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Princess and Her Guards: The Early Years - PinkieLunaShy

From the orphanage, getting adopted by Princess Celestia and becoming her nieces and nephews, meeting Twilight and Blueblood, starting a new school, getting bullied, and meeting a few amazing Royal Guards!

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Chapter 2

After twenty minutes of flying, as well as three "I need to go to the bathrooms!", the carriage finally landed in front of the Castle's carriage entrance. Naturally, Jamie, Genieveive, Dominic, Ryan and Angelina clamored around the window facing the castle. As Jamie stepped on Angelina's back to get a better look out of the window, he accidentally stepped on her wing. Angelina let out a high pitched scream before she started bawling as Jamie quickly jumped off of her back. Princess Celestia picked up Angelina and extended her wing to make sure it wasn't broken.

"Sorry Angie.. I didn't mean to step on you back..." said Jamie softly, as he looked down shamefully.

"It's -hic- okay. I know -sniffle- you didn't mean it." sniffled Angelina, grimacing as Princess Celestia pulled her wing.

"I broke it didn't I?"

"I'd say no," said GraceLynn, smiling at Jamie from her seat, "If you had then she would have been bawling as soon as the Princess touched her wing. Maybe a minor sprain.... right Princess?" as she looked towards the Sun Princess

"Exactly, she has a minor sprain," said Celestia, looking toward GraceLynn, "How did you figure that out so quickly?"

"Jesse. Wyatt wanted to see something so he climbed on Jes' back and accidentally stepped on his wing. That was about four, maybe five, years ago..." she answered as she tilited her head back, ever so slightly, crossed her eyes, and stuck out her tongue in concentration causing the children who where looking at her to giggle, breaking her concentration, "Huh? What's so funny??"

"You made a funny face!!" giggled Genievieve, as she tried to mimic GraceLynn's expression.

"Heh! I guess that would be funny! I've made that face since, oh how old was I? I think I was younger than you guys!"


"Yeah, it's become a bad habit. So don't copy it!"

Angelina felt a light hand on her back, causing her to jump just a little before looking back to see Princess Celestia smiling softly at her. Returning the smile, Angelina lead back up against Celestia causing Celestia to look at her in slight surprise, before returning her focus to the conversation. GraceLynn was telling them about the one time in band camp when she and the other guards played a game they called volley-bottle. Just before the end of the story Grant came and opened the door to the carriage.

"GraceLynn," he started slowly, "We've been on the ground for fifteen minutes and Wyatt's getting irritable."

"What's got his armor in a bunch?" asked GraceLynn, as she started to stand up, cracking get back and knuckles.


"'Hey Wyatt? WYATT?? DO YOU WANT TO DO SOMETHING!!???' routine? Or the 'I'm going to drum on everything insight mainly your head'?"

"Number Two, where does he even his put his drumsticks? Now help me before Wyatt introduced Jesse to his wonderful fist.... Again..." he reached into the carriage and grabbed a tight hold on her wrist and started pull her out of the carriage, causing GraceLynn to yelp.

"Uh! GRANT! We do have jobs! Remember?" yelled GraceLynn. As Grant pulled her out of the carriage she caught a firm hold on part of the carriage so she could talk to the princess, "Gah!! MY ARM!!! LET GO!! Umm, Princess I'd better go an- QUIT BEING SUCH A PAIN!!!- and help him be- I DON'T GIVE A CARE IF HE SAID THAT!- before somebody dies. I'm so so sorry! HOLD YOUR HORSES!!!"

As all the other children, with the exception of Angelina, watched with wide eyes, Ryan folded his arms across his chest, before jabbing his thumb towards the open door, "Are they always like this?"

"Almost everyday." chuckled Celestia, as she heard Wyatt yell, most likely at Jesse for playing a drum solo on his head "They've known each other since the eighth grade."

"That's along time...." said Dominic, "Isn't it?"

"Yes, its a long time."

During the course of the conversation Angelina had shifted and fallen asleep sitting in Princess Celestia's lap. Celestia slowly stood up so she wouldn't awaken her. After motioning for the rest of the children to get out of the carriage, Celestia got out of the carriage. What she saw when she got out, however, surprised her, which is really something because she's been alive for a millinium. Jesse was sitting on Wyatt's back, who was knocked out and had a rapidly swelling bump on his head, looking victorious. Grant and GraceLynn where on the ground laughing saying something about how Wyatt deserved what he got.

"Yo Wyatt!" said Jesse, his signature lopsided grin in place, as he looked down at Wyatt, "You alright?"

"I-i-i hahaha! don't think he is!" yelled Grants as the strap to his helmet broke causing it to fall off of his head and Wyatt to come to.

"Ohhhhhh.." moaned Wyatt, before realizing Jesse was still sitting on him, "Dude my brain hurts, what the heck did you do? Uhhhhhh."

"I may or may not have hit you with my drumstick as hard as I possible could."

"Ughhhh... Help me to the infirmary... I think I need to get my head examined."

"Sure Wyatt." Jesse got up off of Wyatt's back to help him stand up. Just as he stuck his arm out, Wyatt swung his legs around and knocked him off of his feet. Jesse had been expecting this so he had unfurled his wings to keep him from hitting the ground hard. Wyatt jumped to his feet and signaled Jesse to attack him first. Jesse had pulled out his drum sticks again and was just about to attack Wyatt when GraceLynn jumped in front of him. She pointed behind him causing Jesse to turn around and see Celestia and the children, with the exception of a sleeping Angelina, staring at him.

"Huh he!" said Jesse, putting his drumsticks away with a sheepish grin, "Don't repeat anything you just saw, ok?" he turned back towards Wyatt, "Let's get you to the infirmary."

"Yeah.." said Wyatt, ackwardly as he and Jesse started towards the Guards quarters with GraceLynn and Grant right behind them.

Jamie started jumping up and down excitedly, his golden curls bouncing, "That was so cool! He was like Bam! and he was like Boom!! and whoosh and and and-" Ryan covered Jamie's mouth with his hand.

"Let's just go inside..." said Ryan, rolling his eyes as Jamie tried to get Ryan to remove his hand from over his mouth by licking it.

"Right this way, "said Celestia as she turned toward the castle with the other children in tow.

Author's Note:

I sat down and BAM! this happened HAHAH! I am on a roll!!

TRA is still working on the cover art and TRJ isn't helping me with our forensics piece, OH OH OH! TRR is in VERONA!! GASP!! That's in Italy!!

Till next month! Ciao!

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