• Published 9th Sep 2015
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Brothers of the Night - Night--Mist

Luna finds two bat pony colts in the streets of Canterlot.

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Princes Of The Night

Morning dawned on the city of Canterlot and a few beams had found their way into the Lunar Chambers. Thankfully Luna's Crescent Moon bed was large enough to allow Luna's little ones to sleep within her embrace. However, she knew that a new bed was required. While she knew some would suggest to let the boys have their own beds, she knew for certain the boys would want to remain close to her when they rested, for, as far as she knew, she was one of only few the little colts would trust.

As the dawn had beamed into the room, the little bat ponies buried their faces in Luna's chest to block it out. It woke the Princess of Night, but upon looking down at them, she smiled and rubbed their backs gently. The whimpered happily as they fought to stay asleep. This made Luna's smile widen even more at their adorableness. She couldn't see how ponies could turn away from such cute little faces. Finally, Peanut Butter and night Mist stirred awake and looked up at Luna. "Mowning Mama," They said in unison.

"Good morning my little ones. Did you sleep well?" Luna asked motherly.

They yawned, "Uh huh."

"That's good, because today, we have to go somewhere important," Luna informed them.

"Whewe we going Mama?" Peanut Butter asked.

"We're going to the orphanage," She answered.

Night Mist Gasped and crawled under her wing. "What's the matter sweetie?" Luna asked worried as Peanut Butter followed suit .

"Me no wanna go der. Dey scawy," Night Mist told her.

"Dey trew (threw) us ovew fence wast time we der," Peanut Butter whimpered.

"Oh, I'm not taking you there to make you stay there. I'm gonna adopt the two of you today. You're gonna become Princes of Equestria," Luna said.

"W-weawwy?" Peanut Butter said as he peaked out from under her wing.

"Yes, but first, we need you to get all squeaky clean," Luna said.

"I was hoping you were planning on giving them a bath your grace. I have it all set to go. I even added bubbles for the little ones pleasure your majesty," Misty Breeze, a aqua colored pegasus stated proudly.

"Thank you Misty. I can always count on you to be on top of things. And of course, no news ever slips past your ears," Luna replied.

"Of course your majesty, or I couldn't be your personal hoof maiden," Misty said.

"Well, I shall call you if we need anything else Misty," Luna said as she walked by Misty.

"Always a pleasure to serve your majesty. I must say the boys are cute little rascals," Misty said.

Night Mist and Peanut butter blushed as they hid in their new mother's mane. "Indeed they are, and a little shy too," Luna giggled.

Luna soon walked into the bathroom and Misty shut the door to give them some privacy. Peanut Butter and Night Mist were blown away by how large it was. Sure they had seen the bathroom back at the orphanage, but this dwarfed it in comparison. Soon Luna grabbed them in her magic. For a second they were startled, then, when they noticed her magical aura surrounding them, then relaxed. She checked to see if the water in the tub was the right temperature, and as always, Misty had been spot on. Soon she climbed in and slowly lowered the colts into the tub with her putting them on the shallow part. "How does that feel my little ones?" Luna asked.

"It wawm (warm), hehehe," Peanut Butter giggles.

"Now, let wash out those manes. Now close your eyes little ones," Luna said.

They did as they were told and Luna used her magic to scrub soap into there manes and then to scoop up a bucket of some water and pour it over their heads. "Brbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbr," Night Mist exclaimed as he shook his head of excess water.

Luna giggled at his display. "Your manes and fur are looking much nicer," Luna commented.

She held up a mirror and showed them what they looked like. They were surprised that they looked so well groomed. Once Luna was done after the boys had finished having fun popping bubbles, she levitated them out and placed them on a dry towel on her counter and soon wrapped a towel around each of them drying off their fur. When she finished, the colts' fur puffed out. "Hehehe. We so fwuffy," Peanut Butter giggled.

"Yes you are," Luna said as she finished drying herself off.

After she finished brushing their fur and straightening out their manes, she levitated them onto her back. It was still 7:30 a.m. according to the clock, which meant that many nobles, aside from her sister, were still asleep. This would provide her the chance to make her way to breakfast and out the door before there was an uproar of nobles hearing about the news. She soon trotted down to the dining room, not forgetting to grab the boys their medicine. As she trotted down though, something had crossed her mind. She saw something in the boys' past memories when they had been sleeping that she was uncertain about. She couldn't understand how, but these memories were something that had been locked away from the boys to be able to gain access. Whether that was good or bad, it was all how she looked at the situation. She had seen two boys.... human boys, from another dimension. As far back as she went, the boys had been on the run from something, they were scared.

Then, a figure appeared. A figure she knew all too well. Discord, the lord of chaos. But his appearance was different. Now, being reformed he seemed to want to help the boys. He told them that they would lose their memory if he did this, but they would be in good hands, well, in her case hoofs. He then opened up a portal, and grabbing the boys hands together they jumped in. It seemed to be going smoothly, but then.... there was chaos. Discord had lost his grip and the rift sent the boys in a different direction than him.

Now it was at this point, Night Mist and Peanut Butter had woken up next to each other in the streets of Canterlot. And for a long period of time they were trying to survive, first going to the orphanage before being literally thrown out after a time. Then trying to survive on the streets. Luna was in a state of shock and worry. These boys had been through more than their fare share of bad luck. And they needed her more than ever.

