• Published 14th Aug 2016
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Take a Big chill - DryvernX

A human gets sent to Equestria, as the Ben 10 alien... Big chill

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A Big Chill in Ponyvile

The Mane 6, the Cmc, Zecora, and Big Chill has just gotten out of the dark forest, which is known as the Everfree forest. They have just arrived to a medium sized village. It was filled with medium sized houses, and inhabited by lots of ponies. That towns name is called Ponyvile. The Mane 6, and the Cmc's home.

"Okay girls... And Big Chill." Twilight said, since she couldn't say girls only, since Big Chill is clearly a male, due to how his voice sounds. "We need to find a place where we can talk, without letting the entire town go into panic, when they see a huge moth like being arriving." Twilight said to them.

"I have a guess, that i'm not the first non-pony visitor here?" Big Chill asked.

"You have no idea." Rainbow Dash said. She remembered the times, where they defended against an Ursa Minor, meeting Zecora(before they found out she wasn't so bad at all), meeting Gilda, and taking on a Parasprite invasion.

"Ohh, i know, i know." Pinkie pie said, while raising her hoof up.

"Yes Pinkie?" Twilight asked her energetic friend.

"Why can't Big Chilly here just become invisible, just like he did with Applejack's rope?" Pinkie pie suggested. Applejack glared a little at Big Chill, while he smirked at her. The others begins to think, that it was the perfect idea, but Big Chill wasn't too sure about it.

"Okay, let me clarify somethings here." Big Chill said, before taking a breath(don't worry, not an ice breath), and begins to speak out. "One, it's not called invisibility. It's called intangibility." Big Chill clarified.

"What in tarnation is the darn difference?" Applejack harshly asked him. Big Chill glared at her.

"The difference between invisibility and intangibility, is that invisibility makes you unable to be seen. While intangibility makes you untouchable." Big Chill Said to the western earth pony. The two of them glared harshly at each other, clearly not very fond of each other. Zecora eventually broke their little conflict with each other.

"My friends, let's not be rash, we must find a solution, and fast." Zecora pointed out. Before she begins to take out a special cloak from her backpack.

"This my friend, will turn your intangibility, to a perfect invisibility." Zecora said. Big Chill looked at it confused, and then put it on, and when he was fully covered in the cloak, he was completely invisible.

"Wowzy yowzy, that cloak really works!" Pinkie Pie yelled out.

"Interesting Zecora. How did you make it?" Twilight asked the rhyming zebra.

"I know many things from my land, and made it just like it began."Zecora said. Big Chill however was slightly skeptical, he couldn't see a thing.

"Hey, it may make me invisible, but i can't see a thing." Big Chill said, he walked around, but the others couldn't see it, but they found out where he were when...


... They heard a knock from a nearby tree.

"Ouch." Big Chill's voice said. Applejack smirked at him(if she knew exactly where he were).

"That's some mighty good eyes ya got there." Applejack slightly taunted him.

"I would love to see you wear it, and bump into a tree." Big Chill said. Applejack couldn't see it, but Big Chill glared at her right now.

"I know, we can hold the cloak ya are wearing to guide you." Apple Bloom said. The three fillies began to hold the invisible cloak.

"Just follow us, and you will be fine." Sweetie Belle said. She pulled the cloak, meaning to him, to go that way. They then walked over to Ponyvile.

In Ponyvile, Big Chill saw many things around the small town. He saw a special white and blue place, which looked like a place, for cloth designers. He saw a weird looking pink building, like it's literally made of cake. But before they could continue any further, a ditzy eyed grey pegasus, accidentally hit Big Chill from behind. Big Chill fell down to the ground, while the ditzy mare was slightly confused, at what she has just been hitting. But then she saw the Cmc, the Mane 6, and Zecora.

"Hi guys." The grey mare greeted them. "Did i just hit something? Or was it just my imagination?" The grey mare asked. Big Chill thought, that was one really weird mare. Rainbow Dash sighed at her.

"No Derpy. You hit... Uhh..." Rainbow Dash said, she thought for a moment, she needed to find an excuse, but not that much, since Derpy isn't exactly the most quick witted pegasus she know.

"Uhh... My mane. Yes my mane, you accidentally hit my mane, because i flew a little up to the air." Rainbow Dash said. The others looked worried at Rainbow Dash, since that was perhaps her most dumbest excuse ever.

"Okay Rainbow Dash. Better watch out for your mane next time." Derpy said, she easily fell for the lie, she then flew away. They all sighed in relief.

"Phew, that was close." Rainbow Dash said to herself. Big Chill then turned his still invisible head over to Rainbow Dash.

"Who was that?" Big Chill asked Rainbow Dash.

"Oh, that was just Derpy. She is the most clumsy pegasus in Ponyvile. But fortunately, she can easily fall for obvious tricks." Rainbow Dash responded. Big Chill was surprised, that there was actually someone who was that naive.

