Princess and Her Guards: The Early Years

by PinkieLunaShy

First published

From the orphanage, getting adopted by Princess Celestia and becoming her nieces and nephews, meeting Twilight and Blueblood, starting a new school, getting bullied, and meeting a few amazing Royal Guards!

Before the events of The Princess and Her Guards. Before they met Luna, before they became guards, traveled to the past and found out they were related to the most wanted people during Nightmare Moons rise: Genevieve, Ryan, Dominic, Jamie, and Angelina were orphans. Follow there lives from living in the orphanage, getting adopted by Princess Celestia and becoming her nieces and nephews, meeting Twilight and Blueblood, starting a new school, getting bullied, and meeting four amazing Royal Guards, Wyatt Shield, GraceLynn Stardust, Jesse Runner and Grant Goldenheart.

Occasionally cursing when the guards are talking. Who am I kidding? When the kids aren't around the curse words flow like water!


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Geneivieve, Dominic, Ryan, Jamie, and Angelina stained to hear the conversation that was happening on the other side of the door. Princess Celestia had come to Twin Hearts, the orphanage they lived at, and rumor had it that she was going to adopt somebody. The group had over heard portions of the conversation. Princess Celestia was looking for five children, between ages four and seven, and it had to be two girls and three boys who were already very close.

"Guys!" whispered Genivieve, her light purple eyes sparkling, as she looked down towards her brother "We're gonna get adopted!"

"Prol'ly not Gena-geni- uhh Vee." replied Dominic, his shoulders sagging, before looking at his friends "She's prol'ly taking someone else."

"Yeah, thats normly what happens." sighed Jamie, running his had through his curly blonde hair

"Ah! I think she's coming!" squeaked Angelina, her dark blue wings unfurling due to fear.

The group scattered from the door, grabbing books and toys so it looked like they had been busy all along. Ryan, who had grabbed a stuffed snake, started chasing Angelina around. Angelina promptly shrieked and started flying away from Ryan. When the door to their room creaked as it opened they looked over to see Princess Celestia walk through the now open door. After staring in awe for a moment, they remember the manners and bowed/curtsied respectfully. Behind the Princess was the orphanages director, Susan Shieldheart.

"Children, I presume you already know that this is Princess Celestia. Now she would like to ask you a few questions, okay?" Susan said, "Be respectful and answer all of her questions."

"Yes Ms. Shieldheart." They answered in unison, before moving to sit on the only made bed in the room, Angelina's.

Princess Celestia watched as Ryan jumped onto the bed before helping Genieveve up. Genievive in turn helped Jamie onto the bed and all three of them pulled Dominic and Angelina up. It was kind of funny since Angelina could fly and they seemed to be struggling to pull her up. After adjusting a little, they finally stopped moving and stared intently at the Princess.

"Well, why don't we start off with names?" asked Celestia, smiling warmly

"I'm Geneivive and that's my twin brother, Dominic." answered Genievive, while she pointed to herself and her brother, who waved.

"I'm James, but you can call me Jamie." said Jamie

"And I'm Ryan, and that's Angelina, she's really really shy." said Ryan as Angelina hid behind him

"Umm, hello..." said Angelina, from behind Ryan

"How long have you all known each other?" asked Celestia, as she leaned against the end of Ryan's bed, which was across from Angelina's

"Forever! We've grown up together!" exclaimed Dominic, as Princess Celestia's smile started to grow.


"Yuper! Right Ms. Shieldheart?"

"Yes, that's true." she turned to the Princess, "They were raised here. Each of them were on the front porch left a day apart."

When Princess Celestia turned her attention back to the children she half expected them to be sad, but instead they had turned there attention to a riviting game of tag on the bed they we're sitting on. Apparently, Angelina was "it" and all the other children had moved to the far edges of the bed. Angelina unfurled her wings and took to the air, hovering just high enough for the tip of her toes to still touch the ground. When they realized Ms. Shieldheart had stopped talking they quickly sat back down, nearly knocking each other over.

"I just have one more question for all of you; What do you want to be when you grow up?" asked Princess Celestia

The children looked at each other before collectively answering, "We wanna be Royal Guards!"

"And protect you!" exclaimed Jamie

"And be heroes!" yelled Ryan

"Oh and see Equestria!" ended Angelina, in her soft voice

After listening to their answer Princess Celestia turned to Ms. Shieldheart, "Ms. Shieldheart, can I talk to you outside?"

"Are they the ones you were looking for?" asked Ms. Shieldheart, after she had heard the tell tale click! that the door was securely closed behind her.

"I believe so. I do have one question for you: has anybody tried to adopt them before?" wondered Celestia

"Yes, but never together. The first time someone tried to adopt them seperately, we found out something .....different about Angelina."

"Different? What do you mean?"

"Well, Angelina looks like a Pegasus, but last year a nice couple wanted to adopt her but not the other children. She pinned them against the wall with her magic."

"Her 'magic'?"

"Her magic, it was dark blue like her wings. I know it sounds impossible but I wouldn't say it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes."

Princess Celestia nodded before answering, "Anything else I should know about them?"

"It would be best to keep them all together. If they are left apart for extended periods of time they will look for each other. Jamie falls, alot. We finally had enough money to get him some military grade glasses because he would break any pair I got him when he fell. Dominic and Genieve will probably cause the most trouble. Not on purpose of course, but they are a handful to deal with." chuckled Ms. Shieldheart, "Now Ryan, he's... very protective of Angelina so for the first two maybe three weeks he will want to go everywhere with her and have a tight hold one of her hands. Just let him do that until he realizes she's not in any harm."

Before Princess Celestia could respond she heard a yell from the other side of the door, "MS. SHIELDHEART! JAMIE FELL DOWN!"

"DID NOT!" answered Jamie

"DID TOO!" yelled Dominic


"NO I DIDN'T!" replied Ryan, "YOU FELL!"

Ms. Shieldheart sighed, "That's my cue. I already set the paperwork out on my desk, so all you need to do is sign it." Ms. Shieldheart opened the door to the children's room, "Now what happened?"

"JAMIE FELL!" yelled Ryan

"DID NOT! HE SHOVED ME!" answered Jamie

"Um actually, Ryan tripped and fell on to Jamie." interjected Angelina, before the door closed.

Princess Celestia picked up the paperwork, smiling. She was going to enjoy having them around, she could tell already.

Chapter 1

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Two weeks had passed since Celestia had signed the papers to adopt Angelina, Genievie, Ryan, Dominic, and Jamie, since there was a ton of paperwork that had to be processed Ms. Shieldheart had decided against telling them that they were being adopted by the Princess. Celestia came by almost every other day to talk with the kids and get to know them.

Jamie had on a Military green shirt with black jean shorts and black converse.He had also decided not to brush his curly blonde hair. Angelina had on a dark blue sleeveless tunic and white shorts with dark blue flats. Her dark blue hair was pulled into a right side ponytail, and her bangs swept to the right. Dominic and Genevieve were wearing matching outfits, black shorts and purple short sleeve shirts with purple sneakers. Genevieve had brushed her short shoulder length dark purple hair into a ponytail with her bangs hanging in her eyes, while Dominic let his go whichever way. Ryan had on a crimson shirt and brown shorts with red sneakers. His straight black hair hung in his eyes.

Today was one of they days that Celestia came to visit and the children had asked her about the guards who always stay outside by the chariot when she visits. Ryan had just asked what there names were. Since it was a rather warm day they had decided to go outside.

"There names are Wyatt Shield, Grant GoldenHeart, and GraceLynn StarDust."

"I only saw two guards not three. Where was the girl?" asked Ryan

"Well, she was inside of the carriage. She usually sits in there with me."

"Who's the red haired one?" asked Jamie

"His name is Jesse, Jesse Runner."

"Can we meet them?" asked Genievieve and Dominic together, "Can we? Can we? Can we?"

Celestia laughed lightly, "Of course we can."

"Did you hear about the Canterlot Craft update?" asked Grant Goldenheart, taking his white and golden helmet off to expose his black curly hair, standing on the step of the orphanage next to Wyatt

"Yeah. I haven't been playing it recently cause if you hadn't noticed we're always working." replied Wyatt Shield, fixing his helmet.

"Oh yeah totally!" said Jesse, jumping up in between Grant and Wyatt, his armor clanking.

"Shut up Jeff!" said Grant as he lightly pushed Jesse out of his personal space, causing Jesse to dramatically fall down, "You don't even know what your talking about!"

"C'mon guys!" said GraceLynn, hitting her boots together as she adjusted her seat on the front of the carriage, "Just because Celestia's not here doesn't mean we can goof off."

"Yeah guys!" said Jesse, sitting up

"Shut up Jeff!" Wyatt and Grant replied in unison

"Sheesh!" Jesse sat up quickly and turned his head towards the door, "Six people. Five children, one adult..... GUYS CELESTIA'S COMING!"

"Oh Shit!" Wyatt and Grant jumped of the step and jumped on to the seat on the front of the carriage as GraceLynn jumped off. While Jesse stepped on the back step and grabbed onto the handle as GraceLynn opened the carriage door right as Celestia came through the door.

"You Majesty." the guards said together, bowing.

"Rise. I would like you all to meet Genievieve, Dominic, Ryan, Angelina, and Jamie." said Celestia, as she pointed to each child.

"Hi." said GraceLynn, "My name's GraceLynn!"

"Jesse Runner! But you can call me Jes, Jeffery, Jeffy, or Jeff!" Jesse rambled with a silly grin. He took off his helmet and shook out his long, curly, crimson hair. "Hey, look Grant!" he chuckled warmly, jerking his head towards Grant "that kid looks like a blonde version of you!"

"No he doesn't stop jo-... He does.... Oh my goodness! That kid looks like me!" Grant leaned in close to Jamie's face causing the small boy to giggle, "Woah! Anyway! I'm Grant Goldenheart and that's Wyatt Shield."

"I don't do kids...." said Wyatt, crossing his arms and looking away from the children

"Oh Come on Wyatt!"

"No!" he turned toward Grant, "Everytime I see one they are covered in mud or sticky stuff and then they touch me and say, and I quote 'Hi Mister Guard Man!' I don't do kids...." said Wyatt, climbing back on the front of the carriage, "Now that I'm done with that. Greetings little children."

"Well Wyatt since you have issues with them could you get there luggage from their room?" asked Celestia.

"Yes your highness. I only have one question: where is there room?"

"First door on your right."

"Right on it.. Hehe see what I did there. Ahem, Thank you your majesty." Wyatt jumped off the seat and walked up the steps, through the door.

Angelina tugged on Princess Celestia's dress to get her attention, "Umm Princess?"

Celestia bent down to Angelina's height, "Yes Angelina?"

"Umm, why is Mr. Wyatt getting our lug- lu- umm what did you say?""



"Well, remember when I told you and your friends that Ms. Shieldheart said you could spend the night in the castle?"


"We decided that today would be a good day for you all to stay in the castle over night."

"But we have school tommorrow..."

"We can skip Angie!" said Jamie

"Yeah!" said Dominic, jumping up and down

"And I'd be the Princess would make sure that you still got to school tomorrow." said GraceLynn, bending down to the kids height

"She's very responsible." said Grant, pushing Jamie's glasses up for him

Just then there was a thud on the door followed by Wyatt sticking his head through the door, his helmet in his eye, "Hey! One of you bozos want to help me!! I may not be fond of kids but I don't want to step on one!"

"You didn't say please!" joked Grant


"Of course Wyatt! Since you asked so nicely!" laughed Jesse, walking up the steps to help Wyatt

"If you don't want to go today we can go to the castle another time." said Celestia, smiling warmly at Angelina, as Wyatt and Jesse loaded the luggage onto the carriage

"Well, if everyone else wants to go." said Angelina, looking at everyone else

"Well," said Wyatt, "Carriage is loaded and ready to roll!"

"Who's the first one who wants to get in?" asked GraceLynn, as she opened the carriage door.

"I guess we are going to the castle.."

"To the castle! To the Castle!" said Dominic and Genievieve as Grant and Jesse lifted them in to the carriage.

After the last child, and Princess Celestia, were in the carriage and the door was closed, Wyatt looked at his fellow guards, "This is gonna be fun."

"I think they are cute" said GraceLynn

"I have a blonde five year old look alike... he's cool.." said Grant

"I like 'em all!" said Jesse "POKE-!"



"Just shut up..."

"TO CANERLOT! Well, the Casle!" yelled Jamie as he jumped up and down while Angelina covered her ears, "Oops sorry 'Lina!"

"Its ok.." said Angelina as she uncovered her ears, "To the Castle!"

Chapter 2

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After twenty minutes of flying, as well as three "I need to go to the bathrooms!", the carriage finally landed in front of the Castle's carriage entrance. Naturally, Jamie, Genieveive, Dominic, Ryan and Angelina clamored around the window facing the castle. As Jamie stepped on Angelina's back to get a better look out of the window, he accidentally stepped on her wing. Angelina let out a high pitched scream before she started bawling as Jamie quickly jumped off of her back. Princess Celestia picked up Angelina and extended her wing to make sure it wasn't broken.

"Sorry Angie.. I didn't mean to step on you back..." said Jamie softly, as he looked down shamefully.

"It's -hic- okay. I know -sniffle- you didn't mean it." sniffled Angelina, grimacing as Princess Celestia pulled her wing.

"I broke it didn't I?"

