• Published 6th Apr 2012
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Journey to My Imagination - DeiStar

In a strange event, Lauren Faust is teleported to Equestria.

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Within the Storm

Journey to my Imagination

Prologue: Within the Storm

The rain that night was cold. It had been raining since noon in Ponyville. Many stands at the market had to close early due the weather. Some ponies couldn’t finish their errands, and some others couldn’t even get out of their homes. The rain seemed nowhere near stopping, and it was already past midnight.

“Nah, this won’t do,” A voice said in the dark, “It needs to be cooler!” the voice chuckled softly.

The rain began to fall more heavily, and even lightning bolts began to strike.

The Weather Ponies couldn’t do anything about the rain. They did schedule a rain for that day, but they didn't expect the rain to become a storm. They told the residents of Ponyville that it would be very dangerous to attempt to move the clouds, even worse now that they were striking lightning bolts. They had to wait until the clouds were safe to move them again.

“Although... I think she needs more air time,” the voice said in an insecure tone.

The storm was striking even harder the longer it lasted. After a few minutes it started hailing, but not just tiny hail pebbles. They were almost as big as a grape, striking down all over Ponyville.

“This dreadful weather doesn’t let me get inspiration. I wish it was a bit more silent,” the voice said.

In Ponyville, some ponies were out at the terrible storm, wearing nothing but a coat to protect themselves from the heavy rain and the hail. They were protecting their houses from the bad weather with some wood. They rushed back into their homes as soon as they were finished.

The great tree library, where Twilight and Spike lived, wasn’t showing signs of needing extra resistance for the storm. Only a few twigs and leaves were falling from the tree, but nothing else. All of the nearby houses had their lights off, but the library had them on.

“Twilight, this storm is terrible!” Spike said, staring from a window to the outside, looking at the massive water puddles formed on the streets.

“I know Spike, but you heard the Weather Ponies. There’s nothing we can do but wait until the storm settles down,” Twilight said, enveloping her cup of tea in a pink glow with her magic as she took a sip.

“Well, I know I can’t sleep with all this noise,” Spike mumbled, grabbing his pillow and putting it below his head.

“Relax, Spike, use this time to read something, like me!” Twilight said to him, expecting a positive answer, but instead, she received a moan from Spike.

“Well, do whatever you want to do, because if the storm keeps like this, we’re gonna be here for a long time,” Twilight said, taking another sip to her cup of tea.


“Now, I just need to add a title,” the voice said, exhausted. “Aha! I know, I’ll call it…”

“Eh, Lauren?” Another voice interrupted.

“Ah?” the surprised voice replied.

“Lauren, were you thinking out loud again?” the voice said with a chuckle at the end.

“Hey, I get inspiration when I talk to myself. It’s really useful you know! Maybe you should try it someday, John,” she replied, putting down the pen she was holding on a desk. There was a notebook with text written on it, doodles of ponies and hearts on the corners, and a black desktop lamp next to it.

“Well, it’s your life I guess,” John replied, shrugging. “Anyways, the storm out there is crazy. It started to hail, so George and I are leaving,” he said, putting on the blue coat he was carrying.

Lauren just stared at John and then stood up from her chair.

“Oh come on, John, we really have to finish the next episode! And we’re almost done, we just have to send some of the story to the animators and…”

“Sorry, honestly,” John interrupted her again. “I really wish we could finish the work right now, but these aren’t good conditions to work. The power might go off anytime thanks to this storm, and we can’t really do much without it. It’s better if we finish tomorrow.”

“But…” Lauren stopped, staring at her unique office, with a bookshelf filled with various books, and sketches of the shows she loved, among with some dolls. Her bulletin board where she had all sorts of drawing and notes scattered all over. And her small white sofa, where she naps whenever she has to stay up late at work just like this night. Thinking about how much she loved her work, the cartoons she created, the smiles she brought to the people with them, it felt good. She finally stared back at John.

“Besides, we asked for your help for this episode only, nothing to get hung about,” John said looking at her desk.

