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Princess and Her Guards: The Early Years - PinkieLunaShy

From the orphanage, getting adopted by Princess Celestia and becoming her nieces and nephews, meeting Twilight and Blueblood, starting a new school, getting bullied, and meeting a few amazing Royal Guards!

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Chapter Six

Swarms of people tried to crowd into the throne room only for Jesse, Wyatt, Grant, and GraceLynn to stop them. The crowd started shouting their pleas at the Solar Princess, causing Angelina to start to shake in fear. Celestia looked out at the crowd then down to shaking Angelina before rising to her feet.

"Enough!" Celestia boomed in the Royal Canterlot voice, causing the crowd to fall silent. Celestia cleared her throat before sitting back down, "Now, I begin today's day court an announcement. Recently I went to an orphanage to adopt some children to become my neices and nephews. I adopted those children a week ago. Those children are Genievieve, Dominic, Ryan, Jamie, and Angelina. They will be sitting through today's day court so I would like it if you could not use any profanities or speak of things graphic in nature. Am I understood?" Celestia's gaze swept the crowd, who immediately nodded and murmured agreements.

"Now let today's Day Court begin!"

Fifty minutes in to court the children started to get bored and were continously fidgeting in their spots. Celestia had picked up Angelina, who had fallen asleep, and set Angelina on her lap. Genievieve was staring at the symbol on her clothes before fixing her headband. Ryan got up and walked over to Celestia, who moved her hair away from her ear so she could hear what he had to say.

"Prin- Aunt Celestia?" asked Ryan in a whispter.

"Yes Ryan?" whispered Celestia, her focus still on the man who was telling her why they should destroy a town to build a railroad.

"I gotta go the the bathroom."

"Can you hold it Ryan?"

"No, I've already held it as long as I can! I really gotta go!"

Celestia sat up and cleared her throat, "Before you continue any farther, I would like to ask you; how would you feel if someone came and destroyed your home so they could build a railroad?"

"I- E- B- Princess! This could be a really big thing for Canterlot! Think about the revenue!"

"That was not my question. Since you cannot give me an answer to my question, I reject your proposal. Now, a ten minute recess will take place." Celestia rose to her feet, still holding a sleeping Angelina. She grabbed Ryan's hand and walked out of the back door of the throne room. Shifting Angelina in her arms, Celestia led the children to the bathroom.

"Now, after everyone uses the bathroom you have two choices; You can come back to the throne room with me or you can go with Rebekah and play games." Celestia looked at the children before brushing Angelina's bangs out of her face, causing Angelina to shift in her sleep.

"I want to go with you." said Ryan, looking at Celestia

"I wanna play! Day Courts boring!" yelled Jamie, jumping up and down

"YEAH YEAH! WE WANNA PLAY! WE WANNA PLAY!" cheered Dominic and Geneiveive, jumping around with Jamie.

All the yelling cause Angelina to wake from her slumber with a start, "Huh? What's going on? Why are we yelling?

"We're gonna go play!!"

"Oh! I want to play!"

"Well Angelina," said Celestia setting Angelina down on her feet, "You can go with Gen, Dom, and Jamie to play or you can go with Ryan and me back to the throne room."

"C'mon 'Lina! Lets go play with the toys!" said Jamie, pulling Angelina causing the small girl to stumble

"Well, I think I'm going to go with Ryan. Angelina grasped Celestia's other hand.

"C'mon you guys." said Rebekah, gathering the children, "Lets go and play in your room.

"And you two," said Celestia, "We'd better head back to the throne room."

"And thus Nobles are a bunch of stuck up assholes who Celestia should remove from power." stated Grant, folding his arms as he watched the nobles walk around complaining

"True but now that she has the new neices and nephews, it would be an awful time to do that. Just because the children would have to go through that shit." replied GraceLynn, looking at Grant as the Princess walked in causing the crowd to fall silent once again.

Celestia sat Ryan and Angelina on the top step before sitting back down, "I apologize for the wait. Now, who's next?"

A young man walked forward, "Ah'm one of the pioneers who's headed west. Some o' mah famliy members started a small farming community out yonder and with the drought comin' in, well, Ah don't rightly know if were gonna make it this year."

"What would you like me to do?"

"Well," started the farmer

For twenty minutes, the farmer explained what he would like fore the princess to do to help him. For a farmer he was very well spoken, using charts and diagrams, as well as statistics, to help prove his point. Celestia was looking through his statistics as them man held onto his cowboy hat, waiting for her answer. Everything she could have asked him he had an answer for, which was a very difficult task to do. There was only one problem.

"Do you have any weather teams out there?" asked Celestia, looking at the man

"No M'am. There are some pegusi who live out there but we haven't made a team."

"What if, I sent some weather leaders from Canterlot out to where you live, had them help you arrange a team, and then you could have them move rain clouds over to your area?"

The man's expression brightened, "Why, that would be the wonderful! Ah'm sure we could do it!"

Celestia looked to GraceLynn and Grant, "As soon as court is over, take this young man to meet with the Canterlot weather team. Have him chose 2 or 3 people to take with him back to where he lives."