"I'd say no," said GraceLynn, smiling at Jamie from her seat, "If you had then she would have been bawling as soon as the Princess touched her wing. Maybe a minor sprain.... right Princess?" as she looked towards the Sun Princess

"Exactly, she has a minor sprain," said Celestia, looking toward GraceLynn, "How did you figure that out so quickly?"

"Jesse. Wyatt wanted to see something so he climbed on Jes' back and accidentally stepped on his wing. That was about four, maybe five, years ago..." she answered as she tilited her head back, ever so slightly, crossed her eyes, and stuck out her tongue in concentration causing the children who where looking at her to giggle, breaking her concentration, "Huh? What's so funny??"

"You made a funny face!!" giggled Genievieve, as she tried to mimic GraceLynn's expression.

"Heh! I guess that would be funny! I've made that face since, oh how old was I? I think I was younger than you guys!"


"Yeah, it's become a bad habit. So don't copy it!"

Angelina felt a light hand on her back, causing her to jump just a little before looking back to see Princess Celestia smiling softly at her. Returning the smile, Angelina lead back up against Celestia causing Celestia to look at her in slight surprise, before returning her focus to the conversation. GraceLynn was telling them about the one time in band camp when she and the other guards played a game they called volley-bottle. Just before the end of the story Grant came and opened the door to the carriage.

"GraceLynn," he started slowly, "We've been on the ground for fifteen minutes and Wyatt's getting irritable."

"What's got his armor in a bunch?" asked GraceLynn, as she started to stand up, cracking get back and knuckles.


"'Hey Wyatt? WYATT?? DO YOU WANT TO DO SOMETHING!!???' routine? Or the 'I'm going to drum on everything insight mainly your head'?"

"Number Two, where does he even his put his drumsticks? Now help me before Wyatt introduced Jesse to his wonderful fist.... Again..." he reached into the carriage and grabbed a tight hold on her wrist and started pull her out of the carriage, causing GraceLynn to yelp.

"Uh! GRANT! We do have jobs! Remember?" yelled GraceLynn. As Grant pulled her out of the carriage she caught a firm hold on part of the carriage so she could talk to the princess, "Gah!! MY ARM!!! LET GO!! Umm, Princess I'd better go an- QUIT BEING SUCH A PAIN!!!- and help him be- I DON'T GIVE A CARE IF HE SAID THAT!- before somebody dies. I'm so so sorry! HOLD YOUR HORSES!!!"

As all the other children, with the exception of Angelina, watched with wide eyes, Ryan folded his arms across his chest, before jabbing his thumb towards the open door, "Are they always like this?"

"Almost everyday." chuckled Celestia, as she heard Wyatt yell, most likely at Jesse for playing a drum solo on his head "They've known each other since the eighth grade."

"That's along time...." said Dominic, "Isn't it?"

"Yes, its a long time."

During the course of the conversation Angelina had shifted and fallen asleep sitting in Princess Celestia's lap. Celestia slowly stood up so she wouldn't awaken her. After motioning for the rest of the children to get out of the carriage, Celestia got out of the carriage. What she saw when she got out, however, surprised her, which is really something because she's been alive for a millinium. Jesse was sitting on Wyatt's back, who was knocked out and had a rapidly swelling bump on his head, looking victorious. Grant and GraceLynn where on the ground laughing saying something about how Wyatt deserved what he got.

"Yo Wyatt!" said Jesse, his signature lopsided grin in place, as he looked down at Wyatt, "You alright?"

"I-i-i hahaha! don't think he is!" yelled Grants as the strap to his helmet broke causing it to fall off of his head and Wyatt to come to.

"Ohhhhhh.." moaned Wyatt, before realizing Jesse was still sitting on him, "Dude my brain hurts, what the heck did you do? Uhhhhhh."

"I may or may not have hit you with my drumstick as hard as I possible could."

"Ughhhh... Help me to the infirmary... I think I need to get my head examined."

"Sure Wyatt." Jesse got up off of Wyatt's back to help him stand up. Just as he stuck his arm out, Wyatt swung his legs around and knocked him off of his feet. Jesse had been expecting this so he had unfurled his wings to keep him from hitting the ground hard. Wyatt jumped to his feet and signaled Jesse to attack him first. Jesse had pulled out his drum sticks again and was just about to attack Wyatt when GraceLynn jumped in front of him. She pointed behind him causing Jesse to turn around and see Celestia and the children, with the exception of a sleeping Angelina, staring at him.

"Huh he!" said Jesse, putting his drumsticks away with a sheepish grin, "Don't repeat anything you just saw, ok?" he turned back towards Wyatt, "Let's get you to the infirmary."

"Yeah.." said Wyatt, ackwardly as he and Jesse started towards the Guards quarters with GraceLynn and Grant right behind them.

Jamie started jumping up and down excitedly, his golden curls bouncing, "That was so cool! He was like Bam! and he was like Boom!! and whoosh and and and-" Ryan covered Jamie's mouth with his hand.

"Let's just go inside..." said Ryan, rolling his eyes as Jamie tried to get Ryan to remove his hand from over his mouth by licking it.

"Right this way, "said Celestia as she turned toward the castle with the other children in tow.

Chapter 3

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After Celestia put Angelina in the room she had set up for the children, she took them on a tour of the castle. About five minutes into the tour, Genivieve tugged on the Sun Princess dress, causing her to stop walking and bend down to Genvieve's height.

"Um, I'm hungry." said Genivieve, pushing her bangs out of her eyes, her big purple eyes shining in the brightly lit hallway.

"Me too!!" agreed Jamie, looking like he was trying to plan a suprise jump attack on the princess

"YEAH YEAH!! I WANT FOOD!!" yelled Dominic, jumping up and down as he pushed on Ryan's back

"Stop shoving me! Gosh!" sighed Ryan

Celestia looked at the children there, they were close to the castle kitchens. But she was so close to the room she wanted to show them, taking one last longing look down the hall she sighed, "Ok. The kitchen is around the corner." Standing up she led the children to the kitchen were all the chefs and there assistants were running around.

"GUYS! WE ONLY HAVE TEN MINUTES BEFORE TH- Princess!" said Daniel Blade, dropping his knife before bowing deeply at the waist, as the other chefs and assistants mimicked his gesture.

Seth Cresent slid across the floor on his back stopping right before the feet of Celestia. Looking up he grinned at the Sun Monarch, before launching himself to his feet and running back into a far corner of the kitchen. Not even a moment later, Kailie Heart, a Earth Royal guard slid across the floor into a set of ovens. Sitting up, she glared into the corner that Seth had just run into. Realizing the Princess was standing there, she hopped to her feet and straightened her armor. Giving a salute she headed back towards the corner of the kitchen.


"Um! NO!" replied Seth

"That's why I don't love you!" said Leslee Shaker, his face hidden behind a rack of pots.

Kailie whimpered, her hazel eyes shimmering with hurt, "Aw, Leslee! THAT'S WHY I DON'T LOVE YOU EITHER!"


As Kailie stepped into the corner the sounds of a scuffle began. Leslee yelled something about pot and chicken, while Seth said something about talking rabbits and cows, and Kailie yelled how they shouldn't be yelling. Daniel walked up to the Princess.

"I'm sorry Princess. Sometimes it's like we're still in high school." Daniel shook his head, chuckling softly to himself, "Now what can I do for you?"

"I need something that will appeal to five, well at the moment four, young children." replied Celestia, as Genvieve, Ryan, Dominic and Jamie stuck there heads out from there hiding place behind the monarch's dress, causing Daniel's eyebrow's too shoot up, nearly touching his hairline.

"Well... That's gonna be a challenge. But I'm sure we can figure out something. Seth, Les, Kailie, Avery, T.J., and Ricky!"

"WHAT?!?" replied Seth and Kailie

"CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP!" yelled Leslee, as he grabbed a big pot of the rack above him

"See thats how you open that door!" said Avery Charger, leaning against the stove as T.J. tapped away on his phone

"Huh... Never knew that." replied T.J. Boulder, turning his phone off and putting it in his jacket

"Whatever." said Ricky Coronet, setting his filleting knife on the counter.

Daniel ran his hand through his sandy blonde hair before sticking his fingers in his mouth and letting out a piercing whistle, causing everyone to jump, "HEY! SHUT UP AND LISTEN!! Now! I need four lunch ideas! For four kids and I really don't think that they're all gonna want sandwiches, Seth." Seth lowered his hand that he had raised with an idea

"Soup.... Chicken noodle soup." said Leslee, as he grabbed some pasta out of a cabinet

"Why are you asking me? I'm not even supposed to be in here. I gotta go find GraceLynn anyway." said Kailie, holding her hands up when Daniel looked at her, "Bye!", she ran out the back door of the kitchen, her armor clanking loudly with each step.

"When I was there age all I wanted to eat was pizza and ice cream. But I just carry the food out... I don't make it." said Avery, shrugging before he pulled on edge of his white dress shirt

"Same here," said T.J. running his hand through his messy light brown hair, while using his other hand to slip his phone into his pocket

Just then the back door burst open, and a young man with black hair came rolling in on a service table. Jumping off to stop the cart, he slipped and fell on his back, causing the cart to run into the wall. He sat up pulling on his black shirt and red tie, before standing up and tugging on his black pants and red shoes.

"Nathaniel. How many times have I told you not to ride on those?" asked Daniel, as he folded his arms across his chest.

"I dunno. Alot.. But its so much fun! C'mon Dan lighten up!" said Nathaniel Bow-tie, running his hand through his short black hair.

"SON OF A- GAHHHH!!" yelled Avery, holding his hand as blood started to pool on the floor.

"Dude! That is one sick cut!" Nathaniel got close to Avery to look at the slice that ran along the palm of Avery's hand

"Shut the heck up before I kill you!" Avery grabbed Nathaniel's collar, causing blood to soak through it. Snapping his fingers Nathaniel teleported out of Avery's reach, smirking before walking out of the kitchen to get another shirt. Daniel walked over to Avery and inspected the wound before sending Avery to the infirmary. Thrusting a mop in to T.J.'s hands he turned back to the Princess, weariness showing on his features.

"I'm sorry Princess. We'll get right on the food. Maybe it would be best if you wait in the dining room."

"Of course Daniel." said Celestia, smiling warmly to the weary chef, as she ushered the children out of the kitchen. As soon as they had left the kitchen Daniel turned towards the kitchen staff, who were all staring at him with blank expressions.

"Well? What are you waiting for! Get cooking!!"

Chapter Four

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"GIVE ME MY PHONE!!" GraceLynn yelled, glaring at Grant, who was standing on the other side of the long dining room table

"Ohhhh, Hello there?" said Grant as he flipped throught GraceLynn's messages, "Who's this Willie guy?"

"NONE OF YOUR FAUST DAMN BUSINESS!" GraceLynn lunged across the table causing Grant to take two steps back

"Ooo Are you dating him?" Grant looked up at Gracelynn, mischive shinning in his eyes

"No! He's just a friend!" GraceLynn pulled herself off of the table

"Riiiiiight, cause friends call you stuff like 'baby' right?"

"GRANT!" GraceLynn started to chase Grant around the table, her armor clanking with each step.

"ITS MY PHONE NOW!!!" Grant yelled, cackling as he ran around the table away from Gracelynn.

Grant tripped over his own boots and fell face first onto the floor with a loud CRASH!. GraceLynn's phone slipped through his finger tips before hitting the floor. The door opened causing Grant to look up slowly as he rubbed his nose. Looking up he saw, a long white skirt and four pairs of small converse next to it.

Well, damn. thought Grant before hopping to his feet and bowing at the waist. GraceLynn walked next to him before mimicking his motion.

Grabbing her phone off of the floor, GraceLynn growled in Grant's ear, "If you ever do that again, I will personally break you in half and feed your remains to wild animals. Are we clear?"

Grant cracked a small smile before responding, "Like looking through a crystal chalice."

Leaning back up, Grant and GraceLynn put on a smile as though nothing had happened. GraceLynn slid her phone into her pocket, before bending down to the children's height. Jamie, finally unable to control his pent up energy, jumped on GraceLynn knocking her over. GraceLynn, getting over her shock of being tackled, grabbed hold of Jamie before jumping to her feet.

"Pfft. And you didn't do weights in high school!" scoffed Grant as GraceLynn set Jamie on her shoulders

"I didn't. Didn't even do it during training, yet I'm still stronger than you!" GraceLynn stuck her tounge out a Grant before making sure Jamies hands were ontop of her head before adressing Jamie, "So? How was the castle so far?"

"ITS SO BIG!!! And nice and BIG! ITS AWESOME!!!" Jamie waved his hands above his head causing him to tip back, luckily Gracelynn leaned forward preventing him from falling

"That's awesome! How about the rest of you?" Before any of the children could answer they heard a loud BANG accompanied with a loud yell and some swearing.

"Andddddd That's our cue Grace." said Grant, looking at the door before sighing

"Mmmhmm." said GraceLynn, taking Jamie off of her shoulders, "Seth, Leslee, and Kailie. That's my guess."

"Swap Kailie with Dan and I totally agree." Grant walked towards the door with GraceLynn in tow.

"Or its Nathaniel." GraceLynn looked at Grant before reaching for the door knob.

Right before GraceLynn's fingertips brushed the metal the door flew open, revealing a very angry looking Daniel. He looked at GraceLynn and then Grant before sighing.

