• Published 14th Aug 2016
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Take a Big chill - DryvernX

A human gets sent to Equestria, as the Ben 10 alien... Big chill

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Mane 6 VS Big chill

"Mane 6 P.O.V"

(10 minutes before Rainbow dash attacked Big chill).

The Mane 6 were looking, and looking. They looked for their younger sisters, Apple bloom, Sweetie belle, and Scootaloo. Too bad they had to use their usual curiosity and impatients, by going to the Everfree forest. Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow dash, were really worried sick.

"We have to find them, they could run into a Cockatrice, or a Timberwolf. Oh i certainly hope they haven't run into something like a big hungry Manticore... Oh that would be the WORST POSSIBLE THING!" Rarity said, extremely worried.

"Rarity, could you just calm down in just two seconds! We only begun searching in the Everfree forest, for 10 minutes!" Applejack yelled at Rarity, trying to calm the worried unicorn. Rarity eventually calmed down... Well, a little.

"You're right Applejack. I should calm down for a little while..." Rarity said, calming down. The others sighed in relief, until..."Okay times up... Oh this is just the WORST POSSIBLE THING!!!" Rarity yelled worried... Again, much to the others dismay.

"Alright that's it! We're not coming even close at finding our sisters at this speed. I'm going to check up in the sky for lookout!" Rainbow dash yelled, before going airborne. She looked around up in the sky.

"Can you see them Rainbow?" Twilight asked, while yelling up to Rainbow dash. Rainbow glanced down at Twilight.

"Nope, nothing at sight." Rainbow yelled down to Twilight. But then, they heard a familiar scream.

"HEEEEEEEELLLLLLPPPP!!!" Is all they heard. Rainbow and the others clearly recognized the voices.

"They are in trouble, let's hurry girls." Twilight said, and ran after the yell.

"We won't let anything, or anyone hurt those fillies. Even through they will get punished afterwards." Rainbow said. She flew the same direction as the others ran.

When the arrived to the place the yell was heard from, they saw the Cmc, Apple bloom, Sweetie belle, and Scootaloo. They were near the end of a cliffside. But what they saw in front of them was a blue and black colored being, it stood like a dragon, except it looks more insectoid, had something similar to dragon claws, but where are the claws? It has green insect eyes, and wear some kind of cloak.

"What the hay's that thing?" Applejack said confused. "It doesn't look like an Everfree critter i have seen before." Applejack said.

"Fluttershy. Do you know what kind of animal that is?" Twilight asked Fluttershy. Fluttershy however shook her head.

"I'm sorry, but i've never seen such an animal before." Fluttershy said. Twilight was confused.

"NEVER SEEN SUCH AN ANIMAL BEFORE?! But you're the animal expert here. How can you not know what this thing is?" Twilight almost yelled at Fluttershy. She eventually calmed down.

"Sorry Twilight. But maybe it's an endangered, or rare species. But i must say it look almost like some sort of insect." Fluttershy said. Rarity almost fainted at what Fluttershy just said.

"An insect?! How hideous!" Rarity said. She then calmed down. "However i must say, whatever cloak it's wearing, it's just horrible." Rarity complimented the Insect like creature. They then saw the insect like creature walking closer to the Cmc. The Mane 6 gasped.

"It's attacking them. I'll stop it, i won't let a bug like creature hurt Scootaloo." Rainbow said, she then flew against the insect like creature.

"Leave them alone monster!" Rainbow yelled, while charging at it.

"Big chill P.O.V"

Big chill stood there for had a really weird day today. First he has just saved 3 fillies from being eaten by a big Manticore. He was about to see if they were alright. But then 6 older ponies confronted him. Big chill was really confused. But also a bit angry, because he just got attacked for something he didn't do. What did he even do to them?

"You ain't gonna eat our sisters mister, if you don't walk away, nice and slowly, we have no choice but to knock ya to the bad end of the sun." The orange pony yelled at Big chill, while in front of the three fillies. Big chill gave them a confused look.

"That's right. Through i may not be much of a fighter, but if you dare touch a little hair on my sweet Sweetie belle's mane. I will TURN YOU TO DUST!" The white pony with a horn yelled.

The yellow pony just whimpered behind the others. "Girls... Please don't harm it. I don't think it's that bad." The yellow pony with wings whispered to the others. But they barely heard her.

"So you tried to eat our sisters huh? Think again, bug face." The rainbow maned blue one said to Big chill.

"Bring it on. My Party cannon is loaded." The pink one said, who has somehow brought a cannon with her. How is that possible?

"Apple bloom, Sweetie belle, Scootaloo, stay behind us. We will hold it off as long as we can!" The lavender pony with also a horn yelled at the three fillies.

"Now i know what their names are. Sounds weird to me." Big chill thought to himself. Who thinks about their awkward names.

"But you don't understand, that creature..." Sweetie belle said, before her sentence were cut short, by the pink pony.

"Was trying to eat you, yeah we know. No need to thank us." The pink one said to them.

"But you don't understand! The creature wasn't trying to eat us. It saved us." Apple bloom said, while Sweetie belle and Scootaloo, nodded in agreement. But the others didn't believe them.

"Are you serious?! You think an ugly creature like that saved you? What makes you believe that would believe something like that?" The blue one said to the three fillies. Big chill finally had enough, of both being called a creature, and being accused of trying to eat them. He finally said something.

"Why don't you, ask the one who rescued them, yourself?" Big chill said, with a cold(literally), and gravely voice. Everypony was shocked. They just heard an insect talk.

