• Published 14th Apr 2015
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You Can't Help Who You Love - Feather Flyer

What's the use? No one wants to accept her as a new person. She tried the best she could to show the others that she's changed, but nothing's working. She can't blame them: who would believe her anyway? That is, anyone other than herself?

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Words Will Never Hurt Me...


It's the one thing almost everyone fears. Change brings the unfamiliar to light. It's a road that branches off and gives way to new things. A life that you once found comfortable soon turns into something you can't discern. Everything about it differs from what you had known it to be, for the better or for the worst. And for Sunset Shimmer, her life had changed for the better...

And yet, it felt like a mistake.

It was early afternoon. The sun was out and shining brightly. Wisps of clouds drifted through the sky aimlessly, there being no direction to be had. A slight breeze whisked its way around the branches of trees and combed its fingers through the grass. Birds chirped and flew through the air with glee, chasing each other as if they hadn't a care in the world. And bees floated from one flower to the other and pollinated them, all the while humming their little tune.

It was spring. And to Sunset Shimmer, nothing was better than this time of year. Sitting at her desk she sighed as she looked out the window. As much as she would like to be outside and enjoy the natural beauty of it all, she couldn't. Instead of being out there she had to be stuck in a stifling hot room full of heavily perspiring human teens. It was like the sun was in the room with them. Sunset huffed and shrugged off her leather jacket. Glancing at the clock on the wall she grimaced. Ten minutes left before the bell rang.


Ms. Harshwhinny, who seemed oblivious to the intense heat, droned on about King Louis XIV and his 'awful' fall. She scratched the chalk on the board and continued her monotonous lecture. Sunset frowned. Ms. Harshwhinny's History class was the most dreadful thing to have to sit through. How anyone survived it she had no idea. How she survived it was a miracle that had been mercifully laid upon her. Here she was, waiting for the bell to ring and being eager to leave. But here's this teacher in the way and somehow stretching the time so that it seems longer than it should be before the bell finally rings its joyous shrill of freedom.

Fiddling with her pencil and slouching in her seat, Sunset let her mind wander. It didn't matter if she paid attention or not. There was about seven minutes left now. Sunset's mind drifted to her new friends. After her defeat, the girls had been willing to befriend her and at first Sunset didn't accept their friend request. But with time, she saw that she was alone and that they were the only ones who'd accept her. With reluctance, she joined their group. So far, they had been friends for five months and Sunset Shimmer had come a long way from what she used to be like. Well...by her standards.

She wouldn't say she was completely reformed and a goody-goody. That would never happen. But she was as close to it as she could get. Sunset made it a point to smile and wave to her fellow classmates. As nicely as she could, she would help people out with small things, like if they needed a pencil. She tried to be courteous to those around her without giving a dirty look or shooting an insult. It took her a long time to learn to smile and be nice-ish. Many times Sunset found herself having to hold her tongue with great difficulty.

All in all: Sunset hadn't improved too too much. It was just baby steps. But baby steps were better than nothing. Sunset was snapped out of her thoughts when something slapped the edge of her desk with a loud snap! She jerked herself upright and stared at the wooden ruler that had smacked her desk. Before her stood an unhappy Ms. Harshwhinny. The woman had whacked her desk with the wooden measuring stick.

"Having a nice time daydreaming, Ms. Shimmer?" she asked in a rough voice.

Sunset felt everyone's eyes staring at her. They burned into the back of her head with as much intensity as the stifling heat. All the judgment and resentment the students had for her she could feel. It was the most uncomfortable feeling in the world, to know you're being judged. Sunset swallowed and opened her mouth to defend herself. But all that came out was one word that only made it worse.


Ms. Harshwhinny narrowed her eyes. She walked back to her desk and opened a drawer to get out a folder labelled 'Detentions'. Sunset groaned and slouched in her chair. That was the fifth detention that week. It was as if teachers were purposefully looking for reasons to place her in after school punishment for the smallest things. Ms. Harshwhinny caught students daydreaming all the time and she would let them off with a warning. But because she was Sunset Shimmer there were no exceptions.

"Ms. Shimmer, you're serving this detention today. When the bell rings head down to Study Hall," the teacher said bitterly.