"What's wrong Lone Trombone?" asked GraceLynn, using the name she had given Daniel in Band during their first year of highschool

"Can I go home?" asked Daniel, before hanging his head and leaning against the door post. His normally very orderly blonde hair was sticking up in the front giving him a faux hawk. He had taken off his white chef jacket leaving him in his black dress pants and a green t-shirt. They hung loosely on his lanky frame, so much so he had to use a brown leather belt with a big golden buckle that had his families insignia on it, to hold his pants up.

He looked considerably thin compared to Grant and GraceLynn, who looked bigger than they actually are, in their gold and white armor. (Oh Hey look! I never told you what GraceLynn and Grant look like weeeeel! Here we go!)

GraceLynn stood at least a head shorter than Daniel. She was on the slim side, considering she and Grant had the same size appetite. Meaning they could finish ten pizzas each in under ten minutes. Her long black hair hung out from under her helmet almost reaching her waist. Her brown eyes could shine when she was happy, or be the most terrifying thing you would ever see.

Grant was half a head taller than GraceLynn and half a head shorter than Daniel. The tips of his curly black hair was the only thing visible with his helmet on. His eyes were a unique mix of blue and green. His wire frame glasses sat close to his eyes, the thickness clearly visible that he was nearly blind. He was lanky as well, kind of like Daniel.

Celestia watched their little conversation, their closeness showed that they had known each other for a good time. Her magenta eyes focused on how GraceLynn and Grant offered Daniel words of encouragement. GraceLynn made a trombone appear in her magic before handing it to Daniel. Daniel licked his lips before playing a few glissando's on the trombone to release his stress. He played them out, as loud as he could without making it sound bladdy. Handing the trombone back to GraceLynn, Daniel dissapeared back into the kitchen. GraceLynn shook her head before making the trombone dissapear.

"HAVE FUN LONE TROMBONE!!" yelled GraceLynn before turning her back towards the door.

"He really needs to bring his bone to work." said Grant, shaking his armor clad head softly.

"Why did he do that?" asked Genievieve, looking intently at the two guards.

"Do what?" GraceLynn's eyes mimicked her confusion at Genievieve's question

"Play on that music thing?"

"Ohh!" Grant smiled as he laughed softly, "Dan has done that since we started working here. It keeps him calm. Usually Grace supplies him with the trombone."

"That's right!" GraceLynn put Genievieve on her shoulder's causing the small girl to giggle.

Grant followed GraceLynn's example and grabbed Ryan before putting him on his shoulders. Ryan set his hand's ontop of Grant's head before yawning. Grant tapped GraceLynn on her shoulder before running around the long table.

"Really Grant?" asked GraceLynn, as she rolled her eyes at Grant's antics, "What are we? Six?"

"YESH! IN OVERSIZED ARMOR!!" Grant's hands started to glow a soft blue aura, causing GraceLynn's eyes to widen in horror.

"Grant FOR THE LOVE OF EQUESTRIA! DON'T DO IT!" GraceLynn cringed as she felt the soft blue aura envelope her. She felt her bones compact and shrink as well as the armor become extremely heavy. She screwed her eyes shut as the weight of Genievieve and the armor became unbearable. She let out a high pitched cry before falling on her face.

She opened her eyes, taking note that her hands were still the same size as normal, and her helmet wasn't in her eyes. She heard a giggling on her back and looked up to see Genievieve. She looked at Grant who had walked over, sweat covering his face. He gazed down at her before reaching his hand out to help GraceLynn up.

"What did you do?" asked GraceLynn, before moving Genievieve off of her back.

"I dunno. I saw it in a book. What did it say??" Grant stroked his invisible beard, "Huh can't remember! Anyway! I thought I could do it. Like when I made Wyatt fly! MAGIC STICK!!"

"Oh yeah he tooooootally flew. Five feet before crashing on you head!" Genievieve smirked at Grants displeased face

"Hey! It woulda worked. If he wasn't so gosh darn heavy." Grant pouted, folding his arms across his chest with a jump causing poor Ryan to bounce up before grabbing onto Grant's helmet, "Sorry Little Man! Forgot you were up there."

Wyatt opened the door that lead from the Kitchen to the dining room, with his helmet in his right hand. His black hair was standing up around the bandage running around his forehead under his bangs that were less the two centimeters from his eyes. Shaking his head he closed the door behind him. Realizing the Princess, was there he bowed deeply at the waist. Raising up he heard a yell come from the kitchen.

"JESSE! IF YOU AND SETH ARE GOING TO FIGHT WITH YOUR DRUMSTICKS GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN!!" Daniel yelled before Jesse and Seth came crashing through the door and falling on Wyatt, knocking him over.

Scrambling to his feet, Jesse bowed at the waist before knocking Seth off,who had himself firmly latched onto Jesse's leg. Seth, now laying on his back at the edge of Celestia's dress, looked at the princess and smiled, his overgrown blonde hair obscuring his light blue eyes. Celestia returned Seth's smile, as she was used to his lack of bowing and childish antics.

Seth Cresent was one of the most fun chefs you could meet. He was young at heart and his big light blue eyes and blonde hair making him look young in the face. He was just one inch shorter than Daniel, standing at 6'4". He still had on his white cooking jacket and his blue gym shorts under it. Celestia had learned early on that Seth didn't bow, he just smiled or nodded.

Jumping to his feet, Seth pointed a drumstick at Jesse before reaching over and grabbing Jesse's helmet and setting it on Dominic's head with a warm smile. Seth poked Dominic's nose causing the small boy to giggle.

"Hey! Do you want to see what we made for you guys to eat? Its really good! Its this soupy stuff! I think Dan said it was chicken dumplings. Or did he say beef?" Seth scratched his chin in thought, "No he said chicken! ANYWHO! COME ON!!! Jesse grab Genny!" Seth Lifted Dominic onto his shoulders as he made car noises and ran back towards the kitchen.

Jesse ran up behind Genievieve, wrapped his arms around her middle before walking towards the kitchen, "C'mon Genny! Lets go eat!" Genievieve giggled and squealed as she was taken to the kitchen.

GraceLynn set Jamie on her shoulders before running towards the kitchen. Jamie yelled and laughed as he bounced up and down as GraceLynn's armor clanked with each step. Grant spun around once with Ryan still on his shoulders before bounding towards the kitchen, leaving Celestia and Wyatt alone. Wyatt wiped his eyes before opening the door to the kitchen.

"Wyatt." Celestia said, causing Wyatt to stop walking and turn towards her

"Yes Princess?" said Wyatt, pushing his bangs down only for them to bounce back up

"Why did all of you choose to work in the castle? If you don't mind me asking."

Wyatt laughed a little before answering, "It was GraceLynn's idea. She thought it would be fun if we worked together since we got along kinda well in high school. She talked everyone into it and thus we work here. To us its just a continuation of high school. We act the same, talk the same, everything the same as we did in high school."

"LOOK OUT!!" GraceLynn, Grant, Jesse, and Seth yelled as the rolled into the dining room.

"Ohhhh." Moaned GraceLynn rubbing her head

"And that's why you have helmets!" said Seth, before kicking his feet, "LETS DO IT AGAIN!!"

"NO!" GraceLynn, Jesse, and Grant yelled before flicking Seth's ear

Hearing giggles and chuckles GraceLynn, Jesse, Grant, and Seth looked to the door. Genievieve, Jamie, Ryan, and Dominic were laughing at them as they ate. GraceLynn started laughing, hard. Her whole body shook as she laughed causing her armor to creak. Grant joined in followed by Jesse then Seth. GraceLynn and Seth were kicking there feet as they laughed. Celestia chuckled into her hand while Wyatt glared at his friends before laughing with his friends. Daniel stood in the door frame behind the children, shaking his head and smiling. Celestia looked around, now that these children were here, the castle will never be the same.

CHapter 5

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After eating, Celestia and the children started walking down the hall again. Genievieve, Jamie, Ryan, and Dominic started playing leap frog in the hall. Their clothes were covered in chicken and dumplings as well as the popsicles they had for desert. During the time they had eaten, Angelina had woken up and Celestia's trusted assistent, Rebekah Chaser, had taken her to the kitchen after Kailie said they were in there eating. Angelina had decided to stay as close as she could to the solar monarch, whether it was holding her dress or holding Celestia's hand. Celestia was leading them to the royal clothes designers, Kamryn Charmer and Morgan Nova, to get the children a new wardrobe. As they were walking, Celestia heard faint sound of yelling, as well as laughing and whooping.

"I WIN AGAIN! SUCK IT ANDREW!" a voice yelled, with a laugh running behind it

"Shut up! Or do I need to impale your skull with my sword?" a voice replied, anger clearly lacing his voice

Coming around the curve of the hall Celestia saw that it was two of her guards who were walking the hall. Noah Tumbler and Andrew Twister, were glaring at each other before bursting into a fit of laughter, holding on to each other for support. Realzing Princess Celestia was walking down the hall, they quickly snapped to attention struggling to stifle their chuckles. Genievieve, Dominic, Ryan, and Jamie walked up beside the Princess and Angelina, their eyes looking at every little detail.

"I'm Jamie. Who are you?" asked Jamie, before pushing his glasses

"Who are we? WHO ARE WE?" said Noah, leaning closly into Jamie's face before looking at Andrew, "Who are we?"

"Guards idiot!" said Andrew pushing Noah

"Ah yes! We are guards! Royal guards in fact! In service to her royal highness, Princess Celestia of Equestria!" Noah dramatically puffed his chest out only for Andrew to hit him in the stomach, causing Noah to double over.

"How many times are you going to fall for that?", asked Andrew, pulling Noah up to his height before adressing the children, "My name's Andrew Twister, and the guy who's trying not to heave up his lunch is Noah Tumbler. Now I have a question, who are you?"

"I'm Genievieve! But Seth called me Genny so you can too! I have a twin brother his name is Dominic!" Genievieve said, her hand waving wildly as she spoke.

"I'm her brother!!" exclaimed Dominic, jumping up and down as he smiled.

"I'm Ryan, and you've met Jamie." Ryan said, camly as Jamie waved frantically.

"Umm I'm angelina" said Angelina softly as she hid behind the princess, her hand firmly grasping the solar monarch hand.

Noah's eye's widened as he thought about their names, "Wait, aren't these the kid who are gonna be the Princess's n-!" Noah was cut off as Andrew slapped a hand over his mouth as the princess lightly shook her head.

"Noah, Andrew, do you know where Kamryn and Morgan are? I've been looking for them." Celestia looked between the two guards, as she adjusted her grip on Angelina's small hand

"Kam and Mo?" asked Noah, looking at Andrew, "They told us they were headed to lunch before they went to get some fabric for a project you had them doing. Oh, Kamryn said four outfits where completed and in the dressing room but the fifth needed something."

"Did they say when they'd be back?"

Andrew nodded, "In an hour or two, depending on the crowd at the store. Morgan said to have them try on the clothes that where there and they'd get the last outfit figured out."

"Thank you Andrew, Noah."

"No problem Princess!" they said simultaneously, as they saluted.

"Wow! They made these for us?" asked Genievieve, as she looked at her new clothes and shoes. She had a light purple headband with a big black flower on it, in her just brushed shoulder length hair. She had on black ballet flats that had small diamonds decorating the top of the shoe. She had on tight fitting black caprices that came just below her knees and a light purple tank top tucked into them. Over her tank top she had a black blazer, with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows. On her left wrist was a small band that said Genievieve and a larger black and purple zebra print band.

Ryan looked at his outfit tugging on his green plaid shirt. The sleeves of his shirt were rolled up 1/4 of the way, exposing the band on his right arm the said Ryan and his green watch. He had on a loose fitting pair of black jeans and a pair of black sneakers. His hair had been brushed so it set down on his head.

Jamie's hair stood up all over his head as he bounced up and down. He had on an orange short sleeve button down shirt and dark grey jeans with orange stitching. His feet were clad with bright orange high tops that had grey laces. On his right arm he had a band that said Jamie in big orange letters.

Dominic looked at himself in the mirror, admiring his new clothes. His purple hair had been bushed up so it stood up in the front. He had on a black blazer like his sister only the sleeves where rolled up 1/4 of the way exposing his band that said Dominic. He had on black jeans like Ryan's and black converse. His purple short sleeved shirt was tucked into his pants that had a black belt holding them up.

Celestia had just finished brushing Angelina's hair that reached the middle of her back. Angelina had on a nave blue short sleeve shirt that was tucked into her waist high flower print shorts. The shorts had a thin navy blue belt that matched her shirt. On her left wrist was a band, like the others, that said Angelina in sky blue letters. On her feet where navy blue flats with a little bow on the toe. She had a big blue flower decorating her hair to finish the look.

"Well, of course." said Celestia, as Angelina grasped her hand again, "Your my guests and I wanted everything to be perfect."

"Hey, " said Ryan, looking at a symbol on his shirt, "What's this?" Ryan walked over to the Princess and held up his shirt.

A replica of Celestia's cutie mark was there in green along with the first letter of each child's name. Since Ryan's favorite color was green the symbol was green as well. Angelina looked at her belt to see the same symbol in blue, so did Dominic only his and his sister's were purple. Jamie walked over having found the symbol, in orange, on his shoelaces.Before Celestia could answer, the door to the design studio opened revealing Kamryn and Morgan who had handfuls of bags.

