• Published 22nd Jun 2012
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My Little Changeling -- "I" is Magic - Wing Dancer

In the far north, where changelings live, change begins -- a single changeling learns to think...

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When Darkness Overthrows Light

“Good, good!” exclaimed Chrysalis as her student stood beside an unusually quiet victim.

There were a few flaws here and there that the Queen’s eye caught, but Chip’s disguise would fool all but the most observant of ponies.

“Fix the back of your mane and draw in the abdomen. Good, good. The eyes are a little bit off…and, yes, that’s it,” said Chrysalis with a pleasant smile on her face. “You are learning fast, Chip. I never realized I had such a great talent for teaching, ” concluded the Queen, striking a majestic pose.

“It would all be impossible without you, my honoured teacher,” said the black colt, bowing before the magnificence of his mentor. With a hint of anxiety in his voice, he asked: “Would it be alright if I…practiced ‘disposing’ of this victim as well? I believe that my previous…performance was ill and unfitting for the adept of your royal highness.”

The Queen bore her teeth. Not only was Chip a valuable asset, he was also as eager as she was to punish these ponies. The black mare flew over to her throne and lay down comfortably on it.

“Oh, please do so, Chip” she said, temptation in her eyes, “Do it here, so I can watch and guide you.”

The colt froze. He let go of the captive’s mane and faced the Queen. His spark mind went blank and a moment later he felt heat build up in his cheeks and chest. She wanted him to do it here? In front of her? He would…he would have to do all these things the hive mind told him to?

“M-my lady,” he gasped, eyes darting around as if looking for an answer, “I-I’m not s-sure it is such a good idea…”

“Oh, I am so sorry. You actually though that was a suggestion? Do you wish for me to REITERATE my words?” The threat in the Queen’s voice left little room for discussion.

The changeling felt a new sensation build up in him – he was breathing air, but felt suffocated at the same time. It was a choking sensation that originated somewhere in the throat and made him gulp loudly.

The pony in front of him lay still, her eyes almost lifeless. Her green coat was a mess and some of her brown hair was thinned from constant pulling and ripping. She was breathing lightly, but didn’t move otherwise. The changeling colt could feel the mouth-watering emotions beneath all the dread, misery and pain the mare suffered.

“Well? What are you waiting for? Get to it!” the Queen hurried Chip.

He nearly blacked out from the conflicting thoughts he had. He HAD to obey if he wanted to have a chance to save at least one mare – the one that was waiting back at his cave. He DIDN’T want to hurt this one – he decided that he had no grudge against ponies and that they were actually fun to be around. And being accepted and liked is something totally different from the harsh love the Queen gave to Chip. He read about friendship, but it was nothing compared to the real deal. And now, all that he planned for and begun to accept as his opinions and world views would be ruined by…this.

Sensing an anxious vibration from the hive mind, his spark went into a numb state. His body was no longer his. He saw through his eyes as a green light enveloped the captive mare – she turned into a tight ball of shaking fur. The feeding begun. Chip tried to cry out to his body. He tried to stop it, tried to make it go away – all to no avail. His senses were flooded with the taste and smell of love, compassion and all the other juicy bits that still resided inside the mare. Chip wanted to cry, but his eyes remained dry and fixed on his victim. This feeling of powerlessness in the face of his own self… it was indescribable. He was a prisoner of his own nature, the very thing that made him stand apart was torn away in an instant. All the times he thought himself better than the drones he passed by each day were reduced to a painful memory of a vain colt, too sure his ways were the only true ones.

The sensation of feeding gradually faded away and he felt the pony become hollow. Her coat lost its shine, and it was not the dirt and rusty stains that caused it. The flickers of life in her eyes faded away. She was alive, yes, but Chip was horribly and painfully aware that…such life had no meaning. It was empty.

“Excellent, my dear Chip!” laughed the Queen, wafting with excitement. “You made your Queen proud this day! You may do what you wish with this doll – she is all yours…I guess it is time for you to also learn…other ways to gain pleasure from a pony.”

Chip’s mind was blank and he felt his body again heed his will. He felt every muscle, every heartbeat, each breath. His whole self was satisfied and invigorated by the meal he just had – his mind was devastated by what he just witnessed. Waves of pleasure flooded his thoughts, but it was a tainted sensation, one that he wished would stop. Repressing it, he caught the almost lifeless mare by the mane and dragged her out of the chamber.

* * *

“What happened to her?” asked Night Star, looking at the lifeless mare and then at Chip.

His expression was that of horror and dread.

“I...I did something horrible,” he said, feeling his eyes finally let go of the tears that built up. He felt a wave of compassion as his mare friend came closer to him.

“Stay away from me!” roared Chip, darting to the darkest corner of the cave. Facing the wall, he wept. “For your own good…just…just stay away from me…”

“Chip,” said the yellow mare in a soft, motherly voice, “please, I want to help you. What happened, can you tell me? Please.”

“Can’t you see?” asked the colt in a weak voice. “The way she is now…it’s all my fault. I had no choice. No, I had a choice, but I was too STUPID to take it!”

He smashed his head against the wall, following up time and time again with even fiercer blows. He heard and felt his chitin crack. There was no absolution for the deed he just committed. Crack. He could not forget, even if everyone forgave. Crack.

A firm tackle from behind made Chip fall over. Night Star was horrified by the changeling’s behaviour and the emotion was plain on her face.

“Stop it! Stop it THIS INSTANT!” she slapped him across the face, causing a cracked piece of armour to fall off. “You did…you did something. You didn’t want it, did you?!” she screamed.

Chip didn’t manage a word before the mare roared at him again:

“You did something, maybe even something horrible. But that… that mare! She is still ALIVE, for Celestia’s sake! Do you know what that means?! Do you?!”

Chip couldn’t help but stare sideways. His mind went blank again. His ears heard more loud words:

“Being alive is what matters! You can lose hope, you can give up. But as long as you live, you have the chance to change, to become better! You can get back the things you lost, get back to those that you love!” her eyes got wet and her voice started breaking under the heavy emotions Chip wished he couldn’t detect. “You stupid, stupid foal…look how much you hurt yourself…” Night Star timidly ran a hoof against the creature's head.

It felt empty and a dull pain crept from place to place, but somehow the touch soothed him. As did Night Star’s words:

“Chip. I believe in you. You are a kind and gentle pony. You would not do something horrible to another, not by your own will. Have a little faith in yourself. You are strong. And I need you. Me and that mare that lies there,” she pointed to the recent victim, still lifeless on the floor. “Gather up your courage and move on. Better yourself, find a way to defeat this…this weakness you blame yourself for.”

The colt felt drained, as if he was being fed upon for some time. At least, that is the feeling he thought he had. It didn’t last long, though. The rest of the mare’s words drowned out as the changeling slipped into unconsciousness.

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