon… forever?” Rainbow murmured as she slumped down. “Bummer.”

“After all they went through, too. Stopping Discord together, then she off and betrays her sister?” remarked Applejack as she crossed her arms. “Ah can’t believe it.”

"I could never think of doing such a thing to anyone. Especially my own sister!" shouted Pinkie as her voice raised to a volume louder then the chatter of the other students.

“Now, class,” said Ms. Starlight as she pushed up her glasses with her index finger, “It's important you know the history of Equestria.”

A hand raised up and Ms. Starlight pointed towards the hand. Twilight looked and saw that the hand belonged to Pokey Pierce.

“Ms. Starlight, does magic still exist?” Pokey asked.

She sighed softly as she kept her gaze away from him. “Mr. Pierce, historians say that magic existed during the time of both sisters. Without Princess Luna, Princess Celestia lost her happiness and magic faded.”

"She was the one who banished her sister in the first place. That's what I don't get."

"She may of been the one that banished her sister, but Princess Celestia had to do the best to keep Equestria safe from the wrath of Nightmare Moon."

“Oh,” said Pokey as he lowered his head and thought for a moment. “What about now? Did Princess Celesita found her happiness again?”

“Nobody knows. There’s hope among the nobility and scientific field… but all we can do is hope it one day returns.” explained Ms. Starlight as she started to write on the chalkboard. "To this day, only those who were chosen to be a student of Princess Celestia have been able to talk to her."

“Nobody ever thought to bring Luna back?” Chatter began to fill the classroom with all sorts of ideas to bring back the magic their nation had held. "If Princess Celestia is happy again, would that mean that magic would be back again?"

“Of course they have thought to bring back the Princess of the Night. But bringing her back doesn’t return her to her normal state,” explained Ms. Starlight as she turned away from the chalkboard. "Maybe with Princess Celestia happiness the reunion of the two sisters. The magic that once filled with Equestria could one day return once again."

“What about the Elements? Couldn’t they use that to fix her?” the chatter in the classroom seemed to grow louder and louder with every question they asked.

“For many years the nobility and scientists of all sorts studied the effects of the Elements. They could never figure out if they could actually cleanse Princess Luna of her new form.”

“Oh,” Pokey murmured as he gave his teacher a sigh of defeat. "So with Princess Luna stuck on the moon, there is no magic left in Equestria?"

Ms. Starlight tried her best to give her class a reassuring smile. “They say when there is a shooting star, it's the moon crying. Some think it's Princess Luna trying to tell her sister how much she misses her.”

“So… what you're saying is that magic does exists then?” Pokey questioned as she gave his teacher a confused look.

“It does, but only if you truly believe. If you truly believe then anything is possible,” smiled Ms. Starlight as she resumed writing. "Any more wish to share their opinion on the matter?"

"I see mow." sighed Pokey again as he slumped back in his seat to show a sign of defeat.

Twilight blinked as she looked at her teacher with a confused look. She shook her head and looked down to her fingers as she tapped them against the desk. Thoughts began surfacing questions in her mind, and there were too many for her to answer or even consider.

I was tutored by Celestia herself, not once did she never told me she had a sister. Something about that doesn’t add up. I guess the book had some truth to it after all.

“Does anyone know why we have the Canterlot Games?” asked Ms. Starlight as she looked to the class.

Rainbow shot out from her seat and quickly rose her hand. Ms. Starlight smiled and called on her.

“To celebrate another year of peace in Equestria,” smiled Rainbow. “During the celebration, The Wonderbolts fly every year to make the symbol of peace.”

“Does anyone know how the Wonderbolts were started?” asked Ms. Starlight. Rainbow was the first to raise her hand. She smiled and pointed to the ecstatic student.

“A branch of Princess Celestia’s Royal Guard who broke off to celebrate the first year of Celestial Peace,” Rainbow answered with proud smile.

Ms. Starlight smiled. “I see you’re well versed on the Wonderbolts, Ms. Dash."

Rainbow smiled too. "My dream is to be a Wonderbolt. So I figured, I should know the history of them."

Ms. Starlight smiled as well. "A noble dream, Ms. Dash."

"Twilight." Applejack glanced beside her and saw Twilight zoning out. “You okay there sugarcube?” she whispered. She tried shaking Twilight to get her to snap out of her gaze.

“Huh?” Twilight grunted as she was shaken out of her stare. She shook her head to clear her thoughts. “Sorry, AJ. I was just spacing out.”

“You’ve been doing that a lot there, Twi,” Applejack remarked as she looked at her friend with a concerned look. “If ya need to talk about anything, ya know you can come to me.”