"Princess!" said Morgan before she and Kamryn bowed slightly, "Please tell me Andrew and Noah told you which outf......" She trailed off as she saw the clothes the children where wearing

"Well I guess they didn't" said Kamryn, flatly, "Tell me you told them the big news, Princess!"

"What news?" asked Jamie, looking between the Princess and the two ladies in the doorway


Celestia looked down at the children before sighing, "Remember when I first came to the orphanage and you all knew I was coming to adopt someone?"

Genievieve and her friends looked away as they blushed at being caught before she replied, "Yes."

"Do you want to know why I spend so much time with you?"

"Because you like us!" said Jamie, smiling

Celestia chuckled, "Yes that's one of the big reasons. The biggest reason is because a few weeks ago, I decided to adopt all of you as my nieces and nephews. All of the papers have gone through, but I decided not to tell you because I wanted to get the know you all better."

Angelina slipped her hand out of Celestia's before standing next to her friends, Ryan just looked at the Princess, anger in his little brown eyes. Celestia was confused, didn't they want to be adopted? She made sure to keep them all together. Why did they look upset?

"If this is a joke, its not very funny." said Ryan, folding his arms and glaring at the Solar monarch

"I promise you Ryan, I'm not joking. I'll even prove it to you." Celestia walked in between Kamryn and Morgan and lead the children down a hallway to a door.

On the door was the same symbol as the one on there clothes. Celestia pushed the door open revealing a large room with five beds. Each one had a golden headboard with each child's name inscribed in it. Two bed had purple sheets and comfertors, one had blue, another was covered in green and finally there was one in orange. Each child's eyes doubled in size before running to their new beds.

"Look at the toys!" yelled Jamie, running over to the over flowing toy chest

Celestia smiled as she watched the children run around and exclaim about what they had found. While she was distracted, Angelina grabbed Celestia's hand again.

Ryan walked over with a sheepish grin, "I'm sorry. It's just people have joked with us on that before and then not taken any of us."

Genievieve hugged Celestia's leg, "So this makes you our Aunt now! Do we get to go to day court? Oh Oh Oh can we see the garden? Ohhhh How about Night Court can we go to Night court? Oh Oh Oh! Do we get to hang out with you all day??"

Celestia laughed as she brushed Genievieve's bangs out of her eyes, "We can do all of those things except for Night court. You need your sleep after all. You still will go to school as well, just not the one your in now."

Dominic hugged Celestia's other leg, "What school? Is it close to here? Are you gonna walk us to school? Can the guards walk with us too? Are we gonna get new bags?"

Celestia ran her other hand through Dominic's hair, "Well from what I've heard you are some gifted children so you'll be going to my school of gifted children. It's very close to here. I'll walk you to school if you want. Yes of course the guards have to walk with you, your very important. Well, of course you'll get new bags as well as clothes."

"You finally told them." said a voice.

Celestia turned around to see GraceLynn, Jesse, Wyatt and Grant standing in the doorway, each wearing a smile. The children, with the exception of Angelina who didn't want to let go of Celestia's hand, ran over to tell the guards what they learned.

GraceLynn laughed, "Yeah! We already know! Congratulations on becoming part of the Royal Family!", she looked at Wyatt, "Who had the win?"

"Uhhh, Jesse." said Wyatt, as he felt around for his wallet.

"YES! PAY UP!!!" Jesse jumped in the air, flapping his wings for extra height as the rest of the guards, with a grumble, paid him what they owed him, "I'm RICH! WAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

"Nice clothes! Wait, aren't those the coronation clothes?" asked Grant, looking at Princess Celestia who shook her head, "I guess not."

"Your gonna walk with us to school!" said Jamie, grabbing GraceLynn's hand, as she laughed

"We know!" chuckled GraceLynn, "Now, I recall Day court starts in twenty minutes and you all wanted to go so I suggest you let us go so we can open the gates!"

The children ran back to their new aunt, nearly knocking the Solar Monarch over. The guards gave a quick salute before heading to the gates. Celestia walked over to a large chair before sitting down and beckoning the children to come. Grabbing a brush, Celestia brushed through their hair and straightened their clothes.

"We can't have you all going to your very first day court looking sloppy." said Celestia, as she straightened Genievieve's headband.

"Wow! How long is Day court?" asked Genievieve, brushing her bangs out of her eyes.

"Oh roughly two maybe three hours."

"That's a long time."

"Well," said Celestia, standing up and smoothing her dress, "If you get restless or tired, I'm sure we can cut court short."

Angelina grasped Celestia's hand, "Are you going to tell everyone that you've adopted us?"

Celestia smiled at Angelina as she lead the children to the throne room, "That'll be the first thing we do." Celestia picked Angelina up letting her rest on her left side, before grabbing Ryan's hand.

Ryan, startled as the Princess interlocked her fingers with his, ran to catch up with his aunt, "What if they don't like us?"

Celestia looked down at Ryan and gave a warm smile, "If they don't then they have to deal with me. Trust me, no one will debate with a decision made by me."

As the entered the throne room, Celestia guided Ryan to the top step, on one side of the throne, before releasing his hand. She set Angelina on the other side of the step before guiding Genievieve and Dominic down one step. She sat Genievieve in front of Ryan and Dominic in front of Angelina. Finally Celestia led Jamie to sit on the bottom step, directly infront of the foot of the throne. Walking up the steps, Celestia sat down on her throne before fixing her crown. Looking at Grant and GraceLynn, who were positioned to open the door, she nodded.

"Open the doors." stated Celestia, as the guards started to pull the door open, grunting as they opened the large gold and white wooden doors, "Here we go."

Chapter Six

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Swarms of people tried to crowd into the throne room only for Jesse, Wyatt, Grant, and GraceLynn to stop them. The crowd started shouting their pleas at the Solar Princess, causing Angelina to start to shake in fear. Celestia looked out at the crowd then down to shaking Angelina before rising to her feet.

"Enough!" Celestia boomed in the Royal Canterlot voice, causing the crowd to fall silent. Celestia cleared her throat before sitting back down, "Now, I begin today's day court an announcement. Recently I went to an orphanage to adopt some children to become my neices and nephews. I adopted those children a week ago. Those children are Genievieve, Dominic, Ryan, Jamie, and Angelina. They will be sitting through today's day court so I would like it if you could not use any profanities or speak of things graphic in nature. Am I understood?" Celestia's gaze swept the crowd, who immediately nodded and murmured agreements.

"Now let today's Day Court begin!"

Fifty minutes in to court the children started to get bored and were continously fidgeting in their spots. Celestia had picked up Angelina, who had fallen asleep, and set Angelina on her lap. Genievieve was staring at the symbol on her clothes before fixing her headband. Ryan got up and walked over to Celestia, who moved her hair away from her ear so she could hear what he had to say.

"Prin- Aunt Celestia?" asked Ryan in a whispter.

"Yes Ryan?" whispered Celestia, her focus still on the man who was telling her why they should destroy a town to build a railroad.

"I gotta go the the bathroom."

"Can you hold it Ryan?"

"No, I've already held it as long as I can! I really gotta go!"

Celestia sat up and cleared her throat, "Before you continue any farther, I would like to ask you; how would you feel if someone came and destroyed your home so they could build a railroad?"

"I- E- B- Princess! This could be a really big thing for Canterlot! Think about the revenue!"

"That was not my question. Since you cannot give me an answer to my question, I reject your proposal. Now, a ten minute recess will take place." Celestia rose to her feet, still holding a sleeping Angelina. She grabbed Ryan's hand and walked out of the back door of the throne room. Shifting Angelina in her arms, Celestia led the children to the bathroom.

"Now, after everyone uses the bathroom you have two choices; You can come back to the throne room with me or you can go with Rebekah and play games." Celestia looked at the children before brushing Angelina's bangs out of her face, causing Angelina to shift in her sleep.

"I want to go with you." said Ryan, looking at Celestia

"I wanna play! Day Courts boring!" yelled Jamie, jumping up and down

"YEAH YEAH! WE WANNA PLAY! WE WANNA PLAY!" cheered Dominic and Geneiveive, jumping around with Jamie.

All the yelling cause Angelina to wake from her slumber with a start, "Huh? What's going on? Why are we yelling?

"We're gonna go play!!"

"Oh! I want to play!"

"Well Angelina," said Celestia setting Angelina down on her feet, "You can go with Gen, Dom, and Jamie to play or you can go with Ryan and me back to the throne room."

"C'mon 'Lina! Lets go play with the toys!" said Jamie, pulling Angelina causing the small girl to stumble

"Well, I think I'm going to go with Ryan. Angelina grasped Celestia's other hand.

"C'mon you guys." said Rebekah, gathering the children, "Lets go and play in your room.

"And you two," said Celestia, "We'd better head back to the throne room."

"And thus Nobles are a bunch of stuck up assholes who Celestia should remove from power." stated Grant, folding his arms as he watched the nobles walk around complaining

"True but now that she has the new neices and nephews, it would be an awful time to do that. Just because the children would have to go through that shit." replied GraceLynn, looking at Grant as the Princess walked in causing the crowd to fall silent once again.

Celestia sat Ryan and Angelina on the top step before sitting back down, "I apologize for the wait. Now, who's next?"

A young man walked forward, "Ah'm one of the pioneers who's headed west. Some o' mah famliy members started a small farming community out yonder and with the drought comin' in, well, Ah don't rightly know if were gonna make it this year."

"What would you like me to do?"

"Well," started the farmer

For twenty minutes, the farmer explained what he would like fore the princess to do to help him. For a farmer he was very well spoken, using charts and diagrams, as well as statistics, to help prove his point. Celestia was looking through his statistics as them man held onto his cowboy hat, waiting for her answer. Everything she could have asked him he had an answer for, which was a very difficult task to do. There was only one problem.

"Do you have any weather teams out there?" asked Celestia, looking at the man

"No M'am. There are some pegusi who live out there but we haven't made a team."

"What if, I sent some weather leaders from Canterlot out to where you live, had them help you arrange a team, and then you could have them move rain clouds over to your area?"

The man's expression brightened, "Why, that would be the wonderful! Ah'm sure we could do it!"

Celestia looked to GraceLynn and Grant, "As soon as court is over, take this young man to meet with the Canterlot weather team. Have him chose 2 or 3 people to take with him back to where he lives."

"Yes Princess." Grant and GraceLynn replied simultaniously

"Whoo Wee!", whooped the man, setting his hat back on his head, "Thank ya kindly, Princess!"

"Your very welcome." said Celestia, setting the statistics on the table next to her as she set up for the next person

While Celestia was readjusting, one noble turned and loudly whispered to her neighbor, "I don't see why the Princess would adopt those children. They look as though they just came off the street."

"I know." her neighbor clucked his tounge, "Such a waste. Having them stain the Royal bloodline!"

They had whispered loud enough for Angelina to hear every word. Tears filled her big blue eyes before she ran out of the throne room. GraceLynn and Grant looked at the two who had spoken as Celestia rose to her feet, her stare enough to melt metal.

"Well your screwed." stated Grant simply, before placing a muting spell over his and GraceLynn's ears

"Grant don't forget Ryan!" said GraceLynn before the spell blocked out all sound.

"Thank you." Grant placed the spell over Ryan's ears, as Celestia's eyes glowed with fury

"How dare you? How DARE you question my decision? I have important reasons for why I chose these children, none of which you need to know. Then you make a little girl, whom you know nothing about, run out in tears! They deserve to be here more than you!" boomed Celestia, as she balled her fists up at her sides, "Day court is offically over. It will not be held tomorrow or the day after." Celestia sat back down as she watched all the nobles hurry out of the room.

Grant dropped the mute spell on him and GraceLynn before yelling, "DON'T LET THE DOOR HIT YOUR ASS ON THE WAY OUT BUCKERS!"

"You still have that spell on Ryan, right?" asked GraceLynn, looking at Grant worriedly

"Of course! Otherwise I wouldn't have yelled that." Grant dropped the spell on Ryan, "Now he can here us. Hey Little Man!"

Ryan waved to Grant before asking, "Why couldn't I hear anything?"

"Unless you wanted to go deaf, kid. Be glad I put that spell on you. That close vicinity with your aunt using the voice at full force. Not good."

"Now to find Angelina." sighed Celestia, rising to her feet

Angelina ran down the hall, tears flooding her vision. Why did they say such awful things? What had she ever done to them? Angelina ran into something hard, causing her to fall backwards with an eep.

"Woah! Are you ok?" asked whoever she had run into

Angelina replied with a sniffle as she wiped her eyes. Whoever she had run into lifted her up to get a better look at her, "Hey! I know you! Your Angelina, the princess's neice! I'm Seth! Why are you crying? Did something happen?"

Angelina nodded her head before mumbling something not audible to most but Seth nodded and wiped the tears off of her face, "Just ignore them! Nobles are rather stuck up. I bet that as soon as you ran out, Celestia probably yelled at each and everyone of them!" Seth poked Angelina's nose, causing the small girl to giggle, "She loves all of you very much. Ever since she first saw you guys, you were all she'd talk about. I've never seen her so happy! She's probably looking for you right now!"

"Really?" asked Angelina, her eyes full of questions.

"Oh yeah!" Seth started walking towards the kitchen, "Now I need to get back to the kitchen, so how about you come with me. I know Celestia will look there!"

"Ok. How do you know that?"

"Don't tell anyone but," Seth looked around before leaning close to Angelina's ear, "Celestia loves cake!"

"So do I!"

Seth laughed, "That's great! Why don't we make her one?"

