• Published 27th Sep 2015
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Insanity; The Story of Gummy - Ink_Quill

How does being a toothless, baby crocodile, owned by a pony, trapped in an universe dominated by cute, talking, colorful, cartoon horses not cause insanity?

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I was awakened by a loud voice.

"Goood morning, Gummy!" I opened my eyes, not to see my room, but instead, metal bars all around me. My eyes darted around. 'Where did that voice come from? Where am I? What is this place?. Nothing felt right. My vision was different, but not only that, but my nose was no longer a nose, but a snout. In front of me stood an opened metal barred door. I examined my surroundings, and my eyes rested on the small bowls in the cage I was in. I tried to stand up, and instead, tumbled back. Before I could pick myself up, something else did.

Something wrapped itself around me. Something... furry. I heard a giggle, which was cute despite the fact I was in a state of panic. "Oh, Gummy."

Who the hell is Gummy? Pink, fluffy hair surrounded me, along with warmth. I got turned around, to meet the most oddest face a human could ever see. It was pink, and unhuman. It looked like a.... pony?

The creature put me down on a flat, marble surface, and hopped away, joyfully. I turned to where the creature departed. Okay, that 'creature' is, in fact, a cute cartoon pony. I noted she had balloons on her side. It couldn't be a tattoo. It was something--

"Hiya, Twilight!" My eyes locked on to the lavender pony, wait, no, that pony had wings and a horn!

"Good morning, Pinkie. I was wondering if you could bring Gummy to Fluttershy."

"Sure? What's going on?"

"We're going to be gone for a while, and Owlicious, Gummy, Ramona, Opal, Tank, and the rest are going to stay at Fluttershy's home, with Spike to take care of them."

"Where we going?"

"We're needed at another location on the map. Just please bring Gummy to Fluttershy. We're all meeting up there."

"Okey dokey." The pony, who I assumed was Pinkie, due to her pink features, closed the door, and came closer to me, humming a happy tune. I attempted to evade the grasp of her pink hooves. "Gummy, this isn't play time, silly. We need to go. Didn't you hear Twilight?" I froze.

Wait.... play time? A cage? 'The Rest..'? I was being carried by Pinkie, in her mouth. I'm dreaming, that's all. It's the fake explanation that would keep me slightly more calm. I jumped down from the hold of Pinkie. "Gummy!" I ran away on all fours. 'What am I?'

I looked back at the pony, who was walking calmly and so peacefully to me. I turned around just in time to run into a wall. Wait.. that's no wall, but a mirror! I was green, with purple eyes and- I'm a baby alligator. I opened my mouth. No teeth. I seemed so gentle, the name Gummy felt like an insult. I swear this is all too real. I rolled to my right, dodging the pink pony.

No. This has to be a dream. You can't get hurt in-

I felt my lungs collapsing. The grip of her hooves were too tight. 'Stop embracing me'. This wasn't right...

I felt a chill run down my spine.

It's not possible this is reality... is it? If so, how? But seriously, I'm probably just unconscious or something. Pinkie carried me, no matter how hard I 'struggled' to escape, and put me into a damn basket, humiliating me, again. I was in the basket for.. what, I don't know, five minutes before I gathered enough courage to jump over the wooden confinement. I dropped to the ground, not feeling a thing. Pinkie, thankfully, did not realize I had jumped out, probably until she reached 'Fluttershy'.

'Where do I go now? What do I do? I need to find out if I am dreaming or not'. Although me feeling slight pain may hint this is not a dream, that is just slight evidence.

Wait... how could I be dreaming?

I wasn't even in bed, nor at home, before I 'woke up'.
Where was I ....? 'Please don't tell me I have amnesia'. I tried my hardest to think, before being swooped up, once again, but not by Pinkie this time. This was another pony.

"Awwww, he's so adorable!"

I swear, if-

"I'm going to take you home, little fella." Before I could escape, I was suffocating inside a leather bag. All my dignity is lost.

