• Published 21st Jul 2013
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A Mother's Love - GunsNRoses365

Fluttershy finds a young and scared Pegasus colt in a storm one night. Can she be the mother he so desperately needs?

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The Journey is Not Over

Hello my friends, I just wanted to say I hope enjoyed reading "A Mothers Love" It was a ton of fun to make I've some good moments and bad moments I think I turned out to be a pretty decent story what do you all think?

Now I have good news Lightning Twister's journey is not over yet. I have had an idea of a cute short story between Lightning and Scootaloo where they will have their first date. I have been thinking about that since many fans enjoy the idea of them being together and I thought It would be a cute and fun little story.

I am also going to do a sequel but that's going to be later down the road because I need some ideas about what could happen. I want to tell you all this because I feel like you all deserve to know what I have in store for the future.

I want to thank you all once again for the love and support of this story and I will see you all later.