"Ok!" exclaimed Angelina, as the duo walked towards the kitchen

Celestia had just left Ryan with Rebekah and was speed walking down the halls, searching for Angelina. From the time Celestia had met Angelina she knew the small girl was very fragile. Not just because she was little, but because she was emotionally fragile. One wrong word and she could cry for hours.

That's why she was shocked when she heard Angelina giggling and laughing all the way down the hall from the kitchen. She then heard Seth yell something about how did they get icing on the ceiling. Celestia picked up the pace breaking into a jog, as she round the corner to the kitchen. When she pushed the door to the kitchen open she found Angelina and Seth covered in flour, icing, and cake batter.

"TADA!!" Yelled Seth and Angelina together, as they moved to reveal a large lopsided chocolate cake sitting on the kitchen counter.

Before Celestia could reply she felt something warm and sticky land on her head. She reached up and felt a gooey substance before looking at her fingertips. They were covered in chocolate icing; she looked at Angelina and Seth who just grinned.

"And that's how you get icing off of the ceiling!" exclaimed Angelina, as Seth nodded in agreement

Celestia chuckled, "Well my little baker, it looks as though some one needs a bath! Thank you Seth."

Seth shrugged, "No problem Princess. When she grows up she would make an excellent baker!"

Celestia picked up Angelina, not caring about the flour, icing, and cake batter that was now on her clothes, "Let's get you all cleaned up. You should probably get cleaned up as well Seth." Celestia looked at Seth who thought about it.

"Actually I should probably start running because when Dan sees this he's gonna throw a fit and a half. Bye!" Seth took off running down the hall while Celestia walked towards the bathrooms with Angelina in her arms.

Chapter 7

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After Celestia had gotten Angelina cleaned up, they headed back towards the children's room. During the short walk, Angelina talked about what Seth had told her and how much fun they had making the cake. As they entered the room they saw Jesse and Rebekah setting the children down for a nap.

"C'mon guys!" pleaded Jesse, chasing Dominic around the room, "You gotta lie down! You have school tomorrow!" Jesse scooped the small boy up and set him under the covers

"But we're not tired!" protested Genievieve as Rebekah set her down in the bed

Rebekah smiled as she pulled Genievieve's covers up, "You are, you just don't know it yet."

Celestia put Angelina in the bed before taking Jamie's hand and leading him to his bed, "You'll fall asleep before you know it."

"But we're not tired!" chorused Genievieve, Dominic, and Jamie, sitting up.

"But what about our promise to Ms. Shieldheart?" asked Angelina, turning on her side to face the other children, "We said we'd listen and be respectful to Princes- Auntie Celestia and any other adults who are over us."

Jamie, Genevieve, and Dominic laid back down as Celestia, Rebekah, and Jesse tucked them in again. Celestia looked over at Ryan's bed to see him with his eyes closed and breathing softly.

Rebekah followed her gaze before smiling softly, "He fell asleep as soon as he got in here. He tried to stay awake for when Angelina came back."

Rebekah, Jesse, and Princess Celestia walked out of the children's room, wishing them goodnight and pleasant dreams as Celestia turned off the light and Jesse closed the door. The room was silent with the exception of Ryan's heavy breathing and occasional snores. Angelina soon fell asleep as the events of the past day caught up with her, leaving Jamie, Genny, and Dominic wide awake.

Carefully, Genievive slipped out from under her covers and set her feet on the floor. Slowly, she took steps to the door, making sure not to bump into anything on her way. As soon as her fingertips brushed the metal of the door knob Dominic sat up. Genieveive turned around quickly, nearly causing her to fall.

"Where are you going?" whispered Dominic, pushing his hair from his eyes

"Adventuring." replied Genievieve, turning back towards the door

"Why? We're supposed to go to sleep."

"I'm not tired, 'sides if this is our new home I think we should explore it."

Dominic slid out of bed and scampered over to his sister, his feet making a soft pitter patter sound on the marble floor tiles. As Genievive opened the door, Jamie sat up. Grabbing his glasses, he too slid out of bed and ran over to Genievieve and Dominic. Right before he was right behind Dominic he tripped and fell onto the older boy. Dominic closed his eyes as he fell forward. After a few moments he realized he wasn't falling, Dominic opened his left eye to see his sister glaring at him, tapping her right foot softly. Dominic blushed before chuckling nervously and seeing Jamie hovering a few inches above the ground.

"C'mon." whispered Genievieve as she walked out the door, followed by Jamie and Dominic

Closing the door softly, the trio ran down the hall. They passed a few guards who looked at them before looking straight ahead. Once they got far enough away from there room, the trio leaned against the wall to catch there breath.

"So now what?" asked Dominic, scratching his head

"Yeah, whuddo we do now Vee?" agreed Jamie, copying Dominic

"We go to the kitchen! Earlier I smelled cake, but there wasn't any at dinner!" replied Genievieve, as the trio began to walk the halls

The halls were long and wide, with a small end table or two in every hallway. There were doors on every side, some of them had titles, while most did not. When they reached a room with a giant sun insignia they comically tip-toed by, to the amusement of the guards standing watch. Everytime they heard, someone coming down the halls, or talking, they ducked into the room closest to them. Finally the reached a door that said "Royal Kitchen". Jamie, being the youngest and not able to read yet, just nodded and acted like he knew what the sign said when Genievieve said that it was the kitchen.

Entering the kitchen they saw Daniel prepping things for the next day, as well as GraceLynn and Grant, who were playing a card game on the table.

"Do you have any three's?" said Grant, looking at his cards before looking at GraceLynn

"Um.." said GraceLynn, looking through her cards, "Go fish!"

Grant muttered something before grabbing another card off of the deck. Looking to the side he saw the trio standing at the door. Smiling, he beckoned them over. Genievieve, Dominic and Jamie walked over to the table, Genievieve and Dominic's eyes barely coming over the edge of the table. Grant set Jamie on the table, before looking at his cards again.

"Do you have any Ace's?" GraceLynn said, before focusing her attention on the children, "Aren't you three supposed to be in bed?"

"Go fish, barney." said Grant, before smirking at GraceLynn's flustered expression as he used an old nickname

"Buzz off." muttered GraceLynn, grabbing a card off of the deck.

"Yes." said Genievieve, pushing a stool over, "But I'm not tired. And Nic isn't too."

"Me too!" chirped Jamie

"Uh huh." Grant set his cards face down on the table, before stretching his arms over his head. Picking up his cards he looked at Daniel, who was biting on the eraser of a pencil, "Got any sixes?"

GraceLynn handed over a six to Grant before pushing her bangs out of her eyes, "Doesn't matter, you guys have school tomorrow and need your sleep. You three are what? Four, five years old? You got any three's Paco?" GraceLynn grinned as Grant tossed a three in her direction, angrily.

"We're Five and a half!" yelled Genievieve and Dominic

"And I'm four and a quarter! And I don't go to school." said Jamie, swinging his legs off the edge of the table.

"Well you're not twenty, and your still in school. You three need your sleep, like GraceLynn said. When we were your age we had bed times. Well, I didn't, but I'm sure GraceLynn did. Right Lynn?" Grant looked at his friend, "Oh do you have any ones?"

"Go fish, and I did have a bed time. I hated it when I was your age but I did go to bed when my parents told me to. As you get older you'll get to stay up later. Besides, tomorrow's Friday, which means you should be able to stay up later, cause the next day is Saturday. No school and what not." said GraceLynn glancing between her cards, the children, and Grant, "Got any jokers?"

"Go fish." Grant looked at Daniel, "Anything else you wanna add Danny boy?"

"I told you never to call me that." said Daniel, glaring at Grant, who shrugged, "And no, you guys are covering everything."

"But we aren't tired!" whined the trio, looking at the three adults.

"How about this," said Daniel, walking over to the refrigerator and opening it, "If you three go to bed as soon as we're done talking, I'll put something extra in your lunch."

"Yeah," said Dominic, folding his arms, "An apple."

Daniel chuckled, "No, not an apple. I was thinking an extra slice of cake, or a cookie. Something sweet."

"Like an Oreo Cookie Pie?" said Genievieve, leaning forward on her stool, "We love Oreo Cookie Pies."

Daniel glanced back at her, "Sure. If your positive you want a slice of Oreo cookie pie in your lunch, I'll put it in your lunch bag."

"Yes, please!" said the children collectively.

Daniel closed the refrigerator, before leaning up against it, "Do you promise to go to bed?"


"Are you sure?" Daniel raised an eyebrow skeptically.


"Well then, get going to bed!"

The children hopped off of the stools and table before running out the kitchen door. As their pounding feet grew silent, Daniel walked back to the stool he had been sitting on and sat down. GraceLynn and Grant, having finished there game, stacked the cards neatly and set them in the drawer of Daniel's desk.

"Seriously Daniel? Pie?" said GraceLynn, standing in front of Daniel.

"Yes pie. When your parents bribed you as a child, they used something you liked or wanted. I did the same thing. It just happened to be with pie." Daniel stuck the eraser of his pencil in his mouth again before biting down on it.

GraceLynn and Grant walked out the back door of the Kitchen, talking about a game that Grant was interested in buying. As they left Daniel got up and opened the refrigerator again. Sighing, he shut it and sat back down.

"I forgot to ask. How do you make an Oreo cookie pie." Daniel pulled items out of the cabinets and pantry before attempting to make an Oreo cookie pie.

Chapter 8

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Four beds sat in the large room of the Royal guard barracks. One was covered in a dark green comforter, another was covered in a deep blue comforter, while one was covered in.... farm animals? The owners of these three beds we're sleeping, dreaming of a simpler time, when there mothers did there laundry. Well, almost all of them we're, the owner of the farm animal bed was dreaming about, you guessed it, the farm.

Beep Beep Beep! Beep Beep Beep! the alarm blared

"Ugggggh Kill it! Kill it with fireee!" Grant groaned as he pulled his pillow over his head

"Don't eat my music you dumb goat!" Jesse said, turning over in his bed

"Screw life! Screw life in the ass!" Wyatt threw is pillow in the direction of the blaring alarm clock

The last bed was covered in a bright pink comforter. The owner pulling the comforter over her face until finally a hand with purple nail polish shot out from under it. The hand glowed with a hot pink aura before the alarm clock smashed the clock. Half awake cheers rang through the room as everyone turned back over to go to sleep. The sounds of snoring filled the air, and then the owner of the pink covered bed sat up.

"Guys!" said GraceLynn, getting out of bed.

Was it unusual for a girl to be sleeping in the same room with three men? HELL YEAH it was! GraceLynn had been raised with two older brothers who were grown men or almost grown men by the time she was 5. She never wore night gowns after she turned 6, usually sleeping in sweatpants and a t-shirt from one of the many activities she had participated in over the years.

There was also that thing that the guys didn't really see her as a girl, she was one of the guys. With boobs and a girly voice. That and she said "So help me Celestia, if one of you tries to make a move on me, my dad and brothers will pound you into oblivion!"

"Get your fat asses up!" GraceLynn grabbed three of her shoes and threw them at the guys hitting them on the head.

"Damn I'm so tired its raining shoes!" said Grant holding his head in one hand and a black stiletto in the other.

"Same here." said Wyatt, waving a red flat in the air

"My llama barfs shoes." exclaimed Jesse, sitting up with a green boot on his stomach

GraceLynn started rumaging through the closet she shared with the three guys. Soon Wyatt's head was covered in a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt. Jesse, having lied back down, was covered with jeans and a blue long sleeved shirt along with his steel toed work boots. Grant caught his plaid shirt and black jeans in his magic grip before dropping them on his bed and throwing the shoe onto GraceLynn's bed.

"I'm gonna get ready! Knock on the door when you guys are dressed." said GraceLynn, walking to their room's bathroom, a flowered sundress in her arms.

As soon as the guys heard the tell tale click of the door locking they dropped there clothes on the floor.

"She's gone!" they said collectively falling back onto their beds.

"Lets go! We only have 10 minutes!" Daniel yelled, directing his kitchen staff as they prepared breakfast

"Sir yes sir!" yelled Seth, mock saluting as he looked through the holes in the colander on his head.

Daniel brought his right hand to his face before slowly dragging it down, "Get rid of the colander,huh?"

As Seth dropped the colander in the sink, GraceLynn, Grant, Jesse, and Wyatt walked through the kitchen's back entrance. Pies covered a whole counter, and they all had cookie crumbs on the top. Daniel looked over to see who had walked through door, seeing it was them he grabbed 4 plastic spoons.

"Thank Celestia your here! Taste this!" Daniel said, stuffing pie covered spoons into each one of there mouths.

Grant spat the spoon out, "Too much oreo!"

"A little heavy on the cream." said Wyatt slowly taking the spoon out of his mouth

"Bleh! What the heck! Elech! Are you trying to give me high blood pressure?!" Jesse took the spoon out of his mouth before sticking his face under the kitchen sinks faucet and turning on the water. Gargling he said, "Roo ruch ralt!"

"Thanks Scooby doo." said Daniel, grabbing a towel to dry off his hands

"Can I just eat whatever pie this sample came from?" asked GraceLynn, taking the spoon out of her mouth and throwing it in the trash, "Cause its really good."

"Finally! I've been tasting pies all morning, well until I became flavor bland for a while, but I couldn't figure out which pie was best! So I had Seth taste the pies but you know how Seth is, he can't choose a favorite. Thankfully you guys, and gal, came in and chose one." Daniel said, cutting a pie.