She scribbled down some words on the paper and handed the slip to her. Sunset grudgingly took the slip and slammed her head on the desk. Just as the bell rang. There were snickers from some of her classmates and she glared at them. They flinched but stuck their tongue out at her boldly. Sunset wanted to snap at them but with Ms. Harshwhinny staring her down with the detention folder in hand she refrained. She didn't want to get into anymore trouble than she already was.

You're reformed, Sunset....Even if others don't see it...

The fiery-haired girl stood up and grabbed her bag. She walked out the classroom and made her way to Study Hall, which was being held in the library. As she walked through the halls, she could feel the same uncomfortable burn of people's gazes on her. A feeling of guilt came over her and she quickened her pace. She needed to escape their harsh stares. Sunset didn't want to be reminded of the life she had led five months prior.

By the time she got to the library she was a little out of breath. The quick pace she had started turned into a sprint to the library. Sunset slipped in and sighed as she felt the sweaty, hot atmosphere change drastically to a much cooler and refreshing feel. At Canterlot High, the library and the office were really the only places that air conditioning existed. Before she was reformed, Sunset would skip class and read in the far back of the library so she wouldn't have to suffer being in the heat.

Skipping class was one of the things Sunset missed after her reformation. She was a prodigal genius. She had been princess Celestia's student! But apparently, this human world regarded all teenagers as stupid and pushed them off to school. Another benefit to skipping classes was that it prevented her from having to deal with horrible teachers like Ms. Harshwhinny. It wasn't her fault the old lady was so boring!

Sunset stood by the door and let the air conditioning cool her off.

"May I help you?" a kind voice asked.

Sunset turned to see it was Ms. Page, the librarian. The lady had been smiling but when she saw who it was that walked in, her smile had faded. Ms. Page looked her up and down with disapproval and nodded to the detention slip in the girl's hand.

"Detention, huh. Not surprised..."

Sunset frowned deeply. It wasn't like she had done anything to her...Except, maybe, knock over some bookshelves in years past...But that was a long time ago. She was different now...somewhat. Ms. Page snatched the slip out of the girl's hand, walked over to the check out desk, and sat down.

"Take a seat and study. No talking whatsoever. If you so much as sleep from now until detention is over, you're getting another one from me, got that? Now get to work. Please."

Grudgingly, the girl obeyed her directions and plopped down in a chair. She cracked open her math textbook and took out a notebook. Might as well get started on her homework. She had been sitting there for not even a good five minutes when the library door opened and in came a girl with a huffy attitude.

"Hmph! The Great and Powerful Trixie doesn't belong here in detention!"

Sunset face-palmed and groaned. Absolutely wonderful. Behind Trixie stood Mr. Noteworthy, who looked very annoyed with the girl that just walked in. He glanced at Ms. Page and sighed.

"I'm so sorry, Ms. Page. If Trixie gives you any trouble, feel free to write her up," the man said.

He handed Ms. Page the detention slip and the woman's eyebrow shot up. She glanced at Mr. Noteworthy and looked again at the slip.

"...'Turned student's homework into smoke'..."

"He deserved it! How dare he insult the Great and Po--"

"She has a passion for being a magician so this kind of thing is a bit common with her," Mr. Noteworthy explained quickly, cutting her off. "Like I said, feel free to write her up if need be."

The teacher walked out and left Trixie there with Sunset and Ms. Page. Trixie got the same set of gruff directions as Sunset and she turned to sit down when she saw the other girl. The Ex-Demoness sat with a pencil in hand, looking as nonchalant as ever, like Trixie was just some girl that had little importance to her. Sunset didn't really like Trixie at all. She looked down at her work and tried to ignore her. If she avoided any kind of eye contact or conversation, she wouldn't have to be bothered.

But Trixie saw this as a sign of disrespect. It was as if Sunset hadn't even acknowledged her; she was invisible to her. Not like the former queen ever paid much attention to her; she never did. Trixie immediately got the impression that all the hype those five friendship-happy girls were spreading about Sunset changing for the better was total crap.

In disgust, the magician yelled at her.

"You! Evil Demon!"

Sunset flinched at this hurtful comment but collected herself in an instant. She bit her tongue to avoid shooting a slew of words that weren't necessarily school appropriate. Ms. Page ordered the showgirl to sit down. Trixie did so and dropped in a seat at the opposite end of the room. As Sunset worked on her homework, she felt Trixie staring. She was getting tired of people with the burning stares. After half an hour, Ms. Page got up from her desk.