"You... You can talk?" Rainbow said, very confused. Big chill felt a little insulted, because they sounded like it's more weird than ponies like themselves can talk.

"How is that possible? Insects don't have the proper mouth, or lungs to be capable of speech." The lavender one said, she was very confused.

"Yes, i can talk alright! Is it that weird that insect looking creatures can talk, and not ponies? Big chill asked. They looked at each other, the blue and orange one felt insulted and glared at Big chill for what he just said. Then Big chill decided to shrug it off and go away. Currently, the ponies were none of his business.

"Well i'm leaving now. I got other things to do." Big chill said, while walking away. Most of them however didn't agree to his plan of just going away.

"Hey, you ain't leaving! We still have some questions you gotta answer!" The orange one yelled at me. Big chill looked back at them.

"Oh? And how are you gonna stop me?" Big chill asked her. She just grinned at him, she then appeared with a lasso, and swinged it right at me. He was caught. I'm surprised that she can make me struggle a bit, but his new alien form's strength made me capable to resist a little.

"You ain't going anywhere, we still have a few words to ask ya." The orange one said to me. Big chill then grinned back at her. Big chill then became a little more invisible, the robe that was holding me was passing right through me. That shocked the Mane 6, and the Cmc even more.

"What the...?! He just passed right through it! Is he a ghost or something?!" She said. That gave the pink one an idea.

"So it's a ghost. But remember girls, if you see a ghost, laugh at it, and it will disappear." The pink pony said. Big chill looked confused at her, while i'm still intangible. Then she began to dance a bit.

"So, giggle at the ghostly
Guffaw at the grossly
Crack up at the creepy
Whoop it up with the weepy
Chortle at the kooky
Snortle at the spooky" She sang. Big chill gave her an even more confused look.

"What... The heck... Was that?!" Big chill asked. The pink pony gasped. She was surprised that i haven't disappeared.

"Wait... You were supposed to disappear mister... That's how the song works. I sing an anti ghost song, and then they disappear. You're cheating." Pinkie said accusingly to Big chill, while pointing her hoof at him.

"ENOUGH! We still gotta bug to squash, since he tried to eat our sisters." The blue one yelled. That made most of the others serious at me again. Big chill looked serious at them too.

"Look, they are safe now. I won't harm you unless you leave me no choice. And i suggest you leave me alone." Big chill said calmly.

"Was that a threat?!" The blue and orange one yelled to Chill.

"No, merely a warning. You shouldn't pick up fights with beings you cannot defeat." Big chill simply said to them. That only enraged them even more.

"Alright that's it, moth face. You are going down." The blue one yelled. She charged at me. But Big chill just took a deep breath, and breath some sort of wind at her. And to the 5 others surprise, the blue one was frozen, in solid ice.

"Take your friend, and go away." Big chill yelled at them. But then he was taken by surprise. The lavender and white one was holding me, with some sort of telekinesis.

"Oh no you don't!" The lavender one said to Big chill. "We still need you to answer us some questions!" She also said. "For example, why did you either try to attack or eat my darling Sweetie belle?" The white one said to Big chill. If Big chill wasn't stuck in the telekinesis, he would have face palmed by now.

"But i already told you Rarity. That he was only trying to save us." Sweetie belle yelled at her sister. But to no avail.

"Enough of this." Big chill said. He then began to spread his cloak out, which made the two horned ponies struggle with their telekinesis, due to his attempt to get more room. Big chill then fully spread my wings. Which shrugged the telekinesis off me.

"So that's what the cloak was for. They were his wings." Rarity said. While a little disgusted, she was actually a little impressed. Too bad that winged beings like the pegasus can't do that.

Big chill then saw the orange pony with the cowboy hat, charge at him. He then made his hand get filled with solid ice, turning it into a shield. He defended myself, from her powerful kicks, it almost made the ice shatter. He then made my right hand filled with solid ice, turning it into a club. He swung it at her. She was knocked into a tree. Big chill wasn't trying to kill her. Just knock her a little down. he then breathed some ice at her, freezing her solid. The others gasped. Then the pink one appeared with her cannon.

"Taste my party cannon, big meanie ghost!" She yelled, she fired her cannon at me. I just turned intangible, the party streamers went straight through him.

"Big meanie ghost?! Seriously, was that the best insult she had?" Big chill thought to himself. The two horned ponies glared at me, they were about to use their telekinesis like power at him again, but then some pony yelled really, really loud.

"ENOUGH!!!" The loud voice yelled. And to Big chill's surprise, it's from the yellow pony, who hasn't attacked him at all. She looked at the three who i haven't frozen.

"You should be really ashamed of yourself. Attacking a creature, who has just rescued Apple bloom, Sweetie belle, and Scootaloo. This creature has been trying to say that he haven't done any of the above." She said while pointing at Big chill. "But you didn't even bother to listen." She said again. The three others looked ashamed. She then turned over to Big chill.

"And you! You shouldn't attack other ponies. I know we attacked first, and i understand as well, but you can't just freeze them!" She told Big chill, pointing at the two frozen ponies. Big chill looked down a bit. Then all of them, except the frozen ones, heard a voice.

"Fluttershy, you are very wise. That you are willing to talk peace to your friends, and someone bigger than your size." A rhyming and mysterious voice said, out of the bushes, a strange looking pony came out. She was grey, but also had black stripes, and looked some sort of witch doctor.

"O... kay?" Big chill said to himself.

Author's Note:

Lars will from now on be called Big chill.