"Yeah. I noticed." Big Chill said. They then continued to walk through Ponyvile, and eventually arrive to the Golden Oak Library. A tree house, and library in Ponyvile.

"Okay Big Chill, you can remove the cloak now." Scootaloo said, while signaling Big Chill to take off the cloak. Big Chill did so, and became visible again. All of them walked inside the library, with Twilight closing the door. Then it was finally time for Big Chill to answer some more questions.

"Alright Chill, it's time to open ya mouth." Applejack said. She still has distrust towards Big Chill. Big Chill sighs, he can't hide that truth anymore.

"Very well. I'm not exactly a Necrofriggian." Big Chill said, shocking everypony in there. "Well... Sort of." Big Chill now said, now confusing everypony.

"And what the hay, does sort of mean?" Applejack asked.

"It means that i have the body of a Necrofriggian." Big Chill said, only to confuse them more.

"Body of a Necrofriggian? What does that mean?" Twilight asked him.

"It means that i was not one to begin with." Big Chill responded. He earned many gasps in respond. He then continued his speech.

"I was once known as a human, a homosapien." Big Chill said. Twilight was very shocked.

"A human?! How is that possible?! Humans are supposed to be just a myth." Twilight said, she clearly knows a bit, about humans.

"Not where i come from. On my world, humans are the dominant species." Big Chill said, making the Mane 6 more and more silent. In which was broken by Pinkie Pie.

"And what about ponies? Are there any ponies roaming around in your world?" Pinkie Pie asked. Big Chill had a little hard time answering such a question, since the ponies in his world, never acts similar to those in here.

"Well?" Applejack asked.

"Well, it's very hard to say, but yes, there lives ponies in my world too." Big Chill said. Then Rarity came up with something.

"Really? Do they go shopping? Do they make good dresses?" Rarity asked. She imagined all the things, the ponies in his world are.

"Actually... None of the above. In fact, they don't do the same things you do." Big Chill said. The Mane 6, and the Cmc had very shocked expressions. Big Chill could see, that a few of them, was also a little offended by how the ponies are in his world.

"Then what the hay do they do?!" Applejack asked harshly to him.

"Eat grass from the ground, walk around the plains, and nothing else." Big Chill responded. He then decided to change the subject.

"But enough of the ponies in my world, i need to find a way home." Big Chill said, he really need a way home. His family, his friends, and Sara is back there. Then Twilight stopped her shocked expression, and looked around her library. But she apparently have no success in finding the required book.

"Hhhmmm... I'm sorry Big Chill, but i can't find any book, that can send you back home." Twilight said to him. Now it was Big Chill's turn, to give a confused look.

"Book? What do you need a book for, to send me home?" Big Chill asked. The others looked confused at him. Have he never heard of a spell book before?

"Uhhh... To find a spell to send you home. Duuhh." Rainbow Dash said, like it was very obvious to him.

"Spell? So you can do magic?" Big Chill asked the ponies.

"Some of us can, yes. But only Twilight and i can do magic, because we are unicorns." Rarity answered him.

"Was that magic you used on me, back when you tried to subdue me?" Big Chill asked again, remembering the part, where they tried to make him sit still.

"Yes, and we apologize for doing that as well." Rarity apologized. Big Chill nodded in acknowledgment. Then Twilight has decided to get some paper, and a pen.

"What are you doing?" Big Chill asked.

"I can't find a way to send you home, but maybe Princess Celestia can do it." Twilight said, with hope of helping Big Chill.

"Princess Celestia? Who's that?" Big Chill asked, about who this Princess Celestia is.

"Oh, Princess Celestia is our goddess. Our guardian. And my faithful teacher." Twilight said, while making a very good introduction about her. "And she can also move the sun." She also added. Big Chill now looked really confused, and would have dropped his jaw, if his mouth wasn't so darn closed right now.

"Move the sun?! How is that possible?!" Big Chill asked. The other ponies now looked confused at him.

"Why are ya so confused? Ain't somepony doing that on your world as well?" Apple Bloom asked the somewhat jaw dropped Necrofriggian.

"No. No one is moving the sun on my world." He responded. Now he earned gasps once again.

"How horrible! You must really hate these eternal nights. Or eternal days." Fluttershy said. Feeling bad, that somepony have to live for either eternal nights or days.

"No no, that's not what i meant. On my world, the sun is staying where it is, and my planet is moving around it." Big Chill describing how his solar system is working.

"That sounds mighty weird if ya ask me." Applejack said.

"And moving the sun around this place isn't?" Big Chill countered. The two now had another glaring contest started.

"Ya'r seriously getting on my nerves right now." Applejack harshly said to him.

"I can say the same to you." Big Chill said, also harshly to her. The ponies, and Zecora, are seeing the two of them, having another bitter glare at each other, and then decided to break it up.

"ENOUGH! Both of you!" Twilight yelled out to them. They both looked at Twilight.

"I don't know, why you're so hostile toward him Applejack, but you need to chill out." Twilight said to her orange pony friend. She then glanced over to Big Chill.