I was dropped to the ground. I swear this isn't a dream. Maybe I should play along and escape when no one is looking? "Stay right here. I'll be right back with some food and water."

I made quick note of my surroundings and scrambled to the door, anxious to get out. I tried the most stupidest thing; trying to go through the gap under the door. Believe it or not, it worked, and I was home free! I ran through the crowd. There has to be some one or something that could get me back, because now, I'm positive that this is not my imagination, but a living nightmare.

I stopped, sensing something, and before I could react, I was swiped up, again. I suddenly felt sick. Perhaps it was being thirty feet above ground, as a defenseless and sad baby alligator that caused my stomach to hurt, or being picked up by a pony at lightning speed. Either way, it did not feel good.

I turned around to see a sky blue Pegasus's face meeting my snout. She had messy rainbow hair, and a thing on her butt, just like Pinkie did, but differently. This one had a white cloud and a rainbow lightning bolt. Perhaps these things symbolized them or something? I felt the impact of the ground, although still being held by the Pegasus.

"I got him!"

Despite my struggles to break free, alas, I had to give in and see where this was going.

Now there were six ponies. I already knew three of them. Fluttershy, the yellow Pegasus, as the others could not possibly bear that name, and she's adorable and shy. Twilight, the lavender unicorn pegaus pony thing, and last, Pinkie, Gummy's owner. Spike, who I assumed the baby dragon was, was to be left with the pony's pets, in Fluttershy's cottage.

"Alright, Spike, I'm putting all my trust in you. Please look after them, and if you need help, jus-"

"I don't need help. I got this, Twilight."

Twilight rolled her eyes. "Whatever you say, mister caretaker." They began to leave, when the white one stayed, to say one more thing.
"Now Spike, please take good care of Opal and the rest of the gang. Okay?"

"You got it, Rarity!" There's another pony I now know. Rarity hugged Spike, and left. I just sat awkwardly in the house. Spike closed the door, turned around, and one immediate thought came to my head. It's one of those nightmare baby sitters.

"Now, listen up! I'm in charge around here, and I want you all in bed by eight! And nopony touches my gems, capeesh?"
Nopony? Please don't tell me that they replace everyone and the other words with pony.

Spike walked to the kitchen, and came back a moment later with a huge bag of dog food, and proceeded to go back and forth with all the varieties of food. He threw a carrot at the bunny. "Here you go, Angel." Yet another name. Opal, I assume, is the cat. Winona sounds like the dog. Owlicious is obviously an owl. Tank, has to be the turtle. When my food came, I shoved my bowl aside and ran to the kitchen.

'I need actual food, jerk'. No, do not think I have given up hope on returning to Earth, because I haven't. I'm still working on it, and I think I just figured out how. I just have to hold out a few days until the ponies come back.

I climbed up the table, and took a bite out of the apple from the food basket. "Gummy!!!" Spike was clearly ticked off. When he picked me up, off the table, he looked at the apple and smirked. He brought the apple up to my view, and laughed darkly. I forgot I was 'Gummy'. The foolish baby alligator with no teeth.

I think I've come to the conclusion that this is a kid's show or something, because normally, you would see deaths occur in everything that is not a kid's show. Nothing could be so peaceful as this place. Wait...

I remember how I fell asleep.. no, not asleep, but unconscious.

I was walking home. I don't quite remember who shot me, but it happened. Pain coursed through my body, as I dropped, practically dead.

Was I in a gang territory? I do remember cutting taking a shortcut for the first time.
But I can't be dead. I can't possibly be dead.
I remember so little.
I remember my appearance, at the least. I was Caucasian. I had dark brown eyes and hair.

No.. wait, I wasn't shot. Screw it. My memory is screwed up. Spike was carrying me back to the room full of animals, and dropped me down. He went back into the kitchen, and began eating gems, which was unreal, but hey, it's another universe, so it makes sense here.

I turned around to face Angel. I couldn't tell if Angel was a guy or gal. Do animals understand each other? I tried saying "Help me", but I don't think my message got through.

