• Published 9th Sep 2015
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Brothers of the Night - Night--Mist

Luna finds two bat pony colts in the streets of Canterlot.

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Meeting The Element Bearers

Peanut Butter and Night Mist soon opened their eyes to see the entirety of the Royals families looking at them. Night Mist crawled underneath Luna's wing, to stay out of sight, while Peanut Butter used his wings to hide his blush. "Aww, timid little rascals," Shining teased.

"Well what do you expect. They're just toddlers. And seeing so many faces at once can be a little nerve racking," Cadence explained.

Peanut Butter was soon brave enough to fold his wings back and look at everyone. "Aww, there's that cute little face Luna told me so much about," Cadence dawwed.

Night Mist still stayed under Luna's wing, extremely shy, almost as shy as Fluttershy. Luna maneuvered her head under her wing to nuzzle Night Mist. "It's okay sweetie, don't be frightened. No pony here is gonna harm you. They just wanna see how cute you are," Luna assured him.

"But Mama, I.... I....." Night Mist couldn't finish as he started to tear up, and stood a bit to show he had made a wet spot on the living room bed.

When Luna saw it, she realized that the sight of all the royals at once gave him a scare. And now she knew that Night Mist didn't have complete control of his bladder. It honestly didn't surprise her, with the condition she had found him and Peanut Butter in to begin with. She nuzzled him once more. "Shhh, it's alright. Accidents happen sweetie. Come, I'll take you to the bathroom and we'll get you in some protection, okay?" Luna stated, as she used her magic to clear evidence of the wet spot, so he wouldn't feel so embarrassed.

Night Mist sniffed, "Otay Mama."

Luna soon, pulled her head out and said to the others, "Please excuse me and Night Mist for a moment. We need to take care of something. Peanut Butter, are you okay with your aunts and uncle watching you while I'm gone for a moment?" Luna inquired.

Peanut nodded, and soon Luna grabbed Night Mist by the nape of his neck and carried him to the bathroom. "Twilight chuckled, "I see Night Mist is the tiny one. That must mean Peanut Butter here is the big brother."

Peanut Butter chuckled as Twilight Sparkle ruffled his mane. Just then there was a knock on the door outside the Lunar Chambers. "Now who could that be?" Celestia inquired.

"Oh, I hope you don't mind, but not long after they heard the news, my friends insisted on visiting and seeing the new princes. I felt it would be wrong of me to get the privilege to meet them, on not my friends," Twilight informed them.

"I suppose that is a fine point, but I would advise that you let us know ahead of schedule that they'll be coming," Celestia insisted.

"Noted Princess Celestia," Twilight blushed.

Soon, the doors opened and it reveal the colorful herd of the Element bearers, and Sunset Shimmer. Peanut Butter coward back a little at the new comers, not used to getting so much attention. Just then Luna entered back into the living room, carrying Night Mist again, this time with a youth diaper. It allowed him to maneuver freely, while still being able to prevent accidents, and to make it look more styish, it was decorated with moons and stars. Fitting since he was a child of the night. This recieved many daaws from the whole group, even Prince Blueblood, as Luna laid back down on the bed with Night Mist and Peanut Butter. "My, these two boys are rather dashing little colts. I can see many mares falling for them in the future. But, I think for the time being, they need to have something to make them look adorable. Um, Princess Luna, if I may," Rarity asked as she pulled out a tape measure.

"By all means Miss Rarity," Luna permitted.

Night Mist and Peanut Butter watched and even giggled as Rarity doing her fast paced measuring of them tickled a bit. When she was done, she stated, "I'll be back in a flash dears."

With that she galloped off, and everypony presumed it was to her Canterlot Boutique. "Well, I have to say with those style wings, if they work hard at it, they may be just as awesome as me when they get older," Rainbow Dash stated, trying to keep her daaws in check, to look tough.

"Now Rainbow, Don't go gettin any idears to make them Wonder Bolts yet. You understand they've been through a rough time," Applejack tried to reel Rainbow Dash in.

