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Pinkie isn't shy. If there's one thing Pinkie isn't it's shy, so then why is she getting all flustered around her BFF Fluttershy?

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I liked the idea of Pinkie Pie getting all shy over romance. and the date itself was pretty cute too. But in between the start and ending, it was over too quickly! I wanted to see more development, of Pinkie slowly overcoming her shyness around Fluttershy, that would've been fun to read.

7305353 Thanks for commenting!!! I actually gasped when I saw the notification:twilightblush:! I'll try to make my stories longer!

I liked this story because it's cute, but the only reason I don't like this story is because it feels kinda rushed. The actual story was all cute and fluffy, but... The pacing kinda threw me off. I think the story would be a bit more interesting if you showed Pinkie developing feelings for Fluttershy in the beginning, rather than already jumping to Pinkie asking for advice. In other words, add a bit more details. All in all, I'll give a thumbs up for FlutterPie~

7307184 Thanks! Another person told me that too! I'll work on the pacing and adding more details in the next story!:twilightsheepish::twilightsmile:

I'm perfectly fine with the jumping to the feelings immediately, but a flash back to see the little moments would have been nice. Perhaps lacking in the department of details, It would have done fine to see her try to prepare the date, or perhaps delayed the date and added the anxiety of asking her, with the followed anxiety of "smeg she's agreed, now what do I do?"

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