Seth walked by Daniel and set 4 lunch bags on the counter, two purple, one blue, and one green. Daniel put the slices of pie in containers that were color coordinated for each bag. Putting in a plastic fork and a napkin he closed each lunch bag.

"T.J.! Avery!" Daniel yelled. Sighing he said one more name, "And Nathaniel. Ughh."

"T.J. and Avery are sick." said Leslee, grabbing a saucer and a cup

"Then were's Nathaniel?" Daniel turned towards Leslee before tapping his foot impatiently

"Don't know and, quite frankly, don't care!" Leslee took the coffee pot off of the stove

"Then he's fired! I don't have time for him to dawdle, show up late for work and then not do his job. I'm trying to run a kitchen!"

Cheers rang out at the end of Daniel's little talk before a glare silenced them all.After rumaging through a drawer in his desk, Daniel tossed four aprons to the guards, catching them off guard. see what I did there!

"Why are you giving us aprons?" asked Wyatt, his left eye brow arching while the rest of his face stayed straight

"Congratu-frickin'-lations! Your my new servers for breakfast." said Daniel, as he set pancakes on five small plates, "Tie the aprons around your waist and GET GOING!"

After waking the children, getting them dressed and making sure each one had a backpack, with the exception of Jamie, Celestia, Rebekah, and the children headed towards the dining hall. Genievieve and Angelina both wore blue and purple dresses, respectively, while the boys wore jeans and plaid shirts. As they walked Rebekah talked to Celestia about the day's schedule, while the children talked about school and how excited they were to tell everyone they had been adopted by the Princess.

"So, you've cancelled Day Court for the next 3 days," said Rebekah looking at her schedule, "Night court has been shortened from three hours to one. Cancelled a causal meeting with the Mayor of Manhattan. The whole day's schedule has been thrown in the trash bin in so many words."

"Exactly." said Celestia, watching as the children ran ahead towards the dining hall.

"Oh! And you said not to disturb you with any paper work all day."


Rebekah scratched her head before putting a lock of hair behind her ear, "What are you going to do all day your highness? If you don't mind me asking."

"I don't mind," said Celestia as she and Rebekah stepped into the dining hall, "I'm going to spend the day with Jamie doing whatever he wants. Since he's not old enough to go to school I thought it would be a great way to get to know him even better."

"I see." Rebekah watched as Jamie pulled himself onto his chair.

As soon as Celestia sat down, the kitchen doors bust open reveling GraceLynn and her companions. Jesse blew a stray red hair out of his face before starting to laugh.

"This isn't funny." Wyatt growled as he glared at Jesse

"Y-yes it is!" Jesse chuckled a little, "GraceLynn's always saying we should sing 'Be our guest' and now is an extremely appropriate time to sing it! AND YOU LOOK LIKE YOUR WEARING A DRESS!" Right before Jesse almost collapsed in a fit of laughter Grant levitated the plates he was holding out of Jesse's hands.

"Go eat a boat."

"Can we?" asked GraceLynn, her brown eyes sparkling

"'Can we' what? Eat a boat?" asked Wyatt shifting to look at GraceLynn

"No! Sing "Be our guest'."

"Heck to the no! I am not singing "Be our Guest", I just wanna put the food down and walk calmly to the carriage."

"Guys?" said Grant, slowly.

"We can't go busting into song just because its what you see on all of your anime and cartoon shows!" Wyatt tapped his foot


"Its not 'busting' in to song. It would technically be planned." GraceLynn rolled her eyes before shifting her weight to her left foot.

"GUYS." Grant raised his voice a little.

"I ain't doing that crap!" Wyatt glared at GraceLynn

"Fine then be a pain in th-" GraceLynn started

"GUYS!" Grant rose his voice loud enough for everyone to stare at him, causing him to blush, "We have a 'job' to do."

"Right." said GraceLynn and Wyatt, before they started serving

"There's glitter on the ceiling." remarked Jesse, "When the light hits it just right its really pretty."

"Why are you all dressed like that?" asked Genevieve as GraceLynn set a plate down in front of her

"Like what?" asked GraceLynn

"Like a country hick." muttered Wyatt as he walked past Jesse

"Ey! We're all from the country so that statement make NO sense." said Jesse facing Wyatt

"What did he say?" asked Dominic, his mouth full of pancake.

"Don't talk with your mouth full Dominic." reminded Celestia, taking a sip of coffee.

"Nothing." said GraceLynn, wiping her hands on her apron before grabbing and twisting Wyatt's ear leading him to the kitchen

"Ow ow ow ow ow. That hurts ow ow ow!" said Wyatt as GraceLynn lead him away

Grant and Jesse looked at each other before slowly walking towards the door. Right before they reached the door Jesse turned around and slammed face first into the door. Clutching his nose he walked into the kitchen with Grant close behind him. A few minutes later Kailie came falling out the door her blonde hair falling in her eyes.

"Ehehe." Kailie blushed as she rose to her feet and bowed to the Princess, "No idea how I ended up out here. None at all."

Kailie pivoted on her heel and walked back through the door. As she went in GraceLynn came out the other door. She didn't have the apron on anymore and her bangs were in her right eye.

"Seriously. The merry go round effect? What is this? Saturday Morning Cartoons??" Just as GraceLynn turned around Kailie ran into her causing them both to fall down, "Dumb doors."

"Your tellin' me." Kailie sitting up

"YOU FORGOT THE COFFEE!" yelled Seth from the kitchen followed by the sounds of slaps, "Ow! That hurt!"

"If she forgot the coffee go and bring it out there! Along with the lunch bags!" said Daniel, before Seth came busting through the doors, a coffee pot on his head and lunch bags in his arms.

Taking a wide step he walked over Kailie and GraceLynn, he set the coffee pot infront of Princess Celestia before setting the lunch bags in the middle of the table. Running his hand through his blonde hair he looked at the ceiling.

"There is glitter up there. Huh! How do those people clean all the way up there??" Seth pondered, scratching his head.

"They fly genius." said GraceLynn,her voice practically dripping with sarcasm as she and Kailie stood up

"Quit being rude to me. I'm just saying." Seth folded his arms before glaring at GraceLynn

"I say that to you all the time. Its just now bothering you?"

"Yes! And I don't like it. Apologize."

GraceLynn brought her hand to her face before dragging it down slowly, "Fine. Seth I apologize for being 'rude' to you."

"I accept your apology." Seth smiled, "Now! Lunch box hand out!" He grabbed two purple lunch boxes before sliding them over to Genevieve and Dominic, "Twins lunches. Peanut butter sandwich, an apple, a juice box, and a pie of some sort."

Grabbing a green lunch box he slid it towards Ryan, "Roast beef sandwich, an orange, juice box, and a doughnut? I think. Yeah its a doughnut! Les and I were gonna play toss the doughnut but noooooooooooo Dan says 'this is a kitchen not your room."

Grabbing the last lunch box, a blue one, he slid it infront of Angelina, "Pasta salad, grapes, juice box, and a piece of topsy turvy chocolate cake!"

As he wiped his hands on his apron, Jamie looked around, "Everyone has a lunch thing. Where's mine?" he asked, looking at Seth, his brown eyes getting dangerously large

Before Seth could reply Celestia said, "That's because you'll be spending the day with me. We can do whatever you want." She smiled warmly at Jamie

"But I want a lunch thing!" whined Jamie, kicking his feet under the table while looking at Celestia

"Order up!" came a yell from the kitchen as an orange lunch box came sailing through the air, landing right in front of Seth, "Special delivery! Air mail. Whatever else you wanna add, Setharoo!"

"Thank you Lesaroo!" Seth slid the orange lunch box in front of Jamie, before saying, "I'm gonna roll with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, apple sauce, a juice box, and a slice of pie."

"Right on the money Seth!" yelled LesLee

"Becky," said Seth, looking at the empty plates on the table before looking at Rebekah, "You wanna help me clear the table?" Seth opened his eyes wide.

"Sure Seth." said Rebekah, smiling before her smile shifted to a pout, "And don't call me 'Becky'!"

After clearing the table, Seth and Rebekah walked into the kitchen. As they cleared the table, Celestia helped the children put there lunches in there backpacks. As soon as all the children had there bags on there backs GraceLynn and the other guards came out of the kitchen.

"Be our guest, Be our guest! Put our service to the test!" sang GraceLynn before reciving an elbow to the ribs from Grant.

"Stuff a sock in it 'Lynn." grumbled Wyatt, his arms adorning fresh bruises.

"What happened to you?" asked Dominic, looking at Wyatt

"I got my a-" A glare from GraceLynn dared him to finish that word, "Hips handed to me by a girl."

"Buuuuuuuuut!" said Jesse, "Lets not dwell on that! Let's go! Let's go to school! The sooner you go the sooner you can come home and play!"

As soon as Jesse said 'play' the kids took off running towards the carriage exit. GraceLynn, Grant, and Jesse ran after them leaving Wyatt and Celestia behind.

Celestia looked at Wyatt, "She really beat you up didn't she?"

"Yup. She got lucky. She had a frying pan." Wyatt and Celestia headed for the carriage exit.

Chapter 9

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They didn't encounter any problems on their way to school, and after they arrived GraceLynn helped the children out of the carriage. Children were running all around the school yard, blissfully unaware of anything that wasn't right in front of them. A few of the older children saw the carriage and gazed in awe and wonder. Genievieve, Dominic, Ryan and Angelina looked at the school yard, one question on each of there minds.

"Are we gonna get mobbed?" asked Genievieve as she put on her backpack.

"Well, everyone knows you right?" asked Jesse as he fixed his hair.

"I guess so."

"Then yeah probably." Jesse shrugged before folding his arms.

"Jesse!" said GraceLynn, glaring at Jesse as she helped Dominic with his backpack, "You don't say that!"

"Why sugar coat it? And before you say we aren't on the farm so we're supposed to make it not sound so bad Miss I-moved-from-Canterlot-to-a-farm-in-the-sticks, she asked therefore I replied." Jesse rolled his eyes before shrugging.

"WE'RE GONNA GET MOBBED!" yelled Jamie, jumping around before stopping, "What does that mean?"

"It means I hope we can run fast." Ryan looked towards the school yard once more before looking at Jamie.

"No, it means you guys are gonna be popular really fast." said Wyatt, playing rock, paper, sicssors with Grant, "Best 6 outta 9."

"Hi Vee!" said a little girl with brown hair in a red dress as she waved at Genievieve.

"Hi Tayler!" Genievieve waved back before turning to everyone else, "I'll see you later! Bye!" with that Genievieve ran off towards Tayler.

"There's Clay! Hi Clay!" yelled Dominic causing Clay to jump before waving at Dominic.

"Hi Nic!" Clay roughed up his short light brown hair before wiping his hands on his green shirt.

Dominic ran towards his friend before turning around and yelling a quick, "G'bye!"

"Come on Angelina." said Ryan, intertwining his fingers with Angelina before walking towards the school.

"Oh! Um, Good Bye!" said Angelina, waving with her free hand.

"Bye!" Everyone called to her.

"Back in the carriage you go!" said GraceLynn, picking up Jamie and putting him in the carriage.

"YES! I DRIVE!" cheered Grant from the front seat

"You got lucky.." Wyatt switched seats with Grant.

"I'm bored!" whined Jamie, climbing onto Celestia's lap.

"What would you like to do?" asked Celestia, running her hand through Jamie's hair.

"I dunno," Jamie poked Celestia's cheek before looking at the back of his hands with intense fascination.

Jamie and Celestia were sitting on the floor of Jamie's room. As soon as they had arrived back to the castle, Jamie took Celestia to his room and pulled out every toy he wanted to play with. The fun and excitement of new things to play with and look at had worn off and Jamie was becoming restless. Jamie got up and went over to the five dressers on the wall and opened the drawer on Ryan's.

"You shouldn't go through other's things." said Celestia, rising to her feet

"Ryan has my toy." replied Jamie, as he rummaged through Ryan's things.

"When he comes home, he can retrieve it and return it to you." Celestia folded her arms across her chest.

"Its mine!" Jamie stopped rummaging and turned to look at Celestia, "And I want it now!"

"He'll be home in a couple hours." Celestia sighed as she bent down to Jamie's height.

"I want it now!" Jamie's voice rose in pitch, "I want it now!!"

"You can't have it now." Celestia looked at Jamie, "We can go do something else and when he comes home, Ryan can give it to you."

"No!" Jamie pouted before sitting down on the ground, "I want it now!"

Celestia drew up to her full height once more, "You aren't going to get it now."

"Uh, Princess?" Wyatt's voice came through the door.

"Yes?" Celestia said, her eyes still fixed on a pouting Jamie.

"I must be tripping.. Your mom is here... Are you sure you didn't spike my coffee?"

"I didn't." GraceLynn replied as she and Wyatt pushed the doors open, "May I present her royal highness Queen Tau Sunflare."

Ryan sat down at an empty table with Angelina close beside him. He always sat with her at lunch, she needed him, especially with those girls who picked on her because she didn't talk loud enough. Ryan could feel the other children staring at the both of them, he didn't like the extra attention, and by the way Angelina was squirming she didn't like it either. The twins on the other hand loved the attention, they were always doing something so people would keep their eyes on them. Which is extactly why they were sitting in the middle of the lunch room telling everyone about everything they had seen and done yesterday, explaining with large arm and hand motions. Well, Genievieve was, Dominic was correcting any parts she embelished on.