“Fine, I guess you’re right,” she replied.

“Yeah, well, I better go tell George that you’re coming with us, so I'll be right back,” John said,

“Yeah, OK,” Lauren said, sitting back on her chair. John nodded and left, walking down the hallway outside Lauren’s office. She grabbed the cup of coffee that was on her desk and gave it a sip. The coffee was already cold from the last time she drank from it.

She closed her notebook and placed it inside her bag, along with her pen and some other documents she had scattered over her desk. A miniature doll of Fluttershy was at the front of her desk. She grabbed it and placed it in her coat’s pocket. After she finished packing everything, she checked her purse to see if everything was there.

Keys, cell phone, wallet, papers, make-up case… It was all good.


“Twilight, do you think everypony else is okay?” Spike said to Twilight, who was still reading her book.

“Don’t worry Spike, I’m sure they’re all okay,” Twilight said with a smile, turning back to her book.

“Well, I hope you’re right, because these lightning bolts are getting louder and more frequent,” he said, as a lightning bolt struck right after he was done talking.

“It’s okay Spike, I’m sure Ponyville has had worse storms than this one,” Twilight said, turning the page of her book with her magic.


A lightning bolt struck outside Lauren’s office, she was sitting on her sofa, waiting for John to return with George so they could leave, when she heard a thud outside her office's window.

She stood up and went to inspect, staring from the window, but there was nothing more than a pole at the right, used to hang out flags.

I swear I heard something… oh well. She sat back on her sofa, when she heard another thud coming from the window, again.

Alright, what’s going on? She stood up quickly and peered through the window again, only to see the same thing she saw the first time, nothing but the same pole.

She sat back on her sofa, deciding to ignore the noises, when a third thud was heard. That was it, she dashed to the window and saw a shadow figure, standing on the pole with amazing balance. At first she thought it was a bird, but it was too big to be a bird.

The figure began to move its head, it clearly wasn’t a bird. Lauren began to tremble, as the figure began to take shape for her. It stood up, on four legs.

Is it a… p-pony?! Lauren squeaked as the dark figure began to move its head. What is that… thing?! It was the only thing she thought, the creature did look like a pony from her own show… it had a long tail, obviously soaked by the rain, and a messy mane as well, soaked.

Lauren kept staring at the creature. She couldn’t believe it was actually pony from her show. What am I thinking? It can’t be a pony, I mean, duh. They’re just a cartoon, she said to herself, but the creature was very similar to the little ponies she created. It must be a dog or something. At least, that’s what she thought at first, but then she thought about how a dog could be standing on four legs on a pole, outside of the three story building.

Lauren was just about to stand back, grab her stuff and run to find John, but she couldn’t leave without knowing exactly what that creature was.

It’s crazy, it can’t be a pony! Lauren wanted to think that, but the resemblance was incredible. She took a deep breath and made up her mind. Alright, I won't find out if I stay here! She thought to herself, slowly moving one of her hands to the window's handle, sliding it slowly to the left. She slid open the window, letting some of the rain enter and splash on her face. She opened the window, covering her head with one arm from the heavy rain and the hail, the creature then turned back and stared at her.

Lauren could not see the creature. It was still a dark figure. “WHAT ARE YOU?!” she shouted to the creature, when a lightning bolt struck. She immediatly covered her face with her arms, and then, she fell. She was falling, she couldn’t remove her arms from her face, and she couldn’t shout, she was only falling. She thought she somehow fell from the window, and was now falling to her doom…

She wanted to open her eyes, scream, move, but she couldn’t, she was falling to the void.


Twilight was still reading. Her cup of tea was already empty, so she decided to eat some cookies instead. Spike was getting tired, but the loud sound of the rain couldn’t let him sleep.

Twilight stopped reading and raised her head. “Huh? What was that?” Twilight asked to herself, staring to the library’s door.

“I didn’t hear anything,” Spike said staring at Twilight. “Why? What did you hear?”

