• Published 21st Jul 2013
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A Mother's Love - GunsNRoses365

Fluttershy finds a young and scared Pegasus colt in a storm one night. Can she be the mother he so desperately needs?

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Loving Care and Calming Lullabies

Arriving at her cottage, Fluttershy opened the door to her humble home and flew inside. The colt was still holding on to her neck. Once she was on the ground, Fluttershy bent down to let him off her back. The colt tried to float down but he did not have the strength to do so. Luckily, before he hit the ground, Fluttershy was able to catch him and put him safely on the ground. Fluttershy felt bad for the poor colt, seeing how weak of a flier he was, but she put that sadness behind her before asking the colt in a soft, gentle voice

“Are you hungry, sweetheart?”

The colt's stomach did the talking for him when it made a loud rumble.

“I'll take that as a yes.” Fluttershy said, letting out a small giggle “Alright, you stay here and I'll go make you something to eat.”

But before she went into the kitchen, she stopped and turned to him realizing she had never introduced herself to the colt.

“My name is Fluttershy by the way.” She said to him before disappearing into the kitchen

A few minutes later, Fluttershy came back with a spoon and a steaming hot bowl of daffodil soup. The colt's mouth began to water when the smell of the soup hit his small nostrils. Fluttershy put the soup onto a small tray and put the colt onto the couch. She then took the soup and put it in front of the colt. The colt took the spoon and took a small sip of the soup. The heat from it melted away the cold feeling he felt in the storm like ice. The colt took another sip of the soup before devouring it. When he was done, Fluttershy took the bowl from him and put it in her sink. When she returned, she sat on the couch next to the colt and rubbed his back gently with her hoof.

“Well, now that you've had something to eat, I think It's best that I gave you a bath.” She said to him.

She then proceeded to put the colt on her back and then flew upstairs. While she flew to her bathroom, Fluttershy realized he had not said anything since she found him. She decided, however to let him talk to her when he was ready.

When she got to her bathroom, she closed the door, took the colt off her back, and placed him beside her. She then began to fill her tub with warm water. When It was the perfect level for the small colt, she lifted him up and tried to put him in the bath. The colt, however, resisted by holding her neck tightly. He believed that she was trying to drown him in the water.

“It's okay, sweetheart, It's just water. There's no need to be afraid” she said gently to the scared colt

Fluttershy tried as best she could to get him off of her and into the tub, but she was unsuccessful. The colt began to kick and scream refusing to trust her words and let her bathe him. Knowing she could not convince him to go into the bath alone, Fluttershy had no other choice but to use the alternative option.

“Alright, have it your way, If you won't take a bath alone, I guess I'll have to come in with you.” She said to the colt before getting into the bath with him in her forelegs.

The colt screamed in terror as the water came in contact with his body. He then stared splashing Fluttershy and struggled to get out of the bath, he knew she was going to drown him. Much to his surprise however Fluttershy just sat there keeping a gentle but tight grip on him. After a few seconds of Fluttershy remaining completely still, the colt finally calmed down, starting to believe she would not drown him.

“There, there. See? The water is not going to hurt you.” She said to him in soft gentle voice.

The colt then looked at her and lowered his head in shame now fully realizing she was not going to drown him. Fluttershy said nothing and just rubbed his shoulder while giving him a gentle smile in which he returned with a small smile of his own.

After a few minutes of silence, Fluttershy began to clean the colt with him no longer putting up a fight. She gently got the small bits of twigs and branches out of his green mane and then lathered his mane in shampoo. She then took a small bucket of water and dumped it over his head to wash the shampoo out of him mane. Feeling the water, the colt yelped in terror but he immediately silenced himself when Fluttershy started rubbing at his side, calming him down. When he was calm, Fluttershy very gently washed his body and got all the dirt and mud off of him. With the colt Finally clean, Fluttershy got out of the bath, picked the colt up, placed him next to her, and drained the tub. Once the tub was drained, she used a towel and gently dried him, and herself, off.

Leaving the bathroom, Fluttershy looked at the clock on her wall and looked down at the colt who let out a quiet yawn.

“Alright, sweetheart, it's time for bed. You can sleep in my bed and I'll sleep on my couch.” Fluttershy said to him sweetly.

The colt gave her a small nod before she lifted him onto her back to go to her bedroom. When she reached her bedroom, she placed the colt on her bed and tucked him in. She was about to blow out the candle when the colt started whimpering in fear. He was afraid of the dark. Fluttershy smiled softly and left the candle lit so the room had a nice small glow and the colt would not be scared. Fluttershy then went over to the colt and gave him a gentle kiss on the forehead.

“If you need anything, I'll be downstairs, okay?” She said to him.

The colt gave her a small soft smile and nodded

“Alright, sweet dreams, little one” she said to him gently. she gave him one more kiss on the forehead and went downstairs.

A few hours later, Fluttershy was awoken from her peaceful sleep on the couch by a rumble of thunder and lightning as well as a loud scream coming from upstairs. Remembering the colt that she found, Fluttershy quickly flew upstairs. When she reached her bedroom, she saw the colt wrestling with the bed covers. He then screamed louder than before. When she got a little bit closer, she saw that he was having a nightmare.

“M-Momma!” He screamed at the top of his lungs while crying heavily.

Fluttershy immediately scooped the colt up in her forelegs and cradled him close to her. The colt woke up almost instantly and started to scream again. However he stopped screaming as quickly as he started, when when he remembered that he was being held by Fluttershy. He looked at her and fresh tears formed in his eyes.

The colt buried his head into Fluttershy's chest fur and cried heavily. Fluttershy nuzzled the small colt while trying to calm him down.

“Shhh...it's okay little one It was just a bad dream.”

A rumble of thunder and lightning struck once again outside, making the colt scream and cry harder while shaking in fear. Fluttershy began to gently rock him while making soft gentle hushing noises.

“Shhh...Don't worry. I'm here...Shhh” She hushed as the colt continued to cry.

She then started to softly sing a soft lullaby to the crying colt.

“Hush now, Quiet now”

“It's time to lay your sleepy head”

“Hush now, Quiet now”

“It's time to go to bed”

“Drifting off to sleep leave the exciting day behind you”

“Drifting off to sleep let the joy of dreamland find you”

“Hush now, Quiet now”

“It's time to lay your sleepy head”

“Hush now, Quiet now”

“It's time to go to bed”

The colt stopped crying as Fluttershy held him and continued to rock him. Fluttershy gave him a tender loving smile. She has shown him so much love and compassion even though they just met. The colt then snuggled into Fluttershy's chest, and laid his head against her neck. Tears formed in Fluttershy's eyes but she brushed them away with her hoof and kissed the colt on the forehead. Not wanting him to be alone tonight, Fluttershy continued to hold the colt in her forelegs while she laid down in her bed. She pulled the covers over herself and the colt so they would be warm. The two slept through the night peacefully with the colt sleeping in Fluttershy's gentle and loving embrace.