Ryan opened his lunch box and peered at its contents before shutting it. Angelina opened the lid on her pasta salad before looking at Ryan.

"Aren't you hungry?" asked Angelina as she grabbed her fork.

"Not really." Ryan laid his head on the table.

"Are you sick?" Angelina moved Ryan's hair to lay a hand on his cheek.

"No." Ryan turned his head to look at Angelina.

Angelina took her hand off of Ryan's cheek and set it in her lap, "Then what's wrong? You're always hungry at lunch time?"

Ryan shrugged before closing his eyes. Angelina prodded her pasta salad with her fork, it didn't look like the one Nick would make for her lunch. She didn't like readjusting, it always caused issues. She liked the orphanage to a degree, she knew everybody, they liked her, and it was comfortable. Angelina glanced at Genievieve, who waved at her before continuing her story. Sighing she put her fork down, Ms. Shieldheart had always said she needed to try new things, to get out and meet other kids. Angelina placed her pasta salad back in the lunch box after securing the lid, the pasta salad was weird looking and she would not eat it. As nice as the princess was she didn't like living in a castle. She'd rather be home with the other kids, not having to worry about all this new attention.

I just wanna go home.

Chapter 10

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Celestia up looked at her mother, her magenta eyes opening wide. Tau was taller than Celestia, much taller, making Celestia seem short even though she towers over her own subjects. Tau's crimson hair came to her waist, the cut was blunt and even with her bangs ending just before her teal eyes. Her white dress swept along the floor, it was a simple sleeveless dress with a V-neck, much like Celestia's.

"Celestia." Tau said, looking at her daughter.

"Mother." Celestia replied, "What are you doing here?"

Tau's eyebrow arched, "I'm surprised Celestia, did you honestly not expect me to come and visit my new grandchildren?"

"I-I did, just not so soon." Celestia stammered, fiddling with her hands.

"Don't play with your hands, you're a Princess. You're slouching, stand up straight Celestia, you're an example!" Tau scolded her daughter.

"Yes Mother." Celestia straightened her back and let her arms fall to her side, "Is Dad here?"

"He will be arriving later." Tau shifted her focus to Jamie, "Who's this?"

"I'm Jamie and I'm mad!" Jamie pushed up his glasses before crossing his arms with a huff.

Celestia walked over to Jamie and stood behind him, "Mother this is Jamie, he's one of your grandchildren."

"I know that Celestia." chastised Tau, walking over to Jamie, "Why are you upset?"

"I'm not upset, I'm mad!" Jamie corrected looking at his Grandmother, "I want my toy."

Tau looked at Celestia, her expression demanding an explanation. Celestia stuttered and fumbled with her words, of all the times for her mother to visit. She felt like a little child again who got caught pulling her sister's hair. Celestia and Tau were always at odds, and it only got worse as Celestia got older. That and the fact they hadn't seen each other since the incident.

"I'm waiting Celestia." Tau tapped her foot.

"He wanted his toy that is in Ryan's, your other grandson, dresser. I feel as though he should wait until the other children get home and ask Ryan to give it to him." Celestia folded her arms and looked at her mother.

"Celestia, its a toy! Let James have the toy, what harm is it going to do? If you don't want him going through Ryan's drawer then get it yourself." Tau's comment caused Jamie to glance at Celestia with a hopeful smile.

"But-!" Celestia started, before sighing, "Yes Mother."

Jamie jumped up and smiled at his grandmother, "You're my Granma?"

Tau bent down to Jamie's height, "Yes, I am. I'm not your 'granma', I'm your Grandmother."

Jamie scrunched up his face and pushed up his glasses once more, "You're tall. Taller than Auntie Celestia."

"'Auntie Celestia'?" asked Tau, casting a glance to her daughter.

"Mhm!" Jamie nodded before running past his Grandmother and into the hallway.

"Jamie!" called Celestia, before she heard the sounds of the guards talking to the boy.

Tau stood up and looked at Celestia, "You're his aunt? Celestia, I don't mind Cadenza being your niece but these children shouldn't be your nieces and nephews."

"It's easier that way Mother." Celestia smoothed her dress, "Other's won't be so-"

"Don't give me that Celestia! You know as well as I do that anybody you make part of the Royal Family is going to be treated differently. They are children, children who need a mother not an aunt! How old is the oldest child?"

"Seven." Celestia shut the drawer on Ryan's dresser

"The oldest is seven, but he's still a child. He needs a mother! Not an aunt." Tau folded her arms, "You took the easy route becoming their aunt!"

Celestia turned around to face her mother, "'The easy route'? No route is easy when your adopting children! None! I did this, I adopted them, for Luna!"

"Oh you did, did you? Just like you banished her for her own good!" Tau pointed her finger at Celestia before saying sharply, "You didn't do this for Luna. You were thinking about yourself, how you would look to the public, just like you always do. You're selfish Celestia."

Celestia turned her back to her mother, "Leave. Now."

"Not until I see the rest of the children." Tau folded her arms.

"Leave or I will have the guards escort you off of castle grounds."

"I will not leave Celestia."

Celestia charged up a teleportation spell, "For the remainder of your visit Mother, you are to stay in the west wing of the castle. When Father arrives then you both may see the children." With that Celestia disappeared in a flash of golden light.

"I bet she forgot." said Ryan as the children sat on the curb in front of the school

The end of the school day had come, and Celestia hadn't come to pick the children up. Its one thing to be five minutes late even ten, but it was now four o'clock and she still wasn't there. School ended at three thirty, all of the other children had already left. Five minutes into the wait Dominic had fallen asleep with his head on Ryan's shoulder. Genieveive's braid had come undone and Angelina was trying to help her fix it, and Ryan was fuming.

"We should've gone with Ms. Shieldheart." Ryan flicked Dominic's nose causing the boy to open his eyes with a yawn.

"Is she here?" Dominic asked while rubbing his eyes.

"No." replied Ryan as he rose to his feet, "But we're going home."

"But the castle's so far away!" whined Genievieve, "It'll take foreveeeeer!"

"We aren't going there! That's not home!" Ryan snapped at Genievieve causing the girl to jump, "We're going to the orphanage, we're going home."

Ryan helped Genievieve and Angelina off of the sidewalk and helped Dominic put on his backpack before they all started walking down the street. Ryan was still fuming, she'd forgotten them. After saying how she loved them she'd forgotten them. She wasn't any different from the other people who'd adopted them. Princess or not, she was a liar.

And there was no way he was going to let them go back there.

Chatpter 11

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“Wake up.” Ryan said as he tapped Dominic’s arm.

Every day at 3:30 School let out, and previously every day at 3:40 all the children from the orphanage would walk home together. Since Ryan and the other children had been adopted they were supposed to wait for Celestia to come and get them. Naturally she should be on time, especially with this being the first day the children have been living with her. However, she wasn’t. It was 4:45, Celestia was more than an hour late and Ryan was fuming. She could’ve sent someone to get them, anyone really, but she didn’t.

“Is she here?” asked Dominic, groggily rubbing his eyes and squinting.

“No, we’re gonna go home.” replied Ryan, helping Dominic to his feet.

“But we don’t even know where the castle is!” exclaimed Genevieve, leaning forward.

You can’t move while I fix your hair Genevieve.” Said Angelina, repositioning Genevieve.


Ryan grabbed his backpack off the sidewalk and slung it over his shoulder, “We aren’t going to the castle, and we’re going to the orphanage. We’re going home.”

“How could I have been this late!” said Celestia, as she, Jamie, and the guards rushed though the castle.

“We can answer that right?” asked Grant, as he shifted Jamie in his arms.

“No, you may not.” Celestia shot him a sideways glare.

“Okay, just wondering.” Grant shrugged a little.

Ever since the altercation with her mother earlier that morning, Celestia had been choleric throughout the rest of the day. It had made everyone else high strung for the rest of the day, little quips and comments were refrained from being used. Seth had tried to cheer her up, but when he told her a joke Celestia deadpanned him causing him to laugh awkwardly and leave the room.

When they arrived at the carriage Gracelynn helped Celestia and Jamie inside, before climbing on the back with Jesse.

“Aren’t you gonna ride in the carriage? Y’know like you’re supposed to?” asked Jesse, staring at GraceLynn.

“You must be crazy.” GraceLynn deadpanned, “I’m going to get in there so she can either find something I’ve done or haven’t done and chew me out. She’s in a mood, I’d rather hang out here with you.”

Jesse sighed, “Alright.”

“How much farther?” whined Genevieve, as she pushed a half-awake Dominic off her shoulder, “My feet hurt!”

“Not that far, so stop whining.” Said Ryan, as they turned a corner causing the orphanage to come into view.

“Fine.” Genevieve looked at her feet, “We should’ve just stayed there.”

Genevieve’s right Ry. Aunt Celestia’ll be worried about us.” Said Angelina, guiding Dominic around a rock.

“She should’ve been on time.” Said Ryan as he opened the gate to the orphanage.

“Hey! I thought you four got adopted?” said Nick, walking over as he wiped his oil covered hands on a rag.

“We did.” Said Genevieve, sitting on the grass and slipping off her now ruined shoes.

“She forgot to pick us up.” Dominic sat down on the grass beside his sister before falling backwards to go to sleep.

“How does a Princess forget her kids?” Nick shook his head, “I’ll let Ms. Shieldheart know you’re here.”

“Sure.” Said Ryan, taking a seat.

As Nick walked into the building, Angelina looked at Ryan, “Why don’t you like her?

“I do.”

Angelina folded her arms at examined Ryan, before sighing, “I don’t believe you. You can tell me.”

Ryan looked at her, “I know, but I don’t want to.”

Angelina sat down and laid back on the grass, “You can tell me when you want to.”


“Where could they have gone?” asked Celestia.

After arriving at the school, the guards had checked for the children. Finding the school locked and nobody seeing the children walk anywhere, they told the Princess. Celestia was able to contact the teacher who had seen the children start to walk down the street. She had assumed they were going home, given the fact Ryan had been walking with a purpose. After they had gotten out of view, she locked up the school and went home.

“Don’t ask us! We’re just as clueless as you!” said Wyatt before clapping a hand over his mouth and muttering, “I didn’t mean it like that you’re Highness.”

Celestia sighed, before looking at Jamie, “Do you know where they could’ve gone?”

“Home.” Jamie replied simply before locking his attention on Celestia’s flowing hair.

“But they aren’t at the castle, Jamie.” Celestia snapped her fingers causing her hair to go limp and fall around her shoulders.

“Aw,” said Jamie, looking at Celestia, “That’s not home, anyway.”

Celestia sighed deeply before looking at the guards, “Might you have any ideas?”

“We can talk now?” Grant asked arching an eyebrow, “Without you glaring at us if we don’t say the right thing? It’s a miracle. A bloody miracle I tell you.”

“Before Grant talks us into a hole and gets us all fired, my guess is the orphanage.” Said Jesse, “It’s their original “home” before they moved into the castle.”

“We’ll check there next then. Let’s go.”

GraceLynn hopped off the back of the carriage and walked towards the orphanage. She had been chosen to pick up the children, instead of causing a commotion with the Princess getting out and going.

“Not making a scene my foot.” Said GraceLynn, dusting herself off, “We’re in a giant royal carriage. You could see us from the moon.”

As she walked up to the door she saw Ms. Shieldheart standing on the small porch. Quickening her steps, GraceLynn walked over.

“I assume you’re here for the four runaways?” said Ms. Shieldheart with a humorous glimmer in her eyes.

“Indeed I am.”

“They’re inside, working on homework and eating.” Ms. Shieldheart looked at GraceLynn, “Why didn’t the Princess come in?”

“Oh!” GraceLynn scratched her head, “She thought I’d be easier if I came and got them.”

Ms. Shieldheart hummed before opening the door to the orphanage, “They’re just down this hallway, when you get close you’ll hear Genevieve.”

“Thank you.” Said GraceLynn, walking into the building.

The ride back to the castle had been extremely silent. Maybe because Geneivive had fallen asleep, or maybe it was because Celestia didn’t look happy. At all. After arriving at the castle, Celestia had told the guards to take the children to get cleaned up and presentable for dinner. After she was out of view Dominic broke the silence.

“What’s wrong with her?” he asked as GraceLynn laid an outfit on his bed.

“She’s having a bad day.” Replied Grant, hanging up the children’s backpacks.

“Oh.” Said Dominic, taking off his shoes.

“Angelina and I can get everyone ready.” Said Ryan, sitting on his bed.

“Are you sure?” asked GraceLynn, grabbing Jamie’s shoes and setting them by his bed.

“Yeah. Angelina and I used to do it all the time.”

GraceLynn looked to the guys who shrugged before turning her attention back to the kids, “Okay. We’ll be right outside the door okay?”

“Alright.” Ryan started to brush Dominic’s hair.

“Andrew, Noah.” Celestia called to the two guards as she strode past them.

“Yes your highness?” they said as they fell into step with her.

“I need for you to go to the west wing and retrieve my mother. Escort her to the dining hall and wait there.”

“Yes Princess.” With that Noah and Andrew departed.

“Only two more hours Celestia. Only two more.” Celestia muttered to herself.

As she walked past a window Celestia stopped and looked outside. In a few minutes the sun would remind her that it was time to be lowered and the moon would need to arise. Celestia closed her eyes and took a deep breath.
“I never understood why you did that Tia.”

Celestia jumped and turned around. In the darkest part of the hall was a woman in a midnight blue dress. She smiled when Celestia’s gaze fell on her.


Chapter 12

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“I don’t like suits.” Said Jamie, tugging on his clip-on tie.

“Welcome to the club. Princess Celestia wanted you guys to be dressed to the nines.” Replied Wyatt as he and the other guards led the children to the dining hall.

“Why?” asked Genievieve, taking off her headband for the umpteenth time.

“I can’t say.” Wyatt glanced at Geneivive.


“Because it’s a surprise.” Said GraceLynn, placing Genievieve’s headband back on her head.

“I don’t like suprises.” Muttered Dominic, rubbing his eyes.

“I do!” said Genieivive as she bounced up and down, “What’s the surprise?”

“It wouldn’t be a surprise if we told you.” Replied GraceLynn



“No, its Mother Tia.” Luna deadpanned.

“Don’t joke about that LuLu. Especially while she’s in the castle.” Celestia ran and embraced her sister, “I’ve missed you.”

Returning the embrace Luna sighed, “I’ve missed you too.”

Breaking the embrace Celestia looked at her sister, “But how? There’s at least 10 years before you’d be released.”

“I don’t know. She’s still up there. At least from what I can feel. I guess the elements felt my time had been served.” Luna shrugged.

Celestia sighed before smiling, “The children will love to meet you!”


“Oh yes!” Celestia grabbed Luna’s arm and set off down the hallway, “You’re going to love them.”

“But I don’t like children.”

“You shouldn’t use those plates.” Said Tau, as Daniel pulled out the gold and white china.

“Why not, your majesty?” asked Daniel, turning around to face the queen.

“They look like everyday china.” Tau opened another cabinet and pulled out red, green, and gold china.

“Those are the Hearth’s warming china.” Said Daniel, taking the china and setting it back in the cabinet, “It is only to be used on hearth’s warming eve and hearth’s warming day.”

Tau looked at Daniel before using her magic to pull it out again, “Then they aren’t everyday china and will be used.”

“What about these?” Asked Seth, carrying black and midnight blue china, “I found them all the way in the back of the supply closet with a sign on them.”

“I really hope it didn’t say ‘do not touch’.” Said Daniel, running a hand though his hair.

“It didn’t.” Seth set the china down on the counter, “It said ‘Luna’s China’. Whatever that means.”

Daniel sighed before turning to address the queen, “Well your majesty, what abou-. Where did she go?”

“Color me confused.” Seth shrugged, “So blue and black china?”

“Yeah. Wait ‘color me confused’? What does that even mean?”

“Dunno.” Seth grabbed the china to set the table, “It sounded cool.”

When the group had arrived at the dining hall Seth was setting the table. He talked to the children while he worked, telling adventures of made up things from the land of make believe. A few times he almost dropped the plates he was holding causing GraceLynn to hold them in her magic as a precaution. One story he told, however, had all the guards involved.

“Do you guy’s remember the day we did scenes from Romeo and Juilet?” asked Seth, setting a plate at the head of the table.

“Yeah, how could I forget? My sword broke on stage!” replied Grant, glaring at GraceLynn.

“I told you not to hit them together that hard. They may have been wood but they were props! My dad and I made them in one afternoon with some scrap wood!” GraceLynn responded folding her arms, “Besides we got an A on it so what does it matter?”
“What happened?” asked Genievieve, leaning forward in her chair.

“Well,” started Seth, “It happened about 4 years ago. We were freshmen in high school.”

“What’s a ‘freshmen’?”

“Oh! It’s a fancy name for people just starting high school.”


“Anyway, our English teacher, who was really cool, had our class act out scenes from a play. There was a swordfight scene and that’s what GraceLynn, Grant, Wyatt, and Jeff chose.”

“We had practiced and practiced.” Said GraceLynn, taking over, “Well, half practiced half watched other groups practice. “

“Them we had to perform. We had costumes and all of our props. It was going great too! Until..” said Wyatt, looking at Jesse.

“Grant and Devin were doing the fight scene. They hadn’t accidentally hit each other and it was perfect. But when Grant went to block a hit, the sword snapped in half!” said Jesse.

“Then what happened?” asked Dominic, looking the most awake he had all day.

“We continued our scene! Everyone was laughing, including us. I had to fight with a stub of a sword. That is until GraceLynn tossed me her sword and I won the fight!” said Grant, puffing out his chest proudly.

“Can you show us?” asked Jamie, pushing his glasses up.

“Maybe later, okay? Sounds like someone is coming.” Said Jesse, putting on his helmet.

Wyatt started chuckling, “I’m not gonna say it. That would be way too easy.”

“Hmm?” Jesse thought about what he said, “Good gravy man! Get your brain out of the gutter!”

Wyatt laughed, “I can’t help it! It’s stuck!”

Grant grinned as he put on his helmet, “At least he’s not as bad as Devin. That would’ve been awkward.”

GraceLynn rolled her eyes and sighed, “You three need to grow up.”

“Never!” they chorused, smiling.

“I really hate to interrupt such a fun time, but I do believe I’m supposed to meet someone here.” Said a deep voice from the doorway.

“Your majesty!” said the guards bowing.

King Leon smiled before beckoning them to rise. He was a few inches taller than his wife at 7’3”. While Tau was all business, Leon seemed extremely relaxed and approachable. His crown sat lopsided on a mess of navy blue hair. His clothes weren’t perfectly straight and ironed, either.

“Well, these must be the grandchildren my wife told me about.” Said Leon, looking at the children, “Let me guess, Jamie is the one with the glasses.”

“Yeah!” said Jamie, climbing out of his chair.

“Angelina is the one with the blue hair and Ryan is the one with the black hair, unless those are the names of the twins.”

“No, I’m Genievive!” said Genievieve, getting up and grabbing her brother, “And this is my brother!”

“Hi.” Waved Dominic before yawning, “I’m Dominic.”

“That’s Angelina,” Genievive pointed to Angelina, “And Ryan’s next to her!”

“I thought so.” Leon picked up Genievive, “Now we all know each other.”

“Not really.” Said Ryan, “We have no idea who you are.”

“I knew I forgot something!” Leon smiled, “I’m your grandpa.”

“Do we have to call you Grandfather?” asked Jamie, scrunching up his nose, “Grandma make us call her Grandmother.”

Leon shook his head, causing his crown to slip, “No, you may call me whatever you’d like.”

“I like Grandpa.” Said Genievive reaching for Leon’s crown.

The other children voiced their agreement before Leon spoke again, “Then Grandpa it is.”

Just then Wyatt’s watch started beeping. Looking at it, he shut it off and said “Well that’s our alert,” glancing at his friends he removed his helmet, “Let’s go find Devin and the others and clock out.”

“You aren’t gonna stay for dinner?” asked Genievive, trying to make Leon’s crown stay on her head.

“Not this time.” Said GraceLynn, slipping off her helmet, “Besides we weren’t invited.”


“We’ll see you tomorrow!” Grant said as they walked through the kitchen entrance, “Bye.”
“Bye.” The children chorused, waving.

Leon smiled mischeviously, “How would you all like to play a joke on your Grandmother?”

“Okay!” said Jamie, pushing up his glasses.

“When?” asked Genieveve placing Leon’s crown back on his head.

“Right now.” Replied Leon, setting Genievive down.

“What kind of joke?” asked Ryan, getting up.

“A very funny one.”

“I like jokes.” Said Dominic, setting his head on the table.

“Okay then, here’s the plan…”

“And Jamie-” continued Celestia, her nails digging into her sisters arm as she continued to talk about the children.

“Sister!” Luna wretched her arm from Celestia’s grasp, “I get it, you really love them! I honestly don’t care!”

“You will care after you meet them.” Said Celestia, looking her sister dead in the eye, “They are the children.”

“No idea what you’re talking about. Am I supposed to?” asked Luna, arching an eyebrow and folding her arms.

“You remember the Shadowbolts counterparts to the Wonderbolts?”

“Of course I do, I made them.” Luna looked down at the floor and sighed, “And I failed them.”

“Not necessarily.” Said Celestia with a smile, then she thought about it, “Well, kind of.”

“What do you mean?” Luna looked at her sister, “If you are suggesting that those children are related to them in any way, I highly doubt it.”

“Why Luna?” asked Celestia folding her arms, “It is possible for them to have children. Making these their great- great- great- great- great- great-grandchildren.”

“Did you have to say all those greats?” Luna deadpanned, “I don’t care if they were natural born alicorns sister. Read my lips. I. Don’t. Like. Children.” Luna walked past her sister.

“Fine.” Celestia rolled her eyes, “Where are you going? You don’t know where these halls lead!”

“As long as it isn’t off a cliff, I don’t care. Even if it did I can fly.” Luna waved a hand at her sister.

I don’t like this...” said Angelina, looking at the table on the ceiling.

“It’s just a trick ‘Lina!” said Genevieve, shrugging Dominic off her shoulder.

But we don’t really know her… It feels wrong.” Angelina looked at the floor.

“How about this,” said Leon bending down to Angelina’s height, “After you get to know your Grandmother better we’ll play a joke on her. Is it a deal?”

Angelina looked at Leon, “It’s a deal,” with a smile she added, “Grandpa.”

Leon smiled, “Great.”

“Now what?” asked Jamie, pushing up his glasses.

“I don’t know.” Said Ryan, his green eyes fixed on the table that was slowly detaching itself from the ceiling.

“Now we wait for your Grandmother and Celestia so we can eat.” Leon brushed his jacket off.

“Fun.” Sighed Jamie, climbing back into his chair.

“You know what I hate?” asked Seth, setting the dining car.

“What Seth,” asked Daniel, as he finished icing a cake, “What do you hate?”

Seth tugged on his tie, “Being a server.”

“Not my fault people didn’t show up to work now is it?” asked Daniel, placing the icing bag on the counter.

“I never said it was.” Replied Seth.

Daniel fixed Seth with a glare, “You where implying it was Seth. You and LesLee where the only two I could spare to fix the two missing servers.”

Seth shrugged, “I know Danny! I was just saying I don’t particularly care for the role.”

“Don’t call me Danny.” Daniel set the cake in the fridge, “Tomorrow I should have replacements.”


“You’re late Celestia.” Said Tau, glaring at her daughter as she walked down the hallway to dining hall, “And your hair is an absolute mess, did you even change your dress from earlier? It has a dirt ring around the bottom!”

“Yes Mother, I know.” Celestia rolled her eyes before looking around, “Where’s Luna?”

“Don’t joke like that Celestia, you very well know Luna is not here. You banished her after all!” Tau folded her arms and glared at Celestia even harder.

“But she is here Mother! I just talked with her!” Celestia sighed in exasperation.

“Honestly Celestia! I thought we were over the lying! Ever since you where young you’d-“

I’m not lying!” shouted Celestia, “I saw her, I hugged her, Luna is here!”

“Hey!” said Leon, walking out of the dining hall and firmly shutting the door behind him, “Celestia don’t yell at your mother.”

“But-!” Celestia started only to be cut off by her Father raising his hand to silence her.

“I wasn’t finished.” Leon turned his attention to his wife, “Tau, it was one incident, it was years ago. Remember how Luna came to us afterwards and explained what really happened?”

“I doubt she had anything to do with the situation.” Tau glared at her husband before pointing at Celestia, “She’s the reason it happened, it wasn’t Donovan’s fault and it certainly wasn’t Luna’s. I highly doubt that the whole “Nightmare Moon” issue even happened. Celestia probably made it up so she could get rid of her sister!”

Halfway through Tau’s statement, Celestia had closed her eyes. As soon as she heard the last part her eyes flew open, “How dare you! I love my sister and it tore me apart to banish her! I didn’t even make the choice, the elements did!”

Celestia closed the gap between her and her mother as she continued, “And another thing! Donovan only pushed Luna off the edge of the cliff because she was pushing him! He didn’t mean to, she lost her footing and fell! So when we had to get Father to get Luna, I lied and said I pushed her for being a brat! I did it to protect them!”

Genevieve stuck her head out the door, “Why is everyone yelling? Can I yell too? I wanna yell!”

Celestia sighed and calmed herself before looking at Genevieve with a smile, “We were just talking Genevieve.”

“Oh, cause Angelina said you were fighting and that Jamie and I shouldn’t stand by the door and that you weren’t gonna have dinner with us.” Genevieve looked up thoughtfully before continuing, “She didn’t say the last part but I think she was thinking it. You also scared Dominic so bad he fell out of his chair!”

Leon picked up his granddaughter, “Well then you should go in there to make sure he isn’t hurt.”

“He isn’t.” Genevieve poked her grandfather’s nose, “I checked before I came out.” Looking at Celestia again she said, “Also I have to go to the bathroom. Real bad too.”

Leon passed Genevieve to Celestia, “Well then Celestia will take you.”

“Right.” Celestia started to walk past her mother only to be stopped by a hand on her shoulder.

Tau glanced at her daughter, “We will finish this later.”

Celestia looked at her mother, “No, we are finished. The guards will escort you out Mother.” Turning her attention to her father she said, “You are welcome to stay for dinner.”

“I think I will.” Said Leon, folding his arms.

With a nod Celestia walked down the hallway, leaving Tau and Leon with one another. Tau glared at her husband only to be countered with a glare of his own.

“Go home Tau.” Leon said, before opening the dining hall door, “You’ve caused enough trouble for one day.”