• Published 9th Sep 2015
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Brothers of the Night - Night--Mist

Luna finds two bat pony colts in the streets of Canterlot.

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A Plushified Prank

While the royalty and the the Element Bearers talked about the party Pinkie Pie was prepping for the two colts, within the room, there was a figure no pony assumed would be there. It wasn't Discord. He was with the others as well, trying to come up with a humorous game, on the request of Princess Celestia.

But this figure was a relation of his. She saw the two boys asleep peacefully, and commented to herself, "Such adorable things these two, and I have to compliment Rarity on her designs. But these two are getting so much boring attention. Nothing exciting."

She looked around the room, thinking, trying to figure something out, go give these two an excitement they wouldn't soon forget. Then she saw it, and put her plan in motion. Then, with a zap of her horn, she disappeared.

As she did so, Discord wiggled in a silly fashion. "Oh dear," he commented, with a bit of a concerned look.

Celestia's face went pale. "I've seen that look before Discord. What has caught you're attention?" she inquired.

"Well, it would appear that my little sister has decided to have a bit of fun at the moment," Discord answered.

"Wait! You have a sister?!" Twilight gasped.

"Whoops, I forgot to mention that to you eight, didn't I?" Discord blushed, remembering to include Spike and Sunset who were present as well, with the Element bearers.

"Well, all four of us did. I guess we were so focused on reforming you, Eris sort of slipped our minds," Celesia admitted.

"You knew he had a sibling?" Rainbow Dash asked as her jaw dropped.

"Yes, we did. However, unlike her older brother, Eris was just a prankster. While she still loves a little chaos, she was more for harmony then her older brother. Who do you think helped us discover the Elements of Harmony after Starswirl disappeared. She tutored under him as well, even if Stygian found her a bit frustrating as an alicorn," Luna stated.

All of Twilight's herd of friends and Blueblood's jaws dropped. "Eris is an Alicorn?!"

"Yes, she is my, how do I say it, counterbalance if you will. Like how Luna is Celestia's counterbalance. While I spread love and a touch of harmony in my own way, Eris has to keep that in check with a little bit of chaos and Discord, but her balance is kept in check, unlike how Discord's chaos was spread with no restraint. Sometimes I think he did it out of jealousy of his sister being chosen by Starswirl over him. Reason she's not known to many is because she doesn't like appearing in public. I mean, if you look at the ponies of the past, and how Luna's reputation was regarded, you can imagine what it could have been like for Eris, if Ponies knew of her. Even these days she keeps herself hidden in public eye, only revealing herself to those she can trust," Cadence explained.

"But getting back to why I pressed concern. It would appear she's chosen her target for a pranking," Discord stated.

Luna's eyes went wide, and she dashed for the bedroom where her son's were asleep a moment ago. Shen she opened the door, what she saw made her gasp. "Woow!" Night Mist bellowed in a happy manner, as he was tossed up in the air by a plushified Nightmare Moon doll, one Luna had won at a Nightmare Night celebration, it was life sized too, now moving on it's own.

She watched in a moment of shock and terror, as Night Mist disappeared into it's pluchified jaws and down it's throat. It made a burp before turning towards Luna and the others. "Let them go, Now!" Luna demaned, restraining herself not to use her Royal volume, in risk of hurting her little ones.

"Oh, but Peanut Butter and Night Mist are having fun in there. Listen," Nightmare Plush insisted.

Muffled sounds of joyous laughter and the word "bouncy" being repeated in a cute tone could be heard as they saw Nightmare Plush's belly wiggle about. "Now why would I take away their fun?" Nightmare Plush asked.

"You have to admit, she makes a good point Luna," Discord stated.

"It's your fault she had enough time to even do this. She needs to let them out," Luna stated.

"If you want to get them out. You have to catch me first," Nightmare Plush stated as she spread her plush wings, and took off with ease to the air, zooming past everypony.

"Guards! Stop that Plush!" Celestia demanded.

The Guards and even Shining Armor made a dash after Nightmare Plush, with the royals not far behind. Twilight and her friends devised a plan to catch her, by heading out the balcony window, and down to the ground with their wings and magic, getting everyone there safely. Spike had his own idea, knowing a few shortcuts to catch up to Nightmare Plush.

Meanwhile, in Nightmare Plush's belly, Night Mist and Peanut Butter were staring at what appeared to be a fun room, fit for little colts their age. Eris may be a prankster, but she was no mare of torture, so while they had fun in the fun room, The Herds of Royalty and Elements were trying to keep up with Nightmare Plush. She did all kinds of Twists and turns, causing a few guards to get into collisions and pile ups with each other.

It was causing Luna to worry. Until finally, they came to a halt in the Princess's private kitchen, where Nightmare Plush was standing there, and the two bat pony colts were hugging her and giggling, and everypony else had a look of surprise on their faces. "Well, it took you long enough," said another voice.