"Yeah, I know. I still can't believe that ponies would do such things to them. If I ever meet any of those ponies up close, I'm gonna m-," Rainbow was cut off as her mouth was magically shut tight.

"Not around the little ones Dash. They don't need to worry their little heads about those things," Twilight stated before releasing Rainbow's muzzle from her magical grip.

"I must admit, it's the first time I've actually laid eyes on bat ponies myself, let alone a foal bat pony. Makes them all the more cuter," Sunset admitted.

Night Mist covered his face with his wings to hide his blush. "Oh, where did little Prince Night Mist go?" Sunset teased.

She leaned in closer and bumped her nose gently to his, making him move his wings slowly back to look at her. "Aww, there he is," She cooed.

Night Mist giggled and booped her nose with his tiny hoof. "Oh... he got me," Sunset joked as she acted as if she had her sense knocked about, and fell to the floor.

"Whoop, mare down," Applejack chuckled.

Night Mist crawled towards the edge of the bed, only to have Sunset pop up and say, "Boo!"

Night Mist jumped and laughed at the surprise jump, as he fell onto his back. This proved adorably fatal as Cadence took a turn to torture her new nephew and give him belly blasts. Night Mist flailed his legs helplessly as he laughed from the belly blast attack. Peanut Butter began to trot across the bed to try and help his little brother, only to have Celestia grab him in her magic. "Oh, you thought you could get spared and save little Nighty," Celestia deviously smiled, before she used her wing to tickle Peanut Butter.

Both foals now were laughing uncontrollably. After the princesses felt their nephews had enough, both the colts toddled back to Luna for motherly protection from any further tickle tortures. Fluttershy blushed, "They're just as cute as baby fruit bats."

"Yeah, when they're not terrorizing the Apple Orchard, I'll have to agree. Don't let me catch you two sneakin onto the farm and causin some mischief," Applejack joked as she ruffled their manes.

"We won'ts," they said together.

Everypony thought it was cute that they still had they're babyish talk, even if they were 4-5 years of age. Just then Rarity trotted in, and stated, "Well, it took a little longer, but I finally made something fit for these adorable little royals."

Rarity revealed two onesie pajama's. The larger one had had red color to it, with peanut butter jar and peanut butter cookie designs all over it. Obviously for Peanut Butter himself. and the smaller one was a black color, with the moon behind some mist like clouds patterened all over it. "Oh Rarity, they're adorable. How much will they be?" Luna inquired.

"Oh, no charge your majesty. Think of this as a gift for the Little Princes for their welcoming into the royal family," Rarity stated.

Night Mist and Peanut Butter just started blankly at the PJ's, as if they were in a trance. "Well, let's see if we can try them on," Luna insisted.

The boys were excited to get into their new attire. Once they were fitted on, the boys felt as if they were being hugged by the fluffiest cloud. They then started prancing around in their new attire. "I see they love them," Rarity stated.

"Indeed. I actually doubt the boys will want to part with them for a long while. It will make all of Equestria who have level heads coo over them even more," Blueblood said.

Just then, Peanut Butter and Night Mist passed out into a little foal pile right next to Luna. "Whoop. Looks like all that excitement finally did them in. Shhh," Luna gestured with her hoof.

Luna gently levitaged the two of them and took them to the cirb area she had set up in her room. She knew they were not baby foals, but with their condition, it was more of a precaution so they not hurt themselves. As the two boys slept on in dreamland, Luna cast a spell to cover their adorable ears from loud noises and another to keep their dreams peaceful, and keep the bad memories away. Then she trotted out and began to converse with the her family and friends. She hadn't seen a form of chaos had been hiding in the room, ready to perform an adorable prank.

Author's Note:

End of new Chapter. Another big thank you to Shotgunboy848 for commissioning this chapter. I hope it was adorable enough for everyone. Trying to keep the focus on the two brothers as much as I can, and I thought I'd throw a Sunset Shimmer is present twist in there, cause honestly, I want her to be in the Ponyverse permanently already, and Hasbro keeps denying her entry.

Anyways, let me know what you all think of the new chapter. Gonna start working on the next chapter.

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