• Published 9th Sep 2015
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Brothers of the Night - Night--Mist

Luna finds two bat pony colts in the streets of Canterlot.

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A Pointless Debate and Peacful Conclusion.

The Nobles of Canterlot, as well as Princess Twilight Sparkle and Spike, and Princess Cadence and Shining Armor, who had received fast word of the recent development were all in attendance, mumbling in arguement about what Luna had taken action of. Celestia and Luna looked at each other and shook their heads in disappointment. They knew almost every noble would want to get their say in that matter.

"Everypony Please," Celestia tried to grab their attention.

The argument kept going on. "If you we could have some order here," Twilight tried.

Still the conversations continued. It was as if the nobles didn't realize all the alicorn rulers were there. Discord popped in and stated, "I apolgize for the intrusion, but I could sense the Choas brewing all they way back in Ponyville. I haven't missed anything juicy have I?"

Luna sighed, "Not yet Discord. Now if you'll excuse me........ SCIIIIILEEEENCE!!!!"

The room went eerily quiet as everypony stared in the direction of the princesses and Discord, who had made a seat of his own for the meeting, and was currently rubbing his ear. "Forgot you had those kind of vocals Princess Luna," He admitted.

Luna snorted, "Now that I have everypony's attention. We know why everypony is here today, so I shall skip the pointless statement of why the meeting was called. I know everyone wants to have their say, however, I shall let Princess Twilight speak first, for I know if I or Celestia were to take the first part of the conversation, our statement would be considered biased, based on the situation. Even Prince Blueblood's could be taken out of context."

"I accept that reasoning Aunt Luna," Blueblood replied.

Twilight than cleared her throat, "I recently received word this morning that Princess Luna had not only rescued, but adopted two foals she met last night. This comes from a source other than the princesses who wish to keep their name anonymous. I was also informed of the particular race of pony these two foals were, which are Batpony. They are a cousin branch of Pegasi, and most are known to be nocturnal, as I am sure everypony here is aware. Now, these ponies are few in number here in Equestria, and the fact that two were found to be in our nation's capital is astonishing from my perspective to say the least. This will most assuredly make headline news by tomorrow at the latest, if not sooner, along with Luna's adoption of the young colts. Now as for where I stand on this adoption. I have no quarrel with Princess Luna adopting her new charges."

"Thank you Twilight. Now, as my sister has stated, I am sure everypony here wishes to speak their piece on that matter. That being said," Celestia was abruptly cut off as a pony interjected, "I would like to hear the opinion of Prince Blueblood on this matter first."

The room went silent for a moment, and no pony made a disagreement. "Well, ahem, as you wish, Prince Blueblood, you may speak your piece," Princess Celestia insisted.

"Thank you, Aunt Celestia. Now, I can not say that I am for or against the said adoption my Aunt, Luna has made. I have no opinion one way or the other about the cousin race of Bat Pony. I know very well some are part of the Lunar Guard, and that is reasonable, since we need proper guardianship of the Night. That duty can not fall squarely onto my Aunt, Princess Luna, as she also must see to the realm of dreams and many other matters to keep our nights safe. One thing I do not find pleasing at all, is the condition the two colts were found in," Blueblood stated.

"Are you saying that you do not approve of they're looks being on Royal grounds," one unicorn noble inquired.

"Not remotely what I meant. The boys were found very undernourished, and with no pony looking after them, here in our capital. The fact that any foal should have to go through such torment, I can not feel righteous, if I was aware of such knowledge. So, if I am saying anything, the act my Aunt had made was of a noble cause," Blueblood stated.

Celestia was in a bit of a surprised state. She hadn't expected Blueblood to react like this, after his attitude at the Grand Galloping Gala with Rarity. She than said, "Thank you for your input Nephew. Now, who else would like to put forth their word?...... Yes, Lord Firemane."

Firemane stood and inquired, "What of the rumors we hear that bat ponies are a remnant of Nightmare Moon's attempted takeover of Equestria? Are you willing to risk Equestria's safety by them being brought into the royal family?"

"Those Rumors were completely false. Bat Ponies were around far before even Princess Luna's birth and crowning as a princess. To say they were unholy spawns of Nightmare Moon is unjustified," Princess Cadence interjected.

"And if I may, I am the pony who was once Nightmare Moon. I may have been in a dark place, but I still had my mind in tact, so I would know of any dark entities I would have created. Rest easy to know that none exist," Luna defended herself.

Fancy Pants, who was in attendance spoke, "I find the Bat Pony clan to be very interesting. The abilities that I have seen some of the Lunar Guard use, which I am sure we can give some credit to Prince Shining Armor for training, are a sight to behold. And I've seen a few foals myself of the bat pony kind. They can make even the most frustrated pony smile, just being in their presence. Even Lady Rarity herself has dedicated a line, both in child and adult wear to their race. So, I fail to see how these colts have no reason to be adopted, especially by dear Princess Luna."

"I have heard stories that they are vicious, and will bite any pony who gets too close to them," A silver maned pegasus stated.

"Lady Silver Streak. I feel you are going off of some old Nightmare Night stories, which were no more than a harmless prank some bat ponies played along with, but never really did any real harm to anypony. If bat ponies did ever try to bite someone, it would only be in self defense, or defense of their young. Bat Ponies have been known to be very close knit with their families. Some brothers and sisters living under the same roof in means of keeping an eye on each other. And foals. Even if they did try to bite someone, they're fangs are too fragile to do any damage to any pony. At best, it would feel like a baby puppy would be nibbling playfully on your hoof," Lord Flint Hoof stated.