“It was something, like a thud,” Twilight said, involving the cookie she was about to eat with the pink glow of her magic and placing it on her desk. “I’m sure it came from the front of the library,” she said, walking towards the door.

“Twilight! What are you doing? You’ll cause a big mess if you open the door!” Spike exclaimed as he ran down to her.

“Right, maybe it was nothing,” Twilight muttered, going back to her book.

Spike returned to his bed, trying to catch some sleep, while Twilight went back to her desk to keep reading, when she heard another noise.

“The noise, I…” Twilight mumbled, staring right at the front door.

“I heard it too!” Spike interrupted her, as he ran down to the front door. Twilight stood up from her seat, decided to check what was that noise about. “Wait, do you think it’s a good idea, Twilight?” he asked.

“Well,” Twilight said while dragging a purple raincoat with her magic towards her. “Don’t worry, it’s just a quick look, I’m sure it’s nothing,” she smiled, as she put on her coat. She opened the door and stared outside of the library, feeling the cold rain and hail on her face. She tried to open her eyes as much as she could to check outside, but she saw nothing out of the ordinary.

Twilight went back inside and closed the door. Spike brought a towel and helped Twilight to clean her face.
“Well, was there anything outside?” Spike asked her, drying her mane with the towel.

“No, nothing,” she said, grabbing the towel with her hoof and rubbing it to clean her face.

“Well, I guess I’ll just go back to…“ Just when Spike was about to finish that sentence, they heard another thud.

Twilight rushed and opened the door. There was something laying down just a few meters from the entrance. Twilight recognized it was a pony. “Somepony is there! Spike, hurry, bring me a blanket!” she quickly exclaimed.

Spike ran and grabbed Twilight’s bed blanket and gave it to her. She used her magic to hold it and she dashed outside to help the pony. She arrived to where the pony was lying, she didn’t bother to examine the pony, it was very dark outside, and she couldn't even see its coat's color. She covered it with the blanket and lifted it, galloping back inside and closing the door.

Twilight carefully placed the covered pony on her bed, she grabbed a towel and uncovered the pony’s head from the blanket. “Oh, she’s a unicorn,” Twilight said, looking at the pony’s horn. She had a soaked red, straight and shiny mane. Her coat was a very faint cream color, almost totally white. She dragged the towel with her magic and dried the unicorn’s face and mane.

“Uh, I’ve never seen this pony before,” Spike said, staring at the unconscious unicorn.

“Me neither, I wonder what was she doing out there, or how she got there in the first place, she just appeared right after the first time I checked outside,” Twilight said with a worried tone, while she finished drying the unicorn’s face.

“Do you think she’ll be okay?” Spike asked.

“I’m sure. She just needs to be warm, she was outside at the storm for I don't know how long,” Twilight said.

Oh... my head... Lauren was coming back to her senses. What… what happened? I feel… dizzy… She thought to herself, in the dark. Huh… voices…? She thought after listening two voices talking to each other. Wait… my eyes… She then, slowly opened her eyes.

“Look Twilight!, she’s waking up!” Spike said as Twilight approached to her.

“Hi! Are you okay?” Twilight said as she smiled at the unicorn.

Lauren really didn’t know what she was just seeing. Did Twilight Sparkle, the fictional unicorn of the cartoon she created just ask her if she was okay? Her eyes opened wide as she wanted to shout, but she was too shocked to even speak.

“Um, are you alright?” Twilight said with a worried look.

Lauren wasn’t sure what was happening, the last thing she remembered was that lightning bolt and the window with the creature she assumed was a pony. And now she woke up, with Twilight Sparkle talking to her.

“Wha-what is this?!” Lauren said with a terrified voice, moving her eyes

“Oh well you see, I found you lying outside of the library under the storm, so I brought you here. I am-”

“T-Twilight…?” Lauren said with a skeptical look.

“Um, yeah, that’s my name, Twilight Sparkle. Have we met somewhere before?”