After the Night Mist and Peanut Butter had taken their pills and eaten their breakfast, Luna once again, set them on her back and formed her wings into a bowl shape so her sons wouldn't fall off. She knew walking would have to wait a couple of weeks til they regained their strength. Once she put on their sun glasses and made it too the door way she heard from an all too familiar voice, "And where are you going?"

"Oh, hello Tia. I was just about to take a stroll through Canterlot," Luna answered her sister.

"And you didn't bother to introduce your little passangers to me before you left? The nerve little sister," Celestia teased.

"Well, I didn't want to bother you during day court big sister," Luna said.

"Hmhmhm, oh Luna, I was only playing with you, and day court wont begin til eleven o' clock today, since it is Sunday," Celestia informed her.

"Oh, yes, that's right," Luna remembered.

"And there's no need to worry. I know what you're up to little sister, and I think it's wonderful that you are going to raise these two little colts. I must say, I was surprised that these two little ones were found where they were," Luna said.

"Well, there's more sister," Luna said.

"Oh?" Celestia pondered.

After introducing her sons to their new aunt Tia, Luna soon explained it to her quietly, not wanting her little ones getting all worried. Celesita was shocked herself. "Well, we better get going," Tia said.

Before Luna could interject, Celestia pulled out ink and parchment out of nowhere and wrote a note, no doubt to inform the castle staff they would be gone until day court. Celestia soon cast a copy and teleportation spell, sending it to all the staff before motioning her sister to follow her out. As they walked they saw a few of Canterlot's populous wave at them and daw at the seen of the two little bat ponies.

When they arrived at the orphanage, the caretakers were in an uproar about having bat ponies within their establishment. Celestia and Luna of course had the Royal Guard come by along with the Canterlot PD and escort the caretakers out. Some of the orphans were ones who recognized Peanut Butter and Night Mist and were happy to see they were alive. It hadn't taken long for the Princesses to call upon a dear friend of theirs, who wanted to personally take over the orphanage and make a happier place for all ponies, including those like the two new princes, who had just gained their ranks as the papers were signed by their mother Luna.

Soon the Princesses were heading back to the castle with the little princes and knew that there would be much more to deal with Once they trotted inside. Night Mist and Peanut Butter were actually surprised to see other grown up ponies, aside from their new mom and aunt, keeping an eye on them. The Lunar Guards that were escorting the royal family were doing their job quite well. One pony, who seemed to have a sore spot for bat ponies, threw a tomato at the princes, only to have the guard use some skilled maneuvers, that sent the fruit right back into the pony's face, than have two more Solar guards put the pony in chains, for attempted assault of royalty.

"Um..... what we have for lunch Mama?" Night Mist asked, as his tummy started to give away his hunger.

"Well, mommy's gonna have some nice surprise treats brought up to the Lunar chambers for you, and if you're still hungry afterwards, Mommy can give you some of her milk," Luna replied.

Night Mist and Peanut Butter tilted their heads. They didn't know Luna made her own milk, and wondered why they never saw cartons of it with her face as the logo. They usually just saw random cows on the logo. Celestia chuckled at the boys' confused looks, "Your mommy will explain later dears. But right now, we need to make sure we get you to the castle safely."

"Otay," the boys replied in unison.

As they reached the castle. Castle staff and royal guards treated them properly. One even announced all the royal family's names. Night Mist and Peanut Butter saw some of the Castle mades giggle as they looked at them. This made the two blush and hide their faces with their wings. "Timid little rascals aren't they?" Celestia commented.

"I can't blame them. Mares giggling at how cute you look as a little one. It would make even the most emotionless stallion blush," Luna pointed out.

"Too true," Celestia agreed.

"Princess Celestia! Princess Luna!" Called one of the Guards.

"Yes Silver Hoof, what is it?" Celestia asked.

"I apologize for the short notice, but the Nobles have requested a meeting, concerning the two new princes. The news traveled so fast, no pony had time write up a scheduled area to take care of this. It would seem they want to resolve the matter quickly. Some nobles are not feeling positive about Luna's sudden adoption of the two Princes," Silver Hoof informed them.

Celestia sighed, "I had a feeling this was going to occur. I know you don't want to leave your sons' side sister, but..."

"No I understand. This has to be taken care of. It may be a pointless debate, but it needs to be resolved before things get out of hoof. Lady Vannila!" Luna called.

A mare Lunar Guard came to Luna's side, "Yes your highness. How may I assist?"

"Please have yourself and two of your fellow guards ponies see my sons safely to the Lunar Chambers, and keep an eye on them. I'll be along shortly as soon as the meeting with the nobles has concluded," Luna commanded.

"Yes your majesty. We'll protect them with our lives. Shadow Wing, Star Blaze, with me," Vanilla commanded.

"Yes ma'am!" They saluted, and hurried the two princes on Vanilla's back to the Lunar chambers.

Author's Note:

End of Chapter 2.
Yes, I redid this one, cause like I said in a blog, I completely trailed off from my original plan, and am trying to get back to it's roots. I hope that you are all alright with the change. Please let me know what you think.