Everyone looked to their left to see Eris, Discord's little sister, alicorn with a mixture of colors that made her look like someone had used paint on her, but blended quite nicely, since she did originally descend from a paint class of Earth Pony. "Eris, I thought we agreed not to frighten the Princesses and give them heart attacks," Discord snapped.

"Oh big brother, they're immortal. Giving them a good scare is fun once in a while. That's why I explained what would happen to the boys before you all barged into the room. Did you two have fun in the fun room?" Eris asked.

The boys nodded. "Tank yous Auntie Eris," Night Mist gestured.

"You're very welcome," Eris replied as she nuzzled both of the colts.

"Wait, fun room? They were swallowed by a plush doll that took on a life of it's own," Luna stated, thinking there'd be nothing but fluff surrounding the boys, though a fun room would explain why they had been chanting the word, bouncy.

"It's a new thing I wanted to unveil for the upcoming Nightmare Night. A little excitement to add to the celebration. While I haven't made a choice to mass produce this attraction yet, Nightmare Plush is to let ponies have a good time, after getting a chase by Nightmare Moon, should she find the candy offer not up to par. Inside, it could hold many a pony, on the outside, she only has a fairly distended looking belly, making her still able to chase after other ponies. Now, of course I would let ponies know ahead of time what Nightmare Plush is all about, so that they're not panicking that Nightmare Moon is actually gobbling up ponies. Night Mist and Peanut Butter just got an early experience, and I got to have a good laugh seeing you chase her," Eris stated.

"But, you can always ask me to go back to being a normal plush. If you feel too upset to let this continue I understand," Nightmare Plush stated.

"No Mama, please. Don't make her a normal Plushie. She's fun," Peanut Butter pleaded.

Luna looked at her boys' faces of pleading. It was the one face that would make even the most stubborn mare break face. They seemed so happy to have a plush toy they could interact with. Even if she was a memory of Luna's dark self. And the Plush had no ill intentions. Just a playful personality. Perhaps it was best to let her stay as she was, help get the boys more social in a way. "Alright. I'll let you stay as you are. Besides. I do think that having a live plush give new experience that still leads to a good time, is actually a good idea. They could create all sorts of games with this for the celebration. However, I request a few minor alterations, and a slight request," Luna stated, as she motioned Eris and Nightmare Plush to her.

She whispered something to the two alicorns, and each held a look of surprise. "Luna, that's down right devious. I didn't know you had that kind of mischief in you. I like it," Eris stated.

"I agree. Ready Eris?" Nightmare Plush asked.

"Ready," Eris stated.

With that, she flared up her horn, and then there was a flash, which Luna was quick to shield the boys' eyes from. Once it died down, Nightmare Plush stated, "Thank you Eris. I'll be off for now. I have to take care of something."

With that she flew out of the room, and Tia looked at Luna, in which she asked, "What exactly, did you ask Nightmare Plush to do?"

"Oh, you'll find out in due time sister. So Eris, any reason why you led us to the private kitchen?" Luna inquired.

"Well, I had made two desserts, one to welcome the young colts into the royal family," Eris stated.

"And the other?" Cadence pondered.

They watched as a cake was thrown into Blueblood's face. After most fell to the floor he stood there, not reacting. "I'm supposing you didn't deserve that?" Rarity scoffed.

"No, that one I deserved," Blueblood admitted.

Eris nodded, and informed them, "He stole my favorite book. And then got it locked away in the restricted section by mistake. I've been trying to get access there, but the librarians there know me all too well, even with disguises, and think I'm trying to get there for other means."

"Why didn't you let us know?" Celestia inquired.

"I was waiting for Blueblood to own up to his mistake and get back for me. But he always finds some scapegoat to prolong it's stay," Eris answered.

Tia looked at Blueblood with a frown of disappointment. "You are going to get her book back tomorrow, and no excuses this time," she ordered.

"Yes Aunt Celestia," Blueblood agreed.

"Anyways. Now that that is out of the way, why don't we all have some cake. And don't worry Luna, I got the boy's medication right here," Eris stated.

Soon, after Night Mist and Peanut Butter took their medication, Luna placed bibs on each of them, so not to get their adorable pajamas dirty, and let the two of them have the first slices. "You know Pinkie Pie will be super displeased about this," Discord stated.

"Displeased? She's the one who made the cake. She calls it the Lunar Eclipse Special. She demanded to make it, then presumed the party planning for tomorrow. She's exited times ten about it," Eris let him know.

"She's always excited times ten when it comes to planning parties. I think this will be times twenty," Discord guessed.

With that, they all dug into cake, while Nightmare Plush proceeded with Luna's request. What that was, no pony knew but Luna and Eris.

Author's Note:

End of this chapter. Took longer than I had liked, but I feel I did good. I tried some new grounds of stroy telling to see where it might lead, while keeping it cute. I hope you all enjoyed, let me know what you think.

Now excuse me while....

*Gets hit by incoming Pinkie Pie.* LOOKS LIKE I'M BLASTING OFF AGAAAAAIN!!!

Soarin: I got him. *Takes off to go grab Night Mist and Pinkie Pie.*

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