• Published 22nd Jun 2012
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My Little Changeling -- "I" is Magic - Wing Dancer

In the far north, where changelings live, change begins -- a single changeling learns to think...

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Joke Chapter -- an alternative "At the border II"

Author's Note:

I know Quantum_Shift said it wasn't a challenge, but I didn't listen

This is an alternative to the whole storyline and shall not be continued, so feel free to disregard this chapter. It is not part of the canon of My Little Changeling and should not be considered as such while voting.

This is written just for fun and to unwind. (hopefully) Enjoy!

The guardpony and Chip travelled the barrack corridors in silence. Instead of windows, the changeling saw thin crevices, letting only a few rays of light disperse the darkness of the interior. The colt got lead to a small room with four beds, hooflockers and a weapon rack. Before he could open his mouth, his body literally froze. He couldn’t move a muscle, not even look around properly.

Without much warning, a gigantic pressure brought the false Night Star to his knees. From the shadows emerged a white mare, probably as tall as he was.

“Hi theeeeere~” she intoned, a wide grin giving her face a maniacal expression. “I am Princess Celestia. And this is… TO THE MOOOOON!!”

Chip’s insides churned as he was propelled upwards, through the stone roof. His chitin softened the blow, crumbling on his back. His bare skin began to burn as he flew higher and faster, tears of pain clouding the changeling's vision.

With a thump he landed on a dusty, gray plane. There was not a single landmark in sight, the ground littered with craters. He was as confused as one could get, but not for long. Before him, a wisp of bluish smoke erupted and another mare appeared. As tall as the previous one, she had a black coat, light blue armor and a flowing night sky mane.

“Who dares interrupt me in my sanctum!” she bellowed, looking down at the cowering Chip. “Celestia, you stupid… UGH! DON’T SEND TRASH MY WAY!”

Another vertical jerk definitely caused the changeling's stomach to go all the way up his throat. He felt heat as he approached the surface of the green earth – he was aimed straight at a giant castle attached to a mountain.

The colt's head burst with colors as he collided with one of the statues in the royal garden. His chitin was a life saver, but with each crazy mare there was less and less of it protecting the changeling. He felt naked, burned and stunned.

“Ho ho ho, what do we have here?” asked a snickering voice from behind. “I say, aren’t you an interesting creature? I wouldn’t think of such a fun way to portray a pony even if I tried!”

Chip turned around to see…something. It was neither a pony, nor a dragon, nor anything he had ever seen. A talon of an eagle with a lion’s paw acting as hands? Pony and bat wings? The creature was hideous.

“Well, thanks for letting me out anyway. You came from up there, didn’t you?” Discord pointed up at the moon. “Aww, it looks so sad without you!"

As the draconequus snapped his fingers, the moon started turning. Chip wasn’t sure if his eyes were fooling him or not (with this kind of head trauma, everything was possible), but the satellite in the sky had developed a face. A really angry looking face.

“I may be the spirit of chaos, but if there is anything that I won’t stand against, it would be true love! Now.” He snapped his talons. “Kiss.” Discord vanished in a puff of pink smoke that smelled faintly of candy.

The moon rushed towards the earth, gaining speed as it went. With a catastrophic, ground shaking explosion it impacted, sinking deep into the surface of the planet…

Teh Endz

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