• Published 21st Jul 2013
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A Mother's Love - GunsNRoses365

Fluttershy finds a young and scared Pegasus colt in a storm one night. Can she be the mother he so desperately needs?

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First Day of School

The beautiful sun of Princess Celestia had began to rise over the horizon. The sun's warm light shined through the windows of Fluttershy's cottage. It's been three weeks since Fluttershy had adopted Lightning Twister, and today was going to be Lightning's first day of school. Fluttershy ascended her staircase to the room where her son was sleeping. She entered the room and trotted over to Lightning Twister.

"Lightning, It's time to wake up sweetheart." Fluttershy said to Lightning sweetly

Lightning stirred in the bed for a minute and opened his eyes. He let out a soft yawn and used his little hooves to rub his eyes. He then looked into the beautiful blue eyes of his mother.

"Good Morning Momma." Lightning said softly before giving her a hug.

Fluttershy wrapped a foreleg around Lightning and said, "Good morning sweetheart, are you ready for your first day of school?"

Lightning began to tremble a little bit out of nervousness.

"I-I don't know Momma. The other kids at my old school were mean to me because I couldn't fly. What if the other kids at this school are mean to me?" Lightning asked his mother nervously

Fluttershy gently stroked Lightnings mane to calm his trembling.

"Don't worry sweetie." Fluttershy said gently "I promise the other kids won't be mean. Besides Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo will be there with you."

Lightning gave Fluttershy a little smile. He was happy to hear that his friends would be there with him.

"Okay Momma." Lightning said softly

"That's my boy, Now let's go have some breakfast before you go to school." Fluttershy said happily

The two went downstairs to have some breakfast. Fluttershy made Lightning some delicious oatmeal and made herself some toast. When they finished, Fluttershy made Lightning a daisy sandwhich and some fresh apple juice for lunch and put them in a small bag. Before Fluttershy could do anything else, a knock on the front door was heard. Fluttershy and Lightning went over to see who was at the door. When they opened it, They were greeted with the smiles of Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo.

"Good morning Fluttershy, good morning Lightning" Applebloom said happily

Fluttershy and Lightning smiled at the three fillies.

"Good Morning girls how are you?" Fluttershy asked them softly

"We're great Fluttershy!" Scootaloo said cheerfully as sweetie belle stepped in between her and Applebloom

"We were just wondering if we could take Lightning with us to school with us." Sweetie belle said innocently while pointing at a wagon that was attached to a scooter.

Fluttershy looked at the three fillies and then at Lightning. Lightning smiled at his mother and Fluttershy returned with one of her own.

"Lightning would you like the girls to take you to school with them?" Fluttershy asked her son

Lightning simply nodded his head. Fluttershy quickly went into the kitchen to grab Lightning's lunch. When she came back, she gave Lightning his his lunch. Lightning put his lunch on the ground and wrapped forelegs around his mothers neck. Fluttershy wrapped a foreleg around her son and gently rubbed his back.

"You just listen to your teacher and be careful okay?" Fluttershy said to her son sweetly

"I will Momma, I love you." Lightning said as he kissed his mothers cheek.

Fluttershy gave her son a loving smile and kissed him on the forehead.

"I love you too sweetheart. Now hurry along or you'll be late." Fluttershy said before breaking the hug and giving Lightning a small nudge to go to his friends.

Lightning went outside and followed his friends to the wagon they arrived in. Before Getting in Lightning turned around and waved goodbye to his mother.

"Bye Momma!" Lightning shouted before being helped into the wagon by Applebloom.

Scootaloo got onto her scooter and buzzed her little wings. The scooter then took off towards Ponyville as Fluttershy watched it disappear.

"Goodbye Lightning!" Fluttershy said softly before going back into the cottage.

As Lightning and the CMC flew through the streets of Ponyville, Applebloom and Sweetie Belle looked at Lightning and could see a worried expression on his face.

