• Published 16th Feb 2016
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The Worst - SquiggelSquirrel

Adagio is shocked to walk in on her sisters… fighting? Or not. It *sounded* like fighting.

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They weren't fighting!

“You're… urrgh… you're the worst, Sonata!”, Aria Blaze growled.

“Well I think y-you're the… the worst, Aria!”, Sonata Dusk whined.

“Nuh… No, you are, SONATA!”, Aria yelled.

“No yoouuu arAriaaaah!”, howled Sonata.

“WILL YOU TWO STOP ARGU—”, Adagio Dazzle shouted, as she slammed open the door to Sonata's bedroom.

She'd come back early, already stressed from the part-time job she'd been forced into, after a mix-up with her work timetable. Her sisters had been fighting, again, more fiercly than usual from the sounds of it, and hadn't heard her come in. She'd headed to her room, not wanting to get involved, but eventually the yelling had grated on her nerves too much, and she'd decided to intervene.

The sounds of distant traffic filled the silence that followed for almost a full minute, before Adagio stepped back out of the room, gently closing the door behind her. Without a word, she turned, walked across the flat, picked up her coat and bag, and left through the front door, gently closing that behind her, too.

Half an hour later, Fluttershy was standing in line at Donut Joe's. She had planned to meet Rainbow Dash here after the other girl had finished practice, but had decided to turn up early and make some more progress on her book report. There was only one other person queuing, and that girl had been staring at the menu board for the last ten minutes, but Fluttershy didn't want to upset anyone by cutting in line. Granted, she wasn't entirely certain the other girl was queuing up to buy something.

“Umm… excuse me?”, Fluttershy asked for the eighth time, eliciting no more response than the previous seven. With each repetition, she had crept a small step closer. Now, she was close enough to sidle around to face the stranger. Able at last to see the girl's face, instead of only the back of her hoodie, Fluttershy stepped back with a gasp, and brought her bookbag up to her chest.

From behind the counter, the shop assistant watched the two girls wearily. At least there were no other customers waiting.

Eventually, Fluttershy spoke up.

“A-Adagio Dazzle?”

At first, Adagio did not respond. Only when Fluttershy took another small step away, did her gaze flick down from the menu, onto Fluttershy's face. Her brow furrowed, and her jaw shifted. After a short while, recognition dawned, and her face dropped back to a blank expression.

“Oh,” she stated, “it's you. You're one of The Rainbooms, right? Flicker-something… ”

“Fluttershy.” Fluttershy swallowed. “Umm, what are you doing here? If you don't mind me asking.”

Adagio stared at her a moment before muttering, “Oh, right…”, and stepping up to the counter. “Gimme one large choco-shake, with cream and sprinkles.”

Fluttershy watched as Adagio pulled a few coins from her purse, and began tapping one of them on counter absently, while the assistant mixed the drink. The last time Fluttershy had seen Adagio Dazzle, the former siren had been trying to take over the world. Watching her order a milkshake like any other girl was just… wrong, somehow. She wasn't sure if she should phone her friends, it wasn't as if Adagio was doing anything wrong.

“Uh, so… are you trying to take over the world again? Only, I don't see your sisters anywhere, and you don't seem to be doing anything evil, so, uh…” Fluttershy's voice trailed off. Adagio had stopped tapping the coin, and had turned to Fluttershy with a scary, wide-eyed look. Her mouth was set straight, but Fluttershy thought she saw one corner twitch before Adagio turned away, and began to speak.

“No, my sisters are… ”, Adagio shuddered slightly, “… not here. I'm alone, I just wanted a milkshake.”

The assistant returned with Adagio's drink, which she paid for, before stepping off to one side. Fluttershy stepped up to the counter.

“Um, one medium strawberry shake please, with no cream or sprinkles, if that's okay with you. Thank you.”

While her drink was being prepared, Fluttershy glanced across at Adagio, who was now leaning against a wall, staring down at her drink as though waiting for it to do something. Fluttershy wasn't sure what was going on, but it seemed as though something was wrong, and she realised right then that she just couldn't bring herself to walk away without trying to help.

