• Published 19th Feb 2014
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Princess and Her Guards: The Early Years - PinkieLunaShy

From the orphanage, getting adopted by Princess Celestia and becoming her nieces and nephews, meeting Twilight and Blueblood, starting a new school, getting bullied, and meeting a few amazing Royal Guards!

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Chapter 8

Four beds sat in the large room of the Royal guard barracks. One was covered in a dark green comforter, another was covered in a deep blue comforter, while one was covered in.... farm animals? The owners of these three beds we're sleeping, dreaming of a simpler time, when there mothers did there laundry. Well, almost all of them we're, the owner of the farm animal bed was dreaming about, you guessed it, the farm.

Beep Beep Beep! Beep Beep Beep! the alarm blared

"Ugggggh Kill it! Kill it with fireee!" Grant groaned as he pulled his pillow over his head

"Don't eat my music you dumb goat!" Jesse said, turning over in his bed

"Screw life! Screw life in the ass!" Wyatt threw is pillow in the direction of the blaring alarm clock

The last bed was covered in a bright pink comforter. The owner pulling the comforter over her face until finally a hand with purple nail polish shot out from under it. The hand glowed with a hot pink aura before the alarm clock smashed the clock. Half awake cheers rang through the room as everyone turned back over to go to sleep. The sounds of snoring filled the air, and then the owner of the pink covered bed sat up.

"Guys!" said GraceLynn, getting out of bed.

Was it unusual for a girl to be sleeping in the same room with three men? HELL YEAH it was! GraceLynn had been raised with two older brothers who were grown men or almost grown men by the time she was 5. She never wore night gowns after she turned 6, usually sleeping in sweatpants and a t-shirt from one of the many activities she had participated in over the years.

There was also that thing that the guys didn't really see her as a girl, she was one of the guys. With boobs and a girly voice. That and she said "So help me Celestia, if one of you tries to make a move on me, my dad and brothers will pound you into oblivion!"

"Get your fat asses up!" GraceLynn grabbed three of her shoes and threw them at the guys hitting them on the head.

"Damn I'm so tired its raining shoes!" said Grant holding his head in one hand and a black stiletto in the other.

"Same here." said Wyatt, waving a red flat in the air

"My llama barfs shoes." exclaimed Jesse, sitting up with a green boot on his stomach

GraceLynn started rumaging through the closet she shared with the three guys. Soon Wyatt's head was covered in a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt. Jesse, having lied back down, was covered with jeans and a blue long sleeved shirt along with his steel toed work boots. Grant caught his plaid shirt and black jeans in his magic grip before dropping them on his bed and throwing the shoe onto GraceLynn's bed.

"I'm gonna get ready! Knock on the door when you guys are dressed." said GraceLynn, walking to their room's bathroom, a flowered sundress in her arms.

As soon as the guys heard the tell tale click of the door locking they dropped there clothes on the floor.

"She's gone!" they said collectively falling back onto their beds.

"Lets go! We only have 10 minutes!" Daniel yelled, directing his kitchen staff as they prepared breakfast

"Sir yes sir!" yelled Seth, mock saluting as he looked through the holes in the colander on his head.

Daniel brought his right hand to his face before slowly dragging it down, "Get rid of the colander,huh?"

As Seth dropped the colander in the sink, GraceLynn, Grant, Jesse, and Wyatt walked through the kitchen's back entrance. Pies covered a whole counter, and they all had cookie crumbs on the top. Daniel looked over to see who had walked through door, seeing it was them he grabbed 4 plastic spoons.

"Thank Celestia your here! Taste this!" Daniel said, stuffing pie covered spoons into each one of there mouths.

Grant spat the spoon out, "Too much oreo!"

"A little heavy on the cream." said Wyatt slowly taking the spoon out of his mouth

"Bleh! What the heck! Elech! Are you trying to give me high blood pressure?!" Jesse took the spoon out of his mouth before sticking his face under the kitchen sinks faucet and turning on the water. Gargling he said, "Roo ruch ralt!"

"Thanks Scooby doo." said Daniel, grabbing a towel to dry off his hands

"Can I just eat whatever pie this sample came from?" asked GraceLynn, taking the spoon out of her mouth and throwing it in the trash, "Cause its really good."

"Finally! I've been tasting pies all morning, well until I became flavor bland for a while, but I couldn't figure out which pie was best! So I had Seth taste the pies but you know how Seth is, he can't choose a favorite. Thankfully you guys, and gal, came in and chose one." Daniel said, cutting a pie.