“Really?” Twilight asked.

“Eeyup .Trust me, mah sisiter Apple Bloom used to come home from school and tell me all her problems,” she chuckled softly.

Twilight gave her a soft smile and nodded. “Thank you, Applejack.”

“Now class,” called out Ms. Starlight as she grabbed a history book from the top of her desk. “Turn to page 342. Time to go over the Elements of Harmony and how Celestia used them to stop Nightmare Moon’s reign of terror.”

As the class did what they were told, Ms. Starlight began writing on the chalkboard. Twilight’s eyes began to feel heavy, and slowly but surely her eyes closed. As her head hit the desk the whole class gasped and rose to their seats, not sure what to do next.
Twilight’s head felt foggy as laughter grew louder and louder. She rose from her seat and began walking around and noticed that the other students sitting in their seats were frozen. As she walked around the classroom, the laughter grew even louder. She tried to cover her ears from the loud laughter, but still the laughter grew louder.

“Oh, Twilight,” sang the voice as he broke from his laughter. "Sweet Sweet Twilight."

Twilight frantically looked around the classroom and shouted. "You are you and how do you know who I am?"

"Now. Why would I do that?"

"You are you?" shouted Twilight again as her voice grew in anger.

The voice only laughed again in response. “Here, let me show you something.” replied the voice as it resumed to laugh again. "Consider this as a gift from yours truly."

“What are you going to show me?”

Right before her eyes, her surroundings started to change. Beside her were Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow, Rarity, and Pinkie. Something was different, as the group of girls had angry looks on their faces and started to shout. Also, something seem to be off at all of their appearances. They all looked duller, their appearance absence of color and life.

“Ah can’t believe that we were friends!” Applejack shouted as she crossed her arms and held her head up high.

“So much for being the Element of Honesty!” Fluttershy quietly sneered, her kind voice replaced by one filled with anger. "Lying behind all our backs like that."

"Ah see you're finally showing your true colors there, Fluttershy." shouted Applejack as she turned her back the group and sneered. “Ah am being honest here, and so much for you being Kindness!”

“Well I for one never want to talk to any of you again,” Rarity harrumphed as she too turned her back on the group as well. "I can't believe that were friends."

“You know for once, that isn’t a bad idea,” added in Rainbow as she shot a glare to the rest of the girls. "I can't believe that we were friends too."

“Well, looks like we finally found something to agree on,” shouted Pinkie as her usual smile was now replaced with a frown. She was now turning her back to them.

“Great, then let’s agree to never talk to each other ever again!” shouted Applejack, the five of them glaring each other down.

"I agree." sneered Fluttershy as the volume of her voice raised to a louder tone.

“FINE!” they all yelled at once and went off in their own separate ways.

“What’s going on?”

The laughter returned and grew even louder. Twilight tried her hardest to cover her ears, but she was frozen. Her surroundings around her rapidly changed again. She was standing in a throne room and saw a figure sitting in front. In her distance she saw an outline of some creature sitting.

“This the end!” the voice shouted in the distance.

“I doubt that,” another voice laughed. “The last time you made threats like that, you got banished.”

“Stop this madness at once!” the voice shouted as she pleaded with the insane laughter that soon followed.

The laughter grew louder and even more sinister in tone. “Without the Elements and your sister, you’re useless.”

“That voice. It… it was just like before.”
Twilight’s eyes darted open and she rose up with sweat drenched her forehead. She looked around and noticed that she was laying on some sort of bed. The room around her was white with several health safety posters hung all over.

“Well thank Celestia you woke up in time,” a woman with pink hair said. She wore a white blouse and skirt with a white cap with a red cross on it.

“Who are you?” Twilight questioned, sitting up from the bed.

“My name is Nurse Redheart. I’m the school nurse." the woman said with a smile. "Its good thing you woke up when you did. Your parents just got here."

Twilight rubbed her temples and muttered, “What happened?”

“You passed out during your history class,” responded Nurse Redheart as she placed her hand on Twilight’s forehead.

Oh,” Twilight slowly responded. She could feel her head getting heavier and heavier.

What’s happening to me?

Nurse Redheart lowered her head towards Twilight and gave her a concerned look. “Are you alright?”

“I think so,” she quietly replied.

Nurse Redheart drew herself back from the girl with a startled expression. “Sweet Celestia, you’re burning up!”

“I-I’m burning what?” Twilight breathed groggily. She winced as her head grew heavier and heavier, then felt her eyes close once more.

