• Published 9th Sep 2015
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Brothers of the Night - Night--Mist

Luna finds two bat pony colts in the streets of Canterlot.

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Luna's New Sons

It was a bit of a cold night. The Princess of Night made her way through the streets of Canterlot after having raised her beautiful moon. The running of the leaves had just finished a week ago, and as always, Rainbow Dash and Applejack had tied in the Ponyville area as she had heard. Whether or not the two had planned a tie, there were no doubts the two were happy with a shared win.

Her reminiscing was interrupted as the wind picked up and blew a bit of a chill. “Buurrr. Winter feels to be fast approaching. I can’t imagine anypony being out here without some proper attire for these conditions,” Luna said to herself.

As Luna prepared to take off, a small whimper, no, two small whimpers, from an alleyway grabbed her attention. “What on Earth?” She pondered.

She folded her wings and lightly trotted towards the source of the whimpers. When she rounded a corner, what she saw next broke her heart. She put a hoof over her mouth to muffle her surprised gasp, and her eyes were welling up in tears as she saw two cute little colts laying in a cardboard box, huddled together shaking as they were not gifted with warmth on this night. These were not just your average Earth pony, Unicorn, or Pegasi. These two were little colts were Bat Ponies. Bat Ponies were a special breed of pegasi, as most knew. They weren’t the most common, but there was still a good portion.

One of the little colts had a fur color that was similar to Peanut Butter that Luna would have with her toast. The other, bared a striking resemblance to the color of mist when seen at night. However, the coats of these two bat ponies were not in very good condition. Luna could also tell that they must have been starving for some time now at the way their bodies looked. What saddened Luna was that she knew all too well the most obvious reason for their present condition. In a way it also made her angry. She soon started to trot towards the little colts.

The colts heard her footsteps and yelped at the sight of the princess before them. Both attempt to find places to try and hide. The state of their condition however didn’t let them get very far. Luna couldn’t bare to watch anymore. These colts were no more than 4 years old. How they managed to survive on their own was all but a mystery to her. She lifted the colts in her magic. The colts immediately screamed, covering their faces, waiting for the princess to hurt them, or something of the nature. “Calm down little ones. Please. I am not going to hurt you,” Luna said.

The colts slowly pulled their hooves. “That’s it. You two should not be out here by yourselves. I don’t know why you are out here, but I cannot let you stay here,” Luna said.

The boys said nothing as they crouched their heads lower at her statement. “Seeing as you need a place to eat, sleep and warm up, I am taking you with me,” Luna said.

This surprised the colts and Luna giggled a bit. She soon heard the sound of two rumbling tummies. “It would seem I have found two hungry little colts.”

This made the colts smile and blush. This in turn made Luna smile. “Let us be off, to fetch you some meals for those hungry little bellies,” Luna said as she placed the two foals on her back.

Luna soon spread her wings and made ready to fly. Upon this happening, one colt wrapped his arms around her neck as best he could, and the other held onto his brother. She smiled and soon flew off onto the castle grounds. As she landed at the castle entrance, two Lunar guards greeted her. “Princess Luna, we are relieved to see you back safely, but, why do you carry two youngsters with you,” a Lunar Guard asked in curiosity.

Luna was relieved he was curious rather than mad to see two bat ponies within the castle grounds. She replied, “I have brought them here for many reasons that will be explained in due time, however the most important reason right now are that these two require medical attention and a good meal.”

Seeing the colts in the state they were in, they made no argument and fetched fellow Lunar Guards to stand their posts as one fetched the medical staff, and the other fetched the “cook of the night”. Luna was also escorted by one guard as she made her way through the halls. The two colts felt very intimidated as the Lunar Guard trotted with Luna. Soon, the Princess of night and the two colts made their way to the dining hall while the guard waited outside. Soon the chef arrived and was surprised to see two colts with the Lunar Princess. “Your majesty, this is quite unexpected, I usually see little visitors when I work during the days after me and my brother switch off,” the chef said.
“Well, Chef Dumpling. There is more to this than you may think. I request that you make these two boys a well prepared meal. Their bellies have been growling like a bear,” Luna replied.

“Of course your highness,” Dumpling said.

He soon verified what the two colts were hungry for. However, he felt he could make a bit more for them. When the food came out, the boys were in shock and awe. They felt as if they were being treated like royalty. Why? And why was the Princess of the Night sacrificing time to spend with them? They did not know, but they were grateful. The two began eating, however, their little feast did not end well. Not 15 seconds after having devoured a small portion of their meal, they threw up. Luna was afraid this was going to happen. All that time on the streets had really done a number on their bodies. The chef felt sympathy for the two young ones. He knew it wasn’t because they hated the food, it was their bodies, having been malnourished and told the princess that it was no trouble cleaning the mess.

Luna soon wiped the two little colts up and placed them on her back and made for the medical wing of the castle. Halfway there, she was intercepted by the evening royal medical staff. “Your highness, we came as soon as we were summoned. Please follow us at once your highness,” one of the medical staff members urged.

They galloped as fast as their hooves could carry them. Soon they were at the examination room. Luna was asked to leave, however the little colts hung onto her legs as a way to say they didn’t want her to leave. After negotiations, the staff let her sit and watch. It took roughly half an hour, since the boys were so timid and would not speak a word. After Doctor Gentle Heart was finished, she turned to Luna. “What is their condition Gentle Heart?” Luna asked as she looked at the two little colts bundled up in warm blankets.

