• Published 14th Aug 2016
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Take a Big chill - DryvernX

A human gets sent to Equestria, as the Ben 10 alien... Big chill

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Peace without violence

Finally, there was silence, just what Big chill needed, for today, some ponies has attacked him, for believing that he was trying to either attack or eat three innocent fillies. But then, the one who hasn't attacked him, stopped all the fighting, and then calmly scolded him for freezing some of them, in retaliation. Then, a grey looking pony(if it's a pony), with black stripes, who appears to be a zebra, and dressed up like a witch doctor appeared from the bushes, praising the mare, who made peace with(almost) all of them.

"Zecora? What are you doing here?" The lavender unicorn asked the grey zebra, now known as Zecora. She has apparently watched the fight they had.

"I was walking a nice and peaceful walk, until i heard somepony talk." Zecora said, with her rhyming. Big chill was quite impressed by Zecora's rhyming, because they are good, and understandable(for most people or ponies).

"So you have seen us make a conversation with the big moth ghost thingie?" The pink pony asked. Big chill was starting to get more, and more annoyed of being called a bug/insect/moth, or a ghost. It seriously irritates him.

"Indeed Pinkie pie, and what Fluttershy says is not a lie." Zecora says to them. The others, including Big chill looked slightly surprised at her.

"Pinkie pie? What kind of name is that?" Big chill thought to himself, he really thought that name is awkward.

"And how do you know, that i've been trying telling the truth to those dweebs?" Big chill said to Zecora, the other ponies except Fluttershy glared at him.

"I saw your fight with that Manticore, to protect the fillies from getting sore." Zecora said to Big chill.

"Finally someone, who is at least got some intelligence in their brains." Big chill thought to himself. The other ponies looked at Big chill, now fully seeing both Big chill's, the three fillies, the yellow pony's, and Zecora's speech about innocence.

"Oh, i guess we judged you so quickly mr. insect." The white pony said to him. "Seriously, stop calling me an insect." He thought.

"Oh, and i guess you were very quick to find something that simple out?" Big chill said sarcastically. The white pony glared at him, but let it go, since he had a point.

"So, what now?" Pinkie pie asked. The lavender, white, and yellow pony looked at two others, who is still frozen in solid ice.

"Well, i guess should free Rainbow dash and Applejack from the ice." The lavender pony said, she was about to use her telekinesis, or whatever it is, but then Big chill walked over to them instead.

"Allow me, i froze them, and i'm gonna unfreeze them." Big chill said. The others looked at him confused.

"Oh, and how are you gonna unfreeze them?" Scootaloo said to him.

"Like this." Big chill said, turning his hand over to the two frozen ponies, then they quickly defrosted, much to the others surprise.

"Incredible, that's a very nice unfreezing spell you did to them." The lavender one said. Big chill however shook his head.

"It's not a spell, i just commanded the ice to unfreeze them." Big chill said, the lavender one looked confused, and was about to ask him questions about it, but then the orange and blue pony awoke from their unconsciousness.

"Alright insect, lets end this fight." The blue one, now known as Rainbow dash said.

"Ya darn tooting we will!" The orange one, now known as Applejack said. Both of them charged at Big chill.

"Rainbow dash! Applejack! Stop!" The lavender one yelled out to them, the two ponies immediately stopped charging at him.

"What do ya mean stop Twilight? I've still got a score to settle with this bug!" Applejack yelled out at her. Big chill looked unamused at her.

"Applejack, Rainbow dash, we've already talked through with him. What he said, was complete truth." The lavender pony, now known as Twilight said.

"Are you sure? He hasn't lied to you right?" Rainbow dash said to Twilight. "If i had a dollar for every time they have started this conversation about me." Big chill thought to himself.

"No, all i said was the whole truth." Big chill said. Rainbow dash, and especially Applejack, was not fully convinced, but they let it go for now.

"Now our conversation's end is near, now lets introduce to each other loud and clear." Zecora said. The 6 ponies, and 3 fillies looked at Big chill.

"Okay, i will start by my name. My name is Big chill." Big chill said, he clearly thinks that his original name Lars would not work out with his new body. Rainbow dash looked at him with seriousness in her face.

"Big chill? That's sounds like a name for a lunatic." Rainbow dash said to him.

"Rainbow dash! That's very impolite to say, even for him." The white pony said to Rainbow dash.

"Hmmph, like the name Rainbow dash sounds any better." Big chill said. Rainbow dash then flew right in front of Big chill's face.

"What did you just say moth boy?" Rainbow said, while sounding threatening to him, but Big chill wasn't flinching or intimidated at all, at her little threat. Twilight then used her telekinesis like ability to shove Rainbow dash back.

"Sorry about that." She apologized to him. "As i can see, you already know Rainbow dash's name. Well i'm Twilight sparkle, or just Twilight." She said.

"My name is Rarity darling." The white pony, now known as Rarity said.

"I'm... I'm Fluttershy." The yellow pony, now known as Fluttershy said shyly. But Big chill barely heard her.

"What?" Big chill said.

"I'm Fluttershy." Fluttershy said, slightly louder, but still not enough.

"Sorry, i can't hear you." Big chill now said. Then Fluttershy spoke louder.

"I'm Fluttershy." Fluttershy almost yelled out. Big chill was both shocked, and surprised. He was surprised that a shy one like her could yell this loud.