"But royalty can not simply go and adopt common orphans into their family," A black furred unicorn stated.

Then arguement broke out again, and everyone was trying to speak over each other. "Oh, dear, not another Griffon Kingdom Fiasco," Tia put a hoof on her forhead.

"What happened with the Griffons while I was away sister?" Luna inquired.

"The less you know the better, Little Sister," Celestia advised.

"Trust me, your really don't wanna know," Twilight added, having been present for that meeting.

"Very well. Sister. I'll let you take the vocals this time," Luna offered.

Celestia nodded, and Discord dropped his popcorn as he, Blueblood, Shining Armor, Spike, and the other three Princesses plugged their ears, Celestia Bellowed "ATTENTIOOOOOON!!!!"

The nobles straigtened out their manes and attire as they all sat quietly, looking at Celestia with pupils the size of pins. "Thank you. Now, it would seem that the last statement got us all out of order, so, before anypony tries to make another claim whether or not my sister had a right to adopt the two colts in her care, I will make it clear right now, my fateful Student's number one assistant Spike, has helped to look through every law to be thorough about this, and I will let him state what we have found. Spike," Celestia insisted.

"Wait, you're letting dragon, let alone, a child dragon speak," a gold furred pegasus argued.

"Spike has been at Princess Twilight's side since the day she entered my school. He know's more about Equestria's laws than many here do, so yes, will let him speak," Celestia spat.

"Thank you your highness," Spike bowwed.

"Um, before I do let him continue, I would like to state that Spike was made an honerary member of the Sparkle Family, and was given the title lord. So, if you wish to speak to him directly, I suggest you address him as such," Princess Cadence informed everypony.

"Um, well, as I was about to say, having looked through every law that was passed by Princess Celestia herself, and others co-signed by Luna, both pre and post banishment, apologies for the acknowledgement of that, Princess Luna," Spike apologized.

"Forgiven, proceed," Luna assured him.

"No law has ever been stated that a pony, be they noble or common, can not be adopted into royalty by Princess Celestia or Princess Luna. Nor does any law state that a particular race of pony can't be adopted by the Princesses either. And if I may be so bold to speak, rank, race, or species should not dictate how you view anyone, therefore, there is no reason Prince Night Mist and Prince Peanut Butter should be denied the right of being adopted by the princesses. You should judge someone based off personality. I know I've had my short comings of being too quick to judge, and I've done my best to atone for them," Spike stated.

"Very well said, little brother Spike," Shining Armor applauded his dragon brother.

Spike bowed, and returned to Twilight's side. "If I may ask Princess Luna, just out of curiosity. Why were the said names given to your charges?" Lady Fleur De Lis inquired.

"Well, Prince Night Mist's coat and mane reminded me of the mist when I see it at night. And Prince Peanut Butter. Well, he had a sweet tooth for peanut butter flavored cookies, so you can see how he got his name," Luna informed them.

This gained a lot of daws from the nobles in the crowd. "Well, I know I'm not really an expert on many of the pony ways, but from my perspective, I see this adoption as a great setup. Not just for the colts, but for Princess Luna as well. She'll have some company on her nights she keeps safe. Not that it's a huge effort for her, given the help she already has with her guard, but I can understand how lonely certain days can get with no pony at your side. I just hope you won't keep them too in line during the night. A good cake war now and again is quite amusing," Discord chuckled.

This got many nobles, and the Princesses to laugh, themselves, remembering when Pinkie Pie got carried away with one of her parties, and Tia and Luna had ponies take side in a cake fight. No doubt Discord had a hoof, er, claw, er, maybe a paw in planning it.

With no further argument on the matter, and complimenting Blueblood on showing his true nobility, and not his uptight attitude, the Royal Families made their way to Luna's chamber. When they entered, they found the adorable sight of Night Mist and Peanut Butter laying next to Lady Vanilla. Vanilla Stood, Saluted the families as they came in. "Your majesty I hope you don't mind. They're bellies were starting to rumble, and after they took their medication, we had no other means of giving them nourishment, so, I had to..." Vanilla was cut short, as Luna covered her mouth.

"I understand Vanilla. I asked you to look after them, and your maternal instincts kicked in, so you let them nurse from you," Luna deduced.

"Y-Yes your majesty. I hope you don't," Again, she was cut off by Luna.

"I'm not mad at all Vanilla. I am glad you want above and beyond what I expected of you. Which is one reason I chose you for this," Luna stated.

"Um..... one.... reason?" Vanilla inquired.

"I shall tell you at a later time. But for now, if you and your fellow guard wish to take your leave, I shall not keep you," Princess Luna informed her.

"Well, I can see this is a bit of family get together, so, I shall take my leave with Shadow Wing and Star Blaze," She stated, and soon trotted out of the Lunar chambers.

Once the Lunar Chamber doors were shut, the whole family, even Prince Blueblood, dawed at the sight, as Luna lay down next to her two tiny charges, and layed her wing protectively over them as they slept, signaling the rest to keep their voices down for the time being.

Author's Note:

End of chapter 3. Wow, took me longer than I expected, but I am glad I could get it done before Christmas Eve. This chapter was commissioned by Shotgunboy848. I hope I didn't disappoint. And yes, I did change it up, for those who have been following it. There is a blog that states why I made the change. I hope you all enjoyed the chapter.