Somewhere? Somewhere?! I created you! You are a fictional character of the cartoon I created! Lauren thought to herself, she couldn’t believe what was going on, how on Earth was she inside a cartoon? How could something like that be even possible? She started staring at her surroundings, without a doubt, it was Twilight’s library that SHE created.

“Are you really okay? You seem to be a bit shocked...” Twilight began to worry.

“Ho-how…” Lauren said.

“How what?” Twilight replied.

“What is this place?” Lauren asked, with a more relaxed tone.

“This is Twilight’s library in Ponyville,” Spike answered this time.

There was no doubt. She was definitely in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

A dream, of course, it has to be. Lauren thought to herself with a smile and closed her eyes, expecting to appear back at the real world when she opened them. She took a deep breath, and slowly started opening her eyes, just to be greeted by Twilight's face, again. “Hah hah hah!” she laughed as she began to panic. “This is just a very hilarious dream, isn't it?!”

“Please calm down!” Twilight said, putting a hoof on the unicorn's forehead.

Calm down? How could she calm down? Something that only happens at fiction just happened to her, she was in a cartoon. She only stared at Twilight. Her hoof on her forehead was somehow, relaxing.

Well, I think, somehow, it’s real… She thought, reluctantly accepting what happened to her. She started breathing slowly, trying to relax as much as she could.

“That’s better! Now um… what’s your name?” Twilight asked cheerfully, while Spike went to the kitchen to get more towels.

“L-Lauren…” She replied with a very soft voice.

“That's a pretty name!” she said, smiling to the unicorn. “Well nice to meet you Lauren, as I said earlier, my name is Twilight Sparkle, I’m a resident of Ponyville and student of Princess Celestia, I came to Ponyville to study the magic of friendship and…”

Lauren was just listening to her long introduction, every word Twilight said, she already knew, she knew better than anyone who Twilight Sparkle was, but she kept on listening.

“And that's how I met some wonderful friends,” Twilight gasped, finishing her long introduction. “Oh my! Excuse me, you're still wet!”

Lauren realized she was right, the blanket enveloping her body was wet.

“Alright,” Twilight said as she surrounded the blanket with her pink glow of magic, placing it on the floor. She turned her head to look at Lauren. “Now let’s…” Twilight didn’t finish her sentence, her smile faded away and only a surprised opened mouth remained. Her eyes went wide-open as she looked at Lauren.

Lauren was just looking at her, confused, wondering why she reacted like that.

“Are you… an alicorn?!” Twilight finally spoke, when Spike came back with the towels, he adopted the same reaction as Twilight as he dropped the towels to the floor.

And indeed, Lauren checked her own body, and could feel she had a pair of wings on her back, she also checked her faint, almost white, cream-colored coat, and a very messy, wet red tail. She raised her arms, only to find that her hands were replaced with hooves. She was a pony, or an alicorn… as Twilight said.

“Sweet Celestia!” Spike said, picking up the towels he dropped. “I thought Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were the only alicorns!”

“But, how can you be an alicorn? Are you related to the Princesses?” Twilight asked, starting to sound a bit more enthusiastic.

“What… no?” Lauren didn’t know what to say, she was a pony, she didn’t seem to be very concerned about being an alicorn. She could have arrived as an Earth Pony, a Unicorn or a Pegasus, but she was sure the result would have been the same, she got turned into a pony, with hooves, mane, tail and stuff.

“Well, both the Princesses are alicorns but they’re bigger than everypony else. You’re just about my size,” Twilight said, as she grabbed a towel and began to clean her. “Your wings are about the same size as my friend Rainbow Dash’s,” she added. “And your horn is no longer than mine,” she added, dragging the towel to Lauren's flank, and noticing her cutie mark.

“Wow, that’s an interesting cutie mark, what’s your talent?” she asked Lauren, looking at her with a great smile.

“I got a cutie mark?” she asked, as she moved her body to see at her cutie mark: a curved quill, with its tip inside a small bottle of ink.