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My number one dark knight - Angelus Alvus

What would have heppened if Chrysalis had found Spike's egg before Celestia?

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To Raise a Dragon

What do dragons eat?

That was the question that plagued Chrysalis mind at the moment. She had seen just a few dragons before and, sadly, she couldn’t see their eating habits while running away from them.

She rolled her eyes at the memory trying her best to calm down the yelling baby dragon in front of her by using her magic to rock the dragon in the air. She had tried to give him some bread and fish from their storehouse, but he didn’t want to eat them.

She then asked a guard there to bring her some fruits. The changeling nodded and complied with the task.

Chrysalis gritted her teeth barely withstanding the yelling anymore. She wondered if that’s how parents of newborns felt. She suddenly started to respect parents of any species a whole lot more.

But that didn’t mean she enjoyed it. When she first met the drake, she started to create several plans. If she could raise her own obedient dragon, she could easily use him to easily overthrow cities during raids and maybe even use him to defeat The Sun Princess once he reached full size.

But instead of a might dragon, what stood in front of her was a screaming and hungry baby. Chrysalis’ frustration got to a level, she didn’t want to hear the little dragon anymore until her subject came with the fruits she had requested.

The changeling queen then concealed the baby in a green bubble of energy to block the sound from the crying.

“Finally peace…These were the worst three hours of my life…” She whispered.

She walked towards her bed, which was quite large and it was round and had dark green cover with some blue pillows over it. She was about to lay down on it, when she gave another look at the little dragon inside of the bubble.

He wasn’t crying anymore.

He just sat there sobbing with his chubby hands touching the magic bubble. He moved his hands as if he was trying to dig out of it.

Chrysalis groaned and asked: “What do you want now?”

The baby dragon let his tears flow through his cheeks and she could see him opening his mouth and closing it. He was just making some noise, which was unheard by the female because of the spell.

But she somehow knew what he wanted. She didn’t know why, but she knew. He wanted her. He wanted to reach her.

She wasn’t very comfortable with this idea and tried to take it off her head. She then proceed to lay on her bed and wait for the fruits she had requested. ‘Yeah. Food will calm him down.’ She thought.

She closed her eyes and tried to rest a little bit and ignore the baby dragon. But she was very annoyed. She couldn’t hear him, but she could feel like she was being watched desperately. She quickly opened her eyes and stared at the energy bubble.

The little dragon’s eyes were puffy and red. He just stared while sobbing with both of his hands touching the magic ‘wall’ in front of him.

The changeling queen gave a load groaned and muttered: “I’m so going to regret this.” Then her horn glowed once more and she brought the magic bubble over her bed and removed it.

Once the bubble popped and the baby dragon was free, Chrysalis said with a serious tone in her voice while glaring at the dragon “Don’t make me regret this decision.”

Spike just looked straight into her eyes and then crawled near her and hugged her on the base of the neck. She startled by the sudden affection display and she immediately used her magic to grab the dragon and move him away from her.

He made a face that indicated he was going to start wailing again. She cringed and desperately looked around to find something she could use to distract the baby dragon. She opened a chest on the other side of the room with her magic and picked a few gemstones form it, two sapphires and a ruby.

The changelings had a quite big stock of different gemstones. She often used them as trade currency with ponies and gryphons whenever she came across a big town, which couldn’t be subdued by brute force. Other times, she just used them as jewelry material.

‘I hope this is shiny enough to distract him’ she mused in her mind as she dangled the gems over the drake’s head.

The dragon, as soon as he saw the gems, tried to pick them up from the air. Grinning with satisfaction, Chrysalis decided to give the baby one sapphire to play with and prevent him from bugging her.

For her surprise, instead of playing with the blue gem, the baby was trying to munch it. She saw that the drake was nibbling the sapphire, but couldn’t crack it much.

She was astonished that he was trying to eat the gemstone. She had heard stories that dragon liked to eat gems, but she dismissed it as being another one of the myths ponies created about creatures they knew nothing about.

She still remembers that some ponies think that changelings like to eat mud, others think that they are complete savages that can’t think. She had to use all her self-restraint to not blow her cover during missions whenever she heard a ridiculous story about her kind.

She then used her magic to yank the blue stone away from the dragon, who was going to start crying again, at her gesture. “Come on. I’m trying to help you!” she told him sternly, but then she thought that she should have tried to take the stone more gentler. However she just shook her head and proceeded with her plans.

She crushed the sapphire with her magic and then picked one spoon and empty bowl that was left over the table on the previous attempt to feed the dragon a couple of hours ago and placed the crushed gem inside of the bowl and used the spoon to feed the drake, hoping it would work.

The changeling queen grinned with relief that her plan worked. She was starting to worry that the dragon might have ended up dying of starvation. She continued to feed him with the sapphire and then she crushed and repeated the process with the ruby and other sapphire.

