• Published 14th Apr 2015
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You Can't Help Who You Love - Feather Flyer

What's the use? No one wants to accept her as a new person. She tried the best she could to show the others that she's changed, but nothing's working. She can't blame them: who would believe her anyway? That is, anyone other than herself?

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Late Night Stroll

Screaming. Yelling. Whispering. Hissing. Echoing...that's all it seemed to be doing.

"You! Evil Demon!"

The words rang through her ears and occupied all of her mind.

"Well, if isn't it the queen of CHS. Oh sorry, I meant the former queen. Twilight sure did put you in your place."

Nothing could stop them from being spoken again and again and again.

"You can't trick everyone with your 'goody two shoes' act. We all saw what you are. You're a demon!"

This endless torture scarred and wounded her; a barrage of bullets that kept hitting her skin. But never killing her.

"These are words you need to take into consideration, Sunset Shimmer. I'm not talking nonsense. You're the reason why I'm an outcast. I only speak the truth."

Sunset shot up from the couch drenched in sweat. Her heart was pounding and her head ached. She groaned and rubbed her back as she slowly sat up. It was dark out now and the room was completely void of any color but black. She felt hot and sticky. Sunset messaged her temple and sat there in the dark trying to compose herself.

It was just a dream....

The fiery-headed girl stood up shakily and stretched her sore muscles. Taking her phone out of her leather jacket pocket she read the time. It was 9:52 p.m. She sighed. Sunset had fallen asleep right after she came home. And she felt too tired to do anything at the moment. But she didn't want to go back to sleep only to have Trixie's words come back to haunt her.

"Why am I even taking this seriously..?" she whispered.

Just then, her stomach growled. She hadn't eaten anything since early afternoon at lunch. Sunset stumbled around in the dark and flipped on the light switch. The girl shielded her eyes from the sudden light and went into the kitchen. She opened the fridge and not to her surprise, there was no food in there. Sunset had been meaning to go to the store to buy groceries but hadn't had the time and was sidetracked. There were just condiment inside and bottled water.

Sunset closed the fridge and opened the cabinets. She was sure she had some food in there. Surely she hadn't eaten all the food...But the cabinets proved otherwise. There was absolutely no morsel left. None of them had any kind of snack or anything, instead greeting her with spices, seasonings, and more condiments. Her house was foodless...

Sunset groaned and dawned on her leather jacket. It was nearly 10p.m. now. Not many places are open around this time most of them having closed at nine. Her options were limited but hey.

You snooze, you lose.


Sunset walked out her apartment and closed her door silently. She didn't want to wake the neighbors. It was bad enough that they were older and didn't like young people. And even worse that they were always trying to get her evicted. Slowly, she crept past their doors and hurried down the stairs, trying not to make her footsteps resound on the metal steps. Once at the ground floor, she went out the front and was hit by the cool night air.

It was unusually chilly for the spring time. Sunset shivered a little as the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end. Taking quick steps, the girl made her way out to the busy streets of Canterlot.


It was relatively quiet in central Canterlot, the busiest part of the city. Cars zipped by every five minutes and a breeze chilled everything. There weren't pedestrians walking about except for Sunset...and a homeless guy who she steered clear of. Looking at the closed food places and stores made Sunset's stomach growl louder.

It was then, when there was nothing to do, that Trixie's words came and stung her. Sunset felt her heart thump painfully. She clutched her shirt and grimaced. It was a feeling she never wanted to feel, but knew she couldn't escape from it. All those times Sunset had been cruel to others...Every selfish reason she had had for doing terrible things...Her continued stubbornness to accept the fact that she was an evil person...

It all hurt her.

What was the point of being friendly if no one would be friendly in return? Why should she feel bad for things she had done in the past when she was trying to fix her mistakes now and nobody appreciated it? Before she had been reformed, none of this had affected her. And now it is. Sunset thought that being reformed brought happiness and friends and good things. Instead it brought heartache, misery, and isolation. It was like she was being punished doubly for her attempt at controlling everyone to be her zombie teen army.

Sunset felt something slide down her cheek. Lifting her hand to it, she found that it was a tear. Nobody would ever accept her as a new person...so why not just change back? At least she won't feel the sadness this whole thing was giving her. Friendship was stupid. All she ever needed was herself. Sunset let her tears fall as a smile came across her face.

Finally, she could stop being miserable. Her five months of reformation was over. None of it mattered. Trixie did make one good point while putting her down. Accepting Twilight's friends' help was a mistake. It was her admitting defeat; that she needed to be guided after such a hard fall. That she was inferior to them and that they were right all along.

Friendship is Magic..?

More like Friendship is Bullshit.

With her newfound confidence, she made her way down the street. At the end of that street was a café called Java Bean. It was still open and had no one in there except for a girl whose purple hair was pulled into a bun. She had orchid colored skin and pink eyes. She stood by the counter talking to someone with white hair and skin. He looked like snow covered all of his body. Around his neck he wore a velvet scarf. Sunset walked in and stomped her feet to announce herself unnecessarily since there was a bell that rang when she opened the door. The two people at the counter turned to her and smiled.

"Whoa, hey, Shimmer!" the boy said.

"...You changed your outfit! It looks good on you. Trying to go for the bad girl look, I see?" the girl said.

Sunset Shimmer stood there feeling confused. Who were these people and how did they know her? And no one calls her Shimmer. The only people who do are teachers and she hates that.That name is forbidden unless spoken with her first name. And what the hell did they mean by 'you changed your outfit' and 'trying to go for the bad girl look'? What were these guys talking about? She always--

Sunset grunted and sat down in a booth. Whatever. There was no need to concern herself with them. They were just people who didn't know what they were talking about.

"A black hot coffee with no sugar and a muffin," she mumbled.

The two of them looked at her with an eyebrow raised. They glanced at each other and looked back.

"Are you al--"

"Just get me my order!"

The two of them went into the back and set to work. Sunset sighed. It wasn't food food but she was ok. She would probably go right to sleep when she got home. Leaning back and closing her eyes, she waited.

Author's Note:

I would've published this chapter yesterday but the site was attacked. You know, DDOS. I had a few problems with saving and publishing on here, but they should be fixed soon according to one of the FIMfic staff. I hope you enjoy this!