"Oh... Sorry about that." Fluttershy said to him. Big chill then looks at Applejack.

"And i'm Applejack." Applejack said harshly to him. She then walked closer to Big chill. "We may be at a peaceful moment now, but i'm holding an eye on you." Applejack said threateningly.

"Good luck with that." Big chill thought. He then looked over at the zebra Zecora.

"And i'm Zecora my friend, let's not be at each other's bitter ends." Zecora said, while looking at Applejack.

"And we, are the Cutie mark crusaders!" Apple bloom yelled to him. Big chill held his hands, between his ears(if he had any).

"And i thought the yellow one could yell." Big chill thought, an agony. The Cmc blushed embarrassingly at him.

"Sorry, we just like doing big introductions about ourselves." Sweetie belle said. "Anyway, i'm Sweetie belle." She said, finishing her introduction.

I'm Apple bloom." Apple bloom said, making her introduction.

"And i'm Scootaloo. By the way, thanks for saving us." Scootaloo said, while thanking him for the earlier rescue.

"See, i told you i was telling the truth." Big chill said, while grinning at the Mane 6. Applejack and Rainbow dash glared at him.

"Spare us for your sassy remark." Rainbow dash said.

"Speaking of... I guess we still owe you an apology for attacking you." Twilight said, while Rarity, Pinkie pie, and Fluttershy nodded in agreement.

"I apologize for our jumping into conclusions mr. Chill." Rarity said.

"I'm sorry too." Pinkie pie said.

"Yeah yeah, whatever." Rainbow dash simply said. Twilight glared a little at Rainbow, for her lack of apology.

"I'm not sure if i can trust ya yet." Applejack said, while glaring at him.

"Do as you wish." Big chill said, he doesn't really care much about Applejack's distrust toward him.

"Oh, now that we are somewhat on peaceful terms, i guess we can trade some questions." Pinkie pie said, the others nodded in agreement. Big chill thought for a moment, and then nodded in agreement, since he can get a little more info about his surroundings. "And i have a question. Do you like parties?" Pinkie pie asking the first question.

"Sure. I have been to many parties with my friends." Big chill answered, while remembering his days with the club, he have to admit it was good times back there, too bad he can't go back for now.

"Great, i think i'm gonna throw you a "Were sorry for attacking you, and welcome to Ponyvile" party." Pinkie pie said, while somehow making fireworks appear behind her.

"Was such a long name for a party necessary?" Big chill asked the pink party pony.

"Of course." Pinkie pie simply answered. Then Rainbow dash decided to ask a question.

"How can you breathe ice? Insects can't do that." Rainbow dash asked him.

"That's how my species is, they can all breathe ice." Big chill answered her question, Rainbow grumbled a little, since it wasn't a clear answer.

"What species are you? Are your species native in Equestria? Are you endangered? Is there more of your kind?" Fluttershy asking Big chill many many questions. The others sweat dropped a little because of Fluttershy's behavior, but that's normal, since they are talking to a species they haven't encountered before.

"Equestria? So that's the place where i am?" Big chill thought to himself. He then looked at Fluttershy, ready to answer her question, but he thought it was best not to involve human in the question.

"I'm what is known as a Necrofriggian." Big chill said. The Mane 6 felt a little cold, when Big chill said his species name. They thought that was the reason why his name was Big chill, since it sounded a lot like some sort of cold.

"Can you tell us more?" Fluttershy asked.

"Alright, the Necrofriggians are a species of flying insect like creatures." Big chill said. "And no, were not native to Equestria." Big chill said, that only made Fluttershy more and more exciting about his species.

"So where do you come from? Beside Equestria? The other side of Equestria? Or high above the mountains?" Fluttershy asked. The others were a little awkward for Fluttershy's behavior, since she begins to talk like Pinkie pie.

"Actually, none of the above. I come from the planet Kylmyss." Big chill said. The others especially Fluttershy were surprised at that.

"So you're an alien? Awesome!" Rainbow dash said. Big chill was surprised at her change of attitude. The Cmc, Fluttershy, and even Twilight were very exited about meeting an alien.

"Yes, i'm an alien." Big chill said.

"If you're an alien, then where is you're ship?" Scootaloo asked him, Big chill was quiet, very quiet. He really needs a plan, since he don't really wanna slip out how he really got to Equestria for now.

"Ship? What ship?" Big chill said, while trying to sound innocent.

"You know, ship as in spaceship." Sweetie belle said, while her friends nodded in agreement.

"Oh that spaceship, i think i accidentally lost it during my trip here." Big chill said, the others buyed it, well except Applejack.

"Don't think about lying mister." Applejack said, surprising the other Mane 5, the Cmc, Big chill, and even Zecora.

"What? What do you mean?" Big chill said, while sweat dropping.

"I can feel that you're not telling the whole truth." Applejack simply said, the others understood, since Applejack is the element of honesty.

"It's... Kinda of a long story." Big chill said.

"Well ya better tell it." Applejack said. But before the conversation could continue, they heard some growling from some Everfree monsters.

"Let's continue our conversation in Ponyvile." Twilight said, the others agreed and all of them began to walk out of the Everfree forest, with Big chill flying right behind them.

Author's Note:

Big chill is soon going to Ponyvile.
What's gonna happen? Will Applejack warm up to Big chill's "cold" voice? Get it?
Find out later