Assuming that the baby was now full, she thought about what to do next with him. ‘Should I try make him burp? Does that even work on baby dragons? I don’t want to get dirt in case he vomits.’

She stared at the dragon, who was slowly crawling towards her left front leg. He then held her leg and tried to shove his face through one of the holes.

Chrysalis just stared not knowing how to react to this since the dragon was starting to giggle at his attempt to fit though one of the holes in her leg. She couldn’t see what was so amusing for the dragon in this little ‘game’.

After a few minutes trying the dragon took his face from the hole and stared at the queen of the changelings. ‘His eyes are quite pretty.’ She thought. Most of changelings had blue eyes and rare were the ones with a different color. Aside from her, the little dragon was the only other creature in her domains with emerald eyes.

After thinking that she quickly shook her head trying to dismiss the thought, however, se smiled slyly and raised he right front hoof and started to tickle the baby dragon on his tummy.

“Who is my little killing machine? Who is it?” Chrysalis said as she tickled the drake’s belly.

She grinned alongside with the dragon’s constant laughter at her play, but she suddenly stopped as she heard a loud “Ahem”

Her body flinched right before she looked at the door and saw her subject levitating the plate of fruits she had requested.

The changeling didn’t even know how to react to this scene, but he started to fear when she heard his queen yelling at him.

“Don’t you know how to knock?”

The changeling tried to recover his composure and said: “But, your highness, I did know. Several times. And I even called your name. I got inside because I was getting worried.”

Chrysalis was blushing red because she was seen playing with an infant, but she could tell that her subject wasn’t lying either. As much as she wanted, she couldn’t punish him for seeing her like that.

She then told him to leave the fruits over the table because she would see if the dragon could eat them later. The subject did as he was told, but then he just stayed there looking at his queen uncomfortably.
She frowned a little and said: “You may leave now.”

He then looking around nervously and said: “There’s another thing, my queen, General Nocturne is back and he wishes to talk to you.”

Was the sight of me playing with this dragon that disconcerting?’ she thought, but se decided it would be better to not voice it. “You can tell him, he may come inside.” She said simply.
The changeling bowed respectfully and left the room to obey the command. The moment he left the room he gave a deep relieved breath. He feared he would be punished for interrupting his queen. But he was glad she didn’t do anything.

After a few minutes a bigger and stronger looking changeling came inside of the royal chamber. This changeling had a scar over his muzzle, which couldn’t be removed from his face because changelings can only change their appearance when they fully turned into other creatures. They couldn’t handpick traits when they were in their original forms.

“Good afternoon, General Nocturne. I hope you brought me good news.”

The changeling then bowed respectfully to his queen and said: “I’m back from the raid, my queen. Thankfully, we managed to get many supplies when we attacked an early pony settlement, but it’ll be better for us to stay low for a while because we also had to attack and kill some royal guards who were there. We tried to make it look like the settlement was attacked by feral beasts, but we stole more than just food and this might rise some suspicion.”

Queen Chrysalis pondered for a while. A distant settlement being crushed couldn’t arise much suspicion, but when royal guards disappeared, it would make Celestia want to investigate since she probably send them there for a reason.

Thankfully, Celestia was unaware of their existence and their plans. So if they avoided attacking pony lands for a while, the should be okay.

She then told her thoughts to her general and added: “Also, with a bit of luck, she might blame the gryphons or even dragons.”

Nocturne nodded and said: “Let’s hope so my queen. We lost a few of us during the battle and we had to bring them here to be buried.”

Her expression softened a little and said while looking at the dragon: “Losing members of our kind is never easy. But this might change in the next years.”

Nocturne then noticed the infant next to his queen and said: “Is that the baby dragon everyling is talking about?”

Chrysalis hoped that by ‘talking about’ didn’t include her playing with the drake. “Yes, it is. I have some big plans for him.”

Nocturne tilted his head and asked: “How so, my queen? I know that we have no animosity towards dragons since they had never done any wrong towards our kind, but do you think he can do us any good?”

Chrysalis chuckled and said: “True. But I think he can be trained to think like us. I want him to be educated as if he were a changeling. An honorary changeling so to speak. I want him to be one of us. I bet he’ll do great things for our people in the future.”

Nocturne merely added: “Let’s hope so, my queen.” He wasn’t very happy about letting another species live with them. But, if his queen was right, the dragon could become a powerful ally in the future.

“So…did you choose a name for him, my queen?” Nocturne asked after a brief silence.

Chrysalis then stopped and examined with just her eyes for a bit and then she smiled slyly and said: “I think I’ll call him…Spike.”

Author's Note:

Author notes:
1)English is my second language. Forgive me for any mistake.
2)I don’t own My Little Pony
3)I hope I managed to portray Chrysalis correctly in this chapter...It was harder than I expected. Plus, I'll bring up the whole "eat feelings thing" later in the story.
4)I'll also explain the whole reason of why changeligs dislike others races so much once Spike goes to school.
5)I hope you enjoyed this chapter.