"What's the matter Lightning are you nervous about your first day?" Sweetie Belle asked her friend curiously

Lightning nodded his head and Applebloom put her hoof on his shoulder

"Don't worry Lightning you'll love it at our school, and you'll love our teacher!" Applebloom said happily

"Yeah, Miss Cheerilee's Awesome!" Scootaloo said as she kept her eyes on the road in front of her.

Lightning smiled at the three fillies and nodded his head.

When they arrived at the school, Lightning saw all of the other colts and fillies going inside and he saw a mulberry earth pony mare greeting the children. Lightning got out of the wagon along with the rest of the CMC and went up to the pony by the door.

"Good Morning girls, who's this young colt?" The mare asked the three fillies.

Scootaloo stepped and put a foreleg around Lightning.

"This is our friend Lightning Twister, he's a new student here." Scootaloo said while smiling at her teacher.

The mare looked at the young colt and said, "It's a pleasure to meet you Lightning Twister, I'm your teacher Miss Cheerilee."

Lightning gave the teacher a shy smile and said, "It's nice to meet you Miss Cheerilee."

"Alright Kids let's go inside." Cheerilee said to the four happily.

Cheerilee walked inside and the four friends followed her. When they were inside, Applebloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle went to their seats while Cheerilee placed a hoof on Lightning's shoulder. When the three Fillies made it to their seats, Cheerilee approached the class and made a motion to Lightning Twister telling him to follow her.

"Alright my little ponies let's settle down." Cheerilee said to the student's

The students went silent and looked at their teacher who placed her hoof on Lightning's shoulder.

"Everyone we have a new student joining us today. This is Lightning Twister." Cheerilee said before looking at Lightning. "Lightning would you like to say something to the rest of the class?"

Lightning looked around and saw smiles on almost every colt and filly in the classroom. He was about to say something until he saw a pink earth pony filly with a tiara on her head giving him an icy cold glare. That one filly drove all of Lightnings courage away as he shook his head violently not wanting to speak anyomore. The rest of the class looked down in sadness. they wanted to hear what the new student had to say.

Cheerilee smiled at Lightning and said, "Come on Lightning you can do it."

Lightning once again met the pink, tiara waring filly's glare. He could tell she was telling him to not talk. Lightning however looked around and saw everypony else in the room smiling at him they wanted to hear say something.

Letting out a deep sigh, Lightning opened his mouth and said nervously, "H-Hi everypony, i-it's nice to m-meet you all."

The class smiled at the young colt. Some of them waved at him and the tiara wearing filly shook her head in anger.

Cheerilee placed a gentle hoof on Lightning's shoulder and said, "Thank You Lightning, now go find your seat. You can sit anywhere you like. Lightning looked around and saw an empty seat next to Scootaloo. Lightning went over to his friend and sat down next to her. With all of her student's situated Cheerilee began her lesson.

As the lesson went on, The tiara wearing filly continued to glare at Lightning.

"So that little runt thinks he can steal my spotlight?" The tiara wearing said to herself "well I'll make sure his first day will becomes his last."

The tiara wearing filly had mischievous grin on her face as she watched the young colt listen to his teacher's every word.

After a few hours it was time for lunch and recess. Lightning and his friends all ate lunch happily. when they finished scootaloo trotted up to him.

"Hey lightning do you want to practice flying a bit?" scootaloo asked him with a smile on her face.

Lightning was a little bit nervous to respond since he wasn't a strong flier. At his old school he was bullied and tormented by other kids for not being able to fly yet he was constantly teased and laughed at. However he remembered that Scootaloo was also learning how to fly. She was also his friend, so she wouldn't laugh at him.

Lightning nodded his head and prepared his wings. Scootaloo hopped into the air and hovered for about a minuted before coming back down. Lightning tried to do the same, but as he flapped his tiny wings his strength left him, and he fell flat on his face. Scootaloo gasped and reached a hoof out to help him up.

"Are you alright buddy?" Scootlaloo asked lightning

Lightning nodded his head and said, "Yeah, thanks for helping me up."