“Twilight!” screamed the nurse.
Twilight found herself frozen again as the laughter grew closer to her. She moved her eyes to a stone statue, the laughing only getting louder.

“Maybe next time you’ll learn to embrace the chaos,” the maniacal voice rang. “Come on, it's a lot of fun! Trust me.”

“Never!” a voice shouted back. “You will pay for what you’ve done.”

The voice resumed its laughing, even more amused than before. “I doubt that.”
Twilight was woken up the loud knocking on her bedroom door. She rose slowly from her bed, resting her hand on her aching head as she went and opened the door. She was greeted by the bright smile of the three freshmen, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle.

They had all worn their normal clothes, but on their shoulders hung a red sash with many pins sewn onto it. On all three girls’ faces was a huge grin.

Sweetie Belle walked past Twilight and barged straight into her room and loudly said, “As Cutie Mark Scouts, we serve the community around us.” She smiled as she went through her purple messenger bag and handed the pile of papers she had for Twilight.

“My homework,” Twilight murmured as she put the papers on her desk. “Thank you, Sweetie.”

“No problem!” Sweetie proudly replied as the smile of her face grew wider and wider.

“Awesome!” shouted Scootaloo, as she was the next to enter Twilight's bedroom. “If we keep this up then we’ll get all of our Cutie Mark Badges in no time!”

“Eeyup,” Applebloom said in agreement. She entered into the bedroom last. “Especially the Community Service Cutie Mark Badge.”

As the three freshmen stood in Twilight’s bedroom, they all looked in awe as they saw the many bookshelves and piles of books that sat in them.

“Have enough books?” joked Scootaloo as she looked around her room. “It looks like you robbed a library.”

“Wow!” beamed Sweetie Belle as she rushed to go through all the books she could reach, “This is like a library!”

“Hey girls,” remarked Apple Bloom as her eyes turned to the open book that was one Twilight’s desk, “Check this book out.”

"Girls." called out Twilight as fast as she could as the three girls huddled around her desk. "What are you doing?"

“The Elements of Harmony?” read Scootaloo as she began to flip through all the the pages of the book and grumbled. “What kind of book has blank pages?”

Sweetie Belle now too was looking at the book. She flipped the book to its cover. “It shouldn’t be blank, it's a history book about the Elements of Harmony.”

“Maybe it's a super secret magic book?” asked Applebloom as she too now was looking at the book with her friends.

Scootaloo simply shrugged as she put the book back on the desk. “Whatever.”

“Come on girls, we need to report about back to Den Mother Cheerilee,” Applebloom said, grabbing the other two girls’ attention.

“Oh yeah!” Sweetie said, giving her friends a wide smile. “I can’t wait to add another badge to my sash!”

“We’ll totally get the Community Service Cutie Mark Badge now!” remarked Scootaloo with a grin on her face.

“You’re right!” exclaimed Sweetie Belle as she made her way to the door. “Soon we will have all the badges!”

“I can’t wait to get that Cutie Mark Badge,” Scootaloo squealed. "Starch that. I can't wait to get ALL the Cutie Mark Badges."

"Me too." Sweetie Belle too squealed in excitement as well. "When we get all the badges, then we can be a Den Mother just like Cheerilee."

"When that happened I'll be will the most awesome Den Mother ever. So all the other Cutie Mark Scouts can see how awesome I am." Proudly remarked Scootaloo.

"Bye, Twilight.” waved Applebloom as she followed the rest of the girls out.

"Bye girls." waved Twilight as they exited her room. "Good luck on that mission of yours too."

As the girls exited the room, the book on Twilight’s desk flipped itself open. Twilight heard the noise and looked back it as well. She got closer to the book and soon some more text started to appear.

“Hello again, Twilight Sparkle.”

Twilight sat down to her desk and quickly grabbed a pen and started to write. “Hello again too.”

“Did you get the message I sent you?”

“What message?” wrote Twilight with a confused look on her face.

“I can only go into your in your dreams. Did you get it?”

“What are you talking about?”

“I see. Well when you go to sleep. I will make sure to see you.”

Twilight looked at her bed and back at the book. She looked at the clock and soon back at the book. She began to write back as fast as she could. “What if I go to sleep now?”

“Then we will have a chance to talk,” wrote back the book as it flipped itself closed.

Twilight arose from her desk and made her way towards her bed. She got herself under the blankets and turned off the lamp that stood on her night stand. She turned to the side and soon closed her eyes.

“This isn’t really what I expected high school to be like."

Twilight turned on her back as her head was now facing the ceiling of her bedroom. She sighed as she tossed and turned trying to get herself comfortable.

"Nothing like I thought. At all."

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