"You better behave yourselves. I'm going to leave for a little bit and I better not see you two doing anything suspicious when I come back."

As soon as the woman left, Trixie said something.

"Well, if isn't it the queen of CHS. Oh sorry, I meant the former queen. Twilight sure did put you in your place."

Sunset turned around to look at her. Did this girl really just say that? Sunset felt her face burn with anger as she clutched the back of her chair. She so desperately wanted to tell her off, but she didn't want to give Trixie a reason to continue to bother her. In a huff, Sunset turned back in her seat. But Trixie kept throwing insults and Sunset couldn't ignore them for long.

"You can't trick everyone with your 'goody two shoes' act. We all saw what you are. You're a demon!" Trixie said.

"Yeah? And you're a crappy amateur magician. Your tricks can't fool even the dumbest simpleton. At least I'm trying to improve myself. You, on the other hand, should just give up magic. There's no improving on a talent you don't have."

Trixie's face twisted with disbelief, anger, and hurt. She gritted her teeth and balled her hands into fists, her face turning red in embarrassment. Sunset couldn't help but feel delighted to see her going through all these emotions. Trixie was never someone she liked and seeing her this way made her feel superior to her. Old habits die hard.

"How dare you! I have talent! You don't have any kind of skill whatsoever! You just get other people to do everything for you!"

"And isn't that a skill? Manipulation? Not everybody can do it, you know," Sunset said smugly.

Trixie slammed a hand on her desk.

"That's not a skill! You aren't doing any kind of work on your own. Instead, others are doing it. Now that Twilight has knocked you down a lot of pegs, you're going to see how hard it is to ever get any kind of respect. No one's going to care about you after everything you've done!"

Sunset swallowed hard at this. That was true. Ever since she had been reformed, Sunset has been having a hard time getting accepted by anyone other than princess Twilight's friends. No one wanted to be around her. Students that she laughed at and mocked before now laughed and mocked her. They glared at her like there was no tomorrow with the same judging eyes she had once turned on them. Bold kids would break into her locker and vandalize her things, writing vulgar words that stung her. But Sunset tried to be indifferent about it.

She was Sunset Shimmer. No matter what happened she kept her cool. The fiery-headed girl smirked.

"And what do I need other people's respect for? I didn't think anybody cared about me before and I certainly don't care about it now."

Trixie frowned at her and crossed her arms.

"Oh, you will soon enough. You may not see how hard you have fallen but you will understand in time. You may have been popular once, but you won't be again. Instead of having others look to you like you're all that, they'll have their backs turned. One day, Sunset Shimmer...one day, you'll see."

Trixie leaned forward in her seat and with a low voice, continued.

"Everybody's eyes following you, full of hate and scorn. People smirking at you and spitting at your feet like you're trash. Everywhere you look someone will be watching you with disgust. No matter where you go people will always be talking about you. Nasty rumors will spread and isolate you even more. Each and every day you set foot on school grounds is a day that you'll regret. No one will be there for you. All of your 'friends' won't be there. They're just helping you out because of Princess Twilight.

"Their very existence makes it all the more worse for you, actually. Everyday they walk around here and are praised for defeating you. When they greet you and say hello it makes them look better. They're trying to help out the beaten villain to improve their self image, not to really help you. You accepting their help makes you look weaker than ever. That big personality you put on is nothing but a persona on stage."

Trixie began to whisper.

"You're weak. You're an outcast. You say you've changed for the better but who will believe you? You're nothing but a liar. You cheat your way through life. You use your 'charming' looks and 'sweet' voice to get around. Every time you open your mouth, lies and cruel remarks fall out. Think you have friends? Those girls are just using you for self image, like how you've used others for your benefits..."

Sunset sat there paralyzed. Everything around her seemed to stop moving. Her blood ran cold and a shiver ran over her. Every word the other girl said had cut like a knife, slashing through her with rapid speed. The words were needles that stabbed her and made her cry out in pain. Sunset felt her heart give a sudden painful jolt as its fast pace came to an abrupt stop. Trixie stared at her and leaned back in her chair.

"These are words you need to take into consideration, Sunset Shimmer. I'm not talking nonsense. You're the reason why I'm an outcast. I only speak the truth."

Author's Note:

Some of you have been waiting for me to write this story. I don't think this'll be so successful since I'm not the best writer ever, but I'll hope this first chapter is satisfactory. Make sure to check Shaud out and follow them!