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Princess and Her Guards: The Early Years - PinkieLunaShy

From the orphanage, getting adopted by Princess Celestia and becoming her nieces and nephews, meeting Twilight and Blueblood, starting a new school, getting bullied, and meeting a few amazing Royal Guards!

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Chatpter 11

“Wake up.” Ryan said as he tapped Dominic’s arm.

Every day at 3:30 School let out, and previously every day at 3:40 all the children from the orphanage would walk home together. Since Ryan and the other children had been adopted they were supposed to wait for Celestia to come and get them. Naturally she should be on time, especially with this being the first day the children have been living with her. However, she wasn’t. It was 4:45, Celestia was more than an hour late and Ryan was fuming. She could’ve sent someone to get them, anyone really, but she didn’t.

“Is she here?” asked Dominic, groggily rubbing his eyes and squinting.

“No, we’re gonna go home.” replied Ryan, helping Dominic to his feet.

“But we don’t even know where the castle is!” exclaimed Genevieve, leaning forward.

You can’t move while I fix your hair Genevieve.” Said Angelina, repositioning Genevieve.


Ryan grabbed his backpack off the sidewalk and slung it over his shoulder, “We aren’t going to the castle, and we’re going to the orphanage. We’re going home.”

“How could I have been this late!” said Celestia, as she, Jamie, and the guards rushed though the castle.

“We can answer that right?” asked Grant, as he shifted Jamie in his arms.

“No, you may not.” Celestia shot him a sideways glare.

“Okay, just wondering.” Grant shrugged a little.

Ever since the altercation with her mother earlier that morning, Celestia had been choleric throughout the rest of the day. It had made everyone else high strung for the rest of the day, little quips and comments were refrained from being used. Seth had tried to cheer her up, but when he told her a joke Celestia deadpanned him causing him to laugh awkwardly and leave the room.

When they arrived at the carriage Gracelynn helped Celestia and Jamie inside, before climbing on the back with Jesse.

“Aren’t you gonna ride in the carriage? Y’know like you’re supposed to?” asked Jesse, staring at GraceLynn.

“You must be crazy.” GraceLynn deadpanned, “I’m going to get in there so she can either find something I’ve done or haven’t done and chew me out. She’s in a mood, I’d rather hang out here with you.”

Jesse sighed, “Alright.”

“How much farther?” whined Genevieve, as she pushed a half-awake Dominic off her shoulder, “My feet hurt!”

“Not that far, so stop whining.” Said Ryan, as they turned a corner causing the orphanage to come into view.

“Fine.” Genevieve looked at her feet, “We should’ve just stayed there.”

Genevieve’s right Ry. Aunt Celestia’ll be worried about us.” Said Angelina, guiding Dominic around a rock.

“She should’ve been on time.” Said Ryan as he opened the gate to the orphanage.

“Hey! I thought you four got adopted?” said Nick, walking over as he wiped his oil covered hands on a rag.

“We did.” Said Genevieve, sitting on the grass and slipping off her now ruined shoes.

“She forgot to pick us up.” Dominic sat down on the grass beside his sister before falling backwards to go to sleep.

“How does a Princess forget her kids?” Nick shook his head, “I’ll let Ms. Shieldheart know you’re here.”

“Sure.” Said Ryan, taking a seat.

As Nick walked into the building, Angelina looked at Ryan, “Why don’t you like her?

“I do.”

Angelina folded her arms at examined Ryan, before sighing, “I don’t believe you. You can tell me.”

Ryan looked at her, “I know, but I don’t want to.”

Angelina sat down and laid back on the grass, “You can tell me when you want to.”


“Where could they have gone?” asked Celestia.

After arriving at the school, the guards had checked for the children. Finding the school locked and nobody seeing the children walk anywhere, they told the Princess. Celestia was able to contact the teacher who had seen the children start to walk down the street. She had assumed they were going home, given the fact Ryan had been walking with a purpose. After they had gotten out of view, she locked up the school and went home.

“Don’t ask us! We’re just as clueless as you!” said Wyatt before clapping a hand over his mouth and muttering, “I didn’t mean it like that you’re Highness.”

Celestia sighed, before looking at Jamie, “Do you know where they could’ve gone?”

“Home.” Jamie replied simply before locking his attention on Celestia’s flowing hair.

“But they aren’t at the castle, Jamie.” Celestia snapped her fingers causing her hair to go limp and fall around her shoulders.

“Aw,” said Jamie, looking at Celestia, “That’s not home, anyway.”

Celestia sighed deeply before looking at the guards, “Might you have any ideas?”

“We can talk now?” Grant asked arching an eyebrow, “Without you glaring at us if we don’t say the right thing? It’s a miracle. A bloody miracle I tell you.”

“Before Grant talks us into a hole and gets us all fired, my guess is the orphanage.” Said Jesse, “It’s their original “home” before they moved into the castle.”

“We’ll check there next then. Let’s go.”

GraceLynn hopped off the back of the carriage and walked towards the orphanage. She had been chosen to pick up the children, instead of causing a commotion with the Princess getting out and going.

“Not making a scene my foot.” Said GraceLynn, dusting herself off, “We’re in a giant royal carriage. You could see us from the moon.”

As she walked up to the door she saw Ms. Shieldheart standing on the small porch. Quickening her steps, GraceLynn walked over.

“I assume you’re here for the four runaways?” said Ms. Shieldheart with a humorous glimmer in her eyes.

“Indeed I am.”

“They’re inside, working on homework and eating.” Ms. Shieldheart looked at GraceLynn, “Why didn’t the Princess come in?”

“Oh!” GraceLynn scratched her head, “She thought I’d be easier if I came and got them.”

Ms. Shieldheart hummed before opening the door to the orphanage, “They’re just down this hallway, when you get close you’ll hear Genevieve.”

“Thank you.” Said GraceLynn, walking into the building.

The ride back to the castle had been extremely silent. Maybe because Geneivive had fallen asleep, or maybe it was because Celestia didn’t look happy. At all. After arriving at the castle, Celestia had told the guards to take the children to get cleaned up and presentable for dinner. After she was out of view Dominic broke the silence.

“What’s wrong with her?” he asked as GraceLynn laid an outfit on his bed.

“She’s having a bad day.” Replied Grant, hanging up the children’s backpacks.

“Oh.” Said Dominic, taking off his shoes.

“Angelina and I can get everyone ready.” Said Ryan, sitting on his bed.

“Are you sure?” asked GraceLynn, grabbing Jamie’s shoes and setting them by his bed.

“Yeah. Angelina and I used to do it all the time.”

GraceLynn looked to the guys who shrugged before turning her attention back to the kids, “Okay. We’ll be right outside the door okay?”

“Alright.” Ryan started to brush Dominic’s hair.

“Andrew, Noah.” Celestia called to the two guards as she strode past them.

“Yes your highness?” they said as they fell into step with her.

“I need for you to go to the west wing and retrieve my mother. Escort her to the dining hall and wait there.”

“Yes Princess.” With that Noah and Andrew departed.

“Only two more hours Celestia. Only two more.” Celestia muttered to herself.

As she walked past a window Celestia stopped and looked outside. In a few minutes the sun would remind her that it was time to be lowered and the moon would need to arise. Celestia closed her eyes and took a deep breath.
“I never understood why you did that Tia.”

Celestia jumped and turned around. In the darkest part of the hall was a woman in a midnight blue dress. She smiled when Celestia’s gaze fell on her.


Author's Note:

Bish what?!



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