“Er, A-Adagio? Um, I was just wondering, if, uh, maybe you'd like to sit with me?”

Adagio's lip curled. “Why would I ever want to sit with you?”

“Oh. Uh, okay. I just thought, maybe, you're here alone, you might like someone to sit with. Sorry.

The assistant returned with Fluttershy's drink. After handing over payment, with a mumbled “thank you”, Fluttershy headed over to an empty space by the window.

She sat down, and almost jumped straight out of her seat when Adagio sat down next to her. An angry glare told Fluttershy well enough not to comment on this, so she instead began to quietly sip her milkshake, waiting to see if Adagio would speak first.

Twenty minutes later, Fluttershy's drink was long finished. Adagio's had been stirred to death, but was otherwise untouched. Neither girl had spoken, and Fluttershy decided to finally break the silence.

“So, uh, Adagio. How have you and your sisters been doing lately?”

Adagio jerked bolt upright. “Doing it!? Doing what, exactly? Who says they've been doing anything? What exactly are you implying?”

Fluttershy's wilted under Adagio's glare, her response coming out as an incoherent squeak as she shook her head in denial of whatever it was that she'd said wrong. The glare continued.

This just happened to be the point at which Rainbow Dash arrived. Taking one look at the scene, she sprinted across the room, jumped up onto the table, and hoisted Adagio out of her seat by the shoulders of her top.

“HEY! What the HELL do you think you're doing to Fluttershy!?”

“Um, Rainbow, I…” began Fluttershy.

“None of your business, Rainbow Dash.” snarled Adagio.

“Like hell it's not! You go near my friend, you answer to me, got that?”

“…I asked if she wanted to sit…”

“What makes you think I even care about your pathetic little friends?”

“Pathetic? I'll show you pathetic, you little…”

Rainbow stopped, because Fluttershy had placed a hand on her forearm. Before the timid girl could speak, though, the shop assistant stepped in.

“Is there a problem here?”

Fluttershy spoke up. “I asked Adagio if she wanted to sit with me because she was here by herself and I thought she looked upset and it's ok, it was just a misunderstanding.”

Rainbow lowered Adagio, who gave the assistant a smile.

“No problem,” Adagio assured her. The girl looked doubtful, but headed back to the counter without pressing things further.

Rainbow slipped off the table, into the space between Fluttershy and Adagio. She turned to Fluttershy, and asked incredulously:


When Fluttershy nodded, Dash turned back to Adagio.

“So… you're here alone?”


“Where are your sisters?”

Adagio opened her mouth, then closed it. She pulled out her phone, and tapped the screen a couple of times.

“Well they haven't called me, so I guess they're still back at the flat. They're probably there, right now, doing…” Adagio gave another small shudder, as her voice trailed off. She slipped the phone back into her bag, and returned to stirring her drink.

“Doing what?”

“None of your business.”

Rainbow silently watched Adagio attacking her milkshake for a few moments more. She didn't trust the other girl at all, but she seemed pretty upset, and Rainbow found herself growing concerned, despite herself.

“Hey, uh, are you okay?”

Adagio stopped stirring, at turned to look at Rainbow. Her expression could not have been more disbelieving if the tomboy had suggested they take ballet classes together. Seconds dragged by as Rainbow waited for an answer.

Then Adagio chuckled.

“Okay?” a grin broke out across her face. “Of course I'm okay.” She chuckled again. “Why…” she giggled… “why wouldn't…” her shoulders began to shake, odd hiccupping noises escaping her throat.

Rainbow Dash was not at all comfortable with the way Adagio was staring at her. The girl's eyes were wide, she didn't seem to be focussing properly, and if Rainbow had known the phrase “rictus grin”, she would most likely have been thinking it about now.

“Why wouldn't…” Adagio continued, slowly lifting her hands to her face as her body continued to tremble, broken words fighting their way past diaphragm spasms. “…wouldn't I be, o, o…” Her hands tensed like claws, closing around her face.

She sucked a great gulp of air through the mask her own hands had formed.

Curling to a foetal position, Adagio Dazzle gave a long, distressed wail, and slumped sideways into her chair.