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Hey Everypony · 6:58pm Mar 7th, 2012

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IM RETURN FROM THE DEEEAAAADDDD. nah just kidding anyways Im back and IIm ready to start writing again WOO. alright lets get this started MORNING- woke up early and made cereal for breakfast, download the bronyville podcast (bronyshow.com) after that i headed off to school and talked to dylan about Skyrim and saints row. anyways moving on to the next topic L.A.- you know the movie about the iranian girl i've been watching wee after we came back from the break we started finishing the movie, apparently the second half of the movie was full of profanity and sex references. other then that next topic MATH- we did do much today in class all we really did was work on classifying degrees and angles. neexxtt P.E. today we started our singles tournament in badminton, i played three games and lost those three games ;( oh well no use crying over miss hits and serves. all right moving on CHOIR- uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i hate my teacher, he doesn't know anything about music, in fact the guy doesn't even teach the class all he does is sit and watch Maddie (a person who takes the time out of her day to play the piano and teach us the notes and chords) and he takes credit for everything she does. in fact he only wants to help when the head of the school come around stops by, today she did and he tried to teach us how to control our breath control when were singing, and apparently our kidneys our connected to our breathing ( he's such an idiot ) man i wanna hit that guy in the face sometimes. alright lets Finnish this HOME- so i went home and when i entered the door i immediately walk out cause my mom drove me and my sister to the store to buy presents for a friend we ended up getting nothing cause she spent all of her time at the slots, lucky she didn't lose anything anyways after that we drove back home i hoped on the computer and typed this any bye everyone

All of my yay can't wait to start writing :yay:

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