"Big Chill, i know Applejack is getting on your nerves right now, but just calm down already, i promise to find a way, to send you home." Twilight said to him. Applejack and Big Chill glared at each other once again.

"Fine." They both said bitterly. They then turned around their backs toward each other.

"Anyway, i have just finished the letter to Princess Celestia. Now i just need to send it. Spike, come here." Twilight yelled out. Then a small, purple and green scaled dragon arrived from the stairs.

"Yes, what is it Twi..." The small dragon known as Spike said, before seeing Big Chill. He began, to shake in fear toward him.

"Twilight. What is that thing?" Spike said scared. Big Chill sighed in annoyance, since he had heard that compliment about him a lot today.

"That Spike, is the one who rescued the Cmc." Twilight said, while pointing at him. Spike eventually calmed down a bit.

"Oh wow, really? Gosh, sorry for being so afraid of you." Spike said, while raising his claw out, for a hand shake.

"None taken." Big Chill said, while shaking Spike's hand.

"My name is Spike. What about you?"

"Big Chill's the name." Big Chill introduced himself.

"Big Chill? That sounds cool... Literally." Spike snickered.

"Yeah, i've heard that a lot." Big Chill said.

"Okay, since i called you Spike, i need you to send this letter to Princess Celestia." Twilight said, while handing him the letter.

"You got it Twilight." Spike said, and then to Big Chill's surprise, Spike made a green fire breath, which the letter disappears in.

"What was that?"

"What was what?" Spike asked the confused Big Chill.

"How did you make the letter disappear right doing your fire breath." Big Chill asked.

"Oh that. That's just how i send letters to Princess Celestia." Spike said. "Or in other words, my mom." He thought to himself.

"Aren't you just gonna burn them to crisp?" Big Chill asked.

"No no, you got it wrong Chill. Spike can use a magical fire breath, which sends any letter directly to either me, or Princess Celestia." Twilight said, while describing how he can send a letter.

"Interesting." Big Chill thought to himself. He then looked outside the window, it was getting dark.

"Well, i think i need some sleep for tonight. Goodnight my friends. Come on Sweetie Belle." Rarity said, while yawning. The two white unicorns walking out of the door.

"Well, i think it's time to go back to my deep, so i can get a goodnight sleep." Zecora said, while also walking out of the door.

"Then where am i going to stay for the night?" Big Chill asked. Since he didn't have anywhere to sleep for tonight.

"You can crash with me." Rainbow Dash said. While having her hoof, around Big Chill's shoulder.

"Sounds good enough." Big Chill said. The two of them then flew out of the still broken window.

"I hope this bug, he can be trusted." Applejack harshly commented about him.

"Why do you really hate him so much?" Fluttershy asked.

"He froze me and Rainbow Dash."

"Out of self defense remember." Pinkie Pie butted in.

"But that still doesn't mean i'll trust him. Come on Apple Bloom, we're going back to Sweet Apple Acres. Goodnight girls." Applejack said, she and Apple bloom walked out of the door.

"I hope she and Big Chill will lighten up to each other." Fluttershy said, worried about their bitter relationship.

"Don't worry Fluttershy, nopony can stay mad at each other forever." Pinkie Pie said with her energetic voice. She and Fluttershy walked out of the door.

"Well, i guess you and i need to go to bed now Spike." Twilight said, with a yawn.

"Aww, alright Twilight." Spike said a little disappointed. They both walked up upstairs. Leaving only a little confused Scootaloo left.

"Uhhh. Hello. What about me?" Scootaloo asked confused.

Big Chill has just arrived to a cloud like house. He stood on the clouds(and was surprised that he was able to), and looked around inside, it was very nice, much nicer than his own home, back in his own world.

"Nice place you live in." Big Chill commented Rainbow Dash's house.

"Thanks. It's the coolest house you can ever wish for." Rainbow Dash said with her usual proud attitude. She then pointed to a room nearby her bedroom.

"I got a guest room right there. You can sleep in there for tonight." Rainbow Dash said to him.

"Thank you." Big Chill thanked her. He walked inside the room. He saw a bed, and a night light above it. Almost everything, seemed to be made of clouds.

"Well, i guess i could use some good night sleep." Big Chill thought to himself, he then walked to the bed, and then layed on it.

"I hope, i can get more answers for what i'm doing here." Big Chill thought to himself. He was just about to close his bug like eyes, until the rainbow maned pegasus then gave him quite a surprise.

"BUH!" It yelled out. Big Chill got a little surprised. She then rolled around the ground in laughter.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. You should see the look on your face." Rainbow Dash chuckled.

"Ha ha, very funny." Big Chill said, not very amused.

"But anyway, goodnight Chill." Rainbow Dash said, before going back to her own bedroom.

"Night." Big Chill said. He turned off the night light. And then began to close his eyes. And eventually fell asleep.

Author's Note:

Sorry for the late chapter. I had a break.
Anyway, enjoy Big Chill's stay in Ponyvile.