Scootaloo smiled at him, but before she could say anything, she could hear the sound of a familiar laugh coming their way. Scootaloo's face turned into an annoyed glare as she turned to the source of the laughter. The tiara wearing filly that was glaring at Lightning earlier was coming their way. Beside was a silver coated Earth pony filly wearing glasses, she stayed behind the tiara wearing filly, giving her an annoyed look.

"Well, Well, Well, looks like we have another blank flank loser in the school." The tiara wearing filly said rudely

Scootaloo's glare did not leave her face as she said to the tiara wearing filly, "What do you want Diamond Tiara, can't you go annoy somepony else."

Diamond Tiara just laughed at Scootaloo. Diamond Tiara has always been cruel to the Cutie Mark Crusaders because they were not as rich as her, and also because they didn't have their cutie marks. Even when she wasn't picking on them she was snobby and rude towards everypony else. She was also spoiled and could get away with anything because of her father was one of the richest ponies in Ponyville.

"I just wanted to talk to the new runt." Diamond said cruelly as she looked at Lightning was trembling at the sight of her, "I saw you trying to fly and I saw you fall flat on your face."

Lightning tried to back away from Diamond Tiara but crept closer to him. With filly behind giving Lightning a worried look.

"Ha! Now we have another flightless loser right Silver Spoon?" Diamond taunted while looking at the filly behind her.

"Um yeah." Silver said hesitantly. Silver Spoon always worked alongside Diamond tiara in tormenting the CMC. However Silver Spoon did not like being a bully to them. they did nothing to her. Silver was also growing tired of Diamond constantly teasing and tormenting other ponies. However she dared not to say anything because she feared what might happen if she tried to stop Diamond's tormenting.

"P-please l-leave me a-and m-my friends alone." Lightning started trying to defend himself

Be quiet you little runt!" Diamond snapped making Lightning tremble even harder and cover his head with his hooves

"Hey I heard you were adopted by the town coward Fluttershy." Diamond said cruelly

Lightning tried to defend his mother, but all of his courage was gone and he couldn't say anything.

"I just don't understand what that loser scaredy pony was thinking when she adopted you. I mean what good are you to her if you can't even fly? She can't possibly love you." Diamond said to Lightning cruelly making everyone gasp in shock.

An angry Applebloom jumped in front of diamond and said, "you leave Lightning alone, and don't you dare make fun of Fluttershy."

"Beat it blank flank." Diamond said dismissively as she walked past Applebloom, and walked towards a now whimpering Lightning to continue tormenting him.

"That's right your fake mommy doesn't love you. She doesn't love you because because your a flightless loser. She doesn't want you and even your real parents didn't want you because of how pathetic you are." Diamond tormented making Lightning cry.

Lightning wasn't even looking at Diamond Tiara anymore. His face was buried in his hooves as he sobbed uncontrollably.

"Diamond, don't you think your going a little to far?" Silver Spoon asked her friend

"Shut up!" Diamond snapped to silver

she was about to continue to verbally abuse Lightning until Sweetie Belle jumped in front of him. She glared menacingly at Diamond, having enough of her cruelty.

"Go away Diamond!" Sweetie belle hissed angrily. "Lightning didn't do anything to you."

Diamond shoved Sweetie Belle to the ground and continued her verbal assault on the crying defenseless colt.

"Who's your real mommy Lightning? Do you know who she is?" Diamond asked cruelly

"S-stop p-please!" Lightning sobbed

"You don't have a real mommy do you?"

Lightning Twister said nothing he cried as hard he could the rest of his friends tried to defend him but they were too shocked at how diamond was acting this was a new level of cruelty for her.

"HAHAHAHAHA!" Diamond laughed hysterically "you never had a real mommy. I wonder why, I bet that sorry excuse for a mare didn't even want you." Diamond said not even caring how far she was going.

The rest of the fillies watched on in horror. They couldn't believe what they were hearing.

"I bet she didn't want you because your weak, ugly, pathetic, you can't fly, and a your a crybaby." Diamond said cruelly not caring about how much she was hurting Lightning.

