• Published 3rd Feb 2014
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Back in Ponyville - runforever101

Cheese Sandwich comes back to Ponyville to plan Pinkie Pie's birthday!

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Pinkie Pie couldn’t believe her thoughts. Usually she thought about cake, parties, friends, pies, cupcakes, more parties, gifts to give her friends, the parties she could plan in the next hour, and all kinds of other crazy things. Anyway, Pinkie couldn’t believe what she was thinking about when she waved to Cheese Sandwich as he left town during Rainbow Dash’s birthaversary. The pink pony was thinking about her new friendship with Cheese when a little voice in the back of her head said, “Maybe more than a friend?” Pinkie couldn’t believe her thoughts.

Pinkie knew she was intrigued by the party pony when he first came to town. She at first wondered if she could throw a party for her new friend. She was excited for the possible fun times she could have with him. His mysteriousness made her want to jump and give him a hug. The earth pony thought she could get him out of his curious shell with hug. Later, when Pinkie realized he wasn’t too mysterious, she was even more excited. Another party pony in Ponyville? Yes, yes, yes! Even when she was jealous of Cheese, she couldn’t help but blush when she thought of him. Pinkie didn’t think much of it at first. It was a warm day, after all. The resident party pony liked his curly mane, his eccentric rubber chicken, Boneless (Which she was holding at the moment), and the way he talked and sang. Pinkie Pie was super duper excited when they became friends and Cheese revealed the roots of his cutie mark.

More than a friend… Pinkie never really had a crush as far as she knew. I think I had the hots for Bobozaur the Clown when I was younger, but that’s it! Pinkie was a sociable party pony, plain and simple. She was more used to making friends at her parties than… well… finding love at them. Do I love Cheese Sandwich? What!? I just met him today!!! Well, I suppose I met him a long, long time ago! Hehe! The other members of the Mane Six had left a few moments ago, Pinkie used the time to herself to examine the rubber chicken Cheese had given her. Pinkie blushed. What?! Blushing? Wow! It really is hot out here! The smell of the rubber chicken found it’s way to her nose. It smelled a bit like cake, balloons, fruit punch, paper, the rubber chicken smelled like a party basically. He smells like Cheese Sandwich! It made sense that it did, the faux chicken sat on Cheese’s back everyday… well, until he gave it to Pinkie. Wow, this must’ve been really special to him! I feel so honored!

The sun had finally set by the time Pinkie walked away from her waving goodbye spot. Rainbow’s party was still in full swing when she made it back. Pinkie Pie was overwhelmed, as much as she helped, she knew the other party pony did most of the work. He ordered the fruit punch lake, the roller coaster, and he made the exquisite banner and well as other duties. Pinkie admired his hard-working abilities. She blushed again. Wow! Even when the sun went down it’s still warm out here!

The party went on past midnight. Pinkie Pie tiredly decided to clean up the mess in the morning and only pick up trash such as paper plates, waded up napkins, and other items. The pink pony’s energy was all used up as she dragged the large bag of trash down the street towards the Cake’s house/business. After she put the trash bag in the bin outside and quietly walked up the stairs, Pinkie Pie placed her saddlebag on her bedside table and collapsed into bed.

“Wow Gummy! Today was a big day!” she picked up her little friend.

Pinkie put the baby alligator back on the ground and turned off the lights. When the pink pony was moments from the sweet release of sleep to renew her energy, the sound of squeaking caused her eyes to dart open. She turned on the lamp in frustration of not being asleep and noticed Boneless had disappeared from her saddlebag. Her eyes darted to Gummy, who was fiercely gnawing on the rubber chicken.

“AH! Gummy no!”

Pinkie snatched the memento of Cheese’s visit from her pet. “We do not chew important things!” She hugged the chicken. It still smelled like Cheese. “You should stay up here for tonight!”

Pinkie turned off the lights again and snuggled with Boneless. She felt really happy despite her extreme fatigue. She didn’t think it was possible to be that happy when one were so tired. Hm, maybe I do have a crush on Cheese! He makes me… well… really happy!!! Pinkie drifted off to sleep with the smell of parties wafting around the room.

A few months after Cheese had left Ponyville, it was the time of year when Pinkie forgot completely about herself and wondered why others were acting so sketchy. Her birthday was nearing. Pinkie never really had good birthdays. Sure, her friends put their all into them, but they never turned out quite like the parties Pinkie threw for them. It was two months until her party, a little early to start planning a party but five out of the Mane Six were desperate. Pinkie was too busy planning a party for the Cutie Mark Crusaders getting A+’s on their report cards. While they were devising a plan, another party pony had a Cheesy Sense.

Cheese Sandwich had recently planned a major bash for a filly named Babs Seed in Manehattan. It was more of a birthday parade, even though there was only one float. When his Cheesy Sense advised him of the needed party, he hurried to Manehattan. Apparently, the family was going to take their daughter out for a fancy dinner, which she obviously didn’t want. She was sent to a friend’s house for a sleepover while Cheese Sandwich got everything ready. During the night, Cheese Sandwich perfected a wonderful float in the filly’s likeness. The next day, Babs’ mom brought her daughter and friends to downtown Manehatten where the party pony was waiting in a tuxedo with a microphone on her float. After singing a wonderful song, he helped her and her friends onto the float and placed an awesome crown on her head. The float went around town as Cheese continued to sing, not only to her, but to all of Manehatten too. The orange stallion was especially proud of that party.

Cheese Sandwich’s Cheesy Sense told him their was a party in need... in Ponyville! Awesome! I’ll get to see Pinkie again! Unlike Pinkie Pie, Cheese knew how to express his feelings. He definitely was certain he had a crush on the pink party pony. Cheese Sandwich hurried on to the small town.

“Okay, so will we have streamers?” asked Twilight Sparkle tiredly.

“I thought we weren’t doing that because it was too cliché?” said Rarity.

“Oh girls…” sang a new, more masculine voice.

There was a collective gasp as the Mane Six looked at the pony in the shawl and stetson standing in the doorway of Twilight's library.

“Now that a professional party pony is here, let’s get started.”

Author's Note:

Ooh! I hope all of you like my new fan fiction! I couldn't find a proofreader, so if you catch any mistakes PLEASE leave it in the comments! thank you so much for reading the prologue, it would mean a lot if you liked and favourited the story! Thanks again!