Seth walked by Daniel and set 4 lunch bags on the counter, two purple, one blue, and one green. Daniel put the slices of pie in containers that were color coordinated for each bag. Putting in a plastic fork and a napkin he closed each lunch bag.

"T.J.! Avery!" Daniel yelled. Sighing he said one more name, "And Nathaniel. Ughh."

"T.J. and Avery are sick." said Leslee, grabbing a saucer and a cup

"Then were's Nathaniel?" Daniel turned towards Leslee before tapping his foot impatiently

"Don't know and, quite frankly, don't care!" Leslee took the coffee pot off of the stove

"Then he's fired! I don't have time for him to dawdle, show up late for work and then not do his job. I'm trying to run a kitchen!"

Cheers rang out at the end of Daniel's little talk before a glare silenced them all.After rumaging through a drawer in his desk, Daniel tossed four aprons to the guards, catching them off guard. see what I did there!

"Why are you giving us aprons?" asked Wyatt, his left eye brow arching while the rest of his face stayed straight

"Congratu-frickin'-lations! Your my new servers for breakfast." said Daniel, as he set pancakes on five small plates, "Tie the aprons around your waist and GET GOING!"

After waking the children, getting them dressed and making sure each one had a backpack, with the exception of Jamie, Celestia, Rebekah, and the children headed towards the dining hall. Genievieve and Angelina both wore blue and purple dresses, respectively, while the boys wore jeans and plaid shirts. As they walked Rebekah talked to Celestia about the day's schedule, while the children talked about school and how excited they were to tell everyone they had been adopted by the Princess.

"So, you've cancelled Day Court for the next 3 days," said Rebekah looking at her schedule, "Night court has been shortened from three hours to one. Cancelled a causal meeting with the Mayor of Manhattan. The whole day's schedule has been thrown in the trash bin in so many words."

"Exactly." said Celestia, watching as the children ran ahead towards the dining hall.

"Oh! And you said not to disturb you with any paper work all day."


Rebekah scratched her head before putting a lock of hair behind her ear, "What are you going to do all day your highness? If you don't mind me asking."

"I don't mind," said Celestia as she and Rebekah stepped into the dining hall, "I'm going to spend the day with Jamie doing whatever he wants. Since he's not old enough to go to school I thought it would be a great way to get to know him even better."

"I see." Rebekah watched as Jamie pulled himself onto his chair.

As soon as Celestia sat down, the kitchen doors bust open reveling GraceLynn and her companions. Jesse blew a stray red hair out of his face before starting to laugh.

"This isn't funny." Wyatt growled as he glared at Jesse

"Y-yes it is!" Jesse chuckled a little, "GraceLynn's always saying we should sing 'Be our guest' and now is an extremely appropriate time to sing it! AND YOU LOOK LIKE YOUR WEARING A DRESS!" Right before Jesse almost collapsed in a fit of laughter Grant levitated the plates he was holding out of Jesse's hands.

"Go eat a boat."

"Can we?" asked GraceLynn, her brown eyes sparkling

"'Can we' what? Eat a boat?" asked Wyatt shifting to look at GraceLynn

"No! Sing "Be our guest'."

"Heck to the no! I am not singing "Be our Guest", I just wanna put the food down and walk calmly to the carriage."

"Guys?" said Grant, slowly.

"We can't go busting into song just because its what you see on all of your anime and cartoon shows!" Wyatt tapped his foot


"Its not 'busting' in to song. It would technically be planned." GraceLynn rolled her eyes before shifting her weight to her left foot.

"GUYS." Grant raised his voice a little.

"I ain't doing that crap!" Wyatt glared at GraceLynn

"Fine then be a pain in th-" GraceLynn started

"GUYS!" Grant rose his voice loud enough for everyone to stare at him, causing him to blush, "We have a 'job' to do."

"Right." said GraceLynn and Wyatt, before they started serving

"There's glitter on the ceiling." remarked Jesse, "When the light hits it just right its really pretty."

"Why are you all dressed like that?" asked Genevieve as GraceLynn set a plate down in front of her

"Like what?" asked GraceLynn

"Like a country hick." muttered Wyatt as he walked past Jesse

"Ey! We're all from the country so that statement make NO sense." said Jesse facing Wyatt

"What did he say?" asked Dominic, his mouth full of pancake.

"Don't talk with your mouth full Dominic." reminded Celestia, taking a sip of coffee.

"Nothing." said GraceLynn, wiping her hands on her apron before grabbing and twisting Wyatt's ear leading him to the kitchen

"Ow ow ow ow ow. That hurts ow ow ow!" said Wyatt as GraceLynn lead him away

Grant and Jesse looked at each other before slowly walking towards the door. Right before they reached the door Jesse turned around and slammed face first into the door. Clutching his nose he walked into the kitchen with Grant close behind him. A few minutes later Kailie came falling out the door her blonde hair falling in her eyes.