"Yes Princess." Grant and GraceLynn replied simultaniously

"Whoo Wee!", whooped the man, setting his hat back on his head, "Thank ya kindly, Princess!"

"Your very welcome." said Celestia, setting the statistics on the table next to her as she set up for the next person

While Celestia was readjusting, one noble turned and loudly whispered to her neighbor, "I don't see why the Princess would adopt those children. They look as though they just came off the street."

"I know." her neighbor clucked his tounge, "Such a waste. Having them stain the Royal bloodline!"

They had whispered loud enough for Angelina to hear every word. Tears filled her big blue eyes before she ran out of the throne room. GraceLynn and Grant looked at the two who had spoken as Celestia rose to her feet, her stare enough to melt metal.

"Well your screwed." stated Grant simply, before placing a muting spell over his and GraceLynn's ears

"Grant don't forget Ryan!" said GraceLynn before the spell blocked out all sound.

"Thank you." Grant placed the spell over Ryan's ears, as Celestia's eyes glowed with fury

"How dare you? How DARE you question my decision? I have important reasons for why I chose these children, none of which you need to know. Then you make a little girl, whom you know nothing about, run out in tears! They deserve to be here more than you!" boomed Celestia, as she balled her fists up at her sides, "Day court is offically over. It will not be held tomorrow or the day after." Celestia sat back down as she watched all the nobles hurry out of the room.

Grant dropped the mute spell on him and GraceLynn before yelling, "DON'T LET THE DOOR HIT YOUR ASS ON THE WAY OUT BUCKERS!"

"You still have that spell on Ryan, right?" asked GraceLynn, looking at Grant worriedly

"Of course! Otherwise I wouldn't have yelled that." Grant dropped the spell on Ryan, "Now he can here us. Hey Little Man!"

Ryan waved to Grant before asking, "Why couldn't I hear anything?"

"Unless you wanted to go deaf, kid. Be glad I put that spell on you. That close vicinity with your aunt using the voice at full force. Not good."

"Now to find Angelina." sighed Celestia, rising to her feet

Angelina ran down the hall, tears flooding her vision. Why did they say such awful things? What had she ever done to them? Angelina ran into something hard, causing her to fall backwards with an eep.

"Woah! Are you ok?" asked whoever she had run into

Angelina replied with a sniffle as she wiped her eyes. Whoever she had run into lifted her up to get a better look at her, "Hey! I know you! Your Angelina, the princess's neice! I'm Seth! Why are you crying? Did something happen?"

Angelina nodded her head before mumbling something not audible to most but Seth nodded and wiped the tears off of her face, "Just ignore them! Nobles are rather stuck up. I bet that as soon as you ran out, Celestia probably yelled at each and everyone of them!" Seth poked Angelina's nose, causing the small girl to giggle, "She loves all of you very much. Ever since she first saw you guys, you were all she'd talk about. I've never seen her so happy! She's probably looking for you right now!"

"Really?" asked Angelina, her eyes full of questions.

"Oh yeah!" Seth started walking towards the kitchen, "Now I need to get back to the kitchen, so how about you come with me. I know Celestia will look there!"

"Ok. How do you know that?"

"Don't tell anyone but," Seth looked around before leaning close to Angelina's ear, "Celestia loves cake!"

"So do I!"

Seth laughed, "That's great! Why don't we make her one?"

"Ok!" exclaimed Angelina, as the duo walked towards the kitchen

Celestia had just left Ryan with Rebekah and was speed walking down the halls, searching for Angelina. From the time Celestia had met Angelina she knew the small girl was very fragile. Not just because she was little, but because she was emotionally fragile. One wrong word and she could cry for hours.

That's why she was shocked when she heard Angelina giggling and laughing all the way down the hall from the kitchen. She then heard Seth yell something about how did they get icing on the ceiling. Celestia picked up the pace breaking into a jog, as she round the corner to the kitchen. When she pushed the door to the kitchen open she found Angelina and Seth covered in flour, icing, and cake batter.

"TADA!!" Yelled Seth and Angelina together, as they moved to reveal a large lopsided chocolate cake sitting on the kitchen counter.

Before Celestia could reply she felt something warm and sticky land on her head. She reached up and felt a gooey substance before looking at her fingertips. They were covered in chocolate icing; she looked at Angelina and Seth who just grinned.

"And that's how you get icing off of the ceiling!" exclaimed Angelina, as Seth nodded in agreement

Celestia chuckled, "Well my little baker, it looks as though some one needs a bath! Thank you Seth."

Seth shrugged, "No problem Princess. When she grows up she would make an excellent baker!"

Celestia picked up Angelina, not caring about the flour, icing, and cake batter that was now on her clothes, "Let's get you all cleaned up. You should probably get cleaned up as well Seth." Celestia looked at Seth who thought about it.

"Actually I should probably start running because when Dan sees this he's gonna throw a fit and a half. Bye!" Seth took off running down the hall while Celestia walked towards the bathrooms with Angelina in her arms.

Author's Note:

First time for everything right? This time was country accents. Well I need you all to tell me how I did with that. Anyway! HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND!

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