• Published 14th Apr 2015
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You Can't Help Who You Love - Feather Flyer

What's the use? No one wants to accept her as a new person. She tried the best she could to show the others that she's changed, but nothing's working. She can't blame them: who would believe her anyway? That is, anyone other than herself?

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Many Emotions

Author's Note:

I didn't expect this story to be successful! I give Shaud all the credit for that since this story is based off theirs. I hope you all like it so far.

Sunset threw open the double door entrance/exit to CHS and promptly left the building. She walked with quick steps and her head held up high. Her hands clutched the straps of her bag with a killer grip. Sunset Shimmer was furious. All throughout detention, Trixie's words echoed in her head, bouncing around and jumbling her thoughts. It distracted her from finishing her work. None of it should matter to her. She was Sunset Shimmer. People said stuff about her all the time and did she care?


But whatever was said about her was said behind her back...not to her face.

Sunset gritted her teeth and made her way down the street. Trixie was just dramatic. Everything she said was just to add a dramatic flare to emphasize their mutual dislike for each other. No one actually did what she said they did...

Angrily, the girl stomped to the intersection and waited impatiently for the crosswalk light to signify her to go across the street. Cars rolled on by down Trot Street and Saunter Avenue with ease. The green light stayed on for what seemed like an infinite amount of time; too slow for Sunset's taste. Everything was going too slow for her. The crosswalk light stayed on that red hand too long, the birds in the sky flapped their wings too infrequently, the people walking on the other side of the street were too sluggish...

Sunset ground her teeth together. Today was not what you'd call a good day. As she waited, her mind drifted back to Trixie's words.

"Everybody's eyes following you, full of hate and scorn. People smirking at you and spitting at your feet like you're trash. Everywhere you look someone will be watching you with disgust. No matter where you go people will always be talking about you."

Sunset cringed. Ever since her reformation, she had noticed lots of the students giving her dirty looks and staring at her. Sunset always knew when someone was talking about her when they looked her in the eye and smirked, as if to say 'What are you going to do about it?' Snickers and snide remarks had been shot at her before. Once someone was bold enough to show off his middle finger to her.

Sunset would have enjoyed breaking his finger then but Applejack had been giving her a stern look. when AJ said no, you had to let it go. The farm girl was incredibly strong and if she had to, she'd take you down by force. And Sunset had experienced it once before. It wasn't a pleasant thing to go through being dragged by the arm in an iron grip. Sunset had practically lost circulation in that arm.

A loud Beep! interrupted Sunset's thoughts and she jumped. Looking up, she saw that the crosswalk light had a stick figure on it and a car was waiting for her to cross so they could make a right hand turn. Rushing across the street, the girl made it to the other side and continued her trek home. She shook her head and sighed.

Trixie wasn't important. She was just a talentless magician who needed to get a few good punches. And Sunset wouldn't mind being the one to deliver them. Clearing her head, the fiery-headed girl kept walking until she came across a relatively quiet street. On one side, there were small houses and the other an apartment building. Sunset made her way to the apartment building and opened the main door and walked in. Sunset had walked into an inner narrow corridor that lead to people's residencies and stairwells that branched off and up to other floors.

The girl clambered up the stairs and went up three floors before making her way down another hall and stopping at a door. On it in gold letters was the room number.


She fished in her pocket for her keys and opened the door. Sunset's apartment wasn't anything to ogle at. The walls were white, the furniture was beige and the curtains on the windows were a crème color. Everything in there was just the way it had been when Sunset had purchased it nearly three years ago. The only thing that added any personal touch to it was her crown collection from years of winning the position as princess in Fall Formals and Spring Flings.

"You're weak. You're an outcast. You say you've changed for the better but who will believe you? You're nothing but a liar. You cheat your way through life. You use your 'charming' looks and 'sweet' voice to get around. Every time you open your mouth, lies and cruel remarks fall out. Think you have friends? Those girls are just using you for self image, like how you've used others for your benefits..."

Sunset dropped down on the couch in the living room and sighed. She was angry, tired, and slightly sad. But she ignored the last emotion. Sadness shouldn't come from what Trixie said. It was true that she had gotten around with her good looks and charm. But that was so she could get what she wanted. Sure, Sunset spouted a few lies here and there that may or may not have hurt others. Big deal. None of them cared about her in the first place, much less her feelings. Why should she care anymore than they did about her?

Anyways, everybody lies. It was just that her lies were a bit harsh sometimes.

Sunset sniffed. She wasn't weak like Trixie said. She was strong. Nothing could stop her on this very earth! Nothing could...until something of another dimension came along. Sunset smiled. Ha! Calling her weak! No one on this stupid earth could stop her! Only some magical being from another place could. That says a lot about her being 'weak'.

As Sunset prided herself on some of the things that she had done in the past, she couldn't help but feel an ache in her chest rise. It hurt and stung her like a cut exposed to the open air. Guilt. She felt guilty and ashamed of the things she had done...

The fiery-headed girl laid down on the couch. She was getting sleepy and worrying herself with such matters wouldn't help anything. Once she got a good rest, maybe she would feel better...


Forget about...

It all...