Maybe humans turned animals in different universes affects the ability to communicate with other animals, if it was even possible in the first place. What to do? I could escape, but I remember Spike locking the door. I looked around at the animals in the room. I think I know what they're thinking. They don't like Spike, either. I tried to climb up to the lock on the door, and fell. Wait.. it's one of those two part doors with a top opening and bottom opening. I opened the bottom lock, and ran out of the cottage.

I could feel a stampede behind me, consisting of pets who hate Spike. Before Spike could finish off his gem and come check on what caused the noise, we were all gone.

I didn't bother to look where the others fled, but me? I ran straight into the forest.

I don't know how long I was running for, but before I could turn around and look back, I knew I was lost. The sun was already setting, for some reason. Maybe I woke up in this dimension around 3? I had to find shelter. I decided to try digging a burrow, or whatever it's called. I was digging awfully slowly, and before I knew it, darkness enveloped me. I had to sleep on the cold, hard, ground.

I almost dozed off when I heard a howl, and rustling in the bushes. I moved closer to the tiny hole I managed to dig. I grabbed a few sticks and put them on top of me, in hopes it would keep me slightly more warmer, because it was cold.

Like, real cold.

I felt a hot breath on my neck, and jumped up, banging my head against dirt. It wasn't morning. The hot breath was not a pony breathing. I ran, not looking back. I heard howls from behind, and practically all around me. Nothing could save me from my fate.

I'm going to die as a baby alligator, far away from Earth, inside a forest, by wolves.

I heard something growl. I turned around to see a bear and a bunny warding off the wolves, who I swear were made out of wood. I knew at that moment the bear was Fluttershy's, and the bunny, Angel, who saved me.

I hopped on the back of the bear, and I fell asleep, exhausted from all the running.

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Well well well, interesting concept! Let's see where it goes!

I'd love to see more of this story! You have peaked my interests good sir/madam! When's the next part coming out if I may inquire? :3

6468144 Probably tomorrow :derpytongue2:

Glad you liked it. It's the best fanfic I made :twilightblush:

6468383 Try adding comedy. It'll help.

6469094 Well.. I named chapter 2 Hold Your Horses, and before that I named it Hold onto Your Tail, but I changed it to I'm not Gummy, Dammit.

This baby alligator must be on some speeds. I don't think they are know to "run", more like short burst.

6469187 iNTERESTING But I meant have it be kind of lighthearted and not just angst.

6469278 Yeah... thats basically what he's doing.. :facehoof:

1 dislike and wondering why :applejackunsure:

Ah screw it I'll just do the next chapter tomorrow probably.

6475921 heheheh.. procrastinating..

I've waited for so long to know what happens! Stop waiting dang it!!! I CANT HANDLE IT!!!!:twilightangry2::rainbowlaugh::raritycry::pinkiecrazy::ajbemused:

6492391 :twilightsmile: Eh... I only write good when using my laptop, so maybe today :rainbowlaugh:

6493829 I don't think you understand that I read like words are crack :rainbowlaugh:
I literally need it dood!!! I almost as bad a twilight :fluttercry::rainbowlaugh::trollestia:

6494770 :twilightangry2: "A-almost as bad as me!?!"

Okay okay I'll try doing it today... just remind me every minute since I tend to procrastinate :derpytongue2:

6494994 your not allowed to be mad. *hands research notes on shpashe(space) enjoy :P :trollestia:
Oh and don't forget to write the next chapter

6495127 Oops, already forgot. :twilightblush: is there a way for notifications on tablets because that would be useful.


6499463 yaaaaaaay!!!

6499539 I only did 100 words. Now there's 288. I atleast did a bit.

6499736 xD good job inky. 10/10 for productivity. Pinkie approves. :pinkiehappy:

6499804 :twilightblush: I guess you have to wait a while. Meanwhile read First Pony View or My Twilight Facade, they're amazing.

6500257 daaaaaaaang...... Okie dokie lokie :)

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