“Well, other than extreme undernourishment, the boys are fine. It will take some time, but I am certain the boys will regain their strength, if given proper nourishment. To help speed the process, we have pills that can help. They’re tasteless for adults, but the foal additions have a sweetened blend put in to help the little ones be able to take it, since they don’t turn down sweets. These pills are an explosion of nutrients that will help them regain the strength they lost, I have already given each of them one with some water, so it should already be helping them. Had you not found them, your highness, I can’t begin to imagine what might have happened to them. If you don’t mind me asking your highness, what do you plan to do with them?” Gentle Heart inquires.

Luna looked at the two little colts. For most, this would be a tough decision, but for her, her mind was made up. After the way the boys had reacted to her, especially just moments ago, she knew she was one pony they could trust. Plus, even if taking them to an orphanage had been on her mind, she had a feeling the two would be thrown out on the streets again just because they were different from all other ponies with their wings, ears and eyes. She couldn’t let that happen. Everypony had a right to live. The boys were no different. Plus, she had grown attached to the two little colts in the few hours they had spent together. She trotted over to them. As she did, they looked up at her, eyes filled with confusion. “Hello there, little ones. Are you feeling a little better?” She asked.

The two colts simply nodded. ‘Okay this is a start,’ she thought. “Do you have a home? Any parents?” she added.
The two hung their heads and shook them side to side. Luna felt even more hurt for them on the inside now. “Would you like to stay here?” She requested.

The two colts look up at her in confusion before she continues, “With me? I can take care of you. Keep you safe. Would you like that?” She asked, taking baby steps with the request.

The colts looked at each other, then looked back at her, and the one with the peanut butter fur asked, “W-Wiww you be ouw M-Mama?”
This is a question she had been hoping for, and she was relieved they were trusting her enough to speak. She then replied, “If you really want me to, of course I can be your mommy.”

The boys look back at each other and smiled. They leaned towards her and then began to hug her. She was surprise by this gesture, but then she smiled, and hugged the two little colts back, tearing up a bit. “Oh, one more thing, can you tell me your names?” She asked.

“We…. We not have ones youw highness,” the mist colored pony said.

“Well, no pony should go without a name here at our castle. Hmmmm….. I think I shall call you Night Mist, because your fur is like the color of the mist when seen at night. Would you like that dear?” Luna asked.

“Uh huh, me likey,” Night Mist said.

“Hehehe, whats about me Mama?” the peanut butter furred pony asked.

“Well, I think I’ll call you…. Peanut Butter, because your fur is like the color of peanut butter, and I saw how you went for the Peanut Butter cookies at dinner. What do you think?” She asked.

Peanut Butter giggled and blushed at his guilt of liking Peanut Butter cookies. “Dats a good one, Tanks Mama,” Peanut Butter answered.

“Well, we’ll head to the lunar chambers in a moment. But I have to talk to Dr. Gentle Heart first dears,” Luna said.

“Otay mama,” the boys replied in unison.

Luna couldn’t help but giggle at the way the boys talked to her. It just made them all the more adorable. Soon she turned to Gentle Heart who had been listening in on the conversation and asked, “Your majesty, are sure you want to do this? Being a mother is a great challenge. I don’t doubt your abilities, but are you sure you are ready for this?”

Luna smiled with courage, “I am. I cannot let these two go back to a life on the streets. It would hurt me too much to abandon them, knowing I could have done something. They have no one to turn to, and you know how the Canterlot Orphanage feels about bat ponies.”

“I understand completely Princess Luna. I do not have anything against them. They seem to have been through more than their fare share, and I would feel a bit of guilt myself if we turned them away. I was just making sure you felt you are ready for this challenge,” Gentle Heart stated.

Luna nodded in understanding. “Well, while you were conversing with the, hmhm, “young princes”, I took the liberty of preparing some medicine for them,” Gentle Heart stated.

She handed her four medicine bottles with pills inside. Two labeled Peanut Butter and the other two labeled Night Mist. “Give them one from each bottle for the next two weeks during each meal. One will be the pill that we talked about, and the other should help them to hold down their food that they eat, and also digest it properly. I should also mention they both have high metabolisms, higher than most pegasi or bat ponies normally do, so they’ll be hungry a lot.

“Thank you, I’ll make sure they take them. If that is all, we will be off. The boys look tuckered out,” Luna said as she looked back at the tired little colts.

“Yes that will be all for now. I’ll have you bring them in two weeks from today to see how they are progressing. Do bring them in before hoof if you feel you need to though, don’t hesitate,” Gentle Heart urged.

“I will, and thank you,” Luna calmly assured her.

Soon she turned back to her two new sons. “Alright little ones, let us get you to bed,” Luna gestured them, and soon lowered herself, so her new boys could crawl onto her back.

After they were secured on her back, it didn’t take long before they passed out while in transit to their new sleeping quarters with their new mother. She looked back and smiled as she watched the two boys sleep, and cast a spell to give them a shared and happy dream, protecting them from nightmares for the night. She then looked forward and continued her journey to the Lunar chambers.

Author's Note:

Hey everypony, so I am finally back for a short bit, but I have to head right back out. This is a story that's been on my mind for a while, and it was to honor my brother Peanut Butter. He was kind enough to introduce my OC into one of his stories, so I thought it was only fair that I make a story for him. Adding him to My Little Foals: Friendship is Padded just didn't feel like I was repaying him. So, this is a story that I have him and me in, and how we become the "Brothers of the Night". I know this chapter is a little dark, but I feel it's a good way to start it. I will try to lighten the mood throughout the future chapters.