That last horrible comment sparked a furious anger in Silver Spoon as she stood in front of the scared and broken down colt.

"That's Enough Diamond Tiara!" Silver Spoon snapped. "This is a new low even for you. You've taken this way to far. That little colt didn't deserve a single word you said to him. It's his first day of school and look what you've done to him Diamond."

Silver spoon Pointed at the Lightning, but when she turned around she saw she was pointing at nothing but air. Everyone except Diamond Tiara gasped in shock wondering where Lightning went. The looked around saw Lightning running for the entrance of the school while crying uncontrollably.

"Lightning wait!" the CMC called out to the colt, but Lightning couldn't hear them. Lightning ran away from the school as fast as he could. He didn't care if anyone saw him crying.

The bell that ended lunch and recess rang as Diamond, Silver, and the CMC watched Lightning disappear. The CMC looked down in sadness they tried to defend their friend but they failed to do so. Each one of the fillies gave the filly that had caused all of this a glare of hatred that would make anypony shudder. The three fillies stormed up to Diamond Tiara. Tears formed in their as they thought of how much pain Lightning was in after hearing Diamond's cruel lies.

"I hope your happy you spoiled rotten brat!" Scootaloo screamed at Diamond making her friends jump back.

Diamond gave an uncaring smirk as Applebloom restrained Scootaloo from tackling Diamond to the ground and beating her senseless.

"Your really are a horrible filly Diamond! We're telling Miss Cheerilee everything you said to Lightning!" Applebloom screamed in anger.

Applebloom Held onto Scootaloo as she went back to the schoolhouse. Sweetie Belle glared at Diamond Tiara, seething with rage. However she didn't say anything. She ran away from Diamond while crying and screaming in anger and sadness.

Diamond looked down the road that lightning had ran with a proud smirk.

"That little runt got what he deserved." Diamond said proudly

Silver Spoon stepped in front of Diamond and got nose to nose with her. She glared at Diamond as she spoke to her with great anger in her voice.

"I'm telling Miss Cheerilee what happened too. I can't believe you Diamond Tiara. Scootaloo's right about you. Your a spoiled rotten brat. You crossed the line with what you said. Why did you say all those horrible things to that poor little colt Diamond, because somepony besides you was getting a little bit of attention? He's not the pathetic one Diamond, you are."

Silver Spoon shoved Diamond out of her way as she went back to the schoolhouse.

However before she left she turned back to diamond and said, "I don't know what I saw in you as a friend."

Diamond however was not caring as she flicked her mane and walked back to the school house while saying, "Whatever, that little runt's never coming back."

Fluttershy was busy Feeding her animals when her door was swung open so powerfully it scared away the animals. Turning around, Fluttershy was pushed a little bit by something. Fluttershy heard someone crying and looked down to see Lightning Twister bawling into her chest fur.

"Lightning wha-" Fluttershy was cut off by lightning's crying

"P-P-Please M-M-Momma! D-don't make me go b-back there!" Lightning wailed as he hugged his mother.

Lightning was crying so hard he was having trouble breathing. Futtershy looked at her son in confusion for a moment. She had no idea what Lightning had just been through. But lightning's uncontrollable crying broke Fluttershy out of her state of confusion as she wrapped her forelegs and her wings around her son.

She gently hushed him as she held him but lightning wasn't calming down. After a moment Fluttershy picked up Lightning and flew over to the couch she sat down and place the crying colt on her lap. She then pulled him into a loving embrace and gently rubbed his side gently make soft hushing sounds in his ear.

"I-I-I l-love you M-Momma!" Lightning cried

Fluttershy looked at Lightning sadly. She didn't know why Lightning had come home from school so early, and she didn't know why he was crying. However that didn't matter right now. Right now she needed to comfort her son. She would ask what happened later, right now, Lightning needed her beside him.

"I love you too lightning." Fluttershy said gently

Lightnings crying continued as Fluttershy held him close to her.

Fluttershy nuzzled the little colt lovingly and whispered softly in his ear, "Shhh...It's okay my baby boy Momma's here."