"Ehehe." Kailie blushed as she rose to her feet and bowed to the Princess, "No idea how I ended up out here. None at all."

Kailie pivoted on her heel and walked back through the door. As she went in GraceLynn came out the other door. She didn't have the apron on anymore and her bangs were in her right eye.

"Seriously. The merry go round effect? What is this? Saturday Morning Cartoons??" Just as GraceLynn turned around Kailie ran into her causing them both to fall down, "Dumb doors."

"Your tellin' me." Kailie sitting up

"YOU FORGOT THE COFFEE!" yelled Seth from the kitchen followed by the sounds of slaps, "Ow! That hurt!"

"If she forgot the coffee go and bring it out there! Along with the lunch bags!" said Daniel, before Seth came busting through the doors, a coffee pot on his head and lunch bags in his arms.

Taking a wide step he walked over Kailie and GraceLynn, he set the coffee pot infront of Princess Celestia before setting the lunch bags in the middle of the table. Running his hand through his blonde hair he looked at the ceiling.

"There is glitter up there. Huh! How do those people clean all the way up there??" Seth pondered, scratching his head.

"They fly genius." said GraceLynn,her voice practically dripping with sarcasm as she and Kailie stood up

"Quit being rude to me. I'm just saying." Seth folded his arms before glaring at GraceLynn

"I say that to you all the time. Its just now bothering you?"

"Yes! And I don't like it. Apologize."

GraceLynn brought her hand to her face before dragging it down slowly, "Fine. Seth I apologize for being 'rude' to you."

"I accept your apology." Seth smiled, "Now! Lunch box hand out!" He grabbed two purple lunch boxes before sliding them over to Genevieve and Dominic, "Twins lunches. Peanut butter sandwich, an apple, a juice box, and a pie of some sort."

Grabbing a green lunch box he slid it towards Ryan, "Roast beef sandwich, an orange, juice box, and a doughnut? I think. Yeah its a doughnut! Les and I were gonna play toss the doughnut but noooooooooooo Dan says 'this is a kitchen not your room."

Grabbing the last lunch box, a blue one, he slid it infront of Angelina, "Pasta salad, grapes, juice box, and a piece of topsy turvy chocolate cake!"

As he wiped his hands on his apron, Jamie looked around, "Everyone has a lunch thing. Where's mine?" he asked, looking at Seth, his brown eyes getting dangerously large

Before Seth could reply Celestia said, "That's because you'll be spending the day with me. We can do whatever you want." She smiled warmly at Jamie

"But I want a lunch thing!" whined Jamie, kicking his feet under the table while looking at Celestia

"Order up!" came a yell from the kitchen as an orange lunch box came sailing through the air, landing right in front of Seth, "Special delivery! Air mail. Whatever else you wanna add, Setharoo!"

"Thank you Lesaroo!" Seth slid the orange lunch box in front of Jamie, before saying, "I'm gonna roll with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, apple sauce, a juice box, and a slice of pie."

"Right on the money Seth!" yelled LesLee

"Becky," said Seth, looking at the empty plates on the table before looking at Rebekah, "You wanna help me clear the table?" Seth opened his eyes wide.

"Sure Seth." said Rebekah, smiling before her smile shifted to a pout, "And don't call me 'Becky'!"

After clearing the table, Seth and Rebekah walked into the kitchen. As they cleared the table, Celestia helped the children put there lunches in there backpacks. As soon as all the children had there bags on there backs GraceLynn and the other guards came out of the kitchen.

"Be our guest, Be our guest! Put our service to the test!" sang GraceLynn before reciving an elbow to the ribs from Grant.

"Stuff a sock in it 'Lynn." grumbled Wyatt, his arms adorning fresh bruises.

"What happened to you?" asked Dominic, looking at Wyatt

"I got my a-" A glare from GraceLynn dared him to finish that word, "Hips handed to me by a girl."

"Buuuuuuuuut!" said Jesse, "Lets not dwell on that! Let's go! Let's go to school! The sooner you go the sooner you can come home and play!"

As soon as Jesse said 'play' the kids took off running towards the carriage exit. GraceLynn, Grant, and Jesse ran after them leaving Wyatt and Celestia behind.

Celestia looked at Wyatt, "She really beat you up didn't she?"

"Yup. She got lucky. She had a frying pan." Wyatt and Celestia headed for the carriage exit.

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