• Published 16th Feb 2016
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The Worst - SquiggelSquirrel

Adagio is shocked to walk in on her sisters… fighting? Or not. It *sounded* like fighting.

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Sunlight crept in through the window, slowly soaking the room in uncomfortable heat. The air stank, and the floor was a cluttered mess.

Aria Blaze dragged her mind fully back to the waking world, and set about the task of disentangling herself from Sonata's clinging limbs.

Why did Sonata have to get so grabby when she slept?

After some careful sideways maneuvering slipped her out of the bed, she straightened up and stretched. Then she stood, and stared at the wall for a five minutes, pondering her plan of attack. There was no escaping it — she was almost certain this morning would revolve around a “talk” with Adagio, who would most likely try to make it a whole morning of Aria getting yelled at by Adagio. Still, what couldn't be avoided, could be taken head-on, with a strong (and if possible, pre-emptive) offence.

Her strategy established, Aria grabbed some clothes — slacks and a baggy t-shirt, but it would have to do — took a deep breath, and strode confidently (and as quietly as possible) out of Sonata's room.

Adagio caught her completely off guard, by not waiting in ambush. The hall was filled with the deafening absence of an angry big sister. Was it possible Aria had actually woken up before Adagio, or — Aria shivered slightly — was Adagio planning something clever? No one did “sneaky” and “vindictive” like Adagio Dazzle. If she was really angry, Aria knew, she wouldn't see it coming — whatever “it” proved to be.

Still, Aria knew how to deal with that, too. Get your shots in first. Go in hard enough, angry enough, and Adagio might just be caught unprepared. Psyching herself up wasn't that hard, she just had to get angry about everything Adagio had done, or was clearly about to do. How dare Adagio just burst in on them like that — didn't Aria have a right to privacy? And just how long had she been hanging about in the flat, anyway, listening in on them and pretending not to be there!? How dare she, of all people, get all high-horse and judgemental about this? After all, what right did she have to continue calling herself their leader after she'd only led them from one disaster to another?

Gradually working herself up to an indignant rage, Aria marched into the main room of the flat. Most likely, Adagio would be waiting for her there. When this room proved empty, Aria turned and set a path for Adagio's room. The flat only had five rooms — three currently used as bedrooms, one bathroom, and the main kitchen/dining/living area. It would be an incredible stroke of luck if she had managed to wake up before her sister — it would allow her to storm in, guns blazing, and put Adagio on the back foot right from the start.

Aria continued working herself up so that, by the time she had reached Adagio's bedroom, was about ready to explode. She barely hesitated at all before grabbing the handle, slamming the door open, and unleashing a devastating opening salvo upon her sleeping sister.

“You know what, Adagio? Screw you! This is none of your business, you can just go…”

Aria stopped, and peered at the empty room. From one corner to another, there was no sign of Adagio, nor was there any place she could easily hide.

She hated to admit it, but whatever Adagio was up to, it was starting to creep her out, just a little bit. Was it actually possible the older siren had already left, or even… had she not come home last night? Aria stood still, silently pondering what kind of twisted punishment Adagio might be plotting, when nimble fingers grabbed her backside.

Later, Aria would insist that she yelled, and spun around in annoyance. Aria Blaze did not “shriek like a little girl”, ever, nor did she “jump three feet into the air”. Any suggestion to the contrary was only the result of Sonata's over-active imagination, and everyone knew how unreliable she was.

At any rate, there were no other witnesses to claim otherwise.

“Morning, Aria!” sang Sonata.

“Argh, don't go sneaking up on me like a freak, you idiot!”

“Y'know Adagio's gonna be sooo mad if she hears you were in her room.”

It took Aria a moment to process the sheer idiocy of this statement.

“Whu— you— but­— urgh!” she exclaimed. “You're in here too, you moron!” she eventually settled on.

“You were here first though.” Sonata strutted around Aria, clearly convinced that she had the upper hand here. “So if I'm a moron, what does that make you?”

“At least ten times smarter than you! Adagio's not gonna care who was here first. She's not even gonna care we were in her room! Plus, she's not even gonna know we were in her room!”

Sonata grinned. “Hmm, not unless someone tells her…”

“Don't be even dumber that usual.”

“Ha! You're not the boss of me. Can't tell me what to do!”

“You wanna bet?” Aria snarled, closing the gap between them and grabbing the neckline of Sonata's pyjama's.

“Oooh, scary!” laughed Sonata. “What're you gonna do, ya wimp?” Her eyes narrowed. “Where're you gonna do it?”

Aria couldn't quite miss the way Sonata's eyes darted over to Adagio's bed. Her own eyes followed, then her mind reeled.

Adagio's bed…

Aria blanched, and dropped Sonata's top.

“I swear,” she hissed, “you must have been dropped on your head when we were chicks.”

“What's the matter?” teased Sonata, “Is the big baby scared?”

Aria glared at her. This was stupid. She wasn't gonna dance to Sonata's tune, they had more important things to worry about.

Then Sonata started singing, if you could call it that.

“Scaredy-scardey Aria! All afraid I'm gonna snitch! She's all scared of Adagio! Yeah, she's Adagio's little…”

Her impromptu cacophony was cut short by a pair of hands around her throat, driving her back down onto the bed.

Two hours later, Aria had returned to the subject of the missing Adagio, both she and Sonata having found time to shower and breakfast.

“She's not answering phone calls. She didn't leave a note. I checked her bank account, and she hasn't withdrawn enough to pay for a hotel room, or anything else.”

"Maybe she got tired of looking at your ugly face,” opined Sonata.

Aria ignored her, continuing to scan Adagio's social network accounts (well, if Adagio was going to use such an obvious password…).

“I mean,” continued Sonata, “living with you is just the worst, y'know?”

“Hm-hmm,” murmured Aria.

“Because you're such a… a useless crybaby!” snapped Sonata. “And a coward!” she added.

“Yeah, not now, Sonata.” Aria waved a hand in Sonata's general direction, frowning at the total lack of updates from Adagio in the last twelve hours.

Minutes passed in silence. Aria started trying to guess the password for Adagio's email account (sure, make mystable and your friggin' bank account no-brainers, but fates forbid someone should read your email, Adagio!).

“Hey, uh, Aria?” Sonata's voice was subdued, maybe even tremulous. Aria turned in surprise.

Sonata looked… worried. The blue ditz actually seemed upset about something.

“Ah-Adagio's coming back, right? I mean, she's mad at us, but she's not really mad at us, right? You don't think something happened to her, do you?”

Aria made a small noise in the back of her throat (why oh why did that moron have to look so adorably helpless?)

“Nah. Nah, I'm sure she's fine. She's just playing the drama queen, making us come and find her so she can act all 'wounded'. Nothing's gonna happen to her — Adagio Dazzle happens to other people.”

This seemed to perk Sonata up, slightly.

“Heh. Yeah, you're right. I guess we'd better find her quick, though, right? Like, the longer we take, the madder she's gonna be.”


“Oh yeah,” said the girl at the corner shop, the seventh person Aria had shown Adagio's photo to that morning, “I